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Tom Brady apparently just as competitive on golf course as football field

Ryan Hannable
February 09, 2018 - 12:47 pm

Everyone knows how competitive Tom Brady is on the football field, but apparently he's the same way on the golf course.

Appearing on The Dan Patrick Show this week, Jordan Spieth shared some insight, as the two have golfed together a few times. Both athletes are sponsored by Under Armour.

“He’s actually a really good player,” Spieth said. “He’s less than a five [handicap], just as competitive as you see on the field.”

What about trash-talk, is Brady a trash-talker?

"If he’s winning, and when he’s not he’s the guy you see on the sidelines with that look, those eyes like [stares blankly],” Spieth said. “But yeah, it’s just amazing getting to ask for advice from [him] because he had so much success early in his career, those first few Super Bowls. How to manage that, how to keep pushing yourself, how to continue to work hard toward new goals. For him, it’s kind of just chasing a ghost only a few people in sports have ever tried to do that.”

Spieth is a diehard Cowboys fan, but has been on record saying the Patriots are his second-favorite team.

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