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Super Bowl LII Sound FX revealed Eagles' thought process on Nick Foles trick-play touchdown, and much more

Ryan Hannable
February 08, 2018 - 2:20 pm

The NFL's Sound FX feature following past Super Bowl's has been must-watch for Patriots fans, but not quite as much this time around with the result of the game.

Although it wasn't as exciting for Patriots fans from year's past, it still was very well done and revealed a lot from the game with so many players, coaches and referees, mic'd up.

Click here to watch.

Here are some takeaways.

— The Eagles were very confident pregame. “We’ve been the best team in this league from start to finish,” said safety Malcolm Jenkins.

— The two coaches shared a few seconds together on the field before the game, both congratulating one another for making it all the way to the Super Bowl. "Hell of a year," Bill Belichick said to Doug Pederson.

— The Nick Foles touchdown pass to to Alshon Jeffery was a great play. Eric Rowe was in pretty good position, but it was just a great play. Afterwards, the Eagles sideline noted, "They can’t stop us."

— Tom Brady before the next drive in the huddle said, "It's going to be a dog fight, boys."

— On the play Brandin Cooks suffered a concussion, which knocked him out of the game, Brady took hard hit to his ribs. He had trouble getting up and was bent over at one point. “Keep hitting No. 12," Pederson yelled from the sideline.

— After Duron Harmon's interception on a tipped pass, Belichick praised his defense. "Good coverage, men. Nice job," he said.

— On fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line at the end of the first half, many questioned the Eagles going for it, including some Patriots players on the sideline. Pederson always had in mind he was going for it, but Foles was the one who called for the trick-play. "You want Philly Philly,” Foles said to Pederson upon arriving to the sideline after the timeout. After the touchdown, Patriots defenders acknowledged it was a great call. “They drew it up good,” Patrick Chung said.

— Referee Gene Steratore said Eagles running back Corey Clement never lost control of the ball on his controversial touchdown in the second half.

— At the end of the third quarter, Belichick said to Matt Patricia they weren't getting pressure with just four and to blitz more.

— After the Patriots scored their final touchdown to take the lead, Foles remained collected and confident. “We’re going to score a TD," he said in the huddle.

— On the Eagles sideline following Zach Ertz's game-winning touchdown, LeGarrette Blount said, “Why do they have to review everything we do?” 

— Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz told Pederson he was going to be aggressive on the Patriots' final drive when they were down by eight with less than a minute remaining.

— After the win, Brandon Bolden congratulated Blount. "You deserved it," he said.

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