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Tim Hasselbeck on K&C says ESPN does not have anti-Patriots bias

Alex Reimer
January 22, 2018 - 10:55 am

Numerous ESPN personalities will probably spend the next two weeks denigrating the Patriots on their way to Super Bowl LII. But analyst Tim Hasselbeck doesn’t believe the network carries an anti-Patriots bias.

In his weekly interview with “Kirk & Callahan,” Hasselbeck said most of ESPN’s football analysts, including himself, are excited about the prospect of the Patriots playing in their eighth Super Bowl in the Brady-Belichick era.

“I'm certainly not bummed we're talking about the Patriots and that offense instead of what Jacksonville is doing,” he said. “My brother works at the company, same thing. I'm pretty sure he picked New England to win the game.”

Some of ESPN’s football commentators, such as ex-Steelers safety Ryan Clark, may hold grudges against the Patriots from their playing days. But Hasselbeck says there are plenty of pro-Patriots voices on the airwaves as well.

“Is Ryan Clark going to come across as pro-Patriot as Tedy Bruschi? No, guys. But don't you think Tedy comes across as pro-Patriot?,” Hasselbeck asked. 

The other reason why many New Englanders feel ESPN pushes an anti-Patriots agenda is its proclivity for talking about the team’s affiliation with Donald Trump and Boston’s racist past. Hasselbeck says he doesn’t take part in those shows, but would push back if given the opportunity. 

“I'm not on a lot of the opinion shows where that stuff comes up,” he said. “You guys have asked me about that in the past. You guys have asked Damian Woody about that in the past. I'm not part of any of that stuff. From a football perspective, I get what you're saying about that, because I think there are some people who like to see the team that's been on top get taken down. All the other stuff -– the politics, other stuff about the city. I'm not part of that, and would certainly push back against it if I was ever on those opinion shows. But that's not really what I do there.”

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