Will we even see a Patriots starter in a home game this pre-season?

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, August 17th

Hour #2 - Dale, Michael and Keefe talk Patriots training camp and pre-season.


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Salem Hollywood. WEEI. You know before the break. Stop the hour we started talking about Tom Brady patriots are doing the walk through today in West Virginia they had two days of work out with the Houston Texans. After their walk through today they fly to Houston and got a weird off day in Houston tomorrow and then they've got the the second pre season game on Saturday night against the Texans. And Italy I think back to when when Bill Belichick traded Drew Bledsoe out of the Buffalo Bills. And I was like yeah I'll I'll pay the bills like care army. Is that going to be as an edit sort of reminded me of what he's doing here the place Houston in the regular season last year. He placed it in the playoffs has a tough game against Houston in the playoffs they had a quarterback but might have actually beat the patriots but they don't. He's playing them in the pre season this year he's having a pre season co work out with them and he plays them like weeks three of the regular season. And it rates look at this say this this weird the you'd you'd have joint work outs with a team you're playing in the regular season. And I almost think it's like Belichick's thinking I don't care and it's going to be this anyway. That's it I think I don't think it's familiarity. Well okay the coaches and east and a fracture it and obviously there's always what he's got a relationship I signed an even you know there is a relationship that room and a better greater relationship with Tom Coughlin who's running operation with the jaguars. New Orleans before shopping gloves on patent should Kelly and out of George Kelly Miller in Detroit coming up you get Bob Quinn there Billy O'Brien. Has been with him for a while so I think that's what they're not doing that on Baltimore. Don't know doable or the colts and other adults to challenge the jets there's options and I'll say jets apparently and another team we coached together with the giants. And you know you're the patriots. And another team. I. Gave. Not there'd be another ten under you know I'd obviously Ewing never gonna get Bill Belichick to say anything like what I just said. But it's almost that he he kind of gave the Vanilla well you know when I came planning a racist running basic stuff. But in general. Would you think it unusual for a team to work out with a team that they're gonna play in the regular season by the way not just gonna play and in December something. The plane I'm in September. I do think it's a little strange and also last year's playoff game was not exactly Kate law. Yeah you go back through without a lot closer than that we we all expected to become uneasy feeling for a game that we thought could be a thirty point blowout. Yes they have they had a lot of things in reserve I think it was a great game last year for for Romeo did the best that he can. I'll with with the limited resources that they have. That they have put it not only did they had but they happen because it still comes down to quarterbacks. What you're trying to do was force the budgets on our turnovers. Create some short fields and maybe steal a game. So we did force some turnovers return a ball over the patron in two or three times in the game I was three got some short fields. Yet couldn't make much out of it because they got a bad quarterback. And I think they still do have a bad quarterback even though it did. You know they they traded for referred to John Watson Watson and Al I was on my deposit is always on DeShaun Foster. Add him from now headed they had just carve out there. That John Watson and drafted him and he's going to be good when David right now. Even even Deborah Hopkins is not on how this is easy. Senator put it that they think you think look so that's the guy and okay does not ready. You're limited at the most critical look what do you think about on the flip side do you think it makes sense for them to work out with the team that they know is going to be the favorite yeah AFC yes so you know each of these two teams get the most out of the Texans. But how so because you're working out the best you are working out with the I had my out in my life sold depressed sometimes not based on Baghdad are now working out with them in the you don't belong in the same PW that a competitive if. Either Siemens opportunity to pick something up that they can use in the regular season probably or maybe in the west there once you expect the better coaching staff the better head coach should be the one that maybe five that air noticed this how what what you know what Hopkins does on when he runs you know it a deep poster that I noticed I picked up something. I would feel like they could find little bit more about your team than the other way around. But I think OK for maybe for that one game the patriots get the advantage here if you are having a joint practice what Bill Belichick. Oh Bill Belichick is is seeing you. More than you see yourself I get it but. Overall feel of the Texans and have an opportunity to see how the best handled their business how they practice how they talk how they walk honey eat. But didn't you don't have a little party scene that bill O'Brien no matter front Okinawa and Mike Vrabel and you know it's one thing for him say. Hey guys this is what I saw it's another for those players is it themselves and be careful with that to be around somebody who has been with the best and they always tell you don't have what you don't right now is great but you know. Operating its Dubai I'll go another Brady's story and other Belichick story to see it yourself. And see what you could pick up I think I think both teams actually both organizations are gonna get a lot of. One of the things have noticed we were talking about. The way Brady has spoken so far in this pre season surprising at times the other thing I've noticed sought again today after yesterday's work. It's hot during knees and I don't mean hot. You'll like what the temperature might Madonna and guy yesterday he gets hot in the end you know like I see him a he would they were talking about the had a plane goes to the line of scrimmage. He sees exactly did defense he wants he makes the call. He misses the voted on keys open on this past like we're talking about you know all work out against the Texans. In in August in West Virginia but Brady's think and I'm gonna need that play I gotta make that row. And and it it's like he pushes every single minute that he's out there. Idea yet the sense they does that even when they're gonna produce our team I think maybe they can be going through would you know just helmets on and gone through plays and he's gonna get mad if things aren't there and then. It is just. Second nature I suppose what is going up against another team. Very competitive nature is gonna go up a little more but it just it just hack. Past due and so right let alone a team your face and we three or not it's as these other guys were were beating up on somebody other than our own. And so he had no no surprise that Brady I heard. Some of the reports they're adults across the same way I'll check on I think it was Tuesday. Was screaming and a guy guys all the admin Davis of his lined up wrong or ever was but he was he was going nuts trying to make sure these guys don't get you know overconfident. I say maybe wouldn't say it this way that he's afraid of it. But I think he's concerned. About all the hype there there's been more pre season hype. Regarding the patriots and then any other season I can remember even a going into the 2004 season when they won the Super Bowl the year before and they they pick up Corey Dylan. Still 2007 there wasn't. Before the 2007 season no one's that I know this team's gonna donate you know. Out during the season and happened but yes she's in now so now you've got a team that came back from 25 point deficit in the Super Bowl. And that they. According to the experts they improved. It is based on the acquisitions that they may be spent some money in free agency they've made a Big Three for cooks there's been so much hype about the team I think it bothers him. And he is you know every year there's some theme and training camp and I think this year's theme is just the break them down a break. To the merit taken well to help out if they're bad things that don't amount to make sure you don't have an ego here's the thing about the pre season two and I hate to tell you know patriots fans this. You may never see a starter in the pre season you didn't in the first one. Now they play on the road these two games Houston in and I is it Detroit next Thursday try a home game. But that they're the port at three c.'s right on the road and home without John and and the giants game. As Bildt told us on Monday during patriots Monday he got a short week. Because you play Thursday the two got played again on Thursday you don't have that ten day period that other teams have. My guess is he's not gonna play a starter in in week for either so the two home games I had an ex im gonna see anyone. But I also think these work outs allow him to approach the pre season games totally differently. Tom Brady's gonna get his work in in these workouts. And a fight if I don't plan at all like last week or I'd planned a series. Saturday night against Houston that's fine he got all his work in on on Monday aired Tuesday and Wednesday were good. I think that's how he's approaching these things. Yeah you're right in certain guys we know market play at all or is Houston and a template knowledge Rob Gronkowski but maybe even Gaza cattlemen. In a goal it's only what's what's really the need to maybe you'll see a different running back at some reps on Saturday and ended differing Beckett more than reps the following Friday. Do you I think you get Brady in those games but also it doesn't hurt for them to get as much rob blown percent in the pre season as possible the more reps the better. It definitely for those guys especially for percent because if you leave certain reports say his job may be on line this year this this this enterprise cut. Or not that's not so vivid positive on war I it was thought I would I I I cry oh my own idea eyebrow raiser. I have a feeling that if you see Brady much at all you'll seem for a series on Saturday. And you'll seem like a quarter. In Detroit well it better give them annual semen all against the giants that argument number one offensive line you don't want Brady without off of them lined those up there were for Jacksonville. About the problem with solar out right now. In camp Fleming over there and now you know that was the another reason why I'm the title valley tech less. I it it just seems different the way Belichick is approaching and there was another team that I can't remember which team wise I was reading about they're not doing any joint practices. Coach says that I don't believe and it you know. We get our armed worked on best with our own guys and they're like well Jack who's doing three hour drive thereof that apparently is that any got Belichick who say yeah. I don't for quite good but here I'll do it three. And he tried to downplay now when I'm really gonna do much against Detroit just you know like a walk through whatever he likes cities. A lot more most coaches to and I think he feels he gets more out of these than he does the pre season games. Pitcher Brady agrees that now. Wants to populate the play it you wanna play probably last week via audio you know 6177797937. Travis is in Pittsfield hey Travis I don't. They are the guys. There may you are talking about them before you guys are talking about you know read it and how he used. Gotten so much better late in his career but made it happen before a cap when guys like Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens and what I hate that. I think Tom Brady's incredible he's the best ever. What you really be shocked if it there and Angela come out and a year two years five years never might be. What type scandal a scandal. Saying that these H TH performance enhancing drugs and that's why he's our. Performing like this. Exactly. But what are the odds by the way just it just point out even Barry Bonds dropped off a cliff at forty. They just want to lose it late thirties that he was. Whatever he was doing in his word MVPs and he's hit seventy home rugs. Bode turned forty I was actually a lost season for me was hurt that he came back with final two years it was not the same guys. But what he wants forty. Where where they're like certain testing things were happy that prevented him from seeking being a year to year earlier before that like. If they change and act like he dropped off forty and Brady in the and they are so far head of things now that they can't they can't racquet didn't in this. Discover. So do you think do you think that's. Why Tom Brady is playing so well do you think he's doing. PD's. I think you're probably hit a pardon me. Doesn't care so entertaining but what can you guys thought about like if something. Unprecedented at least four years old getting better. Usually there's got to be or is that reason why. So it not possible for it to be real. I would it unfortunately. So my answer to that is I give everybody it's rather the benefit of the doubt if they're not testing positive for anything that is their right Aaron accuse anybody but I would literally not be surprised by any one. I don't care if there five to 880 pounds or their 63350. Pounds a guy. I think professional athletes we've we've heard of so many cases in all of the sports of guys doing things so I just think. You gotta be all this guy this guy's definitely cleanest guys have a great you can't say yourself up to be disappointed even if you don't go to that extreme Tom Brady's definitely playing you don't gold there. He also go to you know I think he's probably doing something like the caller just. I I personally don't again I'm not gonna say because the guy's good he's on something but I'm also not gonna look at and say lol because he's never tested positive and because. He doesn't look that snow who like Barry Bonds did or Roger Clemens stated that he has to be clean like I don't I don't think that either. Well I think a couple of things were that Brady that stand out. While one if there was something going on with them. Are there of the suspicion of something going on. Roger Goodell wouldn't have made eight PED reference the very sloppy PD reference when he was talking about air pressure. In football saga about it'd be where thank you Nike let me somebody air pressure football's he would have made that. PD reference to a found something they would have dug into the way that in the NFL was after him a couple of years ago. They were gonna find something. So if if there's something there to look at where Brady I think they would of rear of the honed in on it but don't get the feeling and I'd like to find something they could probably not a not a day that you know every guy who's doing something keeps quiet about it but. We set out Tom Brady has been talking a lot this stuff offseason about how pop prepared he is and how how good he feels. Usually guys who were who were doing performance enhancing drugs don't draw that much attention to themselves and their training. Well not only that but he's an unique spot. Of its Kazaa a making excuses for about not. That they hold CB twelve thing. Other players don't have that answer of what I was sort of blow that whole business model Lott what you do that that yeah unfolds or is should called it really here's the face of crisis of you know the being pliable and eating right and be all this stuff which is a little bit different than all these other players are doing you're trying to convince guys that this is the right way to do things. Did you find out he's been made shortcuts cheating the whole time that the local deli downstairs and beat them fraudulent. 6177797937. Just in Westbrook hey Jeff. Hey let's don't think that was. Recording this previous caller of course you can and in the back through history the great performers. Warriors were not. At it and say look at that weighs this camera football. I diet look at looks like a hundred mile diet. And how that continue to improve someone's life I'm not trying to sell that book but. It makes sense you eat well and prepare yourself impact. That's much more important. Yeah. I hear ya Najaf and I know you are trying to. Sell a book either but if you wanna check out a book Belichick and very mama I well coming on paperback next month well no but seriously. Don't most professional athletes think that ways they got to take care of myself. I've got to get get the proper amount amount of rest. Tom Brady is not the only professional athlete who commits to a lifestyles we can preserve or extend his career so and so we've never seen anything like it before. All of these athletes who have tried to play well at the age of forty not many of them pulled it off. Michael Jordan and yet this year compares in a pleasant forty. Of course of course but. Against this way that knowledge back there is an exercise. Knowing these newer ideas that are strength training ballerinas palace strong. Yeah commitment to FBI agents Jeff hit me about exercise and I'm giving you guys saw me it. In of these all the all the things that you are talking about Jordan never great news for a great you know a lot he's. Yoga ballet whatever it is you know play ability to all that stuff but the fact is we haven't seen many athletes and come on one hand. Who have been the leaked. At the at forty and beyond not many so that it it's a it's an unusual situation I would read and unfortunately it leads people to say like he can't it's never been done so this isn't re so we're talking are two different things just talking about. These exercises and the viability of them into a design error. As a ballerina yeah. Yeah I wish I think his back I do you have got a variety of other side got a diverse mine yeah fertile mind because when's like the best year for a samurai thing. I'd say probably the first the it does it just one. Again aged twenty feet. And what season is so that rustling get a good for Urals camera to fall off the cliff and about 24 when at alive and well you lose an armor some like an eye liner 300 he was being trained when he was like six or seven out of our young. And you know how was he when he was well I was was based off for story and so how was doing his thing. It looked great duo of however when he I was probably overdid it back over that now what if argued god I don't know going to be around here either of us. Kelly's and got your old man Jake Kelly item. I am doing great I let the pressure towards it. It's likely that doctors orders you're as with the wizard. They know what is now last season he turned forty during the season but he started that year at age thirty nines and announce it and how that first year I write his performance dropped off it just wasn't it was in the same everybody get Tony. They're guys that hey Jordan averaged when he is last year he had but he wasn't it wasn't Jordan is that like I'll Brady now. Jordan play Iverson at an action packed day the which. And boat went six point the first let's play pretty articulate it couldn't quit we came back at gas. Gauge. Age and you've got you know sorting that terrible we journalist or different diet than Brady yeah yeah and a nice and that's sort of any Utah and so in due course other. An expert but I caught from a warrant. I think a great. It looked yeah San spirit. Right now I think there's any. A I read about all cracker and it's well at practice I don't know eat. Calculation I'll sub specialty but I know that to a lot of practice is all packed. Not to a lot of little weight I think Biotech China's. I didn't do way to looking it you know. It. Your take doesn't suck as much as you think I'm not here today because actually bill talked about that on Monday. About the on the the number of padded practices that they're allowed now you don't have double sessions anymore. And and he talked about particularly on the offensive in defense of lines. And and the necessity of hitting. Now he is he said wide receivers from Latin. Try outs on air against there and quarterbacks control the ball but offensive in defense of lines have to be able to hit to get themselves ready to to prepare themselves. And and I think he believes they get more out of it if there hitting somebody from a different team. With a different scheme and they don't know exactly what this what what I'm gonna do and I think he thinks that they just get more out of. Yeah it is is urged to in front seven on sevens you can do that we're no matter what you're wearing now said you wanna work on the run game or you wanna work on some real pass blocking. Just have a guy like the offensive line work you whether you're watching hard knocks you go down there is a fox sort of watch the open practices whatever. Those guys. It really do much if you're not pads you sort of stand up and candidate Stater area and pretend where it is where you ago. So it's a lot lot different and that's Stefano belts at that point 21 on Monday as and that. Maybe I asked them if it goes tackling those affected the most because that's what. I feel like tackling has gotten worse in the NFL and maybe it's a byproduct of abusive on the offensive and defensive line clinic of those guys can hit that really you know what's the. Point after like that that conversation with us well is the the abbreviated conversation he had with league officials. Probably out at those at those meetings and they're they're talking about changing the rules and taking things away and adding things. I can I can hear him. You know making the case for a while the whole league is is going to hell because they have lost the whole point of of what what what football supposed to be. Christian playing go hey Chris are you. Hey guys that Belichick as far as these things they do what the other teams. I think it's the known vs Vietnam on panic just say what you Garrity said. It's about him earlier in his career when he doesn't have to April or knowledge of people. He I think likes to at least physically look at them what they can do and I think he's a better coach when he does that. I think that gives him the advantage secondly is trying to Brady comment as far as I think Gordy Howe. Is one of the few. Players. Professional players that depth size and does what are hopefully pretty wants to get that it does have a good day. Yeah there are many other listening Corey how lately as fifty for crime and the other thing I have as it is is not a this is not a how how high can meego and you know why I hear you Chris Chelios people and you know Zdeno Chara and on air and Brett Favre yeah armory jogger now that the point is. Elite seasons. Meantime much Arianna is added but he's not a guy is not awfully lot not only one no no he's not so is Tom Brady Tom Brady in 2001 in play last through 2016. Very similar to the guy who played in 2010. Similar. It's it's a case secure difference but similar guy I can make an argument was better. So nine it was ten year one it was a unanimous in the down. I count on America but the thing but it would be a number guiding you through two picks last year tool reception for Gordy Howe and dale you would know I have no idea that was Gordy how'd 47 notice it's the same result anyhow 27. Even close and he was really only playing at the end so they can continue to play with the skins with market Marty. And they also left the rates are relevant amendment came back and enemies at the and he wasn't even close Gordon how withdrew from the decade her value review. 6177797937. Is telefono Vertex line 37937. It's dale and Holley with Keefe. Sports Radio WEEI it's Hollywood keys. Plus Sports Radio WEEI. It witness. That's people's. Exciting part about being with this. There's a lot of things are going to be a part of Boston Red Sox organization and its coach. Play it one of the cool stadiums and all sports we've that's. Very rich history of the players that come through here talking about retired numbers and hall of famers all is that an insult cool but at the end of the day. We have a realistic shot of going all the way in the last instead of that's. But it's like that's what we'll talk before. First Zelaya yesterday with a flag that flew in Christian ferry the Jimmy Fund radio telethon. And as I said we we hear so little from what we basically nearest post game. Where he specifically talking the actual fastball inside a yen in it's it's all generic bland. In all pictured. Post game stuff. Yesterday we heard a minute totally different light and it was it was fun it was interesting to listen to on. At which he doom more long form stuff like that because I'd I like to listen to the guy and it's soup Michael. Not as impressed. Michael less than impressed Michael Obama and we're not like Lubrizol failure here you are not a love Chris you know he's my favorite. Like here stick man on the Red Sox. They're pirates went. Aren't you. Marginally better what you said about intended being in the season. I loved him in Q did you like adopted in response yes another shot and yet live in our yard run routes but now sales of problems and these younger. I know that's what Pakistan as simple as I don't think it's kinda it's like a son a father son relationship my my relationship with the Anthony's attorney general's honors on relation now than in the players led to much. Is much is not easy it is like the player or don't like the player yet outlawed like Utah and Brigham and your family noted though I'm not part of it you know that is looking for that I don't think so and so far from home. Yeah he's fine he's development and our efforts it has quietly and Betty biceps since. Yeah he's a better place yet you'll probably like a nickname. Out nicknames Billick Andy nickname they somehow they have had every right let's go to the right one big biceps you like that now. The job quite well without that first. I don't let it brought out the and then I act it's been trotted out there yeah I don't think you're going to be out as the that he gets by that now chatter here it is time left Jarrett gave us. Which you two bags. Make a few bags he gave up like Scotland he give us the mayor Ding Dong city unlike our shots still rocket that that's that's a great one and then what I was in my heart time Lester had like. For awhile at least fifteen home runs early in the count the mayor of good contacts that even acquaintances and really. And I had to explain it but that deal they are a pop ups sit there and that the mayor of a single city. But the lawn mower Robbie Ross that's and other problems creative when. So while I think I thought it might stick with all the vote on. Yeah so you don't like it now like John Edwards did you named of those are those are good overall quality now we have a texture who claims and I don't remember hearing this last night. The Dave O'Brien used maybe populace. Until. Odd I don't Ottawa now we had that one caller called that want that I don't like now one. I don't hear it it debuts tonight in here last night. And I hope they didn't poppy that's over drivers know that don't do it through on our Ferrell column grassy. The other dead center. Well. I. A Billy gets that from Francona. Blogs television for an hour in Canada and on the idea that exactly bogey bogey there all of PD the whole the whole team is down poppy I don't know. Devers Raphael or devers they're both unique enough cool names aren't you need to make him he's the don't give them little puppy yeah I know little popular copies are or aren't an idea for a while there's one poppy. It by the book now. Since the prisoners and dissidents thank you very bright accurate that was well I just cut you off worries that runs under the don't do that I would do that publicly assailed in that cut. Saying we've got a legitimate shot of going all the way this year of course they do this is August while lesser of the when he is on the mound well with him they do though they they really do you look at the winning streak to Tehran. You look at it or that you know Austria or company look at though most recent couple weeks of what they've been able to do. And what he look at the American League. There were three teams in my mind the Yankees have kind of a shocking to me the Yankees apparent dropped off even with all their their acquisitions though. Somebody one of the hailed the F series. Is gonna be a matchup between two of the three teams Astros. Indians and Red Sox right so you can avoid that in but those two teams play each other. I Tyrod and ALCS with a third of the Red Sox from one of those two teams and yet that they have a great chance. Red Sox yankees ALCS would be awesome for a rivalry and all that stuff for all the obvious reasons Red Sox Indians. Opportunity for revenge. Two best friends. Facing off. It against each other and a and a playoff series. Red Sox Astros you look at and say do they have enough. The Red Sox. And of the Astros start to slide a little bit and it. Now they've they've. Gotten off to a pretty good start here Gupta is such a great start that they're still even even with would not playing their best baseball is still the best team in the American mind games ahead of the Red Sox yet you look at them and say. Out of the Red Sox matchup of. No arrests are advances won't series it played them and yeah they get all right. But their love under unknown playoff guys that was what I wrote Chris sales lead to easy it is an unknown most of the Astros. Are unknown to their plan really well the regular season but. How many of those guys are gonna be the same come playoffs and they need years to it to get there. They just have such a grameen. Their talent is. Talent is impressive now to me and we did an awesome forty home run hitter but it's such a great player and has been. For a long time he says the guy's gonna get you a look at what he's done like the last three years. Ayatollah saying well over 308 if you altered well over and don't care rob batting average okay. And an archaic that might have been thrown out the good at that that doubles for. It's who would support a thought care about and had another forty to fifty doubles this year. How has has decent powers like he's got so I can't hour eighteen elements in it 24 laster is it team this year and he's like 52 I think I think he is the envy is if you ask me he's in the view. I agree in people are asking okay Chris they'll be MVP in the side no I think he's gonna win the side. You have already close top her five and MVP. An area dodges Italy Thea he's fallen off a cliff. Mike Trout still going to be one of the top die every year terms even with missing out two months of the season doesn't matter he's going to be one of the top three guys for for the MVP again via. Dealers and never went to hear Chris sells and have a chance go all the way yes so rosy picture of Chris Sale that was the thought wasn't a Chris Sale yeah. So it still comes down to their know there are no surprises at the beginning of the year. I've I was going to be in the Indians and their Red Sox and the Astros I was just out of my ignorance just ignored them they're playing Houston. So right now and under the name guys yet is really paying your kids into the asked not yet anyway so. I didn't include the Astros or I should. But it still it's the same it's the same people we thought the beginning of the year. Saying contenders. The Astros have the second best record in Major League Baseball 74 and 46. Eleven and half came speed on the Dodgers. Yeah I've that the odds are eleven and a half games in 85 and 34 right now but when the whole thing all or do you think some happens I don't think they're solid on all thing. I feel like this happens sometimes in baseball were a team is weather's like the Mariners that one year you could win a 120 games are thought that insane. And then you get to the playoffs that he just. Unity after faceoff against. They could they can lose twice in a series to scherzer or something like that and and not make it's. World Series or maybe they do maybe they do win the whole thing but it just a little more interesting than we think it is we think is going to be. What was that the cubs story last year. I'm glad they ordinary audio and so good so good. They get into the playoffs and they start you faced some adversity and they eventually does win I don't dominate teams in sweep the World Series but. They want and we were surprised at the cubs. Who were the best team all year wound up winning the World Series so Libya would be the same store for the Dodgers. 6177797937. Brats and Rhode Island pay brat. Say what the guys what's going I would. I would not much I I can't argue that retired well he could have forty. And it you don't younger arms were bigger ever Nolan Ryan. One ERA for relief you have when he was forty events is let me get strike outs for so he's 43. He's one of the unusual ones you're right Nolan Ryan was still a you know as good as there was in the game at the age of forty. It it it is pretty unusual. And I understood that the previous caller we have a caller who said you know are we gonna learn at some point that Tom Brady's gonna have some PED scandal I understand the question I really get. Is it fair to say that if Tom Brady were doing exactly what he's doing right now everything's the same and he's doing it for the Miami Dolphins. We'd be saying that they're that we'd be saying that very thing here are some of the questioning it here. There is so funny legally retarded to. Norv talked about gory and talked about Nolan Ryan those are. Old time players and every time the good old time players who either got out of Steve Buckley and his old time baseball game and old time baseball and I tonight. Pedro Martinez will be there. Lou Maloney Lorraine yeah they they Wear out your art iron hurt either they were a classic uniforms are really. It's really nice operation of buck. Has going he's been he's been doing it for a long time the baseball guy. Steve Buckley. Is old time baseball. We should and I we should probably give more details at saint. Didn't feel right if things for a while that hour by guys that it wouldn't go bing Noah Noah on and the day at a I'm dad asserts and I've started the conversation and I'm kind of turn it over to the quarterback Erica. I had to prepare. Let me honestly is an honor of their freedom of the message board there Sparky and that's twice today. In say twice now. Yes it and I believe at saint Peter's field and but how are you don't have the information while I don't know what turned out Clark island authorities had been. Where's where's Bucs game you know we we know it came time it would give you all the information is that it is on its insane on saint Peter's peeled and remember what time. 7 o'clock and civic arts and peers through papers for English and it's free yes. But. They're taking they're taking an off a donation from folks are free but mandatory 200 dollar and hate you rife with an expert on one of the beneficiaries of tonight's game. Is my good friend John Martin cameraman at NASA and for a long time I think like nineteen years. John was recently diagnosed with hail last season and there and back John's going to be there he's going to be one of the honorary managers. In the game. And I think John is the reason Pedro decided he was gonna come out of retirement for tonight's game and and throw and inning and and as I said the proceeds are gonna help the John Martin's funding got some. Big expenses that his family is spacing of one of the best people I've ever worked with in the business. And I hope that people take the opportunity to go and watch and have fun can I just have this nation that Pedro Martinez is gonna take this seriously. This week he's about it and others thought the way he he can't just go up analog if you cross the plate. Now they're asking people to market the first on movie theater and to be sure it's our business and it's recommend because it does get crowded a lot of people it would premiere don't you get there by 6 o'clock and I says it's it's only like a ten minute walk to if you wanted to walk from from the movie theater. It's all electric ten minute walk into that field it's it's pretty close the movie is there an old time but he was always the shuttle. Well it's a horse and buggy so that's I opened Carter a whole lot of shuttles get that feel good to be you wanted to be out sentiment on. 6177797937. Its telephone number in Texas it like a 37937. It's Daylon Hollywood keep. Sports Radio W media. You make that sound like that's usually. Lot of people see here goes. I've got friends who make those looking after falling from following that stuff thoroughly all the main. Bob breaking news from the Boston Herald Michael Silberman has the pace. And this. I have to admit surprises me a little bit. Headline says John Henry says Red Sox will lead effort to change name of yawkey way. This is Silberman writing out Red Sox principal owner John Henry saying he still haunted. By the racist legacy of his legendary predecessor. Told The Herald that his franchise welcomes renaming yawkey way. The Sox he said should take the lead in the process of re branding. The Jersey street extension outside Fenway Park it was renamed to honor the former owner in 1977. I'm now as it's pointed out the piece that the public street funded by taxpayer dollars the Red Sox can't just funeral unilaterally going renamed the thing. But John Henry said and I'm quoting now from Henry I discussed this a number of times with the previous mayoral administration. And they did not want to open what they saw as a can of worms and there are a number of buildings and institutions. That bear the same name. The sale of the Red Sox by John Harrington helped to fund a number of very good works in the city done by the yawkey foundation. We had no control over where any moneys were spent the hockey foundation has done a lot of great things over the years that have nothing to do with our history. He said and again I'm quoting Henry here the Red Sox don't control parity put it the Red Sox don't control the naming or renaming of streets. But for me personally. The street name has always been a consistent reminder that it is our job to ensure the Red Sox are not just multi cultural. But stand for as many of the right things in our community as we can't particularly in our Africa African American community in the nude in the Dominican community that has embraced us so fully. The Red Sox foundation and other organizations the Sox created such as home base have accomplished a lot of the last fifteen years but I'm still haunted. But what went on here a long time before we arrive on quote. While. As big as big news and it's volt. It's called for John Henry bold and and saying it's it's a good thing but I think guy he's gonna get some. Push back on and he's probably ready for him outreach and it'll output well let me even sadder that the previous administration told him. They ought to let the mayor's job the mayor's office and petrochina was an air many memory innocent look apparently. No one openness can awards but why would you called the Canon weren't Hubert is going to be pushed of course is going to be pushed back. But he's ready for apparently for not ready for it would say anything. So those who have the extension that was named after David Ortiz so that part they did own zealot because they were in no apparently the city allowed them to the serial that it was actually yawkey way extend type doesn't then it's this little Chinese not months I'm not much of mystery out. But they named it days away again with the not delay or drive letter yesterday. It anyway the guy better and that's fine. I'm not sure that he'll get a lot of push back from now I don't know about city can't comment on the city. Ironically we were you know doing as much as we can over the last couple of days to help the Dana Farber cancer institute. At building over there. On Benny Streep is named for Tom yucky as well for now. Yeah works of their growth well and John Henry points out in in his quotes to The Herald I just pictured somebody at the global day. Let me like crap from before I don't all let me did you drop this on The Herald slapping you know I got to give this to the paper you'll all. But he didn't he decide who's gonna give it to the Harrelson. When things happen to view my Cologne and I do remember that armament that very well wasn't here. I've taken they offered up these are brother in law was getting well and brother positive Mary and John Henry decided that he's listening to Felger. And he's decided you wanna take it anymore and so he wrote in 985. How out through their daughter in the studio and shut down. Forever. Yeah the oh and it's and in the so called partners in quotes the partners is that there. With our. Yes exactly we have what that out. As just statement. This is Michael's easily wielding Richard believes the term unbelievable. This is Michael Silberman writing not John Henry quoting but I just want to it is here this piece the Red Sox have had enough. At a moment when racial tensions have escalated rapidly. And the removal of confederate statues act as a flashpoint for violence and racially divisive protest. The Red Sox are ready to start taking down a symbol of their own racially tainted history. I don't know if that was the the push point here for John Henry because he says. He actually brought this up with Mayor Menino is administration and they got yup I shot down about doing it. I wonder if what's happened here recently in this country has reiterated his efforts to wanna change the name. And yet you don't think there's going to be any prospective first call on the line first call on the line you can't yeah I got others. Of course is going to be that. He's got to be ready for and that's not a reason to. And let me be clear it's not a reason to be silent it's not a result to. To change your mind. Just because some people aren't gonna like what you do and he's gonna hear from a lot of people. Who don't like what he's doing I personally applaud it. I think is glad no issues with a at all. It. There there will be some people with some issues and tried. And we'll talk to those people as well 6177797937. At Stella Hollywood keep Sports Radio W.