What should Yawkey Way be renamed?

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Friday, August 18th

Hour 3. Christian continues the conversation on Yawkey Way being changed. He takes callers suggestions on name changes and gives his thoughts on what it should be called.


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These these late night with Christian art can Sports Radio. When that team winds down Christian art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock its kitty goalies with. Talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get we're here. On the does Friday. Finally this we thought we'd never gonna end finally. Right I guess we're not out of the woods yet the sort of the weekend at the workweek just about over here folks one more day I'm here with young late night first American the only show. Torture on Wednesdays at this late. We thank you for staying up with us. And we open up the phone lines to you would 6177797937. Text line at 379837. In your tweets. A Christian arcana we've been cranking on the phones that are assortment largely ignoring the text line that's kind of how that works. You know I think it's it's sort LA dad. I examined idle hands you know I when when there's not a ton of phone calls and that's usually when the tax line gets most beloved meets their reading the tweets and a lot of stuff with. Today it's just been it's been a lot of calls so. I aid and expected to continue big news tonight here the news of the night of course. And that is John Henry. Telling Michael Silverman that he wants to change jockey way. The city was haunted by the U racist past of the organization. And things that with the events of this week it's the proper time to bring this up. Michael Silverman. Was on these airwaves about what three hours ago. In four hours them awhile ago now so I'm assuming people listening now probably missed that the and he. He came on with rob Bradford crystal lining. And it will have that interview for you either this hour in the 1 o'clock hour I think we'll probably due to the end of this hour. Depending on how the now the rest of this goes on also. And I don't know where exactly it is due to bring this up there. But I'm getting anti tax rate now saying that 10371055. Votes just jump off do we know I am happy man. Happens automatically and in. Not always. Most of the time during the week I believe their contract. Are they really. Is what did you think they be saying this every night if I was in on twelve repeated these people were tweeting mr. people who listen to it who listen every night and who have obviously. I do see those messages every now and then Tex you know an act and you. Him. Anyways. I'm sorry I don't know what's going on here with that offensive contractual thing in the that I can do about that. But yeah both one of 37 round 155 in Springfield I guess we got cut off their I guess all I can say for that is listen on the apt you listened WEEI hamper. On through and in and tune in that way I don't really notice the site but yeah and it's unfortunate anyways 1442 year. The discretion of the enough. Away. That's their right but he and a well continue with the yawkey way thing here we can also talk Red Sox yankees which that series coming up right now and I don't know if you know despite. The Yankees just beat the crap out of the match. Did they kick their ass I mean the match I was talking about this the other 9 am I gonna spent a lot of time in the match here but you know anybody complains about it. The Red Sox and Dave Dombrowski and and things like that just imagine. Imagine being a met fan. After being a fan of that Mets team last year. And what they've become now and I know that there is injuries and everything but I mean there is that I can't imagine. I can't imagine that the hell. That it these people got I mean this team what is in the World Series two years ago. They did lose the wildcard last year. In this year and this year they're in third place in the NL east. And or not they're eighteen games out they are they're awful earn. Awful awful team. And they seemed like did they seem like the team that every other team would wanna hat like they have this young dynamic rotation. With these marketable god Harvey and since the curtain JPEG Gromit these guys who you get out. He'll likely do just they're two of the look like hit. He's in the attitudes map hard he's got this whole thing gone met in a Harvey fell apart this year seeing the guard is body breaking down and the Gromit in he's brought the best player on that team now but he's not enough to make that team any good. And hey al-Qaeda want to play that subway series and the Yankees put them in their place. And I'm just sort of watching these games and watching the Mets and go what happened here. Article that bad deck. Quickly. And you know I think Brad Deb there also are you sure remember like 2013. In its 4014 for the Red Sox. Did paused for a second remember exactly the highest of the high into the following season the lowest of the low. They won the World Series in 2013. They were the champs they were the best team in the world. And then the next season the next season at the trade deadline. They traded their entire starting rotation. That's even more or. Dramatic I would say that what's happened here in the match. What happened the match is unfortunate but they come back next year those guys hollered healthy and all of a sudden they're back there right back in business. The Red Sox things were. Coming off of a World Series championship not an appearance a championship. Say within months. July of that next year. They treated Jon Lester. They treated John Lackey they treated Fuchs the Brodney treated Jake Peavy they treated everybody except Clay Buchholz was the only guy they kept that was it. That was wild. That was one of the most dramatic turnarounds. I've seen in Red Sox history for sure. You know you can you can they ala what about the Marlins people keep saying well yes. But the Marlins that was more of we're gonna trade awake for cheap cables not Jews were. In that is Lori is a DM a jerk but they. With the Red Sox it wasn't because they were trying to before will lose because the team was going nowhere I mean it team was literally that's when he fourteen team. They were about as frustrating of a championship it raining in World Series chances I've ever seen they were incredibly frustrating. And they've actually it is and how what it. Blow up. And they did they blew it up. And I think about that sometimes I think about how recently that was. And now here we are. Three years later. In his Red Sox team has really sort of changed over a lot of things I mean you know we're talking about the street name right now but just think over the last. Three years. How old dramatically and sort of look and feel of this team is. They shifted you have a new director in baseball operations president of baseball operations. You have. Outfield now of these young kids you have. In only in many positions you have guys in their twenties. And then in the pitching rotation you have yourself a legitimate. I think you know images. Championship level issue juvenile lead talent. At the top of the rotation have a guy and Palmer enters having a fantastic here you have a guy imports fellow who's. Then frustrating all year but seems to be picking it up right now at the end of August which is a great time for that to be happening. And you have David Price who may or may not be back we don't know. Tack on top of that a fantastic bullpen. Which this unit is banned all your long when nothing was expected of it. And in our it's just it's so different from where we were just not that long ago the only thing that's really the same. Is this. Zander Bogart's Vegas was your all time in that they've had a good closed little time in other than that I mean you look up and down. The roster is very different. Rosters been almost completely overhaul. In the pitching irritation to a suffer more Rodriguez who was acquired. In that same trade deadline when they trip to a trader Andrew Miller telling got a horror Rigas that was part of that big exodus where they just. Blew up the whole team I mean really the whole rotation and a lot of the bullpen all got moved. I remember people after that say a widening trade Koji tilt and slightly I don't know why I'm glad they kept them beloved coach you love me some Cody. By it you know considering what they were doing right then 12014 was all that. Anyway Red Sox yankees at a series will start tonight in about. Nineteen hours. And the I'm wondering you know this is the second straight weekend the Red Sox yankees. And we got another one coming up what two more weeks. End of August beginning September. Anyone burned out of rats are yankees again anyone because I'm not like I'm night. Fired up for like a wasn't you know old fort of 09 but I'm certainly. Not burned out and and I feel like that was sort of the good I was getting today. Yankees again yeah yankees again it's a pennant race. He. Is that it's a pennant race with any team bite. Happens to be the isn't a good thing or plant a bunch your DNA I personally. Yes in terms of the Red Sox Yankee rivalry. The anger and rage is not there okay that's gone and it's been gone for awhile. But it's still a pennant race OK I mean there's still there's still some guys and a team that you cannot like. I have an irrational dislike for Brett Gardner I don't know why I just don't like his face now that they probably when my MySpace unit but I don't like Brett Gardner face. And that's the whole reason I don't like them and that's all the talk to not like he got back in the day. When it was Red Sox yankees and height of it in 03 hour from basically knives from when Pedro got here on basically. Now when when things started to really ratchet up again. In we think about it thing about the reason why we hated Scott brochures. This guy brushes ever say or do anything that was all that offensive now I just I hated his face. I hate Paul O'Neill's face pollen it was kind of an able to put it that wasn't the reason I don't like what is that like is faced only Bernie Williams face. What a lot of those guys united. Did to their and they're. Even now pay later go to New Yorkers some I'll be in a sports bar and they got to this Yankee stuff on the lawn of the like roaches we view. You don't think it's Tony deserve to be there. And that's gone I mean that's you don't have that anymore except for me record that's it other than that it's pretty down sort of grab SE. Little bit lot of young guys on both sides. Who haven't really developed much of a dislike for each other. And and you know. But burned out now not at all away in my burned out on red sergeant opened the Red Sox yankees. When they're both fighting for the top the American League east always be inherently compelling to me. That is drilled in the my DNA that'll never Stipe doesn't matter who's playing for either team that something has always going to be as important to me. And here it is you got this this weekend. And then that big series with Cleveland after that which I think is even bigger in the series this weekend any at the Yankees again and who knows where they're both going to be at the end of the month but it. I wanted as they bring it on you know it's much better than them not playing each other for the arrest of the year. Is it a lot gesture but that's good I'm I'm happy about that 617779. 7937 is the phone number 379837. That your number on text aren't a cancer and say anything about the team and I. Can't say to not talk about the baseball team by the team on the field I did. What effect the arc you anything when we come back don't go anywhere Sports Radio W media. He creates Bruins Red Sox Celtics in more let's get you back good Christian I can. And Sports Radio WEEI. Well what a great selection and added a marine on the wheels of steel tonight. I think mosier as sort of the best drivers of all time. I'd say he's top five. Like he's I mean he's been around for so long. And I think he's a master wordsmith I really do I think he's like a poet almost. 25 is little strong make huge schooled your afternoon you definitely up there. This is such a good on. Or re talking about aria that's very yucky way you think that wrapped up in court you wrap over there. In case you missed it in if you did you not and then I'm listening self and you know what that's sort of the reason the show even exist. People who were working the night shift people aren't quite you know. Hip to what's conine added Michael Solomon in. Italy in tomorrow's Boston Herald yes. Because the story was imposed that until this evening. The headline reads John Henry says Red Sox will lead effort to change the name of yawkey way. And it begins the Red Sox have had enough that a moment when racial tensions have escalated rapidly in the removal of confederate statues. X is a flash point for violent and racially divisive protest the Red Sox are ready to start taking down a symbol of their own racially tainted the history. Red Sox principal owner John Henry says he still haunted by the racist legacy of his legendary predecessor. Tom yawkey he told The Herald this franchise welcomes renaming yawkey way. The Sox he said should take the lead in the process of re banding re branding. The Jersey street extension outside Fenway Park that was named all honor the former owner in 1977. Jockeys legacy is owner from 1933 to 1976. In them by his widow Jean yawkey in the Iraqi trust. Until Henry bought the team in 2002 was as complicated as it was lengthy and inescapable. Inescapable significant an enduring part of the yawkey legacy is a racist want. In yawkey a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame oversaw the twelve season stretch. From 1947 in 1958 which the Red Sox watched every other team in baseball integrate. Before they became the last club to do so in 1959. That residue will not disappear when yawkey way is renamed governor also does not need to diminish the positive impact the yawkey trust. Funded primarily by the 700 million dollar sale of the team and Henry came aboard still makes today from multiple worthy causes in Boston in New England. Yawkey way however is different to public street fat a funded by taxpayer dollars it's also where the Red Sox conduct their business and on game days holed permanent nights. A permanent rights excuse me after reaching a controversial deal with the city in 2013 to close the street and sells X this concessions which we had a collar. A bicycle right earlier today it was still not over that that is typical college street whatever you want to just over a back up was that goes. On an artery the entire thing here but John Henry said that. I discussed this a number of times of the previous may oral administration and they did not wanna open with days saws can work. There are number of buildings and institutions that bear the same name the sale of the Red Sox by John Harrington helped to fund a number of very good works in the city done by the yawkey foundation. And the hockey foundation has done a lot of great things over the years that have nothing to do with our history. If you're up to Henry he would renamed to streak David Ortiz way or big poppy way. And we'll circle back to that. But before and her name is considered the name change process needs to start with Henry in the one other yawkey way a border petitioning the city of Boston for approval. And before we move on too far. David Ortiz way or big poppy way. Now you know don't like it. On not that I don't think they've minorities deserve to be honored yes sure of course you guys. I think he should get his number retired and there should be statue of him outside next to Ted Williams and Bobby Doran dom DiMaggio all those other guys. Bite nets let's rely there's are readied one of the streets right around there's are named after cameras right across the right over there. In effect if you wanna change it to David Ortiz drive and just extend that one for you. Can't do that. You can but I don't want them to change at the David Ortiz went by yeah. It also doesn't make sense that changed deem your keys and if your. Yeah. You know David Ortiz is great we all of David Ortiz OK we bring its unanimous. Bite. David Ortiz doesn't play for the team anymore. And you still have you know the name of the park the name of the team. What the street used to be called after that which I'll think would be better ideas now. What do you use to them knew everything in word a street. That the street after. It's maybe through streets after. Didn't and a bridge in a bridge in a term at the airport great big poppy way I don't like that a mind it can't be Big Papi way. I would say that about anyone who did any nickname you know. Not all they're still alive and not done that I'm saying the announce don't twist my words here bit and that's have a problem with that anyway. Can't beat Ted Williams is Gary Gates at Williams tunnel or there. Can't be stressed because it's just murdered or try and punch new GPS. I don't think he should be a player and at the should be area should be Wally the green monster. Now I should be the team or the name of the Parker just call it Jersey street that's I'm sorry I don't have a creative solution here. I don't it's not it's not important to me that. You know sort of one thing that the article mentions which is you know I heard a lot of people call an earlier answer what is this really an assault all the problems in the world like is this gonna actually. Do anything to really. Combat racism in in style and I would say now on its face it probably won't. You just change in the name of a street but also just keep in mind. How many people walk down that street every summer you know how many thousands hundreds of thousands millions of people. Mark down that street. And next year whenever this process takes place assuming they're all goes down swimmingly here. There are gonna lock down that street it's gonna have a different name. And I would say since it's already a pretty big story a lot of people are gonna notice that it has a new name and they're gonna talk about why it hasn't and it. And that conversation I think. It will whoever is having. From whatever perspective they're coming for. Is incredibly important. I really believe it. You know just the conversation. Why is this not yacht why is this street avenue a name well the old guys in the united tell your kids well the old guy he was not a great guy while woody did a now. He do you explain it in any given the have a mowing of teaching moment yet. Positive step for yet. And it doesn't have to be with your kids to give me with your friends he can be with geared whoever. But I think that that's the important thing I tested positive thing there's nothing. Inherently bad about that and I think the good of that certainly outweighs whatever sort of belief that I've heard some people call in with well it's been yawkey way for forty years BR QA forever whites. Jesus spent forty years without a long time. It was Jersey street for a lot longer. So if you're really that hung up on history issue wanted to go all Jersey street again I would think and also if you're into the hole alphabetical order thing which is how they do it back there. It goes. Arlington break you know and then adding Ipswich Jersey. Something else. The yawkey screws it all up. I think a thing in their neighborhood current. Well all across streets there in alphabetical order that's right ending Tillman are Tillman rocker real dilemma. I see that street sign about a million times and I'm still not totally sure how to pronounce the Kilmer killed Iraq tumor are at a friend who actually lived on that street as the in the government needed music and you live their Tillman Tillman rock. It sounds that sounds wrong actual. By the way earlier that would by Mike is here where its argument that quote in the Obama tweet Nelson Mandela quote did not know that alerts on tonight. Good quote most popular tweet of all time the most popular tweet of all time with the and part of me eateries and maybe bring that up is because part of me. Can't help but think that. John Henry. With all that's gone on this week. Is sort of in the business of you know getting the most popular three of all time the most popular decision of all time you know I'm gonna finally do this and. But in not many but in certain scenarios I don't necessarily always find that to be a bad thing. Yeah it can be kind of obnoxious and you can sort of look at it and say where worried however many times. How how many other conversation did you have about this how hard did you try it sounds like it's not exactly. In down it sounded to me getting a street name changed in Boston that sounds like something that you go to city hall and you sit there for eight hours and in around the collar and sell all c'mon back tomorrow if it now go to the unemployment office like just some nightmare like the DMV years something but it doesn't sound like as we have the two at all. It sounds more like you have to get through signatures. And he'd taken the mayor and the mayors is okay would change the name next month or whatever it is sixty days. And that's something that could've been could've happened much sooner than nets went much sooner than it. He's on the team for fifteen years. And I understand he said these Menino wasn't gonna wasn't down with the idea of a Menino has been the mayor for wire awhile here now in the yet. Walsh going for a second term next month so I mean. Those are all fair things to bring up but I don't think it. Any of those should sort of the year reason why you shouldn't do it. You shouldn't change you because you should've done it a long time ago of an OK let's just do and now the that are battling the better late than never. Well you should it on all along time ago and you didn't say don't overdo it went and went the how to get there. 61777979837. Is the phone number 37937. The number on Tex region more in this article a little bit and later on this hour. Our necks are should say we will play you the Michael so warm and interview he is the guy who wrote the story for The Herald in use on with Bradford and Gilani. In the show prior to this once so we'll have that for you in the 1 o'clock hour in the meantime back to your phone calls will start with Stephen Miami nice the. I don't up. Duplicate of the Yankee Syrian Arab. I I would be most shops away while folks are vocal which for some like those socks boulevard. Yeah we are a little bit of Boston area stocks now. Now. That's not bad round as I don't think you could find to what her problem with that both socks is a little I don't know. Was Sox row lay out is that some about it just courtesies tolerance archer noon. I think we all know it's Abbas and everybody's on the road you know there must that I don't think that's it that's gonna be confusing or something needs to be pointed out to anybody who. That it now want to talk about EXX and also on George okay look at. And Red Sox have really announced probably the best job in all of The American Legion. Stop and and I enjoy it at all surprised that other teams haven't all. The rest are way pitching to him could you all know that. Sport England football. There's probably. Eight follow. Success. And the rest are had major success and let the all star game how I was a as swinging bunt single in the four games and the last series one yet. And I am surprised that more. And more teams haven't pitched him away especially on the surge is in Europe though. All of our guys and I actually strike satellite just sent does that strike the other isn't as not locally there are so Yankee. Has night. And and I'm just like him that. If they're right on nick how much greater chance of winning the series. Ethnic and continued. Doing what they've gotten to Aaron Georgette and that's the key. Two missiles series is continuing to kick out is that yeah as. Ink depend on the a lot look at what apple at the net sort of music and it hit home runs and and all that now. Not just him I mean Sanchez everybody who's teeing off on those Mets pitchers. Especially tonight tonight they have whacked of around there was nothing that mean aid they do or seven nothing last I checked. Whether went 717 at their. As a matter 707 a five I guess the Mets came back whatever means put up seven runs early in the game and in the fined four innings and you're probably gonna win that game Syria. Yankees listen Steve they're going to be coming in here and feeling good about themselves they just the ages. And the Mets over the Iranian spank him for four games and you know there there offense that was that was good for them Sanchez tonight. Had a home run and five. RBIs they gave you bear there's a lot of guys on that team I think we're gonna be coming into this series feeling very confident very good about themselves and rightly so I mean the Mets are a good team. But they still you know they they put him in their place. That was that was a pretty thorough beat down of a sweep here. And you didn't just see you know judge judge was over for three strikeouts in this game tonight and in need him. They'd garner the couple RBIs Sanchez didn't everything. Severino had a real good start. Kids Severino he's won ten games. Ten and five with a 3180 airing nine strikeouts in this game six in the third. He's he is in the use their ace. You know there's a very good chance the Red Sox the Yankees have played a playoff series. And if its case first phase you sales Severino there you go on like the Red Sox out in this and that matchup. But Severino is she's a good young boy is going to be around for awhile. And that's a name Red Sox fans should to just like judge and Sanchez and everybody else can you use that name Severino uses. He's the guy is gonna be there awhile I don't think he's one of the I don't think he's in any danger getting treated. Not a not a kid like that with that sort of potential 1010 game winner here and I think he's the hardest throwing starter in baseball. And some inside the warmer where her debit solicited his pitches that on average you're the fastest pitches there was any starter. Averaging around like 9790 miles an hour as the hardest and the entirely. For starters. 6177797937. Let's go to Paul on the car ball. You know you don't what is the you really enjoy the show that they were ordered twelve so. It's relax for a couple I was on the way home. Near alma get a good name and two what do straight up or he had Jimmy spotlight. Jimmy Fund way I heard that I heard he was suggest a variations of that that sounds fine I've no from a denture Jimmy front line ground. Yet that was going to be currently deployed today yankees series. Just what the source Jim. Get off to an early lead and I keep on and not all. Yeah damn that's that's the most important thing Paul this offense has to keep performing end they they seem like they've got a they've got something going here. And day off after after a walk off win over Saint Louis like that after all the walk off wins they've had eight of the last nineteen. Red Sox home. Eight of the last nineteen that's almost half of them. Have ended in Wilcox who intense. At the wild. In add that to another reason why you should love this stealing they got young players they got his ace stud pitchers yet. Armory of pitching out of his mind this year they got a nasty bullpen. I am Madson devers and and Bennett Andy who's getting hot again in ninety data Nunez who you acquired in the trade and oh by the way they come back and walk off like all the time. What's the app okay they were mean accurately army Davidge relic that's sucked there's a pennant race going there's a lot of reasons like this thing. That's ramat with Wallace and you know what I hate that and say I told you so. But if you're listed in the Mir around the all star break when everybody was calling in bitching and moaning about how these games take too long order. I said I told you I told you flat out point blank. That once this once the second half of the season really gets cooking. Once this pennant race third's really get an intense you know I can hear a peep about these games take into one and oh by the way. I was raised. You've heard maybe it's small piece but it's been small and it's been drowned out by everything else. So. Olds six on 777979837. Is the phone number I'll get back this yawkey way article in the Boston Herald when we come accurately that. Sports you're talking with Christian aren't dead on Sports Radio WEEI. They won't see me and Paul. 6177797937. In your phone number. Here's the piece dependency. All the signs that I have had some there was streets. Of this last precipitous one. Com. What movie was this and medicis medicis. I answering I was gonna say boy I don't know the boys and I. Hit the ever heard of ever heard of the rapper the streets. He's not really a rapper bruises guided street lake. This is I don't know about ten years ago probably a little more and I was doing radio in Denver at the time and their resist this guy who is always play in this weird stuff. Any has had a year in the big a problem watches bullishness. And I say okay who is a new goes it's the streets. I said okay. And I sort of you know you hear that naming you sit down new DeVon expectation of what you're about to hear and what I heard with these two sort of like weird. On an enemy that describe the beats there the startling weird landscape he beats. And it's this British guy just talking this is the whole thing is just as British guy saying things he's not even really singing or rapping explicit. I mean like this that's what every single song was like I'm like what is the speed when is that when does the saudis are one as the guys Barack because does is it is that he does what you guys. A league this is the streets. Does the worst thing I've ever heard and I thought that I was like this I can't I don't like this. I I I have an open mind on music did for a lot of different things that I mean that every song was like this on this five million views magnitude. That song was like a big deal led the streets was like a big deal. And I swear to god this was thirteen years ago I was in my twenties. And I felt like an old weird guy gees I did not get it I was like what is it. This is the worst music ever heard my life. And it just spark while in the lower in that last break I was thinking I wonder what next song man he's gonna play about the streets literally gotta be funny completed some by the street. But that was the guy that's the guy's name is the streets first of all which is weird. In this is every shot. Like this is this is music it. It it was so weird that looks lake again it was a big deal though it was a huge in the UK or whatever. And some people you know united was. And don't talk to you hurricanes and listeners know that the ultimate hipster music. In the world that really sort of set off for hold it didn't it didn't last very long but there is a lot of weird hipster ran epic. Mariner and then and yeah some the year ago 61777979237. As the phone number 37937. Is your number on text. I just probably made is you know a it is due to abuse the late eight million now just from all the people listening to the shore and a so. I'm happy to help have you expose people in new music him in out of her otherwise. Evans relic or whatever and draw accurate WEEI he also works over its cius and has a piece up on CSN any right now. You talk to Sam Kennedy. Any you know as I saw this just get weeded. I thought how interesting it was John Henry that gave this interview is over minister is set all of these things it doesn't have sort of seem like a Sam Kennedy job. The minister does seem like some he would end tackle like he's kind of the guy say he did just get this big promotion and he's also assertive. You know the the face of mood of the team when it comes to addressing stuff like this like he'll come out and do the rounds and and be on the radio and and say these things and give these interviews and I sort of feel like. You know John Henry tends to not get his hands dirty with the bad Henry wanted to Henry wanted it to be him who said this. And in down you can you can question his motives you can do whatever you want but I think ultimately he's doing the right thing. We're gonna take a quick break when we come back we will dive in the same Kennedy's comments. On the yawkey way stuff they're very interest thing. And doubt we'll get into that. And also have your late night lol at 145 and also. Michael Silberman wrote this Boston Herald piece we have that interview that he gave a crisp line. And rob Bradford about 45 hours ago and we'll have that for you in the next hour to action packed 18 empowerment at Emory quick break we're back after this year Alina.