WEEI Late Night - Should we be worried about the poor play of the Celtics as of late? 2-13-18

WEEI Late Night
Wednesday, February 14th

Third and final hour of WEEI Late Night is under way as Big Ben Maller tries to figure out if the Celtics are simply coming back to earth after such a fantastic season so far or if they are simply going through a stretch of struggles and woes and need the NBA All Star break to catch their breathe and regroup.  Maller also connects yet another big name to the New England Patriots via the rumor mill, that player being tight end Jimmy Graham.  Lastly, Ben tries to put to rest people's anger and anxiety over the Patriots loss to the Eagles in Super Bowl LII.


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Well a new name has popped up on the radar. For the patriots and the Celtics. Having some issues having some issues you just days before. The all star break we'll talk about all that welcome in the beginning of another hour on late night here. I'm WEEI as we are past the witching hour. And we are very close to the MBA all star very very close I know that's a big event on your calendar. In less it's not. Certainly past the midway point teams have played the it went closer to seven the teams or. Ago or in the in the matching necklaces but in in the sixty range right around sixty. Is the number of games most teams have played. In the NBA's of their their way past the 41 team. Point in the NBA season when you look at the Celtics. They've only got the game on Wednesday night left for the all star break. With the clippers. And so it's an opportunity to kind of take inventory on where you are at this particular point now the Celtics started tonight at half game behind. The raptors in the Eastern Conference. And he a really nice wreck a great record for the solid forty and AT. And the cavaliers won so the Celtics are five teams ahead. Of LeBron and company in the Eastern Conference. Standings and at the beginning of the night the self said the fourth best record in the entire NB. Yeah if you look at how they have played recently in this particular quarter of the NBA season. It has been lied. It is not mean the most impressive stretch in fact the Celtics have been. The losing team. Lovely and so there are those doom and boomers were wondering whether or not. That the Celtics are a barrage the way they played even their head coach Bret Stephens and if you saw his comments here but Brett Stevens. He was using a lot of coach speak and questioning. Is making some comments about where the Celtics actually are in the pecking order. Of the NBA considering the fact the last several weeks the results have been. In critical. I pretty pour considering the way things were going the first. First quarter of the NBA season so will morn Brad Stevens animal. I've but the soap exhibit sixteen game winning streak since that winning streak. The Celtics are both five point there eight games above five are but if you want a slice it up and have fun with numbers even more. This so preteen since that winning streak. When they were just light the world on fire since that point there are on pace to win and take away that the winning streak which you can't do. Would be around to 15204950. Wins somewhere. In that neighborhood and considering the fact now that he got boat race the other day by the cavaliers on Paul Pierce's. Nike is Jersey retirement night cavaliers followed that up with a win. With the new cavaliers. As the beat Oklahoma City. And there are some raising red flags that what's going on here with the Celtics took though to what's the deal the cavaliers made all these strays they look great. The Celtics going through the motions they're stuck in mud right now. So series here's the question. And it right now with a game to go before the all star break for the self. In your eyes. Who are the real Celtics at this particular moment who the real. Celtics is that the team that won sixteen games enroll horror. Is it the team that has been stumbling and bumbling. The last couple weeks. So contender in not to do the whole cliche contender or pretender but. My perspective on this you've got great. Monday and fall out. Hi re shoulders and you've got the fall guy. Yet those things and I'll mix them all together for a line tomorrow. In a rural attempt to make them now will be given the fact the Celtics have been in any more ladies. Ever since the London trip right and while it was it's been. Unrealistic to expect laser like focus. Over the course of the entire regular season certain whit Celtics played during the sixteen game winning streak. That was not going to happen every single. And ninety ebb and flow of the NBA sees. And the Celtics have been treading water and they've actually been swallowing water they've bitten not keeping their head above 500 the last. Fourteen games and a Brad Stevens. And get a hang your hat on defense for the Celtics that the claim to fame here for the Celtics is buried. Oh lead defense. That if if you match the Celtics up this Celtic roster up with the other top teams in the NBA offensively. They are not going to win. It is not going to be a battle of offense because the Celtics to lose that against all of the top teams in the NBA. What defense. That you know and I know that's that's the selling point for this particular Celtic team. And the strength of the team is greats like winning the hustle stats. When the Celtics having gone right this year they've been do it they they they make competitive advantage. Need a hard work I contesting shots all of those annoying things that good defensive teams do drawn charges deflecting. The basketball ticket up loose balls in the open court on both on offense or defense all of those things. Is what has separated the Celtics. From the other teams just get you match player for player up offensively. And the Celtics and no incidents stumble cast this Celtic team. What player for later. It's it's not a level. A level playing field. Right so the so there's gonna have to continue to play that style enough to get back to that. They've gotten away from that to a point in the last several weeks. Since they they got back from Europe and that brings up the second ports. It has been. For lack of a better term. Aid London fault. In particular that has infect the the Celtics and in this particular group the the this the seeds are six and eight. Since they came back from that barnstorming tour. Against the 76ers. In long. Last fourteen games. They've been losing record. And they've been sleep walking early games he's been the scene formula that has killed boom. I'm in most of these games he started out skilling go through the motions. And they're they're flat footed. And then defensively. They get a bunch of brave force now they were never able to recover. Against LeBron and the cavs. The other day they have been able to recover some of these. And if you assume the all star break in the NBA and we've been around these sports for a long time and a basketball particular you'd assume. That order is going to be restored that when the Celtics give back to work next week after the all star game in LA that. Things will come back into place. That that is going to happen. I have noticed in it and seeing some of the stores coming out of celtics' locker room some team meetings. Players only meetings that have been taking place here that is not. That is not the answer that is that is war theatrics is what that's for. More than any another pot and other regular story here. An explanation if you will as to why the Celtics have been scuffling. In recent weeks is because mark is Smart. Decided that he was Floyd Mayweather. And he wanted to inflict. Some pain. Against a picture. In his hotel. Nights self inflicted pain injury. And so he's been a way and that market is Smart is actually the glue. That holds the Celtics together. I don't like it. I don't maybe by eight. I don't buy. Smarty good defensive player. He's pretty much you zero on offense. And if you don't put the celtics' current stretch. And put this under the the Petri dish and get the microscope clout in analyze what's going all the so this is a couple of other guys. Relay it was gone is just not playing as well as he played early near the two guys at the top the list or Jason Tatum. Who's number one in Jalen brown. You figured at some point there was going to be in market correction. With Tate YE. You don't typically dominate from beginning to end the wait team was playing. The first part of the year but the forced 44 games of the season for the cells and look at the stats. He was shooting 50%. 45%. From three point range. And had a little bit everything that rebounding assists. Steals blocks. Probably every. In this last stretch the the Celtics as a mission yet you losing record the last fourteen games Jason Tatum. Is shooting 42%. From the floor so is he's gone from from shoot 50%. Down to 42% you might say why that's. That's not ate a huge falloff it's a fall off you can still overcome that. But wait there's more. Of the rebounding the steals a block shots all of those numbers are down and the turnovers have gone up so. Tate comes in a phone right now is not play is always a terrible. Ice is numbers are still pretty good but compared to what the head being when the Celtics were blown the doors off people when they were really blown the doors up he would their winning. Pretty much every time it took the court Tatum was all around play much better basket. It much better best Webby judge given brown. And it's a similar story. With Jalen brown it's not shocking that the Celtics they haven't played well in brown. And Tatum in particular their performance has downgraded. Brown the first. 39 games this year for Brad Stevens. He was shooting 46%. Used it a point two rebounds. You score around fourteen point two in the last. Fourteen years stretch again losing record for the Celtics. And Jalen brown his numbers are down he's not shooting as well. The rebounding totals have gone down yet she has gone up. In a couple the other areas. So he can do the whole causation core relation debate is is Jalen brown. And Jason Toews their performance the reason. Or is it other factors and that there is no correlation here that there's something else. Outside of that it's the cause here that this is a eighteen correct connecting of the dots. With this particular. Period of time which is a blip in the radar for the selfish and the last thing. And we'll take some phone calls and you can be part the number. Before I finish on this this train of thought is 6177797. And 93 said his B Ben valor. Right along with Chris shine my producer too late night here on WEEI the first leg of the Mallard marathon. As I have have dubbed here. Now the last thing the cell optics. We'll figure things out at a star Bobby sees it well your old react is the midway point beat it would be better talk radio. It would be much better talk radio to overreact and say they're done they peaked early I hate that cliche that there was I peaked too soon I'm back and go there. Put the the Celtics Bret Stephens. Will hit the right buttons defense. But ultimately. If you project ahead and look at the calendar we still have a much time left in February at several weeks ago on February. He had got to get through march and and April before the playoffs come around in the playoffs go on for another five months of sorts. The the successful ever success this particular group the Celtics have in the playoffs. It's gonna compounded defense absolutely but also to be Kyra your. Because in big spots in playoff games. That's the jumping off point it's high res shoulders. And as he contributes cut it this not all him making balked gates a lot of its carrier ring making baskets but also. Passing the ball to the open guy as well but everything is gonna go through Kyra you're being in those key spots. In the playoffs. It would also help of Toronto slows down. They've been playing really good. Really good basketball right supporters. And still LeBron James if he starts showing. Advanced. Decay. He is past his prime. He's had a rebirth. The fresh start feeling feeling is is youthful legs you last couple games we've always trades the cavaliers have made. Now it's so Chevy built in fault. In all of this. The fact that they played all year with out Gordon Hayward. Who was supposed to be. They here in the Dick Kyra you're Irving. And that's a pretty weak fought like gaggle with the basketball all. Mean stream media guys like joy that's completely acceptable Gordon Hayward he was there during training camp which last week. And then he was there for the opener that he heard himself at all. I'm not Barnett is the Celtics are good enough even without Gordon Hayward. When I look at the eastern governor elect her to win the championship. Outside of a bunch of players for Golden State. Imploding. And running into each other and missing the rest of the season. What if you look at Easter converts the Celtics even without Gordon Hayward. Are good enough to win the east. Talented enough even other shortcomings are on offense their defense is good enough where they can win. When these and you look at the patriots they played all year without Julian Edelman. Tom Brady's safety blanket right alongside Rob Gronkowski. Player that. Brady would turn to in times of need. Julian Edelman. And he didn't play down the regular season the patriots still won thirteen games. They won the AFC they got to the Super Bowl and day in the did the thing you're not supposed to do. Which was not plenty defects. Which had nothing to do with the office is the office was marvelous the opposite is absolutely brilliant. In the Super Bowl I will we'll take your phone calls against 6177797. 937. There's a new name that has popped up there's a couple of new names tonight it's popped up as possibilities. For the patriots. In the offseason we'll get to that but Tyler is over in Rhode Island and he wants to talk. On WEEI tonight was going on Tyler. Ray ban on you don't. All right so docile. Now that I just wanted to remind you how score will he's doing it all sports you know army where you can clear marking that like you that the sport does record and yet yeah. And we're complaining that they're you know they're out playing up arledge. It's an 82 game you see him like you said I mean there's going to be long and there's ever part of lawlessness. Or also are great group. Come back quite a better than we are. Odd is that we're spoiled your liberty or post the upper Gordon Hayward got hurt how many I know Charles Barkley wrote assault. They're not to do better than to shove and Charles Barkley cities. Bullying goes down as a fair point Tyler put that's like the stuff you look at the end of the year like during the season. You don't look at and say well I the Celtics are over achieving effective in the fourth best record. The U wanna try to you wanna see them get back to the way they were playing early in the year because it has been. The last fourteen games it's just they got back from Europe they have not been playing good they've been sloppy. Yeah and I think some of those injuries like you said play doctor and and and like you said the fall guy Gordon Hayward that the peacock or not then there's still a source we'll do it there a lot of ups and everybody. Our record is what you. We got a good team. See image it say Tyler see the problem is I'm doing talk radio you're being level headed. You're being rapidly that's not what works you're you're you're in the wrong department Tyler you're not supposed to look at these things level head that's a bad job. Yeah and I topic that I mean the Bruins are Roland I know it's grown and are a lot about that roots are excited about. Yeah I did it to see your focus on the browser up where the Celtics and have a bad fourteen games stretching just. You focus on the bro. Ides of beta Mallard and you were doing some fun. Don't be level head and no room for level. It just kills talk. It chills and I haven't brought it not gone down in the any highway here that I'm not supposed to but I don't think. There are some highways there was some some offering executive. We have taken that would have potentially gotten some back. I've I've avoided most of those. Ever important most of that gobble get to finish his a couple of names year. That popped up now one of them we've kicked around the last hour sober if you just turn on the radio. The show starts when you turn on the radio and news out of New York that the jets are expected to part ways with Mohamed will proceed in. And that he is going to be available. Sure win it could happen soon or that that dreaded me June or early June date. When a bunch of veteran players end up getting released there's another possibility though. For the page is an offensive player. Who has been one of the better players at his position or less of his we'll get to that. And you'll keep the train you know Roland down the tracks as we continue late night under the guy. It is all about the speculation. Game as they see this time of year the calm before the storm of activity. In the NFL. And people try to figure out who's going to go where and when you talk about the patriots in particular. There is some dot connecting it's taking place a need that's popped up here. And it's starting to make its way around is a tie game and by the name what Jimmy Graham. Jimmy Greta the these state run NFL network. They tossed out the possibility. Of Jimmy Graham who's in the impending free agent. Who's now likely leave Seattle was little chance these days in Seattle and the connecting of the dots the Jimmy Graham going to the patriots and this makes a whole lot of say it's by it's a whole it's it's on several levels number one the fact that. Dwayne Allen who is the other. Tiger and or was the other tied in all alongside Rob Gronkowski. Who saved that did not work. To say that did not work would be a gigantic. Understatement right it is it was not a good situation. Allen's contributions. Was very little. And the fact is the pages are most likely going to move on. From Allen and you know for a fact that during the season. The pages were trying to find a no other option tied into play alongside. Rob Gronkowski. They brought Martellus Bennett in off the scrappy. From Green Bay he's likely going to nine playful boy it was a retire. From the NFL so he retires. That'll save some money for the patriots and then also if Dwayne Allen is like goes a little bit of money in play there. It works out where assuming. There's not a gigantic bidding war. For the services of Jimmy Graham. There's a half for him to come to the patriots. And I don't want anyone could say they don't wanna have me into it because you have him on the other side with while Rob Gronkowski. Unless you think that gronkowski is actually going to retire. Even if that's the case either of you think drug task is to go off the Hollywood. And make horrific we bad movies and that's that's the end game for Rob Gronkowski and if you're that guy. That thinks this is legitimate and not just. A leverage play. Then you you caught yourself in that regard even if gronkowski leaves you can bring in. Jimmy Graham and he can be the new pass catching tight it. In the if you look at the offense. And in where they're good they're gonna add another skill player on the Patriots offense is most likely going to be. At the tide in position I you'd you'd think because and let's branding cooks using one and done. Which doesn't seem like that's a likely possibility he'll be back again next year. Then you look can still bring in another tight and the party try to fill that void. They know they heavy weakness there behind Rob Gronkowski. Now the only negative. The only negative. Would be the fact that Jimmy Graham I think he's is he's 31 years old. And ever since you left New Orleans. I was playing with Drew Brees when he went to Seattle. If not exactly lighting the world on fire he set some good moments of but they've been far and few between. And based on the estimate on how much money he's gonna get that that I ever worry about money is I don't run salary cap I'm not a being counter. But the estimate is that Jimmy Graham. If the pacers wanted to make it off from a two year contract they could pay him in the neighborhood of around. 78 million dollars a year something along those lines. And and they can bring it. And it gives you an in another option that you desperately need it also covers you. And takes away any kind of leverage. Rob Gronkowski would have. Assuming that he is actually legitimately thinking about going Hollywood in making bad movies. So that that's that's out there and he got hit it is soon elements gonna back you look at that chewing it and we'll come back. Reigning cooks Chris holed in at the receiver position and see your cupboard bare. You're covered there and then you gotta fill that other tied it yet but somebody alongside. Alongside Rob Gronkowski. They can actually catch something other than. A penalty a loss of one. Are your thoughts on all of that the number 6177797937. The problem is there's no downside. I is Noelle and other. I I disagree does and he clearly the patriots have to fill. Several areas on defense they've got to find some impact guys on the defensive front. What you can do more than one thing is is multitasking. Multitasking. Is. A legitimate. Option I mean you can you get a couple guys on defense and amazingly. You can get a got office like Jimmy Graham art to the phones we goal. And Ron it and over is up next year's late night on WG I was going on Ron what you are meant about we want complain about here. Still seem to have both that's the role. I can't believe. That Belichick leftist best defensive. On on the sidelines for the whole game. I mean they'll combo when he's in there he gives a 100%. People when he gets beat it's usually by inches. And then I can't believe their craft didn't call them there until they get him in there. You know I just can't. Mobile rocket rod don't you think it is more of the story that we don't know about it. Got to think this something that bella. And let's Belichick's in the eightieth Indy beat he became stupid overnight but he's got to be something that we have no idea. What it is and and Belichick's covering for. It's going to be something. This until severity should have been and they came. Is this the only way Iran it was it was a murder whatever it was you kidding me. Colorado seriously ilbo a chance. So I MB mysterious he shouldn't in the game but I've heard some of the holes on the guys say that some of these sects trucks that play professional ball. That they think that the purpose that they would win the Super Bowl if you played. Debbie you don't know how he would play and that is so that you withdrew his soon to say how it turned out. Yet there's chances would have been much better if welcome Butler had played. In the suitable. I really. Defensive genius Bill Belichick. They got torched their game. But again Enron. What you believe Belichick had a reason not the player I could good reason. He had in his reason whether it was a good one I don't I don't agree with I. Noticeable Obama. Our allies so there's other than murder thank you. And we'll find out somewhere and find out for years that's one of those stories that rule. Will come out in the book deal. Years from now when bella checked. He's never sign a book deal he's done coaching he's done in the NFL in his. He's in his mid sixties now so let's say yeah or ten years from now. Belichick's in his mid seventies. He starts dropping books. Possible. We have it's not do boats or somebody else who's in the rule with the patriots. Somebody else on the coaching staff. People Null. There are people that know hasn't come out yet. I find it hard to believe that it was some insignificant gain some trivial matter. That's the case yet Belichick deserves to get. Attacked in and ripped apart. As it was something completely minor in frivolous that. Didn't deserve that kind of punishment T. It is a key. Wrap my head around that Bill Belichick after all these years at this particular moment you know brain fart. Consume. I say it's much. More likely that something happened. And Malcolm Butler had been warned not to do some BDD. And bella check is called reform. He's not he's not giving his says search he doesn't do anyway it's not the way Belichick operates. He does things and then he gives me the answers he is and have to go point by point and say well here's what factored into my decision. There head to be more. To this other elements that were in play. With with not. If not have bet that's treaty it's a pretty egregious activity there. From coaching standpoint to to. Money does not start bought as one dollar revisit in and beat a dead horse here. What did not start on one thing even bench him for the first half. Blow when the defense is incapable of stopping the Eagles on third down in fort down. And you're in the second half of the Super Bowl. And it's a team that is he winnable game despite. Everything that is happening and you still. Don't put Malcolm Butler. It's gotta be some circumstances that we don't know I didn't this. That must be. Arts the bent out there show. Of late night here on WEE guys we hang value it's late night phone weeknight activities they say. And though we will kick it around takes a more phone calls if you would like to be part. The number here on the VI 617. 7797. 937. Now here's a riddle with CV you figure this out. What do Robert Kraft. The Y eve of the NFL commissioner. And ate pizza CEO. Having come. I yet. Robert Kraft the patriots owner. The wife of the NFL commissioner. And a seat all of a pizza company what do they have in common. I'll tell you get to that we'll do it next. A spell that riddle here what do patriots owner Robert Kraft the wife of the NFL commissioner. And ate pizza CEO all all have in common. The I've been commandeered. The the answer. This is. This is great all of these people. Are on a list that. Will be interviewed by the attorneys. 41. Colin. Capp predict. They will all be giving. Depositions. In the litigation between Colin cabernet in the NFL the former NFL quarterback. Is trying to get some money. Out Little League office. And in these snooping around getting as many. Pieces of information using get on the NFL but according to Yahoo! Sports. The list of names that has been requested. In the grievance case by one Colin cap predict includes the wife. Oh Roger Goodell she's the one that started the burner count. That member member of that story last year where she was defending Roger Goodell is she headed dummy Twitter account she's like. Kevin Durant. Of the gold assay award she had a dummy account. A she she is going to be interviewed about this all soul the the man behind pop but Jarvis who quit. Was actually forced out in December. Because he said that pizza sales were down because of National Anthem protest. But the list includes three NFL owners. You have not only Bob Kraft from the patriots you've got Bob McNair. From the Texans also Jerry Jones of the cowboys. There's a couple of NFL head coaches that are gonna be interviewed via lawyers John Harbaugh the ravens. Pete Carroll is Seahawks is on this list. Of those that will be interviewed. And it it sounds to me from what I've been hearing here for some others of my guys are on the NFL that the two teams. That are getting the most attention. Are the Baltimore Ravens in the Dallas Cowboys. That tapper Nick's attorneys are snooping around. And they think they can find some. Other rumor I heard last week was they think they already have some. But judging by this information which is out tonight eight. I would say that's likely not the case. Is if they had something in. Well what do they don't bring in the Papa John's mostly have Jerry Jones who doesn't do text messaging because he's got a a football not a Smartphone. I didn't go to Jerry Jones those email. Like he's he's stuck in a different year. But we keep it on the story in good times. Usually stuff the comes out it's not supposed to come out in those. Depositions. That is the NFL offseason. In the year 2010 art thanks to you for being part of the radio show tonight we thank you for that and I'll be spreading romance tomorrow. I'll be here late night on Debbie guy. I'll I'll be your Valentine. It's just we just what you want as your Valentine basic Trish and I am. My producer heavy wonderful night. And whatever you do keep it locked right here on W. Thoughtful. Yeah. Hi guys.