WEEI Late Night - The Patriots were just too good down the stretch 1-21-18

WEEI Late Night
Monday, January 22nd

Hour 1 of WEEI Late Night gets going on a special Sunday edition following the end of the NFC Championship game.  The big story is the Patriots comeback win over the Jaguars in the AFC Championship game 24-20 and Big Ben Maller is taking you through the game.  Maller also takes a look ahead to the Super Bowl as the Patriots are slated to take on the Eagles who cruised by the Vikings 35-7.


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Had it all the way in less. To have it all the way we now know. The the drama is all over the Super Bowl matchup is said. So the hyperbole will cranked up even more welcome in the beginning. Although late night. Football featuring people losing here on WEEI with me bend matters we are in the year everywhere in the patriots. As they are celebrating another AFC championship game you know sometimes you coming into a radio show you're not sure like the way in which what's like the big lead story this is not one of those types. This is not one of those times this is painfully obvious here as it's going to be the patriots. And the Eagles a Super Bowl rematch from years gone by that team. In Jacksonville the that was the Donovan McNabb throw up game the patriot. Eagle suitable back in the day but we'll have plenty of time over the next couple weeks and I have complete confidence. That the five people work here at WEEI will spend. An overwhelming. Amount of time. Getting hyped up for that game but before we look ahead we must look back. And I am assuming you watched her radio is on the B I earlier Tom Brady. A couple of fourth quarter lasers. To Danny Amendola touchdown passes in the patriots. Who. Were getting respiratory help early in the fourth quarter. They were getting respiratory help they come back they rally although it back for the 2420 win. And on to Minneapolis. And it will not be the hometown vikings would be the Eagles and patriots in that suitable. Which will have some ramifications we'll get to. A little bit later let's talk about thirty years and it it was the story of the week. Tom Brady's hated I spent more time just on my radio work here briefly on. EI and in my overnight show at fox is talking about another remains hated. It affected Brady caught his team and you know ended with the reports that were. Were leaking out how bad was it what really happened was it a defensive player that hurt. Tom Brady in him in the were varying reports the latest which I guess is actor who knows walkabout. In one of those books I use some now but Brady. Had a problem with a league yet at the image to ligament and according attache after. Not one not two not three not four keep count twelve statutes. In Tom Brady's throwing hand and he's the person that made contact with Brady it's been reported as Rex Burkhead a helmet. Collision. In the middle week so Rex Burkhead. He's off the hook right now they won the game so he's off the hook. And remember that the story right after Brady got hurt the gamblers jumped all over Jackson or Jacksonville would cover the spread. So those that bet on Jacksonville plus. 71 pitches did not cover with a one to gain him. And it was all because of the engineering degree that Tom Brady has in these fourth quarter comebacks he's game when he rallies. He's up to 54 now the numbers keep piling up up and away eleventh. In the playoffs. And I don't know your position on this I am sure you call up with a lot of calls throughout. The late night period here. Under the guy but when the pages were down by ten. Without Rob Gronkowski. Who got lost relatively early in the game with a head injury. And you're looking around thicken with Jacksonville. In other not an all time great defense but the pretty good on defense. That's that's and not a not shop. Liberal over there on defense and your without gronkowski the only sure thing you have to consistently make place. And sure enough. As it always seems to do in this particular stretch for the patriots Tom Brady again it's the Major League assist. From Damian and dole lit up he also completed that pass play doable and everything. In this say and have he had the punt return. To the Jacksonville thirty yard line that. Set up what turned out to be the game winning. A score and the winning touchdown with 2482. Going against a list that's in all of this now how unexpected. Was this how unexpected was now would take a lot of phone calls this before I gated to my spiel. We will give much about the numbers you wanna be part 617. 7797. And 9376177797. 937 you know also his up on the text line. Which is open for business at 37. 937. And Mike to order which I'll. I'll be I'm I'm getting pepper would ease. These in a ballistic Philadelphia fans put if you would like to chime in their and I can and avoid those people that they are people. I might add and valor. On Twitter. So it's not a simple here this is not this is not that complex and it it it's pretty straightforward. You've seen and watched a lot of this if not all of this Roland. With Tom Brady and Bill Belichick so how. How unexpected was this particular aka down by today in early in the fourth quarter without. Rob Gronkowski I got a pretty high up. There are some kind of historian of the pages no I'm not I'm not put my my thoughts on this you've got. Tight iPods. Russian roulette and an acid wash. You've got those three things out tie them all together and a number one Tom Brady. And he is is minions right that this entirety chewed off its. Delta flights in the way things have been going early on wasn't terrible but the third down conversion work great. Certainly could've been a lot better for the Patriots offense. Agassi a good but not all time great Jacksonville big events this was. The equivalent by football standards of juggling hand grenades. While standing on a tank of gasoline and chewing on knows that you think all the news shows are all talk about iPods just chewing on one of those things. Chizik has and his way. The play book why I realize that this has happened quite a period. Oh over the years but it was touching goal in the Sega now did it help that Blake morals. Com down and played a more Blake portals like second half absolutely. Tip to break it up or as in the have. The huge mall I interception. Fiesta. That he ate it just a week before marching through multiple picks is this disaster did happen. And it was also nice the Jacksonville's defense. Got a little sloppy they get away with it that's one of the backdrop stories that is the officiating in the scheme. What's still withdrawing host. Concussion. And then it was announced he was gonna come back. Even the most optimistic even if you the most optimistic patriot. Observer you had to thing. That it's time to get ready for the NFL draft the offseason drama. Is a buyout to begin. It's the football version of Russian rule way except it seemed like there were some extra bullets in the chambers. At that particular point. And had the opposite happened. At the out of the pages don't convert on a couple of plays than it is a totally different somber. Somber. But we know the outcome the magic happen again in. Tom Brady at age forty throwing those parts. In the fourth quarter and the bitter taste of failure. Instead served up. To the Lundy and slash Jacksonville jags in the patriots any celebratory mood. In the locker room and Danny Amendola who's. Not eight not so secret weapons been around a long time rom with grind house yet you've got to figure. That brain and quotes. Am gaining in middle of those guys were going to be the focal point. Even just a plea Madden football. Basic Madden football watching this you'd assume. That that was going to be the case that the assumption would be I think it's fair assumption. You gotta think the Jacksonville also. This completely aware it was gonna happen. And yet even with that. Both of them put up big performances in the aim and goal in particular. Rising to the occasion here with those seven Texas we are completed one. For twenty yards a punt return we talked about it he saw. And he's. Average somewhere if they have a stat for everything. It's a statistical overload. In the NFL last Kadima goal of the fourth player. The kitsch to fourth quarter touchdown passes in the conference title game. It doesn't happen. All that often but aim and goal adding his name to a list a second artists. And that we will get your phone calls here very sure. At 6177797937. Pat the page trees law. It would have been open season on several guys as they like. If this it on the opposite Brady doesn't work his magic with Ayman dole who would have been the goat. In the wrong way in this game and you would look at reigning cooks who had a gigantic drop that look like it was not a touchdown we're certainly being. Inside it would have been in the twenty yard line. Of Jacksonville and most likely down within the ten yard line on what looked like a clear path to the end zone for bringing coats and just dropped. And then it also call out. The defense. War in the first half late portals. Like a real NFL quarterback this same guy that had 78 yards passing against the Buffalo Bills defense he had more rushing yards. They're passing yards in that wild card game couple weeks ago. And portals was slicing up. The Patriots defense in the first half. I thought he opposed to somebody else the way that he was point. I hope you folks say it but instead all that gates acid washed away all of it gets away that we we push it back in the wonderful role. Oh victory which as we pointed out many times he's the the most perfect body spray it overcomes all the bad stuff that happens all the terrible stuff that happened. Whitney four point wing and it even at the end there when the Jacksonville had the ball back. With 248. Laugh now the key is they needed to Pakistan. And if field goal. And doesn't really galleries still down by a points but he had to 48 left at a point two timeouts to go and the page's defense. Then holding all records it was at 29 yard pass play portals. To woods Westbrook the great DD Westbrook like never. But that moved the ball down. To visit to the 38 yard line and then it was still fun kill. Who had I remembered dual social earlier in the year and he was just get roasted char broil for for not being able to assimilate. With the patriots in and that he was not getting the job done it's I got the job done is play. Knock it down brilliantly. And on that fourth down pass. Which was a perfect pass what else didn't show the moment wasn't too big formed the pass was any perfect spot. And it took a leap like Gilmore and knock it down but that wrapped it up insult. Now it is on to Minneapolis. In the beef rose in cat walks of the Twin Cities were a potentially six Super Bowl title. And what would be the third in the last war years. For the page trees there is no such thing as moment I don't believe in momentum I'm I'm fighting the moment to movement in sports. With the confidence of the patriots. Who have now won thirteen. Of their last fourteen. And down by pain. On that Lambeau Field goal attempt. Which was cool it. We've when I was eight seconds in the fourth quarter when Josh Lambeau connected on the fuel. At that particular moment. And in some pages and it has its sauls in kick in until the fourth. I could even go in the fourth quarter things were trending up for the patriots but there was still there still let angst. Of having to get there avenue get there and Blake morals again otherworldly first and a quarterback rating 131. Kid to school incomplete passes in the first half. And you're gonna face a quarterback. In the suitable in nick fools. Who is Blake portals like which means he's not do it I realized that that make fools lit up the Minnesota Vikings defense. In the NFC championship game with just. Wrapped up you before we came on the air. On the BI tonight puts you you have to light your chances. Certainly that match having all these matches whoever won the NFC championship game. But if you look at the first test the split between the first. In the second half in the first tab late portals was otherworldly was out of his body was he looked like he legit NFL quarterback in the second half. That was the guy minus the interceptions do you have any interceptions but you expected portals to play more like in the second half. The entire game. I get a quarterback rating after halftime of 69. Point one completed less than half of his passes. In Tom Brady in the second half his quarterback rating was over a 120. No turnovers and a couple. A couple of touchdown passes. For Tom Brady. In that second half of the game winner. The air with Coleman's legal in the game are take a phone call 6177797937. If you would like to be part. Let's start out let's see here let's go to Mike who's in their main and he ends baton leadoff fear. The I was going up mice. Fair article and welcome to. Are I think are two of the most important plays where or when Brady had their conference to throw the ball down field. Twice in the game I think and that got those two cup Richard Cox. Well there's no question the officials definitely that the calls. Help the patriots a ton of his game they were penalties to a solid they weren't penalties but the you're right. Better throughput or you're early look at one. Our thanks and. For a little more commentary. I six point 777979837. A lot of sound I know that we rule we working in from. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and some of the other key participants. And question that I. And I was those figure out how the patriots in this last essentially twenty years for the better part of twenty years with Belichick. And Brady. The the big comebacks years the the surprising when not to say we Compaq's. I sit ninth and the comers just. That the surprising. Victories. And where this one race this one. Is not going to be remembered like as an all time. Back it is not in the top. Top 3%. I mean first of all you gotta go with the the Super Bowl last year that nothing's gonna top that against Atlanta. We come back against the falcons. That is a number one. King of the Hill. And then for just shock value you gotta go way back to that win against the greatest show on turf the rams. As number two. And. I'm a little assume there's several other games in that idea. That I'm for getting somewhere along the way you're that this miss a big comeback against Jacksonville would know Barack of atom has been gone all year and all that top defense. Is this number three on the list is tip number. You downton it's Jackson the day it's Jackson is no aura around Jackson. Not all or object to our let's go to who. A who's in Connecticut he's next on WBI with me than matters the patriots on their way to the Super Bowl again what's. And on Derrick. A Bennett we don't feel that was. Hey I'd wanna talk about kind of agreement grander scheme here for I mean first up unbelievable game today but. You know these things that aren't supposed to happen ready talk about the adversity rock and you know obviously not have an adamant hightower still. Even going way back to like not having gotten you leave work out in front Indian problem all your bargain. And here we are and I just think we're gonna. You know we're gonna come back next year probably jogger roster wise suits is that it's a real treat it you'll watch this but I get weren't born with it is. You know outlook that this is being Brady's 27 playoff victory at bank. And you know you can you can get some statistic it's kind of mind boggling that what I thought particularly. Again shocking was. You know if you give him three more for his career which. You have been elected head back trying to albeit on that and Belichick didn't wanna look ahead but I well. That kittens thirty which would actually give them as many playoff wins as Joseph Montana and and that China where he had combined in their careers which. Yeah that deducted distinct possibility at least think that that's that has only really need to know there are kind of start thinking about. Not even Brady or Elway are pretty first I can't the Brady burst like. Michael Jordan and those guys and you know the key here like it did Baylor are you talking about that so an and I bet that at all. I got to IR thanks to get a lot of this in the it is also a paralysis. And apart browse by analysis in recent look at all of the numbers. And dissecting all of them that the if you if you wanna look for the I call this like Tom Brady poured. If you wanna look at the Tom Brady porn I believe it was the tricking Callahan a Twitter account between this out. That Tom Brady with this mean he's now eighteen games over 500. In the playoffs. Joseph Montana is who reader. In his entire career with 49ers sixteen playoff wins Tom Brady's that. That plus two over 500. That close to over 500. In the India playoffs to numbers are still going to fall Dwyane in south sea is next. As it's late night here on WD I would ban out. You are. They go where you call that way you call it coming back to religion weighing you call me. So quick 80. I know I do I know how old cop I'd actual leg got a good. College tour emotional war almost all the best. Following their careful way beat they'll fall away. Think that that's okay. One big palladium upload squad is the most dominant quarterback outlaw. Took place in the world quite a bad luck he scored. The current time we went down we were downed Seattle Kenny came back we're definitely gonna like when he like came back and we are government gained like ten when he came back. Yeah I mean you can't stop a guy get an appeal adamant dodge in nineteen portal anger. You know it's a little Britney got a ball 48 total. You know. I know they came up again at about punch we are glad we won in the locker room coach Kennedy Jacqueline. What we came out it was what we shut them down. You knowing though it is not supposed to happen. Happened this was forty years old displaced most aged forty when you're in the NFL's not supposed to decline. I'm 46 I look like don't want any bad. Yeah if you play in the NFL you wanna go luckily left tackle they are an Aurora community. I don't agree and you should have been drafted like the seventh round assuming. A member lamp Limbaugh right unfortunately in my canceled or letting go to college I gave them a green guy when the Marine Corps. I am well listen that you gotta be you gotta be tough to be in there too much stuff for the playing in the NFL notes that's. Well I don't know I don't know I don't understand my where the guy grade I can't say enough about him he's incredible. Egypt had. I can and Maine he doesn't sweat you know I mean you can read out one he doesn't care international that he gets that ball game he's gonna score you know I mean look at the meat is is is it. And I go black and like let's go one on Mano a sexual act and act again. Is it could blessing from god I have to agree yeah I mean trips to win change when it too crazy band. Yeah I saw it was that way I know you get pages he'll win the Super Bowl against the Eagles you get a ticket like general 3430. F five through it. I got conventional I didn't Camille low scoring game but I think Brady's gonna put our belief for touchdowns 2428. Psychiatry like 28 they're seventeen or something. I'll listen lane that you bought there he goes he's very excited. They're excited here. The patriots win how at this not at the over under we talk to us given the over runner how many times are gonna show Tom Coughlin. In the. Press box it. Ice I remember too did it did he show any more than two I remember two shots I believe that history was it three I believe the actual number was my bureau might be in my B two are positive news are Chris I remember to end and it looked like he was just drinking coffee in the press box he's taken a lot of notes that and I noticed that it and a lot of notes. Yeah and what is the public computer. You told school for computer world school yet that yet today I did the cut off. But you'll. Arnold guys in their sixties and seventies use computers like coffins like now I get a pad of paper and you you dope senior stupid computers your Wi-Fi and all that Mona. I was impressed that was a very good coffee in note taking by Tom Coughlin. And it's amazing that the patriots were able to win that game considering. That Coughlin was in the built extremely intimidating you talk about. Having everything go against you I mean caught. And I heard all week all everyone told me Chris you back mile everyone told me. That Tom Coughlin owns the patriots and Bill Belichick is I believe the word being around that boogie man. Yeah the book email head and the boogie man was in the bill. He was right there are a BJ exit what kind of coffee drinks like it was a rat right in spite your face. The boogie man and that he walked out meekly. Area. A loser I'm. He gets it exactly exactly. A higher will keep ago close to your reply what is it Europe early reaction here your first chance we've been to to the NFC championship game tonight Eagles. Win big a lot of garb buys time in that game the vikings scored the first touchdown and Eagles. Frank did on all up and she lost Molly while opt the Minnesota Vikings the rest of the way so Philadelphia. Without their starting quarterback going to these Super Bowl lead back up make fools had and he is all out of body experience. In acting but it's the patriots in the eagles'. In super mobile 52 that matchup now say after the events. Earlier today 6177797. 937. If you elected B hard and he in the the the quarterback difference. In this matchup these. Not this symbols its own animal. And you're gonna hear two weeks ago in nick folds is God's gift to the quarterback position. And especially. After what happened. In this NFC championship gambit but looking back at the Jacksonville. New England game that the matchup between Blake morals and Tom Brady going into. It was not Tom Brady. All Ferrari Amato Roddy and and then Blake portals would be like the the Chevy spark. Or you just any kind of jalopy you wanna pick out putting the first as we pointed out it was not that was not the case. In the first half of the scheme portals was was read it to this league. Scare early. Again it looked like he was back in college. I'm assuming you play like that not that I watched him play in college. But it was. It was very impressed very impressive and sold that's gonna be the selling point when people try to hype up the Philadelphia Eagles. The selling points to beat. Will look what Blake portals in the first tab against the Patriots defense nick pulls into the same thing except unlike portals children that the entire. I'm terribly Acela heck yeah. Because they don't have much else. At Philadelphia's a good defensive team a physical team and all that that. That's selling point is going to be that nick pulls you combine which he did against the vikings and then. You look at what two pages to the first pat. Against Blake portals. And you combine those two things. And then you've got or your story lines for the Super Bowl let's go to who she game who's in Connecticut and he is nexus WT guy. Late night here with me Ben malice or not. Our mom didn't gentlemen are mobbing him and RA broke brawl on a pool hall lobby wall number twelve won't quote it is. Grabbed it when he showed it to six miles an all over the negative on the highway and medical Obama limited both normal and important work. And it broke. I went home. Don't what are you doing your voice. Woody woody don't with the boys she went Allegiant what was an impersonation you doing here. No bottom partners and importantly. Know that this is just the nationals are going to want a group. Where are you saw enough from Connecticut. I'll note the note dropped from Oakland California originally all the army cook for quite some time. That's this elegant Oakland. Teams and why are Marco. No I'm just I this is an interesting I haven't highlight all I have is Boise Schumer on the radio and I'm just. I have I grant moon for about one court that's a hard time with odd moment so maybe it did pick up our bonds yeah. It everywhere out Coke. I know analyzes I just wanted to have you doing you know like a prank call I just wanted to I don't know remodeled all our car. You're you're totally legit change and you're on the up and up yet. You are not doing good actually got gobbled paper about it I haven't. All but now finally home and took a walk in the game and watching golf on its new. I profile bomb capable at Wimbledon is that it added that. I've got out of government embedded into the open market I don't global. Everything I won't walk the walk won't. We'll sit I would I think you'd agree that bad decisions are best made it home that this has abated moment and then you know you can't end up getting arrested and all that well you could but you really have to do some really heat is on. Go out of my way to prevalent. The value here at home just to have an a couple of pops or whatever you know whatever you're smoking whatever you're doing that. It's hard to get that pushed drop and. Not smoking and it being. Anybody you I go about it well I would just also happy and others want to number what are you supporting what post people caught in Bret. Are you. One important. Corn four point. But blanket Babylon it is but does he cited Togo West Coast to coast. Will be part of all of them and nibbled around the world and I'd love them but we are. I love you I just wanted to be deployed across all want to keep talking about Britain broke. Auburn. Public Albright and I would probably marked with a lot of talk I reported it didn't. Won't call it the fault of the public a lot of a lot a lot of the they're pretty upset about. They're not going to be important not uncommon Ford brought out a group rubber ball well. Our origin now I love you to listen. And the more you drink the more you're gonna love us. And one consist. I have learned over many years many years of late night rate. An overnight rate the more UN bide the better the show's. Better my work sounds the more. Alcohol that is consumed. That is you know wonderful. Glorious thing. Eighties RS did not so good I sound like an Oakland acts that the nets on the subject and but a 6177797. 9037. If you would like to report also. On Twitter and you can reach meet there and that is at. And Mallard. That's at van malware. And you can be part of the the festivities here the people Chiming in on what has happened championship Sunday in the NFL. And the patriots and Eagles will meet in super wolf 52. And some people sending me messages here because she even sharp. Talked about momentum. And just because Shannon Sharpe said that momentum happened. I still I again that's just blows were used just a small buzzword used. By many people in these sports lexicon but I choose not to use. I do not you can use it all go I don't use. It's it's something used to apply. To an event that you cannot explain. It's confidence. Changing yeah I go with confidence but even that I mean it's just. You know he to explain why one team plays poorly if you want to say hey. At halftime if you wanna use momentum by joining use more of the AFC championship game the patriots. It's certainly did not have that. Jacksonville. Was extorting their will they were winning the line of scrimmage battle. The the offensive and defensive line of Jacksonville played really well. In the first half sold by that standard. You would say that the patriots should not have been able to come back in the second half because. Hey Jacksonville had all the momentum and everything gold wobbly portals. And a quarterback rating 130 of the first. Tom Brady was okay but you wouldn't rate you would've said everything is lined up perfectly. For Jacksonville to win this game. So again what did you more phone calls on this line him up 6177797. And 937. If you would like to be part. And what does Vegas say what are the bookmakers say about super blow 52 just read on at the latest the opening line it. On what is a patriot eagles' Super Bowl and where is the early money going. We will get to that and we will do it next. Did you ever feel anymore. Internal pressure maybe to step up when someone like Rob Gronkowski comes out of the game it's. Mean. I don't feel any added pressure though I. Every every play him. Competing my tail off to try to try to win the route when the block. Or whatever my job is that play in. You know whoever's in the game whoever's fighting beside me I know. A lot of trust and faith in them whether it's broker cookie or hoagie or some or. You know whoever it is I know I know we have a lot of trust in this room and that's it it's. We'll trust is great but make him play is much better and I clearly am and go ahead and had to step it off me. Secret weapon or analysts say but the patriots were up against it would Rob Gronkowski. Leaving the game with the concussion. Protocol it's been Mallon we continue late night here on WEI. You know the story you're gets reaction from you is the patriots. And won the AFC championship game and on the Minneapolis. Or the Super Bowl what is the opening line it's the patriots and the Eagles. In suitable 52 to the oddsmakers. Like normally set the opening line. And in the gambling public changes the line to a comedy which side they're on the opening a lot the consensus the opening line. In Vegas. The patriots opened up. A six point 36 point favored over Philadelphia. Currently. At some of the shops in Vegas at the MGM grand it is five and half the patriots they were by five and a half. At the William Hill sports book which is all over the state of Nevada it's in five point lie in favor. Of the patriots but it is still six in some places so it's anywhere from six to the five points and there there has been though I've no information how much more he's human and on each side is of interest and the NFC championship game ending brief time goal. But that is the story there on the points for its of the patriots either. 65 and a half or five. To start out with a couple weeks ago before. The Super Bowl match up in Minneapolis which if your tickets copper if you're the secondary ticket not a market and they took they took a hit. They took a hit because of the vikings invading and that would have been a wonderful deal for those trying to sell a couple of extra tickets on the side. You still gonna do pretty well it's Super Bowl put it's not going to be. Is back abuse say in the prices have gone down. Slightly. Let's see who's next let's go to all my buddy the flamboyant chef. I gotta find out his perspective on his he's burning up to get on WEEI hello flamboyant Jeff. My number and I don't think this Chevy you like yourself on flyers here. Pretty slow a little slight apprehension over Turkey be done here in new York and micro trying to take a rocket that doubtless yeah god. Our college again and. You gonna bring you abrasive or not and I don't in my yep get a large enlighten me on fired as chef flamboyant ship fear. Let me let me get to the bottom his flamboyant ship you might you might see this correctly I am a distant relative of Nostradamus. Do you believe the patriots are in trouble in my correct web points yet. Homicides he got psychic ability I'm like this plea deal. But I clearly my head not my. They're for real. Other for real but isn't this the the patriots are for real also. Add a minute. I got which actually ability to Montreal. Blunt force trauma. Cabinets and over that's it that's an overreaction flamboyant she's trying to. Well you got out of markets and 45 to twelve. Sly and record I'm gonna record. So she flamboyant chip you've let yourself on fire 12 when he tied 45 to. Twelve the digital lose the super ball. Tomorrow night and you look machine not only what you are but I did well. Let's listen to this. Let me Tyson right if that did not I get to the major twins who was nice stone cold. They shall open with the game it's pretty close to that and the only way to go lose the game it would be a closely I don't see this scenario. Where the patriots get blown out. In this theater here legacy I'm Mike you like it should not Saddam to chip. Again where a guy you had to get a second Q&A on. Maybe you regard Ahmad Madonna. And each you love me at some point here slimmed has I don't know how but I want to get a ticket that you pick and writes I thank you. 45 it's well. You're my doubt the flamboyant showbiz you know he's he calls the VI quite. But if you'd never heard his act before. Just go to YouTube and and I did I spent. A big 1 morning. After the show. Expertly. Couple hours watching YouTube clips. Of him out cooking Chinese food and lighting himself on fire. So it's good. To at all to. It was but hey seize on TV he would do this thing. That's why he's a the world famous flamboyant chef. Yes are so what's the deal would Rob Gronkowski. Like that's gonna be one of the story lines gets a lot at play here in the next week. Lost two weeks actually before. Before the Super Bowl is wrong going to play. Is not gonna play down you have that extra week off which certainly would help. The possibility of Gradkowski play in the early reports from those in the know that we're getting here that the word tossed around. Is the old word. Per gronkowski that there is. Optimism. Background cows he will be cleared from the concussion protocol. And you'll be able play. In the super ball. I would think that there is where 90% chance probably over 90% chance the gronkowski can play. In the Super Bowl that bill take it easy within a practice and likely won't be on the field very much this week if at all this week and then. They'll go to Minneapolis next week in the early part of the week. And and at that point he'll. He'll be OK but the other thing too about the patriots we know how this works even if crock is totally okay they're gonna melted. I'm just like the milk Tom Brady's hand and they're gonna stretch it out as long as they came. Us go to Trevor. Who is next it's late night on WEE guy with meat may matter hang out what's going on Trevor what's going on it. Or what's going on there and tell you what's. And there are definitely something going on machines that act that vital I don't know articles sessions but. I just I toward say I what it would all of like his mental toughness and Mike is consistent speed so like yeah require people felt that they would eat. And in my. Like what are what are they gonna just realized that you can't doubt the guy on stand like it is it's it's incredible. Public tribalism it's common sense if your quarterbacks haven where he throws the football is actually hurt or. Something that I. I understand the reaction now I also had a sneaking suspicion that the patriots were just totally milking this and it. It helped him Brady got out of track yet he got out have a talking media for a couple of days pushed that back you only had a talk to many on Friday that was it. In his appearance here on WEEI. The damage he could he could hold the football right that would have been a big deal but clearly that was not the case was fine. Yeah I did I didn't think it. People get a little too fascinated with emanate they start doubting and when he has consistently recruit every one around at all. Well he has done that as heated debate that treasuries there's seemingly no. No end in sight but you gotta think it is gonna happen the next couple years and he's he's going to be playing like this and he's 43 year 44. Early you eat you might wanna get a backup plan they don't have a backup plan is. Drop blows. Yeah he's moved on. Archer. That opens in lie and up for you if you would like to be part in just getting the pulse of the people and you would be part of it. You were part of the peep. And I think we know what the polls is but. Chime in if you add on to this. And tell us what you think these are different these other people 617. 779793. He said in as the patriots comeback. In the fourth quarter and yet pat Jacksonville and now take on the Philadelphia. Eagles nick folds vs. Brady the match of hey we Garrett what it is where that eagle uniformed alligator blood. Who had a touchdown. In the get what had touchdowns. For the Philadelphia Eagles in that particular game as they. Beat up the helpless. Minnesota bites after that first touched when Minnesota's had some. Read it was sleep terrible. Performances in the NFC championship game in the franchise's history that the one Kerry Collins have like five touchdowns a million years ago gave with the giants. Against the vikings. This was. While we figure we somewhat close didn't think the Eagles would blow the doors off the vikings the way they did that got away from Minnesota. In any large. Large way for sure aren't tied up but who am I give them right back to your phone calls and go get your reaction to the patriots go back to the Super Bowl yet again. And day in and your concern we heard from the flamboyant Jeff who said he had a premonition. Probably all cooking some Alfredo sauce that the patriots go lose to Philadelphia Eagles he's selling doom and gloom. The flamboyant shaft. I hears a who in my game now braving cooks who picked up eight big pass interference penalty. Against Jacksonville's defense that helped the patriots out. In this particular game Breivik coax was for earth at picking up defensive pass interference penalties. This season forceful yardage gained. With the patriots. Idol lay the NFL in this category again branding coach the patriots who was for it. In defensive pass interference penalty yards gained. This season during the regular season I laid the NFL in this category who am I. The answer and more your phone calls and we will get to that will do next. And get back to your. Phone calls here in Ramallah first. You who MI game or pretend to be somebody else you've been out pretending to be somebody else is the pages are going on of the suitable against the Philadelphia Eagles. Brandon cooks who drew would PD pass interference penalty. Against Jacksonville it's certainly help things out. For the patriots in their comeback Britney cooks he was fourth in the NFL. In defensive pass interference yards a game penalties drawn this season. Idol aid the NFL in that category cool and I that is the question. What he's the answers and looking here. Not. Image close as we had mega Tron who hasn't played in. At least a couple of years now believed there was one year he's been. Al tomb was guess that would have been a great Essen like 1987 I be correct answer. From the Detroit Lions. Marvin Jones. Is the answer Mark Jones led the NFL as you do seven. Defensive pass interference penalties. That picked up a 159 yards for the alliance Antonio brown and the Andre Hopkins were next with the yardage total and then braving cooks. Coming in fourth. On that list branding cook's fourth and that was behind. The outer Hopkins Antonio brown and Marvin Jones and that will be one of the stories. That kits talked about a lot those talking head shows the that the debate shows on TV. Will be kicking around. The officiating I'll be ranting about that coming up in the Tillman is because there is a agree conspiracy theory Internet driven conspiracy theory about the officiating I'll give you more on that coming up. In a little bit of back the forms we go as the patriots on their way to Minneapolis not this week the following week pursue global 52. And Josh in Bridgewater. Is next on WEEI let's go to our Josh. They are and so you're posed the question earlier about what streaker come back digit victory and I want to kind of that's where and that I think I agree with you himself in immigration once here under par three I know they're a lot. Argued he talks people I guess if you like you'll argue. But I want emotional in the what you're playoff game I'm against the Broncos you are down. Point forward nothing again seemingly. Unstoppable. Many Broncos who put up 55 touchdowns. That year upward to put out in the Reagan the first game of the year. It seemed like that your remember if you got behind began then there was no way you can't. Directory gain partner what better I stayed up I would like. It will come up there in the middle of the night what did note he won't leave. Like I remember that one do the in my mind. They slap you around just we welcome obviously we don't have tennis sleep here. Yeah I it is gay another pretty that is what they yeah yeah. Easy to media and I don't get in history to be here but if you were to do that kind of debate you have to look at it in the prism of a non super mobile. As the Super Bowls even trump. A championship game the AFC's every time. And it even on like that rim patriot the the greatest show on turf that was just unexpected is that everyone had just. Written off the patriots and it was just a coronation of the rams. Dismantling the patriots and assume also that the foot fourteen point underdog whoever was back in today so the syllables different putting non suitable setup. I this isn't the greatest but it's got to it's gotta be high up on the listed down 104 quarter without Barack. And the fact that Jacksonville. Had this if you believe the media this ungodly defense has this holy defects. I think Josh appreciate. You give us a call you want to number 6177797. Nine the 37. You can be part of the festivities the Philadelphia was the pitcher to play in Sioux global 52 they have not been to the suitable and thirteen. Years the last time they were there you know they played. In this duel they they've won the NFC east this year for the first time in four years. They tied for the most wings in their franchise's history at thirteen regular season wins. And they had won a playoff game in Philadelphia playoffs. This eagle team hadn't won a playoff game as franchise. In nine years before now they picked up two playoff wins. And they've done it against the falcons in the Minnesota Vikings in with Mick foale's. Who's going to be hyped up he was due here. Over the next painful of of days in the lead up you'd you'll be convinced. That Naples is God's gift to the quarterback is if any played very well. You could very well in this in the Eagles and especially on third down. Were great. Those you know against the Minnesota Vikings who have been wonderful. On third down defense however if nick bulls was made available did you get an of the year his contract. But that doesn't mean these contracts are guaranteed. In the NFL if after the Super Bowl if in the polls is made avail. And these 31 other NFL teams. Have a chance to bring in a full. And I realize and saying it's just a couple hours after that fools sliced up the Minnesota Vikings defense. Do you think that he would get a starting job anywhere else in the NFL I say absolutely die. And I'll tell you. Because he's gone away from Philadelphia before. And he was hero. With two different franchises. In the the old St. Louis Rams. And the Kansas City you know I know people can change I realize that you can get better right the could bill Belichick's time in Cleveland. What are the block cool that was with the browns even of the browns were terrible I so we compared to how they are now the browser much better. Witten nick pulls. Would not get a starting job and even is messed up some of these branches are you the jets. Ward debacle. The Cleveland Browns. Come among his several other teams that need quarterback lawful. Looking at quarterback and I'm telling nick fools would not get a starting job in the NFL remember that. When you hear the height cranked up about fools over the next couple of couple of days and as I said this couple weeks in the lead up. To the super glide back to the phones are weak goal and CEOs go to Mike. If Chelsea who's next up here on WEI what's going on Mike. It would score on board which. They looked in front where these people and it fools absolutely expert he gets a backup quarterback. But I Warren if it's up preempt let so it. I mean c'mon that's up about one. Listen to collection goal I was watching and Willie McGinest. Peek hole big scheme. She who's in the cherry pick in the work order and looked at stake in the back corner and went in the game. I sure but I. Sure about Mike when amenities we call it even be sitting exact score. Check it back out watching pictures all access advocates and so on monitored you'd sit and he would give a lot of club book that too. Fit the jags who think the first quarter put the cap to repeat the second. That this second. I want to give below a close look after it will be dispute will be curious from at but he called the game. I will give him listen I don't I didn't see that omelets I'll take your word for Mike I don't Saturday evening he had inside information but I can think yeah he did talk to somebody. I don't know Lulu Mary kids solo he but I have to work around that big without rocks. We're gonna call it had to be. Ed date they go ahead gate crew. Russian aid headache gay gay and I thank you. Everything has to throw yet to throw gate at the end of every. Yet he somehow integrate the word gate. Into any patriot. Related Syria to be it would just didn't kind of blended in seamlessly. All lies is not legit. It's not the will what is ESPN working on in the lead up to the super laws are gonna be another story about the dysfunction. Between Tom Brady Bill Belichick and will win the Jimmy droplet tree that'll be a bit more I drop logo on the 49ers. And the back story the inside and reported truth. About what happened. Odd I think what's the what's going to be the idea yet if a lot of time. Gets a lot of time has a lot of web sites as a lot of radio shows TV shows. You've got a lot of shelf space. And you gotta stick when you have a lot of shelf space you've got to put stuff on the shelves you've got to put stories on there. And I believe they'll play up also the the coaches leave the fact that. Patricia is gonzo would in these head off to alliance in. And the defense distractions with Josh McDaniels was it looked to be any distractions. In the second half for Josh begins in the offense or the defense in the second half you could make it compelling argues that they were just they play very well. In the first half. But in the second half a obviously much much different set. Of events I did that meet again on Twitter he can and can hit me up there and that's at. Bin Mallard that's M a LL ER there. At the end and you can be part of the festivities. So viewers sending me these these robberies. That the knicks bulls now who played very well. In the NFC championship game and and the guy the Eagles are gonna send out there against the patriots is beef being called. A superstar. Quarterback. Nick Fuld being called a superstar that's an overreaction at all there's no offering in hyperbole at all. Mick full superstar quarterback. Unless. Unless he's not right analyst Louis he's not. The people remember ever short memories I guess. As you left there it anyway elsewhere it was terrible but if you're the Patriot Act following the AFC championship. And and you're watching knowing that the page is she gonna play either the vikings and Eagles if you had to pick. Between the tool. Opponents that you're gonna match up with one of them for me of the NFC here. You would've said playing the speculation game you want to play the Philadelphia Eagles. It is going to be a neutral site team. You don't have to worry about vikings fans sneaking in there and overtaking the the stadium in Minneapolis. Adding gonna happen. About eagle fans could do what I can swindle their way in there. In the animals that they are. It could show up and cause Havoc and whatnot that not at the same numbers but the viking fans could digest is obviously live that's where there their home bases and all. But you would have taken the Eagles and you still would take the but it's going to be two weeks of trying to hype up the Eagles because they're the underdog. And you try to sell the Eagles without Carson once they can take down. The pages we are guy earlier the flamboyant shift. I'm only gone for an hour and a flamboyant chevys the soft 45 to twelve. The patriots. Going down. Good luck on. Well there is a conspiracy theory about the just completed championship game in the AFC. And it involves the officiating. And you might not have noticed you might not have noticed what took place. We will get into that because it is a story to be talked about a lot over the next 24 hours or so. We will put our tin foil hat. As the patriots are going back to the Super Bowl take on the Eagles we'll get all that we will do it next.