WEEI Late Night - With the Patriots healthy, the Jaguars have a slim chance to win. 1-15-18

WEEI Late Night
Tuesday, January 16th

In the first hour of WEEI Late Night, Patrick Gilroy gets going by discussing the Patriots throttling of Tennessee and their inevitbale win against the Jaguars.  With the entire team getting healthy at the right time, the Patriots are a well oiled machine that really should be able to win out and claim their 6th super bowl.  With Patrick being convinced of an inevitable win, he wonders if people will change their opinion on Brady if he gets a 6th ring, or if  they would never recognize him as the greatest quarterback of all time?


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It is Sports Radio WE yeah I I am Patrick Gilroy. A full four hours of late night tonight. Going to be a good night when a load in my if you're at 6177797. At. 937. I was here last night eight to eleven so we got three hours of just straight. Phone calls from you guys that big everybody's a little extra excited this week with a good reason. You're doing the patriots were all still living off the adrenaline from this weekend living off. Let's let's be honest here. It was a relief to see what we saw Tom Brady you saw our health receiving corps and now. New England Patriots are right back where they belong AFC championship game for the seventh consecutive year. I don't talk about you guys because this is not to be the cupcake game that so many people. Are making it out to be last night we talked a lot about the jaguars and what their defense could potentially do. You are New England Patriots and a lot of the conversation today here on WEEI. Got speaking. As they knew I was gonna be here tonight I did what I usually do I did my my sort of trip around the country. Using. The Internet god bless the Internet I had an opportunity while I was in the office today to listen to sports talk radio elsewhere. And let's just say the conversation. Was very interesting and I'm gonna talk about it you guys here at 617779790. Three's but we've got all week. If we want to get into. The match ups here and patriots and jaguars I think it's kind of a boring discussion it'll get a little bit more interesting as we get closer. To the actual game itself right but now. It's like the warm up round for the Super Bowl super W two weeks to feel right in this week you've only got one week leading up to the AFC championship game. You can only say this at the same thing so many times this is the patriots game to lose. Anybody that tells you different they're mistaken they're wrong. If the patriots come out neatly patriot football and they do what they're supposed to do they'll win this game going away. Here's the thing. Jacksonville is very good when it comes to disrupting their opponents and taking them out of their comfort zone that's what's made Jacksonville successful all season long. That's why their defense is so good. So Jacksonville able to come at a Foxborough and in the first twelve minutes the first quarter of this game if they're able to force a turnover. Force an interception because they're getting pressure on the quarterback go at seven to nothing on the heels of their defense. Then they're gonna give themselves. A chance here at least the chance to compete. And again if you're the Jacksonville Jaguars you've got one goal in this game if you can't away with the game you can't eat if you can't win this thing going away. The jags one goal is to be in the game. We didn't. Shouting distance in the fourth quarter if that's where they are. And mirrored a damn good spot it's exactly what they're trying to do so I think that's a reasonable take. On this game and I'm not sitting here saying and what these band boys saying the patriots are gonna win going away. Right now the spread I think is night and a half a muddy mature with a cover. The spread I think when you're down your final four teams I don't care about the discrepancy in quarterback help between where the patriots are. And the remaining three teams there's a reason why L for these teams are here. Right let's of course. You wanna compare this to the NBA last year the Celtics were one of the final four teams remaining and you saw the at what the difference in talent can do because Cleveland came in and they look like they were on a very different level from your Boston Celtics. I don't think that's what you're gonna see here the NBA team is much more superstar driven. Then the NFL. It Tuesday's. But when you look at these game. And you wanna sit here and analyze the game hour after hour after hour I think it's very difficult to do especially this far out. What are you gonna say here at Jacksonville can play great defense they can't. Jacksonville get to the quarterback and they can't but I'm gonna at a combat that is gonna say okay who can match up with Rob Gronkowski. Kent I don't think anybody can and if you throw a double him will right now the patriots have got the luxury of something they haven't had all season long they've got relative health. In the receiving corps. You saw the difference would it help the Hogan it opens up things for Evan dull look at and am in dole is rolling in opens up things for Rob Gronkowski. That's why beings look so much better this past weekend you had two weeks off between games. And you had the opportunity to get healthy and this isn't a magical formula this isn't some great take. Promote brilliant sports talk radio host that's not what this is this is simply help. And health matters help matters. At this point in the season in the NFL because every team has banged up every team is dealing with the injuries and that's why you fight so hard in the regular season that's why the regular season matters because that bye week. At the patriots got there is a reason why in seasons where they earned a bye week. They generally get to the suitable as a reason for that. Sure you get the automatic win essentially right but more important and it allows a team that's usually led by a group of veteran players the ability to get the extra week of rest. And that extra week at this stage at this point in the season. Is probably the most significant gift you can give to a team and the patriots went out there and they earned it this year because again as we talked about all season long. Their margin for ever this year. Is much smaller it was much smaller than has been in years past so kudos goes to the patriots for overcoming. So many things this year that they generally don't have to overcome and apparently that includes infighting and turmoil. At the highest levels over the organization. If they really eventually overcame that as well to go thirteen and three get themselves that first round bye then god bless them and they deserve to get that week off. They deserve to be healthy it is Sports Radio WEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy taking your phone calls instilled. Popular morning at 617 779 it said in the 937 you text the program at 37937. You find me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops at. Gilroy on hoops patriots jaguars AFC championship game. This Sunday afternoon cute here right here on Sports Radio. W yeah so. I got curious because. WTI is playing this promo and they're playing it a lot. And you Chris you probably have a right there you pinger tips but they're talking about this game this weekend and they say the greatest quarterback of all time Tom Brady it's how they open a promo. In previewing this weekend's game. So for me I thought yup I think he's the go lots of people around here they use the goat but. That's an awfully definitive sounding statement coming from L promo you generally get that is an opinion piece from a sports talk host not as April. But the problem comes right out and says. The greatest quarterback of all time like it is written in on his gravestone. Right let's have wow that's a little bit different that doesn't sound like something I hear all the time. So I heard it once started twice a 33 or four times by the end of the morning show today. So is panic at 10 o'clock rolls around 11 o'clock rolls around. And in my office a meeting wraps up and go back to my desk and a little tennis and sports stock. From around the country in relevant cities that played over the weekend. And I make my way to one of my favorite cities to listen to you and I I listened to Pittsburgh Steelers. Up flagship station. And Mo hole because their season is over and it looks like Ben Roethlisberger is not going to retire. He said following his loss over the weekend it looks like he's gonna come back despite the fact that there was a lot. Of retirement talk following Roethlisberger around especially the back after the season they're talking about big band as the greatest quarterback of all time and Ben Roethlisberger is a damn good quarterback. But I don't think anybody's really ever confused him. As the goat but if you listen to listen to two hours straight phone calls coming coming from Pittsburgh and had done all Ben. As the greatest and they're comparing bend to guys like. Many and Tom Brady and duke Drew Brees and Joseph Montana and you name. The great quarterback and these guys and if you wanna call. Steelers fans anything you can call compassionate you might wanna called them. The most intelligent group of fans in the world but they sure as hell are passionate group. And for two straight hours. And I couldn't listen longer but I had other things to do so I don't know how long this conversation went on for but I listened for a two hours on Ben Roethlisberger talked. Being the greatest of all time. So that got me curious. What's going on everywhere else and I Google greatest quarterback of all time as you guys know the debate has been raging on but I wanted to look for. Relatively recent and relevant stories meeting I don't wanna see something from prior to the patriots. Beating the Seahawks a couple of years back because the patriots did that ten year drought. You had. Still the stain of spy gates really weighing on the patriots they absolutely had to win Super Bowls post spy gate bridge to really. Give credence to the conversation. At least nationally. Okay here in New England we can minimize the impact of the plate gate and a spy gate I get it. But let's be honest with ourselves. Other markets are gonna do that other markets will continue to find ways continue to find reasons to bring the patriots down a peg but when you Google it. You come across all kinds of interesting things run nationally respected. Sources fox sports October 2017. Says. Aaron Rodgers greatest quarterback of all time column from complex magazine from October 2017. Says no don't know it's Drew Brees. Does have a got the Peyton Manning yet by the way which is the most interesting part of this whole thing. Because everybody really considers him the greatest quarterback of all time if it's not Tom Brady but. He was. Fewer and further between as far as articles pointing out Peyton Manning they were fewer and further between. Then articles calling Tom Brady the greatest quarterback. Of all time. Then I'd find a column from July 2017 were Tony Dungy a respected football mind says Tom Brady was the sixth. Best quarterback of all time you. These three. Instances that I just pointed out are not only post. Seahawks Super Bowl win their post falcons' Super Bowl win so at this point while these respected. Information sources are being pulled this question in writing stories about the greatest quarterback of all time your coming up. The biggest fourth quarter comeback and NFL playoff history and you coming up the patriots winning two out of Miller's last three giving Tom Brady I'd. Five and Tony Dungy says not enough he's not number one he's not number 23. Number four on number five. Tom Brady is lucky to be sixth so. The first the re results they came up. Are right Drew Brees Aaron Rodgers. And anybody but Tom Brady when you're talking about Tony Dungy. And that really got me speaking and that's what I wanna talk about you guys tonight if weekend sort of step away from our end imprimatur your aunt and realize that. There are 45 other states outside of New England. Is there anything at the late this late stage in Tom Brady's career that he can do to change the minds of all these people war. Unfortunately. Has the Spain. The plate gate and the stain of spy gate it is it too much. Is that we too heavily. On the overall impact that Tom Brady has had on the game and is it to the point now where. If Tom Brady goes out and he wraps up his career with the Super Bowl win this year and another one next year. Is it not been a matter. Are the people that are saying that it's not Tom Brady now pin their minds being changed and I know some people around here. That don't think it's Tom Brady I know there are gonna talk to one of them coming up in a couple of hours tonight on sept jedi from Boston Herald radio. From NBC Sports Radio his big Aaron Rodgers guy he'll tell you why it's Aaron Rodgers I can at least respect. That's opinion because it will be based in some sort. Of statistical fact. OK but if you got to tell me it's Drew Brees. I'm gonna have a hard time with a Lessig and backed it up with something significant if you're gonna tell me. That it's Ben Roethlisberger. Would have a real hard time with view in Messi can back it up. That's all I ask so you guys to bring your quarterback to the table tonight. But I wanna know why if you give me a name tell me why because I'm looking at Tom Brady here who is. He's at the at the back nine okay this is not breaking news and whether he's on the back nine because he's 48 cores on the back nine because while. The patriots might have inner turmoil according to some writers whatever your reasons are right. Others say it's because he's forty he's played more years then he will play for the remainder of his career there's no getting around that. The fact is this. Tom Brady's days are winding down whether it's this year or next year or whether he's got five years left. We've seen 199598%. Of Tom Brady's career com. And go and at this stage in his career. I think his legacy is cemented in stone I think that this is as legit as it gets he is the greatest quarterback of all time and here comes the clips and KB I feel that way because I've watched him intimately and up close. For the last seventeen years but it does this BO when guys like Max Kellerman give up their pulpit and open their states and the continued to double down on their takes. Max went out there today and he said. Not the clip isn't coming the clip is already pomp he's at the clip. That was Max Kellerman stake today coming off Tom Brady's. Three touchdown 332 yard one of 2.5 passer rating performance. As Tom Brady embarks on his seventh consecutive AFC championship game searching for his sixth Super Bowl victory. Max Kellerman a guy that is on national television gets paid millions of dollars to be there. Continues to say not only that he says the clip is coming he has changed his opinion. Right and it with a subtle change but Max Kellerman says not an out the clip isn't coming. The clip. Is here. So my question for you guys very simply it's 6177797. 937 I just gave you four or five examples we wrapped it up. With Max Kellerman. For all these people that truly believe their heart of hearts that Tom Brady not only is not the goat. He's got no chance of ever being the goat. Is there anything that Tom can do in the waning years of Tom Brady's career that changed their minds or will the stains of the fleet eight. And the stains of spy gate ultimately. Continued to ruin what should be yeah an incredible ending to his career. These opinions ever change old yet to carry the weight of these opinions for the remainder of his football life it is Sports Radio. WEEI in his late night I am Patrick Gilroy is room for you at 617. 7797. To 937. Sports Radio. WEEI Patrick Gilroy here it is late night. Taking guys all the way up until 2 o'clock in the morning. As always the number to re just years 6177797. Net. 937 detects the program 37937. You find me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops ads and Gilroy I knew coming up at some point. After midnight we will transition just a little bit a little bit to some basketball. I did three straight hours of NFL talked yesterday and as long as the NFL carries the night tonight. I will continue within but we will talk briefly about your Celtics as they are. And they have passed the halfway point in the season. And at this point they have exceeded everybody's expectations. And I've won him very excited about the possibility of your Boston Celtics potentially. Representing. The Eastern Conference in the NBA finals I'll tell you why coming up in the midnight hour until then we'll continue with your phone calls at 617. 7797. Net. 937. Essentially. Here we are guys OK you've got patriots in jags coming up this weekend. We will spend a little bit a time breaking down the matchups we did a lot of that last night in the program. But today I got curious and got curious because. Of Promos run here on Sports Radio the W yeah. Did you find it deeply distressed on what you hear this. There it's the greatest quarterback of all time Tom Brady I agreement that statement Prius you agree that's a 100% and the numbers agree as well I mean I think that if you are. Over sane and rational mind you come to the conclusion that Tom Brady is the goat. However if you wanna bring me a different opinion you want to paste it in fact more than happy to listen to here's the problem. After I heard that promo today got me thinking. Because again as somebody that's been in radio for the better part of the last twenty years it's pretty rare that you hear station Promos. Make a statement like that usually they are saying her commitment and number 1 morning show host of time that's usually. Where they're going with station Promos but to call an athlete the greatest of all time. Prior to that athlete retiring and potentially making his way into the hall of fame. Station Promos generally don't go there. So got me thinking. You know what are other cities saying right now and specifically. Cities and towns that were playing as recently as this weekend so I make my way around the NFL it was a sports talk radio coming out of Pittsburgh and lo and behold because there was so much talk. About Roethlisberger potentially retiring there having the ranking conversation. And Pittsburgh. And they're saying that Big Ben. He's number one of all time but definitively. They're coming away with the opinion that Big Ben. Is a better quarterback in Tom Brady and if your starting a team today you'd start with the big bend over Tom Brady and the general sort of feeling was. While Tom Brady is more vague gifted overall quarterback in Ben Roethlisberger then brings more intangibles than Tom and Ben is. More a football player he's a tough guy football player he looks the part a lot more than Tom Brady does so if you are. Starting a team tomorrow and you've got to pick one of these guys age is not a concern. To a man all these steeler fans were saying that they were gonna pick Ben Roethlisberger and one or two. Rogue steeler fans who call in and say. I'm sorry I love what Big Ben has done for us over the last fifteen years but a minute to go with Tom Brady and the host didn't give them an opportunity to give the reason why the mention. Of Tom Brady's name alone caused them to get hung up on the U wanna bring. Roethlisberger is named to the to the conversation that I want to Britain for demanding I don't care if you wanna bring Eli Manning's name of the conversation. If you give me a reason why. He's listened to it because after listening to what these guys went through today. Well I got to do better. And then it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy room for you it's 6177797937. Out to the phones ago. Let's start it up without arm on almonds in Lexington Armon your first up here. On Sports Radio W yeah. Patrick page you agree Chela like it did I that. But I kind of like he had taken the focus off the end of the analysis it's gonna happen this week idiot idiot he kept it. Do you can only do so much of that added three hours of it last night I'm like how much more can I do. That would probably won't get into that there's product I actually haven't just been hearing on that like to share with you this you know what when you think about the group. Great dogs feet of the NFL let's let you know for lack of elect better focus in poverty and let's just call it the Packers in the sixties feel it and then in you. Raiders and 49ers in the eighties cowboy can now be used and then we're nearly two decades in the 2000. In the patent rights. Time that he had their boot heel on the other team. Defendant has seen them and conversely we're actually in conjunction with the media. It's gonna re I mean it has the arms straight. What they. The patriots unique is they're doing it you just social media so in the age of social media the opinions fire are much more quickly they're much more widespread. That people don't wanna. Paint the patriots can detrimental light are able to get them. Message out there quickly all over the place you know words back in the game in the 49ers had been yield on everybody you kinda had to read the newspaper. About it that are yet to wait for a weekly shows like inside yeah. Or even worse like with the cowboys Ali continue when the cowboys were were making their run we learned so much about the cowboys. And the sexual abuse and the drug use after the fact through books. Exactly exactly. What the old Michael Irvin in the White House yeah so are always get a look for a way. Continued down the Greeks eat right and the fact that the patriots have now bought it for decades. You know you think about their. You know they're dolphin. And yet and it built may have been cold and that. Are in their thirties that adult and spent their entire adult life under the dominance of the patriots they're bitter. I wanna serve now it's me and so. I think people billion appreciate the greatness that we had seen over the last two decades of the patriot until we get maybe a generation out. Twenty years from now thirty years from now I'll be bitter development. And educate New England our all these bidders steeler fan you hate New England now they're gonna be sitting out Greinke did Ellen. Oh yeah. I liked Brady and Belichick in the where the great. Or or are Armin of the got to say they gonna say oh yeah I want to Brady and Belichick. And they got caught cheating not once but twice because ultimately I think and I don't think that these guys are really cheating or doing anything that other teams were doing that's not my take here but I heard that today when I was listening to other sports talk show hosts from around the country. The patriots are absolutely with noted Dowd. Labeled cheaters and if you think that Tom Brady is the greatest of all time the first come back from somebody within opposing point of view. Is not a now he's a cheater. But that's usually cowboy OK now that that was prevalent opinion back in the day that the cowboys who. Remove Qaeda criminal bunch or even think about the everybody thought it would dear Jack can they call me you sat in all that stuff right when you look back on those to you now you really don't appreciate it great. I would never cowboys fan but I appreciate. The greatness of having watched Emmitt Smith. Troy Aikman Michael Wheeler then play. You know I appreciate you bring it to you when I was a kid I watched Kenny stabler in the great raider teams under bad. Sure I watched those great 49 TI don't think about the negative story kind of circulating at the time. History try to give me a different perspective and back and I could well that was then I was fortunate to be able to watch. Well listen I'm and I appreciate the phone call and like it's taken an you know here's the thing eat you bring a very rational take to the conversation. I'm just not sure fans especially die hard fans of other teams and other cities in other towns. Will ever have the ability especially if you live through this twenty years sort of two decades of dominance. I'm not sure they'll ever have the ability to be as objective as you just sound I don't think they will. I don't think that these cheating scandals are ever gonna go away I think as a matter of fact as Tom Brady winds down his career and eventually SE. Exit stage to left and yell separates himself from the game for. Two years three years four years I think will start to see another book to books three books written from. A sources outside of New England continuing to. Pound the patriots legacy into oblivion essentially discounting what they've accomplished because. These other writers and other cities and towns are convinced. That the patriots. Are cheaters and and you look no further than the opinion that was focused it and forms from the incorrect ESPN to eat. That said I ten out of eleven or eleven out of twelve of the football's work depleted by two pounds or more I mean it was factually incorrect. Up and down but once that tweet got out there once it went out there it became public it became fact. And after the fact it's impossible to walk it back it can be corrected. Multiple times hundreds of times thousands of times but you cannot walk it back column John from Ozzie does a great job on the morning show here. And I think he has found this awesome way to rebound from the mistake that he made and have the second coming. His career this career Renaissance where he has reinvented himself. And there's no bigger too mossy fan. Then meet a invited him on my show a half a dozen times and eventually they'll commit here we'll have a great conversation but John's mossy made a big mistake. He did a big mistake saying the patriots worked you know taping the rams and the patriots had never been able to live that down. Because once it got out there it became fact you can't walk these opinions back and unfortunately in my opinion. When it comes to the national opinion of Tom Brady and bill ballots dec. They're gonna be stuck with this it's gonna be a cloud. Hanging over their heads for the remainder of there careers it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night let's squeeze one more rain before the break let's go to Paul. Paul's in Westfield call your next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. And you've got your what's opposed. Pat I'm very Smart and you're also very right that point aren't they can compete Europe live in the past in a bitterly when LeBron went back to Cleveland. At the stadium cheered they celebrate the members yet would have rude and remember the divorce rate isn't. You know we are popular along with a picture of junk up Internet ought to Wear them a path of a quick point on would you mentioned army in the history and looking back. I think looking back people rat right now and go judge wrote that led to Vienna belt passion well the rise this report actually younger man and instead I write I am a bit. Should you have no text no evidence and can't elaborate computer. When I talked to remember a little New York metro which is the way it is a live. To submit your comment made. I don't think about that I can imagine ten million page is stop and a you've been a nightmare isn't bad at all make sense. Of course they do open a social media is again it's how opinions are formed that made it an if you go in Europe Europe. Somebody that hates the patriots who despise the patriots because they have crunched your hopes and dreams year after year to year. If you had a negative week for me reliable source. You've got to treat that tweet as fact even if it comes out 24 hours later that it was actually incorrect it doesn't matter your opinion has been reformed and that's it. Exactly right they say. Perception now and into the lot out quickly did this to our team is hostile and aggressive they have two dominant monsters that breaks the line which we're gonna run away from. But and I BP but. Every week bit of defense and I'm Reid liking Doug in the market here it comes I can I would sincerely does no reason we can't put a lot of work against this team. So you you think tonight and half points Brett has nothing to teachers come of that no problems. That they would focus fundamental defense it's weak inexperienced and and when not what you don't know is an expert I don't young quarterback late this sort them all sorts of crazy looks you're on let's just yup I have nightmares indeed I am I getting cocky rep we displayed at times web admin of defense to score. Wallace and I appreciate the focal icy and acting cocky but is sound a little cocky up though it is Sports Radio. W yeah it is late I don't continued taking your phone calls on this day your opinion here. Again very quickly you know after hearing that Romo play time after time after time money yeah I today. Where our own promo guy definitively says Tom Brady greatest quarterback of all time I feel that way Chris feels that way and almost of you feel that way. But for pro attitude while they're in and give that. It was sort of really definitive four. That sort of take that sort of place usually promo guy doesn't do that he's trying to sell you something trying to tease something. That was a definitive take that force me to get curious and listen to other stations across the country dual a little bit of research very quick. Research and what I found was. People in Pittsburgh they genuinely. Have this this. Awful taste in their mouth when it comes to Tom Brady and they came out the opinion poll is over 80%. Of their bands that if they could start team tomorrow and age wasn't a factor they are starting with the big bend over Tom Brady's that I take back. And I go on the Internet and what do wanna find pipeline relevant. Columns from reliable news sources that are resent. Resent okay fox sports October 2017 says Erin Rogers best of all time. Another column from October 2017 from complex says it's Drew Brees Tony Dungy July 2017. Tom Brady's number six so my question for you guys here's we go to break. Is it Tom Brady wins another Super Bowl this year exit number six if he wins another Super Bowl next year exit number seven. Does it matter. Or these guys. There opinions have already been formed is it too late put their opinions to change it is Sports Radio WEEI. Do you think they can beat New England. I think they will be doing that I really do I've been ought Jacksonville all yup. Rob Parker doing what rob target does rob Parker brings it there. He's been saying this for years until he was one of the early adopters on media patriots and Brady are done so. I think not really out what the call he's not down with the calls on the down with rob Parker that it ends but unfortunately gets paid like. Millions of dollars a year to give his opinions and I don't but it is Sports Radio WB yeah I it is late night it is Patrick Gilroy taking you guys all the way up. Until 2 o'clock in the morning is always number to join me here 617. 7797937. Detects the program 37. Now ID 370 by me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy on hoops doing things a little bit different tonight mix it up a little bit. Last night we did three consecutive hours of breaking down the patriots. And Jacksonville Jaguars we can continue. Breaking this thing down position by position. Chris I know that you can do that better than anybody that's sort of what you do best actor appreciate so maybe review 1:2 in the morning you can take this thing over all take a break and I'm in it's all yours oppression blacks and Arctic air is she shine Heidi pronounced shine artists as a joke conduct our I wish I had time. You've you've thought about me on Monday lover show together literally be product have you proposed this. You just thought that putting into this is not a lot of thought this is not like top they had stuff right this is this is that if you baited the law and really Candace you know preparing you realize you could probably turn me off. And I just keep talking and you could do the show from back there and nobody would know the difference I'd be like it anchors podcast on air. Yeah I'll but it may just be here. Rambling away departments and I did I did years and years and years like fifteenth and the zone rambling to nobody I'm good at that I can continue to do it here. On Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Gilroy room for you at 617. 7797. Net 937 continuing this conversation. About Tom Brady you know. I think it's definitive I don't think it's Tom Brady has to do anything else in his career to sort of prove his legacy prove his his place. It in NFL history he he is the greatest quarterback of all time and the way that I quantify that is. Simply by answering a question if I. As pitchers one quarterback to win one game. Or my life. My lights were on the line and had to pick one guy for one game and I got the liver dies I'm taking a break at six. I'm not pretend to have watched guys from before my time other than YouTube videos and highlight packages. On it and if a network of watch some of the classic games available especially during the offseason. When they're filling programming but I am not gonna sit there and pretend to know enough about these guys from way way way back in the day. So maybe I should qualify in my statement and say. From 1980. On. If I had to pick one guy who winning game I'm gonna pick Tom Brady and I realize that. Joseph Montana went undefeated in the super also people may say you know Gilroy you're crazy wild when you beat the undefeated guy but. If that's the argued wanna have Blake portals he's undefeated in the post season so. You know it is what it is up to the guy that got the more I mean Brady's had more chances he's won more he's a lot more as well. But he's got there more I think that there's something to be said for getting there. It is Sports Radio WE I it is late night let's get back out to the phone's gonna key again. Deacons and Spartan T you're next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. And then I had as long ago on the primary thing I'd I've watched him in my entire. Remember lights and I can't say he's not about idiot the bat. The only cycling and everybody got to get I don't think you could ever there's they're equality you not to mention that aren't on it. So that's like my question Teague like if Brady goes out and he wins another one this year wins another one next year that gets him up to seven. The people that are against Tom Brady did their minds are gonna change our. I don't think so I bet they're trying to act like they're in the sport rather try to train that like yelling at Armstrong to his figure where he did all these great things but. There's that I'm used in both the cheating was just the same aggressive. The thing it right after flaky came out Aaron Rodgers literally had talked to the press and said yeah I overplayed a ball struck the threat but it. He did he. Nobody picked up on it right now is one of the more surprising part about. The hold the fleet is psyche is he gonna appreciate the phone call him up against it here but that was one of the more. Confusing parts about that whole saga will and I referred back to that time and time again. On the other station that it worked that. Is that. The thing here is Tom Brady denied deplete the eight top to bottom start to finish right in the patriots pleaded the pit and and claimed they were innocent whether they wore. Or were innocent I don't know I'm lucky to get into you. How guilty is guilty how much did they know how much did and they go with it strictly. There are a case of it being cold outside so there was a little bit air pressure was released from the football naturally I'm not getting into it. Right I was just gonna see in the bathroom with a balls I can't have this conversation. However. However when you look it. Tom Brady and his body of war and you look at what he did in the second half of their game we've. Balls that were properly inflated. He went out there he was better than it was the first formal part. So you can't say that Tom Brady had some huge advantage because the patriots were quote unquote cheating but again. People that don't believe that Tom bradys the greatest of all time are gonna hold on to anything and if you guys drop during know you are. I love hearing from all the three supporters right I love that. But I wanted to hear from the people that hate the guy. Because there's always you know that that the jerk Yankee fan you've got in your group of friends there's always the hater for the sake of being a hater. And those of the people that I heard on the radio today calling up in the Pittsburgh sports stations I heard some people's listened to Oakland sports talk radio because they are just. If you're ever bored at work and you wanna be wildly entertained. Listen to raider talk it is un believable the stupidity level out there it is a whole other level of stupidity I swear to god it's proven devolution. Okay that's all of gonna say. It is Sports Radio WEI. In his late night I am Patrick Gilroy back out to the phones ago. Let's go to miles miles and Boston mounted next up here on Sports Radio W yeah. That our caller is closed. Yeah it was in April 1 let me is that I think that a lot of people were stated they would take bad first saint really has put their money where their opted I think some of them would change their tenth indicators. It's simply things like it's Iliad by I'd bet the only reason that they would take Brady and they. Argue that he's not great about our it would be as they really don't like extra work at all of the country. And replace them that is its our opinions go people all over the country whether they're you know of biking and whether there the you know raiders or whatever they are currently there at 88. New England is Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. It'll just seal whatever about a bailout deal apathetic. They absolutely. Despise. You if they're not on the carpet even if you never really you know. To dock apps that situation is that you would expect them mine died. I must analyze they'll wanna have this conversation with the because. I do this radio stuff part time in my full time job I travel for work as well on a plane every week I travel the country and I have the same conversations that you have. With the same result. Here's gonna say about that will blows my mind. And the reason why I know that that the cheating really becomes a huge part of if not the conversation you're having at the bar. It's a huge part of what form that fans' opinion to begin with. Because other huge. Huge huge basketball guy I mean huge Celtics guy they are the reason why I got into sports talk radio twenty years ago. I hate LeBron James I cannot stand in my pinkie everything that's wrong what basketball however. I can admit that he's the best player in the league. And I respect his game respect what he's able to do on the floor it doesn't mean I have to like him as a guy and it and it doesn't mean he doesn't drive me crazy. And I make that point when we have a tot a discussion about basketball no matter where I am in the country I always say I cannot stand LeBron James. But if our starting a team tomorrow starting you would LeBron James. People cannot do that with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick they hate them and they don't respect them either. I agree I agree completely out I already economic should suck it I have. Ever conversation and you go back duke. Carmody. You know 2030 years the cap same thing we're with the magic bird or you know anything along those lines but I think. Because there's such polarizing figure that the Belichick Brady and that they're always going to be something to be set on the other side of that argument. It's our bronco sure he will be kind of jerk that I'm sure he's very you know it is. Certain base expressing its healing you know like people but I seem to be generally okay you mean being go. You know like despite just by looking at play duke eight in the court you'd Deutsche at all or think but yeah it Belichick Brady because there's such. That character at the right people that Belichick eager cola current ratio MTV twelve stop and our top achieving. That motivation that people have are saying that he's not a great ballpark could be legitimately at all these things. They're just bought them about that and it's not something that they get over like you and I can say yeah brought the best player in the Leach circuit Billy Ella me. But I do admit that I don't wanna have to play immigrant side you get is the best player actually but I don't sit here awake at night you know aiding him. Right legitimately believe people do about Belichick and Brady. And I think only because they are such all of I'd figured out strong opinion. They've also won six to report which if you knock you know somebody else's team out read your health standard jet and you know that coaches at Decatur go to buried Belichick I think that's why. That people can't just you know edit and you don't know it could it be it took it no matter what I think that people just despise those Q out. As the miles I appreciate the phone call like that take their stay safe when your on the road I get near your fears the 100000 miles a year know what that's like. Enjoy it though it is a lot of fun traveling the country its socket of these people that they cannot standard team it's good to be in the position that wherein. When you're having those conversations it's fun. To be the fan of the patriots to be from New England because the moment somebody. Asks you where your from and if you're a football vanity say yes I'm from Boston and the patriots then you you can watch. Their facial expressions change you can watch their body language changed immediately. You are now considered a cheater you are now considered a bad human being. They beat people lump UN. I can't tell you how many times in the last week. I've had friends or just people I've met and stuff tell me how much they hate the patriots. And I just tell them I embrace the hatred that spring and you got to embrace it if you don't embrace of their degrees the docs out of Forstmann from that the club. And embraced the hated Sports Radio Billy yeah we will embrace the hate for another three hours here tonight on late night taking your phone calls. At 6177797. 937 will continue with this whole Tom Brady discussion. I do want to get into what they had to say about Brady vs Roethlisberger. When they were talking in Pittsburgh today eventually we will get into the celtics'. And the Cleveland Cavaliers and how the Cleveland Cavaliers continue. To implode they have now lost four. Consecutive games the question becomes Celtics fans does it matter who went through this last year. I took your phone calls here and yeah I last year we are now than it more than 50% of the way. Through the NBA season last year we know the Celtics did they won 53 games. They were the best team in the regular season in the Eastern Conference and guess what happened when he got to the Eastern Conference finals. It did not matter the question now becomes. With Cleveland imploding upon themselves. Losers of four straight games right now. Things just not looking right in Cleveland it's pretty apparent to me that the Cleveland Cavaliers barring some sort of miraculous turnaround. Are not going to be the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. Is it different this year does it matter this year. War are the Celtics in for more of the same we'll talk about that next right here Sports Radio WB yeah.