WEEI Late Night - No matter how hard you try, Brady just doesn't take the bait. 1-16-18

WEEI Late Night
Wednesday, January 17th

Hour number 2 of WEEI Late Night with Big Ben Maller and Ben begins by discussing the art of Trash Talk.  No matter how hard anyone ever tries to trash talk the Patriots and Tom Brady, Brady never takes the bait and he always deflects and gives credit to the other guy for being confident.  Maller also tries to figure out some of the most swaggy players in the NFL.


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Deep into the bag old cliches here in hype for the championship game this weekend in the NFL we will discuss the words of ways film. From one Tom Brady as a lot to say. On his weekly appearance year. On WEEI as it is meet Ben Matta late night one as we yap the night away. And the Celtics losing and I put there was talk about the patriots why should read from Webb won the self became a couple thoughts on that put the the interview this morning with Tom Brady and if you've not heard he should go back in listen to a whole thing. On the on the website on the derby I would say when nineteen year old podcast hole. But the there's couple things and I took away from me now I will re it's about the the trash talking is second with Tom Brady also said somebody said many times. When he was asked about Jacksonville. With Turkey Callahan said this is the best team. That the patriots. Will have faced yet this is something new gets repeated a lot this is standard. Jocks be exports squishy he and Tom Brady has been saying this kind of stuff for a long time does anyone honestly think objectively. That that is the case. I know the Jacksonville's the next team. And so the next team is by default the most important tip that concept. But as you slice up the numbers and look at Jacksonville and their defense. And how they have played the last couple of weeks last four weeks to the last four they've given up or forty points. And in had. Some gaping. Gap being holes are on defense it just diamond but the numbers. Speak for themselves dubbed the numbers don't tell you everything but Jacksonville's racked up a budget turnovers they've done very well. Game changing plays on defense which is obviously concerned because you. You look at history the NFL playoffs it's being hundred football analysis 101 win the turnover battle earlier I don't know in the game we've heard a million times it's it's O. So ingrained in all of us it's boring it's it's sucks even here. What if you look at Jacksonville and the level of competition they've gone against. They this season Jacksonville faced eleven. Offenses in the NFL whose point total. Ranked. Between seven team in 32. IA they played the Texans both the games Jackson will play against the Houston Texans blew out the Shawn Watson. They did play the 49ers but that the niners were terrible office they were better with Jimmy grapple grapples sliced them up. Any late season game. And of all the the teams Jacksonville win against there was only one team that ranked eighth in in points a total points scored. And to be totally fair here in transparent the patriots also faced a bunch of defense is. That gave up a good amount of points and were deficient in in the defensive category. And you know there have been those of making our bush strategist cherry picking statistics. But it seems like it's more legitimate with Jacksonville. That their defense which did take gigantic leads here and and that's the big selling point as far as people's while. Here's how the teachers you'll lose Tom Brady's gonna draw bunch of interceptions they'll be fumbles all over the place the ball we roll it around the ground. And Jackson will players in a school opened up and run back to score touchdowns Yani Yani idea. That could happen. What you feel like it's gonna happen this rod sitting here maybe where you're Satan. Maybe maybe on the other side of the radio or whatever listening device you're using it for you know it could feel that. I really give you but for Marat look at it you know handicap the game or even do that on Thursday. Desire I have like a couple of block couple hours and there's obviously. And I think I'm Mike professional handicap or not. But in my head I ran an article through all the numbers and a couple of points of emphasis that I look for all that which just makes me feel good. Makes me feel good as a distant relative of the great Nostradamus that I can figure out what's going to happen. But at this moment. I'm looking at the sum of the numbers year it just everything points to to the pitcher should be favored by even war. In the nine and a half going into this game and it's so that the old pull away factor and all that but the the thing I wanted to get to hear this hour really wanted to dive in. Tom Brady. Addressing. The L of fear in the rue the trash talked and we. We love Jim in Ramsey right at Nazis. Big mouth guy and he. We played the sound you played and he made his prediction there at a pep rally in Jacksonville big fan event they're predicting a Super Bowl for the jags. Ordinary. We know whenever we. You know he's done at the end there are actress do you producer Christi dodi's yelling at the Ngo and Ramsey I have literally no idea but it's my favorite part. Yeah. I thought I IE I analyzes are originally I thought he was yelling to whom wore. But it there's a I'm following exactly well it turns out not I believe this is accurate we'll have to play again for confirmation. Despite heat up in radio for a long time my hearings on nominee hearing aid we know it but that. But I told my my overnight shows on in Jacksonville and the guys they tell me that you and rains he was yelling out. Do ball which is the Art Howe Wayne Jackson. So let's listen let's listen this again and see if we can if you can hear that that's Lewis. And I hear. Here now I hear the do fall. You talk gotcha that's like a comedian coming up on stage you know whatever city you're and you see it suits and oh I love. Obviously in the media forgets what cities in his degree of doctor. Are already received get to the point of all soul so to do it Ramsey only me but play the sound their Tom Brady addressed it. And as he is done isn't higher career. Tom Brady will not take a bite. At that stake at delicious steak which is great for people like me. He he will you all do you never does listen no listen this is this morning I was listen mr. McCarty oh. I try not to begin to become a fat pig again at the gym there are sweating away. As Albuquerque Callahan and it radeon and this is what Brady was sick about this issue. What's your take on bulletin board material you guys never give it to you obviously Belichick doesn't allow it but the Steelers in the jaguars all went nuts and after the game Jalen Ramsey there stood corners said. They're gonna beat you and then went on in the Super Bowl did you guys gonna use that to be discussed that already. Our. What I've learned over a long time is that it's hard you play and it's not what you say and I think. Everyone has different ways of adult fame coaches to players to. We do what works for us. You know those are other players that worked for them and you know it game's gonna be decided. By who plays the best not to. You know heights the best speaks investor. You know he's a really good player box with Thomas don't want him. Got a lot of strength and you know he thought which are very competent that's reflected in. How we plays so you know more concerned about how he plays as opposed to what he says I'm. I've never bought in any of those things you know I know what our offensive cable what we're gonna need to play really well score points so. You know again that's just speaks the height and you are trying to release state folks on what we need to do and a better respect focused the more laser focused we are our targets. You know the better ethical play. Are so those earlier wrote Tom Brady and on Turkey Callahan and the beginning part is the the part of that SoundBite that has risen. It's. It's how you play not use. Right so let's discuss let's discuss now in general. The commentary and maybe I've missed something you can help me out of my happier but in general the the patriots. EU that phrase kill them with kindness. That's that's what the pages have been doing it until an of with titan is. And Eric. You watch a lot of I watch a lot of game bowl watch alike. Here's the question. Goes trash talking. In general rule. Actually gave decapitate. I realized the patriots do not. They don't that it state they don't take part in this in the media that's not only rule don't do yet. But does it. Actually hurt. The teams that do. My position on this is no. And not by any means it's. It's one of my pet he saw I got my soapbox here or rant about it and we'll take some phone calls on it. In a little bit in my observations. You've got auto related. Flawed thinking big and. The dreaded big name appeal. He got those things up fast and all these things together that will be did what the fact that I have taken. A pro stance on trash talk. I have and there's there's widely done this to Reese Eddie. I find it makes it more enjoyable watching sports I like. I like end. He totally transparent with you it's good for business it's it's more enjoyable the build up to the game. Is monotonous. It's monotonous of these big playoff games you know what I know it. And and that's why don't listen it's that's the world the way that it works out most of the time but. It's a lot of the players. Focus in on it's like a bull phase of cliches. In buzzwords. And catch phrases. And demoralizing. Or at least perceiving to demoralize your opponent. Es is not something that a lot of these guys do even goal there have been studies that have indicated that actually does work. The mental part of football those work. That you can get in the other he's the opponent's head and get a mess around the world a bit. And let me also highlight now team's losing games. And trash talk. Or un related people try to connect these two things. And it bothers me because they have nothing comic it's it's only brought up. When teams play poorly. As in explanation. For what happiness that the causation. Situation right people. Bring this up from time to time you may think that they've figured it out the correlation causation. Four. Things that happen. ID in unexpected things and sporting it's far more. As I I yap we view here late night on the the guy on my overnight short fox I have been bad blowing me can't fool. Of dim witted morons. That's what I call the mining in my Pitney for them. Who have been brainwashed into thinking that the Steelers this past weekend in that Jacksonville game. The reason that they laws. Pittsburgh was because they were peeking ahead to the page. Now that is flawed thinking. That is flawed they keep Pittsburgh did not lose that game because they were thinking about the patriots they lost that game does he didn't play well. Need to tell me that when Ben Roethlisberger. Threw that interception and he was thinking about matching up against. Matt Patricia in bill Belichick's defense I don't. I I don't apply it in Pittsburgh and lose because they were boastful during the week. Pittsburgh had played sloppy football. A good chunk of time they won apology games the Steelers this year. But they also played down to a level of their opponent. They struggled to get by. Everybody at nothing to do with their trash talk. And all that. And pretty much anyone in the media who rips the trash talking players on what they're doing is committing treason. Right this is a betrayal. Of sports media is what it is we should encourage. Not discourage. The trash talk that that goes on he read more this meaning more big talk in. Bark and players. Normally when the pot right so. Would you rather hear that. Iran and that. Could be honest I know you guess it will the other pitchers don't do what they went alt dot Tyson right. Tom Brady is the jet I master. Of trash talk. Any of these this Jay in ways. A sick all washed dot. WEEI every week with tricky count. On the station here. And he he doesn't dabble in that. Doesn't. Say some things that are. Interest in this a lot of decoding this has happened with the Tom Brady I've noticed. When he got to listen between the words trying to get some stuff out so he doesn't do it to traditional old school way. But if you watch your random patriots game he is talking trash. He is working the officials. He's doing all of that on the field. They he's also on social media and if you really wanna get technical MBA yeah. A soft the about it the the TV times which he closed his these people post for a month. Social media after these games it's blocking the opponent is do let's be honest here that's why would it I think it's funny and it's good. Oddly the last last observation. And IV ever weighed this out pretty clear it and you can react to hear a moment. When tics vocal but trash talking. Is falsely used to define. And out I think that's that should be the big take. Like your team slips on banana peel and woozy news and the re is in that you lost is because of race. That's it it's the same family EO of momentum from. Team chemistry. Intangibles. All terms that go back to the use the old country if you. And they were created by newspaper writers hundred years ago what in the sports lingo. These terms all have other means but in the sports world which. Plausibly we're. Chattering about here put in sports world that the momentum and chemistry intangibles. Are terms that were created by. Newspaper writers. A hundred years ago or so oh. And they have stuck in the sport's lexicon. There's no such thing as you know has momentum I don't get off attention on momentum it's confidence that matters more momentum does not it's it just. An arbitrary made up thing. And it as far as. Chemistry you're harmony here what do. Plenty of people that eat you go to your job you probably don't likes of your coworkers your boss he's got a job to do Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Do not strike me as the F staff. They don't they have me working relationship. It works very well. And they'll see each other for the rest of their lives at social events once they're both done with the patriots and they'll be brought back in celebrated in. That we'll go wall but that doesn't mean they're gonna be hanging out with each other haven't a couple of Bruschi is talking about the good old days. The glory days back give back win and it doesn't seem like that's gonna happen. And I'd brought a whole rant about intangibles as well which is also another one of those ridiculous. Ridiculous Serbs near anything. You can't see can't touch. He's kind all that that's that's the into the way it is it is an explanation I have an Irish. That's that's my my deal. So that the math that I views. Like talent which is. Also skill size. Of the overwhelming. Vast wave height advantage physical of age. We're in football extra stuff. And just hard work to think the definition of a bad as it fundamentals. EEE you've got a lot of skill in the hard work. And your discipline. You're gonna win. A bunch of games you'll have plenty gates. So we'll take your calls on any of its in his though lie and opened your report fill up one line 617. 7797. To 937. The highlight of last hour on the phones. We had the word police upset because Deion Sanders dropped the swagger bomb. On the NFL now we're used I was very upset because he felt like he was the wrong use of whack and then as collateral damage. High. I was also cost an act as a vote mean these other people here station. It also incorrectly his eyes use the terms wags wag in Jacksonville Jaguars exactly it. Assists. Says it's silly I telephone we go Stevens drive around he's in the car and he is next on Debbie I was taught us Steve. Red bend director in the autumn just get out of work not be affected your car. Thanks to you house were today only judge yes ready to go. Yeah go Irish British and Irish fellowship that that the college in the wanted to jump in and about some of the stuff you're talking about so. Yeah. Probably I went. He had to Tom Brady had the wisdom of Tom Brady the at the trash talking. You know all the Belichick's gonna use this is you know as water. And the patriots do it they just don't do it on the they don't do it in the media do on the field. Exactly and I totally agree with you because. That's where that the best trash talking about it I played college football might open you talk that much back that you want but. You know it it all comes down to the scoreboard at the end of the game doesn't matter what you say that matters what you do and let you know Tom Fox. You talked about it the hockey that people there so the guys beat to death earlier about did they you know go back to the coach when. You know the pitcher players are horrible and they are respectful and the front of the microphone and they say yeah you know we're gonna do about we're gonna play. You know well we can do our job and at that volume yet from the patriots players and your coaches or your game and allowed these guys. You know runner about the budget they want to do so come down to a matter being well coached and you know even when you leave he'll be epic carry yourself well. Because. Gulp it trashed document not on the fielded on the scoreboard. Yeah well faces calls to just say from about get a slow shift there it's slow shifts a good about it. But again it just did just to clarify here I am not anti trash. My my job. He's much more enjoyable. In in this on this side of the microphone when we got that. It's much mores. Let's go to South Beach and let's say hello now we go to Miami. And locking are you prepared for the wisdom and knowledge that is we'd may have hit the news on Adobe guys hello we'd been AP. Dad I love you know at Barnes and you eat crap. Read your dad you're talking demean we'd been. Yeah I wrote scripted taking on our own. I'm taking you on a yellow something else is taking on a road to beat me and I have nothing to do that but it. Let me just explain here like were having a conversation that older people are listening in their spying. On our conversation. Not necessarily talk to your talking them which are not talking then you're talking to me you see how that works. And now. New Hampshire and one day. Played in Major League Baseball game pretty Atlanta Braves and that I flew on the hill are cop. And blame it all. Oh well blown game cheating on lead in the lodge then there's nick saying that lag. Slated to meet. Blood knee. Is what won this simple ball real friend Justin Cooper in Denver Broncos. And my wins and will walk when it Jacksonville. At. We've been smoked too much week you've got the bad we either which festivals now waiting to see what I'd or yeah I'm sure you don't even though winning the Super Bowl takes you. Eat your audio on an island Dow off the coast of Florida a year you lost your mind. And Brett. Parent Reich minister on the opening talks about in the great quarterback I want Gary great excellent or any. Who is idol I love Terry Bradshaw aideed radio Terry Bradshaw good hard look at Bradshaw. Tell us that you. And I was not it was a very nice man but he's. He tugged at his numbers he won a lot and I like to everybody is he was a great. You compare him to this generation even other players of this generation. Like statistically. He was not great whites. He threw the ball down field might well act but he wasn't all. Night at home. Costly deal. This is what I wanted to. Finally we've been on we picked we talked for two and a half minutes in doubt you could tell me what you wanna say finally. At the top radio and I thought it would. The greatest the all time and listening to use voice that's not saved. It and. Hey. Demand is why change is poll is in jail time as he's nattering Jews now. Rule is. Eat it. You're only. Laws. That you do page GA that we daddy you UH DA generally yeah we knew I could if you can afford it you would do it before. You do pretty much anything you can afford not talking for awhile you do any. Birds did to type guy tight and regret status scientists. Can you. That that's his law enhancing drugs say Wayne check in a way it's performance enhancing. Getting the night. It's. Well I think the point is it's paid everyone's doing it but only some of the people are doing I everyone's lifting weights in the NFL. I. Did you do it every body everybody should do it are maxed out via outlook are ordered. Argued what all the buyers are. Their thank you. Their egos we humanity where he goes. Who does this arrest regulators what is it that's it's you're done with the you don't have to hear we did it began in my world in my life. I get to hear me I get the eye of another conversation in your sleep I will be chatting with. With him that's that's what my future holds. Are 6177797937. You also get that deal on social media on on Twitter. And that's ad then Mallard shaped by the way was at the Celtics game tonight and he and he he very thorough recap mama mommy and Jake. He should be writing for The Herald or something like that this guy is right for it is your record WEEI dot com to be Donna's. He still recap of the the Celtics game. Tonight they lose to the pelicans in overtime. On able to contain Anthony Davis who was monster mash. As a healing up and carrier ring also missing some shots. At the end there may it. All right it takes more phone calls on this kid it is one of the great joys of life. When you can bet a little. And we are a lot nevertheless do a better a little but you win a whole lot and we will get to that. And your phone calls we'll do it all due next. Now go to the phones here in a moment Jeff in Maine though right cities' you were playing the Deion Sanders some by resigning abouts wag. Which is just wonderful that swagger Jacksonville particularly defense. And Jeff he wants to know who. Who has the most wag. In the NFL. Well what have you come to the right place you you always turn to. Nighttime radio to try to find out who has the most whack is believing you can disprove his but I think that we are the perfect people. Tipped to break this down. So in the NFL who as the most its way. Irate not soft top I had not compiled some Kyle this year's I don't know. That the name that popped in my head. And Chris tell me if I'm wrong it is the name. That popped into my head was old dale back. That's a pretty good name did you vetoed a back. Mine who's going to be Antonio Brown that's a good one is Antonio browse a better player than auto Beckham. It's just like a league Beckham's whole life is depending on slack. And I feel like the majority of the players we pick are all going to be wide receivers. This viewpoint is there. Is our quarterback that has. And hats black. I guess I guess I'm not sure those outfits after the game our swagger orders kinda. And was trying after the circus actually also easily turned in just in case is selling this stuff but that was that like he is a hat companies like an investor innocently in it is really Russell Westbrook where there are both like really into fashion I think that is thing. And now he's really into Rouge's shined like make money on that I think key. I believe I heard last year that he sells those those hats those and crazy acts. Mostly exposed to all those hats like to order blocks some of our I definitely. That's a lot for media spin to order books and a hat that you might Wear what once a year twice years like that. It says not mine. That's not my it was my answer is auto back Jamal Jeff and then Chris is gone with the Antonio Brown which are all good guesses any white guys with sway do any white guys have sway. Is only the black guys that's way. Is it to. How does go wrong tabs wag he's kind of like a dork you guys yeah he's super dirt I think I think it this way and man has some slack. So many elements guy he would be easy the most news widely used to the white dudes on the patriots. I'm gonna go probably. Obvious it. Could push back and and it was back on that are 6177797937. If you would like to be part let's go to the fall owns it and though let's see who's next Howard is a French francs drive around. Listening to late night on WEEI employer we grateful for that what's going on frank. They're bad I don't. Know if I was any better than I would the sleeping enough but what's on your mind. While I don't want to return us to lose screw it up. Up toward maybe before the game for a couple people's budgets of the patriot because there are right now. But but they object to go to church Arctic probably that profit from its not a so that's the real thing. But project will that be a real thing as I say they like it disrespect the aggregate after the page. We'll just totals always gonna be disrespect it by somebody go to play jacks and you know it's not a graveyard of well known that just there a delicate new sincere it's it's like when they're in Tampa Bay made the World Series it was like what the hell's going on here. Ainsley reports that this but he got on it like you've got to place it in you when when these teams that aren't supposed to win end up winning it messes everything up for awhile. The thing I don't understand though that never understood why like that you eat remarked that he got a big Tom Brady look like wake portals. And breaking it Jose with a got to do the proper event after the game. It'd Noah and they got out caddies that worked or our part to duck and cover. Yeah we'll tell you that the lies that why keep it. Caucuses doesn't like guys like I I'm talking it's on the style I like it is good for me this scandalous talk in on all that the mud slinging if you wanna call that. I'll put that there's artillery you're you're this you're trying to insulting you're trying to humiliate or intimidated. In those kind of things but you are correct officially call for every year rider when these guys. When these guys are done in the game's over. You know go back considerable say this that it didn't happen. You said you're gonna make Tom Brady look like Blake morals it didn't happen out there you. It's it's it's it's it's the same thing I see about coach. It drives me nuts you know do it to the late night show the overnight show on my other gate and we play these postings soundbites from. From coach altar here all the time elicited W united played a player. And the the coaches in the at this and football all coaches do I gotta look at the tape I gotta go black and look at the tape which is the perfect. Way to circumvent answering the question. Because very rarely. Very rarely. Will anyone the following day or two days later say rule it to what you see on the tape. His right away you say why guys as as a way to circumvent answering a question you don't want Nancy's allow look at the tape. I should give a class honest and then the next day and hit it too also bypass answering the question. I use it well now I had let's talk about that we're looking for we we got to get ready for our next game you know on the Cincinnati as the old. A Belichick line and he's just the way to evade having to. Answer the question. Says there's an art to there is an absolute. I'm in that department are a mile. Bit a little window. Another tool. Main philosophies when it comes to the degenerate seedy underworld the sports wait. And it in a gambler mcginnis shy away from I am. But there's there's two philosophies when it comes to who took into a money. Betting on sporting as was its role and should not do it should not have an offshore account you should not have V. A balky I'm sure that you don't know no known. But it's a hypothetical. In a hypothetical world you go I'm a limb there and simple little action. It is too touching him as a big gambler that that's a lot of par lace. And a lot of teaser bet stitch. Well parlay is more duties we want to bed a little dwindle. And Ben as little as possible moment as much money as possible. On the other side. And then there's that big guy that bets chalked expects the favorite debt passed the risk more money. Put by risking more money he. Which are not gonna what is. I bring this up the reason I bring this up is because as someone. Walked in and put a massive wager down at the William Hill sports book. In Nevada. IE a guy bet on Jacksonville. To win the assumed was his last bet you wary. Some. Bozo goes into a sports book in Vegas. And puts a 990. Dollar bet. On Jacksonville to win the super. I'd beat the odds. The opera hundred when the the actual odds should've been. 101000 to one. But reliability reasons they that the sports books they don't they the that the most is a 10200 usually. There's some more extreme cases Cleveland. The browns will be like minus 400 summer like that but Jackson was minus 100. A hundred to one odds at that time so now here we are we we know what's have to talk about it throughout the show and they were in the station here we you know the drill Jacksonville's. Libya Foxborough this weekend for the AFC championship game so that particular person that back last February that 990 blocks. That gambler should Jackson will win this weekend which is unlikely and then win the Super Bowl. Would win nine. 99000. Dollars. 99000. Dollars often 990 dollar bet I would argue though. That even betting 990 dollars is a fool's. Bet. But he has a chance soon subdued because got a chance to do it. And I know there are some big bets on the patriot. There are some big bets on the patriots. Patriots there's at least two from the information that I have here from my. My gambling underworld. There's at least two bettors that have wagered. Around a hundred in 50000. Dollars each. On the patriots. So they would only win 50000 as the patriots would chalk. Imagine having a 150 grain handling and on the patriots. With what's coming up this weekend the couple guys do probably more than a cup. I don't know buck. A time now for the instant trio get back to politics more phone calls as well but here's the it's the true. Name the last. Nine quarterback. Or kicker slash parcel last non quarterback or specialist as they say. To complete a pass in a playoff again it doesn't matter very office only happened a few handful of times. In NFL history to name the last one to do with that wasn't a quarterback obviously to adults last not quarterback or kicker slash partner. To complete a pass in the play off game that is the answer trivia you answer more phone calls get all that will do it next. They'll go back to the flaws there any moment but first pay off the instant trivia he no other. Rather weak attempt to get you to listen a couple minutes longer IE if you're still listening who worked if not then. Screw you you know listening anyway so who cares but here's the history in the in the last. Nine quarterback or kicker slash plundered completely passed in a playoff. Offs hasn't happened very often. In NFL history that is the institute via. And the answer right about now let's seated anyone. Anybody get it right Jo-Jo got right clearly cheating bad job by you. About job by you we have John Taylor guest. From from frank the former 49ers from 8000 years ago. Not not John Taylor. See unity get it writes. Not the the correct answer. He is none other than in and then injured in which each matches name are our guy you're producer Christmas is name. It's a Julian Edelman. Julian Andelman that was in that 2015. Game. Against the ravens at 51. Yard pass play. And everyone at the same types that are used to play cornerback he used to be a quarterback that's why I was able to protest the last the other than him the last then in a skilled player to complete a pass in the playoff team was John Ryan upon her for Seattle. He's the most recent non quarterback. Of any kind that in the past playoff game. The will we see any trick plays this weekend fewer Jacksonville would you run trick plays trying to. Catch the patriots sleeping let's go faults. And who is next let's see who's been waiting a long ways let's go to Tony. Tony is next up here on WEE. You what's going on Tony. I. Welcome to own Lou what's on your mind. Jackson will the past year. Went out big time. And output during the playoffs. On reducing global. Sorry I reporter off and wondering what. Company on. Or turnaround. I figured what I called. Patriots Kryptonite. Awkward. Not cut me off clinic day might not play of the game Tony come on. Are you about playing an important don't get why don't. Know it. Well I don't pay. So it's a total Dallas it would you be making this statement if you know that ridiculous flew key helmet catch hadn't gone the way of Tom Coughlin defeated. If that ball had bounced on the ground. And wouldn't have been ruled a catch then the giants don't win that suitable. So would you still be making this statement. Not right what victory at the active. What they did it get it. All right. Did you did you need your your needling me Tony was it is what it is you know that you needling me. Well they better not Republican but that's not what the mandate. Arm off the ground beer over the notable. The seat she thinks somehow they did that the patriots are you should they should they see a therapist because of Tom Coughlin EI. I don't I don't I look at Jacksonville like an average NFL team in at. A very opportunistic defense that create a lot of turn over the give him credit for that congratulations. But. You got the junior varsity in the varsity yes sometimes the junior varsity upsets the varsity but it doesn't happen very often. Well publicly about what. Aren't dark are there aren't they don't you are and and dom Bryant caught went. Awful right and I am grip back codec quote Pope hope they're able are. You don't even know the neighbor whose name it listen they were the coach Wright told telling the name of the coach of the jags go ahead what's his name. Account for my book or audio on my home. Lays eggs that's what ploy. The coach at Jackson got the play in the AFC championship and you know that they have a toast. You know coffin. Coffins going to be sitting in a luxury box in order to herbs while the game's going on eating finger foods that's what he's gonna be doing and he'll be having to drink. That while the game's being played. Now I'm not talking about that screwed you may be don't that we got a boat in a pro. Preparations it is great but yet you Embraer as much as you want it's. In game adjustments is Belichick always talks about they're not halftime adjustments when you realize is a problem. You correct the problem you fix the problem when there's a mistake. It was out of Jacksonville find their in the AFC champs game if bizarre crazy things happen they can win the game they sure when the game. Then they're not. The two distinctly better than the patriots I would that Tony are yours you're really worked so do you think that this is going to be a really good day I can tell. That different aren't. Roger. If you want like back back a bit with the giants without Russian great great autograph and whatnot. Our operator sprint look at I want who Robert White are normal route because they progressed. The thing that. Outlook puts let's put it here and we're out of. Net. As shall those who be rub his feet his ankles the whole thing. And Alex Guerrero will be right next to Michael giving him a massage but that's just how that ports. May. I don't let this just proves that. No matter the match. No matter of the match up you'll work you'll sell you its a student percentage that's again I got limited skill in the games on the wrong guy for this which can work yourself into a prolonged stress. Situation. This is you won the lottery in match ups. You you could not of if you look at the playoff you other than buffalo. But if you look at the playoff field. This is the path that you would've picked if if you had said before the playoffs start with the teams that were in here's who we would like to play. I don't know you you would you pick Kansas City. Rich and who submit maybe buffalo but that's it. And again Jacksonville's defense Yemen nervous breakdown here that defense which does create a lot of turnovers. Points allowed they've given up forty plus points in two the last four games. And if this game is a high scoring game. It seems like. Just common sense. That. Blake portals is going to end up causing agony to the handful of Jacksonville fans that are out. That's. It's it's column to be the fifth ring of hell watching him try to make plays in the fourth. But again that's. Common sense but I realize that goes out the window I understand it. And there's a lot as a good sales job even I we mentioned it earlier we played some by Deion Sanders there he's part of he works at the state run NFL network. They are trying to sell this game more they are trying to convince you. It Jacksonville's got shot they got really good shot to win this game and they're somehow an equal footing. With the patriots. Had their attempt there that don't and clearly it's working on some level work. I Tibetan valor and you who is we hang out here. Late. Night ones that we are in the the witching hour. As as we elect say. In these parts and the coaching carousel which I guess is cold and and now. For the patriots is it would appear. That is a that is done skis that is over now that the they've lost their coach as well as a couple of jobs opens though. In the NFL we will get into that and more as AFC championship game activities to continue throughout the week but to stuff planned. I was looking at the itinerary the NFL sent. And there's a much of a media conferences and whatnot. Throughout the day. Fallen on Wednesday and Thursday. They're working on the hype game the NFL is working in the on the hype the game. For this particular matchup anyway we'll get to all that and we will do it. Next.