WEEI Late Night - Nick Foles is the definition of mediocrity 1-23-18

WEEI Late Night
Wednesday, January 24th

Third and final hour of WEEI Late Night gets under way as Ben Maller address a point he had made earlier and was scolded for by a few callers.  Nick Foles is in fact not a good quarterback and it is completely unlikely he comes out in the Super Bowl looking like Aaron Rodgers, so Ben feels it may be ok to discount him, but not the Eagles team as a whole.


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Well back get a against the Celtics played the lakers in LA in trailing. In that particular game I wonder reference something that we we had earlier you probably weren't listening to the average person that listens the radio. Only listens for a brief period that you know that and you. Even though you might like W the guy and you love the station you're not going to be listening the entire time rods but earlier I took a call from a guy who's very upset. With my position on. Nick. Polls. I think I'm outside the box very much fools play a couple of good games here in the playoffs. He absolutely had. And my position on this he's he's he's the second recorder. I don't believe that's a shocking hot take. A shock jock radio like none of the that that's just an honest. An honest analysis. Of what I have seen from nick fools over the course of his career he had an out of body experience. When he first took over. And Chip Kelly was the Eagles coach he was in particular this league record to delist league good. And then he went off he got his own opportunity. To have his own franchise and it did not go away. It did not go well when given the chance outside of Philadelphia he proved to be. In inferior. Quarterback right the deficiencies. Of make fools were painfully obvious. And when. Nick forced to go where we Carson once got hurt the Eagles were playing in LA against the rams and Ira coal that particular night eight. On my overnight show that I do. I did the Bly a Eagles Beisel. Which use. I believe it's worthy of a Grammy. I've yet to receive any kind of accolades for that bad job by them. And and so here we are on the in the week before the week of Super Bowl activity. And it is the calm before the storm as we pointed out your time and again. And a whole Lotta nothing going on mobile courted Bill Belichick a whole lot of something that's going on news. Selling the factor earlier about how much work is being done for the pitcher pitches and again. But but as the patriots Eagles can hang out their home base before invading. Minnesota. If it was a little money indeed from the caller that it is painfully obvious. That this particular match show. Is a quagmire. For the patriot. And I love you know exactly where I'm going this maybe you haven't caught the vibe yet. If you have it that's final on getting into it here on its may donate. But in bulls. Nick fools. Place. In the football world as the opposing quarterback here for the pages are we get into this and have some conversation because the question in. That I will throw out he executes. A decent. I think the answers yes is knicks bulls starting at quarterback for the Eagles when you look at it from a historical standpoint. Is this a catch 22. I believe it is. I mean make my case do you why. From the patriots side of things. You can historically only be downgraded you can't be up. OK so you've got problematic. You've got legacy is and you have the riches to rags snot rags to riches you've got riches to rags. I didn't find these things again and forced the ball mix foale's. As I have repeated and I have a feeling and I popped up here and do these radio shows all over the place for the next couple weeks I will repeat this. Over and over and over again Robert Robert Robert nick full listen up nick pulls Izzy back up quarterback. And when this is all done when the Eagles are done with the Super Bowl he will go back to being a backup quarterback that you could say hey he's a high end backup quarterback. Wouldn't disagree on that he's a backup quarter. And as a starting quarterback. Nick fools is an attic. He's in the second division. And that's not a good division at the artist I. Talk about this if we can discuss. Now there's a lot of hype. Based on what happened in in South Philadelphia. The boys on broad street or going nuts. They believe. That this is some kind of divine intervention with nick fools because the vikings laid over and got into the fetal position that NFC championship. And a kid just to repeat one more time. Because that's what we do here did nick fools play well. In the Minnesota game. That he completed much of dink and dunk passes against the top interpreted the falcons have a chance to win that game and a fourth. Quarter play a fourth down play yet they did all's. What do too cool games. In the playoffs change. The place in the pecking order for nick foale's in the NFL the answers no. It's a small sample size by and that is why. If you look at this from his store local context you're talking about. The patriots the greatest raw and in NFL history. Then that is where it becomes. Problematic. Nick fools reputation. Because if the patriots don't bring you if they. They have some issues shall we say there there'll washout in this particular game things start collapsing defensively. That can only do damage. If you're you're looking at the all time horizon which of course will be done years and years from now. Wayne Belichick has moved on from coaching in Tom Brady. He's selling you ought to count ally scream. And electoral lights in pajamas and all that other wonderful stuff. At the TV twelve program throws up there so the second part of this. You've got the the macro and the micro Reich is in the short term. Which is the the micro it would absolutely staying. For the patriots to lose to the Eagles with nick foals right but in the long term which is the macro. That's where the real damage. Would be as I just because these Super Bowl appearances. You you're gonna look at everything that's gone. All in the final rest like that these are legacy games we get that understand how that works. But the word is embarrassing it would be embarrassing. For the resume. If somehow knicks bulls is able to get by the patriots and it ought to I think that's gonna happen now. It if you said what are the odds of that happening I mean they're very small out. Philadelphia. Could call over the spread too I think they're gonna cover a spread no I don't think they're gonna cover the spread but these. Patriot games have been right and who write non that the tip toes here is what they've been doing. But that's as the two guys who win the game. I would say there's 5% or less chance of that. That I have now despite all that. This is a classy. Riches to rags situation and not rags to riches richest Iraq's right because the patriots are some post 22. To win. This game I just did nothing to gain from winning the game. They have everything to lose. Everything that everything to lose and nothing to gain. The spot they're out there are worth worst positions to be. And in this particular on the patriots lost to Eli Manning in a couple super right that's the the blue lights. That's the the state gauge on the page is Reza may put aside from that they have beaten Matt Ryan. Russell Wilson Donovan McNabb while he vomit on the sidelines Jake DelHomme who now works in the horse racing business. He's a horse racing guy. Kurt Warner. Well those are all of the quarterbacks of the patriots have beaten. In this current run at outside. Of Jake DelHomme that's a pretty good. Pretty good as Matt Ryan has been a wonderful regular season quarterback Russell Wilson off to a great start his career. And has established himself as not a one hit wonder. I'm McNabb put up huge regular season stats. At least in comparison some of the other eagle quarterbacks of the years of Kurt Warner is a hall of fame player that's that's not Estrada a mincemeat list. A quarterback's not the final thing on this will take some phone calls year. In a moments if you wanna call it W was the number has not changed at 6177797. 937. At 6177797. 937. But the final thing that you would expect the patriots. As they typically do with Bill Belichick you're gonna go to Defcon one. They're doing it right now they're brokering down preparing the magic potion to get by the Philadelphia Eagles in the slowdown. Nick fools to exploit his many weeks. And in the Super Bowl is eight different. Beast it's a different beast right not everyone is able to handle it but should there be a miscalculation. Should there be a glitch. It in this particular suitable I've maintained my position. That that would not be looked upon kindly by those that are trying to. Did knock holes in this run for the patriots. That would be blight that would be big yours in the day a loss to Eli Manning and the giants. Absolutely. You have that on. He's he's gonna go back to being a backup now beating nick pulls a that's not a feather in your cap you can't believe brag about yet or are you supposed to do. That's supposed that habits of the lost the economic. Which again is a pretty good conundrum. Pretty good conundrum to be. That's with a new findings. I'd spend Mallory and you know we are hanging out together here on WE EIA illegal leak. Night chatter and we will get to the phones. Momentarily. But before we do that. I've been mentioning this story from the state run NFL network. Which is very positive. Very very positive in that Rob Gronkowski is going to be. Ol OK. Okay it's good. Audio reports are optimistic. Or gronkowski. Well wait. There's more. Because the wrestling world. Has chide me you know that's that's drunks future Rob Gronkowski is future is in professional rest. He will work for the W Debbie and Dell mode Joseph Riley has checked in and said that wrong we will be good to go. For the suitable. You've got nothing to worry about them not only do you have the NF Phil media arm. The state run media say that not only you have that you now also have. You'll also have a professional wrestling body of Rob Gronkowski. That's a win win situation. That is absolutely a win win situation. Arts it's that bad out there and you the peanut gallery is it checking in here. On a social media. Vols fan Jimmy says he's he's listening to the Mallard marathon. And he says I haven't lost. No weight with these marathons for a role Jimmy's. Will Jamie that's because you are eating way too many a corpse. You gotta cut back at your cards. So bad job by you. That's that's the issue there. Yeah you got it yet roll back on. EE too many cars it doesn't match like. I L lost a lot of weight hasn't worked out lost lot of weight back in the day. But it doesn't matter like. That's the thing that sucks about why I go to the gym every morning does that IR OT. I I do my idea my overnight show. Barking like a dog. Bark bark bark bark park. And then I what I do is I I go to the gym after easily have a perking Callahan on. For example this morning. Are just moments after midnight yesterday morning. They were they spent about forty minutes breaking down travel plans on a private plane to suitable. They were they were discussing that which was which was amazed who were there getting into. I've never flown on a privately. I've never up producer Chris have you ever flown on a private plane like in nice nice private flight. I can't say I ever have but I can tell you I would love to. Be nice write a key. Yeah of the date the plane takes off when you get there. You you don't have to worry about who's gonna be sitting next to you could you know the people on the plane. It's got to be next to be beautiful thing. A minute that's you know that it took to wait for your group to be called to get on the plane you know especially all the stuff that Sox about. About flying. Enough to worry about. Say yeah it's pretty nice. And anyway aren't as civil takes a phone call to die did also later on I wanted to Gideon. To the the story involving. Minnesotans. Who are very upset. Spit and fire at the Philadelphia eagle fans. And we get sued now we're rather than. Rather the way. We got a couple minutes so I wanted to get into it now allows you to label do it now. So there is an end this is a locally generated story Minnesota. But it could affect if you're planning on going to the if you're planning on going to the Super Bowl. A few more lucky ones in the Buick over Minnesota the civil. Let me let me point out that. You might not be too close to eagle there's not but just because they're regal for. But some of the viking. Fans so upset the US supporters of the vikings. At the animal like activity. All of the Philadelphia fans and how they treated the viking fans over the weekend. That they are planning on retaliation. Against the people from South Philadelphia. That are wearing green the the beast the Philadelphia. And it was it was quite amusing some of these are talking about we're including. Signing up to become over drivers just so they can drop eagle fans off at the wrong place. Things like that ways to mess with Philadelphia eagle fans they are very have to know where that actually happens or not. Or it's just social media chatter. I I did there will be set up I would bet there there will be solved and there. And there's a whole the whole list of things that the the viking. Fans were talking about it and I'm not guess that you can't do any illegal. I mean you could do something illegal but you can get caught you're going to jail. But it to counteract. The overwhelming. Disease of Philadelphia eagle for it to counterbalance that. I got to figure your patriots fan you're going to the Super Bowl you're going to be. You're gonna be having the support locals the the contingent in the Twin Cities is they want the pages they wanna see the patriots win. And more important just don't act like a savage the end of fall. And therefore they really have your back. I let's go full call let's go to Tim. Who is up next year on WT I late night with me. Then matter what's going Od Tim. You tell meet him what's on your money. And you know all about outlook for all. Was like twelve or one year thirteen to me you know the preach it's. At securing the last two mirrored they got the lead your belief they ought. If you look at all option well all week that we grew the leaders signed a rare ones. All occurring for a five point eight every note it's all well earlier we are already. So it's not like we spirit is steam roll. Robert feel that why does he. I mean you know we have and our hope that you'll that we took their period. I I don't pay no I don't think it is a boost to wall and they and then I just think I expect fifty minutes ten explaining why. I wanted to great detail. It all. What's what if you lose that if you lose to make full that's embarrass. That's embarrassing if you lose in the polls this war that's that's a blight it is. Get it there or more apparent I don't know it would never saw my rabbit that it's what all I hear the talk Internet or go watch station. I'm Greg for a while upper lip. They well that ever walked off a weird have a vote on Iraq while. Yeah I'll handle all or are a lot for that Ali you know which I don't between returns we spread the fallout already all. But I beat you feel ripped into the pocket parents. Don't like you're not going to be prepared by water back oh. Yeah well the other of before they're trying to sell the fact that this is the end of the patriots in that they do they were lucky to get by Jacksonville. And now they will not get past the Philadelphia is because as continue to Smart guy you know how this works it makes for more compelling television. If people pick the patriots on television they picked the favorite you'll pick a favorite. You picked the under dog. Because you get more attention if you pick the underdog. Aren't you look much market peaks anymore mama you don't owe it. Are records aren't gonna let it grow and have your op Vieira. It's your beer your lapel. I thank you Tim you're good guy seem like a good guy to. Thank. And I'll be here tomorrow night. This is not a one night opportune I was you the other guys filled in on Sunday. Amid a rare special appearance. With my guy Chris who is producing ash. He rear pop. That's it's our. All right so what's the vibe good to be like it was supposed to be a home game for the vikings except they tripped and stumbled they Bobble they lost and so what's the Eagles represent any NFC and the patriots course. Going against the Philadelphia Eagles there's a lot of depressed people in Minnesota well one of the members of the Philadelphia Eagles traveling party. Pull leave his believes that the Eagles are going to benefit they're gonna be the benefactor. And are gonna have a competitive advantage in what is supposed to be neutral site game. Is suitable 52 we will get into that. And we will do it next. Well it's supposed to be neutral site game suitable 52 in. We will be micro analyzing that from now until well till they actually play their game you're on the VI. With me bed Mallard bought one of the key members of the Philadelphia Eagles traveling party. Believes. That the Eagles will have and a leg up. In what is supposed to be a neutral site game. In Minneapolis now that is Jim Schwartz be defensive coordinator. Of the Philadelphia was did you hear what Jim Schwartz had to say. Did you hear what Jim Schwartz that is a IE you might not have Jim Schwartz who's been around for a long time right the old lions coast it's such a great job with the Los Angeles he didn't. But Jim Schwartz waxed poetic. I'll buy out the Super Bowl and the setup for the Super Bowl and he then talked about the lunatic eagle fans a little you can use the word lunatic. That we're celebrating jumping up on white clothes that recovered and Chris goal. And doing all these amazing things they reduced acting like they're complete knuckle sides. Following the NFC championship game. And did Jim Schwartz indicated. That since the Eagles had not been to the Super Bowl in awhile. And since they haven't won one. He thinks. That the eagle fan base is going to have to make it to Minneapolis it is actually I'm paraphrasing some of these. But they are going to do what they did to the Super Bowl what they did when they went to these two West Coast the Eagles had a couple of road games. Out on the West Coast they overtook the rain and stadium was again invasion. All of Philadelphia eagle Spain's. And in a Schwartz talked about egos are expensive the tickets are blob blob problem lies is not going to be easy. But he thinks that the there will be many more eagle fans there. As opposed to patriots fans and yet he also said that she said. You're gonna hear a lot of people. Singing our fight song as opposed to the patriots vice. Now Chris. You know the patriots fights on. It's a do yeah do they even have a flights. It's not my I'd say we don't. There's no I'd like I don't know page I would've heard along the way somewhere like you know that hokey Miami Dolphins fights on his back. Hail to the rich schemes the Eagles have fly Eagles fly. I it if maybe I'm missing it put it Chris if you haven't heard one guy I know I have never. He treat fights all. Only exists and I guarantee you will not be hearing. Any kind of patriot fight song being song. That's not gonna happen. Is there any more annoying though of any group of Philadelphia eagle fans. It's a singing fly Eagles fly not a single thing yeah. Although I will make it much more enjoyable. Should the patriots win the game. Two day and stick it back in the face of eagle fans that that'll make you more more of an enjoyable. Experience is go to Peter who is next up here on WEEI. Appear what's going on you're always me Ben matter what's up. I resort the other primary I got I lost actually know. Welcome back Peter youth. Your perseverance has paid off. Aliens Samaria trip do you want bin to sneak preview of the so mobile can change Harrison will played a huge role. In this game. Yeah you're that's what your foreshadowing here your your psychic powers Peter your connection with the alien community. I think so what I feel optimistic and I'm very because then. So global entry in a role and what kind of arm to a crawl on the program goal. Russian Jew and I shouted and Solomon's they'd get on the one yard line. What went fourteen Cole all that you inject a white outline. That scored fourteen did you break. Up that either. The appeal that that's that's quite detailed their vote back do you do you long for those days the appeal because no one was really cared about the pages that you probably had the run of the place when you're young guy Peter. US and run a place right. I don't know myself I had a whole miracle branch coal metal pension you sound. Inauguration Omar it is still ought. Was it like you you look back at that that it's not gonna be like this it would take like thirty years of the page is being terrible for them to get back. To that is there's only patriot fans now I remember Peter not I am not old guy but I remember when I first started doing radio. Except Peter. You or good at that old young guys but I I recall. When I first daughter and and I would take calls of my syndicated show went on in Boston. The overnight show and that a lot of the guys they even care about when the teacher started winning super bulls in the early two thousands. They were like allowing all the guys like giants and jets as they weren't they when he did the patriots. Now. It you know bodies. Yet you know odds. Listen if I hit the lottery. Outrage on my part to play next week or you want to call. I'm in tears I'm in man we'll have a great time it be wonderful. Love nice food on that plane right Peter. I'll have to talk much period or you can interviewed a roast Turkey. Sirloin steak tips or lost there. Eight and let me tell you know what is right next week and also like Adam assignment out pretty ordinary assistant this screen in the polls. Find all the weather report. Now we can if she can. In Minnesota mothers it's the beef freezing Peter. It's Minnesota in February UDU irony a look at the whether it's gonna be like zero or five degrees pretty much every day out. That they have option most storm may have bad days Guttenberg water near white out. But now we. There is a dome so as long as the players can get to the stadium they're gonna play the game that the show must go on Peter I don't care about the way it's. I didn't. Didn't want what they can all hang out. You'd think Britney Corso have a big role in this game at Joseph what quark or shout what you think in o'clock at all there's Barack exemplary. Are we thank our. Vary as an old time patriots Eagles back to the of this terrible days the guard buys days of the patriots. Put not to that's a better load like the old patriot. I like the squatting amass god I do better logo. Not a fan of the the more modern version which course modest and for. A zillion years now itself. But odds here it's obvious you know the answer people asked a rhetorical question. For the Patriots offense to be clicking. Of course braving coaxed on behalf gonna have to be making plays. It's kind of poppies that goes without saying art that's Ben valor and you were hanging out here late night fun. On WE EEI as the Celtics are in. In some trouble against the lakers looks like their. Indeed some divine intervention here against lakers down by six with 26 seconds the ghosts of the Celtics on the brink of a fourth. Consecutive loss and age and they then have to play back to back there's still in LA this on tonight I guess that's after minutes of play the clippers. In their next game second item back to back it it is the dog. Show and enter the dole show it to that. Do. Next. In Baghdad that we go to is the dog show get a that right about now as the Celtics and lakers. So those were down by six with 26 seconds to go. And they have closed the margin in LA they're only down by one with seven seconds. To go so. And yet in interest in finish that he Celtics are making life miserable. For the lakers should just to give you've been over. Seven minutes ago we gave should've been over with the Celtics have not. Folded up the old tent there but as far as the playoffs are concerned in the NFL now after gambler. You know were I'm going with this if your game. But if you're not a gambler. I'll let me explain here now the B three of the NFL closed season. It's all a Bol the dole. The underdog the 2018 NFL playoffs that the bedding statistics. Ten games in the NFL playoffs. Favorites in the post season have covered the point spread. One of time. And I realize have been giving out the advice my knee jerk reaction is to take the patriots in suitable. And even though the numbers indicate you don't bet on the favorite you bet on the underdog. And while there are no more home field advantage is in the playoffs the teams that have been at home. The teams that have been home in the playoffs. Three and seven. Against the spread. The whole favorite. That is eight games and that the Eagles underdogs in both their games for the home favorite is one in seven. Against the spread so it is being in eight post season where the the underdog. Has been the case. Now does that continue. Does that continue in the Super Bowl up come. Just because it worked out that way up until this point does not. Does not mean that the same things gonna have a right what past results don't guarantee future outcomes. As the line goes. Leonard is interest at this kind of information you wish you had. Before the playoffs started because you could have won enough money you could have gotten yourself your own private jet. To run off. To the Soo horrible. As the as the saying that saying goes them. My guy fun house in New York says all the callers on your WE I showed nights like lines guy. Crippled the once got my god my regular guy who calls my other show from. From your heating called. Arnold thank you to Chris my producer tremendous job by Chris Schneider and a heck of job produces radio show. And fake you we will be back at it tomorrow but whatever you do work every UN depth tonight. Keep it locked right here on W yeah I'd have a good night. I advise.