WEEI Late Night - A new name is connected to the Patriots this offseason, but is it a player the team will be willing to deal with? 2-13-18

WEEI Late Night
Wednesday, February 14th

Hour 2 of WEEI Late Night gets going as Big Ben Maller parses through the rumors that defensive lineman Mohammad Wilkerson could soon become available because the Jets no longer wish to deal with him.  Would the Patriots be willing to make a deal with a defensive playmaker they desperately need?  Maller also addresses Frank Reich's introductory presser in Indy and Lane Johnson's comments about a fear based organization.


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A need for defense. Desperately need for defense the New England Patriots learning. In the Super Bowl there if you cannot stop anyone. You are not your not going to win even against a second rate back up quarterback who is now being compared to god. Mick fools the patriots embarrass the Super Bowl sows the off season gets going. There are stages to this. Who were the patriots going to add who're they going to get. Defensively whether there's a new name that has entered into the conversations and as we begin a new this hour. On net WEEI into the 11 o'clock hour we go on late night. With me then Mallard and I'm gonna toss this out here because it's it's making its row owns. In the the nighttime hours year as the possibility. At one point. This player was the preeminent one of the preeminent defensive. Players in the NFL he has fallen on hard times right now. And it looks like he will be available. For pennies on the dollar. Talk about Mohamed will proceed. Of the jets is being reported out New York that the jets are going to release. Mohammed Wilkinson. The debate is whether or not it happens quickly meaning in the next couple months you the next session next couple weeks more likely war. That mean did. That midway point that June 1 deadline. But Wilkinson. Who is. A good amount of money playing for the jets and that's a productive years he's also got. A whole lot a ton. Of carry on baggage. Atomic Gerri on bags about I want to talk about Israel quick now the chances that Bill Belichick and the patriots would be interest median. Mohamed will pursue in. If he is indeed alike Irish music. It assuming that he's let Joan is just a simply a money grab situation and it. You're not gonna demand too much money if you're Mohamed will proceed. He's he's been in the NFL now since 2011. He's got a whole lot of drama. Off the field. And he's being. A good player not a not a great player but he's been a good player he's been to the probe mobile Ford is bitter all pro a couple of times. In his career with the jets the reason to think that he will be someone that the patriot tool least investigate. Itself is he comes from a divisional own. This is a guy a couple of years ago. Who got a 53. Million dollar guarantee sign that big contract in the summer. Tony sixty before the 2016 season. Andy he's obviously in the doghouse the jets have made a bunch of changes there and now will proceed looks like will be. Available but at times he signed that contract. He was eight players that was was tremendous getting the court is that he had double digit sacks. The year before in a contract grabbed. With the jets. Put it it's also not that he's a million years old he's issues or off the field. And considering that the patriots at some of the guys they picked up. In the last couple years late in the season. It's not out of the realm of possibility. In fact I would say it's more probable than not to use that. That term. That you need help on defense. You want someone that's done it before who's not. A dinosaur. Will Christians 28 years old. You looking for that rebirth. Situation have an idea of reawakening. In your career. That you could do worse. You could do worse. It then bring in Mohamed will pursue at least give him an opportunity to reestablish himself. And have a bounce back season. And I didn't get to go against the jets a couple times he interrupted the jets are a legitimate threat. To the patriots. Put that extra motivation he knows the divisional opponents has been in the division's entire career. There are reasons to light that. Potential Maier reached down the line. But first the jets actually have to go through and release. A Mohammed Wilkens. Now meanwhile. This was supposed to be he. Josh McDaniels budget last week was supposed to be Josh McDaniels they we know what happened. But Indianapolis. This afternoon. In a by their standards Gallup media event they introduced freight right. As their new head coach. And we know how these stories unity as the new coach to pep rally it's everything's great disguise the greatest coach in the world. But that was Josh McDaniels date that was supposed to be Josh McDaniels gig he had the job. And he got cold feet and he ended up we know what happened in the staying. With the patriots. And so now he's the coach in waiting supposed to be the coach in waiting. The patriots but today is it. Interest in chapter. In this particular store because the colts they went overboard they were doing full long character. Not character assassination of Josh began his pursuit but they were trying to pump up the character of frank Reich where by the end of this news conference. Their fan base was convinced that frank Reich was across which is Angela Bill Belichick and Lombardi. If they got together and had a child it would be francoeur. Right that that that's the way this was being positioned there and so the coals trumpeted the Reza may have frank Wright and a guy that wasn't even in their top ten candidates. Until Josh McDaniels decided to zig. What he was supposed to zag. And I wanna talk about it from the standpoint of the current patriots offered support on this conversation with you about this now that. The question is race. Do you think it Josh McDaniels. Has regrets. Over sticking it to the calls until about now talking about today. And last week. It's in the rearview mirror about talk about at this particular moment having watched. The the the session the media session there were Reich was rolled out the but the red carpet at blue carpet out. And welcome to me and now that the question do you think to make danys has any risk the the answer is absolutely. I absolutely. Josh McDaniels wherever he is tonight is Lleyton. He's he's got a little anxiety there and my thoughts on this you've got. Either decisive. Mixed emotions. Crossing the rule book drop the rubicon and also human HE you've got that mixed into this is what you get those things in. And a bunch of other things well but the global tire Ellis to get a number one. Having seen this this event here with frank Reich being introduces the colts coach from from Josh McDaniels side of things. This is also were causing. This candidate this event is also causing because he's earned the reputation. Josh McDaniels of being someone. Who these. Hesitant. To make usage. Is that a fair statement to me I think it's a very accurate stayed out how you can disagree without. Considering how wishy washy he was. On the colts job but not even the cost jobs for Josh McDaniel is that the last couple years his knee and popped up. For different head coaching jobs and he was kind of been doing it wasn't really into it. Sole. Catalyst who the test just how he is he's indecisive about these Kenneth. And LA and it did he make some kind of cosmic misstep your Josh McDaniels not taking this job. Time is gonna die at this point signal. At this point you'd say were the calls jobs not a good job. I it's not. We clearly mcdaniels at one point oh. He. It's thought it was a good enough job to take you he thought it was a good enough job or the money was too much to pass up. And he was all the desire is hiring his coaches to be the colts that coach. In that don't we know he ended up now in this situation it's it's it's the quagmire. And that's how we ended up in the spot. The the other factor if you look at the beat the angels conundrum. With frank Reich being named the head coach Josh McDaniels. Talk about crossing the rubicon. There's no turning back and bite so you might have that all serve in your stomach you can have that. What you crossed over. I eat you can't go back and yet have to thing. Let me Daniels is hoping that frank Reich is battered his job. That that he does a face plant that he slips on the banana peel. Coaching in the Indianapolis otherwise it doesn't it make Josh McDaniels. Look bad that look worse negative the colts are good. And he didn't as could've had that job. And didn't have that job and then turned it down own. That that looks poorly on his resident. Up the colts stink if they're terrible. Then especially good vessel that's a blessing four for Josh McDaniels. Well but I was look at these things I have a lot of a shot and for have a lot I think we all have a lot of shot and fluid. And I know in my dealings different jobs I've anger dot. And I ended dabble in shod foot with the people that did get those jobs. It's human nature a healthy dose of that. Is not a bad. I'm not a bad thing at all the last particular point on this. There is clearly the whole lot more prestige. Coaching the patriots than there would be coaching the the Indianapolis schools. In this is the epicenter. It is continue to be the epicenter of the NFL for the past forty years. Blood. As a -- this a calculated. Risk and that's why you combine that with the wishy washy nature. Of Josh McDaniels and and that's why he's not fields of he's hanging out tonight to a reason easily. Integrated spot to be at. And if everything's accurate. And we're getting mixed signals on this that mcdaniels is. The coach in waiting and the message that the patriots are trying to get out at least a number of former patriots is that not that's not the case. And and legally can't be the case he can't have written contract that says Josh McDaniels is going to be. The next head coach. Of the page between dole that's not allowed. Bly. Assuming he is being grown which is an accurate assumption. To be the next coach of the patriots. Beings do wind up change. Things you'll end up changing and right now everything is looking great eighty's he's been around the page is a long time as well longest tenured coordinators. In the NFL. And he's he's making a lot more money how much more money we don't the reports are he's he's got a big pay raise that they. The Kraft family got together and said he. We're gonna compensate you for not taken the colts yeah. But that doesn't mean. That. A year from now or two years now. Things are gonna go completely sideways. Josh Daniels has kicked down own the latter. Now like eagle to the roof you get a fix on the roof. You've kicked down the latter that's how you're gonna get off the roof. Right there's no way off the roof p.s on the rupees on the patriot through fear. And the latter two other NFL jobs has been kicked down. Eating is patriots or dust at this particular point he needs. Bill ballot should act. His step away sooner or later that's the other problem that's the other part of this. You look at all the different wrongs to this this story in its brought back up again because the colts fired their coach. What the longer Belichick stays around he's physically. He's fine. I'd physically and unless there's something that we don't know about. That you know how how he Thomas on the YouTube completely unaware about health wise. She's got to have a bitter taste and has not Belichick after what happened. If he's defense he's mr. defensive coach Bill Belichick defense completely sock. In the Super Bowl. And yet they still had a chance to win the game albeit a small chance considering how they could stop. I'm nick pulls which you wanna leave I don't that the whispers are he could leave before the start next season Belichick just walk away Josh McDaniels. When no one's paying attention to take take the reins as the head coach. But you that I mean Ito about replacing bell a check that's a lot easier Tom Brady's still here. And if Brady still play at a high level and and clearly that's a good spot to be he would. But what Brady's you know two years and now Brady retires and then mcdaniels becomes the coach. Good luck you don't feel all banks that is you ever heard the name Phil banks that. Probably not right lets you like an old time football guy. Old school football historian. Phil thanks in what he he was recently beat in her own head coach the patriots. In the 1970 in 19720. That is not. What he's known he is better known. As the guy that replaced. Vince Lombardi. With the Green Bay Packers in late 1960s. Phil. Banks and is the guy's name he took over the Packers in 1968 after this glorious run. In the the salad days of the packer franchise. And then he had a losing record. With a lot of the other the old bombarding players that were left over a year as it is to have a losing record. In Green Bay following in the footsteps. And Josh McDaniels if you as the guy he will be the one following in the footsteps. After Bill Belichick Q with the patriots what are your thoughts on all of that if you would like the number. And there's a lie and Oprah for you 617. 779. Seven. You can be part of the show a 93 cents a 6177797937. And you can also email immediate pain. Mallard. At WEEI. Dot com to the phones we goal. And Wasilla to show on who's in Westport and he's up next year on Debbie I was. One on John. Mark Kelly don't. I would give a follows any better idea Red Sox but not David Price is he seems like he bitter unhappy guy what's on your mind notional. Are bought by a book about the Puget future armed and then Opel alternately midnight vehicle or an earlier so. Always seem to great quarterback on the team one being Curtis Martin. You know BM. A stroke what can name from the Cincinnati. We don't Corey billion should they got him for a up. Skeptic. Went about then go and apps there is in Butte and same situation. Revive complement it's career come in ammunition they have for what impact that these that mean that cornerback. Hopefully Eric yet though it's quite all a team that guys. So bad on speculative look at it and we don't have that they weren't equity at what it it would don't Meyer and nor you know and. So that is one. Yet the show honestly there's one problem with you talk about Adrian Peterson the main Adrian Peterson sounds great you you play this deeply Wall Street also argue you play the stock market. It but you ever heard the phrase don't try to catch a falling knife you ever heard that before. Yeah that would apply to Adrian Peterson you. He was it really was just on the interest as he was he was still in his elect when he isn't wanna play for the raiders like Adrian Peterson wants to play. Like he's easy skills have deteriorated. The last the last couple years he is last you're the vikings Peterson was terrible. And he he was he sucked this year had one really good game with the cardinals. Is first game against Tampa Bay he was great and yeah and then after that he didn't do any I I wouldn't touch it. I wouldn't brand he's gonna struggle to find a job in the NFL Peterson's. That you committed the Erica time I think it it'll provide a little bit with them and like. If you want that through the whole trip he'd fit in that you know being a bump along garlic you want in saint relic now we can add up all the time we have to a guy that are. Healthy and young. Your focus is it you're focused on offense what about Mohamed Wilkerson the news out tonight he's gonna be let go by the jets in the offseason there's a guy. Look look at cannot if you don't come in strong while former immediate boycott earned that you complete games poised one being Ochocinco. Is in pain or. K brutal beat Amanda they had that don't even put let him. The target chip and women in that kind buddhism about. Fat Albert it was a disaster. Those lines yet more avail already bought out of them and do any work that are great fun. All right ours you've made your pitch your elevator pitch for Adrian Peterson. I'm not I'm not I'm not going down Adrian Peterson I. He had this time he had his time. He's busy house Adrian Peterson was these. Peterson. Abuse 32 rhetoric of thirty threes like that. Adrian Peterson. And the production the last couple years. He looks like it honestly that's the thing about Adrian Peterson he's in great shape he's 32 years always get a birthday. Coming up next month so be 33 by next. NFL season now he did say. He plans on playing. Four or five more years in the NFL. Good luck. He can play the ex FL that's tomorrow rather bring in the exit felt lacking in opportunity to play there. Yeah she will be dying to sign Adrian Peterson when he's got a criminal record those they can't sign. That's that's that's an issue that indicated they they said Vince McMahon is a day were not bringing guys in with criminal records. So does not going. I I want to I want to pose a question here is gonna throw this out not IE. I don't. Not Olympic. I'm not. And it's just I'm not into a here's some of these and Honda BI but I listen some of the other like national shows they're talking about the Olympics. I just I don't get it I've not had. The vibe like I'd rather watch I was watching the dog show. On fox sports one I had that on in the studio here I was chilly and out earlier. But I error watched. Budget dogs parade around than the Olympics. It's just I am and I must be missing something here it's very difficult team yet much compelling conversation. Olympic. Olympic conversation on the radio I hear people try to do it from time to time is. It what do you think you know I was complaining to some guys. It to a short fox at a late night shortage. And those who planned the guys who were on before me. The suggestion. Because they were trying to like talk about hurling on the radios that we need to win. Hell's going on if you lost your bleeping mind trying to break down early on the an owner rusty yeah. I'd rather break down what Mohammed will focus and kind of bowel movement he takes. Than in talked about curling on the radio. Let's just facilities gestured to. Not here but other places they do they attempt attempt to do it. Our it's the NFL's version of a popularity. Contest the NFL's version of popularity contest. Would pit at that and we will do it next. They'll get back to the phone calls here in any Malkovich and Josh McDaniels has yet I have mixed emotions as the colts hired frank Reich. As their new head coach introduced him at a news conference in the afternoon no one of the stories year. This just shatter old. Rank right is that all of a Josh McDaniels how he does with the patriots. Going for assuming he eventually replaces Belichick. As sick of these two guys gonna be settled together. And in frank Reich success will be judged against Josh McDaniels and to some degree vice Versa and so why I bring this up now. This was brought up. At the news governing producer Chris we have the audio on this put the piece SoundBite you'll hear the question here at the and the news conference. Frank Wright was asked. About Josh McDaniels and I don't want giveaways let's just those play the audio let's listen to a frank Reich as he tries to tap dance around. And also a follow up to that. Do you hate or love Josh McDaniels for what happened. I'll I'll I'll hang up what's your answer congratulate. Okay love. Ma'am as far as those second question I'm gonna answer that just for you happen. The backup role has suited me well in my career. Are off of a love the uncomfortable laughter. Which is just so. I was Pat McAfee the former. Former cold whose note that bar stool and doing these things there. Asking the question. I wanna point out though that frank Reich didn't actually answer the question you can actually hints of equities up back up like in the back up which he has. Q mcdaniels had had cold feet and frank Reich would be fishing somewhere getting ready for next. I NFL season now on another story that there was been kicked Iran has been in the echo chamber you the last couple of days lane Johns. At the end of last week Wayne Johnson. Eagles' offensive lineman he said on media podcasts. Over par stool he he Eagles office alignments. At a sense up paraphrase this but he said that. The eagle please remember is you Burgos is an eagle players have won. When you play for the Eagles who have fallen. And the patriot players have the year. It's a fear based operation with the patriots made a big to do about this in this reverberate greater around for a couple of days it was eight hawking point. He got hashed hashed out I bring this up. Because the state run NFL media. They he went to twenty of the top. NFL. Suspects or prospects as many people say. Players that are expected be drafted very high in the 2018 NFL draft is to place the Senior Bowl last month. And they asked these players a series of questions one of the questions this is the incoming. Next wave of talent in the NF. And one of the questions on this survey was which NFL coach. Would you most like to play for. Okay which NFL coach would you most like to play it. Now I have a list in front of me. And is 1234567899. Coaches were Nate. So they asked forty players and nine coaches were me. Now there were three coaches they got three votes each. That list included Mike Tomlin. From Pittsburgh Sean Payton. With the saints. And Jon Gruden. Of all right it's Jon Gruden made the list from his. Ravishing work. On television. How we both cheating Bill Belichick guy. On this particular. Survey of random future NFL players. The had a number in your head there's only twenty players the two partners. Bill Belichick. Got. The most votes he had four votes. Four votes. Those toys to look at ideas to Islam as you can either say. That's because. Players wanna win and they wanna play for the patriots because they know that playing for Bill Belichick means. That they're gonna be any good spot and they don't mind. Being part of a fear based organization is laid Johnson called. The patriots. Four if you wanna be a cynical. Type of person there were a bad thing. You can say that this is merely. A bunch of NFL player's future NFL players that were trying to suck up like this good job interview. We view our. We're answering these doping questions at the Senior Bowl everything you do is being analyzed at least in theory everything you do is being analyzed. In the lead up to the NFL draft and soul. Teams want to believe in this utopian world that you want to win right that you wanna win the patriots. Other that the definition of what I also wanna point out that not a single player. Of the twenty that were questioned. Brought up the name dog Peterson. I'm Doug Peterson was not. Said on this particular survey Hewitt Pete Carroll get a couple of loads dean queen. Did acquitted of of the falcons got a couple bullets and Jason Garrett bill O'Brien. And boy wonders Sean McVeigh. With the rams also. Make in the cut. And Mallory knew little late night fun for you and Ellis say hello to Wi fi mint hippie. Who's in Miami listen to WEEI hello Judy Mann hippies. And I love. Love you move. EU EU smaller of the year. Bought Alex you know Borg and they're not responding we cannot talk. And they brought. All of our kingdom. About a football Anglo I'm really sorry it would yeah I know deep end. Okay. And Tom Brady getting at all. And yet patent jedi guard back at the HCA. Jews as. Snarl. You've been really good young. And boy it allows you aren't we may all. Your high. We've been what was going on we I have this topic every time you call in the W yeah he liked when I do these shows. What's what's going on with what it was and you ahead when you give your views totally different caller would you call it here WEEI why is that we've made. All I am I just. Top fighters are. Wrong we did you all are playing American foreign all of it. Who we know really leave I T is typically we wait. Yeah so he could hold the entire show here human model for almost two hours what have you been doing productive weed man since I began. Back at 10 o'clock what have you been doing. Now how. Will want to change it. I don't know football basketball. Idol I don't OJ yeah yeah yeah should be worn out like I say there are made in pride. Ninth each armed fight and he shorter. Eight. In the way in the NBA bad. Well you would test the drug test in the Indian that would be the problem we weren't you can't get past the drug test. I would not at the drug yet. Then I played basketball widget I love. It looked flawless. Go play basketball IE you're obsessed with LeBron James we'd you know every time I talk do you bring LeBron james' name up in the converts H. Quarks and one thing explore. And you just got to actual golf team for a few weeks and Robert Gordon and eight championship. Ritual blocking and he'd go to win. Though he's not easily analyze and I don't win the cavaliers are not ready to get to the files are not winning the NBA championship. Rule guys scored chill. And this guy Larry Nance. You don't even know what the argue you couldn't pick him out of a lineup if I put a lot of mask I play. It will take that shot let yet to gradually you'll know you could take him out well you'd go to weight eat it got on it don't win I wore short. This is it classes I love the fact that you'll react to a lot of the NBA pundits are overreacting to as the cavaliers put a couple of good games including running the Celtics off the court the other night. Or other afternoon. Are are you phone's died. I don't think. C unit charge your phone you're on your battery operated phone situation you are on hold for the the duration they're back in the day I was go to nick who's in Dover and he is next year's late night on WE I was going on nick. Ben that's that the follow right the F thanks to put me on but said plea before I make my point I hope that no one listening out there bases there opinion on whether it. Legalize cannabis. On and on the school's. Or ordered. Nick nick still worried their. You lose giving illegal everywhere given enough time it's already started saudis don't worry about that nick we may have we'll have no impact on that. I just came back from Florida you know you can have one I don't. Of wheat and what's so well that's about that the couple too many ounces so we'd men fool out of it again. He's got more than one pound them and yes sees it. My appointment today. I understand at defend. A couple of that it got to work by half an hour ago I did I what we believe there. That. I am happy or unhappy that they won and that these guys finally have this monkey off their back and they can celebrate. But when they get to the point where in in the in the guy you were talking about that that offensive linemen. Do carry a little too far and I I I respect. The team I respect the city. But what really. If you break it down. Nobody wanted the patriots to win except patriot nation and the patriots. Really came very close to winning this game. Still giving up the the defense of the point that they gave up. Found all yearlong helmet to helmet with a fifteen yard flag all year long. All year long the the rule about. The receiver to catch the ball and it has to keep keep to feet and indicate that while the ground all year long. That was not a touchdown. So the league really I think that we had an out against the patriots and if not. Not too long you could just normal. I think Ellen yeah you. Refs need to there would get rid of these rules. And let them play. Or or enforce them. And in hard argued then that then tell me. While only the the NFL had outlook for the patriots some American the so there's some calls that did not. Did not go the patriots way. That touchdown where the receiver with the Eagles he was juggling the ball on the back of the end zone. Should not retouched and then the trick play before halftime word union avenue of guys that line of scrimmage both those calls went against. Take you spoke when you don't stop nick pulls a backup quarterback it's hard to make you compelling argument. That the ref res when the reason the patriots and when the game so I don't agree with you on that. And these sporadic nature of officiating. It they've they've changed the rule book in my in my lifetime. 56 times been to more than that achieves some key rules in the NFL and they're gonna continue to tweak with the rule book. What it's ultimately still gonna be a judgment call that you could have robotics officials say you're still gonna have to have judgment calls in the NFL. And that's work becomes problematic nick because in a game like the Super Bowl. The referees decide we're not gonna cause many penalties or or or next to none. And it is so it's it's a different the symbols a different animal than the other games. I. It's big it's been OJ himself if you look at his quotes over the years. In the early in the early years of the patriots run when they resemble he would tell his players he lay any don't call holding in the suitable. They'll they'll officials don't wanna stand out there's all there's never that many penalties called soup. So so bad and don't call them during the season. It's all I'm saying. I agree you predict I opt out of four at the you can call holding on every single play there's holding in the NFL on every play. I'm well I I wouldn't let let them do they don't do not call as many penalties I'm all for I don't think I don't disagree that nick. Not ours thank you I appreciate artist. A bit now other late night here on WEEI. And we will take your phone calls there's a lie you know a couple lines open for right now if you wanna union. In sneaking in at 6177797. 93 set. But not suitable they don't call a game Sue Williams never been called. Close ever. Me it's this is a a social event they don't call million penalties in the game. I'm and both teams know that. Go and eat. It anyway all right oh we Yost get me on Twitter at bay in Mallard we have Chris Schein. Our producer here and also you'd email me band dot men out there. At WEEI. Dot com it's been dot Mallard WEEI dot com. Time now for the it's. Trivia and the blatant attempt to get to listen. A couple minutes longer. I'm Matthew Stafford the heat he's of the lies she broke blanks NFL record. For the most pass attempts in a single season. Google backed a handful of years here. Matthew Stafford. Of the Detroit Lions couple years back he broke blinks then a record for the most pass attempts in a single season. In pro football history that is the instant trivia. The answer. And more your phone calls we get to that will do next. Or the instant trivia don't get back to the phone calls here late night finding. And debt securities here it is the history of your Matthew Stafford of the lions. Broke blanks bay in the NFL record for the most pass attempts. In a single season that is the question. What is the answer this did anyone get it right here Davone is going would Jimmy Fallon. As his answer. James is gone with. William Shatner my mortal enemy William Shatner news. He still is he doing stuff on Twitter I'm block they can't follow shed so if you mention my name who get very upset but notice not. It is not William Shatner weight when Shatner have a beef. All you don't know about that critics have no. A timeout all of yeah I gotta I gotta tell that in any other pay off the I gotta tell you that's integrates early but first not the answer and he is the trivia. Former patriot quarterback drool Bledsoe and Drew Bledsoe is the answer he hit the record. Let's let the record for. Eighteen seasons. He had the record 691. Pass attempts. And that was back in 1994 with the old Bill Parcells regime. When Ray Perkins was the offered supportive computers that record held from 1994. All the way through the passing boom years. In the in the NFL which is still going on. Until Stafford broke it with the lines back. And 2012 but yet Chris producer Chris I eighty and this goes back three years I have Vince barring. With pop culture icon William Shatner. Why why you like how did this come about why matter did you ever pick a fight with the one and knowingly if you see the plays I did not pick a fight with the leadership. This thing on the overnight show that you TV spats with Schatz it happened organically. By analyst Wendy on the rest of the night telling the story but we had eighty it was an odd situation and I eat I became friends with a guy by the name of Fred Dryer. Out of you know that is easy use an actor use hunter. On on TV back in like the 1980s he did it TV show the issue played in the NFL. But anyway he he we became friends and so. Fred Dryer the actor would send me messages on Twitter. So Dreier is friends with William Shatner and he would include. William Shatner in these conversations so we started. He shut it would did not use Twitter so he would respond to me. And soul eventually I would see William Shatner pop Opel might timeline on it would be sending me messages. I actually believe it was a what Jack. It's so that I started sending him messages. And Shatner got get very upset with me for awhile he was just having fun would mean as I you know we have a good time. And then. I asked him who we thought was gonna win the Stanley Cup this goes back when the Blackhawks played Tampa Bay Lightning is a couple of years ago and and captain Kirk. Blocked me on Twitter so that I what I did my move was I said okay you know ornament to amen I have. My my guys these the Mallard malicious send him messages on Twitter. Is as is captain Kirk. Is a cultural icon I can't have them upset with me. And so while I had to say hello for me because he blocked me shadow blocking a Twitter and he spent eyes got as my eyewitness there Chris. For about two weeks this goes back several years anyone that mentioned my team on Twitter on Twitter. William Shatner. Blocked. It was on it he was he was going nuts and he's he's in his late eighties and shatters an easy 86 summit that. He's got a birthday coming up next month. But he got so upset with me that that he he became enraged insert a blocking anybody that may actually give you say hey Ben Mallory Cecil loading you. On Twitter you'll like blocking. I don't wanna do now justified got to go block out what it's weird because that like lately he's calmed down a little bit but a few weeks ago we got into it. In early January we got into it. And he claimed that I had violated FCC rules. As I was harassing you because they had listeners in a little. At bat that I advice and shadow is very up on FCC guidelines apparently he's probably a lot you know idle time Alia. I am flattered that just by seeing my mere name. That did that mean that was the captain of the USS enterprise. Would would have such disdain. So it's absolutely enraged yes I've also. It's it's just it's just great and yeah that's that's agree that he result not just not just the Star Trek franchise but hey TJ hooker. Tomorrow another iconic. I iconic role and either but other crap as well yeah that's the that's been William Shatner story. Not a fan. I. Nothing gets him. Other than the crap that he was pitching on television all those years after it was done. The undoing the the Star Trek. A friend just a we'll get back into it if you would like to be part the number 6177797. 937. You get also send me attacks at 37937. In the fire up the old email. As well and that's had been dot Mather at WEEI. Dot com. Here's a guy writes in the Al blister eases. It's not about mold will proceed. He says I'll light Kim what I do not see bill Belichick's signing. Mole locus. If you look at his tendencies he doesn't like paying defensive linemen in their time he'd rather draft pick up a veteran in this much you guys. They have role exceed. When the have gotten paid why I don't disagree that that if Mohamed will proceed is going to demand. A treasure chest. Then yet he's likely not gonna complain for the patriots I don't dispute that my point is good news out tonight. That the jets are expected to part ways with Mo will receive and at some point in the offseason my point is that he he already got the big contract from. The jets he got all that guaranteed money he's had a bad couple years. He's not a whole lot of baggage. Off the fields off. That is gonna follow him around Indy is so there's not a beating war to get Mohamed will person. Might act as an issue you at least do your due diligence and sickness come to the patriots for a year. You put up good numbers you know the Droid put up good numbers of the pages report of a team is going to be in the playoffs. And go far in the playoffs. And then you go somewhere else and you get your money from the cardinals at the vikings or someone like that. I will press on here and we will get. Oval Dooley a deep dive these Celtics are back in action on Wednesday night we'll get to that any another name has popped up as he possible. Destination. Player for the patriots a guy that has been one of them better. Better NFL contributors offensively the last several years his name has popped up as a possibility. For the patriots being talked about will get to that as well we will do it all and we will do it next.