WEEI Late Night - Josh McDaniels is staying in New England 2-6-18

WEEI Late Night
Wednesday, February 7th

Hour 1 of WEEI Late Night is off and running as Big Ben Maller breaks down the HUGE story that broke just hours before the show began that Josh McDaniels had turned down the Indianapolis Colts head coaching gig in order to stay in New England as the Patriots offensive coordinator.


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Well it is the unexpected. That makes for tremendous radio and just dropped right the the fact that it had been a solo home. Josh McDaniels who's gonna say goodbye to the patriots and head off to. Lead the Indianapolis go tonight and assumed he can't even use the word assumed. When the team announces. Big Daniels is going to be introduced as the new head coach on all the other social media channels. There's no longer rumor. It is no longer speculation. It is reality. In fact. The colts encouraged. People to logon. To social media on Wednesday to welcome. Josh McDaniels to an introductory news conference. And oops yeah we I assume you've heard by now I assume you're aware. Of the plot twist. In this drama but if you've been living in a vacuum bag job by Jane what I Josh McDaniels. Has said no. At the last minute. Embedded in the last minute beyond the last minute beyond the finish line he had agreed verbally to a contract mcdaniels backing out. You will not replace chuck put god now. As the head coach in Indianapolis in stated. Is gonna stick around knowingly and he will continue on. As the offensive coordinator of the patriots is all of those big words you hear. When stories happened that it usually get used to much shocker starter. Mike drop situation. I'll add on to that eight kick in the nuts to Jimmer say the owner of the colts. And were still dating it's a defamation it's pretty cool to be here like is I would imagine over the next. Three hours it will be a slow drip. Of different pieces to the puzzle of why this happened in there is some new information out. In the last couple minutes as well and has been been coming in here but it just trying to give you AD. Description. As of information that I have here regarding this move. The the information is that Robert Kraft and the patriot brain trust got together in a any. I've come to Jesus moment if you deal with Josh make games which also included. I'm more money. More money a sweetener. Which always gets my attention I think due to a few thing about changing jobs and your employers like out you'll more money that helps. That absolutely absolutely helps but all of this together was able to convenes. Mcdaniels to not leave to stay around. And we're told her once saying in the Bill Belichick he's going to remain on it was us and them to mutt and and Bradford earlier there and guys were called up and I and I assume what it's on the same stuff in it. Belichick's gone that he's gonna just in the middle of the night here walk away. And he will not coach the patriots next year but everyone who seems to know. They say that that's not the case that Belichick is gonna stick around and that. This these are two separate situation even though they certainly seem like they're married together. That these are two super separate entities that Belichick. And his future. Are not directly tied Josh McGann is although it certainly ME common sense tells you that that hat it has to be. A connection there has to be connection. So let's get into it here. And the question in. Is these kind of self explanatory. Josh McDaniels by doing the case. By making the decision after verbally agreeing. The take over as coach of the Indianapolis Colts. He has no other option Reggie has still become. The coach. Of the patriots the head coach of the page to me the only way to answer that is yes correct the mood all right that's the way this has to go to now. The way it's played out here I was expecting a totally different show I was expecting coming here and rant about Easter reimposed. By Malcolm Butler. And Tom Brady and all that is that was the big story the afternoon and all of a sudden this guy drop which is great it's better story. I'd much rather talk about this when breakdown social media posts and this is more entertaining. Which you've got. The the melodrama. A huge hockey style melodrama it's obviously at some point there was an awakening. In the big question. And it's an open any questions I don't have the answer. You don't have the answer and it's possible that the patriots don't have the answer either there's a transition of power. That is gonna take place now the first thing Josh McDaniels. How much arm twisting took place witness. And we don't know he can speculate say you'll hit it it took a lot you say didn't take much at all. But here's the point he he had a deal agreed soon take over as coach in Indianapolis we know that the team announced. Right and so to walk away from that. In less you'll have a guarantee you that you're gonna take over as head coach of the patriots when Bill Belichick retires. Daddy's. Committee. Career. Suicide. It is a there's no way he will ever get a head coaching job with any of the other 31 franchises he eased on. Ease EE miers will be suspended from the NF he'll never get one of those just. And people compared already to Belichick what he did in the jets. When he left the jets hanging. And it certainly you can't push back on. I mean that is the same kind of pitched cocky in the melodrama the different series that. Mcdaniels never actually coached with the colts. Belichick was on the staff write you saw that that two bills documentary that was on last week they went into detail about how was in his contract and there was. Bad blood with Parcells in the jets and all that went to great detail. Actually more with the patriots but they wanted to great detail on all. Buy it even the goal. Of jewelry even though there was some whispers. Over the weekend Super Bowl week world locked in on the game or not. Paying as much attention to the gossip. But there were rumors out there pro football talks in the other up it's reported in the fact that it actually happened. Is the suspense that that's the stunning. I just people and throw all kinds of nonsense. Al I know I before I went always in. In radio I ran a rumor web site back in the early days of the of the Internet the old west. And I dabbled in that currency side Knoll. And a little bit about that. It's a lot of stuff out there and you hope that some steaks and this turned out to be spot I'll spot. But seriously if you were. Part of the advisory team. The Josh McDaniels. Yet half that I have some kind of iron clad promise. From Robert Kraft. You have to. It's got to be in writing that's the only way. That this is eight justifiable. Career move for Josh McCain. And you can talk all you want about it. The relationship between Josh McDaniels in Palm Pre. And I saw this the series on FaceBook congress' time I saw the news their nice late night chats. On facetime in at all. And I get I mean clearly there's a bond is upon their how much of that was embellished by the TV show it seems like they genuinely. Heavy Greek French. Lynn let's just make gains. Is planning on taking eight career changing going and working for the TB twelve clinics. He's not getting the head coaching job of the patriots than mrs. I don't know what else there is. They have spell it out for yet he's embarrassed mcdaniels Jim Irsay and you say Irsay is an embarrassment himself. But this is a public walker machine. That Jim Irsay has to do and the Indianapolis Colts. Look like a bunch of roots. In all of this. Again I cannot stress this it up they post DDO butcher things welcome being mcdaniels on social media. They bet there was a puff piece. Either reducing Mitch Daniels to the cult thing. As the new head coach inning. If they invite people who watched the opening news conference which you know obvious stuff goes to pep rally. It would have been a whole big to do about how great mcdaniels is and how wonderfully you know he he helped Tom Brady become the greatest of all time and all. At any stage. Who said daisy here we are. Now this is in in football parlance. This is a nuclear bomb it in the coaching world you don't do this this does not happen. And especially considering the fact that we talked about this couple weeks ago. On come before the playoffs got starred in department reward list. But I rant and rave about Josh McDaniels when he was in Denver. And I didn't think mcdaniels who's gonna get a head coaching job based on what had happened when he was with the Broncos. It was a disaster. In Denver I did some radio years back in the mile high city in need the speed just talk terrifically. The people that were there around that time about how bad boys. And then you combine that with the fact that Josh McDaniels woods with the Ramsey when the worst seasons offensively and NFL history. When he's in Saint Louis and just everything I indicated to me that he wasn't getting head coaching job the fact that he was able to convince the COLT to hire him. And now I don't walk away here this is eight who stole her. It is what it is you're not going to be able to get that she its again. You got to be very confident. Very confident we Josh McDaniels that eight you're gonna get the patriots head coaching job and it's not gonna take seven years old politics and the coaching into his seventies. You're gonna get the head coaching job and they need to be cool it. Right clues you might as well toss on the combo the issue of animal ammonia and a rabies in the play good all add he's got. Ebola whatever kind of play you one of drawn from the other NFL teams. As you can't. Trust them the other teams guys that we get to this. And so for the patriots though they they clearly there is they're all lived there embedded there with Josh McDaniels. I can't wait to find out what the real stories and think about the patriots new nose spray first. Probably won't know the real story. At least will not quote or hear different versions. Of what has gone on here. But this is the kind of stuff the comes out in a book deal. 1015. Years from now when guys start write books tell all books what really happened they do that documentary. Mig Daniels verses Irsay or some nonsense like that at Napoli. Morse off. Is gonna come out. What it is much more likely than not there yet sure Tom Brady in Robert Kraft. Put on an assault. To convince Josh McDaniels. To stick around. Which still there had to be that moment that revelation that a wake. When regain a sit on good actually do this. It's wanting to think about it what to actually do it now. Have you ever. Or being in a situation like this when you had a job and you agreed to take another job and then you backed out of it's a unique situation it does happen in other lines of work other than football. I had a situation and my radio crew way agreed to take a job. Years ago. And I had been partnered up with some mighty to go to work with them. And but I agree because it was a lot of money and I'm hole or radio hole or need the money and it's and we all work for money. And so I agreed to the deal. And then. I had a change of heart I slept on it and then it was a very awkward night of sleep and then I changed my mind and I do feel like it took me a few years longer to get a better job because of that that I was. Blacklisted if you will as the guy that walked away from a job that I agreed. But I feel like I made the right decision at the time but it's not as among level Josh beat the angels agreeing to be that coached 32 jobs he. You add up at one of the 32 jobs. And walked away. Now the report from. From Tommy current at tonight. Was that it was fifteen hours of meetings. That took place between Robert Kraft and Josh McCain's. Now that that sounds very repair and in fact I wrote those forces in its own people. Fifteen hours of meetings. And he he can you imagine doing anything like that people to know what what are they going over from fifteen dollars. And it seems like it's a little much. And really fifteen hours ago back and forth. And but there's still more to this tinderbox. As we we get we're gonna have the colts. We're going to give their version they're gonna weeks off to their media guys in the Indianapolis. Is this is all about saving face. Jim Irsay. You can talk about all the pharmaceuticals he's got on his passenger seat in his car drag around Indianapolis. What he ends up getting horns wobbled. Bite the patriots and Josh ridiculous that they don't look at a higher at this point everyone one else is Aiken. This was a done deal. Now as we talked here a dummy I would you put your form calls and it's really about your reaction. To this and what happens next year and is there more to the story there's obviously more of the story but is there any conspiracy. Side duties. And if you wanna be part 6177797. 937. That's 6177797. 937 you also text me at 37937. Now a second part of this. And most seem to agree that Josh McDaniels has to be now considered the heir to the throne. Of Bill Belichick with the patriots. And then there's the the part of the story did bill Belichick's sign off on its did. Belichick gave his seal of approval does this have his blessing. And if it doesn't have Belichick's. Blessing then that becomes the word is problematic. We've seen in other. Sports entities were there's a coach in waiting. And eat it doesn't go so well if the guy that's supposed to walk away doesn't like the guy's gonna take over for. I guess that the example I'm just off the top my head here is I think was a University of Texas. They had Mack Brown was the coach. And then they had is the heir apparent was their Mac browser I don't wanna walk away and he stuck around it was a big to do was be college football. Drama. Yours back this is a bigger deal Chris is an NFL story. What Belichick's going to be 66 years old by the time next NFL season comes around. What does it doesn't wanna walk away what what if they would mean there's there's there's that part of the year is this a good possibility that the planet's going all lined up. And even though they have the the best of intentions. The craft ownership group here that that ballot shekel coach a year or two more years and then. You go on his merry way or take a front office role. That doesn't mean it's that Belichick's gonna wake up in 2019 or 20/20 and say and I don't feel like it can do this anymore. And then does does he continue on this Belichick it to keep coaching the page it would go coach some other NFL team in these at all. Wonderfully. Delicious. Hypothetical situation in this situation situations which is just one of the greats. To discuss now. But wait there's more here. Right the lying of secession. For the patriots is going to be smooth transition. To Steve you scenario. That would not. Not be very strong. And if it wasn't Bill Belichick it had he is. Approval in the case was this the doing of Tom Brady. News his fingerprints are also all over the news. And so is it even a good news story here is this a positive the fact that the patriots coaching staff. Was supposed to be torn apart and if if this McCain has to the colts story had happened. Then Bill Belichick would have been left hole in the bag and would have had to completely rebuild. The coordinators. Special teams offense defense the whole thing had it would had to put some. Some decorations try to. As some bells and whistles to the coaching staff that would have been just completely devastated while these guys taken off that's not gonna happen. You gotta replace Matt Patricia. And and that's that's not it protects the mean guy. That is is heading off to lies and unless he has a change of heart is anywhere is he gonna have a change your part to his get his side dollars stick around also now. He's going to be introduced on Wednesday. As the coach alliance. City is it a good thing or bad thing and now I am not aide Josh McDaniels. Cheerleader. I'm Nuys. And it's an it's an Augusta serving of the comparison. To make the angels and I guess the comparison would be somewhat like Mick falls on that full Salk. When he left the Philadelphia Eagles and he went Coley played for the the rams in Kansas City. And he was just horrific. Had a quarterback rating of 74. And many comes back to the Eagles and and unfortunately he played pretty well. Well suitable and Josh McDaniels he left the patriots. Goes to the Broncos goes to the rams. It is completely. Ineffective. And yet he works his way back to the the sidelines with the patriots and in these reestablished. His footing. In the NFL but again this is it he is now talked sick if it's not the patriots he's gonna have to go to college football or get a job in the real world. No one's gonna touch you. Not gonna happen. Hit trusted. I'd have a final. Word on this. And this is my fair report and we'll talk more about this as we go through the the nighttime hours here on WE eEye with me then Mallard late night fun. On the radio. But is this. Payback. Is it payback by Robert Kraft against the colts now Adam Shea after. Weeded out and some other people have done similar things connecting of dots that might not be there issue after had a quote he claimed was from. You league source of member league source could be any. A league source could be the commissioner Roger Goodell it could be a ball boy who happens to work for. And all of the Cincinnati Bengals or something like that is technically that is a some of the works slowly eat could be a source anyway. I digress at a show after he was the the quote from what he claimed was a league source. He said of the the move here that's craft putting it on the colts did. Fuel for ever try. And blanked. That place ever since the flight gate. So you've got that. I hope that's true would that be Greek. That would calculated. Conning. Wonderful. I'm hoping that's the story when that Pete just marvelous. That Robert Kraft is main motivation here is not even about having the ear to the coaching tree of the patriots do to replace Belichick. But just as sticky. To Jim Irsay. That would be rates mean without good and there's also the ripple effect. Which is going around the NFL because of this. The six degrees of coaching which isn't even six degrees always it's they all marry each other too weird. Dysfunctional. Situation but for example the ripple effect. We know that Joseph judge. The special teams coach with the patriots he's been around now he was supposedly gonna go to the COLT with Josh McCain was he was supposed to follow along we know that's not happening. A boy wait there's more the colts. Actually hired a defensive coordinator away from the Dallas Cowboys. This guy signed a contract. He's beating in the colts' facility. Who coped I've got to know lead turns out that the COLT at least now are saying they're gonna honor. That contract the state run media. Says that this guy's still with the team and even know the colts are gonna have a different head coach. They're gonna honor those those contests the back at the starting gate. The Indianapolis Colts and their damage control mode. They all are the patriots into a victory lap on this the colts the other side of it they are the there on the other end. The other end of the spectrum. In a large large way REL a takes a phone call 6177797. 937. If you would like to take part also text me at 37937. And I'm available on my Twitter account which is that. Pain Mallard is act then Mallard if you wanna be part let's go to mark who's in the car driver around mark what's going on here on WEEI. Brown are out. I'm agreeing where a lot of starch out here are. Personally JR you're mercenary. I hope he can get used to. Actual Irish starts to back I hope you marinade because what you did Peyton Manning. And that week it would actually Kate you deserve this sort. You know. Our come full circle and so to back all next I'd like to get to a discharge our security situation. I'm turning our look at it from that your perspective saying to myself. Did you allow a lecture job and go whole route that he wanted to get authority would get it. And then our fullback Jim what actually Yorkshire the last minute. Like you shed where they're a little bit more conspiracy behind it. Yeah the same large. Art did Bob trash get nervous about you know all of route to leadership and you know we're all these different culture and everything it. Sure what might bill and Tom Palmer ordered by you know I'll change to exchange contracts for my organization. And I'll. Yeah I worry there's a lot seed mark you're you're like me your head spin mark with all this year you spend you're going to go in fifteen different directions. Because we don't know yet. It is a lot of different scenarios that are in play here but we know for sure the Josh McDaniels went with the nuclear option on his coaching career. It is patriots or boss there's nothing else he is dead to the rest of the NFL. Who who yeah. I bring you back to build dollar check all. You know we had a couple called back like our goal by resignation or not you know. Lecture let's stop for a minute and Jacob. Big bracket we're talking about bill dollar check your best coach lecture everybody and chopped not the best charter options on the continent child. Well. You know we are regarded extract and it is bush or get you know I don't really. You know. I think we need to stop it change the culture we too. You know we're we're we're we have this conversation going lunch and it's you know. I knew how much it can actually come the election you know. We'll listen I only Russia we crushed and try shall there. Well be that much closer to the and in the beginning obviously and it goes last say he's going to be here five years and now is coach who Botha thanks for the call mark but the the question becomes. If it is a week at the point of demarcation with Belichick. Where he has been to hold. I don't think that's the kid he can give you two scenarios you were Bill Belichick no longer coaches the patriots. Either he makes the decision which is got to be the favorite to Belichick's going to be to guide it decides when he when he leaves. Or that Robert Kraft. Has the foot spa. To tell bill ballot checked pay your coaching no more than two years and then. I've got Josh McDaniels and he's gonna take it seems completely a lot of those checks done so much that he's gonna be a one calls the shot. But did Robert Kraft saving him listen here's what I want here's what I would like I would like big day as we're paying a lot of money. And he's the guy's gonna take gold or I want this to be as smooth transition of power. In the next couple of cult leaders would ever that eight inches. And only knows how long Belichick's got left. On his contract right Edwards in a bad mood I date and is what people that describe the players are not happy every once dissatisfied and fed up with what happened. In the Super Bowl. And as should be the case right it is if your ever if you ever had a reason to be cantankerous. Losing the super all the way to the patriots did what you put up 600 yards of offense. And you still end up losing I did it people are snapping all over the place. Players are unhappy. The the fans they did it I understand that. What Belichick too to walk out of these walk away I still see either. A soap always gonna walk away this is not the point. All right we will takes more phone call 6177797937. I'm due to deep dive here on Josh McDaniels staying with the patriots what does it all mean. For Bill Belichick and also how many more years is Tom Brady gonna play. And since he and McCain user apparently tied. Tied at the hip. What happens there and there's another plot twist your what do I told you that Josh McDaniels. Could become. An NFL rule you could soon have the Josh McDaniels rule. In the NFL another bizarre twist to this story we'll give you that. And we will do it next. Firestorm coming Josh retain his direction after than there was tonight that he is turned down. The colts three weeks ago he agreed to become the head coach of the COLT to stand with the patriots big. Bombshell story. That is gonna have long term ramifications for Josh McDaniels. For the patriots and for the Indianapolis Colts were talking about all of that tonight on late night here. On WEI. And it's your reaction to all of this. And you can join us at 6177797937. Hank. Right see any says Josh McDaniels is moving to become the head coach Belichick is gonna go to the front office the GM. Full time you heard it here. Pain dark NFL insider Hank breaking that story. On Twitter it's got to be true he said it. Let's go to Alex in Cambridge we will get to the possibility that Josh McDaniels. Is going to become. In NFL rule that this could create a rule what has happened tonight let's say hello Alex Alex was go. One on me yet so I've been listening all evening and it started off with. The idea that why did. Belichick. Our bench. Welcome Butler and nobody really had a great explanation and there's support that he got wed. Tom Brady's supported him on. In the Gramm or whatever so I think. The wait lists are dropping non. I would check that he'd probably is going to. You know co opted and general manager which would be a bad idea but I think it's gonna happen sooner rather than later. Whether Belichick goes to be GM or whether he goes to the giant I don't know I mean you know from a contract standpoint. He's got one year left to be in. Not to choose. Well no although the matter I don't know his contract for sure it's a secret it's a state secret what Bill Belichick and actually I took a while nobody knows for sure though that's actually the case he might have three more years left in this country you don't know for sure. No one's seen the contract. But I don't mean he has only one year left and use our. You saw thirty foot birdie I mean you know if you look at world wood on to New York Giants I mean you know he'd he'd he'd loved. Coaching room I mean so you know when you watch it we gotta go anywhere it he doesn't retire he'll he'll do the. But Alice a way. Officially call it healed he loved the coaching rule but a room rather but they blew that opportunity stadium stadiums only a few years old where the giants and jets play now. The coaches room that Belichick loves he's it was rubble turned to rubble. If you will. At the the old meadowlands. Stadium back in the a position. We don't know for sure any it is not the Smart money if you word game and if I gave you some money as and I whats gonna actually happened here. You've got to see the favorite is Belichick coaches one more year. And then mcdaniels takes over but I could see a scenario where it's two more years of Bill Belichick. And then at that point Josh making his takes over that you really want the drama. The plot twist it's that Belichick agrees to coach one more year. And then mcdaniels is gonna take over and then Belichick has a change of heart at the end of next season in says that day. Just kidding. Outlook does stick around I'm not going anywhere suckers. And and it puts the ball in the Robert Kraft stands in the in his kids to decide what they wanna do at that particular point. You also up to factor in his Tom Brady you know play like it in VP again. Next season. If he doesn't then that opens up another hornet's nest for the pages to deal with I mentioned though. That Josh McDaniels could become a rule there have been some whispers out tonight and some of the NFL insider crowd that the the league is gonna have to change the weight coaches are hired the rules of engagement. In the coaching derby. In the NFL the reason in the colts had three weeks ago. Josh McCain is as SE agreed to become the coach in the Indianapolis. What they could. Announce his hiring. May have to wait a month. Essentially a higher Josh McCain has now he's he's walked away. I left the colts hold the bag there. He is looking to elected Jimmer say. And so there are calls to change the rules to how do you do. Would you demand in the future like let's say next year. The situation plays out or the patriots are in the playoffs again. And guys come knocking down the door for patriot assistant coaches if one of these guys agrees to become a coach and eating an apple walk away from the patriots. Next you immediately and not coach in the post season is that how else could you do. Any kid is no other way. The only wait you don't visit the a assistant coach agrees the takeovers the head coach and then. ES to leave immediately. Otherwise because you can give your world. Lugar did what as we've seen net that only means so much there's only is a limit to that. So keep an I done on that. Wrinkle of this particular story. That you could be the Josh McDaniels rule. Because of this move the fact that he stay with the patriots secluded. Spark via a change in the rule book in the wake coaches. Mara are hired in the future is go to Jeff in Worcester who's next year it's WEEI. Late night with me Ben Mallard hello Jeff. They would then. Receipts take my call and I. On or about it blog site alive or how he called it. Thought all lot of hot date committed. Appreciate you on the in your opinion for the first week bargain for the show not your counsel before all of Alex. Put I'm sure will be out rude Pitt coach Sharon patriots that's what billions is okay to let off at. My eBay they have good pictures in the coaches room at the until I think they're okay the problem lies carpeting. Yeah I've got a problem got a couple things stand all. Now as you go odd future events or warned Belichick came in where it. A coaching. Fiasco right and the whole part felt their want for ourselves. Leaving saying. Felt that the coach York and not cause her. Any team in America. Right now would give anything to have Bill Belichick as a coach of factly business. Move suggests that you'd go don't care. So McDaniel my point is is Miguel bit hot commodity you're not suitable. I mean it is in his underwear and a great coach all are well prepared before how would they are there rules could he felt that the ever faith and. Yet Jeff demo also obvious that there and I know you're more say yeah I I do think that Josh McDaniels is now radioactive even if the patriots come back and win the super wall next year. This once you give somebody your word you know bodies yet you give somebody your word you walk away from that. Especially considering that we Daniels had a shaky reputation from what happened in Denver. When he was much younger he was coach in the Broncos. And you you start stacking these things up you don't come back from. IIII. Or you're. I get it. Our most bailout when it all of go here auto caller. On earth orbit by generated another banner in the harper mcdaniels coaches. You and that it allowed weren't as we are so let those ballots sect called Brady and Robert Kraft. And we're looking for Yousef who's Super Bowl and it's upsetting because they've got nothing he. Super Bowl temple franchise history eight before military thing for that. And built should not breaking rules because of one player talk Butler broke the rules. And if that rule is bill Belichick's role then I'm thereby I'm bill guide pages guys go out. You. Are charged with that she jets all in whatever Belichick says. He's dole. And I may I so I don't get sidetracked here with Malcolm butler's social media goodbye. But I will get to that here's some point as we go later into the nighttime hours. I. But this there's more that story all loss and you're you're getting one side of the story a lot of people have been running with that Malcolm Butler post. As the gospel. And eats it is a version of events but it's not the final version. Mean it is a whole lot more to that store I I I find it impossible. To think that. Bill Belichick I know he's stubborn and all that I gave in he's earned that right and he can do things. That other coaches cannot do. But even. With the kind of resonated Belichick's put together here. I find it impossible. To think that he is going to be in a position. Where he would shut Malcolm Butler down based on purely performance. There had to be more to that story there had to be some of that stuff had to be true now was all of its true to EU needs to Graham model in the concert probably. Probably not put enough of it was true. And you combine that with. Performance that wasn't great and you end up with. With Malcolm Butler not playing but yet he worked out way and we'll get more to labor it worked out well for the other players in the patriots because it now gives them the ultimate. Fall guy in the conceal as we played terribly everyone that played on defense should walk of shame in the super ball that was pathetic. They're they're tackling special on third down fourth down the execution was horrible and now they can just all blame knock above. But let's not believe that's not illegally here is Josh McDaniels. Big story tonight plot twist it's gonna affect the near future possibly the long term future. I'm Josh McDaniels it's over the patriots here but what happens is Josh McDaniels. Is he gonna end up coaching the patriots in 201920. Team but it 2019. It certainly appears like everything is lined up these the dominoes lined up the fall that direction will get your reaction to this if you'd like to take part. 6177797. 937. In the also hit me up on Twitter if you want to reach some of those. At Bain Mallard and it's MA LL ER. Is the last in a typically we do this who MI which is just the blatant attempt. To get you to listen will be a little longer and since it's it's on the the rundown here I guess we should do any. I mean. Producer producer Chris it's on the rundown we're supposed to do the things on the rundown reasonably say that is absolutely Eckerd and exactly your body executive producers have you. If Chris Schein says do what's on the rundown we do what's on the run like a train CO here. Aren't so here's The Who MI game we'll get back to the phone calls here. Now prior to Brandon Graham of the Eagles. I am the last defensive player because Tom Brady to lose a fumble. In a playoff game hasn't happened very often as you know in Tom bradys run with the patriots but it has happened before and again who MI game. Prior to Philadelphia's Brandon Graham. I am the last defensive player. That caused Tom Brady to lose a fumble. Any post season game. Who am I the answer your phone calls we get to all do it next. Moment but first The Who am I gave me blatant attempt to get to listen Comas longer usually we need that. Typically we need data on the given random Tuesday night but this night different than all their nights with big story. Involving Josh McDaniels Spain with the page is leaving. The Indianapolis Colts holding the bag. It and they had announced this morning. That mcdaniels who's going to be their new head coach they had all these posts about how welcome Josh McDaniels to Indianapolis. And hot off. I use suckers. I here's the lawyer my game up prior to Brandon Graham of the Eagles I am the last defensive player that cause Tom Brady. To lose a fumble. In a post season game who am I that is the question what is the answer. A Robby is gone with Dwight Freeney. As his answer we had ray who is guest. Lawrence Taylor which is a wonderful stupid guess the correct answer. Producer Christian I'm got this right. And I only Ichi. I you gotta go back eight years ago. When the ravens beat the patriots in the playoffs in Foxborough. And it TC is Terrelle saw logs sacked Tom Brady he recovered the fumble that was the last time so. Every eight years like. Clockwork Tom Brady he would not fumbled in any of his last eleven. Play off schemes and in his last seventeen. Post season games Tom Brady fumbled this one time. And we know what happened. Back on suitable sun stories here Josh McDaniels. Your reaction. And what's coming next to a bill bella Czechs say anything. Doesn't really have to say anything at this point he's. He's done and get the NFL draft coming up in the scouting Tom mine will be in Indianapolis. In a couple of weeks in some but Belichick doesn't have to come out and make any kind of state. And he likely won't. But that doesn't mean people aren't going to be knocking down the Petrie stores trying to get some kind of reaction from. From everyone involved in this let's go to Blair. Who's in Maine and Blair is next Blair lied to you last week he promised that the patriots are gonna win the Super Bowl it was getting ready for a parade. And now he's called to apologize. What I apologize. I'm on another team in the NFL. You're done with the pages now Larry you've you've given up on the. There's no what Butler. You know bowler as the best player they invention of the stupidest things that don't check whatever deal. About one then I'm a little over the raiders and got a. Well you know not an idea homeless in and out and none of them are readied fees. Well why would you pick the raiders this stupidest decision you make the raiders what's wrong with. Leave Manhattan. Power hitters mentioned maybe. And hit with your cap a gambler. Rep. Really wait you know you're about to get to see the thing you blare you would you yup anxiety. You you have anxiety because you call these radio shows no one puts you on the job. I ever doubt my very driven by how it is dole did act like I don't. Up until they already. Have a one shot I don't feel. Let's listen I know you're going to sing beautiful much to bring. Hurry Whitey it's a Jerry you know you're her you have anxiety issues these ponies radio shows and everyone hangs up on you. Because those what that's what good host do and I put you want I feel any argue. And I talked to you and you you're afraid you're about to get hung up I know how this works whether. Okay we'll put them malware actors singers song. When you're. Does anyone really wanted this. Will be the judge of that. You got to public what you want to twenty seconds of it sucks after that. My executive producer Chris is going to put some dynamite into your phone into a couple. Show Barney and spot and so. I would just I just. Stupid song ends. He's gold. It the Beijing two really long. And then you have this it again because they've that's the bad play out the patriots. ROR. Thank you. While. The Pacific but it hit it. I don't there's a contest of who do you worst caller to W the idea is but you you'd be hard pressed to detect. I say you're gonna have to have quite the outbursts quite the melt down. To. Trump. Blair in Maine for the title of the worst regular caller. To WEEI. If she's just brutal. If he did it as is seat like a normal person would simply was just being sarcastic. Righty and he was just being sarcastic about Malcolm Butler no one feels that strongly around knock Butler. And there's there's a lot of love because the play that he mitigates the Seahawks in Super Bowl a couple of years ago which it has stopped. You don't get a stop in and panicked because if not Bruntlett Butler is gonna go play for another NF LP. But but probably blared gets our test. Yeah I don't think the end he will reasoned opinion. It is not working so well network and so are back to the polls we go and that job. When the gov Mitt calls you've got to talk to the golf is very important person hello god. Very don't better. It's which you are a lot to say about this you re your fired up and run hole. Yeah so few years ago I made my little last year I heard crap. You have to question him as like you know all Belichick's future and everything. And crash says that only him. And Belichick knows he knew crack knows where dodger ought to reach art. Chase and so bad English. Still kinda like you are I I don't understand the whole. Mcdaniels saying. I haven't area on and it may be car came in at the last minute. Join us you're going to take a drop in where he wanted to last year and sent on the state and I you know I feel like they have him on an eight year career you know art rooms this year. And to me it how hard I felt like okay he's going to be around and then this whole whole go to old British. Any true dangers prayer will probably. Article. You're going into the holes but OK you know that would apparently. You want another head coaching job market added another coaching job a world. I didn't really believe it. Believe it until I actually saw there are pocket and then when you guys who and what role the new. You know she's she's coming back and you know. For a that it might read it looked like I I think it will. Crack into a little bit. I'll I'll give them some more money using a Gator culpable here. And what not to order a new head coach. Debt that that'll be great that it be off but I think crap they'll check it out a plan. Inglewood Belichick like you know what I want that out these boys are innocent non. I mean you know maybe three years from now maybe even Steven is. It is. Coordinator who not a re certainly not a penny ought wherever LG app are on. Belly check and yoga. Why aren't caught shall I don't just go to the. Dollars and I gotcha and I I wouldn't disagree government effort you called the station before when Diana in under your regular officially called I use my position. I I totally get in it's completely plausible that Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft have an understated. What it's one of the classic quotes the gets repeated when things like this come up. If you wanna make god laugh tell him to play that's right I mean he played things out get the best of intentions. Josh McDaniels had the greatest of intentions he was gonna take the head coaching job in Indianapolis. And now everyone ease in a Tizzy. Is at the time he agreed to coach the COLT I would think that he had every intention. Of taken over that head coaching job in the Indianapolis but clearly something transpired. In the in the last three weeks that he changed. His mind so it is simply could happen with bill don't take us as stated earlier but it doesn't matter if you weren't listening and then. What matters here is what Belichick decides when that moment. Comes a bit with the patriots. Are not at that crossroads yet they're gonna get there there's gonna be that. Waterloo moment where Bill Belichick is supposed to move to the front office. Art or go do something else and no longer coach. And then when we get to that. Particular moment debt that point in time. Does he actually do. Now people change their mind all the time. And it and if Belichick stills healthy enough and feels like he can do it and this is his passion. He's got nothing else that really energizes in the way that this is we talked about this also couple weeks what are Belichick's. Real interest other than football and I think I think it was you Chris you said it was lacrosse. He's into the cross military history. I'd just just the name. Any elegant and just navy in the cross strait is anything else. From what I now I think. Yes not a long list a lot Bon Jovi Obama Joseph yet we'll have a beef you hang out due to some stuff with Bon Jovi. You can become a groupie and go back and Torre go around and yeah. What it. Are outtakes of phone calls have you early part big story tonight and a lot of dominoes lot of movement around the NFL there's talk of a Josh McDaniels rule because of his decision to spurn the Indianapolis Colts. I'm Jim Irsay is now going to have to hire somebody else. And other patriots all win on Josh we Kansas certainly seems that way reading the tea leaves at this particular moment. Every indication is. That mcdaniels. Is the ear to the throne with the patriots but is actually the way it's gonna play out 617. 7797937. If you would like to take part. And the hatchet jobs have started against Josh McDaniels now that he has decided that he wants to stay with the patriots. Is open it's easy in the he is the ten yacht and the Indianapolis media they hope they'll hold the baseball bat. And they are unloading we'll give you that side of the story we'll get to it and won't do it next.