WEEI Late Night - How have the Patriots only had 13 penalties over their last 5 games? 1-21-18

WEEI Late Night
Monday, January 22nd

Third and final hour of WEEI Late Night and Big Ben Maller is rolling as he sifts through some of the post game sound bytes from both Patriot and Jacksonville players.  Bill Belichick had a few good things to say as well as a funny line and even Tom Brady tried making a joke.  Lastly Maller finishes off the show discussing the Patriots ability to avoid penalties because of their discipline under coach Belichick and how it could be seen that the refs are on their side with the lack of flags being thrown against them.


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It was certainly shaking for a good chunk of time but it did as they have done so many times. Over the last twenty years the patriots stand atop the AFC mountain Tom Brady his hand injury came up throwing darts and then Jacksonville. They won all the patriots in the second quarter area solid beginning for Jackson really solid first half. And they had the lead up by ten early in the fourth quarter. Before coming all the way back and winning on a leak touchdown pass well Natalie as a coastal plain of time. For Jacksonville to come from behind and win the game organ here. From some of the key participants yearbook before we get to that. Before we get to that this be eight Super Bowl appearance in the Brady Belichick era of the patriots put in this AFC championship. There there were two guys in particular. We talk about redemption. Right changing the narrative. And there's two guys that that stand out to me now one of them was Brandon cooks who head. What appeared to be. Not an easy touchdown but it vain if not a touchdown it would be within the ten yard line rating cooks at a crucial drop he was wide open there was only a linebacker. We're Jacksonville could've potentially stop him. From scoring a touchdown for the patriots. And that really spawned at the time because it was so so open brainy cooks. To get a touchdown. So he had that he also had. All the silly in this particular game but early in the year Stephon Gilmore. Who had been. And roast lets be honest Stephon Gilmore had been called out by many as not be able to adapt. To the patriot way he wasn't making enough plays I recall. Having conversations about whether or not the page it regretted acquiring. As Stephon Gilmore Dallas there's one particular play this one particular play change all of that. Eight kid put this one this one in particular play we're talking about was late in the game. Jacksonville. It was a fourth down Mattingly a fourth and eighteen. If I remember correctly. And Stephon Gilmore with a marvelous. Past the flex him. Which sealed the victory. Ending that Jacksonville a drive the king C evening slot. Was was outstanding. For the for the Patriots defense. And if you were to do a toss up. Between those two guys forget or else give Brian and cooks made some plays out as many as Danny Amendola. But braving cooks and Stephon Gilmore if it's a toss up question. On who is off the hook war. From the patriots winning this game the answer even though he did not have the dropped touchdown in brake coach would have been. Just roasted. We're not making that play had the patriots lost its forgotten because they won. Our goal was to find you'll outlet to go is the fun you'll work as it was a big moment. It was a deemed. Not games cheap Nike stop because Jacksonville still could have been stopped if you'll Moore had not made that play but the fact that he deed. And you know that that was a remarkable. Play in tremendous display. Of athletic schism by Stephon Gilmore to defend that passed. And and now we'll find out in the in the Super Bowl. Gilmore will I assume cover out Shawn Jeffrey quite a bit. In the suitable I think that will happen. And in will find out I say they have via a history together Friday. That's a fun you'll more covered out on Jeffrey. When they were college together back in the day so you hear a ton about that. Every conceivable stores. But that Playboy Gilmore was offs was awesome and so now who have a chance. Do it gain in the super war he finishes after a disasters beginning. He finishes with some tremendous plays here at the end for the pages let's hear it all. From some of the keys in this wind. And who better than Tom Brady of the patriots begin. With questions about whether Brady would be able to complete passes. Eyes hawk is pain was all messed up he he read some of the stuff that was written on line you would be convinced that Tom Brady needed to have his hand amputated. Based on the level of a reaction from some people well Brady threw some darts early in the game and then he had some issues and then at the end. He picked it up and he was asked about his hand and the injury and did that not holding him back. It took time you eat talk about for the craziness of midweek with Everett a point where you doubted morality can actually play this game or you're just a matter of how effective you being with me. Yeah I wasn't sure I'm on Wednesday. I certainly didn't think. I definitely. I thought. Out of all the plays. My season came in on hand off in practice. They've come this far too and on and off and just one of those things and yes I became a trainer and just. Yeah I was looking in my hand and wasn't quite sure what happens. And everyone did a great job trying to get me ready and training staff and the doctors and Alex and there's a great team effort so. Without that I definitely the plan yep. Or rather not do anything by hand it just. I couldn't do you know. That's kind of what I do it's I just wrapped it up and try to cover it up and CF. You go out there play and be effective I'd rather not where it. It. Sounds tired in this area code name me a pretty good game so. Wednesday. That secretary with that echoes my seat anyone term and. There urea but that was back when tiger used to winter and missed while Rezko and several years tiger yeah he's got some other issues this the driving and whatnot. It's a few problems. A skeptic here's my position Brady. I I don't think there was ever a question of whether or not Tom Brady was gonna play in the AFC champ should I know that's the narrative it's been spread out there and you heard Tom. Talk there in some that we displayed in the post teams scramble. After the game. I only the question was whether or not Tom Brady was gonna play in the AFC championship game. And he was always going to start the question was how effective was. That was the quest. And if you're a cynic in you say well this is this is a legitimate big time injuries gonna suck there were a lot of give us the jump on. Jackson told us he won the bet Jacksonville covered the spread. That the patriots did not they were seven point favorites. As she nine at the beginning Dinah have to went down to seven. And and so if you did that on Jackson we won the bet put. I was and thought he was was not going to play that was the question of whether it be effective or not our here's Bill Belichick at the other story with gronkowski out. For most of this game it seemed like it well most of the game with the concussion. And somebody else would have to make some big plays down the stretch that turned out to be Danny Amendola. Bill Belichick who is rarely ever happy about anything seem to be pretty happy when talking about the Iranian Mendel. I don't congratulations. Talk about any Amendola Aubrey Louis today. There is there is a tremendous competitor. That some made some big plays for us. I thought it usually handled the punts for a minute let's overturn it really awesome so for the twelve touchdown. And it's a such a good football player. He just. You look that good football player in dictionaries pictures and they're excited them it is. Hilton owns third home they play red area onside kick recovery whatever we need to do. These visas tremendous variance. Oh record break concentration. It's it was forced. Jim and I was Danny Amendola you know what I would do I would take that and if you call me a myself one I would just put that on. And in the end you leave your message. It was a. By bush checks that he was waxing poetic. Is quite the bill up for Danny Amendola there he was applicable where dictionaries picture right there beside them that is wow. Doesn't know what it is. Then our goal is that a lot of injuries hero he's he's certainly in the village Jacobellis check and a house. That was some serious back scratching going on by Bill Belichick. Very impressive. Part I here's a more assert itself BI here late night didn't you'll flavor from the patriots weaned. Over Jackson will get back in a phone calls have you wanna call right now you can. There's a lie and open and around it to a lot of calls this hour is more about you than it is about me get your reaction. To yet another win. By the patriots in the post seasons page is now getting said. The take on the Philadelphia. Eagles. In the Super Bowl and if you don't remember the number bad job by you button calls up 6177797. 937. That's 6177797. 9373. Part. Of the festivities laughter Bill Belichick wax poetic about any M and dole who had a couple of touchdowns late in the game made several key plays at the the punt return the whole thing here is a Danny Amendola. Who didn't discuss the pages who seem to have a knack for always making plays late games. This is the first time you guys have struggled to move along the first half and then in the fourth quarter make it look easy it's obviously not easy. Can you talk a boat what happens to Leno Tom gets a lot of credit deserved but you guys are also making catches what happens to this team what why. Why does it look easy why he's so aggressive whys of successful in the fourth quarter in big games when you really need. Good question you know we we love to come out and we practice starting fast and getting put points you know early in games and that's always our goal and you know for whatever reason you know if it's a detail here or do you tell out there that it it doesn't work sometimes in. You know to. Up a big. To answer that question of being. Reason why. This team wins a lot in the fourth quarter is because the preparation all year and the mentality that her head coach brings to our team. In team meetings and in don't practice where. You know it's gonna be F a sixty minute fight and we know we're going to be. He got a chance at the end of the game no matter how far we are down or. Or whatever the circumstances so. You know it's it's it's SARS from the top in. You know it's it's an attitude that we like to bring. To play sixty minutes. You know it was some teams play about 58 minutes some teams play fifteen minutes of Cleveland Browns play about seven minutes so you go team by team here with the patriots. Have shown yet again that they are not going to roll over into the fetal position. When trailing late in a playoff game. And the results speak for themselves 88. AFC championships now onto the Super Bowl again the eight trip chance to win that six. Super Bowl title against the Minnesota Vikings. In a couple of weeks now on the other side. And not. All sunshine. And lollipops and all that right the the Jacksonville. Jags a mixed reaction mixed reaction. Real taste of the losing locker room the better story you know losing locker room. And co latest Campbell who was just voted last week the defensive player of the year. By the football writers of pro football writers they love them some collate as cable can't get enough of the free agent defensive player picked up in the off season. By Jacksonville. And I Campbell Campbell he the at a much kindness much kindness directed. It give things to say about sombre. He's the best order for this doesn't happen no apparent source respect for Erica lowered to a piece that no artist she's talking insurgents are optional. Learn more emotional. And we're listened to the an overdose of men who cruise missiles were brought to justice and just told him yeah. It's always a pleasure to disperse them and their whole life so we'll see some market. It does Nicholas Kimball sound like a football player should sound. Eco line. You know he's got that he's got that. That voice that sounds like a football like he's gotten the job like five or six times yeah like she's been here is exactly because he's he's just been beat up. I he's been a lot of time in the weight room and then just kidding just pounded by you played football and it just. You know the the contact that happens during the course of an NFL career. This I got to him this let's hear more from. Uncle is cable here who talked about each up in some sports cliches here about not making mistakes and how you have to have. Respect to use the. Remove this tumor personal world who has ruined so he hopes for him in the room and interpret structural. I don't know it's fortunate to him over going to. Startled us Alter ego who don't know but the Russian room and his dark hours ago and constituents. You know. Put this burden over to Rome and as a professional and I don't know older hoosiers are or what to do but put his grip at all. Memorable chapters. Sort of determine the Virginia wrote off twelve star program tomorrow. Got to do in order it was a report sort of renewable suffer and for governor there and homelessness it was for a formula. You know what Justin was definitely the northern rock star commercial producer chuck what was. As a escalators Campbell who did used a game which is right out of sports Moshood account which diabetic contribute so I am a year on someone that's. That's kept up to my sports question is over the years and that's that's an old school bring your a game. Other or other players on Jacksonville although it had varying reactions they all try to couch it by saying oh we respect the patriots at the end of some form of that. AJ boy AA. For example he was upset IE he was he was leading the contingent of Jackson or players that were not happy he said he was this. With the nanny Amendola the the head but. He said he head butted the hell am I go ahead but it the hell out of the shine Gibson in front of the refereed boys said. And they didn't get a call. And boy a rare it did that he didn't make any sense. That he went on and on about that. And so that'll be one of those plays that has brought up miles Jack. The linebacker. Also complaining and whining about the discrepancy. In penalties the pitchers who call for one penalty they were one accepted penalty by Jacksonville. And the patriots head. Picked up six penalties. Against the jags. And miles Jack who got hurt near the end of the game he said interest being. He said that's kind of self. Explanatory. I didn't. All that Jack declared all to say that that's self explanatory. Insisting that's all I'm going this. That's those are his comments. Act so patriots. Getting the wind and Jacksonville. Complaining in. Mildly one complaining about the officials which I've. Confident analysts say a 100% I think that is a pointless commerce. That is a is that in my corrected that that is not it's it's a stick goes on all time as well as what do you do take situation Jeanette. It is not gonna change what happened end. I would argue that Jacksonville if they play the patriots again. In the AFC championship game next year. The results. From the officials what might not be as pro announced. That's the home field advantage situation. Is. Certainly going to the digital home you're gonna get that call more times than not if the games in Jacksonville. If that doesn't happen these calls are let's go to the phones though if you wanna be part again there's there's a line opened owns have been in pretty hot. All nights good night talk about the AFC NFC championship games 6177797. And 937. If you would like to be part let's go to Jim. Who is next up here on WEEI. With me then Mallard as the patriots and Eagles will play in super bull 52 hello Jim. I hate and perfect analogy telling you got Big Brother little brother in the backseat little brother keeps spoken Big Brother. I also big Brothers the actual brother and that mama that are keeping an eye on what's gone on. So deter debut its white. And so that would Brock. They're down about five. Absurd apparently called on the guys cover Barack. And zero opt and so. Partner appearances. Before you know and I would be hanging all over rock and whatever and Dutch group on counter terror plot not play worried that the guy. Each that the guy but there's a pet adoptions frustrated but now Big Brother. These swaps and now her border watch what's gone on with their brother well brought. You're the analogy guide you elected through the of the analogy. Yet nobody can go that well I I can one up if they so called him but the the the patriots. The last five games. Last five games for the patriots beginning with the Pittsburgh game that was the the phantom touchdown relate for Pittsburgh. By Jesse James that was not a touchdown look like attest. But it was not a touchdown. In the last five including that game. In week fifteen the patriots you know many penalties they picked up the last five games. Got to just throw a number what do you take a and a reasonable bottom penalties would be in five games. An average went for three or four penalties he gave him. Something like that in my right now in that ballpark maybe I'm going to Ohio on this. The patriots. Have picked up eight to hold rule. Of thirteen. Penalties in the last five games they play thirteen. Including one penalty in the AFC championship game against Jacksonville so. On whether it's Big Brother. Bill Belichick bring in the belt to just slapping guys aroused and knock it off. Thirteen penalties in last five games and you've seen enough in these parts you've seen enough super bulls to know they called it. They don't call it. With what they don't call it tight as what John is they let it play generally in Sioux boy don't have a flag. A flag at best in Sioux rule so the idea and others like beauty more than one penalty in the patriots. But there might be too many. Is typically they allow them to play. In the soup will assessment way it's it's. It's been about 99%. Of these particular games that's that's how it goes out. All right very good with takes more phone calls here and again the number 6177797937. And look at their slogan is calm down calm down here one of the great descriptions. Of Tom Brady's performance you'll hear and it came from one Bill Belichick we will give you the audio on that. Would get to a warrior calls who do at all and will do next. As we roll on here and the patriots rolling on to Minnesota for the soup bowl now. One of the one of the things I enjoyed about Bill Belichick is he he despises. Praising anybody who which makes the sound bite we played earlier. From Belichick talking about Danny Amendola all the more more outstanding because Belichick was just going on off. About how great Danny Amendola was but you know having watched enough of these Belichick news conferences over the years that he is not as. He's not a guy wants to cities stayed up at the podium. And wax poetic about eighty. And is just generally not how he operates and it's worked out pretty well. So I bring that up because Belichick was asked again about Tom Brady over and over is asked about Tom Brady. And the fact the Brady was ably to place a well. Despite having the the injured hated his throwing hand which was the big story in the lead up to the AFC championship game. And finally at the NN will you play a sound before but this at the end here is you can tell. Belichick he's had enough. OK stop enough on this list. Can you can you speak to the. The resourcefulness of Tom dealing with something like that made we and then coming on plain plain huge game like that. I mean look found that a great job and he's a tough guy we don't know. I'll talk about open heart surgery here. If just which is actually. If it's you'd you'd rather have did you abandon your heart operation aren't open heart surgery if he's innocent at that that is. We've that is act that is inaccurate. Accurate statement I was give back the phone calls this is all about you viewing your reaction your knee jerk reaction your spur of the moment reaction. To yet another. AFC championship for the patriots in a trip. To the Super Bowl. Let's go to William. Moves in Boston and he is on WEE eyes hello William. Mary order. Wave of I was any better I'd be aboard rules but not Blake morals because they lost its all about the patriots what Doug Mott. There's been there I am not in the mud and I was really tired it would result. Are rarely thought that's a Barton there are they and number latter where their place in the port street corner where he. They've ordered as sort of an hour arbitrage and that you bear market played exactly. There was a great. Dot org you can make or not make a city where our surprise. Well at the end of the court took a great are great quotes made some adjustment came back. Read them again and artwork there are. As I came out. Let's put them at the end or not be few and far right partner are where are great game. They're a great ball so topic here where. It was really the primary between. Are we ever everybody was thank you him down by ten we've you know eight seconds in. In the fourth quarter and especially considering how in the second quarter they depict it's got up too good of a decent started the early fueled drive. And Tom Brady who walked pretty good toward the football. On that opening drive but then after that there was a stretch of a good. Twenty minutes or so worthy of the pages were were inadequate. In seemingly every year third down conversions were bad the defense was allowing. Late bore holes who had been. The definition of a flawed quarterback is entire green initiative or praising Blake portals is quarterback rating of the playoffs is like 85 or something like that. A lot of that was because of the the first game against Buffalo News terrible doing that great against Pittsburgh either. In in the next few years and he just kept waiting for the for the the glitch the malfunction is I did with with. Portals and it didn't happen he didn't throw the big. Interception needed to have the big mistake but his numbers did GoDaddy. He was. He did a quarterback in the second half. That was a second rate shall we say is is numbers is court wreck rating under seventy. After halftime his production. Went the opposite way once sideways. After halftime let's go to rich indicate who's next up on the BC EI hello rich. They'd better allies and find them. Rich if I was any better rate showed BA Jacksonville defensive player but they couldn't stop Tom Brady late so I wouldn't be that what sort of I'm rich. What witnesses great you know it accurately accurately. We just keep roll my parents and you know I would love debated which are haters stop but there's just bring them out at the combat. And my real point that Bart bring up our whole panel. The patriots have been out. Very disciplined team for a very long time and to have people come out call it out but he officials Vienna I mean I. Arabic. Great opinion of the official overall anyways. But they did a good job there are critical to what penalties Robert jaguar but I thought. Policy is rather odd rich considering the the history the patriots have had of being involved in scandals with the NFL at the NFL would conspire. To help the patriots out I guess the counterargument rubio all you don't want Jackson will assume wall. Is that would've been football Armageddon of Jacksonville admitted is they have about seventeen fans in Londonderry or Jacksonville. Jacksonville vs Philly. Would have been bad nightmare. They would allow the hat to him and build a home team Minnesota Vikings but they'll take a patch about it. Yeah and I wouldn't want that would be a tough sell as a thanks rich thanks it was some be in here Tuesday in. And Wednesday and I'm leaving now just went out called marketing. Promotion. He had the argument has always been that these Super Bowl is bulletproof. That you can put any two franchises in the Super Bowl. And you're going to get a zillion people watch it and it's probably not wrong. But that doesn't mean it's more exciting when there's stars and there would be no stars. If the patriots have lost that is not made that clearly Tom Brady being human dole couple plays late in the game that didn't happen. The and time up late portals vs nick fools. We were that close to having that matchup. In the in the Super Bowl. Well we mentioned. The Jacksonville players some of them trying to go on the record but only a little bit that second the kiddie pool they don't want to defeat it up and defeated it wallowing in. About the officiating. And how it seemed to be in favor. Of the page it's well it has continued here even after a long after the game. As annual giving the latest. On some arm some snooping around some hip thing. That it's Tom Brady and the patriots. Had something going on with the referees will get to that and we will do it next. Or it's gonna happen the next 24 hours you're going to be overwhelmed. With stories of a conspiracy. In favor of the patriots and against Jackson goes talked about it often on tonight as the officiating. Gets dissected here and also the at a boy it Tom Brady received from Blake min. The refereeing in the game Ross writes and he says one penalty all game when the patriots it's an NFL conspiracy in living color. Our process. And this narrative has been ticked up lies some of the Jacksonville players miles Jack. A linebacker at a UCLA for Jacksonville who was injured. In the late stages of this team he went on social media. And he lights. He dared light a tweet that hinted. That Tom great. Paid off the referees. Mike guy we got a scant. Public got Bruce Irvin. The raider linebacker we referenced in earlier the second I think when I came in here tonight to that was going to be talking about Bruce Irvin. But Bruce Irvin the raider linebacker. Saying. On Twitter that that that's the meet me in the locker room for the payment tapped. And Sharon off that gal like from a Michael Jack. The the linebacker. Of Jacksonville. And as it's on oh what's the proper number I guess one's not a boy what's the proper number of penalties. That need to be called. For there to be Knoll. Belly aching Knoll pitching no complaint what's. Is it three. Is that the car off as long as there's three penalties there called. Then you can't have this. Three penalties in no Atta boy. One of the other stories motto is evolving make fools you talk about what's going to be talking about here. Nick fools got his ribs got messed up a little bit in the NFC championship game. He went to get X rays. He says he's all right say they are all precautionary he's OK the Eagles quarterback. The backup quarterback for the Eagles. Is that the University of Indiana. And you've never heard. That that's the other option quarterback. For the Eagles but they get two weeks he should be good to go Rob Gronkowski should be good ago. You know the drills. Thanks to. Our executive producer Trish I'm doing wonderful job juggling a lot of things and juggling a lot of audio as well and mastering at all and thank you. Job on the phones tonight. And where ever you do where ever you wind up as always keep it locked right here. On WTI. Have a good night. Upload multiple surgeries.