WEEI Late Night - Has David Price begun to turn over a new leaf as spring training gets under way? 2-13-18

WEEI Late Night
Wednesday, February 14th

Hour 1 of WEEI Late Night is off and running as Big Ben Maller is sifting through David Price's appearance in front of the media today at the Red Sox spring training facility.  Price sasy he handled things poorly last season and wants to get back to being a faucet and not a drain, whatever that means.  Maller also touches on the fact that free agent outfielder JD Martinez is still on the market, and Price even has a comment on that.


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Back yet it again here on a random Tuesday night to stay random Tuesday night and it. When I was growing up the one of the biggest days on the calendar. Pizarro as our role was the beginning of spring training. And because of the active again and others know spring training game for another couple weeks but pitchers and catchers. In Florida in Arizona all over the place right working out the Red Sox and they showed up there there in Fort Myers get ready. For the start of the regular season he sold different bill. It is so different this year because if you look around. Basement and you know that I did the big transaction. Didn't happen one of the cool things about spring training was to look at the players who had arrived at hadn't been. In that particular city before write whatever cities and and you look around now. And you've got a whole lot of ball case. Being served up in spring training camps. All of a added that the headline players. Outside of the marlins' fire sale at a couple of other. Secondary moves. That's it he he did the bulk of the free agents are still unsigned. And spring training looks like it's gonna start with just the beginning the minute this is just the beginning portion of the book is looks like it's gonna start with games. With all these guys on sunny. Ten and so it's an odd dynamic yeah I was listening to mutt. Mud at night here earlier in the they were going back and forth about the Red Sox in. Amar it's not real optimistic that the Red Sox are gonna be very good as fours and winning the division this year that. But it's the same exact theory EU you're going to need. Outside of GD Martinis being dropped into the Red Sox lineup which could still happen isn't signed. With the Diamondbacks yet put it you're going to need players who were currently on the team to. Over achieve right you can't count on that each hit me. On players that didn't do all that much last year to have this great the Tiffany. Eight inch 48 team at some of the guys will. On the Red Sox in particular the story that caught my attention. And and not it's it's low hanging fruit. Put low hanging fruits the best kind of fruit I've often said that throughout my journey. In talk radio and so as the Red Sox go through the motions. And my experience I've covered spring training before. Now when I was working I cover the Los Angeles Dodgers and I remember being in Vero Beach. Or spring training in my big take away was how much golf baseball players can get in. In the early portion of spring training. And it it was like it was a new decisions. Who show up and get big goal to work out for an hour or 2 in the morning and it was like a race to get to the golf course. That's that's my my memory to maybe in my memories cloud. Maybe in my members but that's what I we're coal was a lot more discussion about golfing. Than baseball in the early part. Of spring training. Are times different acted and he used to be guys would rush to get in their work out as early as possible. The crack of god they would be there is first sunlight and then they'd wanna get out of there is so they can go play golf for do whatever over what to do and usually done by mid day a year ago with the with the work at the destroyer on the Red Sox that's low hanging fruit. Evolves the wisdom. Of David Price. And if you've been listening at all tonight you might have heard some of what David Price said to say maybe. Maybe you missed the and it's just how blessed there we go I David Price he's two margin. He's he's got a lot of things going on there but he held court. In Fort Myers and eight continues to one of the stores hovering around. The Red Sox is not just this year. For David Price but you know Detroit the long term viability. And is this the swan song is going to be three and out. Apart situation. For price because this week that it is known as a sour puss. He's starting at thirty year he's got a note in his contract so he's out on the surface he's got a seven year contract but he can leave. At the end of this year you don't have to be Ken Rosenthal. To Knoll that this is not been. Rainbows and lollipops has not been going so well. For David Price. The Red Sox might. A case of buyer's remorse here I think the guy they thought they were getting. And the guys they've gotten. Not exactly this. Kelly when you buy a car and you think you're going to get a certain. For me it's gas mileage because it. Long drive to works only wallets and gas mileage situation. And then you realize that with these CA and we to actually get. Are two different. So before I get into the full. Gusto. Of Leah a radio wanna give you'll taste. Of David Price in the spring training now one of the stores from last year which was a PF in deal. Was the blow up with Dennis actors. And that there was an incident with in the Red Sox locker room with one of the writers you know the story there but the the big thing was Dennis Decker sleep on the team plane. And price. If you white beard price of your pro player he'll say well he used to standing up for his team. If you don't like him you'll call more weasel. And ungrateful. And go on and on her arm but here's price you'll hear. The question him and I believe this is from Dan Shaughnessy but it's about the Dennis act loosely situation and where he stands right. We seek to be your read about last year is actually being one of those things you definitely played. That's important to. And third situation question about it. Again. You see him he's just you wouldn't just try to make any commitments there. Oh no we shouldn't you be the one that starts the conversation wait a minute here. Oh nine anonymous man. He's now works. In some got a completely wrong I was in the air I'm assuming you weren't there you listening you're not there but the way to the store was really to me it was it was this was price that can spot he was the one that was the aggressor. He was the agitator. With Dennis definitely that's the case. And knowing the little I know about Dennis sectors we I don't think he's the kind of guy who's going to go out of his way. To. Go to David so but no one. I'm legally be gay and dole. On that art or what about the big elephant in the room this when I really want this is good stuff here. The contract. And whether or die David Price is going to be back with the Red Sox not even if he wasn't going to be back with the Red Sox he's our enemies might it you know he's activists say that. But let's listen he was asked the question at Red Sox spring training let's listen to what price it. It's. Does that incidentally and his little. All of these great every year. That's always my goal. When news here and or. Is there any judgment factor here. Yeah. I've ever heard or. Wanted to and who was. I went along of motions and for the better. Port Newark there. Are so that does is pile it clicks by that was that impressed by that it clicks behind. Like I can take amazing photos on my iPhone. And there's no plea. We're all those pictures go. Mixers where all the mere. Endless clicks in the back against taking pictures they impressed he was sitting on. Acadia picnic table. To give the paint the picture what price was doing well this is Hillary. Rich actual. Group of reporters. Huddled around hanging on every word. Every word of David Price so he does have the escape causey and opt out at the end of these used it for years left or. Go behind curtain number two. In test. Free agency. So let's let's get a and is now is you heard there he attempted. For him diplomacy. I'll say that by David Price there is this is diplomacy also. Said he had no regrets about combing the pitch for the Sox in the yet. And he did admit in the sound bites that I I saw like a big chunk of this. A news conference. On a five minute clip but he says it's been a struggle he's gotten better standards. I continue to learn. And he also said he is that while he hit each gave mixed messages is price said. That he wants to stay in Boston but he also pointed out that he he's not gonna make that decision until the into the which can Bobby easier. And that he does expect to remain. With the Red Sox. He also said he hasn't really talked about it with his bit. Which. Doubts. I have a feeling that that has come up in conversation I think you know the bill I need to think that has come up. In conversations so let's let's play the the odds game you were here's the question what are the odds at this moment before any. Grapefruit league action. Before spring training really gets going on. And before the the regular season gets started this moment. Together we're in February mid February what are the odds David Price stays with the Red Sox now. From what I've. I've seen here a lot of want people seem convinced. That David Price. Is going to stay. Because of the way free agency is gone this year. The lack of big money contracts that have been handed out that there's no hole way David Price would walk away. From the amount of money left on his contract. I disagree with that I disagree with that now the odds that price stays at some people are going 8090%. I only going 40%. I'll only go on 40% and and that's lower than pretty much everybody has my viewpoint on this. When you talk about David Price and his situation you've got soul searching. Optimism. Mixed message is is apology yes met. It all of these things are mixed together I'll I'll attempt to bind them in doing nice OPEC between us and we'll take some phone calls but the first thing you're David Price. If you go back to his days in camp Heath rise of playing in the boon docks of baseball now he was younger. And he was going forward. What in Tampa. In saint Pete he was you know he was a star player and the team was an afterthought right. If it they had a small. They still do have a small but loyal group. Of minions. They go to raisins. And it's usually you know in the Red Sox come here these are teams that became bases it's it's morphing his DOT. But the fifth that light Tampa Bay. They don't. Go out of their way to pare down eight Tampa Bay ray player and David Price. It would appear. A BV cycle analysts year he wants to be fondled her been loan. And I know everyone does it's human nature to be like dad when it won the light to. It's certainly seems as we talk here in the BI connected to team eager necessity. The bare necessity if you will or David Price and I would say. That the horse's left the barn. In this particular relationship between the Red Sox. And David Price. That he's not gonna fine. That utopia. Pitching for the for the Red Sox go to Fenway everyday and pitch fifth day it's not gonna happen. He even if the Red Sox. Turn everything around they won the World Series. And David Price was a key part of that it would make things a lot better. He's got a lot of back. And there was never I think you're great minutes it was never a honeymoon period between David Price in the Red Sox who was. He he didn't really wanna come play in Boston. He did for mercenary reasons. It was such a jaw dropping amount of money that he had to do it I know some say well that cardinals offered a similar contract I don't buy. If the cardinals had offered a contract that was on par with the Red Sox David Price would be a problem in Saint Louis right now. He would not be hanging out. In Fort Myers get ready for another season with a Red Sox. And he combine everything you come by every being the disappointing results the first year. Last year he got hurt. The dust up verbally with actors Lee some locker rule drama mixed being. The full Monty. Yet they'll full Monty on this. With Dennis excusing those second thing. Having watched price not I said I watched the block of this. News covers it was on. YouTube that's a lot rule and how exciting my day was yes woods searching out the even price. News conference. Which was just fast and just marvelous. And it's but I did I watched about a five minute clip of it which means three and a half five minutes whenever. And price gave this wide. The vibe in on very good at reading body and if you know that's a skill I have doing radio at night I've learned how to read. Body language that's it's a gift. I'll put David Price came off. As a disgruntled. Employee. That's what geeky that's the mighty about none not what is the words right now the sword because that you read the words on that in every newspaper is gonna put the the quote in there the different quotes in their price. If you. You look at the words in print they don't sound terror. Don't sound horrible. A lot of what David Price that was standard that was why the ball right assembly line quotes. Just clean shaved target. Nick gets repeated. So that part of beat. That's that's. But having watched the body language year. There's two things. That stand out the overall. Uncomfortable news and just to hold. If this was not the most compelling. Sales job by David Price in fact if he was trying to sell me a car. Or you'll car idol for me I'm not by maybe you would buy I am not by. He was tried was trying to throw some optimism out there but it was low grade optimist. And he kept dip repressed it scene he's seen what he was in all AD. He was uncomfortable. During the bull of this and it may be just that's how easy doesn't like dealing with. The media. And having to answer questions it's a pain in the behind it's something I act if thirty million dollars a year. Why why wanna do this. I don't care about what you rights or what you say which we knows not true we knew we monitors. Everything. Like just that reputation he's had to have this is not new this is not earth shattering stuff. That he's got that reputation of DNA in a drama. Oh moody. Drama and it looks. At least it looked to me he like he would've rather been sitting in front of a blowtorch. Then had been turned on full blast it David price's head. Then answer anymore questions from Dan Shaughnessy. Just wanted to part of and and so you know what any brownie points that the charm offense as it is described by some the PR game. Not a great spot. Not a great spot. For for David Price. And you're typically at the beginning spring training you interview the new guy. I who over the new guy is the new offseason pick up. You don't have that guy. We gonna get. There's though no one yet. Like the last thing. We'll take some phone calls. And if you wanna be part all of all the business. The operators are standing which is our producer Chris. Crush I'm 6177797937. Because up at 6177797937. And also send you text it 37937. Is that. I even have the email inbox up and it's been dot Mal there at the BCI dot com and dot Mallory BB I dot com. So as a lot of ways you can keep. But the final word on this ID. That the way this plays out not in addition to reading body language. I have been described by some as he distant relative of the great poster promise. I'm back in the day and so the way this plays. David Price will do the usual soul searching. At the end of the season now I sit the odds at 40%. That he stays with the Red Sox. 60%. That he believes and that's against the norm the now I'm assuming a couple. Welcome a make it a couple of assumptions here David David Price is going to be healthy all year which is a big assumption considering that he's coming off a year when he wasn't. And B I'm gonna make the assumption that he has tapered off he sees. Up productive season does not we mean win the Cy Young award. Productive season does not mean. Win twenty games productive season means solid reliable starting pitcher. In that fifteen to seventeen win range right around there. Pretty good earned run average bulletin. Solid. Not. Top of the BV's top of the heap he's gone. If he's the top pitcher in baseball is not and just because. Just because the 2017 freeagent. Marquis. Has socked. Right it's been all these guys thought they were winning the lottery when they were becoming free agents raid every single one of these guys thought Jake Gary at a even the Chicago Cubs G eighty Martinez. In there is only go down the list they all thought they were gonna cash in. That this was the gift from the gods. Hasn't worked out that has not worked out them it's been snagged that award is stagnant for the baseball free agent market but that does not mean. That is going to be the case. Next year. It does any Bryce Harper is lurking. Like a snake in the grass. You tell me that Bryce Harper is like a new pay as well let's exceptional rule course prep Bryce Harper is gonna get paid you know you know come up okay. But if you're thought of in that light you're thought of as one of the top. 5%. Of baseball players you're gonna get a condom. I say yep David Price is gonna take counsel he's got his group is posse of people around him. And he will make a checklist. And a check it twice right as the old line goes and and then you look around and all the other freeagent pleasure now I looked up. I did some keyboard research in from what I found the top pitchers. Next. Off season who have yet to sign big. Contract extensions. And there are some that have opt out so this doesn't include everybody but the list includes Dallas tight goal of the Astros. Adam Wainwright who's getting up the earnings from the cardinals and Charlie Morton. That's the latest tight goal Wainwright in Morton most of the top. Starting pitchers. Not counting the opt outs in contracts which does include. A dear price so if that's the list. If those are the top three guys it is certainly more likely deny. That price cool flying some money if he chooses. Against Sunnis he's healthy this year and has a productive year. And if he goes and talks is the people around him. Pushing yes right. Me yeah you would expect if if you're the Egypt for dear price you're gonna advise him. To test the waters I won't get your contract absolutely that. The B a budget teams though have money you spent it is but at this offseason but they're gonna spend it next offseason. You just wait. Test those waters as free agency. You got to do. Up prices has bitterness spot you last couple years where he was. Had a career high here his first year the Red Sox this last year he got hurt. So things are trading down things are trending down. You gotta have. League's don't you got to really hate. Everything about the Red Sox to leave the amount of money that he's gonna have to leave on the they. This test to be legitimate. The tree all. To the spot accurate. Because after this season everybody hasn't even played were just started. 12018 baseball season David Price. He would end up leaving in the neighborhood a hundred in 27. Million dollars. On the table. It's thirty. Million dollars plus the 3132. In that neighborhood the final four years. Is on top of that David Price. Is gonna be 33 years old next. Next time he's trying to get a conch is going to be trying to cash these chips in at age 33. We have we have seen plenty of guys. Who have been caught in that weird spot withered daydreaming. And they end up Muir what have they commit financial suicide. The dinner prices made enough money already where he is not in jeopardy. Of committing. That atrocity that is not the case here. And he he he also we played some of the sound Deborah Pryce also dropped the time tested sports cliche. That winning cures everything. Which she's true to a point there there is aid. Point where that is not true winning is wonderful to greet the older it's wonderful bodies break all of those cliches those packing things. They get repeat. Why. He does not. It does not make everything go away. It Dawes. Your thoughts on any this if you would like to be part. Didn't lines are open 617. 7797937. And again you can Texas at 37937. To spend Mallory late night here on WEEI. Looks like the new look. Cadavers. Are going to be. Tourtelot since they made all those trades at the deadline to beat the Celtics on Sunday. And they are up by eight Cleveland. In the final minutes against Oklahoma city's oh. COC what comes of that and Celtics are playing again until. Tomorrow night but so far so good beginners luck. For the new cavaliers. It it doesn't really matter with those guys do it comes down to LeBron jeans. While brine. And he's go it tees. Garden full full go the in the cavaliers that are. Going to get back to the NBA finals if not if if they're depending on Jordan Clarkson in solos are the guys in Cleveland good luck. Good luck that you also get me on Twitter that's at the end the malware. That's at Ben Mallard could be part. Of the festivities there and join. Join the fallen all much is just absolutely fascinating absolutely amazing year. Indeed. Are right and it will take some phone calls you in a minute now meanwhile in addition to wall that. If that was not enough to call this one worked seeing this is still working the system what does that even mean working the system we'll give them that. And we will delete next. It is known as working to assist nobody that's the term here working this system we will talk about that. Momentarily late night on WEEI. Happens upon you were taken him. Bunch of phone calls can be part of the show the number 61777979837. And you know also text this at 37937. You buying what David Price was selling. As he talked to the media for the first time here at beginning of Red Sox spring training camp. Putting trying to put an optimistic fraud here and optimistic fraud. On top of the beginning of the Red Sox season but his body language. Indicated something else. No one of the other stories involves. JD Martinez who has yet to sign and these hanging out. He's in never never Elaine. At this point right now because spring training is getting started and he does not have a seat playing musical chairs and JD Martina is just hang out. You'll whatever he's still in but he's not in spring training. And there was some chatter about whether or not the Red Sox. Are gonna go all in the mirror off. They made an offer that's on the public record that they have a standing offer. To Martinez. But they haven't raised it and it doesn't seem like they're gonna do that and what kind of recruiting pitches going on a one of the guys that knows. Martinez happens to be David Price they played together. With the briefly with the Detroit Tigers couple years back and David Price actually was asked about that asked about whether or not you talk the GD Martinez is what he had to say he's very quiet very very. It nothing is it. Dicey when he did I get to the the gist of it but but he. We got a JD Martina is his name came up during this media says you hear it now we have our hero listless. Yeah. We'll go. There's no natural. He's going through this process. A lot of and I've heard a lot of hard work. You ought to do what. Which area you're experience. This. And is there. Merely. Were you very. Runs hundreds. There were more yes. Careers later. I so that was the big comment in again the clicking in the background with David Price million pictures this guys sitting on the bench. In Fort Myers talking to. Reporters but the gist of this is if JD Martinez. Goes to David Price and say is I'm thinking of a plane in Boston. Tell me what it's like. This doesn't help the Red Sox right if you ask GD Martinez. His perspective on. You know or ask if you're dating Ortiz who asked the reprise his perspective on this you're not gonna like the NC. You're not. Now the latest on this the story going around is that the the Diamondbacks this sounds like he came from JD Martinis is agent's job Boris and was. Fates won't fade. To the baseball insider crowd. But the the stories that the Diamondbacks are still trying to find away. To bring JD more Martinis back to the they don't have an offer. That ease. At the Red Sox levels over comes down to purely financial in GD Martina is gonna sign. With the Red Sox the stories that the Red Sox have offered him a hundred million dollar plus contract. Over the next five years and the Diamondbacks. Who had G eighty Martinez last year. They are not willing to goal longer in the amount of years and listen talk about a shorter contract with the average. And you will salary which would be higher. And also a contract similar contract that David Price. Sign with a Red Sox with some opt out clauses. In the contract. I I disagree with those as they would Judy Martinez wouldn't. Would make the Red Sox. See a much better team that he's a good player but he's not a great player. He's a very good player he's a very good player. And I would think plane at Fenway Park. The numbers that he's not a good idea to create your last issue now can get 45 home runs at a GD Martinis but you're gonna get. In the mid thirties. You're gonna get 35 plus home runs and he'd be an acre in the middle the Red Sox lineup and I'm looking at the Red Sox lineup right now the projected line up. When they start playing games it's it's the same light up essentially they had at the end of last year. Might as Dustin Pedroia who's out. At the beginning of the with the injury there's not a lot of pop. Not a lot of pop in the Red Sox lineup and outside of Ben maintain the eating a bunch all a bunch of home runs unexpected home runs. And and devers at third base becoming a consistent home run threat. And don't have a lot dinner. You get a count on Hanley Ramirez. Who I love the quote from him a couple weeks ago when he sees you play another ten years. You need to see that quota is feeling great. I'm wonderful. Yeah man it's great to play another ten years and fully healthy right now. The beginning of a a contract. Situated is no way he gets that that option is get a vesting option. If he plays a number of the reaches an oral milestone this year is no way he gets right no no way it in the premieres. He gets that. Like contract not gonna happen art to the phones we go Ole. And let's see where shall we go let's say hello to our buddy weaning. In south see who's got a massive collection. A gigantic collection of patriot as we learned that last. Doug Johnson well I don't know you're a baseball guy you would you broke I don't her. Well thank you Wayne I loved baseball a lot I gotta be careful wake is that I don't I've been told that no way that listening but I've been told. That if I talk too much baseball. That is career suicide. Yeah I saw limit the baseball talking. Did you have to pay huge Malcolm not even me I mean no doubt going on applying common analytical and outweigh the draft coming up I mean. And you've raised a torrent NG shirts made up radiate an acronym Hoge and well let's leave. He didn't want any I am. Look at you easing Coastr Rico white right now on a beach somewhere way that's what easy ready right now at a play gave way. I don't know it Hollywood you know I'd change now until I'm. Yet he might be abused or someone else I think it is particularly current. You are idiotic I don't argue look Chapman in and I spent all Mel would be the only one who knows. So my call to another and then would you drink and I think he'd been glad. Yeah I don't listen you know you got a big collection they're very impressive when you win Ashley's finally figured out a send me email and I need I saw a photo there way get a bunch of stuff you're loaded yet about it patriots. Act doubled don't I don't wanna win I usually go out hope big big big radio guys you know especially at middle and protect your emails. Yeah we'll look at apple I'm a man of the people planes that's what I am among men he. Brought up on. All thank you look at that you're you're part of the Mallard militia now when you crossed over to the dark side. And to me that question. Hey Jimmy Carlisle won't get Katie. Rookie contract more than Tom Brady took a contract I keep it up and ma am great. Does a good question I would say yeah because he was drafted higher than Brady even know the contracts that change adding that's an obvious yes the vector apple made more than Brady may. We can try and global real quick and I know what Brady made it rookie contract. One you Google went why don't we have to Google. You're gonna have to blame Obama aren't hiding how do you live without a computer with what's at life like that. I love it I knew I had note went no load and no it's not that I really want to be like how are they look like the patriot he didn't and I'm all share that Elena local ordinary. The true I call the true patriots things. I am I I envy you wing I am the complete opposite I am always checking minor I'm so afraid I'm gonna miss something. I'll always set the screen in the lunar. I can't I owe it all assay when we have the I believe we have the contract information are fine producer Christian on you have I got the numbers Chris. I do Brady's rookie contract. The year 2000 he made a base salary. A 193000. Dollars. Wow very honest Alberto Abraham. No no. No Jimmy go drop below has been in the NFL minimum salary is like three times that at this particular point. Now I don't know about dollars made way you might wanna clear years outweighed now. Thank you I I take your blood I am a big fan way. Yet Tom Brady. The patriots had a feeling when they drafted in the middle rounds that he was going to be guy. And so they decided a proactively to give him a hundred in 93 million dollar contract when he split time at Michigan. And was coming in not expected even play behind Drew Bledsoe yes. 193. Million dollars wane and that the patriots were ahead of their time telecheck had a feeling. He had a feeling about Tom Brady. And it worked out pretty well. A. And even Brady's first contract after his rookie contract. Was only worth thirty million dollars. Yet Alley and then there was still like reluctant. Imagine if it is scenario had been some like Jimmy drop below. He's. Brady's got the mark he's making the mucho dinero Hedo ridiculous amount of but Tom Brady even with the success he had back in the day people were like. Analyst last year there like. The and I remember discussing. On the the national show that I've been doing here. Talk about Brady was like well. You're waiting for the other shoe to drop the lake and something's going I made some kind of deal with the dabble in some kind of voodoo thing going on here he's not that good. And did the real Tom Brady's gonna show up and here we are almost twenty years later. And obviously that was eaten. Correct erroneous information. As they say are we are on Twitter at then Mallard that is at bay and Mather. Beat port of the festivities. Jimmy. Wright CBC is if you had to send ace starter out redeem seven. Of the World Series. Who would it be is a good one toss a question. Yu Darvish. Now all of the Chicago callebs or David Price. On the reds. I would go with David Price I would rather have David Price amount. Having watched and witnessed Yu Darvish. Wet his diaper. In Jeanne said not even compete. In a game seven start. I can't do panel Darvish had a couple of good starts before that with the Dodgers before. He imploded in a couple of World Series starts he has the Astros would. I I would give Vanilla foot dark and I'm running T I don't. Ever portal on. The my own in a playoff game did I I want to know partied that militant. And I realized prices also been terrible. In playoff games you can't rely. On David Price that's the other boogie man when you look ahead for the Red Sox. At the end obviously if you if they're lucky enough to make the playoffs and whether it be as a wildcard currently in the being ahead of the Yankees. In the American League east. You gonna have to put price on the mound at some point. In the playoffs. And then you also you don't know what you've got with with Chris Sale who who fell apart at the end of last year. And is she going to be able to make it through the entire year in dominate the way the has dominated the first three months of the every every season Chris vice. Our Christmas Chris Sale rather every season gets off his great star is wonderful dynamic. Amazing pitcher at the beginning of the year. And then after that. Typically not so much the U later in the season the falloff. Fall off takes place. SP to the Red Sox actually and I wanted to get loaded too much Red Sox have is clearly the the peanut gallery not demanding. Endless Red Sox conversation. I'll put idea CD read such as seem to have enough starting pitcher that's big strength rescuers say what's the strength if you were to put a list together. Of the good things about the 2018 Red Sox that they have over other teams in the American League one of those things. Would be starting pitcher. And just pull paying the whole thing the whole pitching staff as a whole is better than most of the teams. In the American League in the Red Sox think. Think that that is an advantage they have over the Yankees. So it's interesting to note. That the Red Sox will be attending a B one of a group of teams. That are going to be attending a work out. With a player known as sea biscuit one of his nickname sea biscuit he's also noticed a freak. He's known as the franchise. Number Tim Lincecum pitched for the sabres just go giants and was really really good like Cy Young good. With the giants years ago. And he hasn't done anything in recent years but he's trying to come back to baseless 33 years old. And he is working out in the Red Sox or on the list of teams. That will be watching observe it doesn't hurt to watch. Playing in it is yes but a little money to send a scout. Why someone mean. Putt and that there's no real name. To the to the bottom line he did pitch though for the angels couple years ago. Tim Lincecum. And Dolly the pitch he was ruled. And ERA of almost ten. Pitching for the angels in 2016 and I don't think he pitched in the major leagues at all. Last year. He's he's trying to come back. And he's. Spinning left put my early guess and insurance rate insurance. Our time now for The Who am I gain. And this is where we attempt to be somebody else. And in the and you have to figure out who I am not I didn't have any more football at least this are confined of football who in my game if you have one. You can send it to me in an email. At Penn dot malware Adobe CI dot com it's been gotten Mahler. Adobe guy dot com but The Who where Mike he would do basketball why not. I hear it is despite making over sixteen. Million dollars. This NBA season. I have missed forty of my past 453. Point attempts. Again. This is a random NBA player he will proceed random NBA player you know the answer you can send the answer to me on Twitter. At then Mallard. Despite making over sixteen million dollars this NBA season I have missed forty of my past 45. Three point attempts who MIA the answer. Next. And here's The Who MI game a blatant attempt to get you to listen a few minutes longer here it is a despite making over sixteen million dollars this NBA season. I have missed forty in my past 45. Three point attempts at heading into play on Tuesday night. Who am alive that is the question what's the answer to anyone get it right here let's he would divide is going with. JR Smith that's his answers Jean says it's weed man hippie. I'm James Wheaton and I am told these years online by the way for the Mallard marathon but he is not. We'd man hippie we had it Dennis Johnson guess. Paul Pierce was going up very nice a very timely of course a very very active in the NBA the correct answer to the way in my game. You headed to the New York Knicks locker room. Tim Hardaway junior. Who got that big contract Amaro junior. Has missed forty of its past 453. Point attempts that is an 11%. Clip that he shot the three point shot during the last. Seven games. So the knicks are having they're having their problems. Shooting the basketball we will at some point get to the Celtics who are having their problems. Ever since they. Visiting Europe. And I think it's something inappropriate there in Europe but it is not the tide. It is not been tied for the Celtics is they came back to Europe they have been a middle of the road middling basketball team. Since they returned. Now I wanna go back to the Super Bowl because while the patriots. Defensively got absolutely. Embarrassed. Ike couldn't stop nick pulls a back up quarterback rain and open down the field. Ray and up and down the field just horrific. Right all that was going on. There was a couple of people that are very happy and those are gamblers but it never stored before the Super Bowl we talked about a year and honest this shows couple days a week. He volume. Of money that was being the way Eagles. And that's the big time give us the whales were always. On the Philadelphia Eagles. And those bettors have cashed in now there's a story out of the Bahamas one of the big sports books. In the Bahamas. That one game. One game where. He was totally committed to the Eagles beat the patriots. He is now collected his money he wagered. One point six. Million dollars. On the Philadelphia Eagles and soon rule one point in the patriots had the lead. They had the lead. In the fourth quarter was nine minutes to go in this guy had one point six million dollars. Invested in the Philadelphia as winning in I've got you a photo which is gone around the web the dark web ashes the regular web. And it's got all the gimmicks. And this guy had a 440000. Dollar wager on the Eagles at plus four and a half. He had another ticket that he wagered 500000. Dollars. He would two point. 2220000. Rather wager on the on the Eagles. There's a 440000. Dollar wager. A batter all up so one point six million dollars. And he ended up collecting. One point four million dollars on super wolf 52. Because the patriots did not make a play late. The stop make fools this few Brody. Gets one point four millions 1434782. Dollars and I like Kelly throw in the 66. Very important. Good taxes does one have to pay him and it's a Bahamas sports book. So what's the tax situation on that and the fact that this is now out there and it's it's on the literally guy's name bullet. The B who the amount of money that he wager today I would think that and what's in the Bahamas but he will last questions. Start snooping around people that are involved in tax game. In the be like hey what's going on that it's what's this what's the story there. Fill me in on this. I think it was a call 6177797. And 937. If you like to be part you also. Send me text message at 3793. Said as part of the festivities. Did yikes. Yikes yeah I look at some of these these other these these the gambling figures from the Super Bowl this that's our role looking back at the the festivities here. Just just wonderful just absolutely. Bleeping. Wonderful our we will get. To the state. Of the patriots will dive into that and one person in particular what you might have thought it was just a normal Tuesday and open. Spectacular there are certainly nothing. Out of the ordinary involved in the NFL. There had to be. One member of the patriot fame goalie who had a distinct feeling installment. During the afternoon portion of the day during the afternoon hours. And it's an NFL related story will get to that. And we will do it next.