WEEI Late Night - Does the success of the Patriots push other teams in the city to be better? 1-15-18

WEEI Late Night
Tuesday, January 16th

The 3rd hour of WEEI Late Night gets under way as Patrick Gilroy dives into a crazy thought that he had.  Gilroy is curious if the success of the Patriots has pushed teams in the city to be better and if that happens else where in the country.  In his opinion, the constant success coming out of Foxboro has pushed the likes of the Celtics, Bruins, and Red Sox to do everything they can to compete for second place in the market.


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It is Sports Radio WEI it is late night Patrick Gilroy here with you guys until 2 o'clock in the morning. Number to join us here this evening 61777979370. Text the program 37937. To find me on Twitter. Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy on who really enjoyed our conversation. With John's that the jedi guys check him out on Twitter at John sat. You guys know from Boston Herald radio and from NBC Sports Radio now he's a freelance three pops up just about everywhere you turn on the radio you'll probably hear. John separate said he so thanks again to John for staying up late with us and a really enjoyed our conversation. Through the first two hours of the program it's been fun these conversations. Are always fun I like to get a different take a different perspective we seem to live at our own little bubble here and that's okay. Right because our bubble has been a phenomenal bubbled to live in over the course of the last decade and a half or so and not just. For patriots fans but for new England sports fans in general this has been about as good as he gets right. So you think about it like this if you're a Celtic Spaniards he won a championship it's been ten years when net. Paul Pierce comes back to Boston on February 11 and has his number 34 retired. It also going to have other members. Of that 2008. NBA champion team to be here and celebrate what Paul Pierce and celebrate their ten year anniversary but. Within those ten years the Celtics won that championship got to another NBA final nearly shocked the world and got to a third losing in heartbreaking fashion. In 2012 Eastern Conference finals they then. For the franchise down built that back up and now the Celtics have got the second best record in the NBA. And as of right now they look like the clear cut favorites to potentially. Reached the NBA finals again and represent the Eastern Conference I mean. That's just stupid it's incredible was taken place here you've got the Boston Bruins we can't leave them out of the discussion. The brewers team goes out they win a Stanley Cup they tear it down they build it back up again they fired their head coach and now out of the blue this year seemingly. The Bruins are looking like a potential. Playoff contender if not cup contender. This is this it's stupid especially when you compare it to what's happening. In other cities and other towns and other media markets across the country and you wonder why people. In other media markets in other towns and other sports cities have a hard time with Boston. It did the winning continues and the patriots of course headline that winning the patriots are the team that sort of sets the tone for the city. And you wonder how. It's all gonna end for the patriots and waited ends if that will have a domino effect. On the other teams in the city because let's face it when the patriots. Started winning consistently. And when I when I mean winning I mean. Winning Super Bowl continuing to get the Super Bowls and and legitimately in that Super Bowl discussion each and every year other teams and Doc Rivers talked a lot about this when he was here other teams felt the pressure. To compete at that same level because now they've got to compete for the attention the ratings the dollars. Of the Boston sports fan so there was inherent pressure on the Red Sox and the Celtics and yes even the Bruins to up their level of play up their game. To put themselves in the position to potentially be. Perennial contenders. And throughout. The course of this 1516 year run. You've seen the rise and fall of the Red Sox. Once twice three times you've seen it happen to the Bruins and the Celtics have they've won they've poured down and built a back up again what happens. When the patriots run comes to an end to the other teams still feel that inherent pressure. To continue to win. And that's going to be a really interesting part of this story line it really interesting dynamic here because those other teams didn't feel the pressure to win. In till the patriots started winning consistently but the Celtics went almost thirty years. Without winning. Thirty years. Okay. And not only were they know winning. For that long mean they weren't. They were even a respected team around the NBA for more than 50% of that thirty year period now I know they had some terrible luck. Not one but two potential superstars dead. I get that these things happen it's unfortunate it's awful it's terrible but they also. Selected the wrong players in the rapid in the draft selected are on coaches could get free agents to come here it was abysmal. You had to Kevin gamble Xavier McDaniel led Celtics Sherman Douglas looked like the best guy and your team. That's not a way to go and people around you're still got excited about those teams the 35 win team. From 1995. That lost is the eighth seed to a rookie. Shaquille O'Neal annually and they'll magic Emmy people were jacked up about that team around here. We are truly. Some of the greatest sports fans on the planet. But what's been awesome about covering these teams for the better part of the last two decades. Has been watching these other teams the other three big teams in this city. He'll be inherent pressure to continue to perform and continue to put a great product on the court. A re a great product on the field. And that is it in direct result. All of the wild success of the New England Patriots. It is and I don't think there's anybody that can contest that back. Because the proof. Is really not just in the putting the proof is in the wind in the win totals and in the consistency of those win totals you didn't get this sort of consistent. Play from the other teams around here or the inherent pressure to put. A World Series contender on the field you're in any Iraq will was then over the course of the previous eighty some odd years. It didn't exist the pressure wasn't there the Red Sox didn't feel it. Sure it would put a nice contender out occasionally. Even as these Red Sox have faltered the last couple years around here there's still putting a team well they're worthy of winning ninety plus games. They're still putting its team out there. That other major cities around baseball would kill for they still putting a team out there with studs at that at the top of their rotation so for everything the Red Sox have not been in the last couple years. At least they're still spending money and putting talented guys up there in the field and they won the AL east and back to back years and know that doesn't mean anything around here anymore. But at least they are trying to put a contender out year in and year route. And I got to know. And that's going to be the most interesting part of watching the patriots run come to an end at some point in the next couple years. What happens to the other teams in this city that sort of in directly went for the ride with the patriots. Because. When we saw the best out of these franchises. While the patriots were putting their best on the field. We saw the best out of these franchises. As they felt the inherent pressure to compete for your dollars your attention. Your ratings. You love. You know that that's what they're all trying to get a piece of and they know. That people in today's society only have so much money and love and attention and effort and energy to go around. So if your the Celtics you know. That okay. I get a get a patriots fan on the celtics' side here and that guy probably has to choose between buying Celtics tickets and Red Sox tickets as his number two team. We better put a damn good product on the court. Or we're gonna lose our money to the Red Sox or gonna lose our money to the Bruins. And the Bruins felt the same way the Red Sox felt the same way and suddenly you've got this awesome internal competition. Throughout the city. All three of these other teams are competing for the same attention and dollars it end you are competing for you. The Boston sports fans and it wasn't always that way. I know for a lot of young guys around here and you think it's always been that way but it hasn't always been that way. And the patriots and they are wild success. Over the last nearly twenty years are indirect irresponsible. For the inherent pressure. At the Celtics the Bruins and the Red Sox have put on themselves which is meant what for us as Boston sports fans it's meant a better product to watch. It's that it's meant teams that are better prepared. To win NBA championships to win Stanley cups to win not one not two but the read World Series after going 86 years would not been. It's not a coincidence that all this started happening. After the patriots became radial contenders it is Sports Radio. WE EIA it is late night the good news here is there's room for you at 617. 7797937. Is Sports Radio WE yeah it is late night Patrick Gilroy you review guys. Taking all the way up until 2 o'clock in the morning. As always the number to join me here is 6177797. At 937 detects the program 37. 937 to find me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops ads. Gilroy on hoops coming up a little bit later in the program I'm gonna ask for your help so stay tuned for that I really. And at a point now. In my adult life whereas you get older. The body starts breaking down and there's issues here. And as I'm about to embark on my 38 year coming up in about two weeks. It's been a 37 the year has been rough physically for me and I am in better shape than I've ever been in my in my entire life awesome want to wait a couple of years ago. A run six miles a day five days a week thirteen miles on Saturdays and they Sunday's up a run two marathons in the last five years so physically. I put the work in. But there's other things going on here enemy at the point now where if I do one more search on the Internet or see one more specialist I'm gonna go insane. And I can't afford and fortunately it goes the mr. Guerrero over there at the TB twelve clinic. Can't even afford the Tom Brady app so that's out the window my wife did buy me the book. And we've tried some of these suggestions in the bookend. It has made a big difference and now. The part of my body that's ailing me has just cost me an international trip but have really been looking forward to so we'll talk about that coming up. After 1 o'clock that's really one to QAM conversation last time out. In the last fourteen months. A reached out to you guys for help twice and both times he nailed Astor for help. We need building my son's pine wood derby car and the phone lines exploded it was like my third show here. And he won a winning his division coming in second overall in the state thanks to you guys. And then you guys put an end to my sleep paralysis about four months ago. So after years and years and years and years and years of crippling debilitating sleep paralysis. And seeing doctors and specialists in reading books and everything else. I got three or four really good tips I tried them all. And lo and behold knock on wood it hasn't happened cents so a big thank you. The greatest bands the greatest college as the greatest listeners out there. But it and it's happy to see you guys one more time and see you can't come up big for me one more time until then we'll continue to take your phone calls. On the New England Patriots what they're embarking upon this weekend. And of course Tom Brady's place his legacy and all of this. Across the NFL. Is it already solidified. In your mind or is there something to lose here for to. And ultimately I think that Thomas got a lot more to lose nationally. Then he goes to gain nationally I think here. His legacy is set in stone here we all considered in the greatest quarterback of all time. But do yourself a favor if you're a huge number eighty print your big patriots then and you sort of listen to this program is what is only talking about. Is the Internet is a wonderful thing listen to local sports talk radio from other markets in you'll see when talking about he is not. Revered and respected. Around the country the way that we think he has and I don't think and other Super Bowl win I don't think the other two Super Bowl wins is ultimately going to get him anymore revered and respected. Amongst the people that. Don't feel that for him right now. If that five Super Bowl victories you don't consider him among the greatest if not greatest of all time. I'm much for a sixth is really gonna move the new Ford sold talk about that as well as. This whole thing with the patriots and the inherent pressure. That I think they put on. The other three major teams here in new England and I think it's a good thing but the Celtics. The Red Sox the Bruins they had great individual years before the patriots got a great they've brought in great individual talent. Before the patriots got great but the difference now is that the Red Sox. Despite the fact that we're down of the Red Sox that won 93 games and they won the elites for the second consecutive year in the first time in their franchise history. Right so. There's inherent pressure on the Red Sox to put a dim good product on the field. You're in in your route the Celtics. They want a championship or down rebuilt it and are now contenders again. This was a rapid rebuild the Bruins are doing virtually the same thing. These teams feel inherit pressure to keep up with the patriots because they know. That the new England sports fan only has so much time attention and money to spend so they know that the patriots own the day here the ratings bear that out. They do people are much more likely to buy into sixteen. Patriots games that they are eighty to a Celtics games or a 162 Red Sox games is just a Lagos so these other teams feel the pressure to put the best product they can out there. To compete for your secondary dollars. And it's what does that meant for you it's meant. The rise of these teams and consistency. From the east teams that we've never seen the likes of over the years. All these teams are wildly consistent at least trying to win you are in and year out is always successful no. But is there any doubt in my mind that the Red Sox they may they may bring in the wrong players. They may spend their money in correctly problems and a ball right but at least they're out they're spending it. At least they're out there. Putting in an effort to spend the money and nobody can accuse them of being cheap lining their pockets with cash because they could and other owners would. Nobody can accuse wick wrest back of not spending the money to put a perennial contender on the court. We prospect has paid a real pay and will continue to pay. In the years that he feels the Celtics are championship contenders he or pay a luxury tax and the re Peter tax which is. Ultra penalize. Okay but he feels like he needs to do that. It's unheard of to have this sort of success. Across all four majors over twenty year period like we've had year and I think ultimately. It all comes down to the pressure that the patriots put on the other three major sports teams. In this city sodas Sports Radio WEEI it is late night all that is on the table for you to add 617. 7797937. Back out to the phones Vigo. That Roy Roy's and a car roll your knicks up here on Sports Radio WEEI. They catch a greater good when it's an amendment. They're not your quote a couple recent o'clock sports psyche and brought back front to catch up trees or I remember that. Put I want expand the talking about the Boston sports. And I think perhaps at the bar high when. Look at it from a business sort of deal. He hired bill bell check in let him to lose jobs so it comes down to I think. To place. Be good solid order equals an appropriate right Richard adding to pitch. Do you think that maybe craft to learn something too from his mistake that he made with Parcells Democrat like on the field. In Parcells first year here when Kraft was still a new owner I mean that's one of the things that. You gotta give Robert Kraft some credit for is that. Unlike other owners out there eight egos a huge part of this right but he was able to learn from his mistake and put ego can decide. And for these guys these huge egos that's at nearly impossible task. Ala Jerry outright yet all these years later he's still right there. Right easy easy easy Ed PR guy he's in general manager. Sidelines while your intro but crap to. It means the background except and I think he set the arts and should be on the bones how you run a business the better side of sports. That's a good point. I attend a lot of these games whether it's as working media or as a fan. You often see. Patriots players at Celtics games Celtics players a patriot games I mean it's it's really it's cheesy to say this but they really have developed. There's brotherhood in the city that you don't get elsewhere it it's not. In other markets in other cities. Sure they'll bring in the the NBA team for a playoff game right but they don't do it team inning game out on a random Tuesday but you get that here. So. Right now and I was talking about that when that couple too just like but the boxes which all good. It's I'll get Roy appreciate the phone called OP a stranger to the program it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy cloudy room for you guys tonight at 617. 77979370. Look it's been. A lot of fun for me at as the Celtics guy watching this team sort of developed over the course of the last three or four months watching what. They've been able to do when they're young guys watching their development their maturation. And ultimately putting a product on the on the court that. I still struggle. To call them. Title contenders all though the though longer this takes place along with a plate is consistent breed of basketball you're starting to hear that. Across the country right you're starting the year in national basketball pundits across the country consider the Celtics at least in the championship conversation. And I am reluctant to put in the air just yet. I'm still of the mind that. Are gonna be in for a huge fight. A huge test come playoff time if they do face up against the Cleveland Cavaliers I don't care how far back Cleveland winds up at the end of the regular season. Any team that's able to put those veterans on the court. In a playoff series in his got a real opportunity to win they dispute. When you look at LeBron James and Dwyane Wade and the rest that bettering late in bunch. That's exactly what can hurt a young team like the Celtics. But if you're a Celtics fan and you haven't gotten pleasure out of watching the demise of Cleveland Cavaliers this year but I encourage you guys to watch them they are on national TV a lot. And they are getting embarrassed on national TV a lot and I am getting a tremendous amount of pleasure. Idol watching this Cleveland Cavaliers team continue to struggle they've now lost four consecutive games. They are seven and a half games behind the Celtics for the top spot in the Eastern Conference. Isiah Thomas look we all loved him here last year through his first five games back. Win. The Cleveland Cavaliers. As anybody lost. More money. In a short period of time then Isiah Thomas. He was just the year ago. We were having huge debates over whether the Brinks truck really was gonna get backed up for this guy over whether he was saying. Five year Max player type guy 130000150. Million dollars. That's where he was headed if he didn't get the full Max he was absolutely getting a hundred million he was absolutely gonna become. 100 million guys in the NBA. He's a franchise cornerstone type player at least that's how he was looked at. Not just by the Celtics up by. A select group of other teams I don't think he he was one of those guys where. Thirty other team would clamor for Isiah Thomas I don't think that but I do think that there was a select group a teams out there that felt. But Isiah Thomas could be missing piece or Isiah Thomas could be. That emotional leader as well is scoring leader for them and in this. NBA climate where Evan Turner is worth 75 million dollars. And Timothy Mann's got his worth 65 million dollars and Kelly a limit is worth fifty million dollars. There was no doubt that Isiah Thomas was gonna get 345 year deal worth north of a hundred million dollars and now Isiah Thomas. With the exception of his first game back he looks abysmal out there he doesn't look like he's confident he still looks hurt he looks like he doesn't fit. Now it's only five games and probably making a rush to judgment here. And I hope that as they shut me up at some point because there was no bigger Isiah Thomas and then me. So much hinges for the Cleveland Cavaliers on the success of Isaiah Thomas if Isiah Thomas does not give back to you being Isiah Thomas. While that that probably means the end of LeBron James in Cleveland. Because if there's an early playoff exit for LeBron James that's the only excuse he needs to go to LA. It is no pressure on LeBron to come back if he does and at least make it to a game seven of a conference final. Or give back to the NBA finals with a chance to win a championship. This is there's no pressure on him to do if his team isn't truly a title. Contender and for Cleveland to get back there. They need to get the best out of Isaiah Thomas right now is it looks abysmal Isaiah looks like a guy that's gonna be fighting to get a one year deal if he's lucky. To get a one year twenty million dollar deal like a test it type deal. In less at some point the next three or four months he's able to turn back time become the the Isiah Thomas that we all sort of know him. To be it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night Ryan Patrick Gilroy let's squeeze in honesty before the break go to Steve Steve's in Miami. Stevie next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. I do what's right what's the arm of the great throughout the body leaving Cleveland because I'm down here. Left after a final round. And that's it would on fuel burning his. Jersey which is stupid because. He left because Miami Heat shield nothing against San Antonio and that they had had. Bit better of a run. Against San Antonio it US state yet but it is out to get away from I mean every turn at bat which you know what to do to clean and it would be a Clinton. Players and not showing anything after that. Did you just like my again you know wearing white looked older that I think he's gonna go secondly. You talk about that genes. Supporting each of them bought but they definitely don't doubt here. The owners of the teams don't get around. Basically eat a wallet. All of now we have to launch and I haven't. Hang onto the court did it gently shook. No trouble as you collect and other city built yeah. ESP I got a I think of and it didn't work out for the Celtics Steve but I think of that recruiting effort to get given their end here and who is leading the way. On the island with the Celtics was Tom Brady because. Tom Brady ultimately knows that Kevin Durant will be coming here to be his contemporary. In the city of Boston and that matters to Tom. That that matters to the city. Yeah I think it's very late. In Austin that all of this team. Basically are too bad you don't not find and I can tell you. All of jets and Boston living impressed I can say you do not find that elsewhere and other they want the full. It's exciting thing to have acting don't want that you just it's only Tuesday and tomorrow the deadline. What's the latest Malcolm Mitchell do you think she thought it got beat because tomorrow let's say you can be active for any. Yeah it's a really good questions Steve up against that we'll get to that after the break I will say this Malcolm Mitchell was he was in the running to play last week records. So he came back to practice they didn't expect him to play mean and of course in from the I and like Steve said till Wednesday. I highly doubt they'll take mop the IR. Just because is now liquor stolen back he seems healthy in the Dolan had let a Renaissance week last week in the running backs are starting to get healthy. I don't think they wanna risk and seeing so young. But you know what I've been proven wrong before I was gonna say who is it the movie you least expect is that when the patriots always seem to make Alia generally and so get other teams probably are prepared for him right now in and that would be right up bill Belichick's. It could be 100% but you know maybe defected to the patriots are playing a team they should be as constituted they don't need a surprise right if they were playing a team that was at least they're contemporary if not better. Maybe they'll bring him back as more of a surprise move to catch somebody up. Yeah I just acting with the amount of weapons they're finally getting healthy after Brady Crocs LT. You have Hogan cooks and a lot. And you had James lightened the Lewis the great Rex Burkhead should be coming back this week I believe so I mean on on the could be best. For Malcolm Mitchell used to sit in Havertown maybe he's ready to come back. Who knows it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night we continue to type what the patriots will work and some more Celtics coming up after 1 o'clock I'm gonna ask you guys to give me. Your hand give me some help or one more time became threw twice threw me the question really becomes. And you come through a third time for me. Or did you just not care I mean I'm just a part time fill in guy why should help me right it is Sports Radio WEEI. It is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night Patrick Gilroy you would you taking all the way up until 2 o'clock in the morning. To join me here is 617 a 7797. The 937. You find me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops and continue to take the program. At 379237. Without a few distinguish different. Conversations tonight but they'll sort of idea in. Together pretty nicely we can continue would those discussions you're your general. Patriots jaguars thought overall we started that last 93 hours on it. We can continue that discussion tonight. As well the one I really enjoyed the most was getting everybody's take when he came to Tom Brady and really. His place and I'll hire you the greatest quarterbacks of all time because they think around here and when I say around here I mean all the New England but a good portion of the country. But grudgingly will call Tom Brady the goat and here we we embrace it right and assault team to beat this conversation came to be because. Of a problem that we're been playing all day hero and fourth radio WEEI declaring Tom Brady the greatest quarterback of all time. Which prompted me to go duel little bit of research and listen to sports stations around the country and and read some things online and ultimately. There's plenty of people employee of respected outlets that disagree. With that taken my whole premise to this conversation. Is what did Tom Brady doing this staged his career at this advanced the late stage in his career. If you don't currently believe that he's the greatest quarterback of all time right now. Does winning another super all change your mind he's already got five. Is your opinions set in stone when it comes to Tom Brady because he is marred. And you know through no fault of his own. I feel. But he's marred win the cheating scandals and the plate gate spy gate. And how about the fact that he's married you the most gorgeous woman on the planet who makes more money than he does any lives this charmed life. He might it'll be royalty people hate him for that stuff. Right they do. And I think that gets held against him around the rest of the country. So it's not just is cut and dry is okay if he wins and he wins again welled in my opinion will change. At least that's the feeling that I get when I travel the country from my who my real job and ask people their opinions and Tom Brady. I get an eye roll I get is pretty good at you know he'd be nothing without the cheating are to be nothing without Belichick I get a lot of that around the country to. And I always ask these guys OK we'll what does he have to do he's got five Super Bowls is it about winning his sixth what's it about. And nobody can give me a definitive answer. There is no real way for Tom Brady I think to turn the tide around the rest of the country and unlike a guy like LeBron James ware. There are plenty of people around the country that. Can't stand LeBron because. LeBron looks uncomfortable in his own skin out there the ground in my opinion has never felt like he knew exactly. Who he wanted to be out there on a basketball court that he wanted to Michael Jordan. Does he wanna be Magic Johnson does he wanna be too Larry Bird. He models his game after so many people right he's always tried too hard. To go up there and be funny or be relevant. Yet he's just looked wildly uncomfortable. There's literally 24 hour periods of time where he's got that bald spot one night. And the next nineties paid unity and because he's not sure if you want to embrace the bald spot or not so he you know over the course of 24 hours. Gonna paint it one night not painted the next the thing that people loved about Michael Jordan. Whether it was real or not his persona. Was one that. Was played perfectly. Because he knew wait until look mean and deadly on the basketball court but he also knew when and how to play the media and how to give that. That great smile and and really ill play up the charm. He knew how to sell himself and in turn sell the product and people love that about him. In the broad I think is always try to do that but it comes up as they can fraudulent but. Despite the fact that a lot of people feel that way about LeBron teams across the country. People can come to a universal decision. That LeBron is one of the greatest players of all time and has a chance to become the greatest player of all time he does. His numbers are off the charts and he's only 33 years old. So he's got a real chance to go to our history as the greatest. Basketball player of all time and it pains me to say that it does. I can't stand the guy. But I can admit when somebody's really good. Right and people have a hard time doing that when it comes to Tom Brady so loving that conversation wanna continue the conversation with the guys at 617. 7797937. Back out to the phones we go let's go to mark marks in Maine market next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah well it was up mark. Not too much. Britain bought. I love that historic vote LeBron pinning its and that actually happened yet. A white added to Google it he does so he's got this he's got this natural bald spot in the back of his head like so many of us do. And there are there's some Geddes also gut. A widow's peak like so many of us do and there are sometimes where the widow's peak is gone he's got with a painted it lying on the front of his head any users something to feel Lynn. The gap on the back of his head. And then the next night 24 hours later it's gone and there's the widow's peak and there's the bald spot he eats like you can't you cannot decide how we wants to come off like who wants to be. That it ought to thank you I had the good news that only adds to get. Mark now now when you see it can and I know when we're done here you gonna Google it when you see yeah he'll never be able to forget it. I but it does Salt Lake called and at what tournament. Well let him I didn't really your basic crap I have requested. If you don't mind no listen. Told you. What sport did you clay. And what do highest level. That you river plate you're you your best one I. So I'm out in 37 I'll be 38 in two weeks. What's more at play played basketball probably the most competitively. Of all those sports and the highest level that I played was I played high school basketball and I've played into murals in college. Okay will you ever think of when you win another court playing hoops in the high school. Where you are thinking about what the other chains were banking. On. Why you're on the court turned it into man as a player absolutely no right. What I am trying to say is that disagreed basic premise which it you know I did admire what you try to do doing as a broadcaster. But I don't think the red dot players. Would have Bruins players in the Celtics players. Are thinking about the patriots at. All of market you're missing the point and look out a keep your rented to debate me here but a bit at BQ missing the point it to me it's not about the players. It's about the ownership groups it's about the leadership off the field off the court. Because to me. The wick prospects Deepak we Uga they feel inherent pressure to put the best basketball product they can on the court. Because they're competing for the same dollars that Robert Kraft is competing for their competing for your dollars and your entertainment dollars your time your budget. They're competing for a piece of that. And I think that because of the patriots have been so good so dominant for so long you've got the other three teams in town. Competing for secondary dollars and if you've only got time and money to give to two of these teams. It's forced the other three teams to be consistently good. Consistently spend money and consistently care about the product they put on the court. On the field because they know that the other teams in town are gonna be working just as hard to keep up with the patriots. I understand your point but it they'll disagree with the OK and let me split. In the sixties in the set me Tommy jockey did everything he could to make the Red Sox. Relevant okay you going to be at Yankee. He spent you know current terms he get criticized were being a bonus baby even the first guy in the league baseball make. 100000 dollars. As a player. Is not like the effort we're not bear the patriots did not in Iraq. The airport. I love that peek at the OK and I I do think we're actually lucky to have. What the hatred have done what the Celtics had done what the Bruins are trying to do. OK with the red dot. And I don't think they're looking at the patriots at OK we've got rid we've certainly discovered the magic formula there. I think we're just lucky that all think that it. Patriots admire him and it comes down to lock it then then it's been. You know an incredibly lucky run I would like to think it's a little bit more than luck that blitzer and that's what makes this conversation on because. There is no definitive answer here but I do know this I do know that. The owners of the Celtics Deepak Duca would prospect they respect the hell that Democrats have done that they've talked about it. They've talked about it and like. Publicly they did my show I had to pull the tape from last year when it -- on he was tight he talked glowingly about Robert Kraft this is following. The patriots winning the Super Bowl last year I had a week on her on the all star break for the NBA and the patriots had just won a Super Bowl. And we went on like a ten minute engine. About Robert Kraft and the success level the patriots and how it all stems from ownership down and how his ownership group strives to be like the patriots ownership group right. I just know that. They care about the success. And power failure of their counterparts. With the other teams and I also know that from a mathematical point of view and from a viewership point of view. From a money point of view there's only so much money to go around there's only so much time to go around in generally the way that works is you've got one team. The Yuri die hard fan and you're gonna spend your money. Would that team you're gonna make time to watch those games. For that team and then you get a secondary team your really care about by you don't spend the amount of money you don't spend the amount of time. And the other three teams here in Boston they spend a tremendous money effort and time competing for those secondary dollars. Because the patriots have been so dominant and so good and you brought up Tom yawkey and I I sort of bit my tongue there. When you did because maybe he did everything he could lead in the sixties and seventies to put the best product on the field that he could. But one thing he didn't do was trade for and or sign black guys he just he didn't do that and you have to tremendous amount of talent. Out there potentially on the field eat is untapped resource untapped talent at the Red Sox ignored. For far too long a period of time so for everything that Tom jockey did well. He really screwed that portion of things up and unfortunately we've talked a lot about legacy here. His lasting legacy will be one of the big his lasting legacy will be one over racist and it's unfortunate but it's true it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night three hours down one hour ago we come back a mask and for your help to stay tuned right here Sports Radio WEI.