WEEI Late Night - Do people really believe the referees are on the Patriots side? 1-21-18

WEEI Late Night
Monday, January 22nd

Hour 2 of WEEI Late Night is off and running as Ben Maller continues to break down the Patriots huge comeback win over the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship game.  There's a clip floating around the interwebs of Head Referee Clete Blakeman being the first to congratulate Tom Brady following the Patriots win and the Patriot haters nation wide are all up in arms. 


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There can be no patriot related story without some kind of conspiracy. You'll know it and I know it and soul we have that to discuss. In the final seconds of the AFC championship game something that you probably did not even know days. Has set many people are scaring. Creating a YE old tale. About a conspiracy involving the patriots who does involve the ref Rees welcome in the beginning of another hour here. Of late night would be banned valor. And use the story continues to be championship. Sunday in the NFL patriots and Eagles in the suitable and despite the fact. The pats are headed to the the pinnacle of the NFL world and Tom Brady Bill Belichick they're eight suitable pairs together. The thrilling comeback. Of the patriots in song circled. In some circles. Is going to be overlooked. But what happened at the very end to begin about eight seconds left on the clock that it tin foil hat brigade. That is eighteen seconds and and company tin foil hat brigade. Has chimed in on this and if you were not paying close attention you'll likely be celebratory mood. At that particular moment earlier this in though pitchers get away that's it you buy domestic. The this social media investigators. Did not miss they did that is they had their microscope out they were micro analyzing everything. And bigots are much of their outrage. That the first person to congratulate Tom Brady. On winning the AFC championship game was cool. That's right the official. Clip Blake meant. Oh my god Clinton like me. The final seconds. Patriots win by four right the clock winding down there. And their eighties right in front of your face lit Blake man comes that he did he I watched it didn't seem to clip on infect a BI's. Website right now if you go on WEI dot com they've got the video right there and John to mossy as a way to concede. But it's it's pretty clear that clip Blake and walked already batted. Tom Brady in the chest like that. Given apple. A good job well. In the the video's gone viral says it's done very well here the viral chest bump. Of Clinton blatant in two Tom Brady. So is this thing or nothing that's the question news it's something or nothing that he refereed ahead refereed. Went over to Tom Brady in the final seconds before the clock could run all the way out all the field. And gave Brady a approximately a 22 ball. Now it's it's the answer is it's something for the for the conversation. But in the larger context it is not a solid go would not. Now number why my thoughts on this you've got friendships. Patriot to arrangement syndrome is you've got to codec you got those three things in a lick them all together now number one. Clinton Blake and has been a referee in the NFL oddly for ten years has been around ten. And he has worked a decent number of patriot games. In that time. It would appear. That he has a decent working relationship. With Tom Brady and many of the quarterbacks. In the NFL. Now. Should he have gone over and given Brady you'll open the chest like that. Probably. Probably a but it does the NFL want everyone to act like to do if they want the referees to act like you just complete tree boxes that they want. And it would appear that there's a friendship and working relationship a friendship between. Blake men and Tom Brady is now BI again the optics are not ID not gonna push back on that however. Yet have to take a pretty big leap. Pretty big leap viewed being. That Clinton Blake mean would be so doll. If he was in the tank if this is some kind of orchestration. Choreographed by the NFL so the patriots can get to the super bull. To avoid. Jacksonville the blight of Jackson will get is suitable. Yeah Glickman. You gotta think he's not a country bumpkin here and east of the camera on television for all the people watching and in the stadium the whole thing. An ideal ball to break. I'm he would like to think that what you're now number two. This clip which is only like four seconds. It's a forsaking clip B minus seated on social media but again USC can go to WEI. Dot com it's right up they can check it out. The the clip of the official giving aid. You know and that boy the Tom Brady has let it be conspiracy theory parade. To march down the middle. All of the Abbott. People. They watch it does not take much for people become on he'd. Convinced. Convinced that they have sold. The riddle. This this mystery is how could the patriots come back again. Down to an early fourth quarter how to deal. So reaction honestly your sample your zone to give back the phone calls. And it's this really about YouTube it's not about means ranting and raving like a lunatic I appointed them to do that on my overnight showing also lobbying here again on Tuesday. And Wednesday night in and I'll be in full lunatic crazy gas bag blow hard mode. But Bruce Irvin. Real taste Bruce Irvin he remember him he's a linebacker played Seattle. Crowley with the Oakland Raiders. When we saw the video via added on to a Bruce are in this for second clip. Of Clinton blatant the official. That went over and gave Google that boy blocked. Tom Brady a here's what Bruce urban NFL players say. He said quote that's them that's the meet me in the locker room for the same attack. In the end of which is smiley motifs. Bruce are now how about the Pedro Gomez is like a baseball guy. Eddy SP and played baseball guys jiving on this. And he was very upset. Pedro Gomez he said he. New troll referee fruit not be congratulating a player wall in uniform all on the field immediately after the game. It is a whole the law. And I guarantee. You. That will be addressed and Kuo Rome Pedro Gomez who claimed that he knows an umpire who got fine for recognizing. With the baseball players have gone was very upset. Very angry about news and there's several people that are outraged that the refereeing in the AFC championship game gave Tom Brady and had a this other dubbed the world we live in this this is a big deal people are not what is. And iguana on I got several other comments from people who were upset. And in the patriot. The arrangements syndrome of to a call that it's over play over used. Then might I add Horry oh played over used game bore. And it its a case of paranoia. It is with what's gonna know listen I hit two and a to exploit and get the answer is what that is like Clint Blake. He's a good day. Is good he's organized he's from Nebraska good guy right salt of the earth and all that. And now he is going to be penalized. For being a nice guy that if you recall earlier in the week. If you have really good listings Q. And you listen to WP all the top of the BIO time I know you've probably heard you heard me talk about an awesome the the other guys in the station talked about it as well been written about. One of the stores one when it was announced that clip Blake and was gonna call the AFC championship game when he was assigned the game. They went back and we'll. And they say what he's called six patriot games. And the patriots had only one true they were torn for. With this guy cleat Blake man as the head of fish. So the argument was that the NFL put Blake made out there because he's a bad. Patriot refereed that he goes against the age. But since certainly that did not happen as though the penalties were eye opening. And they were in favor of Jacksonville. The pages or call for one penalty in this game you combine that with an at a boy. By Blake made and the script has been flipped. And instead you've got people writing these these nice poetic pieces of that now the NFL was nested. Punish Blake men in this was some kind of gray and conspiracy. And so what's gonna happen next what's the next later of days. I would assume that the NFL's gonna have to release some kind of statement on Monday or Tuesday. They will likely. Condemn. Clique Blake men. And they will direct officials in the future to knock it off. The table they'll have a problem. Where it is and they are gonna try to shut it down. And the conspiracy theory and it's by some calls this between. And what you hear this. The conspiracy theory would have worked the other way. Had Jacksonville in reports. The what's my evidence. I'll tell you here's my. There's video of Clint Blake committed. The same refereed who gave Tom Brady and had a boy. At the end of the game as the clock was winding down you know Clint late indeed before the game. Today he shook hands with Blake Boortz. All of the feel for the game. He shook his support you could argues I know I like yeah. I am pull it real politically shake your name you the starting quarterback let's figure. So you could have made the argument had the pages not come back and won the game. Today and beaten Jackson Lee could have shown that VO I could have positioned the story and said city he is proof there is for. But instead that's not the case in fact the Jacksonville got penalized six times for 98 yards in the patriots and we had one penalty. Retain yards. And you combine these two things and while locked. View we now have an old Nebraska quarterback Clint Blake. Completely radically on clicked. It this guy is easy in the tank and it's all because of by force acting clip. Which has been seen 70000. Times. 70000. Times. At this particular point. It's pretty happy guy. Now is gonna be more of a sour puss to do his job he would be more bizarre twist can't be too graduating. The players. Is the people will not allowed they will not allow that at all I what do you think about all this. And we'll take your phone calls if you would like to be partners one. Lying opened. You can join the point 61777979. B 37. The CIA that Chris might might find producer Trish on that Chris did you even notice this. At a buoyed by the official watching in real time I did because it was. All over Twitter writing theatre real time minutes are all over like I just sit there like I saw I sighed when it. I didn't notice it would happen in real time if it hadn't been for Twitter. I wouldn't notice. And those are likely. This appears neither would I but then again he doesn't take into consideration a lot of these athletes are always are always talk these rats and have semi good relationships and a lot of them. I mean you see at Dockery congratulating guys factory in game time so I don't think is very out of you know out of the ordinary people blowing one way out of proportion. Yet I I would say to you now what the other thing is gonna happen is you can get the microscope out and they're gonna go and look back at the penalties that could have been called on the patriots that work. Zoom brutal film's style coverage they're gonna go frame by frame. On every play that is of questioning in the AFC championship game of the dues breakdowns. They being those in to those TV people some of these TV news. Internet conspiracy guys and they'll break down every play and they'll also look and analyze the Jacksonville penalties the the six penalties that were called. Against Jacksonville they'll put those into a Petri dish. And methodically analyze those to see whether or not vote should have been called a town so easily and then they'll also neglects to look at the ways that Jacksonville had against the patriots that could have conceivably been penalties. In regular season games whereas the rest for cuddle and play well that doesn't fit the there will report yet. You always got to in the narrative your way. Exactly as the key to any notice if you ever become a talk show host or a blogger. That you just and it's a twisted around George correct. Of course the key to good broadcast. Clearly. Sorry we'll take some phone calls on this as the paroled into the officiating. In the in the fallout from the championship game in the AFC will certainly be taking place. Other number 6177797937. If you would like to be part part of the. This duties. Jimmy. Jimmy vols fan he's listening to Debbie I am line Andy he says a one penalty for ten yards unreal. Bill Belichick must be mad as hell about that one penalty. Clearly clearly upset are let's go to phones. And I kid. In Rhode Island is up next here on WP guys Lee and I can't. But there and they're so out Merkel appreciate her look like they ran a library I seen bill wraps. Put paying adult and picked up pretty well getting flat. It. Was sporadically it has it has happened over the year after it. We're on the ground of rap goes up to give it helps a lot like what standard deal drugs I would. DoubleTree about the more on the box except they have the moral critic from out of the woodwork it's you and Blake know what reaching yet. The patriots played champs. And everybody else please check. Like accuse their jobs and bill they had their game. But a few key plays. Took a more autumn. Took somewhat out of beginning. Like. That. You you know there are problems before stoplight when they had different style. That's until Iraq. They are I'm just just to Wear the patriots only play the opponents. They'd been studying them so well yeah I don't think the me. Those slots quarter up with a bigger picture and not. All right Erica thank you. Is not wrong with police. Say. Dick did it take into the fourth quarter to get there like to be like together in the mostly got together and they were they Roca reform. As the as lying goes but it is a it's it's something that it will be talked about a lot the officiating mainly because. In every. NFL team you can call on any individual play there's a holding penalty might or might there is always. That if you want to call holding. In the NFL by the letter of the law if you go by the NFL guidebook or what holding news. Or defensive pass interference on just about every play over 90% of plays you can call a tenth. You go vote now in this in there were I believe there were no penalties called the first quarter I think the first penalty was early in the second quarter. Of the FC championship game so they played a the officials completely stand out away in the first quarter of the game. And that there were seven total penalties. That ended up on the board either some that were called off there was the it was the fourth down. Sacked where the patriots just. Rather than give it a third down again Jackson really took it took the penalty away in the mean they had jacks in the point but so so seven total and he's the only one. On the patriots that's going to be as I says he dissected a million different ways and sliced up and chopped up. And in all that. It's it is absolutely map feisty on the phones and let's see is gone and this go to Peter. In Walton who's next year on WEEI I was going up there. They've been Minnesota and that we calm man we're gonna have some song. People want a difficulty to go to Minnesota. The pets bobbled the sale a lot of money do you buy stuff washing your living room and on saying. So pregnant currency that center court I almost fell on the floor anyway listen let's talk football number thirteen. Are to look odd to us that he made that clutch catch in the fourth quarter that no one remembers band ma'am I'll. Yeah I know you're really I mean it's in. It gets lost because of the other place. He came out of no where. He got what happened. It was bizarre. It bizarre plot twist from a from Peter that was unexpected. I had opens a lineup for you though and you can be part here is these pages on the out of the Sewell 617. 7797. Nine UP three savvy and and lost by some but not all in the post game. Festivities there as the patriots. Yet the win an old friend an old friend returning to the scene. We will get to that. Where your phone calls the whole thing we'll get to do it next up back at it we go here late night patriots on to the Super Bowl with me Ben Mallard hang out you patriots and Eagles. In the Super Bowl loan league gear blunt going up against the patriots and see that's that in the NFC game which you heard here on WEEI MB AS Egypt to game we get airborne. He had a a touchdown his tenth career post season rushing touchdown. And he is in the the annals of the NFL. If he if you go by the history of the NFL players that rush for ten or more touchdowns. In the post season. They have. Ole there's only been. Six of them they all ended up in the pro football. C got to fit a Uighur what's the hall of fame running back MIA and that's not out Regis he's a good player breached not all of their running back. But he's. He's got that mark you're gonna bring that up and talk about his ability to score in post season how. Crucial that is direction an old friend that's not the old friend we Garret blunt but an old friend returning. In much conversation. Much conversation about the limiting of Alex Guerrero. And his place with the patriots over the last handful of weeks that story came out. On ESPN's website and it's persona non Grata where is he allowed to be a lot of conversation about that. And as several people's body right away. After the game I was growth hanging out. In a teacher locker. Schmoozing. After the game and I out Tom Brady credited as he always seemingly does. Credited oust Guerrero and not just him but the patriots training staff for getting him ready. To play in this game with news supposedly mingled with. Mangled hand. Let who's there Willie McGinest. Was also there to pose for pictures together and how's Guerrero. In the locker room. After the game. That he of special access was not supposed to be in as he allowed to be in and what's the what's the deal with politics and more phone calls on this your thoughts. On what is going to be eight patriot. Not patriot Eagles Super Bowl. And you can join us at 617779. Does the six foot 77797937. That's the number. You join the fun let's go to Scott who's in Connecticut he's next on WEEI what's going on sky. Hello Scott. Our rights Scott I was any better idea of portals but not late portals because they lost Lleyton he didn't get it done the second half. Well I was recent bomb I went away and the handshakes spending our our our our I think you've moving past separate. I'm thinking about it like OK so. I look at entertainment industry kind of like Q and I have. Colleague who works were other companies and stuff like that the mere warm and airport in the penthouse they were on the birds or it doesn't matter. It's a more yuppie and shaking her hand and a working with them for nineteen years. Hey how are going nice to see I don't know how that is such a big deal. While sky become like you there was one penalty called against the patriots so you combine those two things. Penalty but there was that we are our brigade was called very closely and by the way I am Green Bay Packers. I'm opt out actually part owner. Do you know you you have the certificate you have the piece of paper. Give to them that's good now were they there are they are they framed in your house somewhere prominently. They are rein to right in front of MySpace currently. Yeah that. And Anne's owners so we're talking new owner of the Green Bay Packers got this is an actual owner mechanical teach you about. All but not here urea a limited partners got very limited you very limited abilities yet. That's part I can't argue back and you know what us that's it's terrible. Seems others are part of what we. Nobody should you should be able to if you wanna pass it on somebody should be able to pass it on some. Why why wouldn't vote I wouldn't trust you and agree crackers owner I would be I would go row you've silenced some. Political. I don't think any great attention to big deal yelled 1 penalty. I am moves that are whatever. Kind L logos it I I felt like that they just didn't win this game because of the official this surely got to help. Miss not the pass interference calls certainly a couple of those calls that went the page is way. A certainly helped out the the clause to come back in the game but those were penalties. They were absolutely penalties. Did you hear any of the Rolex stuff like so Aqua stole a lot of control. I'm sure he W yeah yeah like ever have that report it was a panel the and that Rivera got so screwed patent and then they're grit in the history of routines of gains. Yeah all right I will think he's very calm and collected Green Bay Packers stock. A 6177797. 937. There's a line open for you if you report also text this at 37. 937. As the patriots will take on Philadelphia if you just turn on the radio mentioned that. Opening line is out to the bookmakers in Vegas the opening line. It opened the patriots favored by six in the Super Bowl. It is currently at five and a half most of the places. In in Vegas it's five and a half at the the MGM in Vegas William Hill has it down to five but it's anywhere between six. In five and half the opening point spread. In the soup bubbles the patriots. Will attempt to win yet he nodded their sixth Super Bowl championship. Be in Minnesota in a couple weeks the vikings just got Molly wop. By the Philadelphia Eagles and so what's standing in the way of the patriots is nick foals. And even if you the most optimistic. Optimistic type of burden Nichols played a out of body type of game. It against the the Minnesota Vikings defense. And it's a game we got away from the vikings and make fools. Pretty much. It's like throwing darts and he was connecting on all of them against the Minnesota defects and this actually works out. I believe in the patriots favor a tea why. Because the the hype from this game symbol fools is he's gonna do to get. He played pretty well against Atlanta. A lot a lot of underneath passes. A lot of dink and dunk passes for nick pulls in the Eagles against the falcons and then he comes back and he was thrown downfield. Naples was completing passes that he had not been able to complete. In a long time and that's just not that's not be exaggerating. Down field had been in the Kryptonite had been the Achilles heel of Naples. He he was eight different. Player in this particular game and it typically. The way the the book and Nichols has been that he cannot throw a pass with any kind of accuracy. Passed about five to seven yards downfield. And the only way he can consistently do that is if he's getting help from the referees. And so the fact that he was able to throw passes down the field the deep passing game for Philadelphia. Was was working. Is going to be hyped up in fact that it if you look at that the stat errie it's paralysis of analysis would you start looking ahead to the so rule. And nick pulls on passes. Of twenty plus yards down field. Down field this year first four starts bats before the NFC championship game. He attempted fifteen passes downfield. He had connected on school them. Who of them that it was a drop he had an interception. Eight passer rating. Of all of thirteen point eight for make fools on these deep passes that's terrible. That's hot garbage when you're trying to complete passes downfield and you your your to a fifteen. To doing not to be 50% but to fifteens. That's not rated all that's it that's a terrible percentage. And thirteen point eight passer rating. In the game against the vikings. Lab supposedly. One of the wonderful. God's gift to football defense is. In this championship game of the NFC nick pulls four of 600. In 72 yards two touchdowns in a passer rating. I'm a 149. Point theory. That's not supposed that there was and this again we talk about and I handicapping team in. On my overnight show like this in many verses the pit pick these NFL games. Against the spread and spent all this time looking about all the numbers and analyzing all of that that. And so all of this is what's get out and if you look at that's that so well nick pulls cannot possibly win the game for the Eagles on the ball down field. Against the vikings the NFC championship game. Then you would appoint a that's that says there's no. Thirteen point eight passer rating and sure enough. And he does just that four of six for two touchdowns and 172 yards. For the Eagles and so that'll be one of the stories the patriots will be dealing with when you look ahead to the Super Bowl is this the real nick pulls or. Is this something else I would put it in the out wire caddick. And if you're the patriots not the usually guys opened. Up that you're gonna do that if your map attrition Bill Belichick when you're cooking up the game plan. Against the Eagles offense what I would assume that you'd like to see nick pulls complete some passes downfield. Early in the Super Bowl. Before you were going to makes him in game adjustments there based on his body of work and it's not just before gains. Leading up to the NFC championship game you can go back even further when he was a starting quarterback with these St. Louis Rams. And the Kansas City Chiefs. He's head. That reputation. And well earned. Reputation. But today he goes out and beats the the Minnesota Vikings defense and doesn't with deep passes eye to the falls we go again as did David. Who's in Florida and David is next up it's WEEI. Late night would be bad Mathers the patriots are on the suitable 52 hello David. I'll outgrew howdy do yes indeed David what's up talk to her heart her record every rock. The word is optimistic. That ground will be able to play in Sioux boy got the extra week. I if you're a betting man you put the eyes he will play who play he won't practice but you'll you'll be out news in the soup. I mean there's there's different degrees of precaution crate him might want. According to the severity armed you know your credit goes I mean Rick we have a weakened after the camp practice of it. On the market does up. Evident well again I think his availability to the symbols not gonna be contingent on him practice. Is if that's the case that he won't play at all I would be very surprised me practices much at all. That's public it would there's. Or marry. Up offensively I mean may. Of the word subscribe in the course of the year they it was down collaborator I mean. They never panicked and I both know what are what their heart rate was almost I mean business that they just never panicked and they are composed. And they persevered and the respect I don't think they made many changes offensively. You certainly did but offensively. I think it was. It was just what a well balanced approach they say about the you know what they're on month passed up or down or how many. Yeah opt out I'll give you that the I don't know if that's compelling radio but what was your heart rate that's violent. When you were. I was get I was getting a little anxious. When when the third quarter rolled around. I mean that was what I wasn't nervous going into halftime. But then after the third quarter orbit around it but it is still weren't doing anything and I was a little a little anxious and nervous but I. I mean very delicate but who say given pitcher's innings score in this they grow up shut out our third quarter. And and you gotta give Jacksonville credit I mean they have. Very. Very sound game plan and they executed well. They had a great approach and and and portal going to be clever bit about the bird and my argument be caught. He put a good that he played really good first avenue in you give him an a in the first to have any in Sagan that he Gilman a in this I didn't turn the ball but he was not if he was not effective in San academic. I am and I'm going to pick it back to them defensively with the changes and and they were they had a back. Yet mobile but morals and that in the say app Boras played like he had played a lot of his career Jackson used. Under 50% completion percentage is quarterback rating was below seven the mean that that's not good that's. It was bad Santa the first ever is fine in an even on sale of the third quarter he made made some plays in the third quarter but as the game went on he got worse seeing a better. Crop art that. Thank you David that the split Thanksgiving they displayed. Just in case you drive around and look at that himself with the the page it said. The whole pass attempts the head 27 completions on 39 pass attempts and he ran the ball nineteen times. So late they ran it a lot more in the Jacksonville was more balance projection by the lead patriots were playing. They were playing uphill from him in second in the third quarter. They were they had New England had the lead the first quarter up three nothing but after that most of the rest of the game they were behind. As they're trying to play catch up so that the runs split it's not actually is announced. As you would. Maybe assume it would pay what our time now for the it's a trivial about your phone calls and there is a lie and open for you usually react to the patriots. Yet again you're used to this right this is old hat every year they go to the Super Bowl 6177797. 937. Along with Trish I'm your then Mallard. Paying out late night here's the its trip. Among all quarterbacks aged forty years or older in post season play. Tom Brady is now tied with a blank for the most touchdown passes. Again among all quarterbacks who have reached the age of forty or older in the post season Tom Brady is tied with a blank. For the most. Touchdown passes that is the it's the trivia. The answer back your phone calls we get to that we'll do it all next. Actor calls any moment but first the instant trivia and here it is among. And all of the. The quarterbacks forty years or older. In the post season history NFL Tom Brady is now tied with a blank. For the most touchdown passes that ease the instant trivia what ease the answer. And seeded anyone get it right here I'm looking on Twitter you and anyone I get it right. Adam did how dare you bag job by adding Adams he only got a right to correct answer. Is break. All our Brett Favre and Tom Brady out five. Touchdown passes at the the agent for yankees. Move this year for the patriots. And he holds the record. I saw this that go down. And he's he's got the record now for most attempts. Most completions Tom Brady does by the 8840 plus in the playoffs most yards passing. He's tied with Brett Favre so Brady throws one touchdown pass in the Super Bowl we'll have the record. And is also get the highest quarterback rating a court to be fair now. There aren't very many quarterbacks on the list it's a very small list of quarterbacks. That have been able to play. In it to their forties and make the post season and guys that played to the age of forty. What one of the byproduct of that is they typically are on good teams a and they often do not make the policies so they'll play but they'll be either back all for the if they are starting. It's typically a team that doesn't qualify. We're in the playoffs. And that was some said was gonna happen the patriots but it did not happen this year. With Tom Brady I get back to the phone call seeger the patriots have won. You heard it earlier on WEEI also heard the NFC championship game just before we came on the radio tonight the Philadelphia. Eagles. Have won and they have advanced to the suitable also the Eagles. And the patriots and patriots and Eagles rematch from years gone by thirteen years ago. When Donovan McNabb. And T goal with the stars for the Philadelphia Eagles of that era. And now it's nick folds. And what we Garret blunt it's Zach irks. Who we got dagger and analysts out Shawn Jeffrey does outshine Jeffrey get a mega contract now the former Chicago bear. Because he took a little less too which took short money go to Philadelphia and prove himself. I just go back to the phones. And though let's see who's as the go to Paul. Who's next on Dhabi I was going all Paul. Hello Paul. Paul's not expect. Paul I Josh in Providence is next up here hello Josh. I carried. All right judge which he got if I was doing any better I would be at Jacksonville but not Jacksonville fake Zale lost they blew it late. Yeah the iron only guy thoughts are as to where Tom Brady is on the what flattered. Mikey you get ripped you know Michael Jordan make it now. Equipping and. Was apples and oranges it's some of football basket. Well I mean that now and it could its country. Two football because I'm in Perry went past my Medicaid that are more playoff look more. They actually were. Yeah. Well I didn't really critical and you move stuff around it just would eagle which it's going well. I hear you on that. Yeah that's that's not a good I was. That's the debate only gauge I know you haven't Josh I'm assuming you have Brady ahead of Michael Jordan would that be that be an accurate. No we do. I just stating he's getting great up and now like he passed Joseph Montana. In he's got five championships he's got that but then when percentage that's ahead of Michael Jordan as sort of a guest book. Was this he's the greatest. Football player this generation in the greatest quarterback of all time in the you can go on all the accolades. I don't. What you want me to do is treason transcendent. Player and he is being in the fundamental. And peace the caught him of this bureau of twenty almost twenty years of patriot football. And it's hard to imagine that will live long enough to see in any franchise in any place. A quarterback be good for this long guys have runs of 567 years but to go this long when that everyone on the roster turning over. And Brady being the X-Factor. And continuing to make these plays late. He gave it's. Got that I don't know that they have you got like secular record Coby Bryan Michael Jordan like keep you at least he had an and I certainly making it. So focused she knows he's going makes all the right throws. Why does our overall he's all the buzzwords and everyone says an American back and thank you Josh while the other thing you operate two's it's not. He's locked in but at the same time. It the moment it doesn't get too much some of these guys wanna pee down your leg. And I they pooped the bed when the moment gets there and have to make a play. Late in even though he's locked in Brady's still sense that he's untroubled by. The situation in and it. It's a lot of reasons that his reasons that he's made the plays a zillion times you can have. You gonna have tunnel vision you can be on bothered by being down. By ten points in the fourth quarter of an elimination game because he has done it in a methodical race. Over and over again he's been able to come up. With plays at some point he's not going to be able to but certainly not at this point he's been able to the Brady confront. These situations and he hasn't done all of the time he's lost some but he's certainly want a zillion more. Mean he's lost. And you've got to think your view of the Philadelphia Eagles in talking good game and we will blogging mask. And and have all the of the of the cooled them eagle fans show up there in Minnesota. It's not gonna matter what's the game begins. It's it's going to be irrelevant what's the game gets what I we will actually hear from. A little different Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Some of the the festivities. As they in the patriots winning. These these celebratory moment did he complete assemblage of good times there. As the patriots will celebrate tonight get ready for the Eagles. Starting right away right tomorrow morning or this morning that's after midnight yard are tricking Callahan. Now we'll Tom Brady may accuse Monday appearance because the last couple weeks I've been doing my Carty elected Jim Chris and producer Chris and Tom Brady has not called in on one. He's called in on Tuesday last couple weeks. So. Will he be Monday. Tom Brady or will he wait till Tuesday. Inquiring minds would like an art we won't hear it all from the of the key members. Of the patriots at the post team or a celebration there's pages win yet another AFC championship the eighth. Super Bowl for the Brady Belichick ear of the patriots. We'll get to all that and we will do it next.