WEEI Late Night - Can Tom Brady really lose the AFC championship game? 1-15-18

WEEI Late Night
Tuesday, January 16th

The 2nd hour of WEEI Late Night begins with Patrick Gilroy trying to figure out if there is in fact any way that Tom Brady could lose to the likes of Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Then good friend, John Sappochetti calls in to discuss the greatest quarterback of all time and of course, Lebron James.


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Sports Radio W yeah a lower number two of late night for. Action packed hours tonight taking you guys up until 2 o'clock in the morning. Plenty of room for you with 61777979237. Detects the program 37937. If I'm on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops ads Gilroy on hoops coming up a little bit later. In this hour will be joined by old friend John's at the jedi you guys know him from NBC Sports Radio from Boston Herald radio he's also. One of the biggest LeBron James honks and all the New England. And it Erin Rogers guy and I wanted somebody that you give me. An opinion based discussion. That was also supported in fact. Giving me somebody not named Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time and I got to believe it to doing years and years and years and years and years of radio which concept jedi the same guy the quarterback. Then Tom Brady and legacy wise. Aaron Rodgers will go down in history and they better quarterback. Then Tom Brady looking forward to having that conversation. And hearing why from Johns at the jedi coming up a little bit later in the hour until then we will continue with your phone call really it was post member. That was posed by. The plate gate and it happened yet in the patriots are gonna have an opportunity. To win a Super Bowl posts by gate with really no no black marks so to speak. Surrounding the team. That was the whole story line now a year and that all changed the plate gate happens the patriots to win the Super Bowl but they are still marred across the country. The victory still marred across the country despite the fact. The evidence that was in the patriots favor that there was no cheating it didn't matter. The bit legacy took another hit the victory was sort of put it this way you guys like Max Kellerman rob Parker they continue to have a field day with it. The patriots had to go out and do it again when they do they go out last year they do it again would know to placate. Windows by gate with a 39 year old quarterback and there are still people. Across this fine country of ours. I don't consider Tom Brady the greatest quarterback of all time the numbers are all pretty much in his favor. The most important numbers certainly in his favor and that's five Super Bowl victories in seven appearances I mean. It doesn't get much better than that right now. AFC championship game seven consecutive AFC championship game that is a staggering staggering statistic. And it just it sort of glossed over people are used to seeing him there. There's no more shock and off by seeing him in there it's sort of expected at this point in the season that you're gonna see Tom Brady. In the AFC championship game and most likely Tom Brady will be hosting. That AFC championship game so I think that there's a level of apathy surrounding this conversation. As well but when you look at the other quarterbacks that are left playing you look at where Tom Brady is compared to the other guys that are out there right now including two. Backup quarterbacks out of the final four remaining. Ask yourself. Is there any real way that the number you can lose this thing. And if Tom Brady loses Tom Brady doesn't go to the Super Bowl and win I think his legacy could take much. More of a hit this year that it could have in years past so on one hand his legacy in my opinion doesn't get. Really all that much stronger all that much better with a victory. But he does have a lot to lose when you look at the three remaining quarterbacks of Brady loses to anyone of these guys. His legacy takes a significant hit nationally maybe not here and Chris you know you're a huge patriots guy so you tell me. In my opinion Tom Brady has a lot more to lose legacy lies that he has to gain. This policies actually disagree I think the only things. I think that. There's ways to lose this game and still I mean I think it's going to be number. He goes out late dates the anchor. Again it's the jaguars war against the vikings Eagles. I think that hurt legacy. But I mean we on note robbery the chances came laying stinker in a big game. Are basically went in okay what do he goes out he plays the way he did last year against the tight I get against Houston. Right that was a great game by any stretch of the imagination but they won so if he'd be like that they lose yeah I can understand you you know. Describing a little bit but it to me I don't see. Away in which he's legacy can be tarnished because I feel like he goes out he did it against the Tennessee Titans. And they lose let's on the defense that's on the coaching it's not Brady he referred 300 plus yards in retouched you know it's it's. It is only so much Keaton. And on Brady here at the quarterback position it's that unique and it's still much credit for winning but the same time when you lose like the Steelers game that Carlsberg rose for seven yards and five touchdowns. Whispers fault they lost at coaching defense and can keep. Jacksonville get jacked up the field or 45 points. So I was and I get it but you know. This is that Roethlisberger as the Brady any discussion is very different. L around here you wanna give Brady credit for that it's all merit based it's all what he's done on the field unfortunately that's not the reality of the conversation. Because his victories his Super Bowl victories his legacy around the country Chris it's marred when the one who admitted or not. And I admit it totally you know up until this the ox two well I wouldn't even Tom Brady is the best quarterback in football. In that was that was my lately it because I look at it very Mary pace. I try to be it comes to the plight try to be objective and try to you know I'd try to not. Let it be completely subjective and they of the patriots if were numbered. Line up at a press box but it's Peyton Manning's best quarterback in football probably best quarterback ever sell you know and the guy who's willing to. To go basically just completely out of merit if he. I mean you know coming from my but he at least keep yourself in more rounded opinion now look at look at Hugh. I'm an opinion you URD get a promo for your show a name for yourself they don't watch out here to Sports Radio WEEI it is late night newsroom for you at 617. 7797937. Beg god to the phones we go with rob rob that a car Robbie next up here on Sports Radio W yeah. We'll take our I have got my pleasure of an amendment. Beat on a lot of I hate LeBron till there's no question about player in the league when you compare him up against Michael Jordan. Well there's no question a product upgrade at all but I. I get job where idea and I wanna do my goal here is as soon as the patriot season comes to an end and hopefully it ends with another Super Bowl and I can go all NBA for a little while we are gonna do a full four hour show on why we hate LeBron James I promise. All Ahmed Al that's not a reminder on. I have to go on the job to bat. But back at you had migraine and no one else does Jolie vs Uga. Is Joseph got up. Or order the numbers up like that but that packets are also lots Super Bowl one you don't achieve at the conference championship. At the. No no and again I did there's a certain segment of people that. Hold that against Tom Brady the fact that he went to the Super Bowl and lost I mean I give him credit for that in my opinion. I would rather get to his Super Bowl than not but some people don't look at it that way. Right their support Jim Kelly from back in at an Atlanta Porsche. The air was probably a ball or else. The. Those are some tough times I don't envy Jim Kelly he must have some serious nightmares. Throughout the rest of his life it is Sports Radio. WE yeah it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy there's always room for you guys at 6177797. 937. That was a serious promise I made to that previous collar and by the way with the you're you're in town or not the show the station is always available on line. If you hear that we did the LeBron James Tate show after the fact. It will be available for download. On WEEI. Dot com so there's no excuse. When we do that show you will have a chance to listen to and I'll have. Some incredible guests some nationally a recognized people that also despise LeBron James and really looking forward that show probably sometime late February. Early march during the not quite baseball season yet. The Celtics are getting ready for the playoffs but there's still 68 weeks away in the NFL season is long past those by. Well we're looking to fill for action packed hours that show is already preprogrammed and ready ago and I am really looking forward to the beat therapeutic. For me it is now late night here on Sports Radio. WE yeah I call the program at 6177797937. Let's squeeze one more and before the break. Let's go to Joey Joey in the car Joseph Europe next here on Sports Radio. WEI. Hey I don't think stick McCall let's listen Joe's an amendment. I don't really listen to destroy you it was in the morning show put out I'll. I just can't. Come to grips with how he's seen Brady has more to lose now and then he dust again. OK so I'm saying that it again if we take a we take ourselves out of how we feel about him in New England write it and we're one of these national people that don't kid that don't consider Tom Brady the greatest of all time right now in my opinion. It whether he wins another Super Bowl or not you don't gonna sway those people right where there Wednesday and this year he wins next year I don't think the you're gonna sway. That segment of fans they believe Tom Brady is what he is. But if he loses this Super Bowl. What are they gonna do if he loses one of these backup quarterback without their playing right now you know the other three guys that are out there if he loses to one of these guys it doesn't make it to the super ball. That's gonna add fuel to the fire for these guys that are essentially gonna say OK Tom Brady's not cheating and he's losing to back up quarterbacks. Armored guard is already true predicament without you I need Joseph easier that they are here now what they're all holes saying now is about his age. There's now it was same day you get too old now he you know he. Can't do it that that's where the hole. Our premise of Brady is. Right right now. I just I think I didn't nationally really Super Bowl there there I don't think there's like maybe 1% of Anna bell and that don't believe Tom Craig you'd ever. You're wrong you're wrong I am sorry and I I would hold on Joey I don't wanna fight you wanna because I'm on your side okay. I'm on your side I believe he's the best ever and I beat the numbers bear that out. However this is not what I do full time you can probably tell by my lack of talent OK I spend my time. On the road I travel the country I traveled the world I talked to people each and every week in different cities across our fine country people hate the guy. I don't think that we understand near record or. Know they hate him and they don't respect him I had somebody yeah I had somebody. I just tightening airport I've been around the whole world I had this discussion a mammoth died. You know like when I did tonight umpire and I that this. Discussion with people from all in all different states. Into the wrong home football team. And they all hate New England beat because there they're not up. It's not don't hate us because the heinous thing it is it's real and it's there. A guy almost came to blows of me two weeks ago because he was trying to tell me that Joseph Flacco is right now a better quarterback in Tom Brady. This is how crazy people are out there Joey I I listened today and I encourage you do this because we can all do with. I helped online today while I was in the office and I listen to two hours of sports talk radio coming out of Pittsburgh because people were happy that Ben Roethlisberger has decided not to retire. That conversation morphed into. His standing his legacy and I listen to two hours of fans calling in saying that Ben Roethlisberger is the greatest of all time now Big Ben is a great quarterback. Not even close to the greatest of all time I'm telling you it's. I think I agree with the there aren't accurate India you've got not even close or Chris all our. He's not and unfortunately. Quarterback art buddies not local he is and I have a go at it people unfortunately in this is the danger. In having a national. A national voice. When you've got guys like rob Parker and idiots out there like Max Kellerman. Sorted dictating the national conversation eventually if you say the same thing enough times people start to believe it. And were I think Tom Brady should be hands down considered. The greatest quarterback of all time when you simply look it. What he's accomplished. Fives are bulls but that's not what it comes down to. He's the oldest quarterback right now and he's really gone went exploring new going to be in order barring that it. Order this and he's forty he's got to win the F in the MVP and he's got to have a six rang and it's I did not act or are now. Or not he's got it again I think around here. You're right Joey but nationally I I can't I can't get there I think nationally. If the patriots were to lose if Tom Brady were to be somewhat at fault for that loss. It's gonna add fuel to the fire this is gonna be a free for all of these guys up there. Look at the quarterbacks the talk that's left to play right now you have to one of the three are African backups. If Tom Brady were to lose not qualify for the Super Bowl or not win the Super Bowl. The whole the whole conversation is gonna change that Tom Brady. Supposedly not cheating at forty years old. Lost to a backup quarterback how could he be the best ever if he's losing to a backup quarterback unfortunately that's the way the conversation will go. In my opinion and I am a nobody but that's what I think I think it'll add fuel the fire and give that the Brady haters Moret mediation. And you better believe. Rob Parker maxed element. They're gonna be on TV the next day and they won't be able to wait they won't be able to contain their excitement as a matter of fact if Tom Brady were to lose to one of these guys. Whether it be in the AFC championship game this Sunday or in the Super Bowl at this one make might break the alive they won't wait for the next day. The rays just about done bill could rob Parker Max Kellerman on immediately following the game and though the alive for the next 44 hours. We beat Tom Brady has celebration. Celebrating the end of his legacy the end of his great run. It is Sports Radio WEI it is late night newsroom for you guys today to take 177797. And 937. It's late night right here on sports radio and WE. Well that only go for full hours here they can you guys up until 2 o'clock in the morning. What that means is there's always gonna be room for you because usually after mid that are on your things get a little big kooky. A little bit crazy and sometimes at midnight we go off the air we go to best do we go to nationally syndicated programming but tonight. We're gonna go 2 o'clock in the morning I do have some questions outside a sports that a lot posed to you people one kind of personal question. Been grappling with something in and I am gonna ask for a had the help in opinions. Of the world's greatest sports fans to see what you guys could recommend that I got some. I get them bed held the news today and that may be maybe Guerrero is out there listening and maybe he's got the cure for what's ailing me but. Have been dealing with a little something and yeah it's fine but. Now what I'm dealing with. Has had a negative impact on something that I wanna do in my life in other words I was told that I tend not do something. That I was scheduled to do next week that I wanted to do pretty desperately and today I was given the no logo so I want to toggle that would you guys coming up. A little bit later in the program until then we'll continue with our patriots talk with our Tom Brady conversation here and again I think. And look I I know that some people called in and brought good points the table here. But ultimately I think that Tom Brady's got a lot more to lose and he has to gain at least when it comes to the national opinion here if you don't fully. At this agent Tom Brady's career. With everything attack guys accomplished. If you are not a believer that he is already the greatest quarterback of all time. That is another Super Bowl win really gonna sway your opinion. Is another to a Super Bowl wins going this way your opinion and by the way. Tom Brady knows this better than anybody Bill Belichick knows this better than anybody but if you're Tom Brady you got to cash in this year a you know your forty years old and he could still. Gosling and around pretty much as well if not better than you could 5610 years ago so. Father time hasn't completely cut up yet there is no clear yet next element got to take advantage their beat. You've got a situation here where like it or not. Tom Brady is drastically better than the three remaining quarterbacks left playing in the NFL not named Tom Brady. To Wear those guys are back up quarterbacks. When will he be in that position again. And finally the third reason as there with continuity on the patriots sideline. In the trending tonight in the trending last night it's all but confirm Matt Patricia. Gone. On and that's a big loss for the patriots right now Patricia is a big loss but an even bigger loss. Is losing Josh McDaniels and now what do you do. You gonna have to bring into and you guys you know what the last time was this happened for the patriots it was over ten years ago back at the end of the 2004 season. When they'll us Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis. It took him ten years to win the Super Bowl ten years. In between Super Bowl victories after losing two coordinators at the same time and at that time Tom Brady was thirty. And Bill Belichick was 55. And now Tom Brady is forty and Bill Belichick is 65. These guys don't have another ten years to get the right combination. Of defense of coordinator. And offensive coordinator on board here. And it's all but confirm that they're gonna lose both of their guys coming up in the coming weeks following the conclusion of the patriots season. Whether it concludes this weekend or in three weeks after the Super Bowl. So I think Tom Brady and Bill Belichick know this is their opportunity to really capitalize and yet another Super Bowl victory not saying they can't do it next year. But next year becomes. Considerably more difficult before the season even starts because this team will have to implement in two new guys. That our senior coaches on their coaching staff. Not talking about middle guys here. Talking about very important roles that have to be field. On the patriots coaching staff we're talking about Tom Brady. Aging another year how is that going to affect him will finally affect him or will he be able to continue rolling along. And his advanced stage without really showing up. On the field those are all question marks that have to be answered. But right now for today. The patriots have the answers to all those questions and all of those answers pointing the patriots favor they still of the coordinators they still have Tom Brady looking as good. As ever. And they still have to go up against. A couple of quarterbacks here that legitimately or back up quarterback tax not too long ago. So everything is really lining up very well for the patriots. With the patriots need to do is take full advantage that's what they've always done I don't think anything will be different this year but if something were to go wrong. If the patriots were unable to take full advantage of this I think ultimately because everything is set up so well for the patriots. Ultimately. It adds more fuel to the fire for Tom Brady haters for the people out there that really believe that he's not the greatest of all time. For the people that believe that his legacy is marred because of these courting quote cheating scandals. Right well if he loses to a backup quarterback. Regardless. Of whether it's Brady's fault or not. They team will be remembered for Tom Brady losing and I know Christie said. That if Tom Brady were to go out there and throw a great game for the Patriots defense that was the reason why the patriots. Los one of these games nobody is gonna care you know that as well as I do that ultimately won't be how it's remembered. It'll be remembered as Tom Brady hall of fame quarterback loses to a back up odds of this bunker on the same page and I. I can understand that I hate I hate to say that to because. Ike it's the stupid way of look at but yes 99% of the people in this country will look at that they will and it'll add more fuel to their fire and ultimately I think. It Tom Brady has more to lose than to gain as far as his how he's remembered nationally has national who legacy it is. I am Patrick Gilroy room for US 6177797. Net 937 back out to the phones will go. What did you go Joe's and a car Jillian makes up here on Sports Radio WEEI. They think I think you bring a lot of great points by. We're not when I'm rubber you're gonna talk was Drew Brees is 39 years old and no one's talking about him retiring or getting out the talking about thrown millions of dollars that. As a free agent yeah in some guy I get it I get it but yours the difference Joseph. Drew Brees isn't constantly talking about his age and I think unfortunately Tom Brady does bring some of the age talk upon himself. And he he's releasing a movie right now called you know Tom verses time so he does invite the age conversation. Into the equation a lot more than not been Drew Brees does. I agree to the other thing is argued that under assistant coach upfront what about grabber and wrinkles from the Houston Texans. Bringing him hope he he would be an instant hit to the defensive coordinator. They weren't as familiar with the system is he's up for a couple of jobs right now it's it was names come up quite a bit I Allison at Houston like lots him and I. I don't think if it's not for head coaching job I don't to meet up and anything keep and I know he's being groomed eventually he's he's a head coach in the making play and I mean. Like helping we're able out and I think Vrabel is more or less doing the majority of the hour. Yeah but look for dribbles got Houston is actually holding onto that that's he's one of their star up and coming coaches I like the idea I mean. Ultimately. If and when the patriots did becomes official that it they'd lose these two coaches if you could bring in guys that are familiar with the system it cuts down about learning curve. And that's important here because what you're trying to do is make things as consistent. As possible as stable as possible for Tom Brady over the next year two years three years however long Tom Brady and Bill Belichick remain here. If you can somehow lose these guys and bring in a couple of guys that are very familiar with the system. Reduce the learning curve and an essentially have the ability to just keep on going the way they're going now. Then god bless you that's the best case scenario I just don't think it's the most likely scenario it's unfortunate I just don't think that's ultimately what's gonna wind up happening it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night let's squeeze one more in here before the break go to Scott got to Connecticut's got you next appear on Sports Radio W yeah. Carrier bureau was gotta update them you know but let me you know vacuum. Listen Tom Brady. Love him he's beautiful to watch. If you put elbow checked on the sideline you set in back duke it out Brady Marino Elway or Aaron Rodgers. Whereas Brady land. There were that will be fact. Again you know he had. Numbers lies about I haven't watched these guys at numbers looking at numbers I mean you got to put our Marino and Rogers are right there. Yelled at you when you do it when you do it this way and and ultimately it's not a bad way to do it makes the conversation more interesting. You're removing so many intangibles from the conversation are you. Okay all right so so if that's the case NS Dan Marino is and it. Do you they either either Marino. Elway or Rogers I think would finish all about a number. But argues that operate at international now allergic to brook where in the same vacuum. On one plus four wheel wrong. Or Colby. Or Jordan. LeBron or call your Jordan I mean I'm locked for. I don't I don't know what you get an ad here an update eight it's Jordan for B but what are you getting yet. I'm just arc. I think that will wrong has surpassed Jordan and effortless surpassed that in. Own not necessarily in what they've accomplished I got a guy I argued that physically LeBron James you're an accomplished a lot if you the most. Accomplished at not. That's what makes the facts. I get it I your celebrity accomplishments from the best it's it's sort of semantics got Samantha conversation Scott and you let it makes it more interesting and I get a but I can't do that because sports is so much more than just numbers sports is ultimately who can come through in the clutch sports is ultimately. Your accomplishments that you have on the field and how you are those accomplishments. The way that jordin was able to finish games matters. You know the lasting legacy if you if you remove. Michael Jordan's years with the wizards from the conversation. It is lasting image of Michael Jordan pushing off begins Byron Russell and pulling up for that. That jump shot from eighteen feet that ultimately won Chicago a championship. That's an image that is set in NBA fans brains for eternity. So while LeBron James may have more physical tools. Then Michael Jordan at this stage his career and ultimately is gonna have more along deputy barring some sort of catastrophic injury. You have to take into consideration so much more. Then just what you see numbers wise to the end of the season when you look at the back of a basketball cart at the back of a football card intangibles matter. You're standing amongst you teammate matter you're standing in your community matters because when you're that good and you're that important. The whole package you are a business unto yourself. And it's how you sell yourself as your own business and decisions that you make as your own business that you frame public opinion of who you lark. And you can't tell me that LeBron James doesn't continue to take a hit. From the decision that he made all those years ago he has recovered nicely. But it was a catastrophic. Error for LeBron James to decide to go to the heat and do with the way did he did it. The decision to go join the heat that's fine. But the way that he decided to go do it on national TV would Jim Gray and embarrassing as current employer. That was the problem it is Sports Radio WEEI. It is late night when we come back mr. John separate said he will join me and they'll tell you why. I'm sure Aaron Rodgers he's the goat he is the greatest of all time Johns opportunity coming up next your Sports Radio. W yet. It is Sports Radio. WEEI it is athletes like Patrick Gilroy here taking you guys all the way up until 2 o'clock in the morning. Number to join us here is 6177797. At 937. We'll continue with our Tom Brady goat conversation. Little bit later in the program but right now wanna bring in. From NBC Sports Radio from Boston Herald radio my good friend and yours and supporter of LeBron James and Aaron Rodgers are gonna get that. Either way right up the top mr. John in a separate jedi John ideal man. Good evening Patrick and don't forget Barry Bonds and Roger Federer match help the guy in a war. It's become my favorite local stay away from bon Scott worked pretend you're in and no one really critical and that's. And clearly though you mean because you're a fan of bonds cheating doesn't doesn't apply to your right it doesn't matter it doesn't become part of the equation part of the conversation. When you're judging where a player ranks. Right. So yeah that's where we want to go we just being here because ultimately John I spent three hours. Last night on the air breaking down this this jaguars game and that's what you're gonna get all week long but I wanted to do things a little bit different. Today I went ahead and I listened to sports talk radio from around the country the Internet is truly a wonderful thing. And I heard two hours the sports talk radio. In Pittsburgh where fans are happy and they're relieved with good reason for. The back that Roethlisberger is gonna come back for another year after it it was sort of assume that he was gonna retire but that conversation led to. Two hours of fans thinking that Roethlisberger is one of the greats of all time and a better quarterback right now then Tom Brady a better legacy. Then Tom Brady that really got that got me thinking so I went online. And what do I find I find column after column after column all relatively recent from relative reboot respected national sources be. He'll fox sports from October says its Aaron Rodgers. Complex from October sends Drew Brees back in July Tony Dungy says that Tom Brady is ranked number six all time. So knowing that your and Aaron Rodgers guy I like you to make the case why Aaron Rodgers is what I assume be the best quarterback of all time. He's the only other candidate besides Brady that plane right now on top results and saw it yesterday in the second out. Although he had two interceptions in the first half and did not look good in Minnesota defense that also consider and you're gonna talk about two greens like after the games in the dome gotten hurt. Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady play after the ink out wasn't inclement weather rocket and I think they haven't been. Are the reason I I think that orders plus wanting it more skill and operate I don't think that truly up for debate now as far as accomplishment. It's difficult to argue against Tom Brady replied Super Bowl looking like he's winning six. He's lapping the field with these accomplishments but something that will look at you without. Carter's first of all look at the regulations at the numbers are stuck opera expert says the pavlik to look at is touched down. Two interception ratio are watchers is one in his career radius wanted to distribute to back up. 2 o'clock in the ball where fighter looks to great quarterback but even in the post season Rodgers numbers are better than our lives. Touchdown interception ratio was 21 mark is close to 41 of the polish decent. Now what there's 119 and seven record in the postseason but if you look at those seven losses Parker. The Packers have allowed an average of 38 points per game in the seven losses quarterbacks aren't winning many games in the defense gives up 38. Eight points so you can never really played well and only defense without defense that was in 2010. He could win the Super Bowl since then. In defense of that little tackle. Bottom and shoot your bases look at this 2011. And they have the 32 ranked defense and Coke all last comic checkers 32 teams and football yet they would fifteen and one in that year. The secret to the 31 rank he spent the patriots with thirteen with great we're talking about. The two best at this Europe. It in the I just been the largest and pretty much everything that Brady can do the lady kept everything orders to get ready get set it apart played in his collegiate system that he broke a 7000 night and Saturday night. And I missed weaving back and forth to Pakistan. Bidders like. Mystified how the patriots are able to get wide receivers open as often as they do that go back to coaching. Whether Belichick mcdaniels a system that's in place. You know Brady played in about a system that Iraq is so. I think the discussion is there. But it is tough argument Brady with those accomplishments especially that the treatment so now we're talking about a six and go broke. Okay I'm glad you brought that up John because that was also part of the discussion that tonight was for the people that are out there that that don't feel the Tom Brady is. The greatest of all time or don't think he's among the top two or three greatest quarterbacks of all time it. It's my feeling that winning another Super Bowl isn't gonna sway them winning two more Super Bowls. Is it gonna sway them they have dug in if that's how they feel right so in my opinion that means one thing and one thing only if Tom Brady were to. Lose this week in the AFC championship game or lose in the Super Bowl in three weeks. He's got a lot more to lose legacy lies in my opinion that he has the game. Probably true although just getting to twelve AFC. Conference in its championship games in sixteen years and offered it in 2008. Plate sixteen years. He playing in his twelfth conference championship games which wouldn't be played separately are the potential conference championship game. Mica about the oil on James is a career 74%. Or it's likely that Tom Brady plays in the AFC. Championship game that is LeBron James in free throw that that's how incredible this wonders that I opened its gonna lose weight that much of it as the and then the next quarterback at war with one that's what Terry Bradshaw. And he signed a lap of the applicant that the war. If he loses to like portals or two weeks after Vatican in Egypt he's seen them or Nicole's. Well I that this happened out of an evil people want these. Pedestrian quarterback. I'd like to see that he is considered the greatest we're back that's all Europe and I and I. Two principle goal you are into this that I have no clue how would appear Tom Brady John unitas Arnold ran the sport was. Different back then quarterbacks COLT won't placed opposite of uncooked whole what they do now. Wide receivers would get old I mean you know now wide receivers are protected the ball screens back in the day or backs would get slammed the term. And it beat no call against the potential. No player. So I didn't have different era a meat packer quarterback not a or back from the so you get to in the coolest actors like to global leader yet. Can't up and always a legal. Record back or not Kirkland now and in his accomplishments are our arts capital ultimately responsible bowling while also mean. Offensive lineman but no one thinks that he's been great the front of player of the super warrior that. Discussion you don't want Steele or Reggie White so it can't just be a ball Super Bowl is a team sport uncle backed Brady's first they won the Super Bowl. Entering game the patriots quickly offensive touchdowns it and beating Lleyton or. And rams in mostly policy into Aaron Rodgers coast postseason game he put up 45 point that law and over time so. I don't play defense coaching. Other parts of the game's arc compared quarterback. It'll look like Elway and Montana. In the eighties and early ninety that was about right Latinos Grady Little super I'll wait. You like water at the screen talent but maybe not like the residents are waiting until. Now what they win two Super Bowls on his final season. It's Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy joining me on the phone right now from NBC Sports Radio in Boston Herald radio. Mr. John Savage said he Johnny like got you here. I gotta take my turn here because this is this is just awesome okay right now you're guy LeBron James having a great. Statistical season maybe one of his better wrote his is brilliant career. But his team is not responding right now beat Cleveland Cavaliers have just lost their fourth consecutive game things have not gone well for Isiah Thomas. Since his return shooting about 35%. From the field in the five games that he has played since his return. The Cleveland Cavaliers now more than 50% of the way through the season trail the Boston Celtics. By seven and a half games. In the Eastern Conference all that is great if you're a Celtics fan my question for you though John is does it matter is this year different. Then last year or ultimately are the Celtics in the more of the same if these two teams are to meet upcoming Eastern Conference finals time. If they were to meet now and help should be the favorite that's your particularly with RBC a home court advantage. Played out of the week. And memorable game. Opening night after the losing Gordon Hayward and coupled by three point issuable shall the law they are. Couple weeks ago captain Celtic swing and game well. Where I really did not have a great game in the coastal April when they started seven games tomorrow night on the topic beat the paper. At being so it still at three and half months with the political season will happily when it was younger tour comes from the clippers. Although that would be dealt me the most cavaliers move in the world if they were to give up that Brooklyn tech for a short term rental. And that that's a good they would do that go to keep LeBron James happy right. Either that or maybe just name him head coach which you really get to this point. I mean that's one take you could averages on agriculture and we'll bring in David is built. As an but it Coca different I'll buy up this early but clearly there's there's no coaching going on to Cleveland Cavaliers other than LeBron. Is Tyler goes double. It is time to get whose job before the all star break. It couldn't happen right why wouldn't I mean they've done it before. They're playing no sense a lack of peppers their tonight's game it went well. The milk that. In that Bennett are a problem with that team again this is an old an athletic team you've got playlist chain must look at some clumps and Kyle Korver you know the cuts plod along and it's different now and I use a golden. Are you quite a Golden State Warriors to template and it is that the defense would guys urged. An out and and quite content Kevin Durant and stepped curry I mean don't the and those guys. They're gonna get equipment to open up the interior for the rest of their close oak. Doll the tablet between Russia and the Clint 500 ballclub mile an app that partnership and we're supposed to apartment in particular group is our recruit we. NBA. East is a lot better than in the past there's not a Celtics know Toronto Washington. Niemi and and basically you don't go to work they went fifty games they played some good ball second half last walk he. You don't like parkas and come back at some point that's going to be a a truck that you went back. I don't regret nothing else would like I. I've got the western daddy couldn't into conference play this year. So it would work but the weapon that much better I think this all your boots is made up some ground because. Don't look at it came at Philadelphia weeks in a separate. Ibaka beat anybody put out. You have days off in between games and that means to all of you could play doubles and our games. Pain in the butt first round Celtics and it goes I was sixteen put. You don't look at that and it takes a little bit out of the team work that have been spending years and what. That and so that narrative is just brutal. Ultimately John A I think this year proves it out more than any years in really recent history that there's an old tired take that bet. Happens on Boston's Sports Radio across the street quite a bit. Where they feel that coaching in the NBA doesn't really matter but you run up the Miami Heat you see what happens here with the Celtics and the outstanding job the Brad Stevens is done. Especially following that that injury to Gordon Hayward really regrouping his team on the fly. And you look at the Cleveland Cavaliers I don't care that they are old and and there are an athletic. That team still should have more towns are enough talent on their team would LeBron James alone playing the way that he's playing this year at the level that he's playing at. To at least be more consistent than they've then bail them out one of the more wildly inconsistent teams in the league this year. But those games by thirty points I mean within the struggles on the summit's close came to me they need. They got blown up quite awkward the missile without a backup ought to Minnesota or. Teams but they got blown out a most games so yeah basically a lot better in coaching doesn't matter in the end you look up look at the best coach in the sporting culture and yet. But I think we're in agreement that Gretzky. Second best coach and create an up. Up the ranks Popovich. If you'll step down I think we can all we get Brett even the best coached and Jake I'd like twelve his or not equal the second best coach in the NFL. I don't know. I really don't mean it is yet they're all high percent in the wanted to go to practice that he developed a so much better than the rest them and create at least you have. The colts stand and got vehicle that there are still out. In what could be a good job and whatever he met while we're at coastal also. But this one reason that the current good colts don't win that many games by accident don't want a ballot. Com but yeah the coaching does matter in the end yet not just. Put a lineup while especially with seeing what the topic that are no longer it are just getting to the point on the court together player development. Look at the players that Bret Stephens and developed into a political play two hours got up and intimate this. How to compete for the top slack here on the Brett in the but good coaching and you see the development to crop in jeans and now I three point defense which didn't likely Democrat in the coaching right there. Absolutely it is John quickly before it gets out of here ten seconds or less what is more likely to happen next year Belichick and Brady come back to the patriots a LeBron James. Finds a way back to Cleveland. Look what that the pop when I think I know what I'm talking about against Brady Belichick. I mean they may have bearish right now what I expect them back at the Google legal position where culture and go like kind of played with the idea possibly president of the 49ers but he school coaches aren't I think he wants the virtual halt our record when. There is on sept jedi you guys know him from Boston held radio and NBC Sports Radio John thank you so much for had taken some time and staying up late with us tonight. There he goes mr. Johnson Tedy find him on Twitter ads. John says it is two hours down a late night two hours to go we come back we'll continue. Without football discussion and we will talk about the Celtics it's a little bit here more than 50% of the way through their season your Boston Celtics right now. Are the favorite to represent the Eastern Conference. In the NBA finals does anybody care it is Sports Radio WEEI.