WEEI Late Night - With both coordinators expected to leave, where will the Patriots turn to try and continue their success? 1-15-18

WEEI Late Night
Tuesday, January 16th

Fourth and final hour of WEEI Late Night gets going as Patrick Gilroy continues to discuss how Tom Brady's legacy can be impacted with games against sub-par quarterbacks coming up.  Then Gilroy tries to figure out how the Patriots can keep their continuity on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball if both McDaniels and Patricia do in fact leave to become head coaches.  Is there any way to continue with the success they've had?


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Do they Delhi. Okay. Silly hilly indeed it is Sports Radio WEEI. Fourth and final hour. Late night coming your way right now there's plenty around Rome you guys that's the good news about the fourth and final hour of late night. So the line has been busy for you and you wanna get in. And Tom Brady conversation. Got now is your time 6177797937. It is truly is your time. They shine continue to takes the program and you guys love to do it. At 37937. Economy on Twitter Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. On hoops and of course you don't this Tom Brady conversation. Has been one net debt. There is that a correct answer to and I think that's what makes it really interest. Everybody brings a different point of view everybody brings a different perspective and so much of that is based in. If you're Trulia a patriots called diehard fan you look at things. Through one set of glasses and that's okay I mean I totally get that I'm not gonna lie to you guys my opinion. On the Boston Celtics can be skewed sometimes. Because of got a tattoo of lucky the leprechaun on my arms are and I got that long before I got an a broadcasting but I don't know broadcasting because I was a huge Celtics guy. It's just you know it is what it is and people's views are skewed. Based on their personal preference of their life experiences I get that but when you're at the later stages of somebody's career. And it's time to really take. You know take measure of who they are where they are in their career and to put them up against their contemporaries. I think that it's one of the more interesting conversations. That we can have a sports fans and it's incredibly relevant when it comes to Tom Brady. With everything that has circled around the patriots in recent weeks. And knowing that Tom Brady is forty going on 41 years old and knowing that. Bill Belichick is 65 years old and now. With the confirmation. That the patriots are in fact gonna lose not one but both. Well there primary coordinators. Both Matt Patricia and Josh McDaniels will be exiting the patriots whenever the patriots post season run is over. I think it's a really relevant time to take a look and take stock in exactly where Tom Brady isn't and how does he measure up against the all time greats. Because I think here after Tom Brady won the Super Bowl against the Seahawks. He really cemented his his place his legacy. In New England was set in stone. As ago and then last year was just. You know you're carrying your Sunday and I think a lot of people in New England thought that. After Tom Brady did we did last year to the falcons having that incredible fourth quarter comeback. The greatest comeback in Super Bowl playoff history. I think that so many people assumed at that point that the the goat status for Tom Brady you become a lot more universal. Then in fact the past I just don't think that the rest of the country is there yet unfortunately the more I talk to. People around the country and the more I listen to out of town sports talk radio. And Reid specifically out of town newspapers online like local columnists. Indiana's version of say Dan Shaughnessy. And every towns got a shot to see your Shaughnessy wannabe every single town has got one. Every town has got to Borges wannabe. They do a why not model yourself after two guys that have had incredibly long lasting careers. Mean these guys have become celebrities not just locally but if you ask a sports fan. In Boise if they know Dan Shaughnessy is they probably do so and that's hard to do to become like a national. Pseudo celebrity as a as a writer but these guys have done. But they've done that because they've got a niche innate appeal that niche right and every town has got their guy the propels that it but. I was really surprised this year that the sentiment for Tom Brady being the greatest quarterback of all time was it more universe. And as these playoffs began. I thought that maybe there would be some. Sentences some additional. Admiration for Tom Brady from even people that couldn't stand him as a human being couldn't stand him as a player and I think back to NBA guys. As they their careers are winding down and there was no player that I couldn't stand more than Michael Jordan. Because he was just. He won every year right so I was a kid growing up watching Michael Jordan. He wins every single year it's like come on give somebody else a chance here and it was never the celtics' chance to win. But then as Michael was still putting up 22 point two game in his first year with the wizards. He was a different player but he was still Michael Jordan I found myself as a young adults that point. Watching MJ as often as I could and appreciating everything that he was doing and edit and Jay's second year with the wizards. When he put up twenty points a game but he really at the labor for those twenty points and now and it was 41 years old at this point his career. And it was much more of a jump shooter. Still occasionally could explode the rim but much more likely to explode to the rim. Layup then an explosive dog still had a couple of games we're broke off for fifty plus but generally. You've got a a veteran savvy type of player. But as a basketball junkie I found myself rooting for that guy and regretting the fact that I didn't root for him when he was in his prime. And letting my personal feelings my personal jealousy is as a Celtics fan get in the way of appreciating. What was the goat and what is still the greatest basketball player of all time. That's why wanna watch LeBron James. I can't stand the guy. Absolutely cannot stand him I am the founder and president and leader of the LeBron James he club. However I can watch him as a basketball player. And truly appreciate what he does and I can tell you that he's the greatest player in the NBA right now and I can tell you that this that a the Celtics. Had the money to spend and the Bryant James or freeagent. I would want the Celtics the sign him. But listening to sports talk radio or on the country I can tell you right now there's a lot of teams up there are a lot of fans of teams up there. That would want no part of Tom Brady and that was surprising to hear. And that led me to the belief. And might take ultimately that there's nothing that Tom Brady can do. He just has nothing to do at this point people's minds are made up they're set in stone. Tom Brady can't go and win the Super Bowl this year and change somebody's mind it hasn't been changed already. If that person doesn't already considered Tom Brady the greatest quarterback of all time winning a sixth Super Bowl. Isn't gonna bring that guy import it's just not winning a seventh I don't think is gonna bring that I am bored. That guy that feels like that those people all over the country. They're not gonna have their I'm humbled and that it you know I was wrong that I can have that bigoted dig in deeper. On the cheating stuff they're gonna dig in deeper on the Belichick stuff always a product of the system I heard so much of that today it was sitting to Pittsburgh sports talk radio. When they were talking about Tom Brady. How Tom Brady's been so fortunate because not only has he been coached by. A guy like go ballots Jack. He has had the luxury of an offensive coordinator. Like Charlie Weis in the might Josh McDaniels they've built an offense around Tom played to his strengths and Tom was nothing more. That'll lucky recipient being a product of a system. That's what I heard and that's what opener that's what people truly believe people who don't watch him week in and week out. And those people don't appreciate what has been happening here because they're not fans the New England Patriots and that's fine. But ultimately I think it's a sin that these people out there listening to the idiots like Max element if it was at a Max Mets have been predicting the downfall Tom Brady for two calendar years now two calendar years. And today Max doubles down. After Tom Brady throws for 332. Yards three touchdowns. A one or two and a half passer rating what's he do he doubles down and when he's asked about the clipped comment he's as the U wanna walk back. Your comment about Tom Brady hitting the cliff what is Macs do Mets doubles down does not know I don't wanna walk it back. He's hit the clipped the clintons columns the clips you have to days clip. It is clip is even worse so he has been predicting the cliff coming. For two years now today. Following Tom Brady's 332. Yards three touchdown game. Nice element goes up there what's he do he says he's hit the cliff the clip is no longer coming. He's hit. The clip. That's what we're dealing with the your folks. That's the idiocy that we're dealing with it. Guys like Max Kellerman and rob Parker they get paid seven figure salaries to go out there and say idiotic things. Is there cliff cutting it's they're drop upcoming as the end of Tom Brady's career gonna happen she lorries. Is it happened yet is the time to declare it happening right now I don't think so. I don't think so do you guys feel like he's at a clip. Do you feel like Tom Brady's maximized everything 332 yards three touchdowns is that the time to say that Tom Brady. Has not only the clip isn't on the horizon he's at the clip. Do you still think that Tom Brady clip is coming. Yes I do in fact I think it's here now that was his first good game in now seven weeks he had a good game against the team that won that was lucky to be there. Let's be honest Marty go to catches his own past because. Really patient even gotten by the chase that was one game that everyone know that the titans had no. Way to win we knew the patriots were gonna smoke the titans who smoked the dean got to score a lot of points book. Brady was I will say this Brady was better against the titans then Peyton Manning was at the same point in his career. In any game and those playoffs Peyton Manning's best game it was 21 for 37 for 222 yards they'll get the Steelers. On that were in that run home. But let's keep in mind that for the first time in seven weeks Brady was very very good. And it was at home all off a bot. In the cold. Against probably the worst team in the playoffs. So that's Max Kellerman who probably made more money and that. Two minute segment that'll make all year OK this guy makes seven plus figures to give idiotic takes like that and to compare Tom Brady. In his performance the next game to what. You czar at the tail end. Of Peyton Manning's career when Payton was throwing his ducks out there is crazy if you look listen Doug Logan Ryan former patriots cornerback after that game now titans quarterback Logan Ryan. What did he say about Tom Brady he said Tom Brady was throwing lasers out there throwing darts out there. If you used your eyes you could see it and a much either brought up earlier tonight that throw where Tom Brady's running. In the wrong correct height and the heat falling to the ground and throwing across his body across the field. And literally puts it in basket and Danny Amendola arms one's read Q it was no one else is gonna make pepper. Regardless meanwhile he compares him to Manning who couldn't throw a spiral in his final days generally had a spaghetti are. That was it. His job was to go out there and not turn the ball that was the game plan don't turn it over patent use your veteran savvy don't turn it over eight was leaked morals. That's basically what he once Blake has a better off right now then Pete wasn't a 100% aren't so patient couldn't throw more than ten yards on the field his arm was done physically. Manning was at the end injury I don't veteran savvy. And but you know give them all the credit in the world. He executed game plan they won a suitable. But to go low there. And get paid seven figures because that's what you make Max Kellerman quote there makes seven figures and compared Tom Brady forty is throwing lasers. Are right the opposition is now they're telling you that his arm is as strong as ever throwing darts out there. He would at Logan Brian's face it you try independent Rogge. But you turnaround and a set and half later the ball thirty and his arms how do you defend that when the ball's getting their faster than the defender to get there. Off the cliff. Is it's added it's joke and unfortunately. Guys like that form the uneducated opinions of so many people here in this country and it's unfortunate but that's the way it goes to Sports Radio. WEEI. It is late night I am Patrick Gilroy have been talking about this the last hour we come back and ask for your help so you're still out there. And you are ready willing and able to help the part time overnight guy here. I am gonna need all the advice that I can get because today. The doctors scared me today the doctor told me make it go on my international trip that I was planning on going on next week. And as a guy that still feels relatively young. As the guy that looks in the mirror and knows that I am no longer eighteen years old but I still though and I'm now guild and the basketball court. I'm I'm a guy that at 2 in the morning when I get out of here before I go home I'll go get my run in today can have an attitude and yet I'm crazy like that. I tried it stayed relatively healthy. And hang on to my youthful good looks so to speak however today the doctor told me I couldn't do something that have been looking forward to doing for about a year. Any security in my voice it it's it's a little upsetting. But it's also a little terrifying to know that. Your mortality is very real it is Sports Radio WEEI. It is Sports Radio. That'd WEEI it is late Patrick Gilroy Hewitt you guys for the next half hour or so taking you all the way until two. O'clock in the morning. If you still have some leftover thoughts on the whole Tom Brady go conversation. Please by all means 617 the 77979837. Also last that we spent a lot of time talking about the eventual. Loss of the patriots to coordinators. It's essentially official who varying reports but multiple reports now have both Matt Patricia. And Josh McDaniels. Due to leave the patriots immediately following. The patriots playoff run whenever that ends weathered and this weekend. Or three weeks from now in the Super Bowl. With the colts in the lion's respectively. Picking up the patriots primary coordinators and I think you know that's kind of a big deal that's been overlooked a little bit around here I think that the level of confidence. Is incredibly high around here for a patriots and and look with a good reason right because you've got the greatest quarterback the greatest coach of all time. And how many times has had been drilled into our heads. That you've got the greatest coach quarterback combo and as long as you've got Belichick and Brady. Then you're gonna be just fine and ultimately. Although Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia. Are very important to the overall success level and continuity level of this football team. I think it'll still ring true that as long as you've got a team led by Belichick and Brady. They can figured out. And he'll be fine but there was some interesting calls on that last night as well. Can continue to take your thoughts. On that but ultimately here I got to ask you got the question and I wanted to do it later in the program. Because there's just been so much sports stuff to one pact but I get something that I got to deal with here personally and it sucks right. Because it just means you get old so without getting into all of it both six months ago. I was diagnosed win with Crohn's Disease and that was after a couple of years owed just really deteriorating stomach pain like it a point where it. It got in the way of of doing some light things right. And my wife would complain about election what are you doing my stomach always hurting so we adjusted my diet at home and we did everything that we could do we read books and you know try to do it completely different approach to food and lifestyle and everything else and ultimately nothing helped. And it was the worst because it wind up on vacation or Disney World and wind up in the bathroom for two hours and it ruins other people's experiences because you're always sick. So part of me was relieved. When after I'm talking like months of testing. Really invasive testing they finally diagnosed me with crohn's and although the diagnosis Sox. Because it's auto immune in and it's you know it it's just. You hope that it goes in remission but the really is no quote unquote puree it becomes about this stuff right. And the medicine that give you. Yep they inject yourself every two weeks in back Sox in don't keep kids to see you go through that and it comes without a laundry list to side effects that. Would make you cringe pureed. And one of the side effects is a and immune system that is weakened OK so. Whatever and the medicine hasn't worked all day great. My level of discomfort still sucks but it working through and trying different things I will get to the point where it's not an issue in my life. K I will overcome it it's not that big a deal. And it's something that it's at a whole family disease because my wife does. The primary cooking in the family and we've had to make some huge adjustments to what I eat. Right they're four. There is huge adjustments to what the family eats as somebody that. Loves cheese and milk and dairy I haven't had dairy in six months which means they haven't had a piece of pizza in six months. And that sucks it's awful but I would rather be comfortable. And had pizza. Problem is I'm not getting comfortable. So my doctor today I go for my microns check up because I have to go and get my liver enzyme tests done a lot like every month to make sure my liver still working efficiently because the met is not a monster crews will deliver right. And what do you say to me that Patrick has it going we have our conversation and he knows I travel for a living. He doesn't love the fact that I'm always on an airplane because. You are more likely to get sick on an airplane because it's a two fully germs but it is what it is. I tellem oppose the travel internationally next week and go to Germany are really looking forward to any looks at me and he says it only ago. It is really don't want you to go to Germany it's a bad idea you go to Germany because you've got a compromised immune system. And you don't wanna get sick in a foreign country. Right so there it goes have been planning this trip would Miami boss and one other person that we work with and it was all over. After all that planning ultimately the doctors said don't go. He gets sick over there it's gonna be a problem your immune systems not a place for you wanna go to a foreign country. I don't want you going to Germany so I then had to go back to the office and have a conversation. With my boss. And say hey I can't go and it's a pain in the ass for everybody involved. Because all the plans that are made have to be corrected and changed and it's paid any answer me and it's disappointing. For me. And I know that they'll be another opportunity to go much stupid but the question I have for you guys is because there's so many of you out there and I know people have. Been able to force crohn's into remission. Right so I've tried different techniques that are read online. I've read the books OK I've tried the diet of pride all these things the trying to kick this thing into remission and having no luck if anything it's getting worse not better. So if there's any tricks or tips or advice to put this thing into remission so I can go back to having some semblance of a normal life I'd appreciate it. Because again. I can deal with the missing the food I can deal with you know missing some of those that simple pleasures in life says it to be comfortable and healthy. But I don't like how it affects the people that I work with I don't like how this affects the people that I love and my family I don't like them being affected by. My BS. So again you know that that's what I wanted to say this just happened before I came in here tonight for late night. And you know I knew that if I put up their do you guys you guys help me build a winning a race car from my son. You guys really and helped more than once for me. And you help me get through my sleep paralysis is that there's any group of people out there. That are gonna know what to do to make this thing feel better to potentially take into remission. It's going to be you guys sort of Sports Radio WEEI it is late night author of that on the table. As well as our Tom Brady discussion are Matt Patricia discussion. Our Josh McDaniels discussion it's all there for you would 617779. 7937. That go to the phones we go to go to Brenda Brenda in Boston. Pregnant you're on next up here on Sports Radio at W yeah. Page number and first of all I mean act. We'll be callable at good hope church analysts not to look too that he has you know it when I was younger and equipment are encouraged each month. And I have a hypochondriac who is currently talking about. Sixteen turns over that span trying to simulate the hell was going on in the hell was going on. Whatever remaining in you know I think until that apparently future speeches that funny thing was. Mean aren't funny but I got the car passionate or my car yeah this right political thing was out. In a panic is department appointment you know I mean it just kind of is like a Britain currently staying and are frequent and I'm like I told the current issue ought describes in UConn got her car but I. Well no cart you know who's ulyetza. In you know coming that low point man in which was should be prepared that he worked with Canon. Ticket that back. Mean you know you'd realize you haven't I cannot kind of keep your plastic. Or obligation I do wish yeah helmet and I wish to national apartment but. You get appointment is gonna be appointed dislike this tree and I get into here so we realized and not focusing acumen with the oddly enough witnessing an out to the region went way. You know any yet yet. The effort apparently as an attempt to. Turn it on the act a bank in Clinton had a man. Kenny that center reality like I could have done and then at Carson shortly current highway you know any kind of open your eyes it. It be had built into but it can't. Really do wish especially helpful. I'm not an additional actually helps you you can at that point where you kinda tricky shall feel okay. Despite experiencing them and deal with Ernie look at us and the like that eighty purity that until that stress factor yup you know and he's not. Get a bread and you know for me personally like dealing with it sucks but I can deal with it may have been dealing with -- for me the part that's crippling the part that I hate is. If foreseeing. People that I don't work with the or the people that I love is having an intangible effect on their lives that's what weighs on my mind that's what caused even more stress for me you're Damien. Eskimo and no engine that was similar treatment he's like go around or edit my case it. It's in Omaha as a different people like you know Egypt to uncle whatever everybody to know right. As a hypochondriac. In its try to and you ought to know Google. I've been in this single and it is you draft. Speak to that point man in Egypt's I don't know the city and things like that and I hope the public and the rich. You don't even know what the trigger is made LT a little incident at a later outlet. You know could Becker initially set by. You know arriving at just to each and you wish you an extra at present rebel quite exciting golf that now says that. As takes a like I was at. Say yeah I want to worry that among deputies to government but like you know I learned is that then. I don't think assembly let's start here about Belichick turned being launched the that you need linebackers coach a couple of years it'll bring the. Coordinator and are believed that the case. I mean why I would think you know we still have like three. Years left rated three years left yes year for the target in the became just think that EP. If it was only 23 years left. I don't know you know that's how I felt before and Brenda listen up I'm up against and I appreciate the advice in the call but now I that's how I felt before. When it came to mcdaniels and end the likelihood of him being the successor to Bill Belichick especially if there was only see three years left the Belichick stymie wouldn't McDaniel sort of I just waited out but then about myself now because. Mcdaniels the guy who's already been there mcdaniels is already got his coaching opportunity he ran a team all by himself that he may all the personnel decisions with the Broncos coach that team. Ultimately made some bad decisions for the Broncos and he had to go back in and start to rehab his career. Rehab his image and put himself in another position to get another shot here and right now. His value is as high as it's ever bent which means his negotiating power is as high as it's ever bent. And you don't know what's gonna happen here let's say that next year next elements finally right. In Brady hits the wall and what if Brady's the guys it's made Josh McDaniels looks so brilliant all these years and now. Josh McDaniels though there the offensive coordinator of about four and twelve team with a rookie cool quarterback. Then what happens to mcdaniels negotiating power right so while Tom Brady is still Tom Brady and the patriots are still the patriots. And here they are trying to win there another Super Bowl. This is when it's time for him to capitalize cash in and pounce on the opportunity. To. Run a franchise again to be a head coach again to be the big decision maker again into rehab his image as a head coach because ultimately. Going back to being a coordinator. With Tom Brady and attaching yourself at the hip with the greatest winner in modern day sports has led him back to areas now. And that's in a position to go out there and command a huge salary. And become the next head coach right. That is not guaranteed in two or three years even if Belichick whispered an easier and sent him Heidi here in three years. There's no guarantees because you've got a four year old quarterback. Would have Tom Brady falls off in two years patriots are starting a rookie year three and there are two and fourteen then what. Then what power does Josh McDaniels have and how coveted. Is he really at that point it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy who root for you would 617. 7797937. It is Sports Radio. The WEEI. It's late night Patrick Gilroy here we are you guys till 2 o'clock in the morning. Still room for you guys at 6177797. And 937 or give any last minute thoughts on Tom Brady the whole legacy conversation. Are you freaked out this patriots team is gonna lose both of their coordinators or is it as long as Belichick and Brady you're here. Everything will be just fine and of course if he doesn't get a solution for media picked this crohn's into remission so I don't have the deal with. The stuff that I'm dealing with right now again it gives me dealing with a that's okay. But today that the doctor telling me don't go to Germany next week. You don't wanna be in a foreign country would this within a immune system that's compromised because your medicine that you're on. You're not going Patrick is essentially what he said he's already has enough. That a modern airplane once a week. With a compromised immune system but he said absolutely not you're not going to Germany he should never planned this trip to Germany so now. The crohn's is affecting me personally it's affecting my life at home when my family and my kids everybody's had to adjust. The way that we Coke can we eat what's in the house and that's you know they love me kinda so we can deal with that but now. Having to go back into my office tonight at the small family owned company right having to go in there and disappoint my owner I I hated doing. Because I make my money making him happy right and I hated doing that and it's such at its attempt. Did you feel like you don't have control because you doing everything right you doing everything that the doctors tell you to do and now it's just the waiting right. You hope it goes in remission it could go in remission Amaro I'm addicted to deal with it for years so. I know one thing. A vote. You guys out there and end the reach that the station hands in the a couple of times and have asked for help with things the reach is incredible. I've never seen anything like so there's. A trick or something to try. At this point I'm willing to try anything I've tried to robbery cookbook I am not joking my wife bought it for me we've tried some things in there like Al tried just about. Any thing if there's a chance that'll kick this thing. In three missions have taken those calls as well at 6177797937. Backed out of the phones we go. And the eighties and a truck and you're next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. Hey pat how you was a big. Hey listen are all like wordplay I really enjoyed the show. And I think it's so cool that you have the opry opportunity to units those on the side from your regular drop it's awesome I appreciate that meant. I'm so a couple of things first of all yell on the medications you're taking and you know I just you mention that. But you really really upbeat super careful about the medications that are out there. And the side impacts the side effects are really serious and you know people are out there on Staten drugs in things like that and Staten drugs that doctors are prescribing or chilling people. You know he just really cap be aware of where you know what to really. Going on with the medication and I know your condition. By acts that polite and very similar condition yup you know. The other thing would be well that you needn't be. Holistic medicine and I know that's weird. But if you have the chance to talk to ballistic doctor about what happened natural. Holistic things are out there and appeal it. And the other thing as crazy and sounds. I have chronic back problems and sometimes when the worst it's the worst is the worst. Prayer is the only thing networks from. Let's today NEA you know I it doesn't sound as crazy you'd think because you get to this point where and I hate to use the word desperation but your your reaching any trying to find. A solution to your problem you tried just about anything at that works for UND. I am unhappy for you and it's something that they. Look I've tried it and I'll continue to try it any yet you talk about. Prayer working well. One of the things that the doctors tell you to do is to try and do everything in your power it's few. Bring your stress level weed out right and Emma unnaturally wound up really tight and stressed out guy. All the time anyways so what do you believe in prayer or not. Prayer is also sort of a way to meditate and bring your stress level down so I can see how something like that. Could potentially work that squeeze in one more here it's gonna Mike Mike's in New Hampshire Micah final thoughts on my crohn's and it was an amendment. Area my mother was diagnosed across from two different doctors. And she she wanted Dartmouth Hitchcock up in New Hampshire I live in New Hampshire Salina and all about it yet. She didn't have grown which you have you and all the I forget the name of it but it got to live and ask okay and she she went through all the same crappy going through needles all iconic wrap every every every other week and stuff like that not. You wouldn't get any better as you probably don't have chrome. And how she doing now. Is she still suffering would anything Hershey completely over whatever was. All that's awesome that's a good for your mother man and and you know it's funny you mentioned. Another I had two opinions so far. And my wife wants me to go get a third at you know. I'll check it out it's not too far from where I live and Eddie can't hurt to try appreciate the phone call Mike and thanks for the advice and you know god bless you and your mom I'm good for 77 years old. I don't wanna wait on 77 to kick this thing in remission if that's what I have in writes I wanted to go into remission tomorrow we all want something and whether it's realistic or not you know it's like why not at least. Tried these things and that's certainly what. I'm doing I'm in this exploratory. Mode right now from trying different things and trying to put myself in a position where if in fact it is crohn's. Writing ticket into some sort of remission. It's an autoimmune disorder and essentially what that means as your body's fighting itself. And that's it's not a very comforting way to put it but that's exactly. What's happening in a call the talked about these side effects from medications. He he's absolutely right I mean there's no getting around that the side effects from the medications as a joke mean it sometimes the side effects are more harsh then. The medications themselves but if it's it's temporary. With side effects that you have to deal with that will ultimately help push this thing into remission and for me it's a calculated risk but one that's worth taking right. I'm just not sure if it's something that. I should really continue to do for the long term because what's the point in its not working if Mike can't go on this trip to Germany it might. Immune system is still compromise to the point where he does on me leaving the country and it still suffering. Then why put my body at the risk that the medications putting that that's sort of my mentality today and it's morbid defeatist mentality and I hate that. But it's like what's the point. You know every few weeks after going to get a liver test because the stuff is brutal to deliver the what is the point. Anyways I appreciate the thoughts that guys I had given up my chest it's been. Weighing on my mind all this happened earlier today. In dealing with it all day and I knew I was coming in here and right so rather than unload this early on in the show I waited for the finals that that segment. Because there's too much good stuff to talk about too much good stuff patriots jaguars coming up in a few days. Coming up here in a few hours. It's hurting cal and so if you're up stay up lineup this point. Your all in it's 2 o'clock in the morning what's the point don't go to bed. Don't sleep sleep is for losers sleep is for losers cartman they'll be here and four hours. Skirting Callahan will start in three and a half hours right at 530 I think that thing off so at this point my challenge to yield stayed away. Don't go to bed state too important Callahan coming up in just four short hours after me a thought because on Friday but they Delhi and.