WEEI Late Night - Are the Jaguars swaggy enough to beat the Patriots? 1-16-18

WEEI Late Night
Wednesday, January 17th

The first hour of WEEI Late Night gets rolling as Big Ben Maller explains that it is not the Patriots fault that there is and has been a lack of competition for them as they make their way to the AFC Championship game and possibly to a second consecutive Super Bowl and a third in four years.  Then Ben breaks down some Deion Sanders sound describing the Jaguars defense as "Swaggy".  Is a swaggy defense enough to beat the New England Patriots?  Maller also dabbles in the gambling under world as an odds maker so he breaks down the Super Bowl MVP odds released by Vegas and lo and behold, the top of the list is filled with Patriot players.


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Well everything is sunshine for the patriots. In less in less it's not because you can't have that you cannot. That's not the way it works. I will level gate and all that welcome in the beginning. Of a little late night born here on WEEI idea I'm back not that you care that I wasn't you last week but I care and that some. Some technical issues here some gremlins that attacked hate when that happens but we're back at a year. A united tonight and tomorrow and we will work our way to the pages these Celtics game. Is just about over they've gone instant replay these pelicans every three point ever watching this in the Anthony Davis sizzle real. Of four. New Orleans idea. Justine a king's home type performance got zillow. For the where the pelicans in the store I know much of the day we need they went to shoot around they being the the media. Asking Anthony Davis like somehow thinking Anthony Davis would announce yeah I would like to not even play for the elegance that night. However plays for the Celtics. They didn't do that he can take debate he even though you'd you'd have to thing in common sense tells you that Anthony Davis would of course like to play. For the Celtics as opposed to any immediate middling at New Orleans pelicans franchise which is even if they win tonight news. Only a couple seconds left but if the pelicans when their three games above 500. This would not be one of the better. Even if the Celtics to win this is not one of the the better performances here. Considering the fact the year that the pelicans have. Put up almost a 120 points. In in this particular game in the Celtics did come back in the fourth Korea want more on that as the the dean comes to a conclusion will lead Celtics forced eight double overtime. We'll keep in mind. Put it in the lead up. Skip to the get to the this up there Italy right in the lead up to championship. Sunday in the NFL. I have since the and isn't sure you have to there is limited. Buzz right it was and this is driving some people ahead. And if you've not been paying close attention. That job done maybe this has gone over the new lines. Of the lack of bodies and eight desperation. Situation. By those that are trying to. To high football. Championship week in which distributes study in the NFL. And and insult and videos and it's just sit the automakers. And just the general eye ball test. Since since all this is cannot. It was seemingly convenes. That'd these pre ordained. The patriots in vikings are going to play in suitable 52 there's a lack of Jews. Is a lack of Jews the Eagles are thrown out in the polls quarterback. And because of that the vikings are three and a half point favorite in that we know the line. On the patriot game this week in their nine and a half point favorites over the jaguars. To advance to another super balls at. As a result. As a result not idle when this app is. It doesn't. Affect me. Not deny him bulletproof discount anybody but this particular storyline does it affect me but because we have. Legal Jews Wear these championship games in the NFL meeting legitimate threat. Of ups and you can make the argument that the eagle viking game there is because the vikings are doled team they're going to Philadelphia. Even aware there's not going to be terrible stomach can be. Dole and conditions and all you you could. You could expand on that and make the claim that it that is that something it's not nothing itself. But the patriots it's pretty difficult you really have to stretch yourself into pretzel. The thing that if this game is played straight up the Jacksonville's going to be able to win the game he made the argument Jacksonville can. Can cover the spread which he's even that is a gigantic. Leap so because qualities. What does happen so my colleagues some of my fellow media blab amounts. Have turned to soaking and whining about this I've I've been reading a lot of stuff on the inner web I've heard some of it on television. Radio as well it is like this gaggle. Of radio gas bags you've got the Talking Heads on television. And my favorite the bleeding heart bloggers. Like that trifecta the tripod. The the gas bags on the radio which I'm proud of being. Very proud of being again expect the Talking Heads on television and then get the bleeding our blog at all please these groups of people. You know a a lot of them have unite here they've been triggered. Why what seems like legal drop like we're selling drama lobby was selling drama. This looks to be a very lopsided. Very lopsided situation so wanted to talk about is now. I I would assume some things. One of the things I'm going to assume you listen to. A BI tonight is that you have some level of interest in the pages and you're not a die hard. Delusional diabolical. Pin. And you can you feel like suppose if you if you're you're in here you Europe patriots on some level right that's a bold assumption. So would that as the backdrop. Would that is the backdrop here the question is. It is is there's a lot of like a guilt thing going on here which I get a kick out of from that the tripod of doom. There are very upset by these matchups on championship we will focus in on the patriots in particular. Because they are specifically. Being lamb pasted by stone. And the question is assured EU. And your double patriot fans again them making the assumption like the patriots. Should you feel some shame. Because of such a soft. Waving spot in the NFL playoff not. I got no skin in the game. I have no skin in the game. But I will attempt to attack us now. Because I have talked about this a lot with with other scenario. On on some of the other stuff I've done here in gas bag related. But my position is absolutely. Absolutely not there's no shame in this is no guilt in the news. From a fan perspective from a team perspective. And I'll toss out a double as we got over rated. The victory march game. The fantasy. And it all the close to buying them all the they're not the first lean years about 00 lead you past all the other nonsense and all of a noise from the tripod. Of gas bags TV Talking Heads and leading our blog is but the first and used some of the the bigger. Pun means. Seemingly childish theme. That the patriots like to demean what they're there potentially going to. Because of a very enjoyable path. To get to the super low and you can't really push back on that and it's as far as the path being very very soft. Pillow soft like the kind of pillow that's the cool side of the pillow. Talk about. But those new vehicles microfiber. Pillows. Which I Gallo's lab I'd and a cooling microfiber. Pillow. Which just destroys the other. The head coach. But but the argument that there is this is not somehow going to be enjoyable should that happen for the patriots with a get to the Super Bowl win. This is out of touch think by and playing. The Steelers which is what many in the the mainstream media and I always said I'm not mainstreaming. Very proud. Because I I do my main gig is an overnight show at fox and then I come in here at night I cracked the microphones of WEEI after 10 o'clock nine cup is you're not mainstream. Mainstream is 6 AM. To 6 PM that's mainstream I am not. Right thumb on the fringes of the media but these these guys like they're upset because that the Steelers would have been better for business. For those mainstream media. And in the the argument is hey it's not necessarily wrong. Then it's difficult. To drum up interest. For Jackson. Have a very small fan base. They have. One foot in London. Bit earlier and in Odessa want to stay in Jacksonville. If you complain of bat. And so said he got that going on this international laws form. And so there's there's just you you try to sell some the people arm but he put a product on the store shelves in the one's buying what's the point there's no headlines are other than Jalen Ramsey. Who I get a kick out of those of other people think that he should be sent to a North Korean prison camp is he says crazy stuff. But it's not too much else there yet you can you can take a baseball bat in continue to beat the Kenyatta. Days Blake morals. A quarterback and that's always won it's it's nice it's low hanging fruit. And I would point out years. We apple and a B I edit the best tasting fruit. Low hanging fruit would not argue with that at all. But did so. The the other thing about this is beat because of the fact that this is supposedly the easier pat. That that that this is of a bad thing that fought. He's overrated. That you're not I feel like I'm on the polls. Of the average. The average. MEI and maybe I'm not you'll you'll have to determine. And we'll open performance years in will be you can. Chiming in on all but but I have talked for a long time. About this issue in different fantasy scenarios and I've drummed up in my. Competition. EE no competition like that this idea while the page is up competition so therefore it's Sox the incident to their troubles. Competition I look at it like congestion when you drive. If you can avoid it you will write a I am I wrong and it it when you leave work. OK when you leave work either to go to work to come home from work. And you sense that there's going to be some nasty gridlock traffic. So it's its morning driver afternoon. I assume the position that you don't just settle in your car. And say hi traffic Armageddon but it's it's going to be light out at the listened to the radio little bit longer because I'll be stuck in my car. Trying to get or I wanna know. I am going to wager that if you have any kind of technological ability which he beat that you have whether it's I I use the ways traffic jam. But there's a part of the global maps all these GPS broad. You're gonna use one of those to navigate the fastest. Trip to your destiny most enjoyable. At. To your destination. That would be the logical. Thing to do right so it in this respect. It's no different year. Where it is the patriots they've they've been able to that they didn't choose to go down this path the path was which better. You've got the pet was given that. And so Bill Belichick and Tom Brady they've they've been. Given the gift of eight up pillow like trip. Through the AFC it and that's one of it in the GPS is clear the GPS is clear for us now secondly. This this also for those that are. Upset and angry the in the media that the patriots are not being challenged or don't appear to be challenged. In his playoff run is also stressed remove. Is what it is but when you played Tennessee and Jacksonville is limited anxiety. There's less stress. Fewer gray hairs. You look better in the mirror the whole. They'll I had said before the cease invite me to deal with you in and he is he is an is that the wrote. You'll be matched up in the policies with a bye week which I think you can be. Marcus Mario to Blake morals and either nick foale's. Ortiz Keenan you the first thing you're does that you're you're an eighty you know what you're talking about. That would in the first witness. Secondly. Secondly you is yes we're OS that I would look at pat I would actually love that that the and Mary Oda. Portals and either full or keys keep them. It was obviously. Humongous meanest Max Mitt mismatches you put them. The the other factor here that's just how the chips fell. Me it's. This is the equivalent to weigh me minimum day. In school or working like most half day situation you always look forward. To have days like this is what I want I would like to have to say that that the patron its biggest battle this week. Is not going to necessarily be anything that Jackson rules can provide the biggest battle is going to be. Something that the patriots have never fallen four and that would be complacent. And Bill Belichick to his credit in the other people have been around a patriot. Who we kidding it's really Belichick. He has been the master. At getting his teams to avoid. Avoid looking looking around in not having a laser like fully now say they. That you know looking ahead for so I don't mind the trash talk more on that later. But the patriots could absolutely play a stink bomb games. They could drop the old deuce at Foxboro. This week he could happen. Let's not an unprecedented situation right is. I mean they've lost to the of the ravens in the go down the big losses that it happened there are many of them in the playoffs but the ones that have been. I opening surprising hole. But it's it's not gonna be gaining at the Jacksonville jags do it's gonna be more about the patriots. Stake in the joint up in. And Puerto play by the patriots. But the the last thing on this we will take some photos of us are Colin our producer Chris hard work he's anxiously awaiting. Your phone call unless he's not but 61777979837. If you wanna yap with a estimate. Would meet them out there on derby the you also text the show 379837. And get that he is well on my Twitter account which is just my name pain Mallard if you. Don't try to spilled and that's problem in the last name M a LLE. War. Art took the final hole. The final hole word on this. Night if he hits. In the in the history of the NFL. This there is this false belief that if you don't play tough teams in the playoffs. This is a big problem and it's being repeated regurgitate a lot right now. That this mr. softy road is going to be a prop eight will not matter that is a fantasy to think that this is somehow. Or to be a any issue here. And you look at the micro and the macro argument. I micro Mac in the in the Michael the short term it is not. Aesthetically pleasing again no push back on. How much did this Indian fight one that that this is not. This is not a lot of a situation where your like excited about I'd. Like ET if you look at the long term the mackerel. You remember. Years and now you remember the fact that the team. That wins the Super Bowl. You don't remember a lot of the details. You don't. And that's something you got a factory in these guys in the media I know what they're doing I understand assurance drumming up stir up whatever. Again and I am certainly not beyond. Beyond that. At all not beyond that open if you go back just for contacts right. District tried to exit the loyalty. Let's look back at some rain dome. Random syllables in the past. Eight remaining the when he was with the colts they've failed but on in the play they they they align the patriots a lot they were they were great. A pretty bad in the play. Like Peyton may dean win a super ball in the net. And when people talk update may talk about one in Denver he was pushed across the finish line but the Broncos won. The years ago AM. Pete Manning one with the colts. And you remember who the colts beat in that particular suitable were Peyton Manning brought the championship the Jimerson. You remember. Rex weeping Grossman in the Chicago Bears. Got which got it got it got. It is not does that mean you look back further steep your own. What is suitable for the 49ers. Against staying home threes. And the old seat Diego chargers back in the day the ravens more well not more Reese has been forty years almost the ravens of 2000. There's a leak defects. Talked about one of the great all time defense as they took on Kerry Collins and the giants. In the Super Bowl to win. You'd gone John Elway be a Buddhist Christian and other that he was the quarterback who averaged career quarterback for the falcons. If it's about the ravens Stevens how about the Chicago Bears the prayers. And their defense Chicago. That legendary media eighties monsters of the midway bears' defense. Which she's revered and talked about. With great nostalgia in law old. By many the 85 Chicago Bears. Are they downgraded because they play the pay to play the pages of all your old time you remember that was Steve Grogan and Tony east. That was. Knox area and not a very good pitches and got the Super Bowl tomorrow. So all of those teams won Sobel of points on the boards. What against. And by eight by standards of today eat the bowl week. And all that stuffs. For the most part all that stuff for a guy that's is just how it. It works I this week. I often talk about the the the things that we remember. At the end of exporting. But it's the same thing the same concept. I've repeated rigor over regurgitate this over and over in the same concept applies. Two again entire C is like in that they've been studies on your your brain will remember what you watch a game like it just rained and game. You're not gonna remember that much you're gonna remember whatever the emotional peak was of the game and you need to remember. The end of the you're gonna remember who won the game and you remember and what that turning pointless. And when when season's end you're gonna that it works the same way. The same exact. It's it's better now hey now you're on WEEI if you would like to be part of our late night fun again is the line opened 6177797. 937. You know also text me 37. 9378. And get at me on. Twitter on there as well and that's at bay and valor. It's mine team. And you can join funds the Celtic game indeed do a few minutes ago the Celtics to Lou tonight. New Orleans coming into the garden walking out victorious they're 23 win of the year for the Alex. As the Celtics go down and they got a mile fool. All Anthony Davis who was monster matching team he didn't shoot necessarily particularly well from before but the stat line. Body Dottie stat line for Anthony gives it 45 points. And sixteen rebounds. In the year that it pelicans who blew leads Celtics came back in the fourth quarter. And actually had believed in the late part of the fourth quarter the pelicans forced overtime. And in the end in the end. Eighties the pelicans that win tonight on the random Tuesday in the NBA's Celtics. Or down the ensemble cast if you had told me going into overtime or even going into like the late stages in the fourth quarter. That he pelicans were going to win that game I would of say 00. Chance but I what is it like at. Like a less than 10% chance. Exactly time UK you cannot have that. How dare you. Alvin Gentry getting the best of the magician I can happily I can't believe it is please. Arts we'll take some phone calls here if you wanna be part to the phones we go. And though let's say hello Paul is I think this is all the polling I think this is my god all the put hello all. And when Bill Bennett is about poetic Thomas famous LA king Mario. There you go Paula do you have any of any poetry tonight that you would like to share you know save that for next time. Again without hesitation when we did a Super Bowl trillion years ago when I became famous this year when the state run I thought W image to a debt. You meaning writing our rock. But Larry bird's an autograph would show. Renaissance practiced and current economic Innospec. Content green Dubya that we are bad dreams you might reopen bidding. Three from the golden years are screwed. And once again world champs are. You but I don't do that. You regret and elect only for me. What we are. We are and that listening like William Shakespeare they're Charles Dickens with that tremendous all us wasn't put the and I like that you had that just ready to go to mom's nose like somehow knowing that I would just randomly ask you to read poetry. Then there's one funny thing membership through equipment parts and Elena beat Jacksonville never before in the history of radio has this done in your mind. The diabolical by the big bet. And that our nation I can probably do. And I couldn't do what they would do I took in the Tyler time Carlin Charlie got a four major network inclined to the cup on national and the kid you kind of have similar music kept the secret guy I would just revealed in and everything got horrible person who lives in the world is like a wild animal is it allowed anywhere and I kid you not missed a funny story. And all of confused by this art so you've been calling with just changing your name and you've been calling up random shows is that we even though that we tell me. For eight years I got number one ranking on national fox new national it and because some seasoning off and I haven't none can rescind approval rating and a half. Happened on pediatric character and she and that we'd done in Georgia. As these noses and Christian so well and Nokia X. A lot of free time taught me your you're you're monitoring all channels waiting for an opportunity to call your eyes I thought I was special plot thought I was the only one. So. Too bad it's no you sure don't but increased. And start. I had nothing to do if you think I'd want to call Fox News or whoever MSNBC. Or whoever else you recall. Big band member I've got rid your blog you while you were clear channels and millions and millions listen to get around the world you should get him into the Internet. To get. And yet at the grim picture are you know I'm David West you have an employee per what you write a little. You're on a grass roots move I've real quick I gotta gotta gotta move Walt albeit just tell me in one brilliant sickens sum up. Not that I think this is this difficult that difficult other than showing up on time the patriots Jacksonville game will be decided by blanked. That's certain. And Tom reading the blitz they play and replay out there rush quick we dropped out and it'd be to bless and special teams. Are that sent in this now here's the drama Chris Allen have in my head here right here I was listening to perking Callahan. This morning and I heard via a very angry for a minute and yelling in complaining about this kind of radio. Saddam worried that time I don't want to fall into that trap but I don't. I thought we kind of have to fall match I'm more with Gerry Callahan is that you have to fall into this trap this is the week where this track. Applies when the championship I think I think it's one of those necessary pressure. That's a lot I would agree if you know pages get the suitable the I've said for years the single worst week. In sports talk radio. In the entire industry and worked in the industry a long time the and the the the worst week for Sports Radio is the lead up to the suitable. And you know why Reich is it in and I'd you Chris you've been listening human part of his Bobby to. All these new radio station their home goes to radio row. And most of them can't help themselves they do the same hack you to go to Joseph Montana goes on seventeen different radio stations. In the span like three hours promoting you wish adult diapers or whatever it's just a nightmare. It is one of those things man. I since then that's pin pinned behind what it is anyway our text or phone calls a no poetry is required. No poetry. Required. And if you wanna be part against 6177797937. Of even the Celtic game you're at Celtic you to he saw them. A lose if you have some brilliant observations. Not boring observations but something something other people listening might actually wanna hear that we don't know about you racks yet to gain. In that would be good thing it. Pressing on here. Everyone's got to take. You've got a play I got to dig in and somebody mixing in his that's a new take. On it championship. Week in in the NFL. Beats firms YED. The terms swagger he. Not talking about swagger EP the Basque Butler I'm talking about swagger he. We will get to that. And we will do it next. The terms like ED what does that even mean the terms swagger he. We'll get to that you're coming up in the moment but but first these self peculiar about the Celtic in the lose to either seven game winning streak. Comes to an and and as they they go down to beat pelicans. Which is one of the most emasculated names in all sports is is there. A more. Amassed relating in that there are two I should talk about this the other the other day on the U overnight surely. But did the pelicans. Pretty high up on the list. Pretty high up on the list of wow well we think. Especially if you think about like is they changed their name as it did the hornets they were called at the New Orleans Hornets for awhile but the could've come something much better. I'm a big believer. In geographical. Nicknames. Problem I'd I'd buy these teams that uses an analyst get a nickname but it's pretty. Pretty pathetic are cut like the Celtics defense tonight was pathetic in despicable disgraceful and all those. Those words a Bret Stephens call out. The self for their lack of defensive effort. Pointed out that the the game against the pelicans which ended a short while ago that the Celtics did not defend. For more than ten or twelve minutes the entire game. The entire game that was that was his essentially Anthony Davis treated these Celtics. Defensively. Like. Silly Putty and in it did what he want you would you tee you can't cry too much about you random. A random Tuesday game you can't imagine. What it would be like if Brad Brad Stevens gets the coach Anthony Davis. Which if you believe the rumor mongers. The gossip peddlers of the NBA could happen. Not at the trade and New Orleans is now active trade Anthony views this year but that's something and next off season you start looking and aid. In the next. Calendar years so Hastert says one may be. Why not. That's. What the heck oh port. Hosted have to take some dynamite. They being the New Orleans pelicans would have to take dynamite in goal Ka boom. Com boom. On what they've got going on there. In new war which is. Always possible are so swagger he. Throughout the week for championship. Weekend in the NFL. Deion Sanders now he works. At the state run NFL network's a Deion Sanders he has stated he has to have hot takes an all of these games. And he was asked about the championship games in particular who cares what he says about the NFC Audi Q what he has to say. About the AFC so here's Deion Sanders on the NFL network trying to sell Jacksonville. As a team that you beat the patriots this week. How about the AFC championship what are you looking well there. Oh my goodness that can't wait to its wagging Jacksonville Jaguars seemed. Did then and make Tom Brady looked like the forty year old aging quarterback that he isn't. What they have the capabilities. To make it look like he is. I can't witnessing how that chance that plays out in can get pressure up the middle rated song can't step up in the pocket. Well I can't wait to see that this is go be good that it. Yeah I'll not a court of the oddsmakers. The did you notice that he used. He used to weasel terminology. Too weak to put the beginning of that Chris yeah I noticed that Dion he he's like a lawyer if you listen closely there was so weasel term in the middle play one more time here. Oh my goodness that can't wait to its wagging Jacksonville Jaguars seemed. Did then made Tom Brady looked like the forty year old aging quarterback that he isn't. What they have the capability there isn't naked are likely. They have the capability. They have a say it's like up to you know you could wind up to a ten million dollars or. The radio the radio contest or TV contest where you could win a new car and then. And then you find out that it's like instead of just being a local contest it's a national contest with seventy million people. That that also have a chance to win via. To win new car that's as at standard football cliche the study go to sports cliche dot com. And you can find all of that language all of those words. On on sports cliche. Dot com wag in Jacksonville jaguar and it. That is a good job though presiding that that needs this amount for the rest of the week is after that why would you complainant Alia that that's going in the bank and then it'll come back next football season when the jaguars are irrelevant again yeah I like that to you file that in the archives and then yeah exact lag in Jacksonville Jaguars. It. I do they really have slack out. I'm like the worst guy for swagger do overnight radio mostly I'm not. At the swagger Chris do you have slack producer Chris you have slack. I consider myself to have minimal but some slack up. Do you do you have so wag if you've given up forty plus points in -- last four games do you have swank I would give that a hard no yeah that's a tough sell that's a tough sell. Hey listen just tools got a bunch of guys that were drafted near the top with the draft him also spent money on free agency. Has put slack. Two. But Deion Sanders is like the definition of what he was the definitions deals like the old guys. But he's the deal on the the cool. He he's he's as he aged gracefully he's he's fifty years old now Deion Sanders. PA prime time it's 45 years old playing defensive back for. It Lander have gone through the cowboys and all those teams he played for back in the day. Let's see that's that's a wag right that's. Is that is a big mouth is your face. Mr. Ramsey is here. It is that Deion Sanders is is as it is idle right ribs he's idolized the unseasonably that's correct that want to be just like yeah that was is his goal. Since it's impossible to do that plan in Jacksonville. Is absolutely impossible to be that guy. When your word in that uniform that laundries. Well uniforms don't matter that does matter. It's tailoring of GQ you can't beat that guy would you've got Jacksonville's logo slapped on your helmet. Can happen new way new wave at all. I'd spend out there and you were king I am back this week on late night I apologize last week but they were things out of my control I could not be here it's a bad job by meet. The gremlins have left hopefully never to return again. So we are back and you can join the fun 6177797. And does and it's hunt I think after number six was 77797937. And you can be part of it the define and you don't have to have sway. A policy in my in my reading this correctly that's. And I easily make people wait put this somebody complaining about would Deion Sanders had a it's good to. You don't write await Tom in Rhode Island time in my in my seeing this correctly you have an issue with Deion Sanders. Right yep and I I need to stop it because I heard an interview yacht for the past couple days and we're gonna stop a right now. Swanky. In swagger. To different things. OC you're are you are used the word please guys that we don't hear. What now now now levee I want you guys but it's been driving me crazy and it got through it it's stupid look at the article later they're you know standard. We. Or right here. I didn't like restart it you know you quote from place get a whack back. Wag in Jacksonville jaguar. So it silica or are you saying Deon said it all assay Larry it's not atomic. Two totally Deion Sanders thinks that the Jacksonville defense is like a free gift bag. Or they're coming here to get respect by the mall rat you. Party get. See here's Tom here's the problem you're you're going by like the letter of the the definition of swagger which can push you back on that. But I recommend the urban dictionary kick you ever read the urban dictionary dom. Yeah I have you read your dictionary that's been going with the urban dictionary definition of slack which just means like cool I think I think that's what. Well then there and it's been it's been stolen from proper English tea and that. That he expects that. Well it's not a thank you. Wagging jags and yeah and everything that's. A top too much allow men relax that's a life is short you know if you need to be the word police OK. I think it's a Larry's a youthful. You imagine though seriously if you listen to us sports talk radio listen WZEI. All day and you're like that your word guy if you're the word guy Paul Mike. Because if you have a nervous breakdown if you are you to the word guy you can't be the word guy and listen to this. Just got to relax and enjoy the ride man. Are you it's a bit Ballard U late night here on WIT guy and time now for the cool whip my game here we go to MIT. This work pretend to be somebody else blatant attempt. To get you. Get you to keep listening as long as you're not the word and indeed the word the word got a Twitter and the word damn radio but here's the oil Mike. John stalwart. Wedge or if you know football history you know John Stallworth John Stallworth holds the NFL record. Yet touchdowns in eight straight post season games. I am sec team. Baja and the steeler legend with scores in seven. Consecutive some second on the all time list again who in my game. John Stallworth. Holds the NFL recchi a touchdowns in eight straight post season games. I am second. While high and the steeler allege united scores in seven. Consecutive. Playoff teams who am I the answer your phone calls the whole thing we get to do next week. Normal ordinary. We don't win every. It over. And yeah. Some wagging Jacksonville Jaguars. The guy got up the slack man got up this way agnico declare it the that's a guy. Dillon read that's the right there are side by side meant they love the kid get an album it. It's Ben Mallard you were doing some late night funny here on WEEI. And The Who MI gave me blatant attempt to get you to listen. A little bit longer thus The Who where my game a staple. I spend more time trying to find dopey questions to get people listen a little longer. Like I have to put a stop. But anyway here's the this week so who in my game lower today's women do another one tomorrow. John stall stall worth holds the NFL record he has touchdowns in eight straight postseason games I am second. Behind the steel led united scores in seven. Consecutive games who am I that is the question. What is the answer. And let's see here. Let's go with the Austria just going with Santana Moss. As his answer. Jerry Rice. Yes by several of you go on with Jerry Rice. Lynn Swann. Thrown out there. On on and on art as the correct answer though. This random odd one. And that's why I like I like the audience. Second in NFL history behind John Stallworth. Is former. New England patriot receiver David Givens. David Dickens. Is second all time. To John Stallworth for the most consecutive games. With a touchdown in playoff fished you Rob Gronkowski is third on that list he's got the active streak rock. Has done it in six consecutive games you can make number seven and that my math which is which is always right now a man he can do that. This week. And wrong if if he keeps going here assuming the pictures don't fall off of the face of the planet. When eventually Tom Brady retires. Gronkowski. Has he's got ten touchdown catches. In his post season career. And he is he's third all time records that Jerry Rice says the all time record of 22. John Stallworth has twelve so. Assuming and you know what happens when you assume that the patriots win this weekend and then get to the super bull. And that gronkowski has at least one touchdown each of those games. Then he will tie John Stallworth for second all time. In in NFL history. For playoff touched. Which helps when you play for the played it's it's it's it's similar to. You don't like in baseball I don't Bernie Williams of the yankees' lead in some months some policies in and we still might in some policies in categories is who's in the playoffs every year. But it's kind of like a misleading thing. Greg toast he's in the playoffs every single year. I'd always been hurt so he's missing his Reese 48 years old and in what he's. Been healthy enough to make it through the year it ends up with typically multiple playoff. Anyway it's. It's been out hanging out here on WT guy and I have just been handed in my hot little fancier. The five dimes the offshore sports book have released. Super Bowl MVP shots. That's even before they play the championship games you can bet on the most valuable player they can actually do this the beginning here. The the regular season MVP this is just for the Super Bowl in Minneapolis suitable 52. And that are on this list of of players that are the favorites to beat. The most popular dot unlock it even pretend like you don't know who the overwhelming favorite ways to be MVP in these offshore rods. With a plus 150. Situation this is a Leo all overwhelming when you think about all the players have to be potentially playing. In the Super Bowl plus 150 odds. That translates. It works out to only 40%. Chance. That Tom Brady. Will add to these. Collection of goodies he's picked up here and win another VP what do you 40% chance. Most of the implied odds you don't second. On this you don't know who second Mattel. The name its second on this list. Taste keynote. The vikings a quarterback at plus 400 he's got a 20% chance. And then after that falls off the table but there's a whole bunch of patriots. Better on that list including. The third choice which is Rob Gronkowski. Followed by braving coach Chris Hope game. Is listed. So all of the top. Five and VP possibilities for the suitable. You have on that list. Four of the five are New England Patriots with the overwhelming. Favorite. Overwhelming favorite bean Tom Brady. So what's the with me. That's the way that that works out that is it's just the the math on that. Art did it the tweets are coming India the tweets are coming literacy can't read that one Lou we'll skip over that there are some people that are mildly pleased that we're back. Jimmy Jimmy is actually listening on the the WEEI. After the website he's. He's going full Mallard marathon tonight so he's in for the fool. The full road here is not gonna tell you these. Yeah that's that's the case. Some people are taking sarcastic shots in my direction issue. Customize my talking too much sports issue that I should I move to the political theater here and break down at Donald Trump. And his diet would that be that the move it given away from I think you're doing just fine and I'm glad I'm feeling it right now I'm on the targets. I think you'd agree I can you want I'm nineteen I I saw that everything were they were peppering the doctor is. As of Donald Trump's healthiest people ribs and error. Millennium. If I'm upset I consider anybody that likable. That the commander in chief there and that's what he talked about please. And I think Elena would totally deduce this story about. The newest page USA the newest feature because he's high profile is on being here for a few weeks James Harrison. In this issue starter from his own social media accounts but he got picked up by TMZ and a bunch of other people were very excited about this. Because James Harrison and is it is bragging he's showing off he has a brand new custom made. AK 47 and that's rights. He showed off on social media is earlier in the day here. And he dubbed it is it deep below dropped oh is that what he called and that's the name it and it's smaller. Smaller version if you will. And in Seoul. You you know how this plays. Right you know us plays so he's alleged terrorists in. Is it its reputation get a bad news out. He's done. Some really despicable things on his resonate. It's like as a human being he's done some debates despicable thing so. ID. If the easier just for a couple of weeks is little chance Harrison we back. With the patriots next year win or lose you will likely be tired this time about. Right because of this particular story. You are going to get. The wacky doodles are gonna run out they're realize all my guys is terrible in the NFL should do something out there James Harrison you know in the big garden is the gun guys can get all of said I'm not a done. I'm not a target I'm. Five I don't I don't own a gun. I have friends of mine. Friends with some police offers electronic arts. And all that. I have no relatives and stuff they have Belichick knows of no issue nine troubled by all that. But here's what I expected that. Is. I feel like what's gonna happen. I feel like I Knoll. Is that these special interest whack at doodles are going to see this particular story and they are going to send out a bunch of and news releases and statements and declarations. About. Paulus is not Rais is wrong. And we should not be promoting guns and all that in. This and all these nasty messages to the NFL legal. I'm going to not comment predicted to be a couple of I sell a lot in that water to cool to me is a lot. Of these kind of declaration. That's that is my. My position. On on all. Our politics and phone calls. And we will also yap I wanted to get to. VV Wii is go home. All trash talk. That's been like at a topic of of much chatter here beaches and our friend human ramseys. Of Jacksonville. And the via the bitches as this so eloquent piece. King's English of course you reams of Jacksonville. The other night that pep rally. In Florida and so the the rebuttal the wiz film all of the trash talk if you also get to that and we will do it.