Was the Patriots win another great Brady-Belichick comeback, or did the Jaguars choke under pressure?

Mut at Night
Monday, January 22nd

Mut is talking about the confidence people had going into the AFC Championship game Sunday compared with how the game actually went and whether anyone doubted the Patriots would come back or the Jaguars would collapse.


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He's much that night on Sports Radio you. We you guys. Zero point 0% to one with and I don't believe it always work movements who says that these. He said that I can't win with a lawyer. I know we cannot win with 0% chance of patriots at home yes Bill Belichick Tyrod Taylor normally border zero point zero Bill Belichick can't keep like sports your person. Yet that's why I'll put my wife yes my zero. Because Brady is the reason why they beat Jacksonville and everyone gets worse on offense when Brian where quarterback. And he won't kill when they can with a 1713. Thirteen to argue I'm saying no I would outsource that they would I had 2113 with. Imports were twenty Brian Brian Hoyer or. It's not if it's always six of San Francisco this year is one playoff game was a disaster it was guy there there is. Four picks at home against Kansas City there's zero evidence he'd be able to. It provide any sort of help the offense did the numbers. All absolutely right on Friday morning when I said at their Brian Hoyer quarterback who could not win if you watch that game yesterday. You Lola Brian or you're out of your freaking mind but at night hours to eight another statement for Tom Brady adding to his legacy. It's not just the greatest quarterback of all time and now treading in the direction of greatest football player of all time treading in the direction of I'm greatest athlete of all time his name is going to be up there were Jordan and Gretzky a whole lot more. When this thing is the Don when his career is done this is going to be. A debate that we haven't tackle probably have over the next couple weeks. These Super Bowl week she get into things besides just the game. And like Tom Brady's can be front and center. And many of these things 6177797937. Is the phone number he was once again spectacular specifically. There in the fourth quarter. Where he was up pretty much perfect over a hundred yards a couple of touchdowns. And they absolutely. Needed it and we've seen him do it so many times. That we should be used to it. But when he hits aim and goal on a third and eighteen. What he keeps finding branding cooks along the sideline. What do you make some of the throws he made it even work complete outlook ordered wrong. Down the sideline it was a football these could not make out the throw that critical dropped. Heady beautiful plastic cooks. Cross streaking across the middle were cook should put his hands up and could not get they're probably Amendola catches that they did make. Tom Brady is. Already best quarterback of all time. Any added to that legacy yesterday with that fourth quarter because. This is not just some playoff game this was on paper the best defense in the NFL. We know how good ramseys were in a good boy is we found out all over the course of three or four hours at their defensive front. Ali brought an acute Fowler at defensive end it was terrific. Got all sorts of pressure on Brady. And here is a guy playing four days after getting twelve stitches in the palm was throwing hand. Making throw after its role and play after play I'm not sure there's any other quarterback in the league. Playing right now that includes Rogers that includes Lockwood he's healthy pick your favorite quarterback Carson Wentz who knows. On Alley they won the league right now that makes the plays makes throws the Brady makes last night and and does with such conviction. Does it with such. Confidence. There was never a time where he looked to be. Out of sorts sickened hits early in that first half. Yup it was more about Jacksonville and at these big long drives time possession drives early when it upon. On that first struck it took up four minutes you're Brady did not get a whole lot of chances there in that first half when he has chance in the second half. I he found a touchdown punt touchdown and the game at those couple punts they're in the third quarter. And he did so. With rob good no no settlement in that game last night then crawl goes down and he goes on lights up the best defense in football. There in the fourth quarter when he looked out his ID these fourth quarter as he's had. Against teams like Seattle and Atlanta. What he did yesterday. It's it's sort of it's Jordan escort frankly we think of Michael Jordan is being the best late game up player in sports Brady's taken over that mantle and he's been out for a wild yesterday was. Odd that a reminder of a just how good years and I didn't have many. Questions about the comeback to win once Jacksonville had that vol all of themselves there at feet and the first staff. With the delay gain. And missing an opportunity assault the way the clock and instead of being 173 year 213. It's it's 1410. Patriots there at the break. But went wrong did go down late and a half. You wonder where they gonna get offense from your water is you felt on that netted the drive prior big ones. There were trying to really feature crop being thrown on two or three times in a row. Yelled at a complete pass in the deep ball on the sideline and had that yellow crossing route where Brady is sort overthrown by a little bit. And he's able to maneuver this ridiculous comeback. A section would the Al Lewis benched because of the fumbled a James like the better received back anyway and they're gonna do that but it felt like after the fumble on the trick play. Are they were gonna go back to Louis they stuck with James White no settlement in a gronkowski. Against a defense that people are comparing to Seattle defense couple years ago Denver's defense the Tampa Bay Bucs defense of the early 2000 that was so good. Those the cops his defense was getting. In Brady stood in. Was fourteen and nineteen whatever was there in the fourth quarter 158 a couple scores. Was freaking unbelievable. I think a bald look the the height in the pomp and circumstance for Brady heading into the game itself. Wednesday leaves here is a cut. Thursday. Does not practice Friday limited and has that had horrible. Able press conference Friday afternoon. As Lucent what was the backs. In the aftermath of that thing. I'm sure a lot of patriot fans felt that way. And then you know is Sunday morning you get the world Kate is ripping it you feel better but you don't know we exited the patriots are worried Kraft doesn't appear worried. And worse in the game plan's not gonna change we still want it while their NC. He takes the three year old and there's not even a glove. These diamond really bandits it's that it's a piece of black tape. It's a piece of black people or the stitches are. He's taken snaps out of shotgun he's taken snaps under center. The hand offs are fine. The throws appear to be normal Tom Brady throws. And down twenty to ten the fourth quarter. He completes a another fourth quarter doubled to come back for the patriots and they win. It is our shrug your shall shoulder and say yep. That's Brady. The last four times he has been down in the fourth quarter is that the odds are the last. Four times this team is neutral by double digits in the post season they've gone on to win that game. Baltimore Seattle Atlanta yesterday. That is on real. And yet there are a lot of people get credit. For the as the defense played well yesterday and I doubt I'll get to Brandon cooks who played well and Gilmore. All of these guys individually had big gains for the guy quarterback all four of those comebacks. Is Brady and it it's days like yesterday why he gets so much credit. And why he's the best ever like dummies like Mike Fritz Asa. Who want to tell you that Joseph Montana. Is the greatest playoff quarterback of all time because you went for all Super Bowls that Peyton Manning's the best. Regular season quarterback ample time because of all the numbers he put up. The best combination a bolt the regular season and post season is Tom Brady. Joseph Montana as a three year stretch in his career you eat ears 2930 and 31. Where he lost first game of the post season 31 and done general in the middle of its prime. Tom Brady does not have that. Yes sustained excellence now for going on two decades. The team they are playing in the Super Bowl thirteen days the Philadelphia Eagles. They play that team in 2004. That he is Don that that Ed did that he doesn't exist anymore it's a brand new version of the Eagles now. Fourteen years later. Brady is still the freaking quarterback of the patriots and playing as well well potentially. As he played during that time let resonate. Company quarterbacks as McNabb. How many coaches as Andy Reid. It is still Brady and Belichick Kieran wind and anything can happen forever. When you watch games like yesterday a dummies like Max Kellerman predicting cliff and the fall off for Brady. And dummies like princess who claim he's not the best quarterback of all time what what possibly seated at this point. The headline tail on the ESPN shows radiated a Brady now best ever. Oates had entered yesterday. To cement that for some people win over Jacksonville. In divisional round hobbled the five other suitable for the comeback in Seattle. Or how about the comeback against the Atlanta Falcons. Insane to me to think. The immunity game like yesterday. Giving yourself Brady is the best ever. Any year is and you saw there about fourth quarter with a throw Stam and dole but throws to coax the place of James White. And just the villages the pace of the whole thing he never look flustered. Give back to Brady taking a delay of game. Off big time all the way bore holes that they are in an effort staff. It just it doesn't happen. They do it all the way he did it at a duel at the week that he have a trip short by a normal week for Brady. Given a hand injury. Deserves every sort of back liege wanna give. As the quarterback of this team. And again spectacular pictures some of the big plays are there about fourth quarter as the show goes on but I did you have to you have to bring up Brady year. As you picked this game you just have to 6177797937. Is your phone number are rich in a car on Tom Brady Eric. Decade but when dog with you. I'll let you pay act as an electric. Eye at the spotted. People that I don't under estimate the act commodity. BLP and aids clinic day it ended down eight and alt. It's out. Don't get me wrong campus. Apartment at Ottawa seven plot but no date date we ought to be they're. One thing that they ought but it it in the back now and I'll. Like it. The team's. Walk out EE. Eight he. And colts mobile and apple. Based. You know you. And act in an all the Greek. How hard the ball all right yeah. It to Hawaii. About. You know like we. Like. You know. One thing. And yeah our. Fault. Oh I don't yet they are back and everything like that but you know the reason why I act and. I I thought rich guys have a different take DUI the admiral was part of the reason why. They are actually in backing yesterday though it was a great game plan to start I thought his team played pretty well. The first half we read this Fiat the utility thing explain the patriots I don't I don't put a lot of blame on the role all my daisies that. He's a dummy he had a good game plan they could. He's not adopt what I'm getting every act. You did in each dot. All I that's not estimate that. The was it backwards so again it mentality. On people that they brought in and everything like taking anything away from him. Let again. Once again art art art for me you know if the person that we eat we know what it did so you know what. If it didn't. It was something that each act idea that would be played at eight bit extra and then I'll. Although I can accept it as sort of let Miami go ahead yeah so basically at all. Rich thank you for calling time and I egg. It's not one of these games where I'd you see here the day after and you you cross the opposing coach I I we did that with might Malarkey. Last week in Tennessee any deserved some of the play calling that he was atrocious the game plan itself was boring. To their credit Jacksonville came out what they very good game plan. It was a a million times better. Then what Tennessee did he try to do different things. I work about 25 minutes it caught up lemon the first half and they played. It's played too conservative and I understand that he be on the road you've been the patriots and is that natural urge to. Let's let's protect portals we protect them and it deleted. Just got too conservative there. But they still have morals they still probably gonna work and when that game. Us more about with the patriots are able would do against a really good defense there in the second half that's when I thought. Our robs in San Diego Rogge on WEEI. Lot of thought rather woody got. Has that let them. But applaud you love the most the guy or any organization. You you shouldn't be called air currents are excited to Minneapolis but I won't vote either yes. I had a little bit of a pickle and why should Minneapolis. Obliterate impunity. So we have kind of wrote. Bittersweet how well look I don't think that they might mother load of Brighton which has mentioned the stadium if you need to place the results. Equitable are going Ecuador. This week and I'll absolutely give you acute or how else looked God's honest truth. You'll let me stay at your mother in law's house in Minnesota next and gone on court. Metallica house who taught as a nice how precisely suspect that you land at every square feet. It. You know didn't play it like it. Nineteen artful pulled it split level ranch you know you know it looks just like to know when and how far the city. All 1015 minute parts of the greater right outside Apple's latest state. But I tell you that but look at you know first of all let me let me let me get notify you value problem and personal number one your jacket. When it suit you you used to tell like it is mandatory you know. You know and negative Nancy. Number two spot. You. Know before looking politically you are. The best at WEI. Is no reason why should fight retired and Armenia. Rob is that I suggest that I wasn't an ago at this has been this has now been put as a proposal in front of me to try to show. The balky about year. From our bond note to mark handed my boss of the sales that show that is worth sending me not eloquence. Rob rob I would say the best way to do it then to to help me out it's a jump on Twitter news that hash tag. Not the number two men that that's all we can do at this point they want to show value they've not seen the value in saying that Schobel for. They apparently your interest in the idea of sending it to the show this time around I am thankful for that. But we have to show them we are constantly trying to prove ourselves rob I know you Steve said nice things about me. And very nice you disable we'd be on the show 610 every night or hear or ever show Raun. We are constantly trying to prove ourselves that is the way this thing is set up and we've if you think Cuba you've accomplished something. Than that someone else is going to be any here's they're pretty quick is Lotta competition in this market is a competition in this building. For time spots and show is all that sort of thing so we have to constantly be doing this. To show our work I have no problem doing that out today based on the way you folks spotted today on social media. I feel I did not get this I thought I would get the deal located at thought I was gonna get. Once we're trending today. According to trends about Boston I thought I'd walk into the office today get ready to prep the show when I get the slap on the back and I get that. Nice work congratulations people responded you're going to Minnesota. I did not get that. I got a hate nice first day. All keep track of his over the course that we can see what happens. We'll see I I got to get help. I got a we see will sue we can do. So all we can do at this point is do our job well. Do the shows work or car or cart uses off. Here at night and hopefully people on Twitter will respond with the hash tag but to me and that's all we can do. 6177797937. Is the phone number. A bunch of Brady calls up on the board IC Austin jaguar calls. Which I also think a worthy discussion as well. We'll take all your phone calls coming up that's what at night Sports Radio to be we yeah. Particulars twelfth. This is good it is just really. And she's a really get the sense that it's not solid south so flu keep them right so you're basically handing off to let him practice and it would help with just flies on you know we just ran into each other my phone just got them back. And a commoner thing just. You know kind of got them back that's why photos a lot worse and you know to doctors write checks it out with kids know that things just kind of check on everything else. Fortunately there wasn't. Thing you know damage economic associated with that so I think we're very lucky. Tom Brady today with Kirk and calorie kitty the entire interview on demand WEEI dot com will play a portion of the hi so poorly here tonight as we have now replace the best of Brady and Belichick if the coach and the quarterback between now. I can't 10 o'clock your phone calls as well at six point 7779. 7937. Patriots win they do so. On the right throwing shoulder of Tom Brady others who deserve credit certainly the defense. I'll talk about here tonight. And how about the place Stephon Gilmore another guy who we I had dead and buried. Hattie kind of a good start to the year struggle blood on them in the middle portions but these last couple weeks he's been very very good in the play he made. On fourth and fourteen on the paroled two DD Westbrook was just spectacular is a great picture full round. Photographer the AP took this photo just a great played Gilmore now these two playoff games. Much like gamma dole I stepped up big time for the patriots team and he he looks. He's looked like a number one corner. Are these last couple weeks and against all's John Jeffrey and against. And Nelson and the law are against hurts in the a very good. Receiving corps there in Philadelphia they only more of good Stephon Gilmore but. Become a redemption stories guys who have redeem themselves in the last couple weeks the patriots Stephon Gilmore is at the top of that list. I'm Marty in South Carolina on Tom Brady I thought I Marty what's going on. They might I think everybody burying the lead and all the talk about Tom Brady you know we really don't or partial credit he's got one over fifty last minute wins Oklahoma. Kraft. I wish I wish has come out there if Willingham light my son's not gonna what do his homework is old dad Tom Brady weights of the editor art. I don't like Barney. It's it's amazing that doesn't bother him Marty thanks for the call making joke about him having slow starts but. Tick tick to be able it to battle back from you know in slow starts and and struggles as teams having until the old like he does there. Are in the second out there there's a mental toughness to that. That not every quarterback has not every player hats. And so what there was last year in Atlanta down 28 to three the alternate. All of that mental toughness game. We've cute kid physically think about or how we come back when this game all you can think about is how we gonna score next point. How we gonna get our next first down hugging your next yard. That's all you can look at. Because you're down 28 to three in the Super Bowl you thorny pick six. You get your asses kicked. This is the end of the year a deflate gate units are being missing four games. If you Brady. Holy smokes or that that that that is a mental toughness that. Not too many people have. In Brady's able to do as teams able to do Josh in Boston also want Tom Brady had Josh. You want on my Johnson's a button. At 12 that call from earlier in my hand thanks. 800 Concord. Wanted to become great how great he is an. Also kind of touch base tunnel mad men say all of our. The man always talking about they'd gonna fall off. You gotta wait until Brady followed actually fall off it goes I told you so yeah. He definitely is Josh again that day is coming trust me. Yeah I mean I'm sure added that the men playing great and you better. All after airplane. And I don't think it is going to be equal to the car connect. It to click the jaguars. Owner of big Kadima called Manhattan. Josh antibody I I honestly I we've got a couple Eagles calls so far out I'll entertain those unable lot of input yet and now I I was sold wrong. On a Philadelphia Eagles that I probably shouldn't comment on off on anything Eagles related tonight. The minute Carson Wentz went down in it was nick full time I just I drew a line directly that team drew a line through went spread BP. Andrew line for them from then getting to receivables had no shot. They can't do a nick pulls the Wentz had a storybook year he's Al the team is gonna crumble. And yesterday I felt I felt more confident that and in Minnesota than I felt a lot teams this year. In non patriot games. And I understand Minnesota sucked to high heaven last night and made that came on watchable. In the second half. The Eagles offense was great. Nick full was great eleven for eleven in the second half a perfect passer and he was dropping back and he's just one absolute darts. That receiving corps it's supposed to be a really good Minnesota secondary was Xavier Rhodes and other guys who has shut down wide receivers all year. Nick pulls goes for three some and three touchdowns. Some seeing quarterback ray had perfect rating their the second out just some. I never would have expected that. I had zero faith in Philadelphia. And nick pulls fully deal on the show up an elbow injury no signs of that last night. It was awesome in backing. They prove me wrong big time these last couple weeks. Home against Atlanta home against the vikings yesterday. The vikings had all their one win away from plane suitable in their home building. The at all in front of them they did not show a lot. Case keen on just cracked himself in that spot. I expected a quarterback can do that yesterday is they with the polls. Not case Keenan. They were really really good and their defense is really really fast. So I spent very little time today thinking about patriots Eagles could renew for two weeks. I'd there's enough from yesterday's game and patriots stuck to discuss tonight. While we will the next what thirteen days or so leading into the Super Bowl. The IA the goals based on what I saw last night again I was way way way wrong on them. They present a really really tough challenge for the patriots because there facet Jacksonville and apparently they got a quarterback on offense. They got a guys better than morals which I I've I didn't did the I believe before last night's game. Scott's in a car waiting patiently at 6177797937. Scott what do you have. I don't hurt caller I'd that he that would mean I'd buy to let you know that career aspect yeah I'm huge eat. You know it is not a. I'll see that's the problem people die they don't don't spell to put to tease for some reason this Motley the dog not knowing this and UT. That could be an issue like get credit for both of those Scott how does that work. I don't know how I I was actually know trumpet that go back pick it. I'm not quite bluntly no Alec trend is down. That was trending as well. See this is what I I I need I don't know I can't fault the stuff. We make people aware that patio least here in the building there's different hash tag versions there. They are running on air like I yes I did that flowed like a big week earning a temple and the civil explained them the we have different hash tag stranding the politics of the time. It's NUT twenty. And it's gotten a high. Don't vote should count towards that the entire thing. We know Twitter whom we contact there. Jack. Yeah. You can email we can raise Tweeter and a mobile as they Jack wood I need to make sure people know. I need my bosses and others wall that this couple burdens half stack. How did on the tips and tricks page of Twitter yes. See now alma and one again. We get docked because a different version of this damn it Scotty Scott called and just to get on my skin and he did so. He did so I Kevin and frankly Kevin on the jaguars go out. In month out don't lament I picked up you know I. Click portal many. What yesterday sure did you think you know I I think the problem with that was it they just got cold but quite conservative in a letter format. You know when he rushed for one or two yards in the beginning and work so the delegate are actually excited all together you know amp turnover that's on now. But I realized how much time they were killed and every time district but what art but I think that allow like oral picnic hole. Odd because when the time needed for it and actually get hot it just wasn't there. The other one I wanted to make Q what about Tony Romo I actually really into it with cement and throughout the course of the season. But with him and Jim two minutes of the last couple buffalo game. Because the wore me out actually. I thought like robo cart has. Devalued the gains from yesterday I try to wish I don't know what you thought but I wish it was somebody else actually not that game. I wish column sort did the game I calls Werth is the best right now this is subjective and we we bring this up and people other favorites Kevin Bankston called like. Aikman daily columns were they like Romo it's like I can't. I can't explain do you. See singly you know while like a certain type of music he's due. At a certain movies do liquid with Rome all. All I can say is this you can only say so many times. Are right you can always say so many times this is the big play here's the big play. Without being like okay is this really big player just trying to people pumped up. Egg roll more did that especially. Yesterday. Far too excited and animated. With sound effects and high pitched squealing. For plays that they were big. But they didn't wart quite woody gave. I thought he did that game last week. I thought is it's patio mentioned off the year it was like he was doing a game they toddler on his lap trying to keep that cobbler entertained. And I would you and have that you sound like a breath of fresh air when this thing started. But a lot of crap from you people week three or four it's okay it's a little it's enough at this point it's the talking over replays and telling us what play is coming. It got to be too much dare I say he's got us the EB into these too much their per Tony he's got to come down. I feel vindicated in that. It's just a little it got a little too busy anymore it's a lot too busy. If you're Tony Romo. As far as the guy when the game. He each sort of at times felt like I ate a cartoon character he felt like a B or C team guy. On that broadcast. And the stumpel nets late as players because there is definitely annoyed. There are almost trying to handicapped by the NFL man of the year awards. And trying to guess who the favorite ones in Nantes is well all favors the all the good stuff last year there were two winners. Ruling that legal. And is six seconds at least a dead silence. From Nancy that spot. So yeah guiding Romo is the year went on. Someone told them be more animated. More of a character. More energetic. Ages it didn't work for me he's not terrible OK and this is where you he's not bad not. That that noted that no audio turned the game off if there are two of the game but he's east and turned to gain market is vulnerable to a game. But. It's new year to overall low dial it back the football insights are excellent the sound effects in the way. Big play a big play a big like jet jet lag did Ambien get big like Jim and Jim Vick lied big legend. Why here interior. That's that's gonna stop. If you. 61777979370. Is the phone number. We get you all your phone calls here tonight we've decided again for a second consecutive Monday. Theo gets free here on the show we don't eat guests when they after patriots game give you guys a chance to react all night long. The patriots and jaguars Brady Gilmore and the dole looked at defense. Brady's hand. And how bottle an early lead speak at a Philadelphia not ready to react to of our preview in Philadelphia and patriots super ball I will pay were Vegas is early. In Vegas as a Senna or weird spot. This line pretty big line so far it's that in your calls. Mott at night's Sports Radio WE yeah. Water jacks follow up. For football fans in the audience it's Monday night Sports Radio WEP I'd just say hey what would you do. If your Jacksonville so they have a fifth year option on a Blake for rules for nineteen million dollars next year. They announced they're going to pick it up. And sold your Jacksonville you have a late first round pick this year. Being drafting a quarterback to replace portals long term. Or you gonna wait a year hope to get a guy and free agency or sign a free agent this year. Just say we've already committed to Bora is but it's only for a year it's only nineteen million bucks with the key to quarterbacks on the roster. Our world K with that I won her debut Blake portals as a guide they can win with going forward. Do you believe that Jacksonville's going to be in in the mix again next year I think you believe that you're not gonna public morals as your quarterback I don't think that team can get. Predict any new Super Bowl and really that team get back to NEC title game. We're Blake portals as the quarterback they had to do too many things to manage him during these games and rated excellent job yesterday. But there is zero vertical passing game there is no pressure at all the quarterbacks for the most part there is no threat of any sort of deep passing. And so after a while the patriots knew that made the adjustment at halftime portals get a get out you can roll out if I make plays. In the flat he made a great play how flea flicker that didn't work for them he rolled to his right picks up a first down. That was a great play and hope he played. Really really well degrading on a curb like against we thought it was going to be that he was lights out knotty (%expletive) 95 quarterback rating on the road at Dewayne led ASE W pre game good. I've still not convinced he's the guy going forward. If I were Jacksonville. Even if for a year is paying two quarterbacks. I would be in the market for case Keenan. I would kick the tires if he's interested on Drew Brees I can probably find a trade partner for VoIP or I am upgrading Blake morals as soon as possible. If I'm not wanna do that I spending by late first round pick on a quarterback. And I'm gonna develop that guy is the next guy I don't think like morals can ever be the guy. In Jacksonville they've really really good defense but gassed right now which team I'd be more concerned about next year as a patriots fan Jacksonville Houston. Giving Houston Guinea Watson. Because they have all of the defense there they got the quarterback. So Yvonne Jacksonville I am kicking the tires and any and all quarterback options I'd say here tonight what would you do if you're Jacksonville. Without position. At 6177797937. John is in Maine he's next up on mud at night hey John. But they how often at Jacksonville I mean I thought the patriot we're gonna win by a much greater margin. And may surprise many and I heard Callahan morning. Saying that Brady that you never had a doubt that there are gonna come back in my. I can't say enough honestly there was a moment where I I just thought I was gonna happen that fumble in now. Now I've fired board also. I think they should definitely seek out another quarterback I think it was pretty obvious that once they got the lead. It was trying to protect and that fact is they just do you have confidence in him. I you don't have all of almost one minute to go in the First Act. This isn't she complete football yeah. So yeah you know that that's my position on that but you know I just I still think they have no reason to be disappointed with the way equate yesterday. They give a solid shot it chemical sort. Yeah idle safe for me that the spot they know why why it just it felt like there we're gonna find a way to win was there at the end of the first apple pick through that coming up. Up again here and our number three that was a very important part of the game. Jacksonville went for a chance to go up two scores to. Looking like the Jacksonville Jaguars and eat you cannot play. 25. Perfect minutes expect beat the patriots. That's essentially what happened yesterday two. Other Jacksonville Jaguars. You can do lag at some other teams you can't do it in backing yesterday. Eli North Attleboro on Tony romo's body like. Not went off and lawns are only a couple quit or ya want. Yet and do Alice. Ball one. The normal thing to want. 080. Would want that image Dolan technically it all. On the replay right keep. I'd what I. A lot. I I didn't hear a lot of people are currently border. I don't think that our vote for a quarterback. How can people were all our. A little bit of that aren't. All the all of our article. All. He's and they're not they're not great receivers they're not great receiver Z line your phone this stunt their PM thank you for the call. You can do different things there even a year old 25 yard line. 55 seconds ago that are thrown the ball down field and taking deep shots to Allen turns. And and DD Westbrook. There's a play action roll out there there's a roll out screen date date they ran plays at the line of scrimmage yesterday that picked up big chunks of yardage. They didn't have to throw the ball deep amok in the wide receivers are great I I'll go on record saying I think eventually. DD Westbrook will be a really really good NFL wide receiver. Electable record now with that. It was a non factor yesterday but I give Gilmore some of that credit. You don't have to have deep threats like Randy Moss or operating cooks. To. Ron a couple of offensive plays for your own 25 yard line 55 seconds ago least test the waters to let that take. If you don't throw the ball deep. About this. About on little screen play on first and then. Negative five yards let the clock run. You took any anyway. He continued their timeouts at that point say run a screen you get nothing that's it one more neat and eagle and a halftime up 1410. Let's say yelled and or grant L scat back that what they pick up fifteen yards on that first down also dropped the forty. You to go twenty more yards to get a realistic. Josh Lambeau Field goal range maybe fifteen more yards. Analysts at her 5560. Warm ups yesterday. That dude has a leg. So let's set a putting imposition to kick a field goal. On the road AFC title game. You take up all these and so are I had no doubt about personnel. That was about coaching scared and forgetting your played against this was not buffalo. It's not Tennessee wasn't the colts is the patriots would Brady and freak in Belichick. You can not do things like that. If the Atlanta Falcons a year ago you cannot take sacks and a big third down get the ball out Matt Ryan. Or Seattle you can't you know try a pass play on the one yard line you can't do that crap at the patriots they are two. They're two well train late in games. The mole doesn't get to them the ball against Jacksonville the moment get to Tennessee it gets the portals it never seems to get the patriots. And so account Iraq that you can't play scared and they did. And eight other dumb things do they took a bad pass interference. Late in the half. If it'd go on delay of game penalty after a timeout. They showed there they're jaguar. Or hate to Jack what's on jaguar strikes patio what is it jaguar spots spots thank you. They showed their jaguar spots. They are at the end of the half. Once the patriots scored. I you know was a Rita bore holes is not gonna bring them back on late night game is it felt that way to me. We are full phones here all night tonight no guests no second person and we are talking you guys until 10 o'clock and 61777979837. Phone number on Twitter at much and UT WEEI. Your phone calls we get back and I'd give him credit to guys who stepped up here recently. I've been probably stuck as anyone on Brandon cooks. I'll eat some crow because back guy had gained yesterday. That your calls next about it night's Sports Radio WB yeah.