Was the McDaniels decision reversal a tactical move from the Patriots, and the Boston Globe is handing out lessons on arrogance

Mut at Night
Wednesday, February 7th

Mut and Rob Bradford are talking first about Mut's time in Minneapolis, including the trip out on the private jet. They also laugh about the tone-deaf column written in the Boston Globe about how the Patriots fans were fine with the arrogance of the organization until the Super Bowl loss, and get more reaction to McDaniels staying and the Malcolm Butler benching


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Our grave lot at night on Wednesday night where the whether or not breaking news dot great sports thought despite. His. As rob Bradford is here. Yeah from WEEI dot com looking at Travis several how many holes I really do it in that's exactly what I said after you finish that hurt podcasting today is that true. When I walked out of that that boot. As of the rivalries back yes heeded the Chris ballot thing the older he actually threw down yet I had notes you did I threw down my notes. And you yelled the rivalries back on me yes sure can did you have the most sought white what are you most awkward in photos what's going on the seeds of your track I don't take good pictures you'll like this violence or not I'm having between smiling not smiling right now trying to figure it out mushy and go to a photo expertly does that parenting expert who wanted to help people out a coverage accuse his kids. On to go to a photo expert a lot glamour shots and really in other a workshop the sole. Internet photo thing I I I take some terrible terrible picture I think Eric and I can execute maybe at the break will do for different shots of him. No no I'm not and now I'm on Twitter and put of a poll admin on trying to help you I know but I'm gonna go to professional. I I I'm not I'm not gonna test out I might have been small steel with you on that tested out in on a workshop in case aid back dark room somewhere where they. A forty dollar glamour shots packaged. And figure it Alabama cut back. Bigger and better than ever on the unites all of you ice miners and smiles I've known bill I have a face for radio rob I understand that and a hairline your ails us as a what's the problem at handsome man if the people on the Internet wanna take my photo apple today that that makes people happy. And they Walton is Super Bowl week that was that made my day Nancy ever new indictment is key photo every date zero loss starting their work are lost starting with a private jet. I can carry the sixty seconds ask it of course we have two hours into every OK yes. You were very dressed up with that dressed up for the private jet. This is your your Sunday best I was specifically dressed up in my milk the suit just for the private planet I've by first private flight yeah I set I got the support I wanna go short time I also here's the other thing honestly. That was part of the other part was that I go on into suitable week with the idea. Wearing a suit to radio row every night and really show at radio row in a suit to stand out here's the reality of it. There were all the handful of shows there when I was there. It's like or whatever I wanted to so once I was in the first night Monday it was me and JT the brick in the guy from CBS radio. That's all she wrote as you go only to show with a suit a mother and I guess I wouldn't like that I'll let you get a valid as I get off the plane August. Off the plane. Right right into the Hoover. Right over to radio row on the air for 7 o'clock okay cited the 4 hours of the morning three hours at night so that's number 11 of the India one of the photos. Insinuated that you might have been creeping on the flight. I should note on what I'm close a notion is there a year. I'll real it was zoomed in by one of the great parity count I don't I I was I did I was ocean yes I. You can see guys my face was lit up with the flight attendant. Very nice light done right behind me. I was doing that emphasized the smoke because I personally close box which I did and I I I totally forgot this photo was in public so on talk school when there was another photo much like. You were simulating that joined Dennis on the private jet before with a girl sitting your lapels of talk about that I do it right I fully forgotten. And it all male that I thought it was on was not at war publication are just war based on the dot com -- what happened that the private jet stays the private jet including 8000 lobster tail going down glad to order as Dell. And we hope with a gossip on that flight well yeah CSI that was exhausting and that was it was exhausting that the gossip is he's like. If that's good for a little while and then you say that Erica I know I sat towards the valley there is the the front of the plane there was more gossip is Jerry gland. Which on Al gossipy each other it's all they were it was very the U real heat of the Roemer story it was hours after a fight Tom Brady said. I choose not to speak with Heath and elegant and letting crashes we've been sponsors on it she's not the with the yes that's a Brady said Brady says choose not to talk with the guys today. And so it was Glenn and Jerry go over every single every 510 minutes. There were some national publications something it. Something that was read related there's going back and you're in this city when there in this with star always he was too because he couldn't get aways an on Twitter. Was also everywhere I'd love rally but. It was. Was a barrage of information that you have Bieber rise show Moscow mules play he now works none of the went one for Cedric in the plane. Let one crown on the rocks and it was really. London want anything Jerry guy no real strength okay Harrison drink Joe's work. I I arrived the planes like the runner over thirty for authorities this is the I want the sound effects on the line that's what the food the food and the actual flight itself was was better than the company in the gossip that big yet. Did that the ruptured flight. It feels like you're like I guess we agonized man you don't you don't like your fly grade and you say on alternate plane I don't wanna go out that you say why it might not. Earning enough money to do this solid that's how I felt when nine who tried it it's is that gut punch of the recognition that I'll probably never got on if I'd like this again unless rector sponsor in other. WEEI them lucky to be apart right there when it that and in the food and because it was the sandwich course it was the seafood course it was that she's played. It was the big brownies and was the pasta. It was and it sounds like the Red Sox. But does it really kind. I would you Willis. I will not take it off about Elena. I don't I don't rush it wanna be on its he had to those guys are tired right now while would you wanna be on the plane now as it has nothing to do with who. Als is on the plane we're talking about the food about the the lack of security to get on the plane the the comfort of the plane the nonstop wave of fried clams on the plane although I'm not doing that now that you're on we can ladies I ask you that that's okay that's I'm good with them chains were you inspired Lima. Mogg you look good. We'll talk about whatever rob Booth on robs line here tonight thank you thank you that are appeasing outlets patriots at 61777979237. I've not yet gotten to. The the column that we'll have I think patriot fans annoyed tomorrow on the globe that lights when they do this the globe. As you've talked about rob. They have taken an anti patriots stance there are Red Sox issues the global. Does not wanna deal with that they're culpable duel with the patriots whether it's calling their fans and organization arrogant which they would never ever ever right. About the Red Sox ever. Or going after Brady's Gerald works which they would never ever ever go after. Was a star Red Sox placing David Ortiz but they've staked their claim is the anti patriot. Paper of record date goes so to an extent here today. Become a dumb call by Jones and knocking woodlands was when I was fine with the patriots arrogance until they lost. She writes. Give Tom Brady's Weis and credit double the Gisele situation. She is comforting distraught children not distraught adults touched on a patriot fans here since John and not give up patriot fans. Not distraught adults who also want to bleed the Eagles won it because Bill Belichick let them. That narrative let's hometown crowd Nash its teeth over Malcolm buck was benching rather Brady's fumble the Eagles exploited the defensive matchup. But nick falls back a quarterback with a game is life onion beat degrees quarterback of all time. Of course Brady played a great game to global bubble blast strip them of the patriots player made that play. It be glorified as much as bot was legendary interception against the Seattle Seahawks. She writes. Note to WEEI. Mean he's that's you much in this story. I know all not a football expert but arrogance I understand. The patriots organization personifies. And their fans except pitted as long as bill Belichick's team won. Now the Belichick on the losing side of a Super Bowl showdown that had a great meaning for Brady a belated demand for transparency kicks in. Golf course ballot checks she writes she got to explain why Butler in placing of offensive snap against the Eagles Belichick should be allowed to let rumors undermine bulge reputation. For once bill tells the truth. What really drove his coaching decision. Patriot nation deserves to know. But don't expect Belichick to give anything up but she goes wanted to get to bella check in being rude and all the stuff and I'll get the the real punchline here at the end. I find it ironic that a paper that is arrogant is any paper ever anyone in their great days rob when they were in legendary sports page and a legendary paper. There was an error arrogance around the Boston Globe. Then now attacking patriot fans and the organization that same thing. Is a tad ironic threes out the patriots lost soup. Campbell we go we know the problems facing the globe and it's no mystery and can be brought up again and again and rightfully so. Attacking the fans down. Attacking Belichick is fine this is the same conversation and I note she would not know this issue as a follow it close enough when Belichick was in Cleveland. He was like this and he wasn't light. Fans get on them. Because they didn't win yet. And then you can the pages he was like this he won no one cared when you lose people care this is our works but this whole dynamic of of the going after the fans that mean. Was specially from this paper which in the last I have three or four months rob. Has been in I oiled it is huge sexual harassment. A scenario where they fired bravely to publicly and privately. For the harass sit out of female interns and employees. At the Boston pulled and then. When asked about it I have an editor that sort of shrugs different answers all across the street on a public radio. In the height of arrogance and so in their newspaper. Then turn around public team arrogant. Is and a lack of self awareness. Doesn't begin this. Are winless column come right but but but it's it's to me is two different things you're right I mean they they are. They should be criticized for all the things that you mention absolutely put the people let Albee is critical about that is there and it's not know course are Elba UK it's not like. If it's not like OK you know what we can't write this because we are fraudulent over a year it's like yeah this is it. They're saying they juggernaut the children are you comfortable and said we I want to write this even as stupid as it is. And they say no no no known way way way we were transparent years there was going to be a really bad luck. This is the problem of not being transparent to begin with. Messing up that situation sure when people like you say you can't do that because through this and which is. Opens up a way you can blow it opens you up like you can you can write this today do you have to acknowledge that this guy right so what would you vote what are you gonna do mean that's the problem is and this is this is the cross that there this is why the globe. Because they didn't handle that situation right. Are gonna get criticized but I would say this. Big write this what they gonna put it disclaimer all and by the way we we are still going to give you information on the other thing on the road. At least of it I got out that I am is about opted but I look at it more as the column say it's just a. Dumb column it's just dumb column once it's done and against Dahmer at the end that this has this is by the best part. But to this non football expert saying the patriots lost solely because of Belichick's coaching decision about Butler. Sounds as whiny is saying Hillary quote that lost because of former FBI director Jim combing. His decision to reopen April in her emails. I've whined about that what I understand the temptation but sometimes it does take a step back. A dollar that someone as someone ran a better campaign and congratulate the Victor. No I can't through that yet with president trump. But true sports should be able to let the Eagles. This is and I know this whole thing I'm so sad and I get the whole like why why are they doing this when they have the other thing lingering before I understand that. But I went when I agree it would Irene when I read this my legislative like why why you letting her write this column not because the reason you said. But just because she doesn't know what she's talking about and when you start out. And you start saying like basically I don't know what I'm talking about and is subject. And then you're now would you we do get defensive and you say no to WEEI. Mean he does does but they're in the store that's what I mean like you think that someone. Pastor on this reader someone in the opposite oh lob on those W yeah I did pretty brutal. If they're they're they're they're very mean. So you think she she understands the dynamics of number one W guy. Number two that the football number three the fan base and that number four she. How do you know that she doesn't know any of that is a what does she do. She pivots back to what she sixty she doesn't know at the end of the story I mean this is this is textbook this this column to be is textbook. Columnist who doesn't know this subject tries to write a column. And then. Pivots back to what she really wants to talk about that's it that's it at all. I haven't gotten the pressure rob took a couple people suggested last couple days. The patriot fans are looking for some explanation based want to talk about it they they've they wanted. They want to know what the story was when it just overall. What happened Malcolm Butler not that they need bill to explain them to build their bull call they football decisions so we. We'll leave that that which which we we he just made me Gradison we couldn't get our head around by the way I I can and I think the other that group yet but now we think hey maybe he actually that was the case yes oh definitely. And you know it I hear and I heard Glen earlier saying this today. A bow. Oh hey listen let's that way and it Bill Belichick it was his decision it was his it was his fault opposites in. Almost like wanting to move on from it because Bill Belichick made a decision that's his prerogative. You can't do that in this case or not don't go away from this article one ounce can but you cannot do that in this case. That artery that to me that hearing that today was. We are trying to move on and just say Q Bill Belichick the benefit of the doubt this you can do this in good for a Lou there's little said are you kidding me. Yes a lot of things we could they build new better than us. But any human being who were watching that game. Would say the way things are going. This is not the right thing to do to have this guy stint on the sidelines anybody any human being. So tall lean on thee well Bill Belichick decided so it must the Buckman. At least some merit to it. Now there was no Perry Taylor. Not there's none and there there is at least many of us and on that camp. Who thinks that yes Joan and hockey that cost the patriots in Super Bowl. And any bill to explain it to me it was a bad football decision and it goes on his resume and you move on from dairies will be best coach of all time. He's still the guy you want coaching this team until trust for deals takes over here it's a boy I don't know I liked. This is brand is hot it. That maybe New England yes and across the country. But I act I I think it's it's not arrogant people wanna talk it was the biggest. It was the biggest decision minister Blakely outing there were. You don't need an explosion being Quinn they just talked about for months Atlanta while we're on the football Pete Carroll won with little football this is what you do. In a big game and then you'll call it gate called a fan base out for saying you would OK you're OK what is no no because this is. A football decisions specifically. We discuss eagle on fourth and two why did it where is very a mortar kick. And and why is that the Miami game plan would it was not arrogance which is wanna know. Why the hell the Bill Belichick come out against Miami couple years ago home field on the line. And treat Steven jacks like used to Rob Davis in his prime give the ball 5000 times in that game their football decisions you want to discuss. That eight arrogance among the fan day what would agree what when we'd be both the fan base. They be sick fit suck ups of the team yes it's what they would. Right event which I guess the global outs yeah that aura and ammunition that you could write that column in the you can say how yours to defend suck up to. Hillary Clinton I mean ended column that way no I can't do that yet with president trump. Its board Joan but don't don't agree though this is this is like the extra work for blue print. Column of someone who doesn't know what they're talking about and then. Clarifies that don't know whether talking about. By trying to finish off the column by actually surfacing something they think they know about yes I do it's a bad call wanna start witness okay their ego I know that's no surprise we've yap for twenty minutes you guys who waited on hold we got full lines will come back into the signal a place talk patriots football tonight. I'll with the Bruins playing stay here at 617779. 793 several get robs 24 hours later take on where we stand. With mcdaniels and all your fault calls its money by our three Sports Radio WE yeah. Ballot mister Irsay quite honestly this is a mess this is not something I don't care what kind of statement they released is not something you plan for. In the kind of thing you can expect to happen when you. So on the coach's coach thought our assistants who right now already in the process of getting yourself ready for the Columbine normally by the formulate. What this guy department we'll be looking for. I mean that this is this really sets you back because this is something that. You don't want to deal. That is Lewis Redick on ESPN breaking down all things patriots in mcdaniels and colts' monetize Sports Radio. WEEI. Wants sixty seconds on where you stand right now for governor to phone calls. A day later anything different for you fellas are nothing nothing that we write on the money don't you attitude I mean there's there's been a lot of there's been a lot of the oh no no no no nothing is the there's no there's no promise of the big coaching job after ballot Jack. Come on I don't believe that every you know how. If you begin the the whole statement or argument by saying hey he just wanted to be around here you just it was just the comfort level thing. Right then and there. And I don't wanna hear the rest of what you have to say. Because if that was the case he had plenty of time had to figure that out. Agree though jets have nothing nothing its arts and nothing new we will keep track of any breaking news now and 10 o'clock then Mallard had you. With W weak yen late night marks a New Hampshire waiting patient wanna thank the folks we don't hold. Our rob an idea I've talked about not sure what. Last half hour remark. Hey what's going on what's up and yeah and yeah. I'm also wanna talk about the drug Shanghai's. I just want to. Stop lecturing. You grow in May need a New England patriot and I mean this if you if I. Brave about it it's a Super Bowl wearing neck bridge tower and about a little worse element. I mean I was impressed by. Not to compare. Quarterbacks. But we we really got to look at. This perspective everything going on trumped the owner crap. Perspective because we put up with some horrible ownership back then. Well I mean he's a brilliant. Owner Indy is looking at a five year plan I think where regional little bit too much into it I think he's looking at all right Brady's healthy. Five year business plan. Keep bill expand him until he decides to retire. He need. Room shot I mean honestly. He's got a chance quite a bit for awhile your lot hey if you joked well I. You know what if you. You know build notorious should do one bad credit to our defense. That was shameful pulling a stunt like that. In the Super Bowl let. In the long term I think he did Butler picture I mean there. Oh absolutely not I low low low low Wal-Mart mart elegy grunt point. How how would adding favored to Butler benching him for 200 million people see. Net know that gap Harvick shameful but now moving moving ahead. I think we will see him make that kind of money he deserves I think that'll pick them over. You know that it marked in her interject real quick in. Immediately after because -- might one might be things before the Super Bowl was I thought Malcolm Butler had the most to gain financially from this game. He plays well he makes a couple big places. Plays that's how it works you do well in the Super Bowl you make more money. So immediately after a marked on you lost himself money Constance surely. But I. I'm starting to change my opinion that because you see these other teams you see these other players. It's almost like this that we feel so bad for you in your sense that we're reminded constantly over the last few days that Malcolm Butler is a really good player very Kim you're really good player all pro right you're right I don't know what but it. But hey listen if he goes out and has pay average or less than average game. After the season he had. Okay you make some money but now you've been put on this hostile. Which I don't vote even if he deserves a B would help backe on the quick aftermath that and what I have mark mark a lot of artwork which are on point here. Orgy gras. Well I mean it. I really have to agree with you there are you guys take care of them it. I mean he he he he needs some kind of incentive package. And now I mean this guy you get a feel rolled back from not only did he lose as simple all become so on this Caspian. The guy's house broken and create his buddies losses stuff mark we're up against the thanks of the called the Ed mentioned earlier robbed at the gronkowski swords to add this back in. Mike Florio is saying he really means it Gary tank way. Said time early edition he really means it he's able to walk away I think it's complete leveraged players from the patriots. I treated differently and I entertain a another one of these deals that it is who has base salaries can make eight million bucks. You make all pro you make X catches you make X nine games. We give normal money you do not treat brought cartels do at this point like the 52 on the roster you pay the man of some sort of bomb all forty scheduled to make. I heard the Florio sound that you guys played. And you're right it for a usually Geddes articulate and everything else but what does things is old ground to just go out beat rock in. EU's so little bit as well. All right well I'm not a not a million dollar note what does that mean what he's not going to be this I mean this get this out the way he's not going to be an actor. He's not you can Oki can wrestle little bit whatever. Yet you can do commercials you can do sort of what Ortiz is doing which is to a lot of things here in the air makes the money that's fine. But this guy is young enough I think he still likes playing football despite being can costs. Right it yes big rock being rock for the next however many years of his life I think he. Yeah he's sort of forget that you can still play football at a high level and by the way have a lot of fun doing it on a winning team. That will escape him he's not retiring. Market down I am refuting Jerry Tang Wei who. For the first time in my life Archie would not. Entertain giving in the same incentive package give the I don't say screw it take the ma am I I I'm I have an angry rocketing out not all for giving money. Among all doing what you can't to boost up that money shore. Make them happy at five I don't know if you want to use as leverage play this is Brock I think you things are always things all of those old box somewhere no he's not OJ Simpson he's not the right buddy those guys I'm not I'm not saying he has. A cores up in Maine at 61777979837. On Malcolm ball High Court. Negative in my doctor about. Our old one and if you'd entertain an eagle and perspective on soaring gas absolutely keep Ratzinger BT's big we must be flying high. You're the guy in red dirt I learned as a little. And ski grants. And I'm still euphoric overrated though Hillary elbow yeah. But OJ you know being from Maine you know like so I listen to the UEI Ed Ellis in the Seattle and everybody could so I hear a lot of new England sports. Armed but I want to disagree when you line. The fact that I think Butler probably one of made that big of an impact on the kids don't know why I. I don't think now I do agree with a track I still think Belichick should have at least try. You should've stalled them in their that he that would have given it eat it any sort of sparked yeah. But the fact of the matter is eagles' two or the biggest receivers on. That day the Eagles running back and height and Ed Butler played he won the bent on those actually would've been on either Torrey Smith Barry would have been on the mag or. Would have been on about that it's a trickle down effect of Corey accord will help me out for second so. A couple different plays first of all you're right if it sounds like he was gonna be playing inside corner in this game if you played that role was going to be on the outside. And I against Torrey Smith I guess I'll show on Jeffrey and and Stephon Gilmore than Butler insights abolished gag alarmed that also means. Patrick Chung cover tight ends all year no one's talked about this. Patrick Chung was very good at covering tight ends in this game yet to cover act a large slot receivers they were too fast for the pick of a bunt to third down and and also man. Dem according covered Zach arts and Zach hurts picked up. A bunch of third fourth downs in this game so yeah I hear what you are saying that it's the trickle down of what ball in the game meant for. The other guys in better spots on that the A Corey. I would also remind you this I'll sit back from OC he's not that much bigger than Boller cracked. I'm I'm not sure why he is not a case about a policy out there will watch the highlights. And you better policies missing tackles me he missed a couple big big tackles and what they did Butler is really really good at is tackling. It is. It's just like it was so all even with a few stops that's it you get to that I wore it down it still has got up fourth down and walk hagel Nelson hagel. So it's in that was the guy and to meet the other things it's not measurable. In this whole equation is that I feel like Butler is the type of player type of emotional player that on this stage is gonna play his best game. Mean that's that's how I feel a debate should a factor that is well. You know and yes definitely make some good points I think the other thing to consider too is. And by the Hollywood have been able how much would definitely. Did not get pressure on pole at. Although he none like their defensive line did not I don't think they are demanding I think he got out of the pocket a couple times that. Eating get really knock down eating gets back pain he was able to sit back there. And just choose to we wanted to go to. See that's your better argument courtly guy if you called up he said thanks for the call even decent argument it would the better argument is. If Butler plays the will get pressure on Apple's souls all kind of throw and as good as Butler is. He wouldn't matter in those spots that Butler had who's playing catch with his receivers if you're a die hard Eagles fail in Maine now. We don't you got though you have to do some played loop something. That it's every you have to you have to simulate being in Philadelphia in Maine right. Loot the general store that's unfair well why put out of the beaches are thrown saying yeah. Pass it. Just in a car on nick pulls a Jeff. RAI goes Cheryl thank you armed so I don't want everyone's really focus on Butler. I would like to mention which you guys think what's gonna happen which holes he just won the Super Bowl and beat me. Carson landscapes. Let's say consequences that full strength then you know although they expect and yeah. Betty what what what is what happens in the trials. CT. I mean. He can't get the hiatus that you're at the highest level all the you know you want pretty much everything you're that you are old filly. And then of course once come back who's arguably much lower court about. What would you do it falls now. I think you're your holding on whom I think right to be is back beside him to a two year deal with the eleven million bucks a bunch of X escalators and there. But it mean I mean he's going to be. I I think he's going to be here next year we're back home a bad back of cars that Carson went. I do how many backup quarterback salons civil war imagery. Afro. I'm Jeff hostetler a reject cloth that's good Jeff Russ Tice owed on hard about the city. That's a shock front leads Jeff hostetler and needed he's not win Super Bowl MVP. Analysis closely reg I'm gonna come when. I think that's a dilemma I mean I think it's an Egyptian armed. Out of her mom Chile's start. An embarrassment of riches by Fran. I have to go back and look exactly that the contract year. You really do owe you trader for a second round pick to us and Cisco could do that. Did whence you meet back and trade full perhaps a starter elsewhere he's under contract for mere four million bucks. So the question the question becomes is a team will get if it came off pretty high traffic for fools. Obviously the trader I just don't think. On convinced me that he wants to give up a first or second round pick for nick full and I thought that the brawler and obviously like national interest in the conversation by if you pivot to. If you pivot to the drop below thing about remember what we talked about all offseason around this time what what do team give up for grapple. And it became. A first round pick so. What would you give up for nick falls and if I'm a team I haven't we learned this about the NFL. That the most bit if you. How the quarterback that you think can lead you through a Super Bowl. Whatever today but he convinced nick falls is I don't know that's the issue at all just won a Super Bowl in the the a week ago the Redskins acquired Alex Smith the Kansas City Chiefs for quarterback willful or it's a first now second year guy a third round pick. Pulls it's five years younger than Smith I'm looking here. And as Super Bowl under his belt. I just don't know what he I don't know what the NFL thinks about nick pulls right now ball if you if you do go white Doug Peterson ended. And you figure out what is the best offense to put around Naples which they did and you're willing to do that without offense. He'd think I wanna Super Bowl. Mean you could say how could a guy is but until he's able to cruise to the playoffs ever since they did your precious art you know yes. Word of the day our our shows are the elixir for everything in life I agree Ira and our PO this morning you are my house right hungry below our PO exactly how well it's funny because yes IE eight and our Pia did you. Rich in fiber and RBIs can be anything all we know that they're dead and it went good for nick pulls you do that. Then you've got a good quarterback who can win the super 617779798371. Open line here tonight we're talking mcdaniels bought the patriots job and hockey all that. It's money at night alongside rob Bradford Sports Radio WB yeah. Other football film guy is played it and said he felt about prevention Nady. Huge huge impact in the game on Sunday we'll get to that. After 9 o'clock here it's one at night Sports Radio WEEI six point 7779. 7937. At Brad full on Twitter and it mutt and you see WEEI. Shall we handle. A baseball segment at 930 tonight poll and done. I mean roughly I can't imagine this point how many consecutive hours of football going back to. Last week Minneapolis Super Bowl. We're not gonna do the hot stove show tonight's people lol people tuning in on a snowy wecht when tonight the hot stove show we'll lost air in its entirety this evening however. I at least I think we do 1011 minutes of. It was in fairness at about nine it was good offseason to do the hot stove show every week of irony guess what was your highlight what was your highlight the hot stove Visio. Are you I would ask yeah at every and I realities this say that you guys yelling each other or. You and I yelling each other about the hot stove show on current podcast yeah yes that never got a bottomless yes we'll build a little bit edgy eighty Martinez in the state of the Red Sox I would say around 930 cells have you ever dies by C David sit by the default waiting for that that that green light for baseball talk. And I can imagine you waiting by the dozens. We will take a baseball call if you still need to get something I'll be tested eight at 930 years so yeah all I know is I wrote a hostile senate patty Ira I wrote it. An achievement he story today clicked around like crazy. So somebody out there is very very interest it's odd Jimmy's in Pittsfield at 61777979837. Jimmy. They guy Italian Villa not quite agreeable you're with everything you're talking about. And I you know I really have the best show let's listen to you you don't greeted each other you don't read it yet. Really appreciate. Well tonight we don't some nights rob gets on my nerves got to yell problem that's a not give it a better show. There's thanks but just take the call Jackson so 1 solution I am. So are. At any rate I want to talk about fuel mixes politics has made few years. And and I think obviously we're what you were true they had you really are livid you're not gonna get over a couple of days. You don't appreciate left from Boston Globe and with. Well that particular woman who didn't really look really yeah wins all women who would do this war to win and I am glad did you. And I edit the did you you're never gonna get over it I hit the the thing that sent a chill down my body. In it lacked you're Super Bowl was. Going into overtime in what would the one thing that went through everybody in my group picture. In bill go to the far. Because remember. Two years ago against the yet we think he would do. It's a very important days we have to wait and see if you go forward. No one in the history of the NFL that was murdered over all year we booed at games replay. There was no explanation for that ever. It has got the same explanation for that we're getting from now. Not play. And it was the day you know like that would let the candidate that got pulled off that. And the Super Bowl two days ago let the bad days apple law law. AJ and me 6060 and sixty minutes whereas Malcolm ball well what and so and gray doing ya also obviously have Kevin Faulk. Fourth into a big way this one's a little bit different. Is that unlike those he has to go in front of that team and he knows Italy's half the team is looking at him like. You Kostis the Super Bowl. Your decision to guide that we really like Malcolm Butler the guy that we want to go to war with Malcolm Butler you did not let off the sidelines. And you can say all that was best for the team flat this is a locker room divider unlike those other two. Right. Well are you log located at one thought well. Is it into the very hypothetical question loomed on the kick around ellington's. Let's just pretend. That Bill Belichick. Never drafted Tom Brady. It drew blood flow get hurt you get game all right comedies Super Bowl does he win. Drew Bledsoe still playing today. Yet now that drove replica plane you get hurt in a decade when you're. Whatever else might not Brady never existed he never lets pretend he was never born. I I I Jimmie if there's a quarterback like Brady that we're discussing quiet the receivables from Belichick if not. All Belichick being fired in years for you they win that first of rule. I have a lot of faith in Jamie you're. I don't I don't know that was a lot of time the defense is very good. But Brady was a taskbar and past 440. Yard but it's a clutch is David you're gonna Eagles probably tells the passes down to the budget. Was J. R. Redmond in and Troy Brown did. Jermaine Wiggins was really club yes some big plays in those game on meet every Tom Brady about the second do you play with the colts he went on the Indianapolis public three yards pains alls and second straight to Kobe percent have a good game to. So I mean I don't know a hypothetical part of it that did the part about explanation I guess a minority rock I don't need at this point. I know what happened that football decision. He's not gonna be sits down with Dale Hall in says. Yeah I was searching a field you better doesn't change that he put him in the game so what's different. Is wanting an explanation well. I think we're on the say importantly we still feel like this was ballots checked. To say hey you know what I don't wanna play this title he's accurate. But you cannot ignore that threw things number one he played at. Okay. Ole. Mean not even a little bit know that once specialized it and I remember seeing that two of my west welcome Bo doing specialty what a guy thought maybe okay now he's now he's into the game no well it's early in the game. Like what he was out there was an iPod is right. It was Earl one punt return. At. Was it 'cause wives and I was anyway so I'd like 01 or warrior you know he's he's because because NB CNBC didn't get through it for ever. Forever that didn't realize about the Boller wasn't a game. But okay he he didn't play at all and then as as we've said before you cannot there is no coach. In the in the human race they would say that guy the way this game is going back I can't help. They'd better and better most he can't chains up in not main talking about Josh McDaniels I Shane. We haven't yet could see what he got. Well one thing. It's funny like what would that person and they need. A bit lately. About. Jobs jobs and needed a well. We are we actually it was thinking about layouts using Adam to rule and it was finally over. And then his mind reader. So I mean raw human may mean it made me make that mistake. Yet this John McDaniel we do we do we do Shane it's silly and really brutal move by Josh are. Yeah and the other I think is and turned it aren't Judy Martinez. So we'll lower priority on change what he severed its not 930 yet. Well I don't wanna hear JD Martinez hurt Casey Fossum training these guys are we get old you are baseball so there's a lot of heat for that out oh there's no heat and all of a fight and wait what he says there's an odd you can sit there on year now is a fat ass now to skinny access sit there shot up. It's that we talked baseball would lead just after nine Derek I don't know if that you've got a baseball thought you Brady called at apple and my guess is no one out there occasional Linear story doesn't care. Since Jack. I'll take him Britain's leaving all by god occupy operates is doing different things all of it to bridge a touch or two ago JD at 950 JD. Do you praise David Price as of my pitch well the fans went back I don't capsule to care about this now I don't I can't be that stupid Booth theatre at like a month and a half and I did nothing to talk about this right so that they are like that's news for ice plant either loved the forget about Josh brigade as I've learned that you may come down to Florida this year and light I might that is -- that is that is the biggest news of the last after today probably now. Ericsson Brookline Eric we'll get to implode bring puts on that what's up now. I guys higher clip like to address that to callers ago from its fields no. Bill Belichick act. Was. Fourteen and six of the patriots a fourteen X without re. Matt Cassel. Never played a doubt in perfect in the NFL little never played out in college had no preparation they've brought him and no ballot check with the defensive coordinator. On two Super Bowl team. He was war a first round pick in 500000. Dollars to Bob Kraft ready was the sixth round pick. And the sad to say that Brady needed Belichick more than Belichick and Brady means you're really have a watch football. You know beyond AD. The last ten or fifteen years. Because. You know an effective if you talk to a lot of people of course some people that say well Brady is is the greatest ever but a lot of people quietly will tell you. That it may be had more to do with the coaching in the system that it don't hit it with a quarter. Well oil who's who says that at this point I I agree at some point Eric you're right that was part of the Brady bio was he's a system quarterback Manning's just they tell the town the quarterback I Brady is absolutely buried very bad idea. Well I mean let. Let let's let's say let's put it. What's this a case a law and only a hundred keep on what's the system he's played in three different systems. So which system is his system. Didn't Bill Belichick system keep the the all beyond the offense has not been bill Belichick's system is re different. No I'm sorry I'm right back. No you're wrong because the if you if you listen Tom Brady even a few years ago he would tell you still valid checked taught him more about breaking down the he senses and anybody. I'm not doubting that Erica not I think you're right Eric you're right but the all the actual offensive in three different offense that they ran that first set of offenses. Early on it Tom Brady's career that was predicated on the running game with guys like Antoine Smith and Corey Dylan that turned into. Charlie Weis and carry it out would bill O'Brien the back in now would Josh here. It is again what are airing all. Although all coaches do what they don't Eric knock or not great but Brady's continued to perform extremely well with different quarter Eric Eric being asked this question please. Yes objects. Bill Belichick leaves next year. Tom Brady leaves next year which which scenario do the have a chance of winning the Super Bowl better chance. That's a great question it was an easy and easy questions and you're out there right now are now to Belichick. They have a better chance of winning next year would that liberated scrapped or I would add one other point before ending up because they craft forced him to trade. Call below. And so yeah they have a better chance. OK so yeah we're very an area and a I've long been a Belichick more important Brady guy that has changed last couples who balls Lisa were way late comeback that 617779. Seven ID 37 the phone number I have not done hammering Malcolm ball or not playing because Andy Benoit. Who joined me on radio row one of the best interviews wow across the country voted at the number four interview. By Super Bowl radio interviews dot com the rankings came out today the number four to be was bought with Andy Benoit. He has this film review out and he says the patriots made a huge mistake. By not playing Malcolm Butler our region what he wrote and get the more your calls next.