Two Outs Ep. 21: Steve Buckley prepares Reimer for his first Super Bowl

Wednesday, January 24th

Alex Reimer is coming out of the basement and covering his first Super Bowl next week. Steve Buckley prepares Reimer for this momentous moment. The guys also catch up with former Bryant basketball coach Chris Burns, who was the first openly gay coach in Divison 1 men's basketball. 


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And read where it's got two outs podcasts would. Curry the rambunctious way China mostly taught me the phenom Alex rare. And the old time baseball do the six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know what before I'm gay face it's definitely wanna. Couple Macy's definitely two outs with Buddy Roemer. It is necessary that number what he wants that you guys podcast watcher Steve Buckley from. The WEEI home studios in Brighton loved being here bucked the podcast is now legal drinking it is now legal drinking Natalie writes while at 21. You know we caught twenty fine. Is that what the kids and now they are not his answered and twenty fun night. The Europeans 181000 code to be complete and there is no fun I'm not I could legally drink the last two years those guys turn eighteen in April my senior school I can legally. Colin will bar when I was a senior you know I like back is that the thinking is one of the thinking and one of the reasons that was always explained to me as to why it's good drinking he just won as Ike keeps. The alcohol out of ice schools and like on. It's still very much in the ice yes prom is not the black market it's not the few you know as the BIDs where the providers means high school. So listen. I would like to rake with article this week and you'll usually because Hewitt again you play tennis. You get at this at the big cheers that we're gonna talk about immediately yes Matilda so in this respect I am going to introduce this week's topic a pact which is as follows those two votes coming up in we can have. Mean patriots in Philadelphia Eagles will is fine. And thank you think of everything yes and what but you're here humid not the only unit and the people here he AP your newspaperman. Act dead. And famously Humana the closet what you know and a half ago track is a correct year and a half year and a half ago and professionally and actually I came out years ago public slightly right right and since the most what's as the it's that it is coming up is being openly gay publicly right now I I became publicly on the track that you are out of the closet. I am OK so all facets of the team. Of this year's program. And we'll tell us first we're gonna get caught up you know yes what Chris burns you may remember couple years ago at 2015. He was the first openly gay. Division one and that's what coach he was an assistant at Bryant he played there as well always you know when their best player in history in. So he came out two years ago when we caught up with it and I still get to that as broadcast the first good interview graduate again to Alex coming out clause that now. We've got to move on to bigger and better things weekend trying to you'd come out of the basement. And I think is if we didn't talk about this before and but Alex and I have an issue which you can listen what weakened shows but in remission and WEI with the best theme song in radio which is awesome. We have an issue in that I am very vocal mean partly role we kinda guy like that people close to sixty and it won't be early. Beastie. If you can be relates. And don't don't ever pleased with you know ethnic their current apply it's sort of my only come into play when you are failing and losing and you they aero parts are at the last started third and board. So. I have never watched the soup global law always minute it's a Bieber news time but when I am. At home watching the patriots not the super bowl of people who's on the pizzas people's dogs barking fungal and on. And you'll. Watch this bull in a darkened room all by yourself correct come out of the basement Alex he braved a repeat would just like you out there in the world. This now terrible burden you carry a parent there's a man a special so there's no one else like me out there you're on I'm not and I like to pay touch into the game like dependent Q is that with no I like to be a lot what do you think what we bring Kyle went on to have one buddy about football fan aisles talked to western game. Now you're talking. I don't want any time that you can't tart no I'm listening to the announcers I'm watching the game I'm reading my Twitter regime the commercial raking the commercials and seeing what's going to be the topic this week you know what it would of people buzzing about I'm working Super Bowl Sunday but is it worked. It's a we're not sure you're aware of that but you can. Something you covering game. And hey you hit before me and I will be there to go hey hey hey hey hey hey I will be there. I pursue global up week yes I'll be there Monday through Friday press releases though right I'm running PR for the NFL don't need me doing it's getting 88. Or like Lackey out wacky stuff on the young millennial at that as he eyes and again and then be a little wacky legally young. You know personnel below is or has he been doing this and BC sport ultimately battered indeed you know I'm gonna harass ESPN people that's in it again to about all of them to Mel hell are you avoiding WEEI. Can be that guy does the army and are you not coming on Turkey time man. And I think that's. I thought that was cart franchise but then that January is right exactly what's picks presence has has a right exactly so serious are you going to go either intervening players you're gonna go to the availability I've never been I'm hoping you can gotten Eileen I you know the equity go to foreign country would you have yet some leader when I run yes yes so you you can be my god you can be my guide. OK so you're going on on Sunday am Sunday night on Sunday mornings and night we will both beat him and he. Friday LB gets in Sunday will be. Covering those super ball plane Monday when you come back on Friday yes why not okay rather than just jump in a pool. In terms of coming up in the basement when it just have one friend overdrive. I told you but I don't know and I heard all that nonsense but it does have 11. Friend who doesn't talk if it is the year. Listeners to the podcast. If you. Wanna watch if you don't want if you don't need to talk. You can what's on the putting it out at its height the sin not to. I honestly believe I can watch this problem company of the people and get to cement I don't you know in your darkened rats ridiculous because if you're talking to others your mind is elsewhere and not pay your sister does a new fangled thing called multitasking you wanna try every time and you don't. Pay as close attention to something while you're multitasking. Missing and you breaking down defenses and stuff like that perhaps if I don't it you broke united defense and you'll like it I you have not seen me on the like football field and breaking defense all of the flag football league in Boston is is it is an indicator yet your passion for the game guy we take it it's a very serious competitor I'd I'd I'd I wish I am not an easy you defaming a reflect what ultimately that's not to help me next big number yup they're all loaning me watching Minneapolis Bloomington Bloomington you know basically like Natick my hometown yes didn't you and does a good parallels it will be -- Mall of America I'm very excited. So you you've got to let me do one thing with. Witches. Go to the Mall of America and go to home plate where met the policies to be harming too liberal right rule and all the great Bob Allison all the Minnesota Twins from back in the day I coomer. Ron low and McCain literal on. That the pot heat the metrodome this is and Stewart now that's the great this is way way way before that. Dime I impressive nightly ninety's twins use an on it if she did build an urban canyons. So bomb. So can you do that. Jimmy go to the Mall of America by a ticketed Johnny rockets by amber Alamogordo we got home plate used to be an ambulance and then. And then weigh up down left senator yeah what used mile sent a walk yet have a seat. Of picks to wall it's it's the seat where army killed both 550. Foot home run landed so when they built the Mali the home plate. And then they'd put it they've built such a way that seat could still be displayed. To like the red seated and the title legitimacy. And it's not the actual seat but what we did it that we go to that we go to home plate we get a picture we have a FaceBook and arm in arm. Does that it just takes a fifteen seconds and Allison and none of them reflect reflect on all we could you be eight Luke who stood here armed orders here in 1950 whatever them like very exciting so it's we have got a few sets except you know like mint and it was blocked by Ottawa how big is this small. It's the second biggest mall on the planet earth so it's too late coming miles. I don't have these statistic like multiple models it's big and that escalated to levels and say here's my big concern I have a terrible sense of direction. Parity have these maps had been email to me about where the media night's going to be in suitable experienced players will be here players will be there. I'm going to get so lost. Wandering around this Mall of America you're gonna get lost intentionally so you know at the hang with anybody eEye or me auriemma knows it's. There is lots either seen Minnesota the you know one I don't know I don't think got involved Americans would probably doing techno. So. I jumping off point I can just picture it now me walking around sweating. Nervous like frustrated need to get to this press conference I'm running late on where is just walking in circles with my Google Maps can party. Picture right now gotta be my Super Bowl week. That'll be considered having fun and feel like I've I would try to have fun of etiquette since the direction but I don't think it yet no such a directions so therefore you don't wanna be at the Mall of America I'm just he just can't watch us live our friends around because you have to focus on the defense the secondary of the Philadelphia Eagles at Georgia island states and you called them cost nighters cost areas that don't buy that guy over now. I once on the I have I have fun pass and you know they say nothing good happens at midnight that's an iPhone app they understood after me without without the deet tails except that but. So we can't do it this year but next year if the patriots in the Super Bowl I'd like to invite you in my house but all my friends coming and he distant. And it gets to much for you. Leave this and other. There's another room announcement I mean when you're by yourself in that is anti Tutsi once you are I would do that I tested out. But once you're at the party you cannot go to separate. That is very arts and you'll be socially Austin's would you come to the house the Super Bowl next year that's on it now. Probably not now teeth now again even if it's not the patriots still gotta be breaking down game. You know they don't break I've read your columns in it very very good colleagues because you don't break down the game a table and say I mean again the announcers the commercials the Twitter trends have to be following it all even more so in the patriots aren't. I have to be even more eyes focused in on the presentation of the whole iPad entry and I thought this this'll do and we can't do it this year will be acting game. A year from now. If the patriots and a possible and at the sentences but podcast we'll still book going obviously. To benefit the thing a year from if the pats number two mobile in the context you gonna duties that Paul Bunyan who can chop down trees. You're gonna watch suitable darkened room. Your basement apartment in the where I am above ground of OK and I am going to wipe it from you've been in my house election and the back by now little is a massive problem and entertain its enemies of this not. And I'm gonna watch the game isn't trump tower and I'm gonna watch the game went on my friends over and we will measure coverage will invite people participate. Emmitt who had the best coverage. Oh coverage now like opposite of all the time to prepare well I all right buddy tell them that passed the Glock dip or I missed that and it's absolutely in Iraq you know right about that. If you look at Eric articles after listening to appoint who have never broken not you UN not an x.s and o.s guy and I applaud that but now with why you're here right if you would just another x.s and o.s guy. You wouldn't be a minute here is a pay attention to all lean on me and I were to big Tony Roma column this week got tons and it's and I did it at like eight C title game. Alone I listened to the announcers I need to hit the records show that Alex is taken to the next thing is. And only is in my brain and but I am pumped and I am not spinning this ball I'm meeting Friday game out there are so I can watch Dejuan. In my dark content but I am excited I'm and I get to them as an immediate party. God the dinner is hopefully you know maybe even some mud at nights but it would not be doing some dinners. Beginning go to the tendencies in people make that trek that's implement the right so this is I will take you at dinner one night on me. While it but it's going to be real food. It's got to be named got to go to Minneapolis that we mania with but I'm sick I don't wanna go to Oklahoma State went real communal Spencer movers and arrow I commencement it was pre taking your cars well you guys taking year in Britain over blacks out there. That's plans unsure and our next podcast to hop a full review. About little Alex out of the basement her five days in Minneapolis tonight back to the basement receivable 52. I against the was playing in the New England Patriots and on on the good of you read all that Tom Brady going for his sixth Super Bowl ranked. I could sort of went south of the game right notable that nipple that. And pack up tournament. The crisper breaking news here like Chris burns as we mentioned. Formally Bryant university the first openly gay division one and spouse what coach he. Will join us next guy catch up with him when he's been up to why you left coaching in what that what the reaction has been in the a couple of years. Since he came out all that more coming up its to its podcast but in Roemer episode number 21. On the phone lines right now we have like Chris burns who was the first openly gay coach in division one. Men's bass what Bryant university Chris welcome to the podcast area. I'm great Europe and thanks again for taking the time. I was reading out sports essay that you roads. A couple years ago and you decided to come out and I'm gonna read. A couple paragraphs back to Ewing hoped not to -- treaty into where Tom is since sports is always a place like could've been me. Basketball gave me very secure identity at a young age which is crucial but as a grew older. It became a juxtaposition between the accolades my on court success and the fear created by being gay and more I achieved and excelled in my sport. The further I felt from myself. So after reading Packers my question is I know you were great at basketball enjoyed playing but if that made you feel that way why did you continue to. Be involved in basketball. Almost but it's the want passion on after a long time you know what it's what I want to do it. You know it was my way of you collect that aren't aren't going to be in achieving except when. It would help me make a run would probably be social helped me you know. Become the ethnic the fear you have of coming out here iPad kind of line. You need for the fact that basketball pool. At my real identity that's who I am outlawed sexual orientations are just. Part of that you know that the beer had. But certainly not you know he realizes that app. Back on now kind of everything you know dies down a little date it is settled back in your life like our will rediscover our. Well you know yeah no matter how worried one batter Alex fought social issue and hurt my. You know ability and the order should not that's not true it's just the people that watch on the come out. And everything's settled he well. So Chris Steve Buckley nice to talk to I I. We talked off the Arctic we've met before we can't place the exact ankle where at whatever but (%expletive) does it's I do I'm very brilliant banquets are yes and as as doubts that say I'd I'd introduce itself to everybody and it tries entries we can deal with that but. So it your decision to leave. What will catches up with what you planes are why you let the school and all that. While I have yeah. Armed you know I've been here five years and it gets to a point where. You know it's hard for each count you know you're you're you're coaching kind of under the same circumstances and your you know your. You you you have certain opportunities for growth and certain in certain areas certain places and like at Bryant and trying to maximize. Where my growth as a coach who's going to be there in either aren't too it will long it goes to a new opportunity to work for somebody different for different. Late. You know get a different experience or. In a RBI. Really what I took a look around and people want coaching like especially college or professional or how volatile is eight. In a hole. I would look something. With a better bow right so. You know eat you culture and it's great in basketball always been my passion of the is that while being in the gym. In all the illegal recruiting or on the road all the time OK okay do you wanna keep coaching. I would love to get back into it or and opportunity but you know of the night at this you know it all depends on air war. Com. What the next with the next opportunity you know I would never say no to an album but you know such a pop up and it was the right place. Com. You know I also want to explore other avenues the few. Would you would you coach high school would you relocate a U wedded to being in New England what future. You blew it here. You know right now I am I'm wannabe. And we figure. Through a lot of violent rule. You know I kind of got disconnected from. And it's been actually nice to be back here be re connect but everybody's equal Coleman. Mother father. Brother and father never. Com are now I wanna be coltart. All the wanna beat all and there are adventurer. You know I was in Rhode Island about law that provinces market go back there kind of warm area. I want the BC you know. It was a different areas and farther away order you know ma am at the vocal on what that means top Esther we wanna be in the area. All four are equal concern. People just. You know it all depends you know like the Eiffel coach. But the kind of transition and teaching here figure that out about what I wanna do you know prep school route certainly. Where there's a lot of talent area for that these my. Right opportunity to. I wanna go back to hear the odd sports featured a couple of years ago you talked a lot about the homophobia. That's kind of entrenched in sports homophobic language so you're playing gazing college he said you know what that's earned high school was necessary directed at you but. He still heard it so my question is he played a brine or seven was a senior right at Bryant. Yeah OK so then you coached there up till last year so my question is can it ten years removed from your playing days. Did you was there a big difference in the kind of homophobic language you heard in locker rooms lasts over that time. All you know is that it's suffer. It's a judge that instigate that because I'm not in the locker room where you know the player you hear that speak like you know Michael in the locker coaching the different fire. I think for me acute war there respectful and they were you know I had hurt fork out before it come out. You know you hear urinary hear discussions. This map let you know that I had pepper came out everybody was. You've had kind of been more conscious of it all more about it a I think our guys certainly respect and so it was different and they obviously. You know there is Bryant has acting as an LG BT community is concerned they have they've grown a little bit so they're more people on campus Arab. They have more experience with that we think it has changed a bit you know she still. You know that that language that the lock. It's still going to be there are still going to be moments it's still this the other completely change but I definitely think it's cooling. As a as an openly gay person sports now that your art the fall of the hole. Who's coming out who's in who's though is as a professional sports new Jason Collins and you Michael Sam leading up in the NFL draft and Ryan Callahan with a hate former New England Patriots player. We have the mall and several of them on the show on the podcast before all that stuff with greater interest now. Yeah I do. We'll pay attention to that still think they're important to note that the more people start coming out he's he's gonna feel more people start. Global trying to buy apple again with Flickr that second wave right now it's so common people keep people become now in general kind of just. You know that we don't need to do this that we don't need to do that city answer. You know people you'll still see all the way they feel before they come out definitely happened so I like the stage. You know update with baton and try to see art and come on now and it's in really. If there are people haven't Somalia that they'll try to you know all awful myself and the far conversations acre they talk somebody here. I think that the important piece of that as the line. So my favorite part of coming out in my experience of being able to talk to people who were quite Syria or considering it. Aren't sure you know kind of helped give them confidence that if a wonderful relationship with the comparable insult. Or. All right so since we're doing Super Bowl themed podcasts here I am going to be talking about the super ball up and those who both Sunday. Will close with this well Agilent at when we're arguing not questionable questioned burglary and that being here. I'll stop and all government I'm sorry are you in any ideas he notices the Basel I got serious as serious odd question I'm on the lines you're just passed on. So you're the first openly gay division one men's that's what coach you came out and 2015. We talk a lot Chris about the lack of openly gay players in the major team sports. Why a lack of openly gay coaches in your opinion. I I I still think it's kind of apple it's the Ole boy club you know you know the people making the decisions are still worried over. You know hiring people are people ruffled and there that think. In LR BC it would hire all about accomplices in. You know when he all the alumni had to make it's it's. Still to repeat a lot of people you know they want their job or they're hurt from the courier they don't want to do one thing to kind of you know put themselves out of the running it so hyper competitive. It's just. Still I don't think there are enough people out there willing to deal with you know he articles around hiring somebody like that. Just yards or eagerly I'm sorry I interrupted by a number I don't. You're leaving the job that you had nothing do you being Gael rate. I'll know not at all my arc that that client was there and tap commuters old I still think contact with them. You know all throughout this year and over and not that it was that it was Morse. The league career wise I wanted to try. To make a change and they were ago. Eyes on the close of the question and I couldn't ask because Alex yeah me because I'm as serious topics that gets daddy of the broadcast. It's against him. Where you what to this is serious a over. That'll debate here now first up is Alex Alex and me two different people in that Alex watches the Super Bowl alone in a darkened room is he has no friends yup I what does that ball let thirty people and pizza or imposter and dog Yelp being in babies and in all that separate issues LP with the volume turned down yes. So I I UN Steve Buckley camp we you'll watch this will a lot of people have a great time or we'd be in a darkened room like Alex. I'm in the bucket and we give a dog exactly what people but I would I be Goddard. Did you wanna watch the game is well pay attention Alia. It Egypt out there early yellow. I'm I'm more of right I'm more. I wanna be party spirit don't be around people up political. It all of the major bullet. You know I'm a patriot garment we have an open guy but. You know I wanna do it people out there and I want to I want it to be but you might there reluctantly Bob Eckert and so we usually. Kind of on a way to get together watchers like as we all will go not but all I wanna try to put an apple really Michael and try to make it there like ten. Well we're going to be here so look a sudden you're out there. Oh Eric don't invest in America and what can I introduce himself to you again so many a Chris Byrd again have formally Bryant Oslo it was the first dot. Openly gay men's passport which division when Chris thinks taking the time captaincy and sort. Our crowd and I see it. At bucks on another another one in the Buckley camp. Another one in the but we camp well and it's I use social I mean just like I'm happy I'm gonna talk but we talk with this before interviewed actress but now. I'm I'm thrilled I'm going to be home for the Super Bowl this year's like watch it also I am concerned that you are going out through the Twin Cities. For the Super Bowl. Coverage in the height yes and all of that in the coming home before the game. Because I need to watch the broadcast has been expressed an extent when he staple our model is right out and around the I'd much rather watch or don't give readers I have to covered again I have to have listened to how Michael is called on a source Albemarle Austin say hey you know that plans to change it is that nominee's ticket like the game suddenly like I I would say now. I'd say need to watch a line in my darkened room. As always please describe to the podcaster lets the iTunes store Asa to rights and WEEI dot com as he talked about. Throughout the episode before interview with Chris will be in the Twin Cities really actually bucked Bloomington Bloomington home of metropolitan stadium now the Mall of America you can actually stand at home plate metropolitan stadium news Andy and you can oppose something he basement are right absolutely excellent described the podcasts yet and already that's the best way to you. Getting into outs in year out iTunes store podcast app every few weeks what's populated by.