Trash Talk with Blind Mike - Ep.1 Super Bowl Week.

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Friday, February 2nd

It's the debut WEEI podcast for Blind Mike Geary, formerly of Barstool Sports, with his look at the week in media trash outside the walls of WEEI. 


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First edition of trash talk Boston's first meeting got on that. America's first and build that podcast and I can say. As the unit whoever I want and you'll believe the goal of this month is to look out outside the walls of that. This station particularly the morning show as an excellent job. Of covering the things that go on in the station so there's a lot of at this point in the and a current man's approach Jerry count lands a row they know what they're doing. So anemic that they've got a cup. Even though. I realized that the top story in America this week may have happened about eight feet from where I'm sitting. But we we we're gonna look outside the windows. And look at everyone. Else fox apply more than us here at the area yes knowledge there's nothing going on exact thing there's plenty of other stuff. Other than you know who so. Well look outward that was my my producer and talent Dan Watkins origin of the agreement if they'll be helped me here because. If you don't know who I anything I'm just some maniac talk enough far off but I am my gear. AK blind Mike. For those you follow by Bristol sports so I can't produce some agreement out because I was merely Dave Horton was whipping boy. My claim to fame is a losing a game of ping pong and eccentric millionaire you battled hard at it I fought hard. I fought so hard to Brohm hit the media some don't podcast now and I said let's look at some the other stations. For example it's. While Lawson of the things here. How recently have proven. That the two weeks between. The AC charity. Jimmy Asian games and the Super Bowl. There's almost too much time people go crazy it'll wacky there's too much talk about and that the idiocy comes out a lot of people. You see that with the people ESPN world and a you see with. Oh Lackey the wack pack that replaced Mike Francis in New York. And Maggie Seawright embossed. Right across the street from us are good pal Tony Matt's my DV the biggest perpetrators of selling your soul. For for ratings and attention. Matt used to be here respected journalist. Used to be effects guy you know. News there was no he really took everything into consideration. But now he's a bumbling fool just says things for a reaction says the wacky it's thing he can. So much hope that. He you know he forgets mass forgets things for example. When thinking of great living Eagles. He said this might it would I think you'll background first from all right so. Doug Peterson invites far this for a former teammate Peterson was back up and Green Day and become gave a pregame pep talk to the Eagles. Pursue propose a rumble of Europe on Sunday sell favre's pass. So you think. Let's think of why I wouldn't be a pat let's have an eagle while going to be an Eagles great problem is. Really hasn't won anything right so. And as try to come up with some more so let's think if you try and think if you play along with tiger in masses they guessed that in the greatest living eagle a hole. Had to be somebody in Philadelphia history that met Morgan Neill got to plot something clicked out like I'm just picking beans out of now what they're thinking about. He he got it doesn't really have many Eagles to pick what you did have a really what it without whose organization. Reggie White did beat their dad all right. I I thought the immediacy with which Marion and thug you're correct he's he's dead Hewitt in its elegance of the recent thing either. Usually done at fifteen years ago quite some time ago yeah it now like you know if your name in. All right great Red Sox infielders and you said Bobby do right. It's a you know we just I forgot about that he was old man at depth review I was a young who tied over a decade ago. And it was kind of a big story educated and I remember hearing a lot about. So it's a and just I'll be obvious. Kyle the music that that can offer and a right there because right after you hear the panic in does offer a gas. You hit the panic in thug as voice. What we don't know lefty that. Alibaba. Your focus and a few of those issues before we don't need to bring them back yen up Boca. He's in a cold sweats and in August for you look around radio row like oh god so what is it got depth is petrified petrified known heard that right. So mad man as a bumbling launch their there'll be plenty of time the government that does mean but. As the type of guy that will just. He knows the patriots are our beloved here so he knows going against them we'll get a reaction of people. And that's a pad and you seal out the national media as well and and send me an article. In today. From someone. That's at. Lives matter more than witness yes it's true and wrong. I think in the grand scheme of things we can all right so I'm. What could this be about. So this is from the Philadelphia Inquirer and this was written on January 30 which was Tuesday. By Bob Burkle were in the title of the piece is called lives more important than wins. He goes on to. Guide has been quite I would say it's still pretty broad in talking topic shore. Anyways so. I guess I never understood why it is an earnest there by the patriots are blamed. Right for that I don't get it but I guess I get why Soviet especially because there's outlets that don't just cover sports there. Eyes so it's like the most interesting thing. If it's not you Tom Brady going for six of Warners and it doesn't it that documentaries coming out run to a daughter and Fernandez his life. Mr. Brooke over they said the patriots should be even more. About this so it's pocket so he starts talking about you know how the patriots are playing in the heat suitable bird team Belichick. On so he says the applause as well deserving suspicious remains that their success has not always been on the up and in addition to being adept at cheating. Itself bring up politics and in addition to being a debt that winning games and championships the patriots are also green and avoiding the things they want swept out of sight. Spiking to placate fall into those categories and I've always said I don't know what the next Linus. But I've always said to me when I think of spy game to placate. I equate that to murder I think. It's so it was almost like they murdered some now what is Brooke over. But the one subject that they want Oscar more than any other violent. And any others the violent in tragic career of the late Aaron Hernandez also he agrees that you know I see I am. Perhaps that's because Hernandez draft selection despite bright red flags everywhere. As a reflection of how winning means everything to the patriots in his and no cost is too. It's a I get you got to in habit in his from the inquire Richardson. And our economy entity. So I guess I think it's more legitimate now I or when I was a kid. It was. It just which celebrity is the opposite gender and aliens at these were the enquirer now ID a little more legitimate but it's you know. It's supposed to be. More salacious stuff I guess. So I get what they're going forward it's just like there's nothing. The pager are sweeping under the rug it happened. When Aaron Hernandez comes off almost a year ago it will be years I. Your Matt yes and what nine months of an idea. So that's when under the rug it it it died with him. Aaron Hernandez is no longer witness. So there there are no more inner Aaron Hernandez questions right you're going to hounding on their don't Belichick's doled every day. Saying when he finally gonna admit that this Aaron Hernandez stopped its dented the story's gone so this happened the same day in the pats visited the White House and they were he goes on the comment oh. You know someone das someone with the patriots have to be talking about that today and he got a call from a spokesman Sammy anticipate will be commenting today. And he goes on to say that they have. Not commented on any day since then either. At one patriot way in Foxborough mass desist Aaron Hernandez never existed partly as a play for the team and should deal what is supposed to do have Aaron Hernandez day. Right this was be mean it's it's like you never exist they immediately released him once he was yet that's they're not oh my god they're not selling 81 jerseys anymore right or 85 whatever. Yet fanatic now knowledge they had a murder on their team. They cost him when they found out he was a murderer he's dead now and they don't acknowledge. I don't get what the big controversy right and then I really liked you it was time to say and you know no one really talks about these things with the patriots mean I don't know about you like but it seems like this is all. If you're not a patriots fan this is like the first thing that anybody's mouth deterrent it is due to cheating scandals in there and it Hernandez of the three things O. And and even if Steve Spagnuolo of the giants' defensive coordinator this week who I don't know why he's getting press time anywhere but it's our stock on the pats cheated in the 04 Super Bowl shore right and then would really just pops this story off is that. There was an update written an update that's another column in the inquirer by different journalists and here's the headline. Patriots scandals will haunt them against the Super Bowl. Boo. Like us analysts are and a man is he is right Bob. Paper. I basically what that is. Is like you know if I'm trying to figure out if I'm trying. To get divisive tea. As I am I'm starting a podcast with the view via and people's yeah okay that that's Coleman. And then the next day and get the reaction I want and says hey guys the they just fired someone to make room for me it's like well that's. Now what had no knowledge is grasping at straws. Analogies this but I wanted to bring. So yet it's crazy people want to make something out of all the time and cheating it's brought up Watson Spagnuolo is bringing the cheating now what's his name their Jon Ritchie. John I know the mid Daschle and talking about him he's. He needs to go yet he is you know he's talking about brings the walk throughs which just. Misinformation. And the guy the guy's a cohost on fantasies. I'll I didn't realize I think he had like a real show he might do I think he does do some radio finally yet but he's like me is the media feel like it took a little bit more not yeah that might create AA some on the way to John receipts that. Yet it's like. I guess what are you gonna what he got fourteen days were duped by. When you're just grasping at straws like benefit there's so much talk about. Some of the the the scandals that we just want to make fun of each other for God's sake. I don't get you know ES and in 985 in these outlets that. Ignore. Controversy in just trying to stick to sports I guess that's what that is it's a symptom of that where. By bringing up deflate gain spy gate in no way you're sticking to sports. Rather than. The the gossipy stuff. By. It's it's not at the same thing you're just defining it. You're saying let's be sensational. By bringing up old dredging up old ship and nobody really cares about what people does bring it up for our own argument bar. But. Let's bring in up on ESP NN. Decree contours. Well let's not put a twist on and with the 2017 twist on you have these videos coming out now. Well brace pumping his hands up to start you know get via official start the clock yet witches that's how the rules work not to allow ESPN would have you believe that was white power Steelers rays right hatred there are also very racist yeah as in Boston is very racist. That's one thing which is weird because it's like. If you don't wanna bring up gossipy stuff why why drag race of the things. We heard today. Luckily we haven't heard. I'm amazed how little we've gathered about the trump that. Biggest is Brady kind of distanced himself. You think I thought going into a stool that was going to be the big thing hey. What's old Donny trump like it's something I did see something in The Herald Thursday morning it was. It was the and so every day this past week like they've been putting three prop Mattson right in the first one on Thursday what is. Well presidential he mentioned during the broadcast. I would think now. Unless he tweets something about the wonderful steep and this tremendous. It's of those who wrote you letter. And Donald. And you've. Now he wanted to. Now you bring up prop. There is a hey you a bit about prop used cancer. We don't wanna get into the into the nitty gritty that we wanna focus on spy game the flea cable let's have to have some spot in the mean in the mean. You know we so let's bring in a hilarious. Comedian that's occasional. The arm locating known as she's a girl who. She is kind of funny like she's okay personality I Laker when she kind of is more true to what she releases. I think she she worked at the bar stool guys rate but right before I was there. She would've fit in well there are now especially now that the kind of expanding what they do did you cross paths. Only. On on Twitter she tweeted about it ones which it was something my I can tweet of mine went viral and was on local news. So it was like the woman and a very professional newscaster voice. And Mike tweets. I think Cano and just pointed out that as if it's hilarious that we Alec is an inside source. Mike says. So trading Nolan has been hired by is guarantees through fox. She's. She okay here's what Katie know. I think she would have fit in very well in the days. Where sports center anchors were becoming personalities. Cutting you know the Scott and how the Dan Patrick those kind of guys where it's like. You're real. News person we've also got a little bit of light side I guess that's what we're Cady Noland would've fit. Unfortunately those rules don't really exist anymore. He saw that would make governor of real sports senator replaced him with two Mellon Michael which talk about a minute but. I think the role that Katie known as best suited for as a relief anymore but people like her she's big on Twitter. Sosa picked. Instead of just saying well we can't find anything for maybe should be better off for a bar stool type of place they say none we have to issue Warner into things. So Katie no one had a bit that is being deemed just. He stare at the Super Bowl this week. Do you have what Katie known said Forrester I'd do its. Opening night and it's. Every which means having that information can help me placement prop. I've been told that this theory shell and I have to ask that she had a common points so I'm gonna talk to a bunch of ballplayer answers about definitely not. Prop. Now upon definitely thought I suspect. I suspect. That now she says she's gonna ask about some very serious crisis. Hold onto your hats but I've got a feeling. There's eleven become cheeses are going to be serious I don't think that Katie eakins stick to a series script let's find out. All players about definitely not. Prop. Definitely definitely not I think a lot of experience. There here a lot they win a lot. Very and that kind of being so here's what I wanna ask you how do you think Justin Timberlake will come on the field. All my goodness on the stock I have to hold on to my timing from all you want. So the gist of mrs. Okay ominous throw out a serious. Threats. And then he would oh wacky question like Nate. Who hole is that what was the what was the senate to that something about the early to know the question was to him. But it was like hey when your preparedness to and what you just integral what is your favorite just in time. Eight's he step and I can't get enough of that type of humor. It's it's really I guess that's what is beings going for the recent run keyed in on is not just to Patrick like duke and Mormon bashing you but it's my it's a bashing of ESPN and it's it's a worry. That that's what replaces. Jim out because we ESPN does is. They move people round the different spots that don't fire anyone they find people that Twitter lights. And meant that there. Political agenda I guess and you know Katie known got a lot of praise for going after the Dow. And the NFL with a all the domestic violence stuff. Which. Everyone was against her manage. It's like she's he just took a very easy issue that are wrong kind of agreed on and was more vocal. About it than a lot of women so Vegas credit her but. They see that may say oh well. She fits our political ideology and people on Twitter will applaud her no matter what she does so let's put Iraq. And then they realize they can't find a role for so they get rid of someone else they can't find a role for Geraldo and my guess is they're probably gonna squeeze Katie known and then. I don't think they've made it official yet but that's what I feels kind think they're gonna hyper up this Rigas who wall and then probably put her in there would be Mike. And once they find some more even more divorce. So. Mostly one Morsi to a kinda maybe maybe she gets funny I don't wanna trash. The patriots one penalty called against them bowl games you guys at the fourteenth both England and my question for you is do you think pink nationally and I went out whenever Tim. Com or under him. Now wait a second. Question had nothing to do. She said it up by saying. She's gonna ask about penalties just doesn't wacky well I don't know that I thought I mean penalty starts the letter he'd think serviceable he's right we got the liberation and that it's all. And it's good clean family and that's how I like my humor nice and clean. And does that offend anyone doesn't bother anyone you don't really know why it's funny it's just kind of there. But it shows that year being open mind. That's that's it is pans out. They're about that and I guess just the complete opts to Disney has been as they bring in bland and or people that. Give you nothing of substance. Four. Bring in people that are going to be out or agents say the opposite of whatever one's think like Tony met. All our. Maybe the worst offender now is skip Bayless junior. I've never seen anyone more where they. They replace someone who was well not had some notoriety skip pills and the next guy says well I'm just going to impersonate him. For an hour a day Iran or wrong per state and hours whatever so how long Max Kellerman is on the screen he's just doing a skip Bayless impression right. Aha very much so. I guess the Indians got rid of well. Isn't it weird thing is that's very different podcast the Indians got rid of chief Wahoo but it starts and when he ninety. So that I have no problem with that I can argue with you on the Redskins name change but it's like the chief Wahoo thing was. It was a caricature that wouldn't have been allowed for any other race so why haven't for the Indians. I get I get what it would get rid of that. But that's sparked. Max Kellerman. To go even further down that the nut job poll. Would this take on the notre dame fighting. And has to beat argument kind of when is enough war wind does it end. My friend Brian Kennedy Steven our colleague and and good friend from ESPN on MLB network was tweeting about this last night someone asked them about what about the fighting Irish Bryant is Irish American his father Charlie tentatively reach Charlie can bog farmer from Ireland that's worth people from walk off the beaten wings the cop once he got that it. Was asked about the fighting. Iverson a leprechaun logo and many Irish Americans are not offended but many long cold enough that also change you incidents there is the answer is. Yes well let's put it leaves. I hate to think that anyone is offended by any I don't what I would like to do is live in a world. Where none of us offend were all. Just perfectly happy with everything that's going on that's what I strive for every day so one person has ever offended by something. I'm just gonna hang mice. Were supposed to go people are gonna be offended by ship it just happens happens all the time at may. Not that it's because I've built the a catalyst dark soul but for the rescue people you know miles. You're gonna get offended just gonna happen in life. I don't understand. Why that bothers Max Kellerman so much. Things ruffle people's front is now. There's a man sitting right next Dan Watkins who has got hair is red is the fiery son so I assume your Irish Emma be raised me but I you are I am. Are you offended by the thing I'm not actually while via finesse and by the fact that we we think of your people is. His drunken socks that fight at the drop of I mean you know about it I had never gone now and I'm Irish and I'm Irish to sites. But it doesn't usually happen yes it is sure it's true it's not a stereotype it's for a right now I kid of course but. I'm also Irish I'm not I'm not offended by but if I work it would be my problem. I'd like Dallara like that I wouldn't buy Notre Dame stuff I would really be associated with that and anyway I would like at. But it's my problem. To be offended and if I say the majority of people aren't offended. And it's really in my prime minister while most people disagree with me so maybe I'll take this one on the chin and it just me being a baby I guess and move on I guess Max Kellerman solution. Is we have to appease everyone and have anything bothers any. Because there are no insane people that would just take a stance on Twitter so that they feel like they have a voice and know people that champion a cause. So they feel like they they mean something and they're being better. That doesn't happen. In this day and should we. I mean on like elements logic reader missile would love to that's the thing that love that that's the Lubbock on spike and he mentions it at the beginning it's like you go to and his rabbit hole where does it then. It's like it ends. Before the fighting because it was named by an Irish Catholic school. Spoke that they don't seem to be bothered. And I'm certainly not and I've never met anyone I know what I. And urban anyone it's as my clutches their pearls says my. Like I can't believe I've never off such graft such a graphic mascot. So. It's more of this just here's my advice trees. Another and a transition John skipper is apparently. The boos that even though that doesn't seem to be is if pigs and drink in old town with them and Leavitt. So I guess he's fine I guess he's very he's all better. But John skipper left Gmail hill his leaving. That's very sad apartment then it's so their transition phase my advice to ESPN. News. Just kind of look at what's successful for you. And that would be PTI is. Pretty successful like gas at least compared via things man. And there are more re. You know will bonds has some stuff agitate people in the seems that maybe just overreact but it seems like that's what they believe Kornheiser and about from nine outs in 95% I'm. They're saying at least you feel they generally believe that works if you got two guys that know what argue. Mike come from different perspectives. And now are able to get the point across that works so instead of looking at filling the six. Insane. We just need. Two. Minorities and roll a bet that that's all I can figure out why they scheduled the sixth that. But in looking at and seamless failed and Gmail hill gets a lot of reaction. So let's get rid of her but I. I I major Mel hill she's on the should be kept. I've never heard an interest in word command Michaels missed out the mine he's the doesn't key the only reason we know who we it is. Because he's been jet skiing behind. Gmail hills coattails for a few years. To mount those personalities. I think a buffoon. I don't think. A great talent. But she gets a reaction people Michael Smith gets nothing out of anyone to look at and said Michael Smith's six. We can keep Michael Smith there because he's not gonna ruffling feathers to mill hill bothered. From supporters against I don't know who was really pissed off I laugh matter I don't I don't care for but. Who's really angry about two Smith I don't know but I guess she ruffled feathers that they decided. At the hunt for some what they did that in reassign her to him defeated. Clay Travis and appeared to stand clay Travis said on the add them current account mention of the event. Two mill hill. Is owed twelve million dollars over the next three what. Are you kidding makes four million dollars a year all might go off so. What they're tried to spin their trying to make is I guess she's obviously under contract for the next three years I didn't of my daughter contract was almost up and that's why they're assigned to she makes four million dollars music yes this is racist because this is yet. That's that's a four million dollar corporate and she. Is owed twelve million dollars so they said hey let's reassign or let's hear three mil a year or the writers some blog that nobody reads. The clap at Butler. Yet just. Someone who lived as a free agency into a clip back. That's as a high degree that's impressive degree so. She does come with a doctor. So I can see why. She had such value to call me and she is. OK so my point was she does get a reaction. So instead of getting a raid Ono ultimately hill's going off again on politics we can have. But are on the shell. You know bring a bring big chill bet that was my problem with firing Schilling in the first place the SP and was. Instead of just reacting and saying oh god we can have this. Have a debate have fueling explain his side in the that you think he still crazy bigot and you Meyer my problem like this at their place just Mendoza. They're they are bringing in A-Rod investors in this year. So I like that I don't know if Mendoza still part of that Booth by British and just been doesn't have a great example of well let's have a woman. And it's not just windows is it's hard for me to blame too mellow hill and just windows is that what is was dude to decline millions of dollars a year and all I'm not ready for that. You know because if if VI offers me the morning show tomorrow. If Gerry Callahan got forbid dies in Minnesota. Then. I'll say yes I'll say Elliott out. Now am I ready to carry a show four hours a day. Probably not but I'd gladly take. And it's not Jenna Hiller just Mendoza job to say no no gang I'm not ready it's ESPN's job the look at the talent and say. You know what they're not ready than not right for the spot. And I feeling that's not what they're doing with Katie you know on the adjustment shoe Warner and that's what they did which amount though unfortunate. Which mill hill will be leaving. Sports owners. If she hasn't aren't as you are interest on the I believe so as I was is going to last I was flipping through Wednesday night and I sides still said SC six and Michael original summit which this idea is there last week was becoming up until have a a grand goodbye when they play all her great moment. Over the last year. And I don't know it's just ESPN what he's doing put them you know the man I just mentioned put Jericho him tomorrow you can see the vein in his forehead. (%expletive) explode. They won that's that's television I watch if you wanna do that times. If you wanna completely hide from it and you're gonna collapse is a network which you're losing subscribers old time and if you wanna stick to just sports highlights people who have phones. It looked at chuck and the interesting ones if well we have the top ten. It's already been on bar stools Twitter and Bleacher Report and every other islands party tweeted out of one's already seen the wacky crazy place. These were way too. The crazy wacky critic it's you know I'm wacky guy and it's a Lackey to Katie known brings that size. And man's man as brings them means the wet again so. What I'm saying is and is day your head and your ass and hopefully he won't collapse. But. Odds are you well because you keep guys like Max Kellerman Benjamin hill under your employ. So. I think things will be fixed when the very controversial Mike Greenberg show from when you know I've been. Before. They get some of the sport in. So I think I have solve the SPN's problems that they wanna listen. I don't think they well I again a blind Mike when Michael before. And you know people belongs on the trees thrive and I appreciate. You listening. Good bye everyone.