Tony Romo continues to struggle in the playoffs, and will the #Mut2MIN hashtag get Mut to the Super Bowl?

Mut at Night
Monday, January 22nd

Mut and Keefe are breaking down the Patriots-Jaguars game, and the color commentary or just sound effects from Tony Romo, who had the kids captivated with his array of noises. They also talk about the Patriots incredible late-game comeback to advance to the Super Bowl


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It's. Monday night. The the Pickett can't play the pick against Brady you're never out of it if so reason why they hit coach is arguably the greatest ever in any sports organization franchise. Well that's according it is up for head coaching job the defense according to Izzo for the head coaching job. And older one day mr. Kraft is gonna be a hall of Famer that's a reason all of this you won't be surprised. That they came back a more surprised that they even allowed to get to that point. That they had to come back with my. Richie from dale and Holley show ought. Now here's my life at night on Sports Radio W we. What an effort by Tony Romo yesterday over at let's say you bought it nights we're pretty WEEI. He's so like Brady the last five weeks the regular season Richie is a struggle here down the stretch for us CBS. If I keep waiting for it to get better I keep waiting for the bounce back we wait till well here maybe. Always smoke they got worse and worse every game I standby. How I felt about them through 810 may be able to twelve weeks of the season OK I like that more than anybody else like his personality but he added some into the broadcast. Recently and particularly yes yesterday was is working on. Biggest game I've had some close games it was right it was the worst game that he had the sound effects obviously is what jumps out. That view it here here no display the slight biggest play lately has been finalized plans like. Game of his life everything was the biggest play a lot of we are on the fact we will get to Rome all the man is. Rubbish day yet later on in this work is Robert has been champion and he's drama. We like playing vulnerable sound to make richer angry. At Tony Romo but that with the backseat to the result yesterday the patriots getting it done. Not as easily is I thought it was gonna happen rates are not as easily Oz Vegas thought it was gonna happen I predicted big blow wind. I as the use we give the Jacksonville Jaguars credit for that they played a better game that I expected however. Really they played 25. Great great great minutes and I heard say this on. On your show they relate to show. Where you were nervous there in the second half that team what at what point. Did was the nurse is not their I can't exactly where this is the first half. And the patriots upon a win win this I was still nervous up until they cut it to say one score game it wasn't because Booth though. Clock was working against him a bottle even if the gentle Jack works go three and now they're up two possessions. They take a few minutes off the clock a few minutes off the clock of the defense is good. I was worried right tool. It was one of three point eight. So twenty to seventeen that point yeah that once once this or there on the third and mr. if they score they're my they're gonna win this game because now Jacksonville's going to be. Terrified there's not wanna make a mistake there screw up and get the ball back the patriots and then at that point every patriot fair and kind of assume they're gonna win and how they're gonna do it who's gonna throw to but they're they're gonna find a way to marched on. And I think a lot of people came to that conclusion at some point for me if I'm being completely honest BD moment came at. At the end of the second quarter and the Jacksonville Jaguars to their credit in their coaching staff credit on Romo. I'm mention their quarter it is about 5000 times after TomTom wash Tom all the auction loan and neat pack later Jack hacker whatever his name is and Doug Maroney Tom Coughlin and he's a big part of the onions and I think of them. The game plan was awesome they came out and they did not just run lettered Ford et Al right at the patriots as was not Derrick Henry and that that the titans a week ago. They ran different sets they were running a lot of play action there were getting Blake portals Al running the were putting him in situations where. He can be successful there mixing in TJ yelled indicate grant park toll forgot about. Was in early factor in acting they did these different things that look different than a you expected a deal would put the minute spot. Where based on their offense and their defense here the only 143. Lead. Late in the first half and air in a good position rich to go down and worst case scenario. Getting long field bullpen then happened at least a 143 lead heading into halftime getting the football. Out of the second best case they gonna score again. And it's 213. But worst case they are set up to. Long field goal attempt by limbo as this one field goal freaking year the guys they race and severity great spot with the football they're out of their own. Get the ball to and a first in fifteen. And at their all 48 yard line to pick up a couple of yards to get in the patriots territory and a set up late third and seven and before that third and seven. They call timeout from the patriot 44. And out of a timeout not on a fast moving series not a two minute drill hole. I'm not really a tough spot for morals and company off their own timeout. To set up the play by the patriots and patriots timeout the second timeouts stop the clock to directory off base stoppage. They get bag for delay touted them and he said oh. Here come the Jacksonville Jaguars you should not do it and it's one of these young huge mental mistakes that you just cannot make if you're on the road. Eight point dog your quarterbacks moral and they have Brady you cannot take dumb penalties like that so instead a third seventy manageable played. That he was able to hit on multiple times there in the first out. They gets up they third and twelve to get another penalty after that ends up at 418. After the sack. And now they have to pump the football back to the patriots and the patriots marched down and scored no surprise thanks in part to a huge. Pass interference play played did not heed to make it for AG boy eight. Essentially Brandon cooks out of bounds at that point running on the sideline and he makes it really dumb play patriots score and a top it all off. With two timeouts in the holster and 55 seconds let the Euro and 25 you take your knees and Eagles locker room and that series right there. That instead of 173 year 213 it's 1410 and you deal global placed there at the half. To me that was a deeply 25 great minutes through Jacksonville he started play scared you played much differently the second half. And at that moment right there that felt like to be patriots find a way to win I was crazy. But that was a Jacksonville at sequence and that. It was definitely a sign of things that come in I was not as confident that I'll always the defense is still so fast like how many times did you see. You know a two yard pass to James one or two yard pass the Dion Lewis and normally those guys making guys miss the pick up six or more. This is time their catch it and pulled allowed action item and others are they. And I figure out that our body the speed against him because so that was still a concern to me but. As soon as they had the ball 55 seconds and they decided. You admitted they were terrified that plate portals was gonna do something stupid as good as he played in the first half there are waiting for. A pick six or just a terrible interception or you don't sack fumble. They were word is that while I can't we were up four points so even with a minute. And if some timeouts. Morgan my second two timeouts and you only have to go date they and it at was what their kicker yeah I re watching music CBS fully expected that Romo and aunts. At least that the graphics he did because they put the graphic on the feeling got the ball to kick off I would and it took a busy night for Korea and they said here's a map to get to. To get themselves any real thick spot for a Lambeau Field goal. And they go down and and it's like all rolled Tony surprised no. Not advise and all they can run the football did not that they give me about about like them I think somebody had a stat today attic was it might have been the mid this year. There was only one team that did battle year in the NFL that a full minute to go 55 seconds the its timeouts and took a couple of these. Everyone else at least a couple shots there at the date the date of two knees. And they jawed in the locker room brawl complain about the pass interference call Tracy Wolfson halftime he sent all here come the jaguars they'd done big soul. Right in that first half that is not. The Tennessee Titans rich they looked different daddies is great setup where they had information that. He had three guys who write they read a screen once honey fake the screen and handed off to fort that they did these different things to the patriot top kill their. And then there and they and they had you key cannot do that when you are that undermanned at quarterback when you're on the road at Gillette. On YouTube Q have to play. Man may got sixty minutes but it can't just be 25 minutes and yet and it made out that was that then showing. A scared version of football. On the road the icy tunnel. They have a chance you're down at the very least comfortable when those things that that's a simple no time going along along attempt and then you're up by a touchdown and you're getting the ball to start second half. But instead they just play scared and you're thinking okay. Even if you don't want morals the throw you can do the old thing I think is how lame but it it's not as latest take it neat where. Lot of shotgun than you it's a draw the yelled or drama format or whatever and if he's able to pick up some yards. You go from there and if he's not dead may be decided to give me again that's lame but not nearly as bad as what they ended up and they also last I should mention that. Scared they gave the patriots a free play when they punted the football after that penalties they took the delay game that he gets sacked it was a holding that was declines they punt. They punted where they didn't have to the clock started running. Because they took the sack instead of the penalty out of all of more rolled bought the clock was gonna stop there because he took a holding penalty they didn't. But that putt came the patriots received the punch. With 202 to goal and a half so they give themselves a free played out only two yard Ron not a huge play there. But they gave the patriots a free timeout they only had the one timeout left you let the clock or the two minute warning then you punt. Before senate do something different on first down. They punted with that would like to thirteen to fourteen to go and a half of the clock running. How does not recognize that we don't have the plot in this case. It brought it down to kill the two minute warning and the only one title left all that cutting back that's why you know Doug Maroney had. A great year he got a lot out of the team they were able to obviously get to the AFC championship game but. Every week when the patriots going to a game they have such an advantage. In the head coaching matchup in the office waiting for something like that take place you know sometimes it's more lopsided sometimes there's. Tom errors on the other side sometimes there's more water to. But that's usually all takes an on the page are certain that the capitalize on things like that and they did and they did so. Not to because of Brady and we'll talk a lot about Brady tonight in the show. But sometimes I am guilty that they caught up in in talking just about Brady's exploits and you know is ridiculous you 413 and nineteen whatever was in the second half of this of the fourth quarter. That did the same numbers he put up what he's done now on fourth quarters and just him. Yeah adding a distance between young Tom Brady best quarterback of all time in Montana and many airfields. Here out of the gate big defense the defense has to get a mention because for from the group that goes would. On the field the first month of the season to the group that was out there yesterday Al beat against Blake portals but made huge plays between the sack by Butler you had the. Gilmore plays out on Gilmore meets our kids are very bad to be a mere really highlighted by him and it wasn't just Tim liked it. There were given a thirty plus points available or forty in the opener. He was the guy a lot of us looked out he seemed to be out of place there's a lot of guys. At a place but. Going from where he was at the beginning of the year to where he is now crazy it any kind of speaks the whole defense like they they are now a legitimate. Defense that went head to head now again their talent isn't. As much is what Jacksonville had to deal with a on the other side but still when they needed to make plays they were there were able to do well they did it. And the adjustments they made their in the second half obviously for net. I had a goal and they're the first out but I thought in that in the second half some of its value was Jacksonville. Tell picture or is the show goes on their plate care of their play calling became. Much more safe much more Vanilla. There in the second half they try to maintain the lead vs trying to add to that was an issue for me. If your ordinary issue for Jacksonville they offer me but if you're Jackson will panic they got a very conservative they're nets' second half. But part of that was the pages of thought also stopping the run no big guys of fraud. They started daring them to pass and when it was a pass attempt rich. This team is not blitz a lot this year. They sent guys they sent knuckleball or couple times on quarterback blitzes they sent guys are on the end. They blitz they put pressure on portals and I loved that aggressive nature. A map patrician Bill Belichick in the second out because they know. The portals could not handle that pressure and started throwing balls overhead throw balls people's feet because that pressure was in his face and I get the patriots Greta that adjustment. And I'm not sure that first month the year that I know the first multi year. They could not and made some of the plays they made in necking with some of the calls they made great defense we nineteen to. Get plate morals out of his comfort zone in the third fourth. Well they lot of times earlier in the year there're guys isn't why don't know whether that whether they've set pressure or not I players either yet now they're just big guys hang another to get twenty yards downfield that turn around and there's the ball in his state guard somebody is is missed an assignment somebody's done something but. They are they're all playing together into it seems like now in this there's no. Guys just completely blowing assignments there were times where they would send extra pressure that are at times they wouldn't and so. For a quarterback like Blake portals. Maybe even like nick fools but especially Blake portals guy whose oil played a few seasons he keeps changing it up on them and eat. If they're anticipating something that it doesn't come in and and then. You know what the results were that happen. 45 minutes of really really good Smart aggressive. Progressive football yesterday by Jacksonville and it fell apart in the first half instead of it. Two score leads down to four and then obviously left the door open for Brady and his fourth quarter heroics which is felt like cal were calling. Once he got the ball rolled there in that second day in that fourth quarter and in the end it is a and other patriots when he is in other patriots trip. To the Super Bowl talk about it all light long I'm with you guys are already getting lined up at 617779. 7937. Is affordable and a bunch of good things from the scheme to date the national perspective. Is already. Are patriots against the world people angry the patriots are here Max Kellerman is blaming officials for the patriots for being here. Are sold through all 6177797937. Your phone calls coming up the patriots headed to the Super Bowl. Once again it's lock and key Sports Radio W yeah. Hit on throng that knocked him. Without one of those terms football players was that just two guys move really fast you think it was thirty as a head to head hit. Somewhere between. Officials there. I'm. Doing there there's an intent to go through pirated American gun from him. I think it doesn't it was on the list. Bill Belichick this afternoon with dale and Holley that was the rich keep question there about Bill Belichick about the big hit Rob Gronkowski took from. The safety church or Jacksonville wasn't doing you're sitting giving. While opinion on the day it was what it was basically. No was there and say they threw a flag so obviously it was an illegal hit but. I don't know again I don't they all personal files are created equal rightly I think there are somewhere. Okay that was just the guy they they they hit helmets right so you're gonna throw a flag on it than there are others where. More holes launching variety of corporate and Mary whether its pipeline I was curious if he was gonna say if you thought it was thirty or not mean you never know mate again and I didn't B Hughes gonna come on sale of the dirty hit but. Yes yes the question and I just don't know where chair. Is supposed to hit him I think it was that. Right of this bear whose flag and it was a penalty it was a shock to the helmet I. I didn't think it was dirty I think the first time I saw I saw the collision aideed and then on subsequent replays I have to admit it looked less and was dirty. The more I watched it and set look at the penalty but I would have rejected him I would've said you know are launching type situation right I didn't think that I just think that these players right now. Our rates opposition because and player a player FitzGerald said as the I'd rather be hit up high and take those that creates the need laughter might he's been under is unsure what. He supposed to do and that situation other than you know what at a golf they hit him in the helmet. Rituals like a fifteen yard penalty and it was a great trade off for Jacksonville to get a fifteen yard penalty and grub is up for the games so it worked. Out for them counts well I think that we have Rob Ninkovich on he had the same thoughts whether it's journalists have about you know you that you're if you ask wrong. He wanted to deal with a knee injury trying to come back the Super Bowl as crazy as it is you know use your brain is what you're don't want to be protected. As you go on through life but as far as getting ready to play for the Super Bowl. Kroc probably at the better chance with a concussion even though that is a a one of those weird timetable things. That's certainly do blows they clr but he does know he saudis upper most of next season as well. But that is a tough one because you say yeah I hit him or hit him Laura don't have too low but don't have too high. As many do something like Earl Thomas who had a clean hit on crop of people get hurt. Remember having Leo Earl Thomas as a smaller safety every seat in league small and crop. But at the safety. You hit on it than maybe you popped her shoulder out or something like that so I also don't think church went in with the attention of are here comes the pass over the middle I'm gonna take my helmet and hit him in his helmet. I think he's reacting quickly you don't know the player is going to dock or jump or or keep you know their head on the same level. So I don't wanna make excuses form because I think it did deserve to be flat yes definitely but I don't think that it's I think unfortunately the end result squawk leaving the game. But I think for church I'm not looking into Omar Al what a headhunter -- what a dirty player 6177797937. The former a lot to discuss in this game bullets your phone calls gonna get us into a bunch of the topics in the patriots win and another trip to the Super Bowl will take on a the Philadelphia Eagles Jake is in Dover, New Hampshire Jake Iran WE yeah. Yeah any guys on let's take. Great and agree within this team bomb. I am against him now and Elden and not be identified any adult I I did administer January. Machine yeah again you dependable. Steps of one an instant. Rhonda Rollins. Hit urges sort of sticky right now. People who upload and edited to continue on in Minnesota. I'm looking forward to seeing that those guys. Where paramedic there against. I into the event that's my my next topic here are. I don't think you will match BA YS LIC championship match really do it solid defense. Armed. Softer against the cabinet and they're going to let the did you do and I. I don't know I'm bleeding on big dirty work toward it acts. Hey would you let you guys. That is the early score prediction history of a Super Bowls of after the fall called thirteen days out 3420 pats that is Jake. Where they go to Hampshire I am I'm not on to Philadelphia yet we have two weeks' preview are patriots Eagles fly or not there yet. As for Danny Amendola. I am guilty of not giving this patriot defense probably enough credit. And folksy moral Brady is done I've certainly guilty Richard document Danny Amendola. Enough Freddie started to walls reliable late game playoff receivers they've had in the Brady Belichick era. And I just. I'm always viewed him as you know the DD JV. You know G a joint Andelman knock what is that a settlement not quite as good as Welker came here as a slot receiver OK we solid hard knocks for years. There with the cowboys team but. Other callers right he's turned into something much much different than that and a guy can rely on a the any more they've played they've grown up. Feels like a right as much as wrong when games get to mean as much lately here. Well it's funny you his signs to basically replaced Wes Welker down and it's not in the case late in the regular season Wes Welker was a monster Wes Welker was the first team all pro one year Wes Welker you know costly hundred catches concert thousand yards. But then in the playoffs he has unfortunately remembered for one huge drop like Welker had an incredible patriots career. But so many fans point to the one drop he had in the Super Bowl where is in a goal of the regular season numbers are gonna jump out at Asia at all. But there what is that they'll do in the playoffs is all too real like you used for already one of the top playoff performers and there's a number of their Deion Branch Troy Brown cattlemen. But image dole is on that list of all those guys. Yet and he Donnelly had the big catches last night the two touchdown does that the game winner in the back of the end zone. It just sort of silly to have that sort of body control of going that speed to get the feet down continue with the football their their soul. They're so conscious now of he would you have controlled the ground and he was able to get the feet down back at the end zone back line and get the catch. By not as maybe not as important but as it packed full. Was the puck turning had a set up in that final score right here huge key is it that the patriots to do on this thing where they they trust their defense late night game. That a couple of four down I I felt like a the first one they're gonna try to fake punt and upon the dissect why upper surely go for people and began a and often that. They get the ball and about the fifty yard line and a huge twenty yard return by Evan dole gets the ball somewhere down to the thirty. That was a huge flippant and once they may be they try getting by play data when anyway once they get the ball authority rich forget about the matter of time they're score well that was. Yes belt sect told us this afternoon I was one of those plays where you know he basically picks up 21 downs form you know in the in the way that they didn't move the ball or at times struggled to move the ball you'll take is made those you can get inimical picked up a couple of form there. And that's on throughout the season. You know for a guy who's dealt with all kinds injury issues throughout his career. Heroes wandering like I don't think good punt returner. Military are you worried legacy helping do enough to bear on him settlements and the same thing called Corey and I don't know if it keeps getting hurt on the spot returns any by the numbers he's one of the best return men of all time now look at her rough if you look at the average return yards for attorneys these top two or three in history the league. But I'm with you if you're gonna say it all is it worth it not during the regular season deposing Eric spot there yeah. But they need to much the receiving corps to get those guys banged up during the organs he's not on a mission they did an allied yourself while you can always go to alternative but just put you know. Patrick Chung back there are not fair catch or whatever but now they use that. To their advantage. Yesterday that then an upset not a huge drop off Jason in Maine Jason what's one Ahmed. They're able to good Jason. We discussed post on one of the media insert the first one disgusting and the first half situation. On this open at 755. Seconds two timeouts all 25 via. I think it would hit its. Launch at all but I was fortunate. To get more times it would seek immediate and let. Or apple extreme discomfort you without. Walked out but it all councils is awful lot of it was something coach coaching scared about Jason I agree. I know I wouldn't agree. Compared to an English go back and you know. Twice and also get their ten point six seconds while he gets it is if you are right. Fifteen with a 1517. Well what and what that the is what life. A day ahead of all their own twenties when I was 455 sec they're going to timeout they got 35 yards they set up level for fifty some odd. Shot field goal immediate that was a bad move by. Yeah I can quote I don't know what you did that bit of dirt and it is. It also. The delegate pretender at midfield. You look at the way. Run one play he said screenplay draw play on with you something something safe on first down they already brought a big screen played grant earlier in the game they have DD Westbrook on the outside there is a play your playbook that is. He is a low risk. Jairo war and we get for twenty yards there we can do something to taking the on the road at Gillette is chicken bleep coaching it was so frost. I agree that's the one that's been made yet didn't want a huge issue ready to triple. On. Note source told considerable lack real tall yeah. Has anybody heard ballpark as. I don't all he was on with power or not but he may have referred to occurred from Jason weir our. We heard from caliber and we heard from a bunch these guys Jason thanks for the call up against it that the media reaction nationally. Eyes either one of two things Cowherd was praising the patriots and he's now flip wary saying. Look you can't respect and you just jealousy is ECD's chief be turning on the attorney Gil. I'm not sure what the good of the phase of the arrests I guess I want to face the patriot those guys crisis base now please don't cut that patio analysts and analog royal rumble coming shot up. Weak weakening. Kellerman what took place for you next hour. In all likelihood. Helmets playing the Jacksonville's rob game now the official officials the big one that's where I was surprised just how big that sort of hijack things there was less you know another comeback by Brady and Jackson applying scared but more. They got screwed on the pass interference calls. Bill is that's what they're all I guess they they were there were questionable calls yesterday and they were certainly more calls that went against Jacksonville. But are you are correct I do and I I mean I know a patriots fan but I thought when you look out on the cook has gotten. Pushed and shoved out of bounds on a pass that was perfect it was a it was very taxable. Actually landed inbounds. Any what are caught it if he wasn't interfered with so that that was the right call. There was the other one where Ramsey had him by the neck that is clearly pass interference. Ron got hit in the head that is personal foul and then the other three. Then at six penalties the other three were all self inflicted they're good to delay game and false articles. I thought it was Ottawa's foreign out of officiated correctly yeah I think the the one at the that the cooks one is interesting because it would boy I would say is look the contact happened so far away from with a ball. Actually landed basic cook is not abound that that was that we wanted the Romo never really mentions a bodily cooks essentially. Out of bounds there but that was why was the out of that was a huge employs a solution because they see it would boy I would say is hand fighting you don't say what the F at that point saw I think it was probably the right call what I would say is it by. Take it taken at a 30000 foot view. I can see to some extent. From a Jacksonville fanned their ball and fighting it was way away for the ball landed you know if anything. It's say it's a legal contact it's holding and it's a five yard penalty not at Nash forty yards I was eight at that it's a huge chunk yardage a huge become a penalty put it focus on that might just say oh it's the officiating in implies that there's all a lot of these plays. As no other book the pictures that defied. They don't typically get flag material grit the bottom of the league and most penalties in the head one day goes on to kick off so they the united having to move the ball back ten yards by. They don't normally get fly this wasn't one of those games where they're one of the most penalized teams in the league. Bob and other playoffs because the league has it for the they want the picture that makes it a suitable but I I don't I don't believe that either caliber does it to an extent will play some of that for you coming up 617779. 7937. The phone number wanna come back on a place of bad Tony Romo yesterday there was plenty of that and there was a grass roots of vector is a grassroots movement. On social media today content via suns on what. Oh it'll it is yet and study place stepping on the tees Andy why are stepping on the tees and said it yet I you can call BS Saudi can mock it can have fun but at the grassroots movement. Where the great listeners to WEEI. Are doing something. Excellent really really special this could screw me on totally not a well all we will get to that and it will explain what that is an annual crush it is what it sounds like death and we'll do it next. Smiles Jack. On the edge and Jack read the middle like a missile won't plus a bit. Hurts worse and reporting to look at that black. Much much much too busy. Yesterday for Tony roll it's much and he. Almost an NFL Sunday after five hours. Medical Riley answers that money would not go it's. Or radio WEEI. You hope for a bounce back from Romo last night you did not. And shooting and it knew what go to west you call his worst game of the year I guess I can't separate them at this point he talks too much he talks over plays. He over emphasizes plays that aren't that league. He reacts at the first quarter game is like the giving game winner Alitalia or Jacksonville I say okay it's it's Brady the patriots. Our it was he was all over the place last night and had a day our producer. Had the best we he was doing the game like he had a toddler on his lap that's what it felt like listening to roll try to maneuver those sixty minutes yesterday to Wednesday. One of my favorite moments too was and I don't like Romo whose sense of humor to say what you want to talk lender in the replays or predicting plays or government to sort of his. Sense of humor normally late but late in the game Jim Nantz they show the graphic for the finals is older paid Oregon. And he's like. Agent gurus though is that the front runner there. Like while they've all they had pretty amazing to. Contributions to society this year they of course JJ watt donated however many million dollars again he's got a good guy right he's the guy. And then you'd like his there's going to be one winner at the edge of the ball last year they actually. Had co winners that he can't do that can hit it to charity award a Romo on the tip of the best charity please. Is exact quote was is that legal that legal is that legal and then it was about six seconds a man dead air it Nance. Deadpanned it did you laugh it was six seconds of silence romance there dances annoyed you can tell is a great spot annoyed that Tony turned in. What is trying to promote the league and it's obvious to get a marching orders Moshood promote this is the big deal. On they want their announcers to promote all of their their stuff made on cost is not on a consumable coverages you're an NBC. People are saying because. He mentioned a couple weeks ago that you'll football sort killing people so. Nance dress is nice thing romo's steps on that was just today I tried to are off line there and out like our offices this is not come across great all over the place and then at the end is a good first aired on average of Prescott and. And we'll. And announced he just he did not end well. How does your company's biggest plays of the guy's life. Kenya others about 35 of those. 35 was it. We did he was there first half kicked by at Lambeau the biggest kick his life. Telling here on. Its. Events. I do like that you mean it's passive aggressive there are some nice sound effects yet adequately analyze the game want to try to tell us what happened on the play he's right he's writing a note saying can you leaks you're the producer can you guys I don't want to tell miss you guys he's tell me not John Madden John Madden it's on a mix. He is not have a video game and I don't have that yet they're not a charming old man so we're -- Rommel right there's a pro or anything we're done. We're gonna knows what the Pro Bowl in Ellsworth. Again it will see Gauthier found on Monday after that I have all in on Chris golfer I also all in on the W young listeners today on Twitter now Andy apparently not a fan of this spot there I ask this question okay wild say it could hand up in the air exactly what I know as of right now. Couple weeks ago I asked the program director if they're gonna send this time slot for the suitable would you guys in you know specifically. And paddle Dave knows they have not only sent the show. By figure out asked what could make plans and and plant had a couple weeks out of the kids and all my wife and he said less than 5% very likely. IE on Friday tried to creating hash tag much the number two MIA in Minnesota. Which got about seven tweets I mean really did know pick up whatsoever and on some of the word of mouth yeah really what are what are your looking for area not great so then the patriots win and I retreated a couple people with that last night and got a text message there mark organ actors that look. Think some things have changed the budget looks different. We need you to get this hash tag going and we need to follow that throughout the corset today next couple days we're gonna make a decision and so why I tweeted it out in the exact week. These text they got basically from generally. And at some point today in the city of Boston. The hash tag much to me in the hash tags can send me to the Super Bowl next week it was trending in Boston what part of that seems unreasonable. I just haven't seen it I've had that waterside bar open all day crises once he has securities act of oil crises doc. Nazi past month to mid Saturday sides. Where these results. It was from the the Boston trends. Twitter account. And we tweets out differently now trending in the city of Boston and as. I don't know if I believe on the Twitter page you're talking about you know you it has to get to a much much much higher level I think we've had about 2000. A over the course of today is when identical so that and the athletes the sidewalk crowd got really trend but it would. I got it was so is that we made up. Is friends boss and count not a real count if it's not on the left side. Zone over the revisionists officially part of it is it would yeah Boston's transit love a guy right now on I am I it that they do other if you read the fine print it says take you get a two week from some trends map in the near names in there than that counts great if it's. What you know what's really trending on the left side that that it could be sort of a different thing so at trends Boston. Is a real time Boston Twitter trend account. Boca and so different things are trending over the course of a day it was an art than not winning a trending on Twitter so that's different. Then you're right maybe maybe I've not already accomplished while Michael was easy ticket yet I guess that's the question I don't I don't and I also got a guy like elope have a Bakley and at a boy hey you know good good first day. No decisions yet piglets let's keep this thing going so. The bigger question is if this does happen and I do want you to go but my question is you don't let's look then and he does but if you're at 5 o'clock at night is Chris Curtis would come back and monitor your show at 5 o'clock to is very good question on the past there have been a couple of producers who can handle show you know Joseph Biden probably not to go to a for drinks and stuff right. It's the most bulb joke yet of course is do I have to do that hour and I feel it if you're there are more likely having to do. 67 wars if you were back in Brighton I can probably go to dinner or dale Michael our show that he's beaten awards to stuck in the mall for another hour I would rather ago you know out to dinner the iPod to the same way you do it I'll. I also think that if on there yeah adding them in key brand will be part of and I sort of sales that that's what I'm concerned with so hopelessly stop stranding. So that it's I would like that they'll say when you get looking out myself -- happy for you but like for Jason Ross he's running its order for me for -- plane's gonna desperate. For its key for news or use that's that's the problem here so there were additional working with me is getting -- well working an extra four hours on the day. After the 109 local until later tonight let's not not as -- as it would have and I figured the guys that are really pushing for the Chris curses and whether they should come Packard. The co host the hour and they can produce before you know your name your name is on this hour reached. Amok and Keefe do you the first hour Monday night you know not -- -- night so it is that it isn't. Occasionally. But really four days a week raise and rise faster than any good host that our Friday anyway. That's probably true actually though I am I gonna fight and it according out of breath. Oz that's it we stand back and he doesn't believe it but I locked my I want to their but I want to and its impact. So I'm not eyeball I. Am all for I mean I I again I. I understand this console normally not consent I'm not going to looking to force them out them and try to get this thing. This hash tag but the number two main trending much I can. Although the next couple days here I thought I'd you guys just beat you all before I knew I will I'll be last person. To find out when where and when I'm going but as far as right now I I've been told. Nothing is official today was a good start was the globe with the management where I got that nice. Eagle. Doesn't comment line hash tag but human Billy let's get going. Let's get it going out I've not talked about yesterday came out and talk about we have plenty of time hardly I had to think. Aspect yes and one of them came true get battled dinosaurs that we wall that felt it would happen. And then I'll I'll I'll market and so a lot to bin. That's gonna happen I we we got back hack out outskirts or a guy so good luck might well see you there. Billy please if you have friends on Twitter include the hash tag re tweet it. At hash tag much to me and it was the exact facts I got today suggests and if we got enough momentum with this it would send they show. Consumable that you shows I think a do the show me a decent car I don't know I've no idea not to put the cart. I'm for the horse but I know it's at least a possibility. It is much more possibility than ones. A couple weeks and I also say if you wanna hear me in this time slot and not Alex Kremer. That you wanna get ash tag but number two main goal is and I don't go oh. I it is clear at this point that Roemer is doing sixth at ten. This time slot my time slot from Minnesota. So pretty simple you wanna hear me on my show and get that hash tag going include on your tweets. A monkey pictures and be doing dumb things and and bad. Our work you do on Twitter that's what you wanna do if you if you don't. If you want Aybar in the spot. That's just don't do but pace of the calls it last week when he was in the year you guys want me on six that I wanna be on sixth and I want to be in Minnesota I want to be their causing trouble. I want to be there when my guy Beatles the Leno why promised to get on the air for radio row now what the tape the interview patio can you can't stay up that late. Possibly but we will make every attempt to have veto is a major major presence on the show next week so you're on Twitter hash tag mocked the number two minute. God bosses the of the marquee mucks Joe's our bottom was a big swing and you know what around this building now. He is monitoring that over the next couple days and hopefully he creates enough for buzzed with him. And he had a major types and sales. Where they say you know what you're on a plane you are going to Minnesota mutt and Knight is getting a road trip so we need your help. Mean John Twitter we need to hash tag Mott the number two. Man and I and are we get the more your phone calls to a 6177797937. The phone number. Certainly the defense deserves the conversation. Beat the front of the conversation they were great yesterday. But as always goes back to your quarterback Tom Brady any spectacular spectacular fourth quarter we'll talk Tom Brady will talk to you it's Mott at night's Sports Radio that he we.