Tomase talks due diligence in journalism and what that entails

Mut at Night
Tuesday, February 13th

Mut and Tomase are talking about Tomase's comments defending Ron Borges for getting catfished and printing the story from Nick in Boston posing as Tom Brady's agent Don Yee. Tomase clarifies some of his remarks, and talks about journalists doing their due diligence when working a story.


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Feel about general stuff that's what it night Sports Radio WEEI Johnson mossy easier turns out you have to. Huge fans of the instant pot here on Monday night on the street. Yeah I've and it's the I don't know these I'm like one trauma that's always gonna mix and match is gonna do like the right thing of one you know rice and wanton and some kind of like Indian this system than the other. Or pirates like these that makes things. A lot cleaner makes things a lot faster and it is tremendous addition to the madness tickets via day eulogies of martyrs are way I am I am holder today so when I would occasionally do you were put these together for a crock pot and L. I can put it together. She gobble and just little they takes ten or fifteen minutes piece of the two for five hours before yet that the new mix and match but I can be the prop guy and now. Have it ready so when she comes home to kids on here. Slave however hot microphone making crock pot baseball comparisons yet she can put together priced in for the daddy NBA right now. That's that's the leak all that's. Adds MLB is a crock pot and his son to be said for a crock Rommel fashion I still use mine every once in awhile. But you open the cupboard and you look between the two are you look under the county area like yeah implore European. Academic chilly and forty minutes. What's and it's the best Chilean you'd better what. What kitchen appliance of the NFL. A pack. Fitting again and I just egg I only get something that we Iraq and on that road but I am I'm a big fairly bland hair. Probably a blender because that's the mixer create scenes and you're on slavery and learn to hate you then. A segment that's after the ninja yeah Dahlia and not a blender blend that's old school that is I'm not sure what that is now. There you know your clients baseball analogies for a Tuesday night with John the mossy calls continue at 617. 779790. Three's have we have been all over the place here today. Because in the midst of blew it in the last 72 hours the entire Boston sports media sports fan of world. And loans. Down upon Ron Borges yet he comes job Hamas the and I've not not surprisingly at all surprisingly. But also. Recklessly. Defending your tooth is not in Iraq on about walking punch you jump in the middle earth you are the defender Borges here these last. Four days that is not in a very easy thing to the yet Borges is my guy and I meant every word I'm not just saying matzo like somebody needs to take this angle I believe every word that's about that I had no I must I I it's neat. Ron is the victim in this nick in Boston as the island my dad's side has any such a donators might say it is sad and I heard it Saturday with a lot has happened Saturday Kirk heart attack you and me like furiously during the show I can listen to this forever that's Odyssey hell do you guys were on talking about it because he tweet he tweeted out this is the group. Yeah he's now and I Tomas he's lecturing us on sources it's why I'm I'm I'm I'm I took issue with that I didn't lecture anybody and that all is said was. And everyone is like. He only had the only how did you run that story going once arsenal if the one source has done me. You're in pretty good shape now pass accidentally got double activity on. 2000 are if you're eleven or 1218. Years shag and assurance message from you know Theo Epstein or somebody. And and you know and it's a fake phone. And then I get that person on the area code as an adult along from well that's the thing like that part didn't actually bother me as much because I'm like he's got these guys have mellowed million phones. He's got client here like anything. It's Kevin Garnett would say anything's possible. So with this is different milieu and feel our friends to an X amount about for and how can I wouldn't go that okay that's I am I wrong I notice maligned and you would Knoll. Him texting you out of the blue would not be as random. As Don he text but I think boards moderately stats on January 24 hours after release had a relationship would be an a and I think he goes back aways I don't know when they last spoke or anything like that. So you get the guy on the phone and you think it's him. That's I mean obviously I can't put that when I talk to him as I have ten seconds for Iran and hangs out. Yeah Abbott on a story like that I can almost understand where like read it it's we you'd let's in the whole thing is we're in retrospect it's very easy to say. All my god how could you not know this. But that when you hear like my morning guys are saying that you know he attacks him for a couple of weeks or whatever was so. That I faked I mean texted him for like two weeks ago it sort of like. At some point I listen I can't defend this ending up in the paper it should not have ended up in the paper. And shore run to be the first to admit that. By the way it happened I'm not gonna celebrate and I'm not gonna celebrate some troll. Taking down a guy you know and who kitten like forget about all the history there at the withdrawn to their heard Mike Florio come on with you guys yesterday I met him on. And told the stories of these other NFL beat writers who would read that some adults column. And I'm as guilty as anybody is I love those I loved when McDonough did yeah I don't bore tested it was very very good as great in the Boston great. And at the end will be this big paragraph where it says some things taken from this they material taken from wire services leaks or another the end I'd rather be OK and so Florio calls it basic copy and paste. But any attribution and Borges using that as is is is get out that that. And when called on it funny flowers into would you guys was. I call we called. Ron about it and it did conversation did not go answered I don't know what we don't know what what exactly he was talking like. One of the things I read was you know pro football talk aggregated some radio interview and then Ron. Use the CE cut and paste it out of there aggregation of the radio interview without crediting them and Mike now we got to credit people for transcribing accrediting stenographer it's like. That was in your interview we've likeness or I don't know. But I will say this I set it on the morning show and I'll say it again when he had his issue with that Sunday column with the mics and nothing from Seattle. And at the globe did a massive investigation they hired like six outside people I was reading about this again. The other day I had six outside people to come in and go through every word he had ever written would make fine toothed comb because. This is in the wake of Jayson Blair. And Mike Barnicle and Patricia Smith you have yeah yes he had like a fabric catered by a couple of fabricated there's a plagiarized. And the globe was not going down that road again and so they went through everything the guy never written and they found nothing like they found nothing and so. You can say. And very you're defending your friend or this is that yeah to an extent I am I'm not gonna lie about that I like ride a normal on time. He was great to me when I came on the patriots beat its its competitor it's I couldn't believe like. I was at the Harold I knew nothing he's introducing me of people here felt like I I'm going against you why you helping me. But so idle its boards is my guy I'm gonna put that on the table. That's a hundred honest to god hundred censure fine but. That said. Globe investigation heating get fired from the book you resign. There is a difference there like they did not fire him if they had found anything he would have been fired so yeah that that incident is on his resume. And you don't get. A second strike like I think he would be the first to admit that so this thing happens yet career and there but I just go back to I don't like the way. C and for me Indy and reading for all the attacks on Friday morning and happy you're walking in not I'm driving in on Friday. Having no idea at looking at this Borges story being like this. And if the 1718 years yeah holdout he's gonna he's gonna doesn't ring true he's gonna take two he loved practicing. He talks about how much the practice is part of the make up for him he loves OT AZ dot month and a hopeful polls which shirtless wide receivers like this nobody looks for now. Now this doesn't make sense and then to get on the air and had these guys you know. Week this this guy we don't either guy he fed and the story yeah it didn't make any sense to me. In Chile you realize that in my opinion it's my opinion. The story got Harold because one wanted to be true. It was a good point it was a good asking for Iran to have this story personally I don't and yes I gonna push The Herald being one sold a 100% in Calgary very good to his future employers. Of Ron Borges football writer for the Boston Herald. Now for first digital media where they're called spot off for eleven point nine million dollars tonight. The sale went through yet it looks very good for Iran to get the story and so to meet the sloppiness the lazy and is the the unforgivable nature rob was. I want this to be troops is good for me good my career. And I'll knock wanted to take that that I don't know how long we're taking you tell me your broad better report of the night. Could actually did for a living how long would it take in the double checked to make sure that was done the five minutes four minutes. Yeah I noticed that I guess it's been an easy to say in retrospect. And on our jurors sent a short time Jenna I am shore he has done his phone number and I'm sure he reached out on that phone as well. And it's a weird thing when you think about it. You'd it doesn't enter your mind maybe this is partly his age you know he's not as technologically savvy as a younger all right Ahmad Al Hadi is a whole lot let me finish on the finish so. The skepticism that we have about somebody's texting saying that someone in your like. Well wait a minute is this true like you get a message from someone. You don't know how they have your number and so you know John he has your number so you you just assume it's dire need from a new number in out. And I'm not defending that part of it like clearly I mean clearly it's mistakes are made because that thing ended up in the paper but. If you believe from the ins from go that you're talking to dine me. And then you topped him on the phone and you think it's him what. Would it make you look through the tax and you know the story now would you how could someone believed. That was really Don and he unless they want the story to be so tricky part into why guards entered words actionable team are all up up Opel protects your but the the text back and forth. Sounded nothing like what I think an agent would be saying about. You know great deal for Jimmie and yet this is that it just it didn't seem. Like a real back and forth then they get on the phone nick blossom like a talking for ten seconds about the did the jig was up and and that was it. And then it's never double checked and that that's the part I can't get past and I know you like you said you're defending your friend. You have been at the forefront of this you know the this the wanted to point out when things recently in the media you have been wrong and Uga are my president Donald Trump like to point this out you fire back at him yet. This is the ultimate case of you know this was not true Ron wanted to be true and so. He better I don't I don't play I don't balls at all. I don't think it was a matter of yet he wanted it to be true because a it's a great story you know at bat if that thing work true that's a great story was also the anti peace organization or about our team yes it's part I take major exception to so that they sell fifteen years ago I would agree with you a 100% and like. Ron was a guy who went out of his way to sort of needle ballots Jack antagonized ballots deck because he felt like. He had to play the foil he had to be everyone loves this guy and I hate this guy and I would agree. That up until 07 when he left the globe that he was that way. Read him objectively over the last decade and I've talked to other people on the beat and this came up even before. All of this like this came up in the last couple years other people on the BP AMOCO AM Borges and Belichick you'd never believe it they've their relationship is side. The coach actually talks too much to decide now like ballots sex seems actually fine with gorgeous at this point. And so if you read gorgeous objectively when they're great he says they're great when they screw something up he says they screw something up he's actually been. To me. Probably pretty well ballots checked the last few years and everyone just says now now now now are never not port Borges has an agenda Borges has a vendetta. Go back I mean whatever no one's gonna do it now but go back in The Herald archives would suck by the way and you can't find stories but if you could all the website general so website sucks but if if you could. You would find that. That old Ron hasn't been around for like ten years but I understand once you get a reputation. I I understand this are once again reporting oh yeah you you know that's that's it so you just got to own it tells me I've done things recently that carry on to repeat yeah it's very long long time and well where a lot of this work and and they and the other thing too is like. This is a separate issue. But like people are allowed to change like when Kirk was ripping me for out Tomas is gonna lecture us about sourcing its late. You think I haven't learned anything about that in the last ten years you'd think maybe. Just maybe. I reflected on some things I could have done better and maybe I'm actually better at that now. And you know that you can grow in ten years ago when I guess I'm surprised we disagree is ill. Ron should have been better. The anti he played eight years and they got any of god that is somewhat well it's probably don't say don't say I'm defending a friend because. I am what you said it now and hold on but don't say it like that's the only reason I'm doing it because. I front like Ed werder and some of these other people who are like. This is what our culture has come to we're gonna send somebody up and taken down that buys and I don't celebrate it like. So yes that part bothers me even if I hated gorgeous. And gotten a little worked out. Nick. Put your name to it I would I went out knicks employers would feel about him doing this like it this is no big deal this is all on Ron Borges. Put your name to a neck you know. Don't be nicked him by us and don't be a coward. What you're name to it Yuri hero this is some act of heroism. You've exposed the evil Ron Borges put your name to climb and this came up the other day subtle or recycle the same argument again that people would yell before young yelling at the radios and I was yelling Monday when you're on the same back and forth what the the boys. Or put the name of the guy who screwed you on the back at it different though because it because I 'cause back guides that you thought you will not easy that I think he believes that actually that was on me not him that's different this. Also an issue is also on the wrong that's the issue here is that it's partly down the defense of Ron for he should in dole at this policies Boston always not the real blind eat this was and Gary story with this and hey good faith you know they've got a couple of phone calls and armored good faith people all the B but you to your point you said he thought laws yet so he thought was good faith information when they got one more call we don't object with somebody on the BC they've never gotten this call you don't Dawson was someone on the argument and he has done the you know friends the B you can say. Has done we're all that you're not offer enough friends to okay Kenya called bonds agency and talked to Don directly there and say it's important I've got a team can I like the thing that you just don't as usual on this story to be true and you just don't assume that someone is playing you like back. For weeks you know for multiple weeks you don't assume that someone is playing you and and you know what. Lesson learned you what you want shown more storage shed and you don't do your job in this case and and I don't know what his job is on LA's job is to these double check. This one that is a big fact here and also hurts him. Is that he says multiple sources in the beginning of the story so we know or back in your Scully you're saying it's completely. You know a fabricated. And led down the wrong path. Then that could have been a second source to yet I sag multiple source says that firm other than to say that there is other information in that story that was true about Brady want him to edit you know assembled an all that's is that a firm Tom Brady's hold a sit out the go to and I can't IQ so hot. I'm not defending that I'm not defer and let. In now I K I player who spend their wealth would agree with them it was their second nick in Boston we don't know all of like that I expect that says listen items but I can't defend the gold member of Merv my Merck and I don't care instant pond guy and I buses and her wonderful offer someone else suggest that prepped in her. Dinner on the bitter fight it sounds good to me. A lot of get some reaction to this among other things we will talk David Price will talk Boston Red Sox. I will talk Boston Police Department the day after they believe the tweets and they apologized we'll start here. With you guys coming up at 6177797937. I cut off to mossy and try to make a point alone and go back to make that point. We'll get your calls but at night Sports Radio WB yeah. In his case this is the part that gets me. You have someone maliciously willfully. Lying to him and yes there's a whole separate conversation about. Double triple quadruple checking a story of this magnitude and all that I get that but if you believe. You're dealing with Don Yee and from the sounds of it you know the caller said that he sort of worked him for a couple weeks on this is a long time it was a long time. And I don't doubt for a second that on me has multiple cell phone numbers and I don't doubt for a second that Ron Borges has at least one of those numbers and I don't doubt. But he tried calling him on those numbers and then when he gets a call from the guy. And you know this is the unfortunate part you've talked to him and you believe that he's dire need. At that point what reporter wouldn't go with that story you know that's that's the only thing I say when you're getting into when you believe you're getting it from the agents. Right well it's hard to say like how how can you print that. Oh my god I can't. Seriously. What reporter wouldn't go look at Torrey most of them most reporters weren't going to extort you tell me. Nick and Boston has been working him for the most part. Over tax. For two almost entire tax parallels and on and number eighty dollars he tells them. I've got twenty seconds to talk to you what we've been talking for two weeks. You don't sound like duke and you can only talking for twenty seconds Monty says. There's no doubt in my mind rob we're just have one of those numbers. When you are I'll talk to him on any of those funds let the those numbers don't match up that number it doesn't match up with the number that you already have. They go that was the after you show guys responding up loudly to John Tomas on Saturday with crystal on its. Mock and to mossy about it night's Sports Radio WE and you try to search for some that audio on line Agassi he got the response that I do all holly. When after to mossy I and urgent I was fine I mean it's you know I mean he's. It's a fair argument and you can make an argument and given my past like I would have needed more because just because I can't it's like. I can't single source Annie yeah and I never will know that you know like that's that's just how that goes so Enron should. I should that is in that case restaurant or know his history is stiff on a story that his sister is different because he's he's never gotten anything seems I would say unless aunt and I understand that there are some people and and Florio again talked about this yesterday it was a lightning listen talk about NFL reporting where. Some the sum of us on our group Texans say he is a transaction. And then. NFL guys in the minutes Apple's say sources are reporting went to Korea says he knows it was only one source the outlaw so that signal I'm always skeptical of sources and I said this the other day. Like sources. As often as not means to it doesn't mean tan but it sounds like it could mean ten you know so. But a lot of times that means and it depends on the story I mean in this case in this story I don't think there's anybody in the country. Well lest they were talking to Don. Should a single source that. I'm sorry I I am I'm in it or felt or I first heard about the really really really knew was the audio when I when I first heard about this and heard it was tax counseling you know that's a little. Especially at the number you don't recognize site but then when you hear it talked to a few tucked him in really believe you're talking to them. And I don't know you know I don't know what I know we've played sound of in a short conversation in May be guy you haven't talked to while I don't know like listen. I'll go back to that story should not have Ron you know Ron would be the first one to admit that that story should not have run. But I still. Don't feel like nick in Boston should be so port that's that's my ultimate point yet and to be it should be celebrated when someone is exposed running with the story that they didn't quite. Get all the way the FNN he does this have a history that that's the only thing like he got and I know like easy being easy plagiarized. Having them as did board of that story than he'd wide and he gets fired like that that's. You know that was always my question and my understanding and as he resign as I lions and you you come normalized and they just you know let you walk away quietly here now. It was here but it wasn't like if you don't leave your fire I don't think that ultimatum may be camera but I remember talking to people at the global mapping was going on. That plagiarism thing in the way it was described to me was the at a sending notes column written. They peeled off the top note as it was good actually remember the story it was a story about the patriots with a Dallas Thomas and it was on. Who was the ravens coach at the time basically saying. The patriots are gonna he's not gonna fit what they do anyway because every woman they Simon Dale's Thomas everyone it's that he's so versatile he's going to be great. And they are like now how the patriots use their guys he's not gonna fit. And so they'd said oh we like this and they made it a separate story and then kind of called him at the last minute and said. But we took you know it's legally need to give us some announced. And that's three made the mistake of just cutting and pasting out of that notes network thing which is just supposed to be sort of facts it's not supposed to be stories. That people of Britain. It's not. It's still obviously not made it he already they did what we of NFL writers who feel like Ron has taken things from them. At all in the last 72 hours we've heard from them whether it's been sandal again our Michael David Smith a lightweight Gloria and Ellis and others is the thing and I'm talking about now. OK got app itself for that but for all the time that he did those NFL notes for the globe like I said they. Today's huge investigation they found nothing and they believe me you talk about somebody wanting to find something. They did not want to be the ones to bury something and have some blog picked it up. And then have the globe be questioned again about how they can let this happen so and you make of that what you will but it an entire career that's the only thing you come up with. You're probably not a serial plagiarized that's ominous but after this and whether he keeps say a job somewhere or not. I think this is now on his writing resonate forever Mcguirk added a matter people are and you may keep his job to herald by the way to heralding sanity you doubted that he had duped and he's been a long time member there had been a member in good hands and into new owners who have a reputation for acting in slashing I think the writing on the wall there. So Orlando where he is on this is that right part of this is in the army Carter is as follows the old stuff right now as these they should be yet. And let's see what they find them guessing and are gonna find anything I gyms in a car he agrees with you he's next up on Mon nine hi Jim. Hey Edelman 21. Make two quick points sure I appreciated your arms comment about his own situation people small engine. Because. All this drama this station. The last few weeks on the on any variety of topics I think is it's important but lately and to accept what this year. And remember the big thing about pull out completely it's changed. Well it looks but it changed from the time they were twelve weeks what four. Mean almost everybody changes in the car. And you're gonna comment that I want my kids accuse me edit it's bad form to be celebrating. The fact that this guy that etc. I don't know what. What we're just writes most of it good. You know these guys are under tremendous amount of pressure to stay relevant because it changes in the news this past and you know all the other stresses. Problems with journalists have today and I think it's a good playing to be celebrating. Its got in a casino with opposite news stuff. I mean he could hardworking journalists. You know they're under a lot of pressure right now so. Well Jim Iran but Iran might be well a well I'd be a good hardworking journalist in this case I'm sorry I just see no scenario. As much is it too mossy wants to beat nick in Boston as the villain. I don't see the word hard working anywhere near the eventual end of this story is the hard work and what a Benelux double double check assaying double check and insurance Donnie. Your message. We're wreckage of missing but it's is that this person actually sent out to. Lee that's that. That's not a good thing. Yeah again I think it's unfortunately part of our biz I think there are panicked are people that part of art is on the new explain your second and there are I pulled the dean and answer that and and Simmons talked about this you talk I talks of its tuchman is on his podcast Kirk was on simmons' podcast yesterday. But that post it's up there now on I'm sure the guys talk about tomorrow idle talk about Thursday exile I drop me. A huge Simmons and I've not listened to. A Simmons rigor podcasts in over a year and has been a law I just completely bail he went to the ringer. And long story short he started doing these over promotional things for the ringer and everything the ringers the best thing about it and I just I it was too much and I punted. And so I was the first time today. And Simmons comes across as like pretending he. That his years in Boston never happened when did Boston its own example I started reading you bill raising my hand here right. I I I I'll law did you in my final column for the delicate at this week on as one of my mentors because you'll. Negative annual report way and rip the Red Sox and you call I've visited it a mistake that's all that he would do what he's. This podcast of Kirk saying things get so negative and Lisa all so sand talking about was negative or anywhere on your digital city. And you're doing your page to stop it ESPN. You would rip the quote unquote acts here in Boston over and over again. So it is it is always been negative but as as relates to circle back to. Whatever intelligence talking and you're saying that part of our business and because some teams have the guys. They sort of leaked stuff to OK and Simmons talked about it in the NBA it's really getting value Bryan win wars abroad. Is insane right now little problem said it would horse what to write and he is legit writing it and so on the other hand. If we're gonna take bass up until the upper one source for pennies a journalist. That I take a quick check parts of these guys from time to time. Isn't the worst thing to see how it worked rapidly growing. We're just taking what they think is the news and filtering at backed out of that was my problem let's not pretend what it was noble let's not that was not his goal is goal wasn't unite. You know while it's not I had gone so that I thought I thought I was not way this guy was doing his job. So I'm going to expose and that was no doubt as does our eyes all the items and Orleans ought embarrass him any balk at OK if you wanna prank and that's fine but. Don't at some point as a human being you have an obligation to be like. You know at this guy's gonna be wrecked like. Maybe I should let him know okay. Not really done need Collie you know like and I keep saying the same dumb thing over and over again and what what does Ron double checked to make shore that's really done he has the story doesn't appear if he makes one ball call one. Freaking call Ron is not innocent here he got played yes bitty bit but in the pump fake. Absolutely depend or right by he right hand layup and he should have made the call he's not innocent in this he wanted to be true he won the story. And I understand. It probably wasn't. As LG says yes but it wasn't Smart of Ron not to make that call that's why not in this in this job yet I like I said Ryan. That story should animated and print and I am sure Ryan obviously feels the same way. By just don't tell that's don't say oh that's not a mistake Vicky don't tell me that nick is some sorority here and keeps saying getting you to print was the mistake the mistake was Ron's not making sure it was. Doesn't get to print these make sure wasn't done he. Keep saying get to print artist that's not the issue price is I have let's make sure this is the real body I have ran I got the line away O'Donnell O'Donnell in the out of nowhere I have to just say. That but doesn't necessarily it's like if you believe you're talking to someone and I guess this is the age we live in you have to even be skeptical of that. It's hard to put yourself in that position you know like is this really done need is Tom Brady and I a year eighteen and and now go public with the idea he wants to 41 years old. He wants as much money to be Rob Lowe just got. Well he wants regularly brought him in whatever should you question that as a reporter. Should you question Hondas I think anyone is narrates any strengths that act you want a ninety million dollars guarantee at the age of 41 he thinks he's gonna I was already five while way to. I had a minute you think. This and that part of it he's never go public within the only error part of it that the money wasn't even a part attempt at a mile skipping OTA's Mike that is just breeze and hold out like that's stupid that's. I can't imagine that Brady would do that but the money part didn't like strike me as wildly over the top we've. At the wicker sham stuff throughout the season you know late in the season. We know that Brady and bell attacker not CAA night guy over Guerrero and other things. So all of these things if we know that Brady's been upset about his contract in the like. Why are you committing to me why are wire quiet this yet taking care of is it because you think you might make the switch to Jimmy so like there's been enough Brady stuff. Out there that the idea that he would finally and he's been. I below market I guess is yes higher yet we're all these are saying leading him wanting. Nine B 76 million dollars guaranteed comet actually here and get guaranteed in when his deal is done it's going to be it's only 76 I don't think that's the I'm gonna and I can ask I don't leaving the patriots to give them what was your kid's autograph or argue about anything that's not stupid that you but it's true that's due at. I don't think you really believe I think that's plausible 78 if you tell me Tom Brady Eli when he wants to market paid he's 24 on Brady thinks he's gonna play until it's 454142434445. This five more years. And you have no quarterback. By the way behind him so. That doesn't strike me so we just got mcdaniels to stick around. He has a great setup right now the patriots and now he's gonna pull power play. Not forget auto approach the eighth but the week after the Super Bowl. When Kraft says guy TH part I don't get but he's -- like as a makes a salary parts of me is not totally implausible it's. I'm 6177797937. As your phone number let's talk to on Matt Revere Mac O at thanks for your patience on. As long as no problem. I don't understand how people even believe that Ron. Thought that was on. It you're cured if you're doing it up correctly. And you get in numbered at texting and calling. Of course he should have got a second source that makes sense right. What you got to bear by the phone. Yes and he kept call the rig AS that nick was saying with somebody kept calling and calling and calling. And he would never pick up like that that's. That's a red for hack and it actually not a red flag on a speaker a lot while times lie because a lot of times on a huge star like that. Guys not picking up the phone is not what you see on a huge story again I'm just fell in America. The story he wondered if I agree I agree when he when he when he wrote that story into the suspect. Yeah and thinking patenting but to me that's not a very good report. In Egypt may mean I don't believe you get fired when it was rock but maybe he should go work and write an opinion piece. That's Hillary does France maiming even that was an that was mostly in opinion piece that Harry sources I fakes or dead on and on mean it was a news story that was written like a gorgeous so's a lot of opinions columnist slate he's an opinion guy. Are 61777979837. The phone number we divide done a lot of this year and this hour you guys are waiting one open line 48617779. 7937. Mott and Tomas he backed your phone calls next. Lot of night rolls on Sports Radio WEEI by far the most Olympics I've watched is that these. Last three and a half foot two and half hours of studio which has been on. In the background I'm not into the assigned by our into altered carbon. On Netflix this yes I I will say if we had CNBC on I think guys are you from different training with beyond the legal I think curling. I think this is a big curling accuracy of that on and you'll I'm sure you know we're CNBC is I have no idea or you know what MSNBC is I never watch MSNBC and the issues you -- icu and do not you know you I'm Rachel mad now hell sitting down a lot believe it or not I I know I play a role in the station is the angry left the ams. I am certain. Way that all goes and saying I'm gonna give myself much Amazon credit for this the night were Rachel madcow. Was he's that huge trump story you were mocking Lee tweeting her and say I never watch the show on now I know why in sheets or she do that aren't like rally outside minutes he had no answer yet. That there. Also I don't I don't want to I don't watch fox and relatives Amazon surveillance it. CNN's down the middle despite. Its. Yeah I might cure CNN here I can see it. CNN's Jim and archery at night and said that the the the show for the city I'm until it. Is it that I cut off one point during all this when you're gonna make a point Ali out all I was gonna say was I found it amusing and I understand my story. Any story that we talked about you're looking for ways to advance and talked about it a different way and I'll let you know. I'm totally fine with this but I just standard I found it amusing that. The story starts out as Borges. And then. By Monday. It was really like all three shows were about need defending since it was about gorges anymore is about I defensive boards he believed to Nazis and is do you believe tonight is at this too -- of all people. Whenever. As such. What I got nothing to do that we activate the caller it's been very fair and yes none of that I mean that. That's the one part I know that I can always those aisles to mossy defending board is Tomas he's part of the problem. She's Christ people let's go Wednesday. I could not do it Friday morning I could not do when when they broke in the guys broke the story our reaction was that seems so acting damme. The U would not call make sure was done that to me it's pretty simple that you want it to happen and so be you know exposed that pummeled with a I Kevin in New Hampshire up with a month to mossy hi Kevin. You guys that stick in my column yeah. I'm pumped up. Well my favorite programs to marching even under a Rock Island eat a lot of my. I think that meets huge it's a consequent called patriot or Sierra. I read that there was more to telecheck. Outpatient not promote what goes beyond just extra long like what. Well I think it you know maybe it was some type of disciplinary action even though somewhat speculation but. Doesn't that kind of changed the India that Belichick will do anything to win. It opened at cornerback who's in August 1 of his best defensive players who can make open field tackles and he's an engine in the biggest game. The narrative around this countries that Belichick will do everything went back. Courts that they arrest doesn't. I think it's one instance that's the only thing it's not like this is part of a larger pattern or am I mean he's moved on from Jamie Collins he's done stuff. Horry said oh my god I don't lose your own words but never like this in one particular game this to me feels like. Just something that he screwed up you know do it doesn't necessarily signal anything date and so Kevin you might be right and you went in dale and console Lackey referenced in this without any real source but. I think it's it's now at a point may be discreet Kevin I think it's unfair to knuckleball like war week after the Super Bowl. If something happened where is going to be disciplined the story would have broken mine and the fact that it hasn't leads me to believe he did a bad football decision he benched his second best quarterback. And it cost in the Super Bowl at this point disable something's gonna happen disciplinary Butler. I I think it it's a in a wee it in a very it is very unfair to Butler at this point other than hey had that we can practice against. But what my point is I mean he's been disparaged for a long time but Joseph Paterno got with the gotten used to do that you say I'll sit this guy to teach and molest and or to teach routine mullahs and the ball their culture you know what that's like one about that. I just don't see why additional adolescent laws who was duly added that it sites you know save the lessons for week four you know. Like not the Super Bowl. I want action as one about the patriots. Mcdaniels I I don't understand this mentality that that the teacher aides that this is a good job for him. You know the idea that you could take over as head coaches is based on the idea that. It that the ownership has chosen the quarterback over the coach you'd try to told me that and Tom Brady is 43 years old and by the way. He could all meet see it doesn't suck as we all walk you know and it got war you fought in basketball law Mickey you're gonna tell me that shot pregame meals. Is gonna make that call. It's gonna get power by the ownership rule you to make that call for another quarterback. I think that's one of the worst position anybody could ever gospel the. I'm I'm with you on this one because I don't understand makes him what the appeal is of mcdaniels to following lied you. Brady and Belichick you're gonna follow both of those guys you have almost no shot. You know like you don't want to Johnson and just guy Josh had been told he's going to be able coach Tom Brady a annie's gonna have a chance to pick the next quarterback in succession. That is a better set up with this ownership and Hatcher back. They go to Indianapolis. Hoping Jim Irsay not a complete whack job. And hoping Andrew Luck shoulder I backlash people like Kevin disease and what is the guarantee that bring you you know you guarantee you're gonna get to coach Tom Brady you have no idea Alan Tom Brady's gonna play. Like net libraries to put his 45 next year could be it. Carolina you really don't care for all we know what do you what would it what do you think. Honestly what I think it's two more years I think they are because Tom Brady keeps. You know. Making his story you know giving us historic season's best aged 39 season ever best age forty season ever. Are you know what that 41 year old Clifford knocking applied to him but if it's 42 instead of 41 would that shock you I think it's little jonbenet's 4140. And forty anybody right leader for good luck he said it too much he wants to be true. And you add that these two heavily invested in TV twelve. Not to play until he's 44 slugging I hear you think he might its foreign TV he has to. No ID cutie he just says league Don Yee he's been texting and EST does face time McKee he couldn't pick you could tell he was number. Just in his phone under in. The guy who takes 3% in probably shouldn't yeah. Likes Don you ride with him for a long I want thinks whatever any athlete or a lake there agent and they get to a point in any athlete get to applauds agent just say. You know I I don't really need an agent any more on Tom Brady to a need to do what C negotiating. And passing but I have a guys who have done that I'm trying to think is he's got to be he's representing Brady and a brothel now that is a hell of a senate he must be very very good. What he doubts your credit for that was at the Mike Cameron I'm trying to remember Arafat there are some older player for the Red Sox who like just very brief time yeah. Wasn't worth who dropped to. Mutual and we just stop he stoppage. After. That it would happen I just in New Hampshire I just. And yeah. Why aren't actually did that John Bartlett went into it let a couple of contracts an agent negotiated. It's that have been amateur like that that's all eyes and you get to be Farber Brady or like John Elway at forty go I can negotiate my own the onslaught and now I can do my own. Exactly yeah but my point real quickly done. I outlets in the Sports Radio her pretty much my whole life because they hear her. You know ten or fifteen years I've talked them out of million time. So I am pretty rational might become logical. Yeah we're at it you go wrong and I think you're really missed judging that he'll do it all alert on board. You didn't hear it. Like you're you're ultimately he was with its reporting. By justifying the things that he did. Let's face it micro he's not been rocked this story going on the premise that you know we taxed it and all suddenly ducked it got for a minute and a half. It was a crappy thing for this guy and block the new computer on word that's what you get the fair and sensible and don't know due diligence. I don't lack of fundamental. You thought. So are you sit there like people hurt on Monday because what I. Should you that would idiotic don't pumped up like I think you're pretty and now. Yes in my response to that yeah there are two stories here one is. You know on getting this in the including this in the paper and writing it and I can't defend your right that should not it should not have been written that goes without saying. My bigger thing and if you listened on Saturday or whatever. It was more it was that was one little part the bit about you think you're talking to Don he. My bigger thing is you've got trolls why are we celebrating a troll I don't like that and I'll stand by that under percent. OK look here's the response that it here you are right to root out. How hurt some but the justification. Than the lately kind of started it. Are integrated on yourself at my old equipment it is Smart and her back to work to do a good job. Just in case you're burning and spent about. That's fair. So why they're too that's a good call I hate Cuba. In an iris you hate you vigilant and I respect you. Mike Siegel has tonight Ron Borges and Mike. Pick a lot of nice job. And liken it paying their. Alas all was talking about. I'd sure and I agree with you a 100%. Citing people it's not as great Kirk was woody idol I. Marty was talking about. Alt alt or what is happening sides. You also mentioned. Odd mix from Austin. Set out to in Paris. Are gorgeous. Unfortunately. Gorgeous. I say you know what goes around comes around I district called Borges a news on this conference with Pete Carroll. There she just went way over the line publicly embarrassed critic east at coach in England patriots at the time. But he just went where you'll ally in mostly just kicked the ball all over the place so I never had any respect which is after. At least at least Iran did it to his face as Ron he wasn't anybody else. He wasn't doing an anonymously. That was face to face and that it was a memorable press conference but it was also like 1999. And is twenty plus years twenty years ago. Good years. Great as a big of our life arts like to cast chuck insurers very chuck the last word on this we're gonna move lots of other stuff like chuck. They got thank you meet ya can't I get my problem John McDougall the end of why we celebrate and celebrate. The onto it isn't often that an agenda. He. In the state and that caught. Up because all of them. Anger. I'm I'm thrilled and I hope. Don't. I hope it goes down and I am an object to going down John because you hate the answer locked in your. I hated to write these crappy article he got all wanna beat what would you do you have happened abducted that. What what what are jolly nice John DeFeo what is Hamas you were recently she that he hates the fans of Boston. Well he he took down the patriots are forever more like black and talk and can't be. Because you go to a decrepit but it still believe. Well wait a minute and and that's fair and god and fairness listen I I got that wrong and you know I if I could do that again I wouldn't. But in fairness you know spy gate had nothing to do with me deflate gate had nothing to do with me I think at some point the team probably needs to look in the mirror. And evaluate its own behaviors that don't don't make it like one story written ten years ago as a reason patriots think they're cheaters I think. Are people think the patriots cheated and have been brought a lot of that on the cells. I'll give you that but. You know people I don't know why they can't rightly Bob Ryan like Ben bull in a nick. Our way you'd think I'm all I'm trying to figure I'm positive I listen I like been advice I think he's a great all of our. But Ben ball in his somebody think inspire all bad here that he's alienated and I shocked symbol of hate you as a fan c'mon. It began emptying I don't I don't think he had like it much. He's the way he's he's embracing chuck thank you chuck I appreciate waiting on hold and and thank you for the call. And laughing beat not because it out like Bill Bennett is embrace it now I took me awhile to get this a bid. Ben is now it on Ben is in on the fact that he is troll in bowl went and he wears sunglasses and stock it will make it out of the bands. And he'll reap we ignore it CIT's report to operate in bit by a dog. And a last week which is why Ira when that seat that's 11 place where. Forged tonight and probably the story's wrong obviously detective noticed it was idol I was sort of sources or print Gotti. Re tweet about that bullet. And I want to sources as one source that's assume sources while the blue check mark negative Johnson last year some of my recent under as a well he. I love the only pretend I know these I love the NBA the NBA is the best. Why don't people talk about the NBA now I actually avenue and I look Jason Tatum and average that David surprising can't we all Tom Brady reminds us his compassion decency are Nowak and so negative why am I so negative right why don't I hate disparity in the patriots moron. To Nazi past in a Fiat. Mass the Oakley late in refereeing jaguars game and he's been bad news and yes we got I like all markets to get that call from this show again when it from you yes oh yeah right we were talking about iPods are so we don't I. I'm real I'm a let's do it because I usually. Don't advise and brought Alicia patriot exactly how to cover jaguars. To Nazi patriots dropped since they weren't championship team policies patriarch organized a lot there where's where's the Nazi Jimmy grapple yes I'm Jack leads to uneasy question patriots bet on rotten guy. I'm if not a 100% but it. Like and I Bob's best about the. You save that sound for the next time I morning god that is good buddies again and it's not a knock on that I. I here's what I think and we're going well but lady birds aren't. I think we need the counterbalance. To. Everything positive fourteen acts and I don't know how much that ballot should be. Whenever you beat there should be a little bit of skepticism and so I've got the criticism in some part because I will go on the air. On Red Sox threw out their bad Red Sox loss outlook the Red Sox station okay and many of these shows as you know John I do directly from the Red Sox who get and Fenway Park. Als for the first ten minutes of the show my monologue ripping Farrell ripping a picture repeat a play. Do we get into the phone calls on and often times people I can't believe that critical. I have not once or from the Red Sox to back off that they've heard the exact opposite they like that there's a little bit of balance there and I agree with them the station feels the same way. There should be a balance on the teams here in town and Boland at Shaughnessy. Hamas see you guys provide that that fans might not like it. Before rice it every day four hours a day it's a good thing any CD needs to have. That counterbalanced that everything is lost yet I mean so when I reported that Red Sox pitchers are drinking in the middle of baseball games in the clubhouse. As a fan did you wanna know better to do not want and said again when I reported when I broke the story that Red Sox pitchers were drinking in the clubhouse. Did you wanna know that or did you not ones that are all I don't wanna allow I don't know wants and people wanted to know that SO I'm not gonna apologize for that I want you apologize now the Red Sox major ruin their lives yes and a jerk. 6177797937. Phone number. I'm has been a wild three hours here in the show we talked about instant pots compared baseball to crock pots. Altered carbon to mossy talking about everybody's emotion about it Israel on a spoiler yeah I'm not and I don't want to talk about it because we talk about TV and L negative knock in saint. We'll move on here and I'll take it has become back it'd ever once talked about almost. It's it's criminal we haven't gone there yet today. It's the Boston Red Sox is a buzz in the city David Price spoke we had full lines earlier on the Red Sox this is your chance to jump back in a I said the Red Sox failed on the field the offseason and all the field. Tell me how wrong it 6177797937. Tomas he'll explain his side of the stories well. He wrote about David Price today to David Price spoke we talked Red Sox with you next.