Tomase and Villani - Why so much hate for Ron Borges's false story about Brady? 02-10-18

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Saturday, February 10th

Hour 1: John Tomase and Chris Villani are in studio today and they lead off the show talking about Ron Borges and his story on Brady that was discovered to be false. They talk about the anger that is surrounding Borges and his story and they want to know why people think he should lose his job. They also ask the question if the Patriots had won the Super Bowl would anyone being talking about the Butler benching? 


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Sports Radio network sports radio and. I think Saturday morning at Sports Radio WEEI. Attorney is America's course I trotting the globe she is opt in Korea. Carling he's hero darling. Hurling. Meister aficionado got a butterfly getting out more clever word but nothing game the only time early getting thrown earlier in. Is that not an Oregon nieces and I think it's not a Nagano. The 98 Olympics in Nagano they came out with a super Nintendo gamer event and 641 of those. And the curling in that game was awesome. Real I love that game current video game curling so much better than real curling and bends back the way not a made that I know I don't. Everything well now is 98 Olympics that was a game yet yet just. But what made curling particularly. I just got very competitive with that I used to try to play with some random countries and IA did very well so what did you did you slide it oh yeah I did I hit like that room he would say here's something repeatedly if you want to it's sweet lord don't if you wanna just let it go in. Yeah it was great news very athletic is about as athletic as the real thing thanks. So I enjoyed your ski jumping. I don't forget hockey and Eddie was just like an NHL ninety's yeah exactly exactly so they had the random sports but it was a pretty cool game that was the peak of curling for an. Other than that not know realty needs of this so the lesson from mrs. US curling association. Unita video game just like exact I heat or are now NBA live but it's gone and you need those things to get the fans. You can make absolutely abandoning NBA dampers and curling. That would be great to get to people out there need for that is don't just catches fire pit three Airpwn total target exactly that would be fantastic. I he's Johnson mossy on principle Heidi we're here until it is BC basketball right now honestly taking guessing assumed that they went into Miami and hockey OK yes of BC basketball maybe it's curling it could be curling then there's a chance MET unit. But we're here to 145 will be taking your phone calls wines are already loaded talking patriots and you're trying to kick it off this. This late last night when I was out Keefe. What a week. For the patriots following the Super Bowl and you'd think just the Malcolm Butler storyline alone. Is enough to carry the entire week but then sort of the fallout from the Malcolm Butler benching. You had Rob Gronkowski contemplating retirement and then reports after that giving credence to it beyond just. Eight guidance frustrated after losing Super Bowl fifteen minutes prior to being asked about it. Yeah Robert cut es house getting broken into it Jimmy eagle rock below contract. You had to. Ron Borges and worry yet at that Josh McDaniels. Switcheroo with the with the cult map church actually getting hired in Detroit. And and then obviously Ron Borges story with the OTAs and Tom Brady to cap off the week on Friday pretty ridiculous week for the patriots. Yes it's amazing and you wonder so say they win the Super Bowl which they nearly did say Brady practicing Brady just completes that passed a whole game. On the first play you know when they are trying to come back at the end got married the he's out to the thirty. With you know little under a minute left you are Tom Brady or in business they go down they win that game. How does this week unfolds doesn't unfold exactly the same way obviously now the butlers have not not a story at all people might still be asking about it but I'd put you lied about it I don't know they what I hear you one bill was right you won. Matt Patricia was gonna leave a does this change mean to you won a Super Bowl does this change Eliza. The whole way it unfolded with mcdaniels does he not even get to the point where he'd like today in the euphoria of victory. Today tell him in the victorious locker room right after party or whatever credit we want you back and it never even gets to the point and that is where our viewers in a press conference is grunt issued down. The rumors immediately like you know well he started them on right guy won the game is that I have to evaluate myself. Gotta be answering is back in I got exactly instead of having that sort of more rose attitude you know it's in the euphoria obviously can't man. We just won the Super Bowl I can't wait to get back next year and he completely. Shoots that down I still think it's house probably gets broken it's yeah a bird that's early run. You know and why the names so we'll get a break and we won't actually steal anything from displace. And I think DOT's story I don't know how that really is grappling seismic contract one way or the other. So nick in Boston stills probably pulled the ultimate captives there and in all start there and a lot of people wanna talk about it. Just the quick not wrap your case you somehow missed it. Story breaks late Thursday night Boston Herald on line that Tom Brady's gonna sit out a routier's. If he doesn't get rappel while money. A lot of things about it sounded weird it's almost immediately contradicted by Tommy current yen down tied from NBC sports busted in nets and respectively. Next morning early on nick in Boston calls and a curtain Callahan and says yeah that was me. Pretending to be done he. And I made up a whole thing Harold dissents retracted it admitted it was balls and Ron Borges columnist suspended indefinitely against pending. I honestly think the sale of apparel yet what it's Penn really being honest here but they're saying further review guessing my air quotes. What was your justice reaction. Yeah I will say don't you know the gut reaction on a personal level is sadness because Ron is. One of my closest friends in this business and you don't wish that on anyone. And you know I'm sure we'll get to this you know a lot of people have to on the parallel between what happened. Which meets a New Jersey on him I don't really see any comparison basically because. At least mine. I can own and say whatever mistakes were made were mine you know. In his case this is the part that gets me. You have someone maliciously willfully. Lying to him and yes there's a whole separate conversation about. Double triple quadruple checking a story of this magnitude and all that I get that. But if you believe. You're dealing with tiny and from the sounds of it you know the caller said that he sort of worked him for a couple of weeks on this is a long time it was a long time. And I don't doubt for a second that tiny has multiple cellphone numbers and I don't doubt for a second that Ron Borges has at least one of those numbers and I don't doubt. But he tried calling him on those numbers and then when he gets a call from the guy. And you know this is the unfortunate part you've talked to him and you believe that he's dire need. At that point what reporter wouldn't go with that story you know that's that's the only thing I say when you're getting into when you believe you're getting it from the agents. Right well it's hard to say like how high can you print that lately people has probably gone with last. I don't need a second source of my first one has died and were obviously assuming that yes it is actually Donnie and I need a second source on that. That the person it's close enough to Brady. With the not to be good to me that's the same as getting it from somebody in his immediate family getting it from Gisele everything father closer than that because its contract and it and it is agent purely related to the football side exactly. My bigger issue with awe and and it's not setting aside all of that. My bigger issue is if you read the story on Thursday night or be ready and Friday morning's paper it said sources. There is an ass on there and unless we're to believe that. Somebody else with some credibility with some type of Brady was beating this pretty specific piece of information. Sitting out OT aids unless he gets paid or were believed that somebody else is doing the same thing nick from Boston was all of those things. I seriously doubt were happening that one for me is impossible to get around. Yeah I wouldn't I certainly wouldn't affect Mac you know I mean maybe it's the kind of thing where you run a buy someone a nice day. Wouldn't surprise me at sounds plausible I don't know I mean that certainly that extra ass on the boards sources. You know if if if he ends up losing his job that's going to be a big part of it. I just come back to what does it say about. Us and I don't mean the station album objective by the above but let everybody that we're like celebrating and Andy Kirk Manning and if you're listening right now turned on your radio he's not gonna wanna hear this but. Why are we celebrating in this guy's career when he was. He was willfully maliciously he was played in now. And I don't see why that's worth celebrating for people are like well exposed him as you know those shoddy reported that he is in the biased reported that he is. I like Ron Borges is career does not. Points of this this is not a pattern with salmon and even the quote unquote plagiarism thing at the globe. To me he got railroaded out one and so. They did a huge investigation they found no other evidence that he had ever lifted a word from anybody. But I understand how this business where extra one strike you got one strike this is strike two you know he's. Guy in his sixties with a twelve year old kid. Sorry. For those of you out there who want needed Danson is great I can't do it I can't do it because of the way this went down. This is someone willfully misleading him and if you take joy for Mac. You take pleasure from that I don't know what the F is wrong. Yeah I'm not somebody that engages in that in particular I mean it at that does not meet. It's certainly can't defend. Ron in this case in my mind they do actually know defense especially for the sources thing and I'm sorry I don't think anybody. With at that feels like you're paying that reporters do sometimes too. You put up a little bit too sounds better than one the on ambiguous or the MD USA should say sources. Where it can before could be five to be twenty doubtful I would give you a little window into that you know how this works or as often as often as not means to. If it doesn't mean five it doesn't I'm sweating it means to probably by. You readers don't know that C sources today group of people got together that have knowledge of Tom Brady's thinking instead he's thinking about sitting out routier's. That feels like one of those little reporter tricks to do to beef up your story to make you feel a little bit better about it there's some things that I hate. You know people live at talked about the one source thing again if it's Don. See that's why I say when you say you can't defend Borges at all I can a little because you went back and forth of the guys for two weeks you got him on the phone you thought it was him now. I know they played sound and these two gagged this got a satellite Tanya I don't know if he changed his voice I have no idea maybe you just haven't talked to Don you know wiling you don't. So like dependent on the second source thing nada the I don't know if I'm not gonna I'm not gonna go there I'm not gonna go there but. For the big picture how this all went down. Like you cat finished him in your burns him in his career is now over and what what is there to celebrate about that and an end here's the other thing I don't like and I know the afternoon guys are beaten us yesterday. You know port just went in without bias this is an anti Belichick bias and that's why I wanted to write the story. I about it's a huge story and it's while it would be out of character for Brady to exit out and demand a contract. Can we agree that the way this season has unfolded with the trade of Barack below and Tom vs titled weird -- sham story that there have been. Not even subtle hints that Brady wants its contract addressed that Brady wants some long term security here like all that stuff so. While the story doesn't really fit with Brady's overall. You know the way he's conducted himself here. The events the last few months it's not crazy to say that you bill like you know what. I've been a good soldier for ever I've given everything I've had to this franchise it's time for you to commit sodomy while light so that part. Didn't it's not you know beyond the pale. It's only that you got them over Barrow. You just save your Brady single handedly. Kept this team in the Super Bowl. And I got a notice that I definitely got them Tennessee got them there kept them in the game put together one of the great performances in Super Bowl history Heidi the greatest ever lost maybe a good at have to be I would think. And Jimmy grapple is not there anymore. Okay you wanna pay me. Find it take a chance of the baker mayfield he could try to trade up and get him in the draft or. You know good luck would Mason Rudolph or Brian Hoyer went what what is your other option or try to find somebody. You know go make trade for referred somebody who's older and veteran trying to make that work I've got you now I've got you over a barrel. Those par today and I first read the story it seemed odd it seemed out of character gas. It's weird year. It's just been a very strange year with the Brady craft ballot check dynamic with apple relationship there even if you do feel that some of the things and ESPN story where were overblown as I do personally. It's opened there's something underlying. Civil war against more than just something I mean that story to me may be some details the. And there weren't exactly right yes spell check met with the Dell but no it wasn't right after C whatever. But you can't tell me the broad strokes that story were not right on the money I mean there's nothing that has come out since the season is ended that is done anything other than reinforce. The central tenets of that story at least in my mind. So these are the things that sort of made a believable and the other part that I've seen today I dismisses. While you're dealing through text message that's. That's really communicate wife he never thought I would get a month or song he did get him on the phone briefly apparently according to nick and Boston by. I don't know about again I don't know how do you typically deal with that but when IE needs something quickly. I text a source I I usually don't call you also know which number I know they're not errors I've gotten saved to my phone and again he believed that this was the case he thought he was doing the exact same thing. Texting and agents that it would somebody would close to it you know Tom Brady's ties can't defend the multiple source thing you think is is careers over. All right again. Now I wouldn't say that because you know he's had a long meritorious career cats and so I think it's you know. Whether it's boxing. Or are at that talk of America talk show I had guys stocked fans thank you whatever it's called. I think it was good golf writer is a great writer and has a thing like. Ron Borges is one of the best columnists the city has ever happened and I stand by that. I mean he is he's the best he might be the best boxing writer in history and he certainly I would argue the best either him or will McDonough. They are the two. Sort of titans of the patriots beat over the last you know while thirty plus years yeah you know so. I don't want to minimize what he's done in his career I understand that this kind of mistake. When the your paper is about to be sold the writing is probably on the law and I'm sure he he's not stupid I mean he's you know he's tired streets of kid from Fall River. Our New Bedford and I think he he knows when the right. And in and that's the part it's interesting to me is thinking about. The whole backdrop of The Herald at this point I mean you're in a meeting with management presumably you know yesterday news explaining what happens here. And management's thinking well as they're looking at the packed up boxes in their office you know what. What are what are really did you hear how we are really getting hammered out front this is gonna be kick down the road to. Gave house or revolution or I'm blanking on the name of the third buyer or when. You know omitting and Watson there on Tuesday morning drops down a big game and this is what I help Scott's a suitcase full exactly like there it is I'm attacked all cash I now in this paper in my case I. I predict this last that if that happens boards keep sister yeah its purchase. What's that make it miserable at that point he says out you you're still writing but it's going to be on my terms but they're gonna punt this to the next and then the next owner. That's all they've been doing for the past month as interviewing people over there they've got the opportunity in the the option in the prerogative to hire or fire or hire not hire should say. Anybody they want. And this would seem like an easy not hire coming up yeah it's unfortunate but that Serena and that's unfortunately it's seventy other people. That and in all different areas of bad news room in that building. You and I both worked that are going to be in that exact same boat this just feels like an easy way to knock off one of those 68. It sucks to reduce people with lives and families and careers down the numbers but that's what you know that's of these bean counters to deal this seems like knees when just detect. Yes I would you know I would agree that in and you brought up the point not Fiat and if you said it last night with Keefe by. The idea of you know you have new owners coming and it's never a bad idea to make a splash and remind people right now this is the kind of story I'd broken my whole career that's the other part of this. You know the story did sound out of character for Brady. But at the same time you say well if anyone is ever gonna break he story of this magnitude it's probably him I mean he's been on these kind things before going back to the marijuana on the Super Bowl in 86 you know with the patriots that story doesn't come out if it's not him. And so. He's got a history of breaking news. Yeah and I wonder that was part of the thinking too I mean. You'd think somebody it's been around for thirty years doesn't have to kind of make their bones again that's the way it is in this business you're always as good as the latest scoop and you remember anything for gate house. You broke anything for it yeah showing what you can do right before. And this new ownership group wherever it ends up being comes on and I don't I doubt that would that might push me. That might push me and I remember I wasn't there at Indiana town that day and remember pat Purcell who's selling herald saying. You know I suggest you all work your asses off for the next month basically to impress ski house which and a lot of people took exception to because it's we have been working are obviously screw you now. Certainly it finally got that was my reaction to take your money you know like. The fact is. I think that. I wouldn't be surprised if that's at least a part of this part of this equation Kate. Look at that that's a big help I just put up on the wall right there right before. This new ownership group comes in I can do this. So I may cost more than some 25 year old kid that you can bring and buy. I get these groups he does. If you don't that that's a part of its again I think that I think that probably played in at least subconsciously are right give out the number but the lines are loaded 617779793. Cent did it anyway. Malcolm Butler on the table as well and we've been talking about that hashing and rehashing all week. I've heard 7000 explanations none of them have made any sense to me whatsoever what about leading into that games will keep lines open for that as well. Gilani and to Monte hanging out with you get your phone calls next. He'll. This piece of paper my left hand is the entirety of what Ron Borges wrote. Scammed by guy pretending to be done he he's in second source that in third source have been tried contact each. Calls company fun of it's actually. This guy duped Ron Borges in the person may not protect the Don he joins us right now they can Boston nick the morning how are you. Interpreted the look good nice to talk to you explain how this all happened somebody's view of all horses but number. And I just I felt good performance and I just got regulatory affairs are. And you do what ever. I was taken Boston. That somebody by the way it was gorgeous he accidentally tweeted his own phone decrees fine I was analysts yeah as one does that Roger and that I was numbers trying to reply to a DM and sand has taken a bus and identified himself received just nick in Boston. These analyses for the first and last name himself if he's if he's willing directly guys' careers at least put his name is when I I don't actually when I saw the story on. One of the local news stations I think all of them were picking it out there are people their news trucks parked on Fargo street outside The Herald. And they put nick in quotation marks as you don't know yet he says he's taken by some and without really knows. And a lot of people are bringing up the idea of glee you know legal recourse or things like that I don't want I'm sorry I don't want nick in Boston prosecuted I don't. That just feels he wasted everybody's money and everybody's time and what he did. I want my kid to grow to be troll you know however that's not something I would take pride in in the same way that that some might let. That bad to me is C in taking it to a whole different level the same thing for our. Civil suits or anything like that just doesn't feel like the kind of thing that's revolved resolved in a courtroom he'll be resolved The Herald will probably be resolved with the new owners and my guess is. It will be resolved with the new owners saying this season you'd be at 68 people we have potentially fire. And this will be eighties and so pure and Ron Borges is Susie just take it is today. I mean listen obviously he's the wanna put his name so minimize. That by. Somebody goes to these lengths to deceive view and you just take it it's there but it doesn't kill you when he had a bomb and bomb and an attorney with. You know where my salt and say I'm arguing contributory negligence. This was on YouTube now. Late may be my guy wasn't you know he's an an Angel in all of this. But it's contributory negligence you contributed to this right I mean you put your name to it you believed that you wrote it and I'm going all over. The so they can any deposition you wrote sources multiple people who are day I would wanna down Ira if I'm bored so I take it. Simple as that simple as that let's get some phone call 6177797937. Jack in San which leads us off this hour on the Borges story go to Jack. Hey guys are you dog back me up. Eight. Warmer. I know where this is go one gate house is going to be purchasing. It and maybe. Now they are and. Maybe there's three other bidders including one that's already a big day councils actually two that about big gain counsels say. Well the the bottom line is gorgeous you know I don't dislike the guy I don't you know I'm not and not. Period you know a look at dat but. He's protecting his job he's protecting ms. Stanley. Obviously this is a reverse sat out this the guys not he's not that dumb all right. This was also got out. By Boyd did is to break this and now he's suspended not fired. So once the sale goes through the process that it needs to go broke he's gonna still be retained. You know how do you figure out who is elected he was gonna get released you guys. Answer the question over the last 22 minute dominant Lleyton. The whole thing. You know that you guys answered every question for gorgeous okay EB suggests that the act. No we didn't. How did we answer the extra sources are the extra source you. Are now that Ed Jack that's not the question. The the the thing that you cannot defend here in my mind is. This invented other source who else other than nick was beating this information that was printed online and in the paper you can't answer that. I'm a dirty air on the newspaper person on the advertising. Part of the business okay he should have been fired forty yet but he did it for eight purpose. He did it to retain. His retirement benefits okay I'm in what's gonna all come out of this is he he hasn't been fired these these don't suspend. So about the purchase all of this whole thing is gonna take. When I got to stop you right there are you saying that Borges did this on purpose that he arranged this whole thing you've we should just asked now sorry no chance they've got guys are Euro thirty years got an advertising thanks for keeping its own business music advertising's plummeted over the past the past yeah I can I can say. Pretty much a 100% certainty that Ron Borges is not an mess what is the infamous nothing nothing. Absolutely nothing depending on who I don't wanna get too into the weeds of bankruptcy court here but. Depending on who purchases of The Herald sued there's different. Levels as to how pensions might be funded different companies are putting different money into its retirement benefits is not something you would you would. Rolled the dice on let me see I can get fired rate before. Or or get suspended right before and then take chance on one of three bidders coming in by the way two of whom already a big gate house so. I think Jack completely talked I was asked let's go to mark in Denver's go edmark. Yeah. Good morning guys listen. I a couple of things here on this order situation. All of a sudden. Sounds like some people come into to his defense okay listeners. I. You know you know. Broached golly you heard that a person of our great feat because it just explain two things yeah. At a boxing press conference you are OK this guy or many years left that disabled ol' me it. And yeah I don't know that it knocked into the ground so what kind of person does something like that. Number what. An opportune. It has been almost articles on the patriots. What somebody has been a jet how can they possibly be a jerk. What do you think is that his agenda is and all seriousness because I ended late listened. Early in the ballots sect tenure clearly Borges was he he fancied himself the anti ballots sect. But in the last 510 years I mean where has that. Quote unquote biased and I think if you read his stuff objectively I think he's been a pretty down the middle patriots reporter I mean he's. He's an opinion data columnist that I don't feel like he's gone after ballots act. I feel like he learned his lesson when he came back when he came back with the herald's. That he wasn't that guy anymore it was just automatically against everything doubt checked it. While that's that she'd actually disagree because if you read his columns to be where if you just looked at the Austin area and used that we Borges. Columns. Hewitt you've got a look at the front of the paper to make sure you looked at a Boston paper and and not a New York paper. Because he's he definitely doesn't write favorably. Toward the patriots are in the majority of this call. Stats are desperate. Because they've been winning so much he's been writing about them winning mean. Well yeah. The I beg to differ but yet salt stuck with that would let so. Get traded to buffalo let so this is small and in the locker will mean in other pretty well much. I don't know who's is small but let's I was his guy no question. We're right and so what you get traded he is if you look back is all went. Well downhill in the guts to. You know negative towards. I agree with you but none of the above nine point off the top was I was fifteen years ago I think since he came back in 08 or nine and every year was. That he has been. I'd there's been a lot less of that I don't know maybe Emeril. Are young but out just into their I can I struggle back to you know what way to put agenda. You you don't do that you can't get jacked up. Okay thank you. Well yeah and that's the nice play a statement that I think I honestly don't think Ron had like an anti patriots agenda I think those days are gone I think he was just writing what he saw the beginning needed. Certainly ready yet I think I am not does agree on the dodgers' everyday I guess said that he was he I think he fancies himself as the anti ballots for awhile. But that was twelve years ago I mean just. I am sure and listen he's a good columnists like he takes a strong point of view and that means not always just cheerleading team is that what we want. I don't even take this is like an anti patriots story let's pretend it's true for a second I didn't take it is inside. I guarantee you had to. And actually Dora said this is he's won he's the one guy actually talked about the story because he was on the air when a broken before you found out I had today. So he talked about it Thursday night. Both the phone calls are pretty supported with Tom Brady at saint am and you deserve anybody users get paid users get paid good sport that he does is they are at odds and got a lot quicker and stories made the point that he expects to. I don't know if it's like be paid but he wants it contracts you know that. Gives him some security in knowing that he's not basically going year to year is an eight. A foregone conclusion they're gonna redo his contract again yeah after I regret and there yet they're gonna do with they usually do move a lot of money from. Salary to bonuses and and stretch it out over couple years so they'll be. You know five pats cap on Miguel men's on that a great breakdown of this and it's. It looks a lot like a lot of the other Brady extensions of yes and literally nobody around in the save money and tell you crazy does he get a little more this time as a lifetime achievement bonus basically you know via. Which. I don't know if anybody would would begrudge him out but at the same token. When you look at where this team is still deficient and where they came up short in a few grating on the curb. They'll be you know building another Super Bowl I'd like that five and a half billion to try to boost the pass rush like that five and a half billion from where depth at linebacker they're gonna have to address tight and I don't I wonder whether he kind of ways that sort of like going out bonus with. Boy I wanna win another one and he can see that as well as anybody else that they're deficiencies there are areas that they're gonna need money to try to I think there's a point where if you Brady's say I made the concessions throughout my career. You were virtually ready to move on from me. It's time I got me you know I'm not in a year I won fifty million dollars a year but it's time that I was paid by some for the Peyton Manning yeah exactly like. You know should take care mean it's 6177797937. We jump right back your phone calls Dax crystal Lonnie Johnson mossy. Here Saturday morning it's sports hernia WB yeah. He sees the WEEI Sports Radio. The network. Allotted to Nazi sports hernia WEEI with until 140 yourself. Boston College in Miami. ECC vast volume if thousand dollars right now I can easily with feces record disease. They'd be to crank that great. Those earlier in the air also. There that's on okay death if they were curling I'd be Oliver and a six foot 77797937. It's gonna mad the car next floor mat. Hey I don't I'm great. And the 80 yeah are we talking about that and I would argue I'm probably the first person should be done about it I'd been there. Yeah you out and you have been yeah well I'd I'd be surprised not talking about it because you're at work on a law that you want to stop it. Back in the knowing the paper block remind you. I could be back in the icu people people forget people forget Matt hold on and off to hang out a match. I covered that seemed for a whole another year the entire 2008 season Salomon out in a great honor the nine. And as and there are all season so it's it's weird to say I was on Beckett. But if you lock back in the air right now which bowed out. Nath and goodnight you know outside and I mean no that's not me Jonathan Kraft might kneecap me that. Otherwise why I covered that scene for Olivia asked Belichick questions every day he answered them so you know by you or. You. Are pay if you if you want if you want to argue that mine was worse than gorgeous I totally agree I agree with that a 100% like. Borges is ultimately only hurt Borges you know so I'm not gonna argue that point man. But at by the same token what am I supposed to do in my supposed to come on the radio announcer talked about it. I am I supposed to call in sick and you know I I would I would stay home and I don't think that's what they wanted to do. Where the parent I did way back went out thank you thank you if you are yeah. Some thought about it we get the match you worked at when it really mean that at bat I love the way I loved the Eagles are being leads out of that. You'd. Out. Back. Alan Alan another Rupert actually. Later when they had never set a bad word about the true about a daily what he'd get now. Art art art is that you know. Acknowledged that. Right now are you kidding curt. I doubt I'm telling you right now I loved every second that as it went weight rumors reduce that. Well it's a Ross island sources I will tell you that that is Ron you're speaking directly to do so writes this is a single source story that is bra and I loved every second in mind what is that you can written April lots of stuff. Not a random thing to routes that is really weird the places I've worked yes I mean tablets which should be a should be and I left there and Mike. 2005. It's been a while. I worked at the Middlesex news in the match arrest him on that I was Merrimack Valley resident there and it's really only get lately and LA live work that Sox is WB with him let's put it this side is up next week Chris. It's done he accurately accurately my independent audit and cut back and it actually what I can't play right and I have reported a couple years ago. Yeah I taught a lesson I I listen I told you that you don't get two strikes in this business I know I'll market someone strike he was working on one strike that's reality. But the Ron Borges that I know on sigh I'm gonna I'm gonna defend the guy because he's a great columnist. And he has been the V guy and the patriots here for thirty plus years not even Kirk can argue that. Don't look at the video hit the hole leader and gotten them minute at a bookstore but when you hit. I don't push that. No relation with debated at all pilot. That's not too. That's not true either. And they did win the credibility you don't you get that ought to do it. Now it's all just story got a guy with issues but it taught that. I thought it important but I'd be not an apple but it didn't do well at the option at cape Nantucket. You know you can't. I mean if if you want that to you want that Chrissie we never you never have another story broken. In news or in or in politics that you just wanna read what happened the day before. Then I I don't even know what to tell you because that's what killed. The news business is is is papers and publications they just. Rehash what happened the day before a source reporting it's what drives scoops because people have their livelihoods. And and in some cases their families put on the line. To share information that they think the public needs to know about whether to the serious thing or just a sports context so I mean. Go yes obviously of the bear by your sources obviously or just got duped in this case but to broadly just say date source reporting is useless it is a laughable comment on your part. Let's just this week. If you wanna know the truth you have to rely sometimes on source reporting that's the world. That goes back to Watergate yeah. He called and told that this talk of potential and I can attract the opposite pick up on paper that that cannot. Well I immediately and everything else like that it's all at once I started you'll look out one night you ever get back. The Herald cannot yesterday and said Iran guy dupe what are you talking on our front page topology. You find out how inside you don't hide from Atlanta half when you run your Ronyell not to take your medicine I mean in and that's exactly that there was no other option yesterday for Harold I mean there are no other option. You had visitors over after ten years ago and it turns out you're wrong. You move on but it did lightly dismissed source reporting. BK is in the we would know nothing about this current White House if you had that people put their names and look you would know nothing about a lot of times local battered state. Politics and then in. A lot of stories get broken through anonymously sourced and it can be a little thing like you know. Source Chris Long to sign that equals or did something that's relatively minor or to be a major story. So tainted. His politely dismiss source reporting but let's let's be real and this is what Chris doesn't have the stones to say. You don't like source reporting that somehow goes against your world. You know fury if Yuri particularly liberal person. And they are sourced reports that are negative about a prominent democratic politician. You are less apt to believe them. You want to discredit the source you wanna believe it because anonymous you wanna know who they are you beat city exact same thing from a patriots perspective did you that the story that paints the patriots and a negative light. Sourced reporting you don't wanna believe it. Because you don't like the information if you know sources say that Brady and Belichick's relationship is fantastic and Brady's gonna play five more years and everything's been and outs Guerrero was over dollar tax house for dinner last night you'd lap that up with no problem you don't like the report. Therefore. You and that's different than it turned out the report was erroneously in which case you do what heralded ten years go with the heralded yesterday. You own up to the mistake you apologized for it and thank you figure out how you go forward in terms of the writer the reporter and exactly what happens. After death and and the fact is we live in partisan times and that's not just. Republican Democrats might senior team is everything everyone is staking out aside I and they just wanna hear is straddled it just wanna hear. Whatever reinforces good news about bear trap let's go to Robin New Hampshire and he wants to defend Borges a little bit here got robbed. And it doesn't work. Out it was called. That vote that. The New England Patriots are up every time overall orders or call evil like stories and it was EU what is the talk. And there's look at all of that and people didn't like at some weather. The agent didn't play well with operating in the play well what Bill Belichick isn't a bad decision. Know what whatever ala. And they like the fact that he called it like what we saw what he saw a little low and as I. Note operators to promote. Struck the ball two minutes ago you meet people like that I think that's a lot of the anxious to exporters Greg Palkot people didn't like it here and eat. Are you seeing just a few minutes ago and descriptive or whatever I have comic about the patriots. And I believe that a lot to do it. What what it was that are wrong. Suffered discussion of the newspaper. I think that the general population it would escalate to you're the patriots. Yes and look finding negative news about the patriots has been increasingly difficult over the actually. The last eight years over the last few months have passed and that's been the thing you know the wicker sham story and the work now I am sorry. Has been more negative stuff this year the coaches off fleeing like. The whole thing yet while they've seen them all claims they interest desire but but up until that morning we thought it was really get that negative story you know and that's what happens teams do now or later everybody says let the implication was Tom car and started this that. That you know coaches were getting a little bit antsy about what the future ballots act was nobody really knew dad and people were looking to leave. Yeah I didn't take turns. Story that way I guess may get just read it differently but I looked out it is just an honest assessment of we're the head coach of the quarterback are in their careers being closer to the last few holes than the first few holes and also. In Josh McDaniels k's looking at a situation that might be good enough for him to succeed because you don't typically get three shots the pale as a head coach in the NFL. So just the right opportunity coming around it just a product of circumstances rather than a product. Some sort of you know feud par boil that's cool front loaded cleric feud it was uncertainty it was concerned person that's certainly quarterbacks forty years old yet but so that's I mean how's that a positive thing people looking at this saying you know what. This negative in this while I was there and I last year so now that's a consternation and saying this could be it. This could be it for this run we want to get out before it gets bad idea I think it's that wind you know before it gets bad but wind to get out when the right opportunity comes along to. I mean also wanted to come get out because you getting offered life changing money as a head coach in these opportunities these geeks don't come around all of I mean how long is banned. Since beat Daniels and really gotten another legitimate. Smith after failing the first time in Denver Ian wait years he failed again. You'll get another shot. More often than not sell an end now maybe Lee Daniels feels like his future is here I don't know by. I guess I didn't look at that as much as negative as just a product those. You know this is this is what it is this is where the coaches have been around for twenty years wasn't going to last forever. As the brains and it brings it ID nine seasons left in him delicately wrought as China fines on stores its sights on him. Google and that's all right I'll give it breaks eaten Google in the next few minutes 6177797937. We get back to your phone calls and bloated lines next.