The Tom Brady is faking an injury conspiracy theorists are out there, and we get the Jacksonville perspective from Vito Stellino

Mut at Night
Thursday, January 18th

Mut is talking about the injury to Tom Brady's hand and thumb, and how or why some people think it's a made-up injury. We also talk with Hall of Famer Vito Stellino, who has been covering the NFL for six decades, about the Jacksonville Jaguars and if they pose a serious threat to the Patriots.


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Here's my. Talk Sports Radio tell you we. In the league for. Yeah this I guess the start of the first. Started 63 in Detroit. Spent a couple years an hour winds of 66 through today. And they are considerable blowing around him compatible doing. Did you ever imagined. That is the voice of vetoes the Leno we've been talking about all week on the show you we'll join us. Way fifty minutes and now 730 we'll get veto state. On the Tom Brady news how it's affecting the folks in Jacksonville what he expects. From this game he will join us at 730 you'll join us all light long at 617779. 7937. The phone number on Twitter 24 hours today. Seven days a week at mutt and UT WEEI's. Story today is Tom Brady doing the right hand injury. Specifically right thumb injury according to most the pictures of practice today for the media portion of practice had him with some sort of brace or something on that hand. Underneath a glove and so the question is. How is gonna affect Brady. Angles to expect in the play on Sunday but. If he doesn't play with the impact and obviously going for Brady to a lawyer is significant story will talk about over the course. Of the night here. Many people weighing in on this injury or get their calls on it as well 6177797937. Including. I'd Dan Orlovsky played quarterback at University of Connecticut. Went on to. Eight career in the NFL didn't have a an amazing run but he played in the league. Any responded to might Shia parties tweet. With the thumbs whom did today. I a couple of hours ago GRE took the picture the farm which you've probably seen by now. But to some sort of wrapped underneath the race and then something on that bomb some sort of raise some sort of somebody keep it in place where it is odd the general lost he responded on Twitter I've done that same injury to my hand and practiced before. It's as pro football talk Brittany from wrong my swelling looked worse than it fell because of the bruise slash jam is trauma. To a small area. Looks worse than it feels. Especially on the phone. I'm he said he did back in 2008. I know some guys who have played would ligament damage in their fingers were I can remember is enough for others I know it's more can I grit pick good. Rather than a pain issue. And that's why today's significant. At least in my mind and I don't believe this is some sort of conspiracy by the patriots I don't think this is some sort of subterfuge to try to get Jacksonville. All all looking one way libraries really healthy and and not practicing. Three days out of the AFC championship game. They got about their practice for a little dog and pony show yes he was there and then listed him as did not practice this game. I don't think you went out there. And throw a football for the first time outside Nicole with a glove. And they said okay shut it down to. They would not put him out there on the practice field to do anything. Before they had yet whether it was in the bubble or somewhere in the locker over something. Cast doubt that handy news. And able to get some sort of idea of grief gripped it could he throw. And they must have established apple forehand or they established for forehand. Then he can potentially do more damage to. And hurt that far more want to get out there if you threw a footballer Thursday it's in the bruising was so much of trying to let the bruising subside. The fact that he get out there and it didn't the row. Mean they try to throw before. And they saw the result either like in an opposite don't worry about it today or so painful for Tommy couldn't do it. And a fact that they then went hitless and did not practice at all. Not limited like OK could do certain things. Did not practice. Tom Brady did not miss a Thursday practice this year. He was there I miss some Wednesday practices. But according to guys the beat he did not miss a Wednesday by a Thursday practice. At all. One of the guys that I talked to today they said that in their mind they couldn't remember. Any situation worry player except for an illness. Or a family issue. Would missed practice on Friday and then play in the game on Sunday. And I understand that Brady's quarterback so it's a little bit different and maybe he could get out there and play. Without actual practice Thursday or Friday but that would seem like an awfully long shot. Especially considering guys in the beat don't remember a guy. Who did not practice on Friday for hitting less than he had an illness that day. And it found a way to play on Sunday. I doubt three you're dealing with here is a patriots and the reality that. Okay it might not mean much today. If you were to not practice tomorrow it be awfully significant at least in my mind. And I don't think they can what would Brian Hoyer quarterback I don't we asked you questions up the top of the show tonight one of those was. Can't they win with Brian Hoyer quarterback. My answer would be no breeze to import of the offense the drop off as too much from Brady did the Brian Hoyer and British makes the other the the other guys in the team so much better. It's not just that Brady is that good it's that when you're that good at that position. Evan dole is better and Hogan's better and cooks is better in the L Lewis is better arm Birkhead is better the only got the you'd say. I he's probably is as good it would Brady is anybody else because of just as your ability is Rob Gronkowski. I'd Rob Gronkowski gonna be a hall of Famer and you know Brady's gonna help them do that but. It feels like physically he'd be a hall of Famer with or without you know hall of fame quarterback like Brady. So probably still be really tough cover grumble probably really played a pipe well that game. Everybody else. I would of the same fate that anybody on that team will operate. We said for years how he does the most with the least offensively guys that. Have come here to playing guys that were not description Wes Welker is it in Miami is a part time peace and patriots recognized something in him bring them here bowl. Won a best slot receivers of all time. That story goes over and over and over again guys who came here worked with Brady. And became much better players because of it. Brian Hoyer is a functional NFL quarterback he's not somebody who makes the guys around him better and against a Jacksonville defense. That's first in points second in sacks first and picks they do everything well. Everyone's got to be elevated. I think the patriots if Tom Brady is. Helping in this game. They roll Jacksonville. I talked about it all week this week. I think probably still win the game it Brady's limited. Aiken at least throw the football. Ought in this game on Sunday. But if he's severely hampered by the farm. If he can't cryptic he can't throw it. And he can't get the waters have troubled the ball. Or you know god forbid it ends up being Brian Hoyer started the game I don't think they can win. That's ram right now not fit the team is bad around that the pictures are bad team but Jacksonville. That's with every game they can't win with a against date turnover prone quarterback like Brian Hoyer. I'm pretty confident they would find a way to turn Brian Hoyer over in that game. And slow him down in the idea idea of getting into the thirties. With Bryan Corey to quarterback seems. Almost impossible to me we've Brady I'm not gonna be shocked at all. Big up there and score thirty points. I go back in May this is unfair but. The chiefs and Texans two years ago I should sorry this we get to two January's ago January 9 2016. Texans she spent the playoff Brian lawyers the quarterback for the Texans. Admittedly they're home dog and I came there at all they were three point dogs the Kansas City. Here's the Brian Hoyer led Texans drive chart from that game. I remember this. Much to. Closely. And much too vividly because I had bet heavily on Houston and that defense and Brian Hoyer. And watched it I know exactly where I was watching this game. In Groton Massachusetts. And viewers the Texans drive that day holy smokes twelve drives the should be pretty quick. Punt kick fumble on to pick pick half. Punt punt downed interception punt. Their best drive that game was the and a half. Either punted retarded over on every other possession. That is not a mystery folks. On pick fumble on pick pick half. Putt putt downs interception and one punt there at the end. In the fourth quarter. Punt in that point there are getting beat soap was thirty nothing with the final. Get beat so bad there in the fort asteroids as part. Route this thing. Oh and six was Sampras Cisco this year. Before I believe being benched for seated at their use of other things their quarterback their this year. There were people on the station who suggest the one of the reasons why. Patriots targeted San Francisco for trade was because they knew they get a backup quarterback and return. But that essentially heard from the 49ers what we're gonna wave Brian Hoyer and wanted to guide the new their system. Come back to the French as part of the return. We shall see on Sunday if fiesta playing this game I have zero faith. In that happening now as one of the questions we ask the other question alt top last throughout the course of the night. Do you believe that there's actual injury there with Brady or is this the patriots is is a conspiracy and it's conspiracy explain to me why they are doing it how they are doing it. Kevin Pineda could get back your phones here Mott at night's Sports Radio W we ya I getting together. It meant you know I I I think what happened very I think yeah action that the camp and oh what frustrates me just so that's. Just man up it in in pullout and press conference I understand why are they getting to ask an expert on. Why don't you just go out Thursday its people crap that I think Billy works of art does that. You know I get so I don't wanna speak to the media but that standard and B if he oral lying to execute game. While it is clear there they say are mine and you know what I'll be ready for Sunday and then there's the board truck are. It's just exhausting out. Now we're gonna talk about it for however many they suck and so we can't just because they wanna be. It. Yeah I wonder if they'll be sciele lot of Kevin or there's an issue with today specifically. What kind of wrapping up the word is handed while there I I I greet you they probably could've. Put some of those arrests by just having him do one press conference even as recently as yesterday carries of the good point why not do yesterday. And then from there the rest of the week c.'s deal medical true at least least then. You spoke to the media got out of the way. And I I got to believe they know that's maybe yesterday that the extra were so important. That they had to get it done during that timeframe I'm not sure. But I'd get Kevin's point and my only counterbalance to be that. You and it is wanna show people the injury looks like. Does one have a brace on it puzzle were gloves. Out to the podium. He had a less Brady says about this less the patriots say about it the more dummies like me. Are going to speculate on the air. And it's not just me it's the biggest story in the country right now Vegas with the game point half. Every fifteen minutes into an update on the NFL network talking about his hand former players are tweeting out. We mentioned a general loss you'll get that I Donte' Stallworth you're a bit as well he's giving his thoughts on it via social media. And and killed as any sort of solid concrete news we're gonna keep talking about I'm hopeful between now and 10 o'clock that like last I would care to reach inner source is telling her that. You know Brady's okay heard it on a handoff and a poly play on Sunday. That we get something tonight from a source. And if we get a good a year here between now and ten with the Bruins and Celtics playing this the only place to hear a lot of the minute news on breed is the David reading on the game on Sunday Heidi. They don't a good thing. While much first of all thank future for your show every night they I listen to the tail end of keynesian morning. Is the only wanted to tolerate more than five minutes on that so it's enjoyable book. There you go on and in the evening. Yeah apple way that Dave the IC is say thank you for calling. Institute that it considers involved whatsoever I think that it pages might be messing with the yet I don't see them messing with. The jaguar but I don't I think I think Brady will play but the reassurance comes in the fact it even worse case scenario he doesn't play. Belichick's been here before he we have to put our feet back in. And in the system and I would remind everybody that. You know in the AFC wild card game. That was. One of the obvious performances I've ever seen by two teams I just want to actually go a terrible wouldn't follow up. At a Belichick cancel that offense with the defense after them step up. To have to have and so anymore bit. You know chains guard doesn't need to be filled by Brady absence but it it did I think that's where you're you're back to their Belcher. Yeah Belichick would be the guy based on faith and I agree that you can't have faith in order. Fifteen of 34 now playoff start. 136. No touchdowns four picks thirty nothing Kansas City. You can have faith in Horry got faith in the coaching staff. Under I usually dial be enough I mean you would it would almost around like for me if poitier plays in the game. I've been saying all week that note 345. Certain things about to happen for Jacksonville will win. I flip it around a little bit young now Brian Hoyer can't turn the ball over now the patriots have to get a lead and now they got to work it's just it's almost all this other stuff would happen happen. If that was the case by you still the best coach in the history of football but it's short it's a short window now if we believe the injury was it was a re injury yesterday. And up until Wednesday game week the Brady was expected to play announcer and questioned and era best quarterbacks coach of all time Belichick that is a short window to get it done. Like it mauled and on the AFC title game like you're on WB yeah. There are eager to hear your excellent like some. I just wonder usher inducted. A public patience and like nice and it's like a lot of people are. Being very dismissive towards. Jacksonville I watched the game. It's Steelers in a took what he took the Steelers. Probably for. A meeting place to even make taking competitors. Which for reality regardless of who's quarterback. I don't see even Tom Brady. Making those girls or our receivers. Coming up with those kind of catch us. To be competitive so. The reds on the the touchdowns were a real high degree of difficulty but eight you have to admit though might be. To get down in the red zone they org they were written guy's name dance McDonnell and Eli Rogers and mark Davies Bryant up and down right down the middle. All that Pittsburgh defense out of the brown catch were usually be unveiled catch and accordions on your right was was pretty sick but. They moved the ball pretty comfortably. Against the middle that Jacksonville defense in the second half to set up those touchdowns. Yeah I mean towards our look like for meeting place that they had to make even make that competitive. So you can reach me district debt. The real serious chance that he just hit it to use all game long by the Jacksonville defense may be. The other thing I would say if you wanna look at backing specifically like that I'll that would happen again and thanks for the call. Probably portals was five for five in the red zone scored touchdowns and five trips and none of morals and they score all five times touchdowns. That seems very unlikely on the road. At New England on on Sunday so you're right that the degree of populist those touchdowns huge for Pittsburgh. The brown plan a boy it was out of this freaking world. By morals of the things or his ways well and that process. Good calls here to start this out continue with those coming up at 6177797937. Donte' Stallworth is weighted. I he was injured back today for the patriots he explains. How Bill Belichick handled those injuries are double the and Wes walker practice and ties directly into. Are potentially Brady's injury so we'll get to that and we're talking about getting a guest on the show one guest in particular we've had no guests all week on the show one and one guest we got. Vetoes the Leno who covers the Jacksonville Jaguars are the NFL like sixty years. Will get his take on Brady's injury and actually make a case for the jags win this game we'll talk to veto and get your phone calls next. The breakdown continues patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday at Gillette Stadium 305 your kick off it was in the game. Right here on WEEI begin with the preamble actually will have NFL Sunday for an extended edition that beginning. And 9 AM on Sunday morning. Wanna get a view from Jacksonville on this game this weekend and who better talk to the guys recovering. The sports scene and the NFL for six decades of next six plus decades he's beat mostly know the whole thing sportswriter. He is based in Jackson Billy can find them on Twitter can Bynum reveals Leno dot com. And he joins us here on the program veto it's like here in Boston good evening how are you. Just signed. But it is no apparent. I'll lot of snow up here realize gonna rub it in town a lot of lot of snow up here. It's freezing. Their own more frigid morning I don't I don't believe that we'll be a lot more snow for one of these teams when they go to Minnesota. In a couple of Sundays I wanna start get the reaction for you you've been right about Brady's gain entry last couple days. We find out today that he's not going to didn't practice today veto he's not gonna be made available to the media at least tomorrow. If he would not play I would that be in a spot where you people would now think in Jacksonville they can win this game on Sunday. I'm definitely having you know go good head lawyer had gone against complicated and as. They'll just because he can he can begin the comparative difference. I think. I think if they played in order to attack or is actually a pretty just when he deal with the with the defense. I agree with you I think if Brian Hoyer asked to play any significant amount than Jacksonville could come at a Gillette Stadium when the game you you wrote about this the beginning we before in the Brady stuff. You wrote about that the wicker sham story you wrote about. The patriots and along the lines of get your popcorn ready because this thing might explode the patriots felt when I got the impression reading your your post your website. BO US hoping for that you wanna see the implosion here in the weight of this thing fallen apart of the patriots don't win. While I'm hoping for that but I just think today that it has had to get the popcorn ready it would be a fascinating story. Because. We still don't know why would you trade could upload limit committed. It just gave it may actually don't senate's lead. Participants and I don't know if it is pretty it would hurt. And gobbled gonna start woke up on the big psychological war she elevated. There would not keep subsequently right now but you know I think he'll pick you still win that but delete themselves. Widget with Reuters your only alternative. When you didn't have to treated. You know when they did it you know you still there franchisee next year mean. At least the whole story did. I mean apparently crashed had to have you know rovers and I don't. I was totally get paid grow up well because big user guides. Well why did Belichick Dooley Dooley did regularly gets a comptek campaign. Was a candidate for the peaking you know OK okay the boss wants until it does give blame me. They're just so many questions that we. We don't know about of course you know the patriots beat the patriots to get a lot of answers so I just think it's a fascinating story. And and we'll continue next year and even if tiger should know birdies retired Acropolis in Italy quarterback. People still say why hasn't given it acknowledges. The whole thing is is probably not read that. Did you aviator did you believe the ESPN's story do you believe having covered that the NFL for six decades of that sort of thing could happen in the front office where. The owner would that crap let's say develop check when you read the wicker chanting did you buy it when you read it. I think. But I think basically. It was truly go and it still may be. You know can actually act currencies broadly known actual specifics that. I think the there was also reported that the reason we're going to be after the season while there was no problem while it is true that have to be after the season you know. And I can kind of understand that the two sides. Crap that does not want to. If you wanted to play along that you can play but I can certainly understand. What they need these New England geez that Penner Gannett. They'll check you know the sentimental bone in his body if he decides that the Acropolis to the future. He's ready to remove so you can understand that you but. After the elderly people hostage you know. I mean what Belichick couldn't say okay you want if you want to. Complicated. Go trying to coach okay you know in Canada natural. I could help bottle. He could help Montreal like you said it could have kept them in this would not be as much of an issue. With the Brady injured talking a whole thing sportswriter vetoes the Leno based in Jacksonville. Nationally veto it feels like. The nation is rooting for Jacksonville they are America's team on Sunday they're sick of the patriots they are sick of Brady do you get. That sense that you or that team that Jacksonville team is one that people every rooting for for a lot of reasons on Sunday. Why don't they can so I think he's the media the TV networks probably you know Rudy could have been kind of a new face in the and the in the Super Bowl. You know tennis to draw territory you know can K okay. You know the picture story that day. It's it is amazing that they had to become more of the national T probably save one used to keep people gravitate. Toward winning teams have an excuse to cowboys should pay attackers hit national problems. Pictures probably still pretty much New England now because. Because of their history and the way they've acted now last so galactic is no question that. That anybody else had no north of the television jaguars. Went pretty healthy day you know until the patriots until. In two. He's still got to think they. The elder under heavy favorite no Latino would look for good reason they've. We don't know which national and international communicates TP pistons twice and lost to. Tennessee places you know it picked it as field in Austin who. Policy that Jackson overtime and yet allows the jets in overtime that that's the question to be the reason why all week. If I'm I can pick Jacksonville. Because of the quarterback about if I suggest that Blake portals is one of the you know five or six worst quarterbacks in the NFL right now be Dotel we allow wrong. I would argue well he a little the word worst piece. Very very consistent he had some good games. But she didn't just never know which you know which one he's gonna show up. Sometimes you put okay and then and when he did have a turnover they win them when he turns it over that you do you also. But I think the big mistake was patient medical and amnesty advocate as a quarterback. If they had a you know even. Was Hemmer what Chad Henne was morals are heading to start the year. Yeah have a good sense he'd had to go out and get somebody you know Hamid. That they executive got kkk kingdom you know because those were hurt. Back triggers certain kids skepticism. And look what happened you know he kept savage. A guy that you could depend and in an emergency take things in the. The Hague may be. I think what we'll play best putters on our expectations and you know these big hundred against patriots you might have hey let us lose tactic meant you know maybe surprised mr. The way played against Tennessee to build. We respect all the rules ought to see the answers pale orange and tried to offer that the defense could not carry it you know that. But what people forget those scheduled for one big enough piece to quarterback of breed stature throughout the whole playoffs. You know again he got hurt in the conference title game. And they take Jerry Calderon is comparable. Because you know ultimately these calculator weather we've played her girl left put. Yeah I know the good quarterback matchup has its base so it is it is a huge. I the other the other narrative that I can't wrap my head around and in Uganda wrote about a little bit is this this tomko awful thing where people are I'm flexibly to Tom Coughlin at 71 years of age is the book is the boogie man veto he's gonna. He's gonna scare Belichick do you think that Tom Coughlin as any. Tangible impact on Jacksonville winning or losing on Sunday. All right thank you keep a positive impact of the team and and I think there there's so once and securing Belichick and it is. He called fatigued at twice its head could rush to pastor could rush. Brady was with a four man rush. And and they held in the fourteen and seventeen points I think that's the. You know that's an. You know he's he's changed the culture that is. A lot of pieces were placed before he got here so. Image of good story that I don't think it's it's. You know accused of coaching and hold hands and it might be more of the story but you know lists how nagging suitcase like well he'll help indicate that you can't. General and took. Involved in the game planning is that we complete Atlanta coach did you counsel. That's a good story and we elect like it and that's government that. A I just figured it's a comparison because the patent laws toward the TP post which had the team. He played or rush the passer and a huge network has the better secondary that this guy is to it but they also had. Eli Manning. As quarterback Mickelson fourth period drive so I don't think. We expect Blake portals to do. I can't I can't compare those two at as of right now beetle get a four get your your final score the skins repeat pick the game. I know that you serve duck our country in the army you're drafted the army's party your eye your start covering football you've got to the army so his curious. Your reaction this year with was the book one of the bigger topics all season the NFL. And that was players in dealing for the anthem wasn't an issue in Jacksonville was your take on the whole thing. Well. It is supposed it was an issue this is very conservative military talent. There are people complaining and actually gave kicker because I think it was a very small. A lot of refunds and. Me you know it and watch it needs you know started when he does that keep you raced across so. I don't think it was you know that big a factor and also has has talked I got involved it would have been nowhere near the story that might prevent true. And and of course jaguars got involved preserved they play for that's Sunday after closing comments in London. The owner kind of held on to everything else. But I bet my basic take history that's why we didn't have never had drafted I volunteered blood. It's protect depreciation that will force can vote. So I have little. Dole. No qualms at Louisville Lou what what they've done. And and they cannot get to an end when anti flag flag that the whole point total was. Whether you know the the number of bottled black pen getting killed you know that's true that in that was a point. And I think you were simply nobody say Kaplan commitment of I think you know. It's just inexplicable said the team had to. They don't have portable. I think you got to the point where you sign cap predict the veto you you do work in the eager for some some franchise a specially they're gonna have to explain to their fan base. Because he became the head of all this stuff so I'm I'm sure at some level he had the skills to do it but as a team. I understand why people understood why an owner didn't want to explain to his fan base. Why they sign it's got to be a backup quarterback if he's gonna affect their overall products they all the fielder from eight. Our revenue perspective that would that be might take on that no road gets out on this though. I know we don't know Brady's status we I think he's gonna play that he's hurt I coastal try to go on Sunday. Did you pick Jackson built to win this thing appeared going on Sunday afternoon. Andre you played and insinuated here. What Brady is it just didn't do it too many times. You know one of these years and he won't get to do it. A computer television of a slow decline in order to what you are just you know fall off the full of cable let's. The way he's played all year he plays that way. And I also love this world of football I have made great pointed roll excursions the the giants. Taken Super Bowls could calculus to college the first one ankle injury. And so one only had two catches. In a message here. I'll leave. Played good defense it is kind of you know cover him so I think it ladies helped me. He hit that means is that hey there's always surprised that a ticket to the chocolate didn't it didn't expect. You know respect agent can read it will be very important project so consistently good bit of magical season isn't it nice that the franchise of fit and finish what to some bullet with just being actually huge. But it still been a great season for them to help their season tickets going forward yeah and energize professionalism. And it. What is does tend to be a tough game now it helps that they're so young they don't read understand what you're getting until you know so maybe. I don't think they feel pressure because hey then they just play him. But. Albeit off. I I've enjoyed the coverage all week to be for back do you view from June that Jackson goes he's bee bee honestly no doc common veto we can bomb went pretty confine a pretty easy. Feel great stuff thanks had taken a few minutes of talk in football and I enjoy the weekend. There you go it's vetoes the Leno I was hoping to get them all week good job paddy no good job Chris Curtis. Unit recoverable ball for six decades. Has more energy and life than 90% of the callers who called the station. Veto brought it patio he gave your football he gave you Jacksonville he gave you trump he gave you the whole thing. And he is ours and did not to weed out any links to anything. Unsavory during the process so good job by veto given us a take from Jacksonville. Excellent work will come back and talk to you guys Alex Roemer. It was the same ages veto he will join us here are just out 3 o'clock youthful calls throughout. At 61777979837. The latest on Brady and what Donte' Stallworth said. About Brady's injury next. If you break off so I don't think it was you know does that factor and also head. Hit fourth I got involved that would be the good lord hear the stories that might have been true. And and of course jaguars got involved because that they've played her does that Sunday after program to combat the London and it. The owner kind of held on everything else. On American treasure veto Selena joining us here on the program more life than half you've done callers calling. You Brady conspiracy takes delay your thumb hurts that's a real American six decades covering football. Served our country. Dinah talk to veto any says occasional we got a link to something that might be unsavory means who'd who wasn't on that. Who hasn't done that. Dante stalwart tweeting out last couple hours. You read quote Tweety show after we said and so three days for the AFC championship game Tom Brady did not practice did was hand injury. Donte' Stallworth replied what this says to me is Tommy's injuries significant enough to aggravated if you practice so they held about. Which is an important day in the passing game Thursday's third downs but. Quote from Belichick is all worth quoting Belichick. The most important thing is the health of the team. He writes in 2007 Wes and I were held out of a Thursday practice bill came in and told the team I said in our very first meeting. Nothing is more important and help this team. We've got some guys banged up we're gonna walk through today's practice. He improvised day Thursday practice was to put the longest day of the work week is most running wide receivers for the whole team to maintain the team's health. The patriots will not hagel patriots will not have a player practice total aggregate aggregate. Aggravate the injury cheese especially to go to England go icon there at the end. He believes that it's at least a significant and up injury that it would have been aggravated. And that they'll be able to make this thing work that is Stallworth who dealt with an injury. With the patriots at the receiver positions a little bit different quarterback. But giving idea of a player who played for Belichick how he thinks he deals are with injuries like this. I'm Max or Rhode Island waiting patiently he's next up at 61777979837. And acts. As the event. The democratic a quick theory that you know hypothetically say it pretty did not plan on Sunday. Yeah it is and that he beating little extra careful. Where is Tom. Due to all the drama turns team in recent weeks and you can't story and maybe more concerned about his own personal brand gone forward and would rather not take a risk at. You know. A slightly injured becomes something more serious. And missing it missing day AFC title game because it. Correct no I I I I I believe in a lot of conspiracy theories that one especially given that. Who knows how many chances Brady has to get back to this game no I don't think he'd be protective of the TB twelve Brandon. I'm in order to and in essence miss the game because of that now. But it turned out there I think you know these guys want icons and it's clearly. Looking toward the future with a TD twelve brand and just think maybe it's going to keep you and I am well. Say this and other side of it Max and thanks for the call I get ends up being a positive for. The TB twelve brand if it was a decent injury like a oats and it not significant will call a moderate injury. Brady goes out and plays well on Sunday. Right David shall listed at three different injuries he could have. Least severe moderate any plays well guess what guess little credit guess what everyone's democratic TB twelve. The credit TB twelve and Guerrero and liability for that's huge for Brady. He might not play well on and on Sunday because of the injury. Team I guess is a chance he might not play in a worst case scenario he doesn't play at all. I think there is that that's it in the less than 5% territory at this point. I the majority of people would agree say 95% of us would say he's at least gonna try to give it ago. He's got to try to start this game. It would be seem almost impossible. To see Brady just give back out altogether unless he can't grip the football guess. ID one reason why at this point he wouldn't do it. But other than that he is absolutely positively. Getting gonna be out there. And at the backward in this situation. Ot bring brings up the next question here I started this show with two questions one at. As he patriots fan do you think they can win a if Brian lawyers got to play a significant about this game since the start and play throughout canned the patriots beat Jacksonville. Op with Brian Hoyer starter. And number two do you believe is an injury or are you buying into this. Conspiracy theory. That people are painting now that this is not a real injury and this is Kiki pray away from the podium. Odd that this is Belichick try to create a mind game for Jacksonville. Both the to question the start with we'll get to though that 61777979837. I save question three. Off for re very good in here because he has written a lot about Brady Belichick a rumpled this year and honestly that is the next question. And that is if the eventual worst case scenario happens and Brian freaking Hoyer. Asked the play in this game on Sunday and they lose to Jacksonville thanks to Brian Hoyer who's gonna take the blame based all we know right now. Pella checker craft. That can be becomes a really really interesting story in subplot to what might happen on Sunday. So Alice is here you'll join us in studio we'll talk about that with you guys until 10 o'clock and then he'll be here until midnight which covered all the way for the next four hours right here. On Sports Radio WE yeah.