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Saturday, August 19th

Hour 1. Alex Reimer is in for Trenni alongside John Tomase and they are talking about all the issues. They delve heavily into the Yawkey Way name change and racism in the city of Boston. They also discuss the rallies in the Boston Commons, in which thousands of counter protestors showed up.


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These trainee and tomorrow using non Sports Radio WEEI you dreading this and Eric and John's a mossy break down everything with a packs the Bruins and all that week when sports. So it. It's trendy until moxie plus Sports Radio WEEI. And. Nice. I hear mostly taught me the phenom Alex leaner. Thank you Matt much appreciated. That's no again we don't even media golfing game that's that that's that they know what the people know what they're hearing and Allison to not cut. This might be the most unpopular shown WEEI history to glossy and you know again I will say when I found out trying to it was in Ambien I called jelly I'm like I want Roemer I want Roemer and here I was the only person knew the audience dislikes more than trainee. As Ernie and you. I don't know let's see we should do that one point oh there are mentions and see who gets it wears and I turn mine off the trick like turn my office locks are used to have a month turn them off over the last couple of months but I still check in like. Incessantly you have a checkered I haven't figured out an easy way to do it just got others are under the went on way to search your name's Regina asked nicer if I add on that you know I don't have energy for America now what you've been hearing is same insults like it yes pretty much pretty much exact same one he had to bag gets votes. Having the same ones for 89 months so it get a little tired it's still a little frets that little. Fresh and new for me but I'm only here to 1 o'clock in college reaper comes and I think the reason they did that. Is because who are you gonna have so much violence and destruction in Boston today with the free speech rally down the common. They don't want to stick four hours. Hours agreements and now because we're gonna inflame the tensions going to like Lehman that tensions right so we are going to be I know you know we're gonna do like we're gonna rally the ante for or against you file however he's out Callahan says that David duke is a mean a person I think in teeth. Isn't me. I don't what they are who they are who is AT. If you look pretty tell me all they tell me who their leaders you're here. Guess that's that is definitely me what you could name many leaders of the ought right now or Kurt I don't named sue and that wasn't enough for them and and you you. Mentioned just a couple times you were not happy with how you came across on on the show this to now and you know what so. I went on their Thursday as girding for a fight I was ready you're ready I had like us as it is there is and the first hour and a half I think I gave as good as I got right and then I committed the cardinal sin and I wanna get in this market Espinosa on this obviously. But I want as I get into a committed the cardinal sins of Turkey to now and what is now. I like Kirk anonymous again and I I've never done that before I go in there. And whatever they say I take it and I think it drives them a little crazy because I don't react you know viscerally now. He got your eyes and he got under my skin early and I let it happen and Matt. Let's just let's just set up here's an example. We'll commercial on the shot a lot. As quick. It was so bad idea that you wanted to send out more none I know that. We'll commercial on the shot on release. Day all cry he decided that both sides were it didn't nice kid that was the topic is about inclusion of this. This so what do you want me to say right this guy overreacted said the Cambridge police acted stupidly. Do you think they wrecked the stupid I do they did not tie you're wrong thinking yeah let's say that no matter. Because he wasn't Apple's popular okay cause I'm it doesn't believe it let Willie I don't I don't know I'm sick of you telling me what I do and don't believe so you can stop and evaluate an apple then go back to your house about the sleep it's illegal I don't know her own what is it just really thought at first I don't understand Nazis lead agent upset about a potential cost me now and so are the tricky draw with you you're not like never suggested otherwise. These islands so that's here to fall so someone stands up to you say you definitely don't want to be back for John McCain and I did so there's a country wants find you want do you want someone to argue with times. I don't want to only hire anybody at Atlantic debut ought to be a lamb that because I can do it if that's what you want on how are gonna do that where you can do that given you know. So as I was sitting there and realize that I wanted to punch cart in the face as he's as he sat there are bad smug look on his space because he knew. And that moment has like I just lost I just lost for the rest of the show. And what do they mean Betsy I would correct it goes the argument on the train to keep wrong on the value that means he doesn't have much slept I've. I mean I don't know I hope all I browse my whole point yeah I was like. That that's your comeback when I tell you enough of that and your immediate default is to sit there with that smirk on his face. And say leave if you wanna leave the train roller yes yes I doubt that generals not on I will roll right back to bed I have no problem that data and all NBA I mean you had a curtain Callahan and firm optic for five months I feel like. From the election until the spring it was a really had quite an eye on it wasn't a ban I didn't ask. Asked to beyond because I generally don't do that's not how I'm mark. And they didn't ask but there was no explicit ban and I certainly and candidate as nicely and literally did not lose now got more sleep at four and clarity on still sleeping every day. But the idea of Kirk getting under my skin. It got worse as the show. White supremacists. Celebrating his comments. Why is David duke celebrating you are they misinterpreting the dog whistles that's your defense feasible or give it some more. Actually no I don't really helping write the Marshall I don't think he's a more because I've you've got in a position that's where defense is because I loved that stuff position one he's he's a leader of a national movement I don't know why you probably got that position of what's this what's is not being able to have my president all of you people obviously yeah. You are quite fit in you know what's do better which is I believe what is his title search is former leader of the land we just act like a guy. That's his third day on Sarah David duke yes I'd say is a Smart and he's a demagogue he has you know Hamid. I mean I didn't know all these people exist today mean they are out in the open. They really act we're seeing them to comment today we summoned shards the last week. I think David due to Smart I tag is literally are our governor forgot they ran for senate whatever kind and the fact that people follow him. Like you said he's seminaries in affected them and George H. W. Bush denounced it in 1991 when he ran for senate eyewear and not from watching reach some out out this week gassing actually excellent history lesson. About history of the clan dating back in the 1920s. Yet but a SE but that's that's the old Turkey counts you know get eating name as an end a an innocuous specific. That doesn't really. Yes you know any of it the right thing you citizen might when you could name I name Richard Spencer and David duke I'm Danny and they want and the fact of the matter is if I had said Milo. Then it would have been who see who does he lead who were his followers I want all their names this is what I fell and every Kirk trapped there is and I'd regret it. C but I still you still buy it and youthful energy like that sometimes is not what you say John it's it's how you say not for me and you were full of (%expletive) and vinegar I liked it you're passionate ready to ego. But this tried I've had a manager incurred a million times and colleagues in tweeters. Do you think Donald Trump does not see no I don't but I think he answers to Nazis are. I don't see what's so hard about that argument and he sought this week. Humorous time entered in as you see it throughout his presidency goes where the first you know that's his base those are the first people who latched onto his campaign two years ago and now. They'd seen the light there out in the open. That's what was amazing to me the fact that these people were anonymous chat room forts and just dregs of humanity and now they feel emboldened to quite literally step out into the lightly he says I see more of them today embossed. I think today's ride is gonna be beatable and turns to chaos perspective. You're looking for chaos yet we got to the barricades apple it'll police on a bike camping backs and this is Lyle lowered this is Boston to how much stating the NT I EDT for folks if you how much to think the anti fascists who outnumbered the the facets here to. And 110 and I. It was the reverse of that and so it was reverse that starts all right and it was it was it was disgusting weep for our country continues on and I'm in the minority. Not in Jos on this like we said but within an out I'm not anymore optimistic there and I think trump trump is the problem with the trump white house of course the simplest maps and you know one of the arguments we got in was. Is how he's handled this situation impeachable you know and again this is typical this is like. You don't put aside the context of everything else he has done because in Kirk's world that's how you make an argument no no ignore that. Is just this particular thing enough to impeach him and it's like okay no knock this one particular thing but. Is he fit to be president when he refuses to denounce white supremacist. And when he lets them out into the light. No but the one thing at least I'll always give some credit for is he is who we days not a pet I mean he panders to the Nazis in a space. To everybody else like Mitt Romney is a guy like can't stand right so he. Accepts Trump's endorsement in 2012. At the height of the bird terrorism non sense yeah and now for five years later when it's. Fashionable to denounce trump he writes a long school reading posted on Twitter. Mitt Romney. I had zero at least trump is two years. Yeah there's an eye on guns was more than willing to come crawling into them tomorrow I'd go right to be like yes sir I will be your secretary yes they don't want that did yeah it's it's a good day. It's a great gig especially if you don't you know wanna spend any of the money hire any other people if you wanted to be your own little kingdom it's a great but you know that the bar's set so low champion he can do this all the time I imagine there is report out that Obama called the White House you know I I don't like trump did support Obama in a phone call the foreign leader. Ott said that New Hampshire is a drug infested Dan I mean you think I think there be any outrage about that. Come on GAAP requires a lot I mean let's just say this is obviously taking into an extreme but let's say it was an crisis sympathize and crowd right that. Drove MacArthur people in Charlottesville and there are people they're trying to stop them. In those people are using their fists and is Jerry like to say one of the matter aflame bureau as a write it in a teapot standard issue. Would we be saying that it was on both sides it was on both sides of course not and and that's a great point too you know we talk all the time about how these radical Muslim extremists get. Radicalized on the Internet what's happening here. With the Nazis that the kkk the white supremacists they're getting radicalized on the Internet with all these message boards and right are playing a role on that it's the same exact. King and Gerry Italians the world on Obama not kind radical Islamic terrorism by its name. Donald Trump did not call terrorism last week its name and we have homegrown terrorists there. Thousands in out there in this country and they were at Charlottesville last week I'm not sure how many will be in Boston today by. We'll keep an on it for the people that yeah I mean what will dent the stats are in the last say eight to ten years you are ten times more likely to be murdered right. By a white supremacist than anyone on the right in on that note though that night and he thought. Whatever NT thing what we are at or snowflakes. Are we snowflakes or violence militant silent killer which ones are. In about two or at least you get some fear into people may be we can be vote the other thing that's frustrating about that show him and it. Is when. You. Make what you think it's an obvious points right. It's such as being against the Nazis. Yeah battle that goes that saying but trump being dragged kicking and screaming to the podium on Saturday out to you know to give his half hearted. Angry he was it was like a kid being forced to eat his carrots a dinner like. You know just this look of discussing his face but he got he choked it Rachel and he took the words. And then the very next day or two days later coming out and telling us what he really hot and somehow. It's not. Trust that nothing wrong Pasco obscenities doesn't want everything. Said one thing wrong and it was he wasn't being that he believes as Tom said the fine people on both sides. But I think he prefaced the press and there were some people who want to preserve that that dispatchers there is a restaurant there is no one who showed up at the acting you watch the vice video listened to the sound of them. Chanting about securities or does it was a great what are those people there for stature preservation stats nobody does it say no that's the so it's like when he said there are fine people on both sides this is their defense everything was a he's done he's a mark David duke tomorrow. Will trump was just dumb when he said that they're fine people blow Rick is that that was that was just dumb very calculated. That's an I would say yeah you know eight but he tried to speak you know let's golf back. Backs before he makes a statement off another great on. And then and then the next day he tweets about Max and conspiracy theory about some general who is daddy general pershing dating bulletin pigs bloody killing Muslims outlays is not true in the Philippines completely made up. And and that was his by the way that was his solution to Islamic terrorism if we just. Publicly execute these militants. Bill back off even though historically that war went on like another eleven years after he said that. It was wiped out there were no more no more. Muslim fanatics are 25 years that said well you know I Eddie to being too hard on yourself may Foreman so you know what it was all (%expletive) and vinegar is in is you're ready to Al. In you know any guys yet. Here's like saying here's the thing so when I go on there were those guys and you know this feeling ideal you're representing more than yourself in those situation and I'm representing Alex realize that the world needs this trend because now Eric's of the world's. And you do you toward the wade with a lot of weight on your shoulders Darren and I I I feel like I collapsed a little bit under that way to like cricket and in my scanned. M won't happen again guide what Jack and you did raise your voice I think mourn those four hours and you had the law I attitude or his carry on that show. I added I would that was the other thing that was amazing is how many senses I never got to finish and I know that's. Like I mealy mouth kind of thing but it's true like when I was re listening is like White House. And then finish that sentence our bats answer that sentence house horse by Internet show validate the classic too mossy Turkey time moment in my opinion is still your confrontation with Curt Schilling I think almost a year ago at this point debt ceiling was defending trumps. Comets were dating 1011 year old women yeah actually watch that clip a couple weeks' notice began showing on fox just arm. I'm a Mac what you've never seen your daughter's friends and found him attractive on the man but so we'll be keeping our eyes again this common I mean this it's like. And I'm selling it finally came via that he really he did it on the show out there. SL I've chilling acting is that much noise there and if if he's speaking at this free speech rights seems to be right up his. Right at his idol look at all the thousands of people there right now. That's like the worst place in the world and I'd rather be anywhere else I'm gonna drive home I'm gonna drive home through like came on you and you're not going to be hanging around the common today now with your teeth that people look at this marching the streets already I mean this looks awful. Doesn't it to be either Michael at an all these events is. Where's the doctor caddie goes out to the right I mean it's a long day out well antsy for their animals that they asked his image just due any security anti gas. This idea on each how do you think they fill those bags with your with they throw at people they are the police so it is a wild wild and balding at the common -- it's mossy here to 1 o'clock 617779. 79 through seven turned car radio goes on to mossy. You were ahead of the curve though on this jockey weight thing I do have to say. Great duty yeah I dot com archives which are backed up online back to order on line yes they were not lost the great work you dead has not been Boston to be at tests no we have resurrected it. I 2015. You're talking about the whole Redskins game controversy instead we end Boston do you not have a leg to stand on your because of yawkey way you work ahead of the curve and and John Henry two years later. Following yearly pay as least at Honda and I have an arrow that's never heard back yet this too personally email John Henry Michael Solomon late night email chaps so I know wee hours anyone who's covered the Red Sox for any length of time has received an email from John Henry at like 4:20 in the morning or 321 morning. The sports when he could almost be up early yeah three Tony you have not gone to bed that's the dogs out yeah that's the dads on it the no one balance wait rising 320s so John and of course big news. Cities haunted by it on to we're all on the same side of the jockey waning scenes I think by. I will say the timing which John Henry is a bit interesting here that this is the week. That he decides to be hot punted. By the abided by the street name I don't mind that I don't mind that I mean you know events in history often prompt action in this what's happening now prompts accident. He felt like it you know he says I'm gonna take him at his word that he's broached this with the Menino administration and went nowhere and actually buy that because Henrik. In the Kino have been outspoken since they took over this team. About confronting. The ugly history. And they've never shied from matzo to be one thing if we had never heard word one about this now suddenly it's coming out of nowhere as you know cravin. Pandering to Charlottesville and is a little pandering you gotten the timing of it is opportune. Yeah it is opportunistic. It is but in but it it may also be opportunistic and in a non pejorative sense where it's like hey this is something that we wanted to do now is on the negatives going. Although I will say at Fenway sports management and I saw a side that picture of the masthead or the other day. Not not not a lot of color pretty that I really like not a lot of Carly why it's like Aaron yes Jenny yeah I dot com only one voice matters in this debate it's not John Henry it's not the yawkey foundation. It is the black community in Boston today and my opinion and and this is my opinion at all the stuff I said with the Redskins name. The offending party should have the final say. In a black leaders stand up and say we are offended by the yawkey way name we get it shivered Donner spines every time we watch has been my part in C yet. That should be good that's good enough for me. It should be good enough real. That that's why I Don Imus I wanna hear the black community speak out and you're there concert as and I think that's the only voice that really matters yeah I'm and the thing that's always struck me about this if you are a black fans walking into Fenway. And this is where I will draw a distinction between what you take yankees came out this yet to take his name down and Dana Farber in your state has named an embarrassing now. You can honor his charitable works rock complicated people I don't know if you heard. Thomas Jefferson on slayer has to George what George as he didn't toward wash right and went and asked on race them what snacks yet we're gonna party differences Harriet Tubman on that on the bill and take George Washington they are traitors against their country they found the country sure I get a compact. Yeah but there the Sam who are the patriots to mossy where it's standing up from Washington and Jefferson there or not they're gonna trade in not Jefferson Davis Thomas Jefferson's right and so. But if you're black fan and I've always felt this way you're working on the document is that big giant banner stretched across welcome to yawkey way. It's it's like talked about not welcoming. Fans of collar. And it's almost like walking onto a plantation you can picture that same sign being in the yucky plantation like. A boy you follow the Iraqi way you'll do just fine. That's offensive to me that's why that should be taken down because and I'm sure they gonna play that sounder in the week. I don't care. I don't care that's true and that's. That's the message that you are sending your black beans and have sent to them for the last forty years I think we got the I think we got it Johns Monty says walking into Fenway Park is like walking into a slave plantation 617779. 79837. We'll take your calls now. That's a more with training until moxie about Sports Radio W we. You're linked to the all right and Nazis that no matter what if your member of the all right you have some knots in your clients and to yet you have some weights and I think that you think why she'll ask an endless and Coulter sensibilities. You love he's and I say yesterday you don't chilling and Coulter in. With James Shields and David duke again no they're not on that level but are they of Duke's Havana of so I don't know if you can just hand which now. Turn third radio to my Syrian or WEEI 61777979837. The Ann Coulter showing those are you David Duke's enabling its eight taped his message modified a bit. And then in a blast into the mainstream. Torre and and also this idea that the all right as anything other than. Nazis and white supremacists that that's actually not true I mean that all right is just a nicer name for white supremacist the AP just issued an update to its style guide we are no longer using the term all right. We're gonna call it what it is it's white supremacy candidate they're economically anxious to yeah he's trying to qualities you feel like they've been forgotten yet though Mel left behind it Charlie voters I made more money than Hillary voters. And you know there's the study do you know what the most. I'd likely determination what question you ask a potential voter that would reveal with the closest to 100% certainty who their gonna vote for. Is Barack Obama amongst. If they answered yes. They know it in 90% of those people voted for Ali's gana SATA Paul I think this week that over half of Republicans would be in favor of postponing. It's 1120 elect. Shouldn't. Because of pain because these illegal votes that never happens and when he sixteen and it is. But some Saddam is Saddam they just dumb unless he's harmless dummy his words are harmless 6177797. And 97. It's leadoff today with Jim Newberry port once talked about the rally going on as we speak in the Boston Common Jim good morning. Goes on for quite some routes that were taken a commercial port can be free to produce you definitely don't get to read you get like one minute ago. Oh yeah and I'm of course in you talk about cutting off curt not. Non seriously in the school Lee because you know one minute ago you got time is taken 22 seconds 38 guys. I. All you misinformed about the postponing election they said it was brought to. Virtual ball you like we still oppose new and where they go eight all into it. It's a fraud on election okay Utah that one thing about pandering. You you bought. Couldn't agree it would part of your agenda doesn't mean you're pandering to them. You know what look what part of the white supremacist ads and now it's let me finish environmental terrorists. Ten irritable. And senior triggering Tim what does mental notes. Hold on YouTube. And certain guys. Robert Byrd and his education network you want you know futures. Well I mean are you going to cheat. You know why. And that's why I missed all OK you've had enough time in thank you for your time unplugged. Just about the white supremacists now. It's a doll I'd it doesn't mean everybody but he never even says what he's disavowing it just says I disavowing and descend on him so that's about environmental terrorism and chemical terrorism are those of people protest like the the pipeline. And in the Dakota yeah I think I Robert little exotic and am now. Robert parry. Robert Byrd's Kate just a little history lessons now. Robert Byrd was in the Klan in the forties and their wives Hillary Clinton's humanitarian Hillary Clinton's mentor seek cried when he eats out. He then spent the rest of his life trying to make amends for that. That is a little bit different than say. Robert. Like how he sent the letters before he died said he was run. Not the same his whole life was about fighting Maine to Ainsley and I read some red one of these letters this morning in the failing New York Times it was a really inmate call he said that they eat eat slavery is morally wrong he said but. The blacks needed the punishment that the so well Jack I mean maybe go I think that sounds like someone that sounds like contrition to yes real real contrition. Tony and some laws and not sets monsignor. Teensy appearances hello Tony. Yes so. Real quick. You know and he you're basically. Saying because people think a certain way like it see you crackle like not count him Kirk. Like what they like they'd like clan in like like like this series turns out yeah Albany and they went and you know tight market and race. They're the current thing. But you comic I had a file OK for him come on and in defend himself was absolutely the right thing you take into retreat. Can't never hurt somebody. You know comment circular and we spread like what I'll leave their daughter it'll all. Get our vote at all. Yeah that's not saying that I'm gonna date earned ten years. And at a date parents and that was insane. When she's of age I am going to sleep with Eric that's that he was saying. Oh OK I won't judge him by the actual words that came out of his mouth. You know things. Okay. We had a little chip that's a look at your book and read what your other things that you couldn't paint dot com and most important thing now right I would I would it might work however. It's so bad double rainbow party went on down yet to be exact same thing all about. No actually wrong Tony I you apparently do not listen to lots podcast that but in Roemer I came out doesn't sound like a two outs but I came out against the gay pride celebrations in Boston because it was too. Damn crowded. Gas I don't not on here that you had to pay like twenty bucks for the privilege. Of standing on a street corner called it a block party. In the wall dot Syrian streets SE pay twenty bucks for the privilege of standing. In my Columbus avenue in and you get to panic in there and Oxford B. Gay militants that's all that gave up that's NT yeah weren T yadier militia. I mean this is chosen your dues is humble we've anarchy I mean look at this. Crowd is all about descendants are to build up although I mean again there's a lot of grasp. This is like trumps inauguration for soccer queries. Six and 777979837. Circle backed out real quick your dad. Tom jockey appoint you brought up in your calm and 2015 and it's one that I don't think it's been brought enough you know people talk about how well product of the times in different time. No Tom jockey was considered a racist four of his time yeah. For his time in Boston politicians. Forced him to hold a tryout for black players in 1945 Aussie said we are closing Fenway Park on Sundays. So Todd lucky was a racist for his time yeah and not a new thing and this is a Craig nice court which in this up this morning I think tank etc. but it's true he was a terrible owner that's the awful on so. Refusal to integrate basically. Left the Red Sox as one of the worst teams in baseball for the entirety of Arabs they mean the World Series in 46. And then. That was there. You know so 67 right NC 6775. But it's a big guy on the team for forty some odd years made three World Series that's it. Awful lot of good owner LIC and in the Red Sox off paying until he looks in a lot of money on the team for a lot of years yet the baseball guys in baseball thing. I mean that's. That's the spec noble as well he wasn't even a good owner way I mean what did he do now and we haven't even gotten to what you emailed me about this morning. Which he's basically Joseph Paterno. He is Joseph Paterno right before there's Jerry sandusky the Red Sox had a clubhouse attendant by the name of Don Fitzpatrick and down Michael Holley was now I know this is may be the Mike wistful ignorance John I did not know about on its INS is a big DO bought out Michael Holley brought it up yesterday at Callahan was tweeting about it last night and yeah this in my opinion closes. The debate about not only to talk about racism we can talk about all that by now. He was Joseph Paterno and the Red Sox had Jerry sandusky we'll talk about that on the other side Sports Radio WEEI. Tax credit because Kerry and John Tomas talk past. War on Sports Radio WEEI. Well I don't know located slight change in event history it's you know from this point on. You know you know it's it's not about history mean it plus I'm not it was a terrible owner other than being a racist witch that's bad enough okay. While I suffered through a lot of those teams 75. You know we lost for the red 67. They got lucky on that one. Then after he died his wife took over that was the popular about this bill. Harry that was running the team I mean it was a tree right in Iraq and complete train right. So not only was your races there's also a terrible owner so get rid of the name forget about it. Go on. Wilson has always. Buys mr. Gary tank might be kind of wanted to both ways it's not about history it's about moving forward it's about how bad an owner who has the isn't about history is it not about what about history and industry wasn't named jockey weight 1970s sex. When he passed that he died corneas here we heard earlier that twenty years ago not look you still living in the nineties and I guess. In twenty years ago. But well citi's Ali is by Gary Tang Wei Roemer to moxie here 1 o'clock in drapes cal decree EI debut I think made his debut a resource walking into us walking into a Landmine he has comet's path. Not all not a welcoming mr. not seat space that's okay that's how that's not sitting across from me note noted the vitriol that's around you just mean the venom on these cards can feel it radiating from the art I didn't. And Hewitt radio and people wanna yell stat holt would get Tia odd but. Michael Holley first brought this up yesterday. On the air here. Italian is treating about last night which prompted me to read about. I Don Fitzpatrick like you said to my seeding the blissful ignorance of my youth. I was not all that familiar with this story but. Met a man as he sat Tom jockey Joseph Paterno Jerry sandusky. Don Fitzpatrick he was there Red Sox the lead visiting clubhouse attendant. From 1971. Until 1991. Any sexually abused black boys at Fenway Park. And all throughout the team's spring training site in Winter Haven now is that where the Austin public segregated yes because club so close a great place that we had it yet and I was Tommy harper in the eighties fighting match. So I mean long story short there are. At least over a dozen victims seven have come public John Henry paid 83 point 15 million dollar settlement in 2003. Two to seven victims it did come public it's Patrick from 1971 until 1991. Assaulting eight boys as young as four years old. One victim says he told Red Sox home clubhouse manager Victor Orlando. The factor that it's Patrick had abused him for three seasons Orlando and fired the polite. A Red Sox player caught Fitzpatrick sodomizing a young boy in the shower like Mike McQueary caught sandusky in the Penn State facilities. The Red Sox player says he told the team but did not call the police. Pits Patrick kept his job. He would tell the boys a victim said they're going to do what I say are all beat you in a reading from Jeff Coston story from 2011. Higher ups in your immunization tried to isolate its Patrick from any social setting. The Jean yawkey just wouldn't fire and until 19911. Of his victims. Blocked up to the Red Sox dugout in Anaheim held a sign. It's a Don Patrick section on its Patrick sexually assaulted me. And that's how it ended he got fired like the next day to pay a 100000 to the victim. So you know you re up on news it is apparent dot ED day explicitly now maybe not the extent but. Seems like a pretty good idea yet seems like there are whispers that if they want to investigate there is enough to investigate this guy kept his job for twenty some odd years. Sexually abusing boys and to me that has to be part of the legacy and because everything you read is that he was a personal favorite of gene yucky and especially aging it was a short then knee he's rescued a mini game job music teen in. Yes and that that was the cause it was big today and the you know they had an orphanage in South Carolina where there plantation basically lies before they turned into Fenway Park yes exactly where they entrance and lay into a Massachusetts plantation. And and yet so this is to me is part of his legacy and if we're talking about why street should be renamed. Being Boston's Joseph Paterno I think they took down dope I statue pretty fast he did you think you could make this similar argument here and visit the story and this is not yet here. How can you defend the man who. You know it enabled and you can take covered up for he sexually abused boys as dire news for. And here I was it's poll of order because he was taking kids in to work in the clubhouse that was his thing he would fines. 8910 year old boys who were watching spring training and Seiji one job or whatever and then next thing you know he's abusing them. How do you even get exposed to before your Ottawa this spring and it's it's any any place children now. Now he knew better than that. But there and and I guess the one thing is we don't know exactly what yucky Newark and a felon in some blanks here but it seems. There was enough there was enough smoke there. And if we're at at a player I mean. Re too old police reports as doing it last night you know for players player sad that he saw its Patrick sodomizing young boy in his heart he told the T. And Fitzpatrick Baptist what is tell the team I'm sure he didn't call up mr. jockey himself Regina hockey by. Seems like there is enough smoke you read a lot of these recollections players saying I. Oh we did know for sure was going on that you know we we we would tell young clubhouse attendants especially young African Americans and stay away from. This fits Patrick guise of players know nobody knew something was up. You have to think ownership there and so did you are Jupiter in out. And that's usually does and then my question is how come John Henry hasn't mentioned I mean mentioned this publicly and it happened under the previous ownership group I get it's beyond embarrassing. The organization by. You know Henry city so hunted by doc is racist pastor. Want to mention this and out is this to meet you wanna when the public relations battle. This is it. This does yet as I mean in fairness is much more gray area you don't know we don't know there's no. Police record of like with Paterno and sandusky mccreery you would have a direct link you knew when you did nothing. There's nothing like that that's smoking gun isn't quite there in this case and you know what here's the other thing. This may sound awful but you don't need this mean that the other thing stands on its own the racism. Be refusal to integrate your team that's enough right there and I don't want to minimize. What happened to these people in any regard but on saying his. Since you don't know when you don't have a 100% certainty on that to stick to the facts. If you John Henry and and had the Red Sox have paid these people laugh and happy frequently five and yet they've they've saddled with them so it's not like there. You know. Ignoring me irresponsibility. That's right and yet into changing not changing history again for the millionth time in auto racing Tom jockey from the baseball history books. Splat is still up in the hall of fame. I'd just be naming streets that weighs not even call jockey wait until 1976. Yeah. And frankly it's that you deal if you wanna leave you know the Morse code of him in his wife's name them whatever. He's a part of the franchise's history OK fine but the street is its own separate. To me unique situation where it is welcoming people into that park. And it is not welcoming everybody equally the one thing no again I Willis and it reached out of the Red Sox about this yesterday I said you know I guess I looked at that Fenway sports magic her mast had. Excuse me all white guys and you know my issues I don't like being offended on behalf of other people. So I would like in the midst of this public to be I would like to hear what the Boston branch of the NAACP. Has the same as they would like to hear about white. Some prominent African American state politicians and legislatures legs legislators. Have to say about this because you know they're also is that it is it does come across again as a little bit of pandering at least to me. For a bunch of rich white guys to be offended on behalf of African Americans sorry I've been out of there own actions arts. Pre you know practicing what their preaching. And they are and there's no doubt about it but also as magma the Redskins seem right so I we said let's see that the native Americans and then the Washington Post did not poll. Last year that found that nine out of ten native Americans said they did not think the Redskins team was offensive. So I looked at that he said well I'm kind of done arguing for the name change. If the people who are supposed to be offended aren't offended then he is a white guy in Brookline I'm not gonna be offended on their behalf. It reasonable so that's what's so again I think in that is a lot of voices here in its bid to date by I do what one point throughout this process wanna hear from. Boston's black community their leaders say I hear what they say but for the meantime let's hear what you have to say. Go to Paul on McCain Paul thanks for all the non. Hey good morning. You know I did want to dispute at least not one militia or reluctant to me. Racism in the gauntlet to London's world are actually we play the opposite. Not all cause and models I kind of get an idea that maybe. James put a player right now. If the Red Sox potent issue. Go ahead and AJ it ain't it sink yes. Does it come around. Anything hasn't been the results. For the rest Welsh the spoken out. Why do you why do you say that just because he was close the Iraqi. Listen not to promote that he lost close to cheat. And Jeanne very important person. OK so if you don't it's just on all models can luckily. All items that make that statement two days earlier. We're gaps in town Wallace's slope slopes that taking a cold stick to the Iran Iraq. If you do you think he's gonna show up on the field. Well I mean if Colombian objective about it Diaz is not exactly the front and center in a lot of stuff he's pretty reclusive. And frankly if that's the cost of doing business in this instance and so be it. Well also aren't so all right theatres. Edwards should do vicious and they get. Just want to work. Some of that is that your com lots mossy thinks the call Paul I know I left yes left as outlook is to close the via these really. Guilt by association that now now I'd I left him out simply because I feel like they're better players first on franchise sister if you're gonna go to required and Ted Williams. If you're gonna go with someone who meant more to the minority community it's Pedro Ortiz. Or you can even sequencing green are I'm kind of partial Tommy harper because I feel like. He is someone who actually stood up to this when it was happening throughout his career Winter Haven. In Winter Haven and he actually sued the Red Sox vice Bob Poehler art and not sued by key file complaints against them twice. In his career and he he worked for the organization. He always confronted this with dignity and in my mind and I and Heidi he would feel about this he may feel like he may be he's being used a little bit and that's the case that. Fine I I would understand that but in my mind he's someone who represents. What this change should be about. Yeah. And this all ties back into we've spent a lot this Red Sox season talking about race in Boston with Jones and and on that but the that this is where it comes to meet you all the reading on Tom jockey and I even winner hated I mean in the 1980s. The hooks the elks lodge was segregated that the Red Sox are going to land in the seventies through the data this is a very very recent history so when you talk about wow. Red Sox aren't racist organization now you're right it totally or not but as recently as the mid 1980s. Kids say they worked you could say there were up until 1991 they were playing a guy who in. He he he he admits this in court on Fitzpatrick who sex singer really sexually abused plot points he did it. And you have to stop until one of those victims stood up in out of the dugout with the sign on Fitzpatrick sexually assaulted cell. Don't act like you don't know all the stuff comes from. We've been reading about it for the last couple days this is real history with this organization in history at this. Yes and you know deserve special credit I think and we've glossed over credited as the duke I mean dander cat. Did as much as anyone in selling out money for Pedro in Manny to change the composition of this club and you can offerman like. Duquette did not care where you came from he was building the best possible club that he could. And you couldn't say that about his predecessor Joseph Cronin said I'd like from the DA only one of the best players we passed up on Jackie Robinson Willie Mays Billy Williams are hall of famers but we want the bass players here. I could indicate to hang on a wild for a while once tuchman trumps wild comments on Charlottesville hello Cody. It's gone thanks for waiting. And no problem well that's what I got to the respect it I'm on a million in birdie culture but. I'm. Uh oh well basically the tree island. Or I know where it is I don't know anything and I thought yeah. Well it is basically a giant helping. To figure out what it really looked a all of which were there are kind of and you eat suspected that went well and they country. And what he liked and it looked alarmed in view that didn't. Eat people up and out and get it they're but they reach and everywhere treatment every single art and in a when you are out what it means yawkey way the vote not see in any current structure in order to try to. Comfort that yeah it is equality problem. Tiger did you well that's number one lucky dog really want you don't. And that's the biggest follow that that that it now. Now what is it and people platform. Now. It's and I think that you outline it's not always start out and eat eat eat really wrapped. It. Our egg you on a lot of points but it's a yacht you walk you eat all. You can't. Get in the fire are the and that U it is your your weight or eat that they. When you try to say you know. Is that have been out other. Hulk you know in any certain way that there's an attack at all it's been over that one of what it is not an artist that think that. Impact is exactly what nick at all. Yeah yeah and that's no regrets about don't fight fire with fire I don't mind playing their game in that case now. Now I don't I don't feel bad about that off I mean almost like walking on to a plantation you. Every guy and I generally I don't like three sets aside. Another notification for you how they a year and a hotly aunts and go to Cleveland over the Red Sox. Out of the case and that is out of a hitting the Tito had done yeah. That's our eye on him to Azerbaijani relations there is an ego was and wait and he might say yes he hates the Red Sox Almonte is sister I Africa though. I will say NT LE I couple weeks ago. Yet McConnell being hurt that the gaming studio seven ceremony with and now I'm like this point Tito like Tom Politico yeah and pot Roemer to mossy one hour down another hour two dollar turn court of turncoat radio cars you see there were taught him at the protest that the comment. I think it's like a hundred to one outnumbered the protesters and counter protesters with that. Free speech people just lining the streets here and also the yawkey way debate ranges on our agreements mossy back after this Sports Radio that you the.