TNT - Tom Werner at Red Sox Winter Weekend - 1-20-17

Boston Baseball
Saturday, January 20th

Chariman of the Boston Red Sox Tom Werner joins Trenni and Tomase at the team's Winter Weekend event. Werner talks about the Red Sox slow offseason and sheds light on the teams pursuit of top free agent slugger JD Martinez. He also gives a little insight into the revival of Roseanne, on ABC, which he is producing.


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Right now we have a different top and best pop Warner. Boston Red Sox is with us it's fun. Yesterday when you stood in front of all the lessons that we are talking to JD Martinez that we are gonna sign somebody. Oh low level or get to improve. It takes two people live to close the deal. But we do have. Other plans if if that doesn't come to fruition I I don't make too much of it you know we would like to make it diligently Martinez Julio. Have some discipline that. With the parameters of that deal are but we we come into the season feeling very good about ourselves the team in 93 wins and I don't think we were really. All cylinders all year. Expect some of our. Our offensive production who have proven. David Price is healthy and we have to you know existed or break out session with Chris Sale and Craig Kimbrel and you know I know that the Yankees have approved this year but to when we start opening day will be a formidable. When does the levees break and went this is my game and you John I don't know anymore. Did you do it's not as if there's. I mean I'm sure that this is that you a year unlike any other but. These players will sign and as far as we're concerned you know we had a very robust payroll last hearing we will exceeded this year so and I can just say that we're gonna improve in some way. Ucits have been insisting yesterday when you're talking to beat writers who were talking about how you disagree strongly with the contention that some people have that team wasn't likely the last. You make a distinction between entertaining and likable. The look the most important thing obviously is to win I it surprises me when people say they weren't. They were likable kind of known that there was some stats during the year. You know I'd rather not. Reflect done but we had a corps of young players that. Many of them are under 25 room. It was an elevator Raphael devers last night and flaky and 21. But you have between devers and then intensity in that and Bentsen. Rodriguez and and certainly you know a couple of our slogan at that but I think the core of of of that group is extremely. Likable. And so. You know I. Listen if we I think you guys that we live in a world in which there's a lot of her contention that not here. You did not not on these clintons know that. No we can even have a government functions effectively but as far as I'm concerned. You know I think that the expressions of you know that the three outfielders when. We were winning game I thought that was fun and authentic. Home and I think there's a lot of personality on this team so I mean I don't know obviously you guys and do you think. Team was and likable. Like yeah somewhat yeah you know just to have you know what out that the followers and a half for you was. Dignity under estimates of losses David Ortiz and that. Yes David always had this way of just moving everything out and making everybody you that's that million watt smile even having his caddie it was still sort of fun. LA. At. Maybe a guy like that some might otherwise take the reins of a club you may need that transition was more difficult. That may be anyone expected it to be to totally take over clubhouse we gigahertz and. Well I think it's asking a lot to but placed David in him as as safe as an off field leaders well obviously is. Prodigious that are. But unity you know we in the end our team won 93 games last year and I do think that. That. We came close to 21 you know the last two games at Fenway Park against the best team and and Noah and major league baseball league we've played we played quite well we didn't get that fifth game but in the end down. I don't know what to say except that you know players. Players in my opinion our our. Convivial I'm watching. Chris Sale and anger Purcell lowland. Craig Kimbrel and her and through comments is now and they seem so funny and warm and maybe that diplomatic game face that. Yeah I just learned for the first. Scrutiny that triggers changes Sox during the season's. That's not helping does that make it Connecticut. All other. And then you know my thing and so you know that being around other guys who keep that really friendly guys nice guys in there aren't a lot of these young players I just think. And I don't know if this would be a priority for youth organization for them to be a little more outward. You know because you just describe the scene that we would never see it. But I know it's not for sale in humans airwaves spectrum as this you know really thoughtful guy and it's. So is there from a marketing perspective on humorous side might. Hey you guys just need to let everyone in a little bit that. I think it's really critical. First of all. Our bosses are our customers and right now. We need to do everything possible to. To show the personality that these players have been and for them to sign autographs. For them to be accessible and we we do what we can to encourage them I mean this is a great event. Today yesterday. And you know and and it's in a few minutes people are gonna see Pedro Martinez in. David Ortiz together but you know our current players are all around and and they're really good kids and and you know I do think that anything we can do to encourage that fan interaction is its. Critical is it more critical now than ever Tom because there is this feeling that these qualities and the demographics show so it. John and I loved baseball when we're both in our forties you know is it it's showing that personality getting those guys out there one point that never for the health of the sport. Yeah it's it's critical. No excuse me I know that. There are some people in baseball. And and we we followed this who feel for example that. You shouldn't. Demonstrate your personality when he hit a home run. And I'm in the camp that says it it's it you you can't you can't force him but he did do it you don't want it to be. You're not authentic and I want to be organic but the more that that to me we demonstrate an infectious enthusiasm for. The game the more that there's there you know when now you see that. Football players are doing their their stances in the end zone in protection. I think all that's important because the kids it's like in you know and we are trying to do our best days as an organization. I think baseball is you know. We've talked about making it the uniforms more. Kid friendly and more wearable and and having more personality when the players put on their cleats so. All these things serve or about trying to create that connection so that. People younger than the three of us will ultimately. So the legacy behind that we've heard the commissioner talked about obviously changed basically that his name something that passionate about miles of in terms of the pit spot and also found visits the players that players seem to be kind of hesitant to adopt him but how important though is also to just make it gave them. Little again. Millennial friendly. Well as you said treating and I've been I've been. Part of the competition committee I know that the commissioners having discussions with the players union. We're we're not asking for for anything more often than modest changes to. It is it to decrease the dead time in the game. Last year was the the average gain is 33 hours five minutes I think it's too long. And there can't be versatile and in this room who wouldn't. Support the idea fewer of them visits him in the catcher. Comes up to the the pitcher threw three times sometimes. That too much so. We are gonna make hopefully some improvements and are you surprised that the players are more pragmatic about this whole thing I. I I think when I talked to. The players that I talked to individually. I think they're very supportive and sure there's some players to take. 25 seconds though. That you don't want to have any restrictions. Because they changed their routine even something like that. It's mandatory in the minor leagues to have a 22 it's like it's gonna affect only the outline is his most people wrote. The ball within that and and if it affects their lie there and can we get home a little bit earlier it's a good thing but I think most the players we talked amongst the players that you find them to be as supportive of these kind of improvement. Usually just kind of adds it you know they note above our pay grade if Morales and it. Whenever that's it game and a lot of them our life we'll know the people don't understand the rhythms of basement. So we're not the only league Tony at that time it no. Eight NFL and I came in the NBA as fewer time now. In the seventh and eighth inning and then again I don't wanna get too and I'm now talking thing you know. Commissioner you'll you'll. You know play the most important leadership role but I find as a fan yeah idea of having. It's right and lefty matchup in the seventh and eighth innings and you're you're coming to an important part of the game. He's got three of four relief pitchers need it just blows and the game I would be. So if if the batter if the pitcher had to face these two batters and that's about it change I'm not in charge of that but I'm just saying you know we're trying to just. Makes the game a little bit. Quicker activity yeah we're getting the look yeah have to go to San Antonio we cannot let you go without asking are you part of the new Roseanne I am on the executive producer of it. I can't wait the urgency that we shuttle yet it's that it Netflix it's funny these you know it's easy to engineer Larry it out for us now have broadband network. The shows are great John and risen urges. Fantastic Laurie Metcalf who I hurt my neck kept and it is out. She's I mean I can't wait these guys is it us and he gets copied but there it's funny it's relevant it's poignant and I'm very proud and dance not dead. And. I and must say I was listening to his neck and beyond our. The other day they have their TV critic on his raging about. So I can we rate busiest time ray thank you thank you for joining us the extra added it all right our next guest is going to be David Ortiz sometimes he's on time sometimes he's now. Promise you we're on target that we are popping time but he will join us. It is spreading to mossy I live from foxwoods resort and casino down in Connecticut for Red Sox to weekend.