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Saturday, January 20th

In the final hour from Red Sox winter weekend at Foxwoods Resort and Casino, Trenni and Tomase are joined by President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski, and president and CEO of the team Sam Kennedy. TNT talk to Dombrowski about the Sox pursuit of free agent slugger JD Martinez, as well as the Red Sox offseason and the slow free agency period this year in baseball. Kennedy talks about the addition of new protective netting to Fenway park, as well as if the Yankees big offseason is good for the Red Sox in terms of reigniting the rivalry.


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And munching on Sports Radio WEEI I'm dreading this and Eric and John's a mossy break down everything with a packs the Bruins and all new England sports. So it's. It's trillion Tomas what Sports Radio WEEI. And. Final hour of trying to Nazi gear live here. Foxwoods resort and casino on the Red Sox annual winter weekends. I think questions surrounding this right I've seen still I mean obviously they the end line up essentially intact. But they're still missing a big bat in the middle of the order that they really want you know King David Wright staying healthy Beatty David Price that we saw the post season not the David Price exceeds the first two years of his Red Sox existence. Chris Sale go all the way to the end Jackie Bradley who keep that's. Andrew Bennett ten deep rock failed divers all of then you take steps forward at least get back to where they were two years ago Zander Bogart's. That maybe they don't get GPR team as they don't add it topped that lineup they're still okay there so first place team that came offensively keep with the Yankees. Yeah I mean it's still blows my mind when you look at last year's team they score runs. And you know everybody else was hitting home runs what's the post seasons of sir it was just home run after home run Al run. And it's like how did the Red Sox and not only compete with that we'll win the division in 93 games. So I think there is actually a lot of room for them to improve. Devers to me could be the X-Factor because he's the one guy more so than moved the certainly more so than Bogart's more so than Jackie Bradley and some of these guys who do have power. He's the guy who. It hit the ball out of the ballpark. No matter where it's pitched in no matter what part of are you sitting here Hanley Ramirez's throw the only other guy on the roster and say that. But he's been hurt you have no idea what you're gonna get from him this year. And so devers really to me becomes that X-Factor. Say he's like a 38 home run guy or something well there's your big bat in the right lineup and you know we saw what he did. Two overall this Chapman 103 miles an hour hit it out to yet it left on left. I assume that there's a lot of room there and that's a guy that I think we're overlooking a little bit and I know I think Pedro write him up right. That's dates not Manson who is the one guy and he really is like excited to watch the series of profit of letters yet and they go it so he could be. Somebody who helped swing that tide because. You look around the landscape of baseball and a lot of the power it's not necessarily coming from the David Ortiz is the 38 year old slackers that's a lot of these. George springer out to day like. You know Alex Bragman these younger guys who are at the bottom part I don't see much difference could be. Yeah aid and let's ask. True real baseball fans know that Y one back in Italy or change things that hurts you know fans were corporate real fancy it will with. You know who appears to be unity Martinez I was that was one died digital lineup once I had the trickle down effect. And we site YouTube Steve Ortiz out of this line at it and change the into high your complexion of the Red Sox lineup now. If deportees that it now last year we will keep babies those Shia struggle with Jacqui still have had the issue that I'm not hitting the ball the same way. Who knows how that intending you know there's still a lot of questions. The difference is when you've got back I fear in the middle of the order right there you pitched everybody else differently you approach everyone else around him. Differently and it leads to more success from others other guys so power sort of breeds more power that big that that'll. Has it trickled out of fact that everybody else that's not an outline. Gana and I believe in the concept of protection lineup protection like. When you have moved keep bats batting in front of David Ortiz that's very different the way opposing team's approach him then when he's the guy that their team play. Well before it was we need to take care Big Papi we have to know we have to make sure there's nobody on base and he's up all that kind of stuff. We'll keep Betts was the next level we'll suddenly moved keydets is the guy that everyone is paying attention to and you side at times last year. Inside fastball why are we gonna throw this guy and inside fastballs into too fast. And we're gonna make him the ball out to right field I mean he's 510 under and seventy pounds or whatever so. You can see how he was game plan. If you get a TV Martinez or somebody like that may be Melky goes back to being not the primary that that your concern with that focused on when your plane face threats. But also you know. Can't move he'd make it the adjustments the other way amber talked last year's spring training. And him saying you know he finished second in the MVP voting and he's like in order for me to have that kind of success that one that's a tall order to fill. Exhibit two. I have to make sure that I can't just to guy is at the masters first full. Here right. Fifty that counts yet. Either way he was still fairly young. And it is his first year obviously without any sort of protection order a guy who is this the center focus of the lineup. And so you know page are brought this up we talk about Rafael divers. Second your how to guys' approach we siding with and even intending the second half of last season back I got out to a right just or racing start. Then pitchers are deceived second third fourth time you know Dick eighteen figurative that did division. Time this season and they've adjusted yet to make the necessary adjustments in order to keep up with those with the pictures offensively otherwise. The stats are gonna plateau again so. That will be interesting to me how Alex Cora facts that haven't had a header south have been and it the other. How does he help these guys make that transition when there's you know still their first 34 years. Majors yet and we're gonna have to it to browse uterus that's president of baseball operations on here a few minutes and you know we can ask him about. This pursuit of that the bat in the middle and how that can impact the rest of the lineup you brought up looking at spring training he sets of the enemy and I thought it was just you don't usually get this kind of candid self awareness for the player and a paraphrasing but he basically said. Last spring you know. I had a great year last year. It might be that this year there perhaps might be out there you know and and it's interest you think about later really could be you know and there's certainly nothing wrong that it finished second in the voting mean. We saw a guy. Mike Green well he came out same thing finished second to Jose Canseco and it BP it turned out by fire to be the best season you ever had in his career it's that you just never know. What you would hope. With the new me what he's more like Mike Trout that might actually go in and we looked green well back in the day but you're right. You would hope that you know given how athletic he is that community is and how young he still is that there's still a lot of room for growth there. For hardly has time to talk to. President of baseball operations Dave dot browse the Dave that we are just fear that you had to answer a lot of the same questions over and over again but so. Probably the biggest question everyone is asking you what everyone wants to know news. What is the latest and how active are you tops top mourners said yesterday that yet very active talks with JD Martinez. So in terms of free agency and activity where you guys that we've Martinez or other free agents. Haven't you talked about it. Well not much really that's really what it comes down to because I think it's now like active like on the pick up the phone here talk but. We've been in the situation where we talked about security it's not surprising to people we talk about middle order that. But it's a situation that. They're they're really hasn't been much change over time period which just continues to keep but also what's that complacent. I'm not sure where we compared to the rest of the market but I also think we're a situation where. When you look at the different scenarios or club that. I think it's a good landing spot for him we will need something New York while the ballpark and winning ballclub winning organization so hopefully there's a fit but we'll see what happens. Dickie you figure on it. Why did free agent market has moved so slowly this offseason because it's not just here it's really around literally. The great question and and really the year is that I don't really know it's only speculation by myself and everybody else. I mean speculation arises where one may jury today. And it's only the top US this year he's known to be in the position real drag things out for a month time period. So that is one perhaps reason secondly. I think that. You see it different analytical approach with some clubs. Because. There's so much more emphasis on that his players age that that their ability to jump out and give another year to contract. They're very few organizations are stepping up to do that. Supply and demand are a lot of players that are out there. So if you're negotiating with different people you're in the spot where you might say what you wanna accept the offer them off school career. And eventually. You just keep turner in different places until somebody so after offering them until that person drops off the board. Everybody keeps a pulse of that person experts so. Nobody just me that that decision and what ultimately what it comes down to is that. Whatever the speculation is we haven't offered what they want. And they're not willing to take what we offer and so we're just sitting here staring at each other normally in the past. You get to this time hear players say I want to play get the best deal that happens over here. When and how do you think the levee breaks just take one guy to start the dominance there you see them. Well I don't really know. It and really we're of course we're focused on hitting we're not focused on the starting pitching aspect of people look at the starting pitcher you have four. Really top notch starting pitchers out there in the area in darkness. And Cobb in Lynn. And none of them sign and you also have some guys out there from trade conversations. So. I don't know where that race because until somebody says okay I'm willing to take that offer. You still have three guys out there are situations a little different because. I don't think there's as many clothes look for paths at this point there. Point Ralph you'll type paths so. Every different position. Is separate. And so I'm not sure what's gonna happen and I think if ultimately. In my dealing. With some of the Scots players in the past. And he's basically got some went almost every position and ultimately takes the players saying you know what can you deal. I wanna go play. Okay this is one enough. This doesn't happen so for. He said guys say that in the past do you feel that this is a little different you know like Jered Weaver for instance was willing to take an extension that was problem. We're team from Scotland life. Do you feel like this group is more united in the sense that we'll wait as long as it takes. I have no idea that I really it's one of those things you just don't know because we don't have access to the players. I don't know what the players actually knowing don't know as far as what it presented to them. We have a member of this organization. That I talked to the earlier it's it's interesting because Jason Varitek and outs or we're both represented by Scott. And I know Jason Varitek and talking to different people used to say to Scott eventually medical records or things that Scott I want played Boston if that deal. But I don't know where these guys stand and and that's she that's always. What's interesting about it because. I don't know that I also don't know who has interest in the same players we knew you only can gaps. And and I've often told people just when you think you've got it figured out. Be careful because you really don't there's somebody else jumps and gets that player and sometimes other circumstances take place for sampling and nickel back a few years ago where. Prince Fielder was out there when he was sitting out there remember it was Martin Luther King weekend. And I got the phone calls about Victor Martinez. Blowing out his knee. For the net change the whole front fielder went through times situation but without that step I don't know what would have him. I'm sure that he got a lot more money than what you would be at least I think you what it. So sometimes different circumstances take place but sometimes they don't take place and then those guys just equally. You know we're in the middle football season and went a free agent or maybe high draft pick doesn't sign with a team wait wait wait. It can drastically affects their performance on the team is definitely our playbook it's obviously different. In baseball so when guys wait longer and longer to sign. How does that affect the team and how does it affect them. Well I don't think it affects them. The team great deal at this point. You know we're sort of in the spot where I mean they'll be somebody that's affected because for example we have forty minutes our roster right now signed free agent Jeff does take some of your roster. It also means somebody else's equipment maker came so. That does affect. Take place but I don't think that overall at this point. In as late as it is we still have three weeks till spring training three plus weeks four weeks till the position players. So it's not too late in that regard so now I think the one thing have to be concerned is. If you start going into spring training. And players missed part of spring training. I think that the can affect them because. They're not what they need to prepare for the season now how long are you talking about but if you're gonna say not a great at this point trying not many players have done. But if you do that I think they're going to be effective player performs. Typically when you go to some other roster question. How do you feel about second base depth. I know Pedroia started running recently but just given his situation. How important do you think it is to bring somebody in you know like unions gave you in the last year. And that's. Well I think our internal second base that is fine. I think could you be better he's got a network news yes because he's really good that we player. But I like our heart because the one guy that doesn't get a lot of attention and I understand it because he was hurt all last year. We really like Marco Island has a lot. A good player. And second base is really his natural position we've got to move around because Pedroia is you know this second base for an hour but for the future. And also right now brought poll itself. And you know brought whole ones healthy to the players have really good when injuries worked hard person's state of Boston all winter's been working with our staff. And so at this point if rocks hoping that. Between Brock Markel and of course we have that Borough switch over there with those two guys that think they're really capable of playing very good second Facebook's. Speaking of the commission slot and Rodham what do you think about the possible change basically changes that they aren't they well I think the pace of play. You and I think that that you've done. And I think there needs to pick that up on the paper. I'm not sure why the players. Our I'm not part of those conversations. And I'm not talking about the game it's a play I know what what effects on people I'm sure not everybody unanimously. Or. But all in all I wore. You can get a chance watch the game aren't I am gonna watch it I and I asked we'll put on the spot well patriots are gonna way you know that. Your former Florida guys words you know the owner allegiances. Don't know I actually am. From Chicago originally so I don't think urging him but I never win civilized right. I miss that and Jimmy G you could always root for the Packers okay well we'll let you know let's not a bad apple never happened the Packers have I'll never repaired a similar idea if there. David Brodsky. Thanks so much we'll double doubles the united flight thank you look forward to see. Art will be back live from foxwoods resort at the Red Sox in winter we get right activists. Locked into training because marriage and John Tomas talking perhaps he's more on Sports Radio WEEI. Are you back here foxwoods resort and casino down a dedicated by the weekend always aim to address the AFC championship weekends always pour out winter weekend we're here with Sam Kennedy. I guess there's some sort of I guess they call breaking news today. That you guys are going to extend the Nedney. At Fenway which is a big thing. Out acts why does that claim that they get to sit there and very often. But he said adding that you don't even notice that once you're there it's sort of lends it so opposite back going to the decision. And safety firsts and it's really not about to hit that. You know as you were called treaty we extended the netting from. The on deck circle to that inner wall the dugout prior to 2016. And I have to tell you. We were very concerned about. Look. How would operate with the fans and to your point once we installed it really was like you know it's been there so. Given a lot of conversation with the league and Major League Baseball and our players frankly Dustin Pedroia has been very passionate about. Expanding and adding it's giving things that he's seen over the years so we're gonna go beyond the dugout to actually all the way down to PO box 79. And then back to PO box nine on the on the first base side so. We're gonna be about twelve feet eight inches high off the ground and we'll have expanded coverage but as you guys know it's impossible to protect the entire place so. We still ask fans to be the heads up would be mindful and careful. Because the foul balls do from flying and we have seen incidence go down to expand and having so that's good. But they'll never be a a perfect solution. Do you keep people I mean let's answer watch it all that everybody's face is buried in a cell phone we all do it you know I do I sit and weigh in and it following you guys on Twitter and social media and watching other schemes and texting people and other clubs and so. We live and in a world where we we do not have the attentions and that we use to so. We view it helps to it's been betting it can be covered but. Unity of others in the ballpark we have fans that have gotten injured in the monster seats for example or in the State Street pavilions so. We really do ask her fans to mindful of the heads up especially if you're there you kids. Who may not react as quickly. But it is the right thing to do we commend Major League Baseball came out the set of recommendations and it's happening all around the league and I think it's that thing. Yeah I think anyone who was at the game the night. The woman was hit we'll never forget that and would never ever ever dispute the need for more yeah protects now you have to write. And you know we were all there and just you you remember how horrific that scene was and anyone who's been struck by far in the last in the world we will we spend all of our time and energy. So hopefully put a good product on the field and give a good experience that people come to Fenway and it breaks your heart to think that someone may come to Fenway and actually. Get injured and walk out of there was. No life changing injury for example so we have an obligation or responsibility to protect against that. That's what we're gonna we're gonna do that again it's still are at different areas of the ballpark that does not have protective covering. And so. We urge our advanced it to be mindful. Recognizing that we're on our our primary devices at all times. If fact it is a way to interact with the game interact you and your fancy. That your friends regret conceded that trying to balance both. You mention putting an entertaining product on the field. From a marketing standpoint how challenging has this off season been for you with just nothing happening across this this you as well you know I was talking to us and so my counterparts around the league down. Orlando at the owners' meetings in we thought the market was slowed that that was mid November and again the holiday seasons it. You know text and Mike Hazen the Nazis you know what's going on guys and says it's that if it were easy. Market Dave's been in the game forty years that these last night 400 years and he's never seen anything. Like this I do think things are gonna start to have we seen a few few moves through January 20. And so there will be lots of room but I I really don't have a good explanation for why things have been so slow. There's been a lot of talk about. Like minded general managers who sits yes yet this audience off what will I typically try to blame Theo for any everything and he goes Roxio or drop it even. You're speaking on an answer but I knew I was in you know friendly company here but by the latest. Though if you guys battle duties for that to do the morning show where. How does that work that we don't get any get extra extra confidence he has nothing to you know on day why at me UG. Clearly don't think Rainier it's awful but our lives and yet you should give them as the relatively. After he did ultimately. I've been off this month that debt double and the Olympics and I like it taking years off your name futures off activities that. It's accurate for your wallet were obviously partners were better it's an exciting time in the radio business. David Field is hold executives to go out. Do the deal that he did we would see yes it's going to be fascinating announces huge impact on the Boston market. And we're lucky to be it was with the patriots are doing the Celtics and the Bruins and hopefully rule will build on the 93 we years I don't think you can have another marquee country. With such an incredible following for for sports it's part of our our everyday life. You know we T we we do go back before the morning show guys and what we recognize there's. It all grows out of passion. For content. We're we're really lucky to be Smart. Then you look again marketing perspective no one likes what they're doing. In new York at least if your Boston Red Sox looking at evil empires back. Could get some interest level perspective and marketing perspective to have sex out of that still true yankees Red Sox rivalry back. How much that's for helping a lot busier drum up some interest also in the right yeah well. This is my dad has to be my seventeenth season with the Red Sox I go back to 2000 went terrible wander over to that offseason. I was an intern with Brian Cashman yankees back early nineties and he was. That's evidence that the writers that are the other and I am trying to keep up what you guys and all that yes and it's an idea yet it is so cash is done great job. It's good for baseball it's good for. The Red Sox and the Yankees have a very competitive fears American League east. They they've done a great job I think. We've done a great job our our baseball operations team has a young core players that I think completely genuine. Obviously we're not done yet as has been mentioned but you do like to have those those rivalries in the team. The fact that will be playing the Yankees. It's. A point since you grade it got. Really good team. And hopefully they'll they'll knock off the silly stuff you know with apple watching all that nonsense that. Was teasing Cashman he. He was presented with an apple like I did you browse these sort of area that the writers dinner. Apple likes it that you can he. It cellular operating unit and you found that I. It was incredible to see you. Dynamic between the two of those guys does the other sit there next to each other writers that are obviously. You know trying to you know over to see what the other with the otherwise texting and if it's. It's got forest jet skidded what's going on other players taken what's happening so hopefully will won't make make few. More moves here but it it has been a remarkably quiet. Offseason and still have. 67000 people down here supporting us so that really shows you the resiliency that standards not just about making a splash in the offseason obviously. Last year when the for sale happened we did get a big beach ball but at the end of the day it's about winning nine and read it 98 teams and gotta win that division one state what it meant when you let get back to the post season that's that's the goal and that's been our goal since he arrived back in 2002. Hope we will be right back there again this year before Lagos and where things stand with yucky man you talked about this. And yet it's. Well involve public process when John Henry came out it was very cold and and forceful about. Our desire his desire to write such desire to petition for a change not. Not related to Andy we could work yawkey foundation has done great people beyond the foundation of you who. Dollars to charity. What Boras. Symbol of a time when the Red Sox were not as inclusive. And his forward thinking it as we want to be we wanna make sure that everyone in New England from fans players are employees. Feel comfortable walking and up front door of of Fenway Park so it's a community process we're talking the other property holders were talking. City Council talk from the mayor's office I think it'll be dealt with a 2008 team. No promises on that because again if we can make petition. But then there's a very public process that that happens it. And we'll see we're not saying that you know we're right and someone else's wrong it's just it's a way to Red Sox feel how. This particular topic would like to. Have a different name there and send the message. To everyone in the city of Boston on. It that every word is is welcome. At Fenway Park regardless of your. You're Ager racers sexual orientation. You don't have to be from Norway you don't have to be from Norway no you can be from anywhere and you are welcome at Fenway. Part that is really really important to us and so we'll see other process plays out but I have to say. They're watching in case we needed to go to the city has been great they understand our position where we're all working through it together. Kennedy thanks very much of his time for the winter weekend and enjoy the game some arm hang in there until let the your colleagues that you don't you know luckily that's. Are better than it. I write them and be big so much. Pretty classy will be back from foxwoods resort and casino from rights act winter weekend in just. Your chance to talk all new England sports with trillions of moxie. Plus Sports Radio WEEI. Attorneys not easy that's easy. You live from foxwoods resort and casino where the Red Sox went to your weekend is it. Full gear good turnout record turnout this year. Most of maturity fans from what I've seen. You can do and a lot of light meat recount thing you know I'm. I'm friendly person I'm a friendly person highs as a dear earlier very funny very weird that the things that people say any online I know is ever comeuppance at the tonight space the floor and we. It got weird you've got. 1213 or minutes. Thirteen now yes yes Sergey hermit yes and so beat the first. You know or Friday every day Seattle and it's. So lots of Red Sox in are easy to her Dave Dombrowski and Sam McKee we also talked with Time Warner who by the way. Tested it that day he is the executive producer at the new Roseanne yeah it is exciting. I did your t.'s major Martinez Jackie Bradley junior Alex Cora all joining us to talk Red Sox baseball. I think my biggest takeaways for around today talking all these guys. Is that David Ortiz and Pedro Martinez aboard this option could. Not agree you more about that that really like jumped out at me and it shows like you know that the issues that FaceBook thankfully it's addressing and you seem to have the right commissioner in charge she recognizes that this stuff needs to happen. You wish the players association would not be so intractable on this site don't get that at all this about the future of your sport. So why not engage and do some obvious things like art it's one thing if you don't wanna like. You know force a pitcher to throw a pitch within a certain amount of time because you feel like it messes with the rhythm of the game please explain to me why allowing the catcher to go out to the mound fourteen times in an inning it's okay. What I don't understand why the players association has an issue with it as we asked Jackie Bradley to hear about it he was like want to click the box I don't care and he's like if I'm honest I get home and Mike Boyd that game was really wanted to needed even at fox I feel like players were even deep now. Feel like some changes. Necessary it is and the thing is think about last year's postseason last year's postseason was tremendous. The games took forever which was problematic peaceful our games if you could condense that even you know four down to three or whatever. Then you're making a huge difference in you know fee and engagement and all that kind of stuff and I hate to keep doing this but I just look at the NBA and some comments since changes they made. And Tom Werner brought them up you know taking a wait timeouts at the end of games to speed up the flow of the last few minutes. And baseball since resisting that stuff. I'm not willing to I'm not one of these people who thinks put runners on base an extra innings then I don't even love Warner's thing. I was just gonna you can read Matt I don't ask would you think it is suggestive of you have to face two batters yeah I don't love that and maybe this is Reiman dinosaur by. To me like that's not part of the game if your. A manager and you have a good bullpen and you wanna match up you should be able to match up now there's got to be a way. So warm up guys faster or maybe bring back the baseball seats golf cart yeah right it's right to get them to the mound faster I. You should speed up things that way I don't like eliminating shifts and I feel like you should be able to play on the field anywhere you want. I don't like being told that a reliever past the phase two batters but you know maybe these have been the kind of change that based on the so. I also feel like you know maybe start with a couple don't go all in on every change because maybe you instituted its clock if you institute the the mound visit yeah you start there and maybe. You also find out find a way. Talked awaits you have guys warming up more quickly get out and now more quickly so that those those. Commercial breaks between the pitching changes artists on. Maybe that's enough maybe that cumulative lead. Especially if there's a pitching 5% of the pitching class affects pictures that they also would affect hitters right yeah I mean that it's asked to be thrown its gas certain amount of time it. You have to be in the box and it's not so accepting now readjusting every single. You know part of your body and then the pitchers it. Tina and sealing it yet credit is nagged him you know moving his arms and he's just getting up there getting the ball throwing it. Then that even if it's a big saves off 2030 minutes of the game which we take you down to two hours and forty. Yeah and then I mean they're not even being that optimistic they're thinking more like Peter tent site these things might see in ten minutes. So. You know who knows there but it's clearly you know something that needs to. Something has to be done because again. If you didn't hear the interviews with David Ortiz or Pedro Martinez both admitted. That they get bored that now that there and I thought David was the funniest about it he's like man now of not playing anymore I play. Whoa this is to lie and I Kerry also calls millennial millenniums clothes and a snappy you don't have like that they you know we've we've. He's millenniums you gotta put seatbelts in the chair to get to watch a game for an hour which is probably Terry's right. There's he's right there needs to be yakking Tom Warner touched on it this well. You know marketing guys personalities he's got to get guys that they personalities get that out there because the whole reason that people. While highly Erving right. The reason they love LeBron James they love staff curry again that he's all NBA examples that you love these guys because they have a sense of who they are yeah. EU can say it like in football you have a sense of who you've seen Aaron Rodgers and commercials and Clay Matthews and Tom -- Rob Gronkowski. And back in the days Peyton Manning. Icicle ball is not as many huge national stars say you know more regionally based but they're doing. Commercials doing something if that. Gets them out there is not just a person with the help that I had that baseball and hockey also doesn't do great job this next time and there's a market where that's market niche thing. But baseball like working your players. What you know that show you these guys aren't let me not just like them on the on the field but let me like their personality and I. What they stand forward who they are and feel connected to that it now. Yeah I mean think about like you brought up terrier and a couple things on this its commercial which I thought was great brilliance love this commercial but think about. Why that works when he walks by globe that is flat in spins it. In just spins it and we could see of me his his glove was flat because right leaves here is flat. But then when they say Heidi to do that he says plant based diet it's like this is stuff that we all know. A bulk carrier vague and they can incorporate that into a commercial they don't need to hit you over the head with a that's the brilliance of that commercial. You compare that to a baseball player right now. Who other than Ortiz and Ortiz is gone now if he were still here. This stuff you know about it not you know but the clap the points the big personality. But for current baseball players. For instance. Chicks dig the long ball Tom Glavine. I pragmatic way back win. You knew about those guys you knew they were kind of scholarly especially manic he knew something about them that's part of why that worked. Ken Griffey junior with the backwards happen all that you knew that that's why it worked. Today's stars right now that you just don't know anything about them like how do you build a commercial around rights are. I was that is exactly I was thinking how do you build a commercial arm Mike Trout. Yeah or Manny Machado or any of John Carlos in young Airways I mean even you judge is probably good an accident that rolled her eyes out exactly. That's I mean other than that and you have to go back Jeter obviously was really really marketable that wave it. It's just yapping need to do something I would like is on the rise throwing like Murtha of dimes and you know you have that I would have been Jenner producer back in Burlington thing that we're back into a race. Yes Carl Everett and dinosaurs. So yes they just did they need to do bad and you know if anybody knows about it the executive producer tells today's top yes we've got right now and so that's why I'm surprise like. He hasn't latched onto that electability thing a little bit more. And he asked this them like nervous right now noted the. And I'm really not really and I think a lot of fans like that to mean Fenway for those playoff games until the Red Sox came to life. They came to light the fire lit up but when you arrive for game three at Fenway places. You know it's just south. Sorry side update fully elected to go AFC championship Tom Brady's right hand injury putt he suffered. It collision. In minor practiced college from these templates nothing we are now why are you bothered to this. Guy that's right there enough almost all. Except that you media that you. Leave those alerts on its. Because we only bring you stuff that matters not that stuff it's. What BC ten it was yes he had he has yet now writes if there was something eerie it sides since it's senseless useless yet. Speaking the DNA. I OK so you'd use I think we both think that the nature to arm yet they're gonna quit matter who starts people think not great concern that it doesn't matter. You want predicts I want predicts OK so I'm gonna say out if you choose words out with Brady patriots 41. Jaguars ten. Without rating low Brian Hoyer patriots 45. Employer plays the night you know said it. Instantly so I when he. If I I have a little closer I think Casey yesterday would be. To winning the read it ten patriots and I I don't discount this Jackson of the right very often this year so. You're probably right on this evening winds in Minnesota and answering I'm gonna Philly I'm gonna take the home team and daylight again. And I know Minnesota could be seen as a team of destiny because last week. And now I don't feel like it's in the cards and plan and it is reason for. And a. It was an answer I get pick an action that now yeah I feel like I out you did not have a very. He's so it didn't look that mean they clamp down on our second half it. That's hiking in obviously it's a guy and it slowed greatly update now that analyze it yet yes it's. Analysts on us access half watched all it's not this Sunday though is it is it big Sunday's championship Sunday dean. New England Patriots we'll take on Jacksonville Jaguars reports of free atmosphere coverage here. On WEEI but for now we sent it back to right coming up next. Reaper and not.