TNT - Should John Henry and the Sox change the name of Yawkey Way? 8-19-17

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Saturday, August 19th

Hour 4: Draper and Tomase discuss why Yawkey Way should be renamed.


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News for any and tomorrow using non Sports Radio WEEI I'm dreading his parents and John's a mossy break down everything without packs the Bruins and all that wiggling sports. So it. It's trillion tomorrow see what Sports Radio WEEI. And. It. Guess like Kyle. Yes the rallies over. They get over it seems like it's pretty much over they had about a dozen. I don't know what you wanna comments speak protesters it's kind of weird they had guns and they had to turn it into the counter protest rally because there was no program is so there's another approach is like 101000 people. Verses like it doesn't who apparently have fled the scene and they are done and so that's how we do it in Boston. We may have our issues but the one thing we got to do is shut down a white supremacist rally yet in. And I told you my mom and caught me right before I came in and she said how'd. You know you don't want to mess with Boston not talking about me talking about you know the duke of Boston freed the it's free speech pimple. You say you wanna go there when people get angry and so you know it was great seeing 30000 out there however many who was. You know to me it's all about love man in pure again it mirrors trying to be cute divisive. And separate people I don't have any time for you to be honest with you. I'm with ya I'm doing here in that you know that's that I would like to think that is one of the things we do well here. We look we gonna look particularly on this date and a station is all this about love yeah yeah. Maybe this hour you know maybe UH trainee from eleven to three but outside of that you know. It's interesting now I was just reading go money jones' sets week you know and a friend of show or maybe not for a good show he's a friend additionally he's a friend of Visio and I guess before I patrolling him on on his mentions. And he basically said if you guys out there in my mentions. Are earned more upset about how your being portrayed or how you look in the actual cause. That's a problem and I don't think he used addict yeah gosh I'm paraphrasing. Right there just because I know this is a family program or maybe it's not. But yes so I don't think the money Jones will be coming on any times and yet that bad had already been decided I think yap about I don't think there was much chance of that 188 back on this. I heard that right as I did earlier I had to Asia and he did the right thing you know if if your Kirk. You know beat you almost say soccer Manning and I'm calling up I want to talk to you and do it don't try to be you know disguise yourself. And so I would have bagged on Mets who now that's about the money so I guess as long as are on this topic we can tried Jeff in on the highway. Jeff is drive and somewhere. Jeff you written yet islands on what's out. And I expect my call yes. Well anyway it is our jockey oh. There were several teams within just the two or three year period that never had a lack actually. A black player and basically ate all of our light jockey. Will those teams were at last somebody had to be my last and it was time. Somebody black within true ears teams like the Yankees the brewers they saw. Recruit by. Lack of it out but are we should. That he would wait Kris. That now at what they are. I guess I'd say the combat that is the god part that we come back account. Obviously the topic of the day is racism I get up and and I certainly would dark. It street got its act or disagree with the fact that there is race racism in America like you illustrate that there are black races here track. Where I mean you know I am Siad I know we should have an outlet passes but that's it that's that's the problem. When when you wanna talk about racism and racism against minorities. Your answer can't be while you guys are racist to you can't you can't do that. What you once again you're not acknowledging that there is a problem. And you know in and that's what frustrates me. You know whether it's about black lives matter movement there anything when you bring up black clouds matter the first thing people wanna say well what about black on black crime you know and so and instead of you know focusing on you know. Will well we're talking about you wanna try to change the narrative changed has changed the conversation. And in guess what I'm I'm gonna speak I'm gonna speak for black people. You know and I. I don't think there's anyone out there who's probe black on black you know I I don't think even the people of black lies matters say oh we don't care about this all we care about. Our police officers take our rights note this is all part of the same problem and that knee jerk response what about this what about that. Let's let's use the black lives matter. Movement on its own merits what's started it it is about assists systemic. Abuse. Of overwhelmingly. African American young African American males. At the hands of police and this is something that has happened for a long time. In its only come out in the open now because the cellphone cameras and people see things now this stuff has happened for a long time and if you wanna turn your back to it. You can buy you heard not acknowledging the problem. I agree I agree in and you know that's one of my my frustrations. About this whole discussion you know there are those who don't feel like it's a problem. You know those that don't really wanna confronted and until we actually have. A legitimate conversation. Instead of you're right I'm wrong what about this what about that instead of you know emphasizing with one another I think we're gonna be in the same predicament we're gonna have this same division. That we have right now. Lou in stone of what do you think so on Amazon nice town by the way is my town. Okay let me let me just you know as a kid growing up on. Point Wanamaker I want elaborate on a little bit is cash flows. Austin these when you go to these other cities you travel were you go to California issues skyline of New York it's mind boggling you see the skyline of Chicago. In in LA in taxes and the skyline anger and this. There's racism in every city in this country the problem we have here in Boston. Is that. It is very very. Small. We governor compact area if you had a racism issue in Chicago or LA it would be the first on a new election mr. cue that'd be ready virtual rented rooms because there's there's artery they become a warlock world. When it happens in Austin it's immediate it runs all at station in the trial in this kind of share with the it will probably in my book and it was terrorist Indian policy when Boston's night and you know what it like he might regret that person. It's not liked anymore. Traffic is just got hit it it three and you have to routes not seven mobile it's small. In people to conform and I don't want just torn at all right and get an issue looks in the I think we don't we don't really you look at that it just don't want to move as the old John mail losing ones are the. Well thank you good economy and that I don't quite follow the logic necessarily so. Even if it's a small compact city right that doesn't change anything you talked about about it being a separate segregated city in a way yeah I mean I you know. It doesn't excuse you know racism where it you know yeah I I am trying to follow what he said also but you know. You know Boston out of your quick story. I've lived in Boston and also lived in Louisville, Kentucky. And both times I got the job in those cities you know my parents. Not moving a content. You're not moving to Boston. And so we have to understand you know especially you know. Because I'm not from here. This was the perception outside of Boston you know I I don't know for you know people who live in Boston what their perception is but my perception growing up. Came from my parents obviously. You know. Boston you know in their eyes was a racist city in so when I got a job here you know that's the first thing she says you're not moving to Boston. But I will say this since I've lived up here. My parents have been appear many times they always have a great time up here in so that they you know their opinions are changing. But. You know the perception. Outside is a lot different I would say also been the reality inside because even last week John. I'm Matt BI national association of black journalism on comp. Conference down their New Orleans you know people find out you know I work in Boston and they're asking me about race relations you know people are sand on I would never go to Boston. And I don't think it's because you know they think it's a racist city I do believe it's because. They feel it's a segregated city. They don't see people as much that look like him. A walking around and so I think you know we talk about perception that's one of the perceptions. Outside the city of boss. Yeah and I've always sort of felt like that's what we have to Wear unfortunately you know like that. People have that perception for reasoning you can say it's rooted in the past the that it's changed a report to change I think you're experienced by and large suggest that it is better than certainly people from the outside would think. My thing is when you have like for instance you know here when we have a bunch of white guys yelling about how a city is not racist about said that doesn't help. That doesn't path that does I don't think that's gonna convince anyone. The new you know the more you dwell about it and the more you. Double down on and how dare you went in you start to question the Adam jones' of the world right back to me accomplishes nothing but what I exactly how come. People weren't passionate to denounce the races that said those things. To Adam Jones instead Peter Cook coming basically quick to defend. Their city instead of you know saying that happy about sorry sorry sorry that happens you know I'm gonna say I'm back half of Boston. Sorry. And it. Are we still have a lot of people a lot of talk about young QA and these are any all of these issues are really intertwined anyway. I certainly is let's go back let's. Tried Bob and at a bar what are your thoughts and your argument about. But I am looking there's you know I I take their silicon sixties on the on the motion in my chocolate they are told to go to did you make on games 121 hour firmware are. You don't change history. By trying operation by Karen go monuments you you look at it and you say okay this is the way it was. You look look where you we've grown in the end what needs to be changed so. You know you what you are trying to do was to color right people you know we don't have a black current or have white trim and have an Indian credit Chinese spread you have a firm. And and I think that's one of the things that you have to do before you can even make changes. Identical looking at their yawkey way are you gotta you know maybe our work reached at Jewish one. You know try Nokia how wars. And bitching about how it is in all the changes are made and something you know how would you how you wonder how he wanted to become. And maybe change the name unity wait. You know just unified effort by. That would certainly. Bait protocol that would. And how people feel about unity and now people here would feel yet it that. That's a little hot you are available to hide mine yet a little too. You know rainbow he is sunshine and some flowery but you know regarding his point about. You know. Racism and you don't he Reese. What happened the problem you know when you look at the confederate monuments down south. Those you know it it sounds like. There romanticizing. The monuments. That the people that wanna keep them up. Why not the right you know have a confederate museum. Let's say put him in a cemetery confederate graves right there is something like that you know it it's good to me it's it's not about. You know. Romanticizing them very you know you do want to know your history but there there are places you can do that without you know. Here are their Bull Connor you know. Statues down there they're governor George Wallace says that I am seriously think about that I mean do we you know and so you don't want those statues up and so. I just think you know it's like some I said you know when social media throw up they a museum or something like that the national confederate museum and people that one. Honored that they can go there you know woo -- we have holocaust memorial music you know we have museums where everything. And so yes I. I'm not. I think the statute should come down even competitor because there are daily reminder of of our you know the past of the south. And I you don't see that where you know you'll see you know he. Races you know. BM commemorating Indian people sticking up for that that's that's the thing about this meet. If you noticed person was racist why would you you know fight to keep debt memory alive keep that viewpoint a lot. Yet and I think you also it's important. Blake for a little history lesson to. Make sure people know win these monuments are built as long time but the ones we confederacy this was not during the war even immediately after the war a lot of the more built. You know 4050 years later by the daughters of the confederacy who wanted you who'd who didn't want to accept that they had lost. And more almost trying to rewrite history as if they were somehow the noble pursuers of freedom in southern identity and all of that and so those were erected as a way. To remind the almost like to put the black people would gain their freedom the slaves who had been freed it was they were almost. Corrected those statues to remind them that they needed to stay in their place and that things hadn't changed and so when you talk about. Culture in this and that is no this is this is why symbolism is important because. A hundred years later we are still talk more than a hundred years later we still talking about these statues. And what they mean and that to me is gonna have to come out of one you know when you look at some of these statues down there. And I and you wanna celebrate you know southern heritage in southern culture but. When you realize what it stood for why would you want to. You know embrace that and hold on to that this is 2017. He should announce that they're not I don't say you'd eat hide that obviously but I don't think it's you know especially in public areas. Public court houses in things like that there there's no place for them in my opinion yet there there are stories about. Germany France Nazi Jeremy ware and what they've done is they are streets near aware. The concentration camps work and they have replaced there by cobblestone streets and they've replaced cobblestones. With brass markers with the names of holocaust victims and assess yet and so it's a reminder every step you take you cannot avoid this and so. This is Germany. In a way it's they're not trying to whitewash history they're not trying to say this never happened there it's they are highlighting it in a way that. Make sure no one ever forgets and that's very different than what we're talking about here in the way that we do it here which is about this whole. Ridiculous notion of southern identity in southern culture. It's really just you are basically saying slavery never show right exactly use you were okay with slavery Euro came with racism you want to embrace that. Awful anyway we have some more Sox boss let's see Charlie kinetic. Yeah yeah yeah yeah you we can hear you what's gone on great. Take things written him later Kris the score. Out of the side house reunions but he will decide okay. I would really puzzled because I thought it change you name it yeah Ewing David Ortiz struck. Now that's a difference yeah and all it still just now we yeah yeah it sway extension. Two blocks. To think over the other thing that they. Changed or two yes but we're talking about they maniac you. Yeah well the main jockey weight did what Jackie where extension is only two blocks long. But that's secondary epic did it might it might have been some sort of backhanded. Statement and saying well we'll. Woman gave the rookie driver of the they're sliding. Well district but we're gonna keep dark UEFA I. Old lady saying the Red Sox had some insidious motive for our where they put David Ortiz. I am not saying that I'm just wondering about how this ever got split in two but beside. Confederacy. That the fact is there's lost a war. So is it up for example if Paul Revere his neighbor had gone out and poised to be king scholars. Right out period the English lost revolutionary or what what what happens. When you got. All they wanted to and I would have been charged with treason wouldn't. Yet but the difference is we didn't have you know parts of this country that were sympathetic to McCain. Well we. We we didn't we didn't have we didn't have half of the country fighting the other half of the country. Don't know I don't know we can you know and and ended yet. And I won't say that the confederate C lost their bid for independence because they were wrong. But he can't listen or they try to secede from the United States. And then lost the war and yeah. And one of their platforms Watters. Full democracy for whites. And to continue to own their slaves so that's why the confederate I shows up so often and not. Along which Foster goes in skinhead rallies and Clinton rallies and things like that. We know it's early I'm gonna stop you right there I appreciate the column I'm gonna tell you that the confederacy was they were on it I think we're safe saying that. They wore wrong and we are gonna. That's these socks and see this trend because generic and John Tomas. Osce got Sports Radio go. So. Like the little metal. This might that at. So you're responsible for DO TNT. Actually that was that was attorneys say. It wasn't yeah we are who we are very first show which we. You know mr. play him I thought that was clever and now says that it was obvious that stupid you know that's just sport. It actually works for you. It doesn't totally remarks that so this is Jenny to Nazi minus training. That she has been ably replaced by her and theory it thank you Comcast Kyle Draper. We are gosh we only have half hour left here. But we've been talking hockey waving tiny Red Sox. We've been talking that rallied I wasn't in Boston which is fine with me I didn't I don't know I didn't need. Another Charlottesville. Not all right because it was here but the country doesn't need that. At all yeah it I don't like you said in its its I mean about each year the country doesn't need that. In I was encouraged to see he knows the outpouring. Of counter protest. To the free speech rally into why was it named dad though because I hate that it was you know. Mean they're free speech yet there's really only one kind of right right and in so. If you counter protest free speech rally it makes it sound like here against free speech which is. You don't that not now what we're sand and although we had a college say that earlier that the left is the problem of leftist one as where the ones stifling speech it. That's Herat right now. Aid if I'm OK with stifling. Heat. Divisive. You know if if you're really. You know. Coming out at somebody just because the color of their skin. I mean where this is 2017. Did we are to go through this it didn't we learn from our mistakes and I'm just blown away that. We're we're at this same point in you know which insisting. Not listening hip hop music and I remember you know cares one back in the eighties does some of the stuff he talked about. Still relevant today which is sad when you think about it because you think. We've come so far we have in some respects but there's still a long ways to go yeah I I think if if the current administration presidency unfortunately has. Taught us anything it's that we're not as far alliance we thought you know I'd say it's amazing to think that we have a black president like seven months ago. You know and we don't anymore and it's. It's a little desiring to receive would be. You know the people who wanted to quote unquote take their country back it's just like we're back to where railway error we go and and I remember in 2008 I felt like we were at the height of you know. Optimism. No tolerance and a understanding. We're very hopeful at that time and then here we are you know. Eight years later in and it's a complete opposite you know it it feels like we're trending in the wrong direction yet they you know what this is why I think. Would John Henry speaking out the way he did. Some people have criticized the timing has a little bit craven and opportunistic and I say so what that's OK I mean. I think that you know the the climate is now right for iron and an honest discussion about this come about this topic. And if he felt before that he went to the Menino administration and they were resistant because. They knew there'd be opposition and fight well the fact is now is the perfect time to do it because now is a time where people are willing to take on and tackle these kind of things. But I think Fran in Westfield might have a different take on this brand Europe with Tomas C and Draper. Yeah the concern here in recent hypocrite when he walked 1816. Years ago he could work quietly. Behind the scenes and had the main chains say. But it takes now sixteen years later. Wouldn't that finally speak up when it's only gets Cubans until. And John had sixteen years ago the chickens sixteen used lunch on you together. Yeah these sixteen years ago. You know I mean I think there's an element of that Fran I'll agree with you hover. I guess but itself and issues you've just spot this franchise and the first thing you're gonna come do is come in and take down Tommy out these name I understand. Six to used to work on quietly. And he'd do well he started working toward changing that Steve. Do you believe him when he says he tried that he went to the Menino administration and they resisted. And Henrik is that really intelligent. Smart. Man. It's taken an incident could he could've worked once sixteen your artwork into the system. Go to a quietly. And almost didn't want to see. Deciding instead whatever he wanted to make. Working with the politics working with the governor going a long wait but it takes not only will I would choose you know. I've always had some bad feelings about it and you know on the quiet on the open hand but I could what sort. Is that where you narrow exactly it and it's an insult you know end and Ed thank you for the conference so. On the one hand I do understand a little bit the idea. You could have done this he could have pushed harder for this. At some other point I think that's a fair criticism but at the same time. So what I mean John Henry. Since he bought this team has not hid for 12. From the team's ugly past and he addressed that head on in 2002 when he first bought the team whatever your wives. And so. To say that. He's only doing this now because of politics I think this created an opening for him great but this is consistent with how he has run the team. Since he boxing at least publicly when he talks about the team's history he was always taken in on. At and like you said and this isn't the first time. He's had these discussions it it you know they're like the caller said on it took them sixteen years well no he approached him many many are about it. You know years ago and received some push back in so you know it. I'd rather him be at the party can never come to be late to the party never costs are and so why you know we're talking about here now if you wanna rip on for sixteen years Ari that's your prerogative I guess. How does that change what we're talking about right now and could he really by the way have quietly changed yucky way and that that's not the way you imagine are in ally in this this is something that this is an issue that people feel very strongly about who you gonna do it like a back door thing. Or behind closed doors kind of thing I don't think that's how it works. Teresa and Waltham what do you think. Teresa. Would you have us. Yeah there yeah I did like centuries. And corporate public and to market but say that I am not ban from at all but. And you want to kick exception. That what you're suggesting in your last comment was that. You know we had eight years of Obama and now in what you know. Eight months or nine months and that comes at a not at that all of a sudden. You know these are the hatred in I mean you don't look at the recent I got elected. Would because. I see. Under Obama and it would we ended up the most racially divided. That we had been in a long time and a. I don't see how that's his fault I don't necessarily wanna go down this road by the way I mean I understand that where. Mixing politics and sports here but this isn't about Barack Obama's presidency I was simply tightening about was we had a black president. Within the last year and now we have a white supremacists for president that's all I'm saying and that's ominous Ambac. For now but I'm curious what Peter in Jamaica Plain has to say about Tom Iraqi. Right and appropriate collateral nature of copy of the signed. A judge you maybe touch on that before. But what Britney joining me are you weigh in York foundation that this guy evil on. Sort of an racers did. Do we want to change the name of the art foundation and it is not what is the difference. Yeah I mean this is tough on for me but I think if big differences is that people are complicated you have to judge them on everything. And in terms of Tommy hockey you can't ignore what he did charitably what he did fitted. Jimmy Fund what he did for Dana Farber what he did for orphans. And so yes that's he had a complicated legacy he absolutely does but changing the name of his own organization. I think is very different than changing a publicly spoke publicly traveled street. And I early on latched on your I consider to be our ambition and much more associated with red trucks and our keyword. And on what I'm trying to. Compared to learn how you weight and bulk oh. Yeah no listen Peter I mean it's an interesting point by. To me like he what you gonna she unit demand they change the name that name of his foundation be changed I mean that's. If you decide you don't want to take their money or something like that I guess. That's one thing but. We're talking about a public street I think that's the difference here. What does Zack can in South Dennis think we're gonna ask the candidates out. I don't think it'll take its time had occurred in May I I'm 64 in a big deal site how many people. You know plot or threatened by yawkey way. Got two weeks ago or John Henry. And I mentioned to us that he wanted to you don't change and I and. I said this earlier can I wrote about this two years ago I thought they should change the name along time ago some people have brought this out. Oh. Point being is that. OK you've got a problem and then. You let. Yes have to come up with a another name yes that's where it's not on what best. Put it back where it was sound frustrated as he wanted to be Jersey street and he wanted to stay out anyway. I knew I would take any dirt they want yuck why why why why would you want it to stay yawkey way on disinterested. It in YI I I understand. You know it is. And Ellis are rightfully so you know back in the year are. Now you got to hold it like a hornet's nest. I'll go why do you want it to stay yawkey way nine not why a lot I can I can deal. With a different name but yeah you know so it's not. Because your pro Tom yawkey you're not fighting Brit you're just against. Change and it. Because of the current climate we're in because. You know the seat that that's my point John that out I was making people aren't for Tom yawkey. There are against change yes I think there's a lot of that I think there's absolutely a lot of and it's sort of people feel almost tribal about. The things that they considered bears and they don't want anyone else time I'd like when he says. Who was even talking about this two weeks ago well you know what lots of people around this up over the years this is not. In new idea. I Craig in Maine thinks it's a stupid idea I'm guessing no what I. You that's very. Today hi guys don't let's I wanna rock burst on call I live in northern Maine and every comic at southern Maine what you guys don't wanna get to it got there and I'm so disturbed by this conversation. The ignorant of these people and even a lot taller man contrived or try it right. Re the guy I would rate at which your other great. They were great if people think all. Part of our victory will not all of our greed and I wanna celebrate. By happy do you play all celebrate everything that is wrong with this country. And I mean in Utah how can exclude sports in general. I thought last night out in Seattle where the better they are going up there and a warning extremely. Warm back to support one another. An expand on what is right in this country but it is desperately looking and people column page. What like not change it all banking are bad now wait Robert a lot of future danger we need to change that at all. You know I can get any argument for me Cragg and that's well said thanks for the call I call we don't you we'll get a lot of those here all the time I was shocked by that is that you know I had I had this conversation is ridiculous was the bottom line in size expecting today get ripped for that. BI we even talked about that Michael Bennett. You know sat down. During the anthem last night who was it to put his hand and a shoulder as chairman yanked down and was about one of his teammate one of his white teammates and I thought I Justin Britt. And I thought it was interesting was that Martellus senator Michael Bennet forgetting who one of them was talking about how maybe it wasn't them you you might notice that. Basically the whole Kong camper next thing you need a white players Santa do you know to remind the government Michael might have said that the other day. And you need not only a white player let you know if you know. Let's say and I'm not saying he should do this but a Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers story you know Ben Roethlisberger you imagine. The impact. That would cause but you know as far as the kneeling during the anthem are sitting. I don't wanna say I'm over that but I'm ready to move forward to find some solutions sore at the you know the conversation has been started. You know but what's next how do we how do we move on from that problem intense and solve that problem. That's that's what I'm interest now understand these athletes you know are bringing attention to the issue but. I wanna hear some solutions you know how how can we move forward down with yet. Matt a card Europe with Kyle and to my estimates out. I Jon Kyl which again guys are you guys familiar with the quote I may disagree with everything you say but I will defend. That's your right to say it have you ever heard a couple of scores. So the First Amendment exists. Specifically to protect speech that is unpopular. So what I'm hearing a lot from the left right now. Is it not talk for free speech is tolerant with these they agree with any and I mean. I guess I took it and I think can't stand. Ciba Matt this is yet and I know that remain Mac has I'll defend their right base and that's why whatever they want when they show up with guns and armed to the tonight. Looking to hurt people that's right to our ally to beat free speech isn't a political issue you know and it in for you to say you with you your hearing you know which you're hearing on the left is one thing. To me that's not a political issue but the moment you know late John say. You bring you know guns and you threaten people's lives you know it to me that crosses the line. Yes and bag yet there's just no place for that. And when I hear people like that saying you wanna stifle speech that is not what this is about whatsoever is about stifling. Eight. Lucked into training because generic and John Tomas talking packs resent more on Sports Radio WEEI. Why are white supremacists. Celebrated. Why is David duke celebrating a big misinterpreting. The dog whistles that's your defense feasible or give it some more. Actually no I don't really spelled that right horrible guys I don't think even more because I do you get in a position that's where defense position why god he's done system. He's he's a leader in national movement I don't know why you really got that position of one which is what type of being able. To have because of all of you people all boats yeah sorry I did you know what's the and that is how do you what is his title search it which ever wonder what you want it was a that is it I. A good time it's time. Mary goes about it you love me to go and answer and I didn't have a I think it's going to be good for their brands and at that Draper branch they are brand so. This is to my C and Draper filling in for training we've only got a couple of minutes left here before we turn things over to Danny Picard who is at the 99. Where which ends August August it's bats his country right there and that is the tide territory. Let's sneak in a couple more calls before we go Bob and congress. Hey guys out there are calls well I'm I'm able to look. Was Red Sox changing yuck you rate as of now. Why why this have been critical I mean I have to build America being sued by somebody. Like that that discrimination. And the guy says it was all right you know albeit a racial racist acts of Tom yawkey. But then don't you go this is obviously to some you don't probably not quite got in line with that sort of luck you all aren't gained. Aspect then it's kind of an important or somewhat but nowhere. Tried to comic you know grab some some media attention has been. You know I I hope that that that. And ray it and you people you know and argued it is rather grandstand to Iraq. To you know sort of you know divert the attention to something else. Not really focusing on and on an apple issues with racism not just changing some names. Oak street to an old buildings. Just cut back on it ought to stop. But then at the at the court cannot really you know. Green real changes to to use this Laker beat you that I think Eric becoming more serious. Bob I think that's adding those are all fair points out I now unfamiliar with this suit there's just yet filing a lawsuit does not equal guilt so I don't know I don't know what's going on there but. You know. Alex Roemer brought it up earlier you look at the Red Sox mastered the picks are just like it almost looks like Tom's cabin a little bit. A little more diverse in terms of men vs women but. Otherwise is very Lily white so you know that's fair but. I'm still gonna say even if they have their issues. Symbolism is important to me and be taking that name down in changing that name. I think is a positive step whatever else the Red Sox have to do. That's that's a separate issue and that may be an important issue as well by changing this matters. Yeah like I said before. Give me a reason why you wanna keep it don't you know give me a reason why. You know it is still be named Tom yawkey way and don't just Tommy you're against the name change Tommy why is it because you're just against change in general. That's one thing our earth are you actually advocating for Tom yawkey you know I wanna hear that conversation. Right we are gonna finish this show an eight perfectly. For any intimacy way with our favorite color our best scholar you probably don't know him I don't should. This is Fred in Marilyn's you have the last word Fred Daria. Forget how it and background we're doing great brands and luck I'm more liberal Jewish person. And you're not talking Aoki was a bad manners are loses races ceilings etc. But hints one has done a lot of good for a lot of people get so that fact alone. His name should be allowed to be on that story in not aware of what is foundation not not what he stands for. C Fred I would argue that his name should stay on everything else that should stay on his foundation to stay on the wing at Dana Farber it's to stay associated with the Jimmy Fund but. Because of what is racism meant to feelings of inclusion at the park that's like take it down on the street. All right may of this and so maybe my feelings about this situation. How I feel about it you know the name it is not that many people want like at saint orders aren't done it and I'm her upon each should be allowed. Many streets named for many people on this kind of people we don't like some bad things but he's got a lot of good things. Form as far as social issues so that's my one that's the only point I'm trying to. I we appreciated Fred thanks for listening I hope the Alexa is treating you well Fred as basic as the result in lives in Maryland. He calls this every week he's usually full of fire and brimstone today he brought a more reason had to take to it. But yes I do you feel this is a year. Your maiden voyage is now completely not feels good you know I'm glad we got to talk about the Celtics patriots Bruins and on act up yet Red Sox. No it goddess is a good conversation because like I say analysts TSA and you know. I think these conversations need to have been more nowhere sports talk radio station. But I enjoy week you know debating these issues as well IRA while we're gonna have you back if you'll have yes yes I'm here yet I'd sounds great thank you to Kyle Draper. Thank you to Kyle to lose and now Matt morale earlier tourney will not be back next week but I will see is gonna have to hold out. All you hippies out there you have to wait a couple of weeks state attorney and to my two picks. Stay tuned for Danny Picard coming up next.