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Saturday, January 20th

The TNT show goes on the road, setting up shop at the Red Sox annual Winter Weekend festivities at Foxwoods Resort and Casino. In this hour they, are joiined by Chairman of the Boston Red Sox, Tom Werner, as well as two Sox legends: David Ortiz, and Pedro Martinez. Werner gives an update on the Sox offseason, specifically their courting of premier free agent hitter JD Martinez. Ortiz and Pedro both share their thoughts about the state of the Red Sox right now, as well as what the feel the team needs to do in order to improve. They also interestingly tell Trenni and Tomase, that now they are removed from playing the game, they find watching baseball to often times be boring,


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Reasons for any and tomorrow using non Sports Radio WEEI you dreading his parents and John Tomas he'd break down everything without packs the Bruins and all that we'd win sports. So. It's trendy until moxie on Sports Radio WEEI. Hey everybody do you think oh we're okay that's better blow blow blow it the feedback and you're there you are treading into classic haven't you left the the foxwoods resort and casino data Connecticut it is the Red Sox winter weekend. We have a kind of your movement right. Its players and of course cars new manager Alex were coming up over the next four hours we're here with you until 4 o'clock. And from one seat we promise we will talk patriots football which I figure out what is going on with off on all caps. All capitalized. Proper proper now thus some of top rated right now we have a different now that's Warner. Boston Red Sox is with us on. Yesterday when instant front of lessons that we are talking to. A low level or get to improve. It takes two people live to close the deal. But it's we do have. Other plans if if that doesn't come through which tonight I don't make too much of it you know we would like to make it diligently Martinez who we are also have to. Have some discipline about. With the parameters of that deal are but we we come into the season feeling very good about ourselves the team in 93 wins and I don't think we were really. All cylinders all year. Expect some of our. Our offensive production to improve and David Price healthy and we have to you know existed or break out sessions Chris Sale and Craig Kimbrel and you know I know that the Yankees have improved this year but to when we start opening day will be a formidable. When does the let me break when when it's this like jam and you're John I don't know anymore. Did you do it's not as if there's. I mean I'm sure that this is that you a year unlike any other but. These players will sign and first were concerned you know we had a very robust payroll last year and we will exceeded this year so I mean I can just say that we're gonna improve. Someone. Ucits have been insisting yesterday when you're talking to beat writers who were talking about how you disagree strongly with the contention that some people had the team wasn't likely the last. You make a distinction between entertaining and likable. The most the most important thing obviously is to win I it surprises me when people say they weren't. They weren't likable thing known that there was some stats during the years. You know I'd rather not. Reflect but we had a corps of young players that. Many of them are under 25. It was an elevator Raphael devers last night you know just looking at meetings 21. But you have between devers and then intensity in there and that since. Rodriguez said. Certainly you know a couple of our slogan at that but I think the core of of of that group is extremely. Likable and so. You know I. Listen if we I think you guys that we live in a world in which there's a lot of the intention is not here. We did not not on these couldn't know that. You know we can even have a government functions effectively but as far as I'm concerned. You know I think that the expressions that you know that the three outfielders when. We were winning game I thought that was fun and authentic. Home and I think there's a lot of personality on this team's self I mean I don't know obviously you guys and you think. The team was unlikable. I like yeah somewhat yeah I've you know just didn't have you know what app that will follow what's gonna happen for you was. Dignity under estimates of losses David Ortiz and that. Yes David always had this way of just moving everything out and making everybody you know that's that million watts not even having his caddie it was still sort of fun. LA. At the maybe a guy like that some might otherwise take the reins of a club you may need that transition was more difficult. That may be anyone expected it to be to totally take over clubhouse we gigahertz. Well I think it's asking a lot to but placed David in view him as as safe as an off field leaders well obviously is. Prodigious that are. But unity you know we in the end our team won 93 games last year and I do think that. That. We came close to support you know the last two games at Fenway Park against the best team and and Noah and major league baseball league we play we played quite well we didn't get that fifth game but in the end down. I don't know what to say except that you know players. Players in my opinion or are. Convivial I'm watching. Chris say Allen and Rick Purcell lowland. Craig Kimbrel and her and through comments is now and they seem so funny and warm and maybe that diplomatic game face that. Yeah I just learned for the first. Scrutiny that triggers changes Sox during the season's. That's not helping domestic and Connecticut. Well let us. You know my thing and so you know that being around these guys will keep that really friendly guys nice guys and it's a lot of these young players I just think. And I don't know if this would be a priority for US organization for them to be a little more outward. You know because you just describe the scene that we would never see it. But I know it's not for sale in humans airwaves spectrum justice you know really thoughtful guy and it's. So it's there from a marketing perspective on viewers outside might. You guys just need to let everyone in a little bit that. I think it's really critical. First of all. Our bosses are our customers and right now. We need to do everything possible to. To show the personality that these players have been and for them to sign autographs. For them to. Be accessible and we we do we can to encourage them and this is a great event. Today. Yesterday in the and you know and and it's in a few minutes people are gonna see Pedro Martinez. And David Ortiz together but you know our current players are all around and and they're really good kids and and you know I do think that anything we can do to encourage that fan interaction is its. Critical is it more critical now than ever Tom because there is this feeling that baseball is and the demographics show up so it. John and I loved baseball when we're both in our forties you know is it it's showing that personality getting those guys out there one point that never with the help of the sport. Yeah it's it's critical. Excuse me I know that. There are some people in baseball. And and we we followed this who feel for example that. You shouldn't. Demonstrate your personality and a home run. I'm in the camp that says it it's it you you can't you can't force him but he did do you don't want it to be. We are not authentic and I want to be organic but the more that that to me we demonstrate an infectious enthusiasm. For. The game the more that there's there you know when now you see that. Football players are doing their their stances in the end zone in protection. I think all that's important because the kids. It's like in you know and we are trying to do our best days as an organization. I think baseball is you know. We've talked about making it the uniforms more. Kid friendly and more wearable. And and having more personality of the players put on their cleats so all these things there or about trying to create that connection so that. People younger than the three of us will ultimately. So the legacy behind that we've heard the commissioner talked about obviously changed basically that his name it something you that passionate about for a while so. In terms of the pitch popped and also the mound visits the players that players seem to be kind of hesitant to adopt him but how important though is also just made it gave them. Little event. Millennial friendly. Well as you said Trudy and I've been I've been. Part of the competition committee I know that the commissioners having discussions with the players union. We're we're not asking for for anything more often than modest changes to. It is to decrease the dead time in the game. Last year with the the average gain is three and three hours five minutes I think it's too long. And there can't be a person and in this room who wouldn't. Support the idea fewer mound visits and in the catcher. Comes up to this the pitcher threw three times sometimes sing that. Too much so. We are gonna make hopefully some improvements and so are you surprised that the players are more pragmatic about this whole thing I. I I think when I talked to. The players that I talked to individually. I think they're very supportive and sure there's some players to take 25 seconds though. That you don't want to have any restrictions on. Because they changed their routine that even something like that. It's the editorial in the minor leagues to have a 22 pitch like it's gonna affect only the out liars is most people wrote. The ball within that and if it affects an airliner and can we get home a little bit earlier it's a good thing but I think most the players we've talked amongst the players that you find them to be as supportive of these kind of improvement. Usually just contents it you know they note above our pay grade at the grounds that whatever's best for the game. And a lot of them our life we'll know the people don't understand the rhythms of basement. So we're not the only league Tony that it now it's it's. Yeah I felt I came in the NBA as fewer time outs in the seventh and eighth inning and then again I don't wanna get to I don't know titans fan you know you know. Commissioner rules school. You know play the most important leadership role but I find as a fan you idea of having. This righty lefty matchup in the seventh and eighth innings you know you're you're coming to an important part of the game. You got three or four relief pitchers need it just slows down in the game I wouldn't be. Upset if if the batter if the pitcher had to face these two batters and that's a lot has changed I'm not. In charge of that but I'm just saying you know we're trying to do is make the game a little bit. Quicker at giving the network didn't look yeah have to go decent outing we cannot let you go without asking are you part of the new Roseanne I am I'm the executive producer of it. I can't wait for you to see it Wii channel yet it's at that Netflix it's funny the snow it's easy to engineer Larry it's good for us now have broadband network. The shows are great John and risen urges. Fantastic Laurie Metcalf who I hurt my neck kept and it is an op. She's I mean I can't wait these guys is it us and you guys I copied but there it's funny it's relevant it's poignant and I'm very proud and dance not dead. I and must say I was listening to listen and hear on our the other day they have their TV critic I was raving about. So I can we rate as it is not right thank you thank you for joining us. The extra added it all right our next guest is going to be David Ortiz sometimes he's on time sometimes he's now we promise you we're on target time. We are popping time but he will join us. It is treading too mossy we are live from foxwoods resort and casino down in Connecticut for Red Sox to weekend. Love scenes at training because marriage and John Tomas talking perhaps he's more on Sports Radio WEEI. Turning to lassie come into live from foxwoods resort casinos down Connecticut home to me twenty team edition of the Red Sox went to weekends. Digger she's gonna giants up like that as you know knowing we that we work on pop time yeah yeah yeah when he's ready we're ready he's going to be joining us ladies night a few minutes behind so. Oh. See it at some point yet that he's innocent right now soon they're you know. TV recognizes he's pretty photogenic. You know he has TV of this radios that. Here's your I think everybody knows that and Mario is on TV for him we're streaming live to not have up there. Anything stick out to you from white other than that Roseanne's hit. It would be owns now though idea again that management was a huge present and it's acute problem because I was the leader Stephen back and Nancy it was more I was on the I was definitely products across I testified I identified with the grandstand seats. The glory it's not back talking baseball what any theories and thoughts on that one Tom Brady found. Yeah I mean it's it. That being met him he was seeing some of the high profile like gambling people saying I'm hearing that this is a lot worse than letting non. And those guys like it's they're job to know this kind of stuff so that. To me was more at Denny's and it cannot understand. Excellent RJ ballots one of like the big gambling guys out of Vegas. And there was somebody else's well that are members and so these things I had those things worry me. And it. However I honestly believe that they win this game Bryant lawyer like even if players that I don't know ago I don't know Leo because Chris has ballots and freezing Belichick will find a way. You first spotted. Don't ever keep reading people saying you know don't the patriots have not underestimating Lake Worth like you can't underestimate him because some terrible like you can't. Go below what he actually is. I think it's a jaguars over on the company will the thirteen and half. Points and I think the patriots can score that. With Brian Hoyer he'll find a way in it they'll manage a game I don't say they went Super Bowl. Bryant or about one day to beat a terrible road team in the coal with a terrible quarterback yet they will win. And I he's not gonna play tonight. And I think he radiates in black confidence there if the supreme greens no confessions here. Now I yeah I I don't know that I units yet I don't necessarily that I think that these this defense I wanna think Ryan Hall series. Feels that he got a little something to prove why I think he's terrible. You there are times when he serviceable. And so he can be serviceable without running back and act defense he's out of general. It works yet there as a lawyer yet our entire board of public players get stuff that you are not yet a boat plane ranked player is. Pitches and not leave Brian Hoyer I don't think that he I think he goes out there that deepens rattles him sit eat it up the pieces around him are good. Here's going to be like take six is it dropping balls stepping fumble all over I know. Those two feel like the patriots know how to attack that Jacksonville defense which. We saw Barack will do with the 49ers you've been doing that with a 50% to Tom Brady they don't think you can do with right yes so I think you can do it enough with one. You know you're not going to be challenging those corners outside it's everything underneath it safe passes and they will get frustrated I mean listen I wouldn't if Boyer plays. And they lose I wouldn't come in units oh my god I can't believe that happened. But I think I'd be less shocked if they. I was citizens reading Elizabeth in Elizabeth Merrill yet for where agree peace side by sort of the redemption of debt around yesterday. And vaults were drawn parallel this Jacksonville Jaguars team to the Tom Coughlin coached giants teams of the past hockey city Eli Manning mis. I would call them the quarterback he certainly evidently portals. What I thought was interesting Hayes. My rounds relationship with Tom Coughlin so wide shot time was looking for a new head coach that the jaguars. Coughlin wanted to topic did you elect I think you're gonna be better our front office 71 years old. I think your battery executives. Like vice president whatever his title as executive position. But I'm gonna put your office next to duck around in hate does is it okay if I sort of hack you guys working together on it and that's that to me is why I'm not underestimating this jaguars defense of his jaguars team. Because you have. I think a pretty good coach and it died at learn from his experiences in buffalo and it turned things around in Jacksonville and then you have Tom Coughlin. Achy patriots killer so I'm not looking at this thing is going to be cakewalk especially not if I don't think it's gonna be cakewalk. For a top three I think it much easier to win but if Brian lawyers not. Yes so so let's let's go back as a way he's. It earlier yeah let's go factories and earlier about radiate 50% I think radiate 50% it's enough to be that the patriots. Have played that style of defense they're just all part of like the Pete Carroll tree. So there cover three defense with corners who love locked up guys on the outside Richard Sherman like the patriots didn't bother throwing at him. And that Super Bowl and they still won. The falcons played the same defense and for awhile that gave the patriots in trouble and then. Once they turned on the jets. And went no huddle and kept those guys on the field in the pass rusher is near the same thing that I just rushing the passer on every play like Jacksonville those would only a couple of rotated they get tired and so 50% Tom Brady. They will have the exact same game plan. They picked apart better defense certainly Seattle's defense was better Jacksonville's not a glamorous but they picked apart teams with better quarterbacks. I don't see this team be even close read them. I do to applaud you for that he's that you wrote this week breaking down the tire Jack's book game against the Jack allegedly gee I get to VG that it niners. I need I was like highlighting it to him much as is tremendous work out Reyes Trevor the end I noticed that I put that hat back it was tremendous work. Any and it was a sales at most was that thing they talked about Jack's book these things not just getting tired. We getting frustrated. In that discipline and the patriots east on a disciplined. Yeah I mean there was a drive late in that game Jacksonville's trying to rally and they get too personal file cause they had they have the 49ers and inside the tad. They get too personal foul calls that immediately gave them 33330. Three yards and then there was another one later that's that's 453 yards that you gave them in the fourth quarter of a close game. And drop below. He I think you cite him eight for 13% or ten for fourteen on third downs they could not get off the field against him and he was throwing the same exact kind of past that we've seen Brady throw. Too far inferior receivers beat you even name. Before Iraq we'll became quarterback I could not name a single iso and 49 isn't that other than Micah Hyde I couldn't name a single player on that offense and you know mark he's good win who Castano the bills. Trent Taylor who's just like a little slot receiver Ricky got. And Iraq Pulitzer in these guys into weapons against what's supposed to be the best defensively put up 44 points. Tom Brady will not have a problem that team if he can say you more. It now than ever that the patriots maybe huge mistake turning point in the ass and I mean I felt this way at the beginning for this exact reason. The whole way it was was presented was you know well you kept him for the first eight weeks in case something happened to Brady now you know that Brady's time. This is our last chance to move on and I'm like wire the first eight weeks more important in the last eight weeks. Who cares about the first eight weeks yes that something bad happens to Grady you have your guy but what's to say that something won't happen in the last and here we are. How much better which you feel right now with Jimmy drop lower on this roster what the. The percent today I would I would say pretty doesn't play. Know where he's no problem but yeah I would think that Jimmy he could not there and it obviously can't we saw him. San Francisco. The wicket know that obviously I would feel a hundred times more profit by I'm not confident that frankly again I'm not if he can go out there Ryan. Run the same office and do what Tom Brady can do to. But that Jacksonville's defense happening he'll like Tom Regis is your presence be out there with defense is not. If you feel like. And even you know it's like. You make a mistake and don't seem to capitalize on even if he shouldn't he absolutely does and that I would say that is my only fear if there is really something wrong with you know. His thumb are the wedding is hander went Everett baby. My weary its grip on the ball and accuracy of these or making him susceptible to the team that's worth a lot of turnovers. I too. They were working on I heard that practice this week he's having a hard time exchanging snap under center was at handers in shotgun formation. But that directly through Saturday was for whatever reason I guess that maybe it's just too hard. You know what does that say I don't know that the date but we are gonna take a quick break it to take a break for street a right to Dugard today necessary it is to use. It's gonna. Yeah yeah. I'm like you know I had to sit down with that. If you could see the crowd here right now it's crazy thing it's my it's mostly for us now obviously as Versace jacket again. And turn them barely. All right how are you how is it that Clinton's. You always to welcome back to my second home. In room. You know reduce you know the fans. That's my first I had ever been around. This. This activity that the birth of and those Duma as those who've been around. So what do you make of this team right now and we've spent the whole winter much like we did last minute saying how are they gonna replace David Ortiz and they're still trying. So what what it's again take. To put them back to where they were with money it's the. You know of it I hear that that these. We're consumers. Judy Martinez. Hopefully. The not a speaker for anyone. Road courses street often better. I know who beats you get a thought -- office of any time by. So to Rudolf and so. I know that definitely the team that we have when more experience. Coming into the season. But it's it's always good to that Wong got that warm back. And the line note that you can count with and that their numbers that the V Marti that even without. Through the years as somebody who I was watching that season. Or from America only to necessarily be some moans of moments so. It's always good to have a guy like that corner. From what you see for him David curb it this made it has approached the plate. The numbers he put up last year are they sustainable can he keep doing that hearing here out. I think so because you don't work that one thing that impressed me the most about him if that he he's able to use the whole field. And once you out of power meter. With a BC that it's going on day that you are able to do work he had been doing. The years just use this is something that I if it is that it's questions. You know advocate. Myself want to start you got to people power from to my numbered years. Grow you know and I think he's the thing that will players so. I I I believe that you know a guy like that would perforated with an effort report because he thought you all in the bullpen. And on the highway it was a few bonuses so he did he do if you've been explicitly did you see this. Mean because when you're playing our members were very determined and adamant that the Red Sox is cosigned Nelson Cruz you know that was your guy at the time there and you always felt we need another big that we need another big bats do you feel like the team may be underestimated that just a little bit the end of your career. Guarded or I think sometimes. Government because he's easier. To. Question. Those type of situation. From that mayor viewpoint or. From the fans you won't organizations have limitation. They had a budget. They. Things that they have to accomplish. Get a plea that category of player so. And I operation doesn't it was but it definitely be more news right now. But. Like I say you know this is gonna vision I was right there best to get players. Possible boy we have got some ways that things haven't worked out really well that we respect. And you've got it you know Waldman. If he was that. But. From from what I know they're gonna visions right in the heart that you could market and Atlanta. David from up players are psyched respected her ex player's perspective why do you think. That free agent market is moving so slowly and stuff. That is something that is very which you know if I had never seen anything like that. That was one sitting here what was if this is a mean you have confidence freeagent. They were everyday player. Where that whatever that Malia last year reports multiple. So. Those are the guys that people whose views he uses the right the sort that you within. That he. So but I know I know that Russell going. You go to the auto week anybody exciting. So bored and and going to Wear the big we have this time because. Death that will be right there. If that year you know if you're Judy Martinez he's looking for a while we understand 77. Years for 200 million right now the offers he five between a 10025. At what point do you say OK I'll take five or I'll take six years and last night or. The closer you get this returning and a who's who got to be sure that you get that's going to elect thing you know what it. Sometimes that's the players. You need. The start looking around the world harmony option you have table. And that's what you you know my QCQ what did they say is different because. Players that don't get to spring training they're rated. That way do they get through to get ready. They are ready right now so. Once you sign it doesn't but if you sign. In. Or wherever. What you sign. And but the beginning of February. It's very much. More of the same thing with our own good to go. So. I average series right now. Reference from them soon. Why he's gonna get we're gonna bid was going to be the best tournaments that we. Go from there. I I got a call you up for something you said yes I flying because. Instead use that you're okay with the pitch live now I remember. Coverage you inmates started talking about the that's why we couldn't even print your hands I'd make myself clear yes and I. I say. At the beginning when they came we. IE the not agree with yes that I won't once I was into the season. Didn't affect me at all you know thing and I kind of got used to. Why it was heartless way. Home I mean. I can understand how. You hope the other was gonna work out means. They get it beats getting out of the box. In bed because that's that's when you have. That's when a theater that time. To think about what's gonna happen next. Why I didn't really mean that much. And that's what animal we have that's sort of a B was bringing to the table. Know guys together mean that walk round that day they come out of the box thing. Because everything happening thick. And worked out good for me I used to why didn't you need it once once you get into it you realize that and I could just be locked in. In the matter of fact it was even better from. Because. I was in the box. Which happened. I just went wrong lay out. It right away I would they go whoa whoa what will. What a world where it was wouldn't do next if and when you do get out of the box of what round it with a lot of things that by my I was like okay. Over the five. Local with a unbreakable. You know like I. It worked out reform we ought to which and in. Once MO we've made at the Hewitt that appreciated basically thrown but more than players' knowledge that is the people that the league game. In in the time. It is the big thing right now with the details about what it will game. And when I look at game that it's going to be four hours. I threw away the who would you do with should be asking you though that and over Beers group than it. So based photo little or are you we I I like the game that. See you see the value added now I see you the events with the and how much of a difference to me how how necessary. War to keep bands like your son. To keep younger fans and well if if if the game when you mean dollar loan bugler but we'll see but overseers of these cute word game. That you do you relating to use it is. That maybe these youth judo move forward that the when there's no way you feel on myself move forward Mike you were reported now were. This thing done. Who's on the west with what they do today. They've got to be moving to a thing we're executing goes back so. I think there were able we've who has the world when I look at those seatbelts for my kids the fittest. I. Just keep decisions that bill what what have you retire it's a tired David Ortiz liked. I'd be pretty beefy. Working with the companies that come home. Where. You know they got me doing a lot of things. I've been in and out of my. My wife my kids and say they relate bay beautifully if you play grateful. For me you'd have this stuff. But that's my personality you know like I I got to continue doing things they got if they beat you because. I idea out of control what I do it's sitting down doing nothing you know so. What Obama I you know do my kids and family when I'm. Where can I do what I who look computing moves forward is different chapter in my life and and I wanna be able to people were yelling at the chaos side generated decades just for the fun of it. Just to see. Not really. You know I he I I could have a bat once in awhile used to the flight border grumbled to Mike he is so. It is you use of them wrote that that it. I approach that's why not the hurt not yet if you get a team this. Now you know what I think deeply grateful for so long you know. I'd really be explained I've made. He bombs. And didn't get that going deeper but I like at least that's pathetic and that I would go make it a bit of a game but. Other than that I think it was beneath your you know late. I could do that I get to do anything more. It was who now. What do you saw what I but I two. My wife got me him right you know he yeah you look at it. Just the right to it you would have. Of these so man you know he. He's that they weren't that's right see you. Writes it means. Is no way. Obama just go get them as healthy food thing in that could do you know use the you federal. So or that thing going on right now so let's do. No Raphael Palmeiro for you know they'll come back at each that it yeah unlike. No man I a I keep on telling people with what is now what it's not that he's. You know just because my things are these that the some mean that I just got it definitely. You know home room you know there's a lot of things that don't work not a work. That's allowed that occasion. So you can stay consistent which you do. Baseball players. Worked extremely hard to get in Chile too to keep the body more we lined up the way you want it for the season to season Hebrew home. Did you what do we really focus on the game plus. So. There's a lot of calls with the game. What do you think I'd given Tenet sat forward. That's. I look at right now. It sounds I have a question for you we'll see its retreat and leave me down working that the team easily and it stay away for a line here. Obviously trading at some point. You for writing you'll marked a wonder what's up. That's an awful lot of now what you think that the actually I don't know if you wanna hear a so yeah. You know that the team that we right now. Most of them would make. We hear a lot of ideas while played so. Hopefully they can read some movement via back that's important. There be able to. Two things the with a few good read it with the leader in this who. The before five. You didn't you stop it fit. Yes it is and I yes expenses like the whole island. Red Sox. That we give it to you. Put it by this government might. Thank you David Ortiz and wonderful to see you we're gonna take a quick break among return Pedro mart ads. That's a more with many until mossy Clark Sports Radio tell. A hit dedicated it is. Let facts winter weekend. I'll see you fight it hurt her coming in a very familiar head. Much loved policeman right facts Pedro Martinez or her future. Major how do we what's a lightning back again having him adoring fans everywhere again. It's beautiful it's always nice to be back with the pants and and in Iraq. I Mike Mike but the experience of the main on the outskirts. And I really love it I can't wait for the them and so. Not reflected the base vote but because they wanna go back to me. Back to growth rate that the eagle vision. Harris you sit here in Portland and bank writes yeah yeah it was a nice areas yeah honor medal so it's healed wobbled slowly since I've played. Looking forward to doing that. In knowledge finally got it within it but it was rules. Build that we would rules and I expense and ice the ice the muscle the beauty of it. So imagine when all those leads so of the treason and and it's totally mean nice weather and you can go precinct and jumped into rumored to pull it. Lowest the number one question all of the fans that you had that you talked with his hat for you. You know that was an interesting question from a kid that gets that he bit a little blue that someone wrote about me. Hey girl growing up Pedro. And the kid asked that this the most he just the question. At something's gonna expected that it really cut my happen. They keep athlete behavior. Between you and rumbled. It that it's the tree in my book we will full mine goes. Hold back the most money goes down when they're right. And that's it. Certainly it will be me because I had good command that that run on the but it looked bitching at that bad. Not only that Oakland victory in the NC Kamal and then dropped about the battle related to the question because I never expected that question yeah you'd expect questions. From grateful and stuff like that. So what are you expecting out of this year's Red Sox team kind of a weird state that there and where they've won the division two years in a row and yet. It feels like they've fallen behind the Yankees and falling behind the Astros where do you put this team right now. I think these being but that he needs is really utilized we. Would not a Pollard. You know. Heating and power hitting team so we're gonna have to use what we have the speed. Defense. Beats you. For possible we need to be healthy that's what we need I think that he needs to keep the entire rotation. And and hopefully be healthy Rodriguez. Writes Paul Lawrence and those guys if they're completely healthy. And would get seasonal we failed Abby and all the great year like Nike unless you're. I think we should be okay don't mater what you see on the other teams. If we are able to beat played defense in and on the basis that we suit with a score lower rounds different view of the eighteenth. And deliver not even though with a hit homers. And and we didn't hit homers last year but we're capable. And even though we didn't do it with scoring no growth beat anybody that's what got them decent. Wish I don't Alex Cora obviously has no control over health but he definitely has control over how the guys played the game. What do you think filtering as manager in particular to that offense and running the bases that are making the most of the offensive players it's now. Well if you know a lot it's out of these. Very fundamental kind of players you walls and and and he's going to be at I think he's gonna do. The little things that we need to the were for the guys would be. In position to win the ballgame. And he's gonna you is that you thought. You know. That way here he feels it's gonna put them in with Susan that that's. The first thing I noticed about Alex. Is that he wants everybody moves and how people which is what we're accustomed to seeing every time the ultimate are able to put up attempted it. Is because they a boost the U remember the beard bullies. The old got beards and they were moves and they were crazy. You know for what the same way. Possible born in both guys you know seven everytime we have been able to that says if when the team relaxes when he's able to be themselves. When the team was able to go up there and and not really worry about. You know what's going on around and is that just being himself and and how people all the time defeats on the floor and didn't. Need that so you bring that up I wanna ask you about a particular guy David Price he was in the middle of a lot of stuff last year that probably made the team a little less suspect fiercely and stuff like that what would you say to him. About maybe doing things a little differently this didn't work for him as well last year what would you say to him. Oh well he you know. There's so much that happened to tell them through these mart is a form loving god to. And he is being doubtful loving guy here to the throne it's sometimes I think it's communication. Between him and the media in the way he handled these days. I think everything's gonna change the issue. Possible outcome because it's going to be healthy. That's one thing that will get me frustrated and especially listening to questions from the media when I was there. Without a search I didn't know what I hear questions let me nullifying your jokes. I didn't know when he admitted things. I think you've got to be healthy I think they immediately on the Hubble blast watching these gut it. Because we thought of the blue in the bowl season. We thought they'd be right come comfortable there and bloodied people Boston. Everybody agrees that and it. I think everything revolves around that you perform out there you you'd do well for itself doing everybody great that everybody finds it. Wanting planted you know. Good now when you're struggling and you're hurt and you can't kill everybody else what you're capable of doing. Well it's a little bit frustrating. So for the media they thought the we'll see what are you upbeat when you gonna feel better when it going to be able to compete with the team it's frustrating. So I don't blame him for fear of giving Olympic hockey but I think time I expect immediate who really gets up and look at this guy. Reform. And I think he's going to be able to do that because he's healthy he's got enough rest and and the bit we'll see how what's on the news really and how good of a guy you. Yes you mentioned the media when you play you had some incidents with Johnny Miller Steve Buckley here Shaughnessy or you know people who got under your skin a little bit. But it didn't linger. Why didn't it linger with you. Because they were negative and I hate negative thought about me and and and unique view. We cursed it. And so do we are all the curtain that in but that's not gonna win it I hated school now though we want it now we shall we community. There's no need to actually mattered to him you know. Much of the being negative negative. We all realize that once you win. Want to do things right everything becomes the do you know what I was the first one of those regular news which I've been. Members on its side and also bucket of water. Because I wondered the next that the that that negativity to be washed away and it. Is it since then three shot it to dole poppy everybody happy flu I. That's what we got to do if we bowl games and everybody would be copy and outlook. Where they got to sit in that landscape is changed right you can't. Briefings on Twitter now others is as always for ways to communicate with players you know what do you tell younger guys about how maybe not today. Hold on to those things to uphold Lott is someone else's. Negativity now understand that you know baby giant killers is doing he's just asking the question does it feel like yes ask it but don't let what happens on Monday. Carry over to Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. Made me level that you played this keep that hateful. If you were about my performance and I got in the supplement it and got my vote lead up today. I gave up six in the greens that's that's bad out I feel like crap. Because I didn't do my job. But I wanna try to work to get better for the next month the next month and I'll keep that in between the white line. You know lack. You'll make make you question based on what I did because in the white lines books that bottom line. Don't go to my personal these things don't look on my toes of media if you want to but the about the questions about it either. I would say I asked you about what I did it in the white and keep it simple. Thought baseball with the media you model that's out there yesterday I got my Motley you know then so why but I try hard. And then you can go. You know we'll put up in and if they thought he can about something else that's not a habit that's. People on the site what with people great relationship with the media and also a respectful. Because those are able to just say hey. It's less yucky today. It would might it's okay flat but this week it could be in him get a flat. The good luck I'll go out there the next the shop at all you know that enough times yet. And then and it stayed there will be who gets up. That and then I would say look at that he's now. You know it's it's different thing when you perform Regis. Everybody agrees that when you sell at the Yankees tuchman is solid B did this offseason well like what was your first thought. That ennui and right now. Doubtful that the that doing whatever wealth what this. I if well. Look at that you happen to beat them we do. I think without. The thing chances. They've gone through the preaching that the people who do things that they have to do. I think remote instances we know without a balance of tea. They don't wanna ask you about another Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale. Probably the guy who reminds us most of you since you left just in terms of dominance and entertaining and all that. He wore down at the end of the year when you're pitching not being a big guy you always managed to maintain something for late September or October. Even if you didn't have your best stuff we go back to 99 against the Indians how do you. How do you keep yourself. In shape enough you know to to be a factor in October when you know that physically you're not speak its other cats. Well. Yes have learned that yet to be there vanity and hopeful we all we all. I am full. War. Getting cut up into hype but what you do. A lot of people really want to think through on his strikeouts and see that type of dominance but sometimes the country back to bite you. And we OPEC cut up and it in the fact that we still going up to my record that he was doing something special. Put him. IE I don't blame them because he came over to welcome to make a statement. He's and you see the is that you farm based fuels right we've everybody over. So he went all from the first day of the last day. But now that he you know welcome it's gonna be there for him that he Noelle what to do. That he understand really what to do with the pitcher. I think it was a year of experience with him now wolf don't know what he's capable of doing pulled it but I have to be patient. And he knows that getting cut up in the hype of you know going broadly 809 innings in the first and also felt this capable little bit shorter. Make sure that we get that we would again make you that would help them out then we preserve some of those bullets. Claudia this season. He's also that I have to and out there and he himself on the mound the inning. Like cut up in this in this and that and the emotions of the game whether it's good or bad. And he just erupted five rocket fire rocket fired I think it's gonna happen and there's that are you know. So let it do you agree with that quote out of about it and move around the situation. Especially when he's struggled in his federal repeating repeating repeating repeating and not. Really letting himself. You know get an agreed that. Did you feel strong in October when you pitch to did you feel like I have to it's a little differently now because I know I don't have as much in the tank. No I did I did let it might buy my way of resting Ludwig I did it off the field. Little speech you novels I've consistently trying to get my quality outing getting to a point where I could put the team in position to to win. But not really thinking about holding back but you do different things away from that it is my home. What are you can preserve them and yet also they bullets like opens. When you're deep in August September. You don't really need the lone wolf that so you cut off a little bit you'll legal work with I think than you think that you need to work lets you break people's it's a little bit. Just go out there and let them break you what we'll hopefully. Because you definitely vulnerable. So if it's good to get that's been flat. You worked for McCain or or location. Or whatever you work with the minimum things that you need to wreck but that the wrestled with you cannot let go. Because you went off roofs that are built bullets we'll. This season. Put him it's it's just making that little adjustment that guy that pitches with Greek temple. Me you know. I think he's gonna have to slow down when the games go that. That he's got confidence how to pull back and kind of look at situations and use the experience and stuff let him get away from both. Pigeon who you most looking forward. She's watching this season. And that's the same team that we saw last year if their guy that you're like this is that got him. Watching this year that's the start it's really you know rise. You know let once I'm really intrigued about. I think if it's a whole year it's going to be. I I hope he's able to perform and relaxed like you wolf you just a few of them to. She'll capability. I hope it goes up there with the same attitude the oldest then that he gets the baby. That was counting on him but not to take it suits and it's going to be a difficult year because their bodies were found guilty to him. And he that I have to start making adjustments. Believe but. I'm really treat to see how he response. And actually be intrigued to see how Eagles and mainstream. Because that's that's really gonna dictate how good approach you know deciding of the season. Did you know you places to be so lesson for me how do you feel about the whole it's costing you always works fast part of the reason we loved watching you. How necessary do you think that it's baseball. Well if you watch I think we threw out that saves you seek movement. Working on this. You know I don't have my own you gonna realize that and I cut both guys that I. And eventually everybody's gonna have to speak up and understand that that. That morning that that we could work. The left side you get to. Leaders and that shouldn't the code because the pace of because you have the woods so I'll find it I hope they really put up there. I think it's actually going to be the game. Two more emotions. But at the same time they need to Wear them all the things he's not yet that he's about to slow down game I think that replay dates a lot more time. That in the actual pictures. Pitching on the league and he I think that visits the mound from the catcher. It's also going off on all the time and it's they could get the thoughts of the game or. But but the guys that would quickly like. You know sale grew older. Even in a commercial with a of the movement you built it beats it rather quickly. And I think most of the that you need to go to white guys that are having success by doing that. I even had a Major League Baseball both major accidents in David Ortiz marketing board Frontline pizza chains thing. All right major thanks so much for taking the time we really appreciate it I was beat you Martinez and John is here at these winter weekend at foxwoods resort and casino. Thought train to posse will be back after this.