TNT - Pedro Martinez at Red Sox Winter Weekend - 1-20-17

Boston Baseball
Saturday, January 20th

Red Sox legend, and MLB hall of famer Pedro Martinez joins Trenni and Tomase from the annual Winter Weekend event. Pedro gives his thoughts on this Red Sox team, the hiring of Alex Cora, the big offseason of the New York Yankees, and negativity in the media.


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I've heard of her coming in a very thin here at. Much loved policeman right blacks hate Joseph Martinez or her future. Major how is your read what's it like being back again having him adoring fans everywhere again. It's beautiful it's always nice to be back with the fans and and in Iraqi. I Mike Mike but the experience of the main on the outskirts. And I really love it I can't wait for the film and so. Not reflected the baseball but because they wanna go back to Maine. Back to growth rate that the gulf is now. Yes you sit here in Portland and bank writes yeah yeah it was a nice areas yeah a lot of Red Sox view of lava flow it's it's likely looking forward to keep doing that. In knowledge finally got it within it but it was rules. Build that we were referrals and I I expense and I feel I steals all the beauty of it. So if not you Wendell both lead so of the treason and and it's totally mean nice weather and you can go precinct and jumped into rumored to. What what was the number one question all of the fans that you had that you talked with his hat for you. You know that was an interesting question from the cute I get the he bit a little bloop that someone wrote about me. Hey girl growing up Pedro. And the kid asked that it the most he just the question. At something salt expected that it really cut my. They keep athlete behavior. Between you and rumbled. It that if the tree in my book we will fooled by those. Who would back the most money goes down when that right now. And that is certainly it will be me because I had good command that that run on the but it looked pitching that they ask. Not only that Oakland victory in the NC Kamal and then dropped about the battle related to the question because I never expected that question yeah we expect questions. From grateful and stuff like that. So what are you expecting out of this year's Red Sox team kind of a weird state that there and they've won the division two years in a row and yet. It feels like their fallen behind the Yankees and falling behind the Astros where do you put this team right now. I think this team what that he needs is really utilized we. Would not a Pollard. You know. Heating and power hitting team so we're gonna have to use what we it's beat. Defense. Beats you. For possible we need to be healthy that's what we need I think that he needs to keep the entire rotation. And and hopefully be healthy Rodriguez. Drives. Moments and those guys if they're completely healthy. And I would get seasonal we failed obvious moment. Great year like like he had last year. I think we should be OK don't mater what you see on the other teams. If we are able to be played defense in and on the basis that we suit and with a score lower rounds if they DOT's. And deliver not even though with a hit homers. And and we didn't hit homers last year but we're capable. And even though we didn't do it with score enough runs to beat anybody that's let you got that these than. Mission I don't Alex Cora obviously has no control over health but he definitely has control over how the guys played the game. What do you think filtering as manager in particular to that offense and running the bases that are making the most of the offensive players it's now. Well if you know a lot it's not a thief. Very fundamental kind of players you wore us and and and he's going to be I think he's gonna do the little things that we need to the were for the guys would be. In position to win the bowl games in and he's gonna you is that you thought you know. That way he he feels it's gonna put them in with Susan that that's. The first thing I noticed about Alex. Is that he wants everybody moves and hobby club which is what we're accustomed to seeing every time the ultimate thoughts are able to put up attempted it. Is because they a boost the U remember the beard bullies. They all got beards and they were moods and it was crazy. You know for what this thing way. Possible born in golf you know seven everytime we have been able to have success if when the team relaxes when he's able to be themselves. When the team was able to go up there and and not really worry about. You know what's going on around and is that just being himself and and how people all the time with these on the floor and they. Need that so you bring that up I want to ask you about a particular guy David Price he was in the middle of a lot of stuff last year that probably made the team a little less suspect loosely and stuff like that what would you say to him. About maybe doing things a little differently this didn't work for him as well last year what would you say to him. Well he you know. There's that much had happened to tell them you've reduced mart is a form loving god to. And he is being doubtful loving guy here to the throne it's sometimes I think it's communication. Between him and the media in the way he handles these days. I think everything's gonna change this year. Possible outcome because it's going to be healthy. That's one thing that will get me frustrated and especially listening to questions from the media when levels there. Would also hurt I didn't know what I hear questions let me know what I hear jokes. I didn't know when he admitted things. I think it's gonna be healthy I think they immediately on the Hubble blast watching these gut it. Because we thought the and a boon to both these. We thought they beat rice come comfortable there and bloodied people Boston. Everybody agrees that and it I think everything revolves around that. You perform out there you used to let yourself doing everybody great that everybody finds that. 45 that you know. Good now when you're struggling and you're hurt and you can't kill everybody else what you're capable of doing. Well it's a little bit frustrating. So for the media they thought the we'll see what are you upbeat when you gonna feel better when you gonna be able to compete with the team it's frustrating. So I don't blame him for fear of giving Olympic hockey but I think time I expect immediate who really gets up and look at this guy. Perform. And I think he's going to be able to do that because he's healthy he's got enough rest and and the bit we'll see how what's on the news really and how good of a guy you. Yes you mentioned the media when you play you had some incidents with Johnny Miller Steve Buckley here Shaughnessy or you know people who got under your skin a little bit. But it didn't linger. Why didn't it linger with you. Because they would negative and I hate negative thought about me and and and unique view. What occurred it. And so do we are all occurred in but that's not gonna win I hate it so now we want it now we shield them community. That need to actually mattered to him you know. Much of the negative negative. We all realize that once we. Want to do things right everything begun to do you know what I was with for a lot of regular news which and on its side and also bucket of water. Because I wondered that now that the that that negativity to be washed away and it. Since then the job it's they're all poppy everybody out the flu I. That's what we got to do if we bowl games and everybody upbeat and. Where they got a ticket that landscape has changed right you can. Briefings on Twitter now others is there's always different ways to communicate with players you know what do you tell younger guys about how maybe not too. Hold on to those things to hold on to someone else's. Negativity now understand that you know they Johnny Miller's is doing he's just asking the question does it feel like yes ask it but don't let what happens on Monday. Carry over to Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. Made me level that you and they've just keep that hateful you view what about my performance tonight and the government got my vote lead up today. I gave up six. In the greens that's that's bad out I feel like crap. Because let me do my job. But I wanna try to work to get better for the next month the next month and I'll keep that in between the white line. You know lack. You'll make make you question based on what I did because in the white lines books that bottom line. Don't go to my personal these things don't look on my toes of media if you want to but the about the questions about it either. I'll just say I asked you about what I did it in the light and keep it simple. Talk baseball with the media you model that's out there yesterday I got my but leave it open so why but I try hard. And then you can go. You know we'll put up then and if they thought he can about something else that's not a habit that's. It from the side what with people great relationship with the media and also a respectful. Because those are able to. Just say hey. Guess what yucky today it would like that it's okay flatly that we've that the ambulance gets less. The good luck I'll go up their necks out and shop at all you know enough time to yeah. And then and it stayed there will be who gets up. That and that I would say look at that he's now. You know it's it's different thing when you perform Regis. Everybody agrees that when you saw with the Yankees tuchman is solid B did this offseason while like what was your first thoughts. I think that trying to win right now. Doubtful that the limited that doing whatever wealth what this. I just wolf. Look at they'll have better that you know we do. I think without. The thing taxes. They don't improve the PG and they the people who think that they have to do. I think they have removed the simplicity you know without a balance of tea. They don't wanna ask you about another Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale. Probably the guy who reminds us most of you since you left just in terms of dominance and entertaining and all that. He wore down at the end of the year when you're pitching not being a big guy you always managed to maintain something for late September or October. Even if you didn't have your best stuff we go back to 99 against the Indians how do you. How do you keep yourself. In shape enough you know to to be a factor in October when you know that physically you're not speak its other cats. Well. Yes we've learned that yet to preserve energy and hopeful we all wheel. I am full. War. Getting cut up into hype of what you do. A lot of people really want a TV owners strikeouts and see that type of dominance but sometimes the country back to bite you. And we OPEC cut up and it in the fact that we've still going up to my record that he was doing something special. Put him. IE I don't blame them because he came over to welcome to make a statement. He's and you see the is that you farm based fuels right we've everybody over. So he went all from the first day of the last day. But now that he you know welcome it's gonna be there for him that he Noelle what to do. That he understand really what to do with the pitcher. I think it was a year of experience with him now wolf don't know what he's capable of doing so they it would have to be patient. And in that getting cut up in the hype well. You know going brought the 809 innings in the first and also felt less capable little bit shorter. Make sure that we get that we would again make you that would help them out then we preserve some of those bullets. Podium of the season. He's also that I have to and out there and he himself on the mound the inning. Like cut up in this in this and that and the emotions of the game whether it's good or bad. And he just erupted five rocket fire rocket fired I think it's gonna happen and which that are. You know. So let it do you agree with that quote out of about it and move around the situation. Especially when he's struggled in the federal repeating repeating repeating repeating and not. Media letting himself. You know get a good read that. Did you feel strong in October when you pitch to did you feel like I have to it's a little differently now because I know I don't have as much in the tank. No I did I did what I might buy my way of resting Ludwig I did it off the field. What Arnold beat you novels I've consistently trying to get my quality outing getting to a point where I could put the team in position to to win. But not really thinking about holding back but you do different things away from that it is my home. What are you can preserve them and yet also they bullets that opens. When you're deep in August September. You don't really need the lone wolf that so you cut off a little bit you'll legal work with I think on the new things that you need to work lets you break people's it's a little bit. Just go up there and what we'll make you work we'll hopefully. Because you definitely vulnerable. So if it's good to get that's been flat. You what when it came forward or location. Or whatever you work with the minimum things that you need to wreck but that the wrestled with you cannot let go. Because you Plymouth which they're built bullets we'll. This season. Put him it's it's just making that little adjustment that guy that pitches with Greek temple. Me you know. I think he's gonna have to slow down when the games go that. That he's gonna have to learn how to pull back and kind of look at situations and use the experience and stuff let him get away from both. Pigeon who you most looking forward. She's watching this season. And that's the same team that we saw last year is their guy that you're like this is to guide him. Watching this year that's the start it's really rise. You know let out once I'm really intrigued about rough that. I think if it's a whole year it's going to be. I I hope he's able to perform and relaxed like you wolf you just a few of them to. She'll capability. I hope it goes up there with the same attitude the oldest then that he gets the baby. That would come in on him but not to take it suits and it's going to be a difficult year because their bodies were found guilty to him. And he it's about making adjustments. Believe but I'm really treat to see how he response. And actually be intrigued to see how Eagles and anything. Because that's that's really gonna dictate how good approach. You know deciding of the season. Did you know you places to be so lesson for me how do you feel multiple it's costing you always work fast part of the reason we loved watching you. How necessary do you think that is for baseball. Well if you watch I think we've they'll have success. You've sikh movement. Working on this. You know I don't have my own you gonna realize that America both guys that that that I. And eventually everybody that I have to speak up and understand that that. That more U that we could work. The next time you get to. Leaders and that shouldn't the code because your pace of because you'll see woods Phil I don't mind that I hope they really put out there. I think it's actually going to be the game. Two more emotions. But at the same time they need to wake of all the things he's not yet that he's about to slow down game I think that replay dates a lot more time. That in the actual pictures. Pitching on the league and he I think that this it's the mound from the captured. It's also going off on all the time and it's make it to bits of some of the games board. But but the guy that would quickly like. You know sale grew older. Even in a commercial Google the movement you built it beats it rather quickly. And I think most of the pitches it to go to white guys that are having success by doing that. I hear that league baseball both major accidents in David Ortiz marketing board Frontline pizza chains. All right major thanks so much for taking the time we really appreciated I was eager Martinez thank you John is here at these winter weekend at foxwoods resort and casino. I try to posse will be back after this.