TNT - Kyle Draper's WEEI debut; Draper's history of run-ins with racists in Boston 8-19-17

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Saturday, August 19th

Hour 3: Kyle Draper of CSNNE joins John Tomase and discusses the recent run-ins with racists in Boston.


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These Renny and tomorrow using non Sports Radio WEEI I'm dreading this and Eric and John's a mossy break down everything without packs the Bruins and all new England sports so it's. It's trendy and Tomas what Sports Radio WEEI. Welcome back I'm gonna talk over our intro music you know why. It's an exciting we have somebody new here are some idiot that I know well from Comcast. Some video I enjoy sitting next to a Celtics games breaking down the game's only watched them at a few times in the playoffs. Say hello to Kyle Draper drape you should say hello to the listeners what is John AMIS. That introduction cute. He just speak over to music I mean you're already making me feel welcome here that's a little nervous walking into the building like this is the building of Kirk in Callahan. Apple's yet animosity. You know bodies luminaries in our ended industry here. But that I'm happy to be here. It's great to have you so I wanted to start off we're gonna get to get to Curran county at some point we'll get to yucky way we'll get to the stories of the day here but. I think people who only know you from Celtics broadcasts and from being on the road with the team I don't necessarily know who Kyle Draper is I just want take couple minutes. If you could give people little run down Europe Philly Garrett has every front. Julie Guy born and raised out beyond and it's out there. I grew up in the eighties you know I was born in 1975 grew up in the eighties. Eighty of the sixers. I was a lakers fan growing up hated the Celtics hate it Larry Bird. And so. When I got the opportunity here in Boston it was like Boston was the last please I thought I would ever work. But here I am eight years later and I haven't but with it and then you know so that's why am I'm a Philly guy wife two kids that kinda being you know. It's got networks and grinds it out it's crazy because I know Rick Pitino has one of the most hated people. Here in the city of Boston fair to say but I covered him in mobile. That's where our work out before this and one being used to always say and try to teach these guys is they pour hungry injuring driven. Have your Ph.D. Is it asked me I mean that's the one positive thing I guess entity from any experience with Rick Pitino is. Distract us they pour hungry and driven which letter stands for our have the key to the restaurants had to act. Exactly Eric Berger to strippers or way to my you know why it's crazy because. Right before Atlanta. The restaurant they broke weary at the affair yet in the restaurant and that was you know sort of my last couple of months there in mobile. Had a chance to sit down with Rick and do an interview with him but he wanted to keep it all on basketball he knew when a focus course on this scandal and you know IDs you Kansas. Are you sure I'll ask you about your 23 defense. As I asked him about the scandal little bit and you know how we talk to his players about it the 88 it would be a distraction. He'd like those question course and outcome that we all later I was not there are you know all loaded the gun leads to the other no good timing was perfect to be honest with you because it was. You know beings we're going downhill. For Rick it's you know obviously he was pissed off bad Meehan so as that was happening a Comcast sports net thing was coming along and you know us at Scion are. Even the peace sign belts so that's interest CU who were at loggerheads then with the team now by the end it was a it was a tough all along just that bad acknowledges that yet. And you know that the interest in being news we are the university of global station. You know we routine upright the station that broadcasts all their games. But you know during my time low bullet belt like you either work for them or against them. And so as soon as you start asking tough questions. Eight and I and a so that's what happened that was the ended nine here we are eight years almost eight years later and now would agree classy organizations like CS and dad now is covering the Celtics any different is there any. Similarity do you guys get pushed back or anything like that from the team I've never gotten respect for anything I've said from the Celtics feel like. I try to call it like I see it you know on throughout this whole past season you know the narrative was is Isiah Thomas the superstar not. And I said no. He's not a superstar. To me LeBron James. Curry you know those are guys that are superstars and and any gains you know makes a trade or Brad Stevens makes move I don't agree with. You know I try to you know. You my honest opinion I've never had a cultured. Gains hear anybody say Kyle toning down a little bit sort. You know we needed paint is in a positive lighter spin this somehow and you know I hope that's wide respect you know obviously. Whatever I say it's not be personal. It's been talking about a player or cloture or general manager. I'm a stand watch in game and so. Working with Tommy working with Mike working with scalp I try to be the voice of the band the guy sitting on. His couch watching the game like why is Brad Stevens only playing. Jalen brown ten minutes his game he needs more minutes so I try to take on that person when I dementia. How do you feel about the whole draft night during the morning guys have loved to make fun and it's what's so this got the number one pick and I I said to them I'm like listen I was watching that thing. Kyle was sitting there Kyle was not lose in his mind like everybody else made it they wanna hear that. But do you when you look back at that you. Had any second thoughts about that may be looked a little too much like a homer on Ellis I'm in Booth. Twenty years from now we'll still be plant add video you know now it's Iraq lately is how they're doing you know crowd surfing out there I'd IV aids so. As that's happening. The excitement definitely takes over I mean I. The you know it's our got caught up in the crowd the excitement but it has not doing it I'm thinking of myself. Right now somebody still has their captain the ship somebody you know I can't run into which are routed staller doing and so a lot. I was just reacting not only. The lakers getting too but Boston ad. Could not have worked out any batter you know growing up but band of the lakers Celtics rivalry back in the eighties and CDs to rivals one into. Seed crowd to edit finally get the number one overall it. I would've handled acting any differently to be honest with you because. I'm not a national guy who has no stake in the team I'd like this team do well if they do well that's better for the station which in turn is better for me. And so if somebody has a problem with that so be it but. You know my whole thing is try to you know be authentic. It's musty and so whatever reaction there is that's how I was feeling at the time and it's. Yeah listen I mean I grew up here and I remember Len Bias dying I remember the ping pong ball's not going Tim Duncan's way. The Celtics had been curse at the top of the lottery it'd never gone their way once in their history and close it came was biased and he died and that's something. For people on your age that's something people on here will never ever ever forget. I grope with the whole generation of kids who would never think of doing cocaine or anything like that. Because of Len Bias and so. When you've got all excited about that I was at and have problems I was sick now Mike outside goosebumps like holy cow the Celtics just on the lottery. You know it's crazy because. They try to paint you know broadcasters. As homers are initial Purdue team like I said. I want the Celtics to do well. The more they get better they do the more my phone rings for radio interviews and things like that. On the station does better and so so obviously I want the team to do well. And so that I was a great night and like that's at ten years from now twenty years from now I don't know you watched. You know CS and all the time but every time we come to the draft draft lottery. We showed video dating Angel wow you know when he. 2007 and so. Now I'm hoping to video week's show will take years from now it's from that draft lottery night we went crazy because I think that was yes. Your choice that was off the NT emotion coming out. Yet now I want to ask you a temple back then I started out at temple and I transferred to a small school in Minnesota had a girl in Minnesota. He said if you wanna be with meek won out here. Was the best move back to that actually work is that never works you know that whenever ever works it didn't work you know you know in a relationship you know she got me a year later. I got out the stars and with these guys are now quote not an odd got up. Let you know at temple was a civil engineering major house while it now outlets in tool well then I go to. You know Winona state of Minnesota things are happening or getting on dean's list and so. You know even out this media about a year ago to anchor for you know coming into my life at that time because. I was party and I was doing good things at that time and so one of the hardest things growing up was going to college. In town the city that you live in so even though I was stand on campus he didn't feel like. You know. I was away from home it's still hung out at the same ground and so moving to Minnesota was the best thing that ever happens other in meeting my current wife. Second second take as a so defiance I was light of like Rick Brunson and Aaron McKie Eddie jackass and I was absolutely no I don't days it was in my days and so I grew up. Eating Marcus Camby who grow all those guys you know way out was John Cheney being as a matter fact my freshman year at temple. He beat it to the elite eight in Seattle and not get to travel. Out there with the team and so you know bill that I Lhasa the fab five they lost in a bad diet that bad side yes and so. You know test could be you know small temple which you know have a good basketball program really successful basketball program but it wasn't to do certain Michigan's. You know just to have that experience. Grown up in believe at that time. It was temple Villanova was good at temple was the city's school you know that the school of the state. Dan Penn would come along a little bit later yet yet not too violator and Babylonian whenever that was to roll out that you know our guy Jerome Allen and so you know grown up toward those days the peak five era. You know. I used to go even as it these days in school hand out tickets to could be five games. I'd down and whether it was temple against and whenever I used to go down to those games by myself. At the Lester just the you know because it was a huge basketball. So we're with Kyle Draper you guys know him from Celtics broadcast celtics' pregame post game everything Celtics on Comcast. Before we get to the events of today so you go to Minnesota you say you're civil engineering manager temple did you how did you shift to broadcasting antigen well liked. It's funny because so there was this one math class it was called differential equations yes. And so. I think I failed it once and dropped it twice so when I went to Minnesota had said you know what. When we keep trying to civil engineering and dropping again because I just inaccurate pass this math class in my roommate at the time. He was a sports broadcasting major. Like sports like watching it on TV that we tried this out. Here we are you know twenty something years later like I said. I started I was flunking out of school like my first report cart way is a CD. In two acts like it was bad. And so did I changed my major to broadcasting an army dean's list the first year you know for that semester so. It just is continuously you know became something nine to wait. Something that I felt like came natural to me speaking. And you know the rest is history as they dad and no differential equations I know all right I took that in college too I started college as a math major. And I did OK I manage that one knows what came right after it was real now since I was done yet again though it because you got to work at that stuff you know. Our job now I'm not working this isn't work you know so I took the easy way out but it was the best plan the best path for me yes you know to tell me about an hour outside bet that this is all about out. So I wanna shift gears now so now people a better idea of who you iron the story of the day here's jockey way and intercede because you are. Obviously hear about black man coming in a bus and but also you're not from here so. Did does the name Tonya Aki did it mean anything to you. Before you got here are since you got it now it didn't end in I'll be honest I didn't know the history. Tom yawkey and so tests since I've been here you know doing the research. And things like that and so it did bother me a little bit but it wasn't something I'll be honest I wasn't. You know losing sleep about it that night when I went to the ballpark was insane infamous I don't know I can't walk on the history. Or anything like that but as I'm listening to the debate. You know with the people that wanna keep it yawkey way. It gave it their interest in being is that they're not. They're argument is it because there Tom yawkey bands they just don't wanna give me. To you know. That the progressive movement that's going on now and so it's not about well you know Tom yup he's a great guy and you know everything he did it was great that's not the argument they're making. It they're tired scene you know and I hate to use this term liberal because nowadays is seems like. That's an insult you know when he called you a liberal you know like us an idea and the guy that yeah I hear a lot at apple let you know that they they don't wanna get it given to go left. Who is you know who are out to me is change and so you know it's I don't mind seeing reaching double lead to see a change to be honest. Which you if it offends somebody you know that's that's too much for me. Same name you know when you talk about the Washington football team out there in my house we don't call them. What they you know that their nickname is just because if it ends a group of people why not try Q you know. Take a better way to a better path. Renamed it and so that's my. Yeah I guess I go sort of both ways on this in the yucky thing. I wrote about this a couple of years ago that they should change the name I've been very. Consistent on this point for years. I do think sometimes though if your if your. Going to base something on who's that somebody is offended by it. You know and so you wanna be careful that you're not taken it too far and I you're not giving in. To every little group that's offended by this and that but in the case of yucky I think you can. Make a pretty objective argument. That he was the last owner to integrate he did it kicking and screaming he you know he had to be forced to give Jackie Robinson a tryout. He it was a sham trial for Willie Mays in so. You had a guy whose actions clearly spoke very loudly about where he stood on this issue and I don't think there's any. Gray area now and I agree with you and it's and it isn't about. You know with the foundation did after his death are all that could work that money went to this is about you know really recognizing. You know the time and place the less like you said the last team to enter creek he openly fought against you know having a black player come to Red Sox and so. We we really need to step back and think about you know. Just the time in place of what was going on back in in his this release someone you once you have a public street. Named after a named after and so there are a number of other names you know Red Sox weighed in on you know it. I would change the name. That's that's it I would really change the name and like I said those who argue against it aren't arguing for Tom yawkey they're arguing against. You know it to people who are pitching good. So I mean it's the same thing that we're seeing in the south where people don't wanna take down these monuments. Partly yes you know part of it is just the plain old white supremacist. You know ideology that's almost a subgroup but there are a lot of people who. Are fighting it on these grounds that you're talking about that it's somehow you're trying to take something away from me even if I know. It's not perfect it's mine and you are trying to take it away and northerners don't tell southerners want to you know it's at it's the same kind of same kind of thing 6177797937. Kyle Draper Johnson mossy retired about yawkey way in the Red Sox. And more I'm curious in your role Comcast you ever feel. And this is a tough spot to be and where you almost because they are not very many people caller on the air. In Boston that you have to be a voice for our something bigger than just yourself. I don't wanna say you know I have to speak you know for every one. Let you know I would like to use my platform even more. Who you know one of the things that bothers me when I had to listen to W he I heard. I think it was Tang Wei and I forget who he was with the other OK you know we're talking about racism in Boston but yet we have no minorities. When the broadcast and so you know that does frustrate me. Our show Boston sports tonight you know we'd be getting into some of these issues and I feel like you give me a chance to speak out. A little more but I don't wanna be a voice of of an entire race you know I'm just. You know talking from my perspective somebody else may habit and a different point of view but. I would like you know whenever we do have these conversations let's be well represented. Let's you know have differing points of view haven't you know. Represented from different races. Different genders even you know it's it's like having the health care discussion. About women's rights with no women on the past knowledge so called white night it did just doesn't make sense and so if we're truly going to have a discussion and move forward as a society I think we need to hear out from different voices. So you know Kirk Italian guys that eyewear when in the mornings they've called you out time here there. And they've you know they've asked you to come on their show. What's what would hold you back from doing something like that because you know doubles at a you'd say okay they have one point of view you could counteract and and give voice to it like he sang. No it now I'll say one time they called me and that there was no way back into it just because of the kids and had a doctor's appointment this was after rip Tom Brady. Let you know. I'm torn on going on other people show. You know I'll watch ESPN and I'll watch first take it there was shows and I always say to myself why would a professional athlete. Go on that show. All the does is help that show and so. Why would I go on occur in Cali. Is it to defend myself. But at the same time. That's giving them something promote people to use helping their business. I had my own radio show I'd be more happy to debate those guys come under Draper show we can have a talk for two hours you know and so at 11 hand I don't want to help those guys out and gave in and add them you know being able to promote something. Come on CSN we have a you know a panel wanted to things of when it's up to. The higher upstairs CSN about is you know limitless habit open conversation on racing on a special one hour show or something like that. It instead of two minute to minute segment. And so it's it's nothing against you know. I'm scared damaged do I want to give them. The opportunity to use. Be as a removable being chuck you know whether it's the money Jones you know trying to beat him in the got wild blue line Jones and that. And I have decided at that there's nothing to gain and that's the game I said this to them about you on the air than what is the what is the benefit of Kyle for help to come on late in Dallas it's you know it it helps and now let me for saying map but it's true it's you know they'll they'll be edit tweaked some things out and so. You know maybe someday it'll happen but you know that's that's my thinking is that that's what goes through my mind when I say. I don't wanna come on that's sort maybe this is the first step currently mega and maybe others are additive baby step exact towards that. So yes. I'd 6177797937. Johnson mossy Kyle Draper we come back. We gonna talk more about ya Q and the right size because this is the topic to enjoy this is what. It's getting everybody's blood boiling and we wanna hear you guys think coming up next. We are back for anything from Nazi. Kyle Draper. I'll we're talking about. Jockey way and then land. We spent the last two hours before he came in talking about rally in Boston which turned out to fizzled which is good there was does seem like it's going to be much of competence and this is what we're looking for. However I think it's fair to say. We live in a divided country. There's sent. And those divisions are now appearing in places that you wouldn't expect. Like between base all beat right slate and I bring you that this is public I mean this is. Good friend about the virus a colleague of yours colleague of both of ours really. Evans rally. Someone that I consider. A Minty of mine. Evan is going after. Disclose and minced week. Peak heat aids sick a frantic hypocrisy. To rail on Stanton for being so early but say of the Red Sox they're easy targets he links to a story that he route. About. It's it's like a beat writer's notebook thing out of Red Sox need to prepare for the post season but many gets into a little bit towards the bottom about how. There are a lot of us in the media who seem to root for the Red Sox to lose that. The response those of us who cover the team full time which is they shouted at him being a you know and and TTV air Ed now no offense but that is is that we are I am I think that's the I think that's what he suggested if that's not me that's him. Those of us a currency fulltime may have a different perspective but thanks for the link. Evan says cover is a loaded words that we have Comcast on Boston Globe violence right now what is is gonna and dial. You know why it. You know cats and dogs are fighting peanut butter and jelly is arguing I mean what the hell's going on this country. You know it isn't nice guy right I mean I. You know the this year with old David Price dame you know now Pete Abraham. Can't we colleges get along well. The question is did these guys you see anything to each other at Fenway you know. Today we had that'll be interesting I don't neither of them are the type to back Evan certainly it's not the type of back to use. He's in your faith. Of late into it's part of what endeared him says David Price and the rest of the we don't need media on media crime here what about the real issues going on in this world no. Actually what is great Saturday afternoon that theaters defensive back at eight. I keep refreshing my Twitter like who's gonna respond next you don't have Derek arrive is coming off the top wrote he's wanting to jump in on this that yes got as an entertaining. A little gifts of John Sina holding up the signs saying tag me and excitement he wants a piece of us as well. I we're not gonna talk about that however we are and talk about young QA wants take some calls yes let's do it that's all right we're gonna go to Kim in Maine who has a suggestion. Or yucky make him your Ahmet Kyl and John. Hi Kyle I want it to be his first guest got you pegged him being brave you are in Boston. I. How seriously but at sea islets but anyway. I guess they would almost. Political unrest last riot I I'd be bright political. When the light it up a little bit and when I heard about hockey we HE name changed I've thought it was a great idea here and the only one possibility. While anyway. Well like eight. Battle really did see the kids love it that. What do you what do you think you said you're and I am an avid listener of the EI am ready what do you think Kirk and tell him thank. I I get Berry I I'd love it but I usually opposite. Our political view. By. But I do respect acknowledged sports. And I and I do enjoy listening to the I love how the beer. I heard dozens drink if Kurt drank this this building would burn I to the ground angry sometimes I will get. Schools when and I will be like a psychotic she pinched in these guys. And a lot of people we got it made a lot of but he just policy makes me I'm just lately and the two of them struggling politically. I'll let you and I have batting comment him a thank you for the call while leeway I'm I'm not that's like in tantalizing. The whole thing you know Wally and I get it. Wally is fine and well being. Turning into a play an area for kids yeah I know. You go out there to the low spinners gaming got the little section in left field you know way to kids can play maybe in turn. While we weigh into that but not that is kinda cheesy understand that. But there are other options I mean. You you know whether it's Red Sox way there weird Boston way something just come up with something other than not you either have to be somebody or something. With that in past bet you know offends someone that we can use. Yeah I just I don't I feel like. Because of the reason we're taking this down because it would we wanna take this down because. Of what ya he stood for it and if you then turn around and just give it sort of a milk toast generic name like Red Sox wire Boston nap or whatever. It seems almost counterattack it almost feels to me it has to be something. As equally meaningful in the other direction and maybe that's maybe that's not right but I don't know if you've encountered Tommy harper a guy that. Let the job and here's the problem though. Because they did you do first of all it's a public. Screen I know the Red Sox have control over that so this isn't an organization. Name change thing if I'm correct Gary this city is right as if he had to change and so. Do we really expect the CD to you know they'll be able to go where some. Yeah I'm like well what am I ever gave a look at high Carolina. But yeah are yet Bobby Brown out on the ground there yeah I don't know I was thinking more like may be Pedro lower for Edward islands or Tommy harper somebody off. Because he uniting people. I was driving and listening to you guys before handing your right. You know Dominican flags on paper I mean it was it it it really well you know I wasn't here at him but talking to people who work here did. When Pedro at his number retired a few years ago I was down at Fenway Park it and in people or tell me about how he really brought people together. You know all races you know really. No glob on to Pedro Martinez at that time and so I'd totally be before Pedro way yes I think that's that is a pretty decent. Pretty decent choice remain below see dad let's go to Brad and Edgar town what do you think. They deck area doesn't look like you're already coyotes and Gerry Adams he. All yes a couple suggestions. Julio Lugo. Okay why Lugo. Complementary. Would you say Julio Lugo for best. Yeah I'm. I didn't grow up Bruno made that great catch you right about that yeah I started. Saying where could actually see you in like 36000. Other people. Yeah yeah. Yeah no I kind of agree with or today as part. Probably a little gravity. But it can make the effort. You could probably come back and incompetent but they look at the it create a heart attack. Try and it would mean actual meaningful as much. Deeper. More meaningful option so. I kind of liked it I think you'd. It big you know it at Johnny go back to your point. If you do go the other way. What kind of statement with detonate you know an last year so much talk about Boston being a racist city I know that would be a very symbolic move. To go the other way like you were talking about it and it'll be interesting to seated at the response if that does happen. I think people would show their true colors and those people who would speak out. You know against you know Nieminen after an African American inner or Latino or something like that those that speak out against that. I think you know that you're showing your true colors and then noticed talk about you know is Boston racist city year. If you do go the other way a name and after an African American inner after Latino. It should be okay should be celebrating its should be embraced it and those that speak out against that I mean I think they'd they'd be showing their troop out. Deanna and the other fear too is so say you name and after haters say you name it after Frederick Douglas you know famous abolitionist. Escaped slavery in Maryland moved to New Bedford I easily you know he was Boston might that's that's way he's identified with the many ways. Are you just pandering and you've been saying look you know we asked our hands of this. We fixed it it's all better everything's fine you know and so you wanna you sort of want to toe that line and I guess. The other thing is. Say you did pumps agreement Tommy harper what what if they don't want that what if they feel like you're. Exploiting us in a way that makes everyone feel better but doesn't actually address that. So the you have to Obey Pedro seems like someone who would be who would welcome meant yet you know. And spat Red Sox fans would welcome it as well some may be that tows the line that that's wanted to. Day you know checks all the boxes it's not you're not pandering it's meaningful to Red Sox it's meaningful to the CD. You know it's meaning to pool towards minorities as well and so. I'm with you I think Pedro way. You can't have a problem with it you can't raise any issue with with that what if your experiences been like here you know man as a as a guys raising a family here as it. And it's a tough topic at a I don't know. We have value I not only idiots at a time I know being open about my experiences. You know earlier this year at the doctor's office that president. We are the young girl came into the office I was sitting there she. Says to her mom look mom pointing at me here's the bad guy. You know her mom laughed it off and you know. Trying to cover so I think she said. Yeah we've been having the talk about you know how police officers are there to help you and so you know. I've had those experiences. There's been a couple of other experiences. Whether it's you know. The one woman and Lexington who every time last year you know she tells me to burn and now are. You know she it's up you know those cross symbol you know looking at me. That's insane it is it is you know then there's the other woman you know I was driving in Lexington and how to stop shop parking lot she was cross the street in front of me. And should stop this thing go back to repaint for a you don't belong here as I had relaxing cash app I've. Which is you know it touts itself as a progressive it is I attacked I'm being me you know wealthy town yet. And so you know I had to lose issues but I will say you know because I don't wanna pay a whole. CD races. I've had great. You know. Opportunities at the garden you know people coming up to me and me in so those are the three instances you know I'm being very years that I can bring out. But I would say the majority of people I've been great John you know it is. My wife is happy here kids are happy here you know we feel part of the community. Obviously there's some work to do you know in terms of racism in race relations I do feel like you know it's a segregated. Area. You know. Who's funny you know when I moved here. As where's where black people you know like there in Dorchester area near you know there there are section and so. You know I'm ugly about it Bedford in you know there's not a lot of us out there. And so what you know I would like to see it integrated it would work because under tight. You know. I get along with everybody anybody who's been you know which featured the same way no matter what color you worried so I wish we could get to that point. As well but with the majority of the experiences here they'd be angry and I can't complain. He knows tell us some idea that there Comcast. Would give me that twenty year contract. I decided to stay here raise my family here and be. Happy debt and nation they should want a happy for twenty years. The thing that I've always said and I have argued about this that the morning guys is. You know I ate I don't know what the racial climate in Austin because I'm awake you know I mean I'm white guy who lives. My town is more diverse than the one I grew up in but it's still largely white. And so I don't know and it's like to watch in our net people turn their heads a market even if it's just for a split second mangled back to a Purdue and so my argument is always been Michael chase for instance spends. An hour here he probably has a better idea than I do of what it's like to be a black I am buzzing as I don't know. And that pissed me off about the whole Adam Joseph situation it was you know people you don't outing with Adams or why would Adam Jones like why would Michael. People are why would I like people question my account of the doctors are why why would I lie about that instead of trying to. And I think that's one of the problems we're we're at John instead of listening. In emphasizing. With other people. We are quick to dip and there are discount and instead of actually hearing people out you know when and why would Michael. Our other cities or is there racism and other cities of course there are. You know in Philadelphia. Back in grown up in the 1980s we had to move situation where they Guam I'm the whole block I mean. Racism exist all over and so you know my my biggest thing is when somebody says is Boston races. Here people who you know wanna come out and it's been the entire city. My answer is. There are some racist people of Boston but there's some racist people in Los Angeles to and so it it's not they. I will say I wish it was a more integrated seat. My wife and I were talking the other day she's working on something. And her boss was like a have you been able to find any minorities and she said. Well. It's a really segregated area she's lived in Washington State and Oregon in Illinois and Kentucky and this is the most segregated place we've lifted. He and I and I don't understand why people take offense to that it's like that is a statement of fact that is not saying that. Everyone here is races of people get their backs up and get very defensive medicine when Harry's Harry's. We're not no one is saying that the entire everyone who lives in Boston is a great but there are things it's like you said we could just listen you know we can listen. And you can keep listening we're gonna be right back as you know we have to take a break that was a terrific segued back on your dial. How Draper Johnson mossy chains must he keep it. Your chance to talk all new England sports with training until mossy. Clark Sports Radio WEEI. Welcome back. And it's nice I think I'm nuts let's say welcome back is that true. That's what you're not supposed to say now epic but to me some balance. You know national anyway yeah. Giants must see Kyle Draper of Comcast here. Phil and inferred earlier filling in for training yeah big shoes to build bigger shoes to fill big shoes Manolo my eyes and same amount was that Manolo Blahnik what is what's the issue. I am now and I can't afford ISI is to watch sex in the city of my way it's should really. It's a Nazi admitted that can't let guys when we get at it that's right they were here added minutes trying to. So we're gonna jump back to some calls us on the cape has a choice for the new Yankee way what do you think John. And I were like in the call your arm one it is time to change the name you. No room world trade for anybody past or present that. Negotiated bigotry. One of the greats of all time is Johnny Pesky he meant a lot to this city for. With the Red Sox for a close to sixty years he would ask a blemish free record about you know life. I think it would be great choice on him. You know the name of the street. He had the poll I mean air he has a poll so I don't know if there and if that's that's enough. You know that that is true that you know I guess while throwing me out there. You know he should be continually recognized for a it is. Contributions to the nor sure. Where I grew up and then. You know what he did for the Red Sox. And in what a lot of people don't know about him he was fantastic hockey player who was actually draft he chose baseball. Over hockey for longevity. And he had an association with the Bruins for his entire time in Boston. Yeah no I mean listen pesky was a legend here you know I covered the team. And he died I think in 2012 so. And I covered team for ten or fifteen years and he was a constant presence there and there knows controversy at a time when he wasn't allowed in the dugout because the they could only have so many uniformed personnel there aren't that became a thus saying that. My my issue with somebody like pesky is first thought he is Arianna and in the park is a pesky Paul and everybody knows what that is. Also again if we are trying to undo the time yucky legacy. I don't know if he's a strong and a symbol basically. Two to accomplish that. Yen and that's that's the question what are you trying to accomplish. Wish that you just trying to you know. Take down yawkey way into its name in New Jersey. Street again or are you trying to make a statement. And go the other way they did if you're trying to make a statement is that pandering also show and so you see their well it's not. It's a lot you know I think your idea Pedro you know way I mean Pedro Martinez. I don't know anybody that's ever had an issue with him or anything he's done in so. I think he's universally loved. And you we saw it this week at the old time baseball game. You know just so his involvement with the Red Sox I mean everywhere he goes he's smiling in stone a happy guy. And so I don't think you know anybody would have a problem with that. Now GM on the North Shore right I don't know if you heard this earlier talking about Tommy hockey and he asked the US some spots a map. Yes like it I don't let's. I just you know what I'm unlike certain years old. All of two I don't I know you are obviously I didn't know who they were honest with you all remember this scene almost all. Interviews with collier trance key. Saying that. I I just. They talked yucky yucky and we are good at sending him good defender everybody you know. I I just don't get it does that make are essentially a racist as you associated mug you so much. Should not not all not at all and listen that I mean the Iraqis have a complicated legacy because. There are you know hospital wings and Dana Farber and the Jimmy Fund and all that stuff they were very much involved in all of that. And that's why I'm not arguing to take down there and Morse code initials on the scoreboard I'm not. Arguing to take down any you know hospital building that was named after them or anything like that this is about. This is about symbolism and symbolism does matter. And when you the first thing you see when you get to Fenway Park as a street mark yawkey way by someone who by definition did not welcome. All of his fans or or players to his organization. That's what has to change in my mind that's why the street cast changed and as for yet as. He can he can love yucky yucky could have been great to him I think you can separate those two things. And I agree in and in your you your point is is his right John AMIS. When you walk on yawkey way to me that should be assembled oh welcoming area. A symbol of pride. A symbol of inclusion where everybody feels welcome and in. When you do your research though and you find out you know he was openly against signing black players bringing in black players. I don't know how you can. You know. Reconcile that aid in and consider that still a welcoming way win. For so long he fought against inclusion and fought against that welcoming African Americans somewhere puke it took me. Like you said you know with all the good that's been done whether it's hospital where are you know that that the charity. The foundation at three guy I think. You can separate groups to yet you can separate those two. And you just don't want our you don't wanna honored that part of his legacy now there are other alternatives you know people have brought out. Waste name without naming it after a person or player I think frank from sandwich might have a similar idea. Yeah it does to your point John. You know in hateful people can do good things. Occasionally in their lives and I think actually what are our ER he's you mentioned initially caught it and let you speak. I think a way to do that is by naming it Jimmy well which I can't imagine would be wonderful advertisement on every. Red Sox are in their work. Jimmy complex but in a small waist or understand that there is the the legacy of our family that you create good. Despite the fact of the hateful. Our bigotry that was part of his legacy and so to me that that it rather than they need any person or making any kind of political statement. I think that they would be the most respected man to man. Yeah I mean if if you're concerned about somehow still honoring yucky that would be one way to do I think this is really about taking its name off of that entirely I don't. Imagine as anyone out there is gonna argue against the Jimmy Fund. But I also feel like that should be dad is its own separate entity and its in its own thing I kind of feel like it's its data. Yeah habit maintenance and heart yet that that would issue because you're right I mean it could that Jimmy Fund does. I don't think anybody would have a problem with it. And I don't think it needs to make a statement. You know. That you know. African Americans are welcome here back throwing up Frederick Douglass right you know it don't pander to African Americans that way are either Jeff don't go to us you know they all would just give him. Fayette street it in they'll be happy about that I mean you know I think you know Jimmy Fund way something that does. You know whole Lotta good for so many people that's an option also. You don't have to name and after workers yes you know I keep coming back to Pedro just because I feel like for all the reasons you said that he does. I don't play at all or use this phrase the wrong way because check a lot of boxes you know because he is a symbol first thought the team. You know he has a great connection to the team he won a World Series here he he changed the way people watch the game here he changed the composition of the crowd at Fenway Park. He changed what it. Meant for a lot of people to feel like they were now to be included as Red Sox fans so all of those things work for me in terms of paper. Let's go to George in Lexington when you get to march. Yeah Alex they can you just change quarters QQ. Just in to evacuate. And we knew that event you know that's why we are yankees we are all yeah that's not. And that would be the sort of. Hurdles there aren't. Either digital legends or something simple you know legends play. I think we already have a I guess I regard and tired yes so I mean we could name after Bill Russell who wanna honor a a winning a bus an athlete. Of color I mean there's nobody is no greater winner in the history sports probably doesn't Memphis the Red Sox yen as the Red Sox connects him. I wondered you know how Bill Russell would feel about that at all so you know. It is his own history with this CD is well documented to you know one of things you have to admire about. The way he handled himself while he was playing was he in keep any of this stuff it you know he spoke out. You know whether isn't support Obama on and now we are against the war other stuff and so he was he was always outspoken advocate stunts himself. We will be back. And we're probably still going to be talking about this afternoon for the next not goes out about the celtics' backups and heard back of another we're gonna get the Celtics today Kyle but we are getting gets here cost six on 7779. 7937. Turning into must.