TNT - Jackie Bradley Jr. at Red Sox Winter Weekend - 1-20-17

Boston Baseball
Saturday, January 20th

Red Sox center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr. joins Trenni and Tomase at the winter weekend event. He talks about trade rumors involving him this offseason, how he's been doing with his knee injury, and why he think the perception about the team being unlikable is "fake news."


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Red Sox winter weekend at the foxwoods resort and casino. In Connecticut talk about all of our favorite ballplayers. Jackie Bradley junior and I look sort of like twenty minutes time. Effort and I have is it certainly is the only area next inning and now. Jackie how are you how's your off season. Three problems. But not these you're still here that's probably the first nationally on CI and I am. Less and you're not going anywhere so what was that like for you'd have to deal with that. Open up the Nazis. It was the same overall season. You know it's talks like everything's always. Rumors until something happened so. So our noses the river checking motivating him those rumors he's now. I guess if you pay attention is nothing it's gonna that some people put. Let me on it's effective. You know it's something that's out of my control. Gonna prepare. From my season. Whether. I got traded or did I've been mentioned operating. My colleague at NBC sports Boston actor Alec wrote a piece that you. That we get really know that you were struggling with a number of different injuries last year that affected your swing and just kind of affect you overall. How are you feeling and where did you feel some of those attacks last year we didn't it feel like he played to that level that it's. Apple amazing right now. I'm a mile view the haven't knee injury pretty significant knee injury that. My team back a little bit sooner. War brace for. About five to five months so. It's one of those things where everybody's dealing little injuries that some here there I'm not one. You know they use it makes you that America does not mean so I'm just makes. On the field and help my team was once a positive. We know what it is are we knew with a neat but also the found it yet that affecting you your swing. How difficult was it to misty that maybe you know in particular because your hands are very important to how you stood back. Live there of course has a baseball player. Whether it's through strength. You gotta be able you know hold the bat pretty strong or who would be dissolved and. Also keep the barrel right where he wanted to be did you notice a difference in your bat speed where was the biggest adjustment with the sun not being quite right. It's that thing gets more simple than there. More complicated than that actually. Like you say you know I wouldn't you know hold their names. As tightly as you might want to. Pitches they they obviously know that you're dealing with a hand injury so that may be trying to assert it may be inside or something like that you. It's on the job under oath people think he's just lucky you'll it's just. Although the way it's that easy you know you know what it is going 96 in earlier games this disputed the way it's it's a lot harder. When you think stuff that are being a quarterback. And it's. It's. A good question I can't relate that. At have their quarterbacks. Anytime you deal with. Cut at stake him. To be pretty pretty recite senior pro football all right. Active I'm gonna say you can probably put some air under the order for. It did this I think we say it's been training we're estimating about sixty yards and think they're not allowed her. That sounds. Problem the problem to your list of guerilla data in America need me. We'll get it with you that it's that you know I'm not gonna believe the injury thing but I do wonder this last year when you are center fielder and your guy who you mean you make your money. Watched me what you do you love its huge party games and you're wearing a neat race. That changed you know like routes you can take it jumps again or anything like that I just think it changes them we we take off. Immediately slow down if I have to take a few nexus that the slowdown or you know used to the pressure. He. Cuts might not be as he has our. I had to how to race on like I think it might be up as high as I possibly. Want it to. For the safety issue. Wanted to make sure that that he was locked in and there was no opportunity for me. Re injured yet. Tendency to wanna make it worse rather than twelve years ago and Nazis I have Marie. When you look at this team going in to the 22 season Jacqui I don't really know changes made to the team right now. And last year. You know a lot of guys that we expected to have figures here he would they did the year prior B you are saying about the arts and that's. Even handed Ramirez struggled a little bit so how confident Erisa does it make you guys feel like yes that. While they're pursuing a bigger I think that a power hitter. That did dump browse the outscored them pretty good about what they have that they're not gonna not overspend on anybody that they feel like you guys are workers back at that time. We definitely have a lot of confidence in ourselves and with Devlin had a lot of guys that we felt like we did play our best baseball. At that with that being sent. We still did finish first stab me you know there's been a lot of talk about this and that lit. There's still looking at a team in his back that. AL east so. Out thing that's that's pretty special and we have a lot of faith and trust and the guys that we have obviously. Going into each offseason and also during the season. You look seeing what. Can you'd make your team better and obviously. I'm sure the upper management is is doing that so. As players were willing to take anybody who is gonna make our team better whether it. And what needs to happen years when 93 games again last year's second year wrote that one haley's. How do you take that next step now how does this young core this young group of guys. Taking two days they Elsie yes the World Series. That's I mean that's when it comes out to. We get to where you you want to be. You know when the ballgame. And that's what it would take to the that's that's level. Is there some that you guys need to do differently being you know. Hit more for power. Be more aggressive on the base path is there something you can do that we'll translate the post season to win. Executing executing when need be. You know that that encompasses a lot of different things. Over the course of the season things change. And you gotta be make adjustments so it's vacant but just as soon Weathers this to pitch. Game any game meant that it. You can go do something but that's what makes this game a lot of fun have that the civil cat and mouse game and Dan if you didn't apostle. Jackie when David Ortiz is here you always have that guy in the clubhouse things are going poorly. He knew how to lighten the mood he knew how to take some pressure off people are curious now in the clubhouse. If if you reach a point like that where it's like hey you need to sorted. We'll have airlines multiple multiple people I think this is a great group of guys collectively and we we truly enjoy one another we have each other's back and that's something that they can't be broken. We're we're teams who. Yet you Michael distance they'll do some things but. That that in this day we're gonna continue to move forward keep grinding and and noted we're we're going to be better with each other that separate. What did you make of the whole like ability. You know criticisms last year the team wasn't as likable as it. Should've been included in for a 93 when team team would be exciting you know war. Do you think that was unfair to be beacons inaccurate what was your take a news makes me just. You know it's business. Watchable by my wife like what. Makes the team likable. I think. If the team wins. You're right likes that so you know as long as what caused the you know Hibbert is this win enjoy ourselves. To repeat words that game. And I think I think. We are yet. I mean you've always treated immediately but there other guys in that clubhouse who didn't get on xmas to you think that that's something that needs to change that. Impacting at all from your perspective. And our our company I can only control what I can control. Obviously you know. Things may have happened in the past but I'm sure those things were were with Nixon there was. A reconciliation. About those things I love you might not know about so. I know we're looking forward to moving forward and you know that's in what ways do you does Alex or help. With these guys forward and what ways has he changed the atmosphere in the clubhouse. I don't know yet. From all things that possibly hurt. And he's in demand for the did you meet with him yet I mean he knows that right to Q did he come to you words you read Boston there yeah and he and let's. Down in Florida would the world's there were down there and as a greatly. Three. You talk about his plans. You know Heinz he's it's as players. How we're gonna ruling out so well. Do you think that there could be some energy experts managed that's stupidity to not map are. Absolutely. Absolutely I think he's makes that little new school it's almost who will. At least to get old school we had David Ortiz and Pedro Martinez here and we were a little surprised at her both of them saying that now they're tired and they watch face father they fully understand sudden change of pace way. Changes that need to be made. How do you feel about the things that happen suggestive talk to former players have talked executives about it as expert player how do you feel about a 6 o'clock. Limited mound visit during the changes that I can just to quicken the pace of the game. That really bothers me at all so me. I am football player who. Rarely steps out of batter's box so is not like I'm slowing the game down or anything like that let. Some gains can't get really long and now let's economists gave appreciate Dionte Jack games it long. But during the game I don't really think about that. Like a home and think about how long does Gainsbourg. I think we might never get the word you're never out there and turning them. Nonpolitical. Kids is it's only when we're losing. Never edit it don't matter how long it humans. All right that is all we have from eating me neither very busy schedule Jacqui good luck to see your pictures thing I appreciate any time.