TNT - David Ortiz at Red Sox Winter Weekend - 1-20-17

Boston Baseball
Saturday, January 20th

Red Sox icon David Ortiz enters the booth with Trenni and Tomase at the Winter Weekend event. Big Papi tells them what he thinks about the current state of the Red Sox. Ortiz talks about the teams pursuit of JD Martinez in free agency, and also shares his thoughts on the push to speed up baseball games.


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This is their right to do this he uses its gonna. So yeah you need it. And while you can lead to sit down with that. If you could see the crowd here right now it's crazy thing it's my it's mostly for us yeah obviously and Versace jacket again. And it definitely yeah. All right how are you how is it that Clinton's. There are always two of them back to my second home and in. You know reduce you know the fame. This my first I had ever been around. This. Is that duty that the rest of and those Duma as those who've been around. So what do you make of this team right now and we've spent the whole winter much like we did last minute saying how are they gonna replace David Ortiz and they're still trying. So what what it's again today. To put them back to where they were running back. You know of it I hear that that he's. We're consumers. Judy Martinez. Hopefully. Not a seeker for anyone. Road courses street that often better. I know who pitch you can without leave office. Of any time by is so we do to help Rudolph and so. I know that definitely. That means that we have put more experience. Coming into these these. What it's it's always good to that Wong got that warm back. And the line note that you could count with and that their numbers that the V Martinez even without. The years it's somebody who I was watching that season. Or from America only to necessarily be some moans of moments so. It's always good to have a guy like that corner. From what you see for him dated from it police made it has approached the plate. The numbers he put up last year are they sustainable can he keep doing that year in year out. I think so because you don't work that one thing that impressed me the most opponent if that he he's able to use the whole field. Once you at a power meter. With a BC that is going on day that you are able to work he had been doing. The years just use this is something that I if it is that it's questions. You know advocate. Myself once authorities and got to people power forgot to my numbered years. Grow you know and I think he's the thing that will players so. I I I believe that you know a guy like that would perforated with an effort report because he thought you all of the bullpen. And on the highway it was a few miles or so. Youth youth if you've been explicitly did you see this. I mean because when you were playing our members were. We're very determined and adamant that the Red Sox is cosigned Nelson Cruz you know that was your guy at that time there and you always felt we need another big that we need another big bats. Do you feel like the team may be underestimated that just a little bit the Andy York. You know I think sometime. Government because he's easier. To. Question. Those type of situation. From the mayor viewpoint or. From the fans you will. They're gonna face is the patient. They had a budget. Seeing. Things that they have to accomplish. Get a plea that kind of player so. And I appreciate that as it was but it definitely. More news right now. But. Like I say you know that's gonna vision was for their best to get players. Possible boy we have got some way that things haven't worked out really well that we respect. And you've got to do normal Waldman. If he was next but. From from what I know they're gonna visions right in the heart that you could market and Atlanta. Up players for sacks respectively next player's perspective why do you think it free agent market is moving so slowly in south. That is something that is very which you know if I had never seen anything like that. That was one sitting here what was but this is a mean you have confidence freeagent. They were everyday player. Where that would over the Malia last year reports multiple. So. Those are the guys that people whose views he uses the right the sort that you're within. That he. So but I know I know that Russell going. You have the and auto week anybody citing. So pointed end going to Wear the the appropriate time because. Death that will be right there. It's a year you know if you're Judy Martinez he's looking for while we understand 77. Years for 200 million right now the offers the five between a 10025. At what point do you say OK I'll take five or I'll take six years and last night or the. We'll Uga was returning. Who we gotta be sure that you get that back home to elect thing you know what it. Sometimes that's the players. You need. The start looking around the world how many options you have in table. And that's what you would normally use these but it today's date different because. Players that don't get to spring training they're rated. That way do they get through it you're ready. They are ready right now so. Once you sign it doesn't but if you sign. In November. What you sign. And let the beginning of February. It's very much. More of the same thing with our own good to go. So. I am pretty sure he's right now. Rep from the election. Why he's gonna get what get a bit. Was going to be the best we humans that we. Go from there. Hi I got a call you up for something you said yes I don't mind because once day you said you were okay with the pitch live now I remember. Covering you when they started talking about the that's why we couldn't even print your hands I'd make myself clear yes and I. I say. At the beginning when they came we. I the not agree with yes that I only one thing I was into the season. Didn't affect me at all you know thing I kind of got used to. But it was heartless way. Home I mean. I can understand how. It uh oh the other was gonna work out I mean they gonna be getting out of the box. In bed because that's that's when you have. That's one of theater that time. To think about what's gonna happen next. Way I didn't really mean that much. And that's what animal we have that's sort of a B one's bringing to the table. Know guys together mean that walk round that day they come out of the box thing. Because everything happening thick. And worked out good for me I used to why didn't you need it once once you get into it you realize that acting just be locked in. In the matter of fact he was even better for me. Because. I was in the box. Which happened. I just one of Rome lay out. It right away I would they go whoa whoa whoa what. What a world where it was woman who neck differently when you do get out of the box two more rounds with a lot of things that my I was like okay. Over the five. Local with a unbreakable. You know like I. It worked out performance via the which and in. Once MO we've made at the Hewitt that a reputed base if they film but more than layers knowledge that is the people that the league game. In in the tying. If it's a big thing right now with the details about what it will game and when I look at game that it's going to be four hours. A filly the who would you with should be asking you though that over Beers group than it. So based photo little or are you we I I like those gains that. See you see the value in it now obviously I think Everett Smith you. And how much of a difference do you think how how necessary. War to keep fans like your son. To keep younger fans and well if if if the game when you mean dialogue bugler but we'll see but overseers of these Q what's the game. That you do you relating to use it is. That maybe these yet you don't move forward that the when there's no way can feel myself move forward Mike you were reported now were. This thing done. Who's on the west with what we do today. They've got to be moving to a thing we're executing goes back so. I think there were a movie who would do for I want your seatbelts for my kids to get us out of I. Just keep assistance that bill what what have you retire its way tired David Ortiz flight. I'd be pretty beefy. Working with the companies that come home. Where. You know they got me doing a lot of things. I've been in and out of my house. My wife my kids and say they relate may negatively if you play grateful. For me you never thought. But that's my personality you know like I I got to continue doing things they got a if they beat you because. I idea out of control and I just sitting down doing nothing you know so. What Obama I you know do my kids and family when I'm. Where can I do what I 22. When did you move forward is this receptive in my life and and I wanna be able to people yeah at the chaos site generated decades just for the fun of it just to see. Not really. I he I I've ever met once in awhile used to he played border grumbled to my key is so. They use the use of them wrote that that it. I approach that's why not the hurt yeah if you get the team this. Now you know what I think deeply grateful for so long you know. I don't really give me explain I've made. He bombs. And to get that going deeper but I like at least that's pathetic that that I would go to the commitment of the game but. Other than that I think it was beneath your you know late. I could do that I get to do anything more. It was who now. Put it to you so what I. Two. My wife got me him right you know he yeah you look at it. Just the right to it people would have. Of these so man you know he. He that they weren't that's right see you. Right sugita beings. Is no way Obama just go get them. Healthy food thing and I think if you're you know use the you. So or that thing going on right now so that is good. No Raphael Palmeiro for you know they'll come manage the lifting here ultimately. No man I a I keep on telling people with what is now what is now that he's. You know just because one of the things were these that the some mean that I just gonna definitely. You know home room you know there's a lot of things that goes with the out of work. That's allowed that occasion. So you can stay consistent which you do. Baseball players. Worked extremely hard to get in shape to do keep up body more we lined up the way you want it for the season with these in the super loan. Did you what do we really focus on the it's the game plus. So. That's a lot of calls with the game. What do you think that given ten at bats for. That's now that's all you look at right now. It sounds I have a question for you will receive its retreat and leave me down working with the team agrees that and it. Stay away differently than line here. Obviously trading at some point. If you're right you or mart they wonder what's up. A small boy. Now what to think that the actually I don't know if you didn't want to. So yeah. You know that the team that we right now. Most of them would make. We sure a lot of ideas well a place so. Hopefully get him free to move Libya back at some point in there and be able to. The with a few good credit facility right now is who. The before five. We do did you found that fit. Yes it is and I yes next best. Like a whole island. Red Sox. Let me give it to you. Put it by this government hybrid. Thank you David Ortiz and wonderful the CU we're gonna take a quick break him on the return Pedro Martinez.