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Saturday, January 20th

New manager of the Red Sox Alex Cora comes on the program and discusses a variety of topics. Trenni and Tomase ask Cora about new strategies and philosophies for the team under his leadership. He also talks about wanting to start with a clean slate with all the players, and his feelings about his predecessor at manager, John Farrell. Also joining the show is Red Sox center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr. who sheds some light on how he dealt with his name being involved in trade rumors this offseason, as well as what he thinks about the perception that the team is unlikable.


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Music training and minimizing my Sports Radio WEEI I'm dreading this and Eric and John's a mossy break down everything without packs the Bruins an all new England sports. So it's. It's trillion Tomas plus Sports Radio WEEI. And. My kids. Reach audience Hamas TV he had done a little difference between Houston. The voices in the background and buzz of excitement it's because Rick foxwoods resort and casino in Connecticut for the annual Red Sox winter weekend. Our earlier today we talk with Time Warner didn't hurt c.'s meet him Martinez at this hour coming up 38 Jackie Bradley junior. And new manager Alex Cora. But until then the talk and we're talking patriots were talking Tom Brady was talking has done anything new recently content you'll like well here. I I have something that this is on related to its just that quick digression yeah and I. We were just rolled very seriously. Let's see if you can guess who tweeted the following. Beautiful weather all over our great country perfect day for all women to march. Get out there now to celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation it's taken place. Over the last twelve months lowest female unemployment and eighteen years. With patsy from one McDonald's needs from US president timeouts are used to solve these women who are marching against it is like get out there in March and by the way. You ladies have jobs because of me. Sorry sorry we don't we don't get to say rocket attack and everybody added data center about it. It looks down he's alive now we don't just live from an audience but on. Using it very angry at what our commander in chief tweets I mean. You know what I'm just I'm Ricky to my sports talk show is that is that that's median protest right now this is my women's march. Working ministry that is battling. It yet. I'm supporting thank you hype machine I've seen it I can cap. You know my. Keyword caveats. Yes you know or what those yet. Not we digress site patriots patriots. So as we and they just reported in trending the word on the street is. That Tom Brady. Cut his thumb in practice that he jammed it against the couple of the strap on Rex Burkhead helmet during me hand off we are trying to figure out how in the world that happens. But it seems like it is a legitimate injury. That none of us think that Tom Brady will not be out there tomorrow the question is how effective would be. Books and I agree that he could be it like 20% effectiveness. And he would still be better simply portals in the Jacksonville Jaguars. John and I disagree when it comes to. Ranked player having to be out there for some reason I don't think ever happen if Brian Moyer has to get out there I do not. Believe Brian Hoyer. I don't either but I just don't believe in the attacks you know I don't believe their quarterback and hopefully in their coach I don't believe in them on the road I don't believe in them coming in the Foxboro in beating even Brian Hoyer and I understands. Hoyer is not Tom Brady. Would never make that argument for a second patriots have not when the simple if you had to win two games in a row but could even this one yet they keep. All right let's go to Cory in Marblehead Corey looking for the show. Fareed. Yeah. Korea monsters man yes and apparently Vegas justice of little update act if lawyer had to play. The line would be patriots minus two so two point favorites for the patriots out of Vegas if if Hoyer replied. And what's the line right now. You know and I think it was down to snap then and even though it's still on us track I think it got you dropped seven just because it's. Over rated. Does it it's a game that they should roll this to mean they should roll this team if it's on its radius even mostly healthy it should not even be. And I don't see them lightly. Five. Pittsburgh would have been such a better game and and I know people upset well. Pittsburgh scored 42 in this offense with our defense of resentment but they go back and look at those that stands as the fourth down. Wings yet I feel Mary's by Ben Roethlisberger which he put right on the money. Perfect rose by and I think anything away from profits virgin also not to seemingly from the Jacksonville defense because there's not much you can do defend. Antonio Brown infinitely beyond belts and Antonio Brown one of them he holds a BA with one hand and Nixon when indicates that the other one. Could have been offensive pass interference you won two Libyan rebel. Which dropped over the defendant's shoulder like right and it is I think that was another one and that again Ballard that Antonia like that. Antonio Brown although that get that okay with that that's. We'll get an Allen yeah and then you have the Antonio brown and at the front of the end zone. Where he just nasty stance to snatch the ball away from perfect tie blanket coverage patriots. For all of their strengths offensively they're not score those touchdowns may be wrong but you're not doing that for it because it's not really doing that would anybody up offensively you have to be methodical. So I don't see. What the Steelers well does not apply the patriots. And I'm. Yeah I guess that's also why I'm not entirely discounting. The Jacksonville defense not to say that you are that you certainly I. I hear more dismissive of that I am because I look at the first half the backing blu the first three quarters. And they held Pittsburgh to twenty points likely to when you're 21 points. And they did it did not contain any. If you look at just straight personnel. That Pittsburgh offense is better head the patriots off. Obviously the quarterback is better for New England not much though I mean Roethlisberger was really happy until I I I need. If you tick if you include all of intangibles. I'm taking Tom Brady every day that we. Actually I love I love rob expert it's like he fights that we stays in the pocket the way. He does not lead a team back like it I'm just saying. That disparity between Brady and virtually every other quarterback can only excuse I think Roethlisberger is one of the few words a small a much smaller. But it's there. Sir that's that that's it. I made a listen and again I covered him for five years and it Pittsburgh and acts CIA. I guess I know that in I also know that he's teammates to rally around him the weight greets teammates rally around him. I know that he tends to never take responsibility I think those things adversely affect on the other reason it doesn't factory yeah I mean we saw that after the patriots game. And so that's that's him he's my talk about like I would take Tom Brady sent these recent writes I think they ever got Roethlisberger that's why it's those little things like I don't ever think that Tom Brady. It's gonna let his frustration get the best and sometimes his frustration allows them. To see things that are really there get happy feet eight humans evolved little bit too quickly but it doesn't force him if he does it. He is a place that Ben Roethlisberger made after the Jesse James touched up that was it wouldn't throw rights defenders because they gain speed up my. You're frustrated. And you let it affects your play that you. Ron yet and I I'm totally with you there but when you say Pittsburgh has more offensive weapons of patriots totally agree 100% agree. You could not match up Antonio Brown lately about you could argue that they are the two best guys. At their position in the league so fine you're not gonna. You're not gonna compete with that however. The way the patriots attacked Jacksonville's defense to me it's much more effectively Pittsburgh did and. Pittsburgh scored a bunch of points but like I said. The the score habitats and they scored fourth in line like I'm sorry those are fluke touchdown write your story. On fourth down right before halftime there's a more than a little little. You're certainly against your argument here. Bozeman argument put your argument is that they'd be you know though we believe this Jacksonville defense that tiger art for the Taliban and. Don't they vote what I yep exactly but what I'm arguing it's the style that Pittsburgh plays. Yes they scored 42 but it was a little bit of a flu keep 42 that makes sense. The way the patriots play Jackson though they can go up there and do exactly what they wanna do a legit or not need any breaks its roots. Aren't happy. Agreed to disagree aren't let's go to eye candy in Cambridge Kenny let's get a job. And the root. I am I into the show. Here's my contention. That Tom Brady. Is motivated primarily by its own. Personal. But who have been on the line here for at least an hour or so give me at least ten minutes to say what I wanna send jealousy. They keep it a book. And I know I wanna see a toll will depend on whether or not check different engine watch them. And part of it and you might get pumped the JBJ. Okay all right I think Tom Brady is motivated primarily by his own. The interest of his own personal legacy. And usually that's that that's attack and patriots but in this case it is. I believe that it. Tom Brady was behind. The patriots kicking out to be Rob Lowe and I'll lay out a scenario that kind of proves this. You know everybody's everybody's playing doctor about Brady but it Brady comes the first quarter took a couple of picks or is ineffective or get hurt. Right now they have radio back after brier who Brian Hoyer but let's say Rob Lowe was still there. Imagine you would just packed with Pedro Martinez about baseball. And the Yankees but go back a hundred years to Lou Gehrig. That's what would be happening right now in Bosnia if grapple located men. Led them to victories took into his super blow and that's why Brady wanted him out. That's yeah. And I don't think anyone has increased cash yeah I don't think I don't either neither of us district I don't 380 forced the one thing that I don't believe. And and exit the SP insurgent even saved us an example misinterpreted it. Well it was it was it weighs tweeted out there society. That Qaeda plots or gas water blogger with reading comprehension issues but. So the the idea that Brady forced betrayed no I mean he forced in the sense that he didn't decline black. The patriots that Belichick in his coaching staff might have. Thought he would. But I don't for a second think that Tom Brady marched in the botnets opposites like it used it I'm sure he was like. Which you know we've talked about a long term deal where's the long term deal. You can sort of hint at it that way but I don't for a second they operate directly elect marksman Leo that's not my back. No and and to be quite honest the way the rest of the story was written I think if that was the case sat would've. Mapped it out that way if because there was nothing that debt that you know will go back and look except pizza with percent from ESPN I personally think he's gonna be talking. Last couple of weeks it's there are some dissension between Bob Kraft Tom Brady. Hands they'll they'll check. The tone of the article was certainly more robe fell checked. Yeah and it was pro Brady so that was the case I think we catch him would've reported it I certainly don't think he would protect top breeding and racing for. More now so now this is about getting out the truth and stack. You know. Nothing in that story to me has really been desperate. You know like now people can nitpick it detail here there when the ballot check meet with the commissioner went to be become closer with the commissioner by. The broad strokes of that thing nobody has to speak. Now I don't think if there's any reason to dispute them unless unless you just quite frankly they're people Collins always trash it was garbage and I don't believe it because. The piece about the commissioner's Ron well okay. It could be or could've just been at the time I was off a little bit. But if you're really being true to yourself. You take a look at again Tommy car and I keep on access time you turn Greg Bedard. Roots similar articles a week prior that just didn't have these many details of this ethnic urged him he's dead yet. In large part because Seth liquor Chan had the freedom to only work on one piece at the time it's going to be a long form piece were timing current. Agree that are going in and raiding Italy pieces and they're doing television shows and radio shows and have a lot you know a lot else on their plates that they can't spend eight weeks. Talking to sources are hanging out you know steakhouse and fox. But yeah I mean it into it will be interesting to see what happens when. You know depending when and how this season ends. What that relationship is like to Tom Brady get some sort of an extension and he asked me he asked to write music no announce at this point hands. You know who this to his Bill Belichick trapped it does you know how to next you know if there's still if there's still some contention between. Alex Guerrero and what Tom green line is Robert Kraft still need more of oil to Tom Brady that he should be in now looking so much towards the future. And you start to get a rob where maybe Belichick does there was a bad thing else enough you know to be right out together off into the sunset. Do I stand after you go but. Or drive it to go somewhere else right feel it's a better set up for me to trying to win. And you know another Super Bowl and really solidified my place in history by winning AC Milan multiple Super Bowls with two to. Yeah that that's the one I can't. Go there like I can. I can see Belichick walking away at some point I could see in the Brady riding off in the sunset together. The one thing I have a hard time wrapping my head around this Belichick in his mid sixty's suddenly being like gay you know that I'm Bill Parcells now I'm gonna go. You know find my new challenge and start over I pictured him. You know take a language from Nantucket and coaching across and college and career and it's already has nothing I mean it's all fame career. You put him on the short list of greatest coaches in the history of professional sports than I did little political path so there's nothing left for him to prove. I do think that we will be revisiting this story this accretion story at this time next year I think that's the more likely window for Belichick to say. Brady's one year closer to being done may be done we have no one in the pipeline because the guy we drafted in the second round isn't as good as we thought or. He's too far away or just what ever and maybe this time next year's summertime while no tonight. And don't forget that he is about to lose quite possibly the wreath. Coaches on the staff yeah Ryan Flores looks like the front runner for the Arizona Cardinals head coaching job after that he did expect to lose and then you're gonna lose Matt Patricia. And Josh Gaines. Either mcdaniels will go to Indianapolis which is what is expected or may be hopeful about tactics against Indianapolis Billiton now now thinks we're gonna we're gonna go right go to. To tennis to its one that matters to Jackie ravaging it looks like he's walking over here so we're gonna switch gears. From football to baseball once again in case you just are just tuning in we our lives. At the winter Red Sox went to weekend at the foxwoods resort and casino. In Connecticut talked about all of our favorite ball players. Jackie Bradley junior and I look sort of like twenty minutes time. Effort and I have is that it certainly is the and I am next inning right now and I. Jackie how are you how's your off season. It's great problem. But not these you're still here that's probably the first nationally on CI and I am. Flash and you're not going anywhere so what was that like you'd have to deal with that. Open up the Nazis. It was the same overall season. You know it's talks the like everything's always. Rumors until something happened so sore and our noses the river checking motivating him those rumors he's now. I guess if you pay attention enough it's sort of that some people put. Let me on expected. You know it's something that's out of my control. Gonna prepare. For my season. Whether. I got traded or did I'm gonna make separated. My colleague at NBC sports Boston after Alec wrote a piece that you. That we don't really know that you are startlingly a number of different injuries last year that affected your swing and just kind of affect you overall. How are you feeling and where did you feel some of those attacks last year we didn't it feel like he played to that level that it's. Apple amazing right now. I'm Amal you. And it knee injury pretty significant knee injury that. My team back a little bit sooner. War brace for. About five to five months though. It's one of those things where everybody feel a little injuries that some here there I'm not one of you know they use it makes you that America does not me so I'm just makes. On the field and help my team with what's up prostitutes. We do about it is that we knew with a neat but also the thumb and yet that affecting you your swing. How difficult was it to misty that maybe you know in particular because your hands are very important to how you stood back. Yeah at the airport as a baseball player. Whether it's through strength. VW you know hold the bat pretty strong or witnesses. Also keep the bureau where reward be did you notice a difference in your bat speed where was the biggest adjustment with the thought nothing quite right. It's that thing gets more simple than there. More complicated than that actually. Like you say you know I wouldn't you know hold their names. As tightly as you might want it to. Pitches they they obviously know that you're dealing with a hand injury so that may be trying to sort it may be inside or something like that. It's not it there. Those people think it's just lot easier rule it's just that although the way it's that easy you know. You know what it is going 96 it and enhance its disputed the way. It's it's a lot harder. When you think staffers that are being a quarterback. And it's. It's. A good question I can't relate this. At have been a quarterback's. Anytime you deal with. Cut it's taken to be pretty pretty recite senior pro football all right. Active I'm gonna say you could probably put some air time. The order for me it did this I think we say it's been training we're estimating about sixty yards and think they're not allowed her. That sounds. Problem the problem stimulus guerrillas set an American League east. We'll get it with you it's you know I'm not gonna believe the injury thing but I do wonder this last year when you are center fielder and your guy who. You mean you make your money watched me what you do you. Look it's huge party game and you're wearing a neat race. That changed you know like routes you can take it jumps again or anything like that I just think it changes that we we take off. Maybe we slow down if I have to take a few nexus that the slow down or you know used to the pressure. He. Cuts might not be as he has our. I had to how to race on like I think it might be up as high as I possibly. Want it to. For the safety issue. Wanted to make sure that that he was locked in and there was no opportunity for me. Re injured yet. Tendency to wanna make it worse rather than twelve years ago Nazis I have Marie. When you look at this team going in to the 22 season Jacqui I don't really know changes made to the team right now. And last year. You know a lot of guys that we expected to have figures here he addicted to the year prior B you are saying about the arts and that's. Even handed Ramirez struggled a little bit so how confident Erisa does it make you guys feel like yes that. While they're pursuing a bigger I think that a power hitter. That did dump browse the outscored them pretty good about what they have that they're not gonna not overspend on anybody that they feel like you guys are workers back at that time. We definitely have a lot of confidence in ourselves and Devlin had a lot of guys that we felt like we didn't play our best baseball. At that with that being sent. We still did finish first stab me you know there's been a lot of talk about this and that but it. That's still looking at a teen thing is that the I mean AL east so. Out thing that's that's pretty special and we have a lot of faith and trust and the guys that we have obviously. Going into each offseason and also during the season. He looked so seeing what. Can you'd make your team better and obviously. I'm sure the upper management is is doing that so. As players were willing to take anybody who is gonna make our team better what it. And what needs to happen years when 93 games again last year's second year rose one alias. How do you take that next step now how does this young core this young group of guys. Taking two days. ALCS and World Series. Went. That's I mean that's when it comes out to. We get to where you you want to be. You know when the ball game and vessels and taken to the that's that's level. Is there some that you guys need to do differently being you know. Hit more for power. Be more aggressive on the base path is there something you can do that we'll translate the post season to win. Executing executing when need be. You know it that encompasses a lot of different things. A over the course of the season things change. And you gotta be make adjustments so it's vacant but just as soon Weathers pitched it. Game day gain an active. You can go do something but that's what makes this game a lot of fun have that the civil cat and mouse game. Dan if you didn't apostle. Jackie when David Ortiz is here you always have that guy in the clubhouse things are going poorly. He knew how to lighten the mood he knew how to take some pressure off people are curious now in the clubhouse. If if you reach a point like that where it's like hey you need to sort it. We'll have airlines multiple multiple people I think this is a great group of guys collectively and we we truly enjoy one another we have each other's back. And that's something that they can't be broken. We're we're teen who. Yet you Michael distance they'll do some things but. That that in this day we're gonna get to you know move forward keep grinding and and noted we're we're going to be better with each other that separate. What did you make of the whole like ability. You know criticisms last year the team wasn't as likable as it. Should've been included in for a 93 when team team with the exciting you know war. Do you think that was unfair do you think he was inaccurate what was your take a news makes me just. You know it's business. Watchable by my wife like what. Makes the team likable. I think. If the team wins. Here right likes that. So you know as long as what caused the you know him or is this win enjoy ourselves. Two people were respect and and I think I think. We are yet. I mean you've always treated immediately but there other guys in that clubhouse who didn't get along xmas to you think that that's something that needs to change is that. Impacting at all from your perspective. And our our company I can only control what I can control. Obviously you know. Things may have happened in the past but I'm sure those things were were were fit in there was. A reconciliation. About those things I love you might not know about so. I know we're looking forward to moving forward and you know if that's in what ways do you does Alex or help. With the guys forward and what ways is he changed the atmosphere in the clubhouse. I don't know yet. From all things that possibly hurt. He's the man for the would like. Did you meet with him yet I mean he knows that right to Q did he come to you words you read Boston there he and let's. Down in Florida would some or is that there were down there and as a greatly. History. You talk about his plans. You know Heinz sees us. As players. Our government that's what do you think that there could be some energy experts managed that's just given its age it's not that far. Yeah absolutely. Absolutely I think he's makes that little new school answerable who will. We used to get old school we had David Ortiz and Pedro Martinez here and we were a little surprised at her both of them saying that now they're tired and they watch face father they fully understand sudden change of pace way. Changes that need to be made. How do you feel about the things that happen suggestive talk to former players have talked executives about it as expert player how do you feel about a 6 o'clock. Limited mound visit during the change that much just to quicken the pace of the game. That really bothers me at all so me. I am football player who. Rarely stepped out of batter's box so that is not like I'm slowing the game down or anything like that let. Some gains can't get really long and and now has the colonists gave appreciate Dionte Jack games to get along. But during the game I don't really think about that. Like a home they have gone along with Gainsbourg. I think we might never get the word you're never out and turning them. But not for the kids is it's only when we're losing. Never edit it don't matter how long did you miss the. All right that is all we have from eating we neither very busy schedule Jacqui good luck to see your pictures thing I appreciate it it's not the thing. I Jackie Bradley junior joining us here at foxwoods resort and insulated out yes of course. Coming up next they got that we just talked about at new manager Alex scoring is next on the docket he would join us here for Red Sox winter weekend on turning into bossy. Your chance to talk all new England sports with trillions of mossy. Plus Sports Radio WEEI. It's. Hey guys. Senior night. People's side. I just I found her you know and they were right. As far nicer guy Stearns might. Casey did notice your foxwoods resort and casino that in Connecticut for Red Sox went through weekend it. Out of nowhere here's the brand new manager. And again now you're the first got to figure out that it goes over I mean style a little bit and an innocence learners and glorious. C. So you might imagine on TV and he's gonna that's what I did and I don't know anything you know how difficult it is you know the media is not an easy job on. Very easy. Just never negative image so it's always positive and people love him please I mean it is. It's an easy job you might know where it's more positive that Sports Radio in Boston yes. We are sadly sunshine all of the time. Yeah all of how has your recent we'll start with an easy one yeah it will be really easy and how has the reception that your first winter weekend as a manager. It's awesome this is great experience. I got to that plan on Tuesday. That was the first time and well since November 2 and third whenever it was. Lou with him you you know Red Sox manager instance. And some men that I was looking forward to it I didn't know it was. Of this magnitude. And. They have been great the players. You know been outstanding is the first time we've been together you know you know as a group and to be around them yeah around the fans. The whole thing is specials. Let's hear I'm bringing my found this. This is his I mean the weather obviously wears size that it doesn't matter out of Ohio it is not exactly like a black. Well 45 for us the decency is freezing so it's 85. Nine can't rabbit saw that it deaths are why did you feel it was so important not just to call that the players you'll be managing this year but to find a way to meet. Literally meet with that beat them where they are so that you can have a face to face conversation and. It was part of the interview process they asked me. Why. What steps would it take. Get used to the group and that's something that. How often. Public plan. And see them face to face is not the same thing. I'm in the uniform on man be the bench coach of another team and then talk to them in batting practice now we took him families. What they think. You know their season last year and what they need to prove. What we can bring to. The table to make them better. Yes I've heard. Over the last month's home numbers Hollis you know I just want to explain them what the numbers. You know what the information. Is being great it's been great they. They help me to. To prepare the game plan going into spring training. We execute if we execute that game plan we have in place march 1 in mind is open that so. We're close what was. Biggest take away that you that you got from those means what would you say this is something we really need to address this year this is something all the guys are really behind. There's certain things that I saw over the course of the last two weeks of their season. That I felt they've we have to improve. And this is talking about before last four games of the regular season the playoffs but. There's something about this group that. You know they they wanna go further and I think everybody does my. Want things to say it you know for the media on one thing is to sit down with the manager and coaches then. To explain you why and men. Is that they got to play with a Tiffany shoulder and something else is gonna motivate you to play better harder look this is a team that has unfinished business the last two seasons. They play outstanding in the regular season and they run into two teams that. There were pretty good pretty solid in the we're playing great baseball with the unions and the Astros and it then that happens on now the goal is for us to to find a way. To keep them fresh keep them healthy. State level you know be be consistent men and women to overcome sin. We talk about winning eleven games in October we can accomplish that would do we them doing what they're supposed to do and Stephen named for information that we feel is gonna put them them. Better position to win games when you talk about watching them because that was so really weird stretch you get to see the Red Sox every day for a felt like about two weeks two in the season playoffs. That they feel tight a though you would lose it was there did you feel like maybe they were. Holding themselves back for whatever reason and that there wasn't that sort of lose this that you associate we've. For instance last disastrous. Is something. The last four games of the regular season. It's we knew we were gonna play them. You know I think. You know this kid that's standing was a race that it was just a matter there then winning one game. And then finished in two seasons ago. Those four is at the end it was like we didn't do anything. Like women and it shows our hands you know it was like there's got announced it was cutting you guys and we just there you know like OK you know. And now we learn a little bit so that was a little bit weird you know and they claim it's. They know that we're gonna claim to it it wasn't like crazy celebration. Was just a matter of doing it and then in the playoffs. Well the Florida gets there and those guys at the auto ballpark early in the game and in the first two games in Houston. And seems like you know we punched him you know it was a a big punch them and then they come here and they beat us in game three opening game four they were right there are so it's not like. There was no alive for over there and in the and his side that there were playing it basically doesn't matter that the team that. Won the World Series at that time. The but it it is that was the ball. Though the one guy I think that we're all curious. How you're gonna approach to deal with David Price. David Price supremely talented we know that has the stuff to front your staff if needed. But at the same time there were some things in the clubhouse last year and you know the ball we though to recast them let. How do you sort of make sure that deep crisis starting with a clean slate this year. And just being the guy but he was Bryant last. And my situation and everybody started with a clean slate. The news guy with the bench who took the Houston Astros and whenever they ask me about. What happened last year with the Boston Red Sox reversible. I respect him Ferrell lot you know he was part of the 2007 World Series he would like pitching coach and I really like John and as unfair for me to. Safe out of I would attend that what that ever happened last year if you ask me about 2070 that's never the answer because I know everything about it. I think a lot of people know something about that team too you know. But is a guy that I went to Fort Myers I talked to him. The way he pitch in October. He almost beat the Houston Astros by himself honestly. There's a guy that he was thrown with conviction throwing wood and attitude coming from the bullpen you could see that there was some fire. And I'm not gonna say that. With 33 starts we gonna see that fire but. We gonna see it they've reprise the run the ball a conviction he is being great with me so far so good you know so. I'm looking forward to work with them on a daily basis and help him out to. To perform and become a leader and help these guys out you know this is guys that. We signed in 2008 and I was like golly this guy's going to be outstanding and he he's outstanding and the way he threw the ball in October. You know make me you know I think about it like for him with Chris. So alone pomerantz weakened dominant but he starts you know. In Fort Myers. Bringing everybody together and he's a big part of what are we gonna try to accomplish. Kind of a two part question then how do you harness that conviction that he had in October. And again you're not gonna have it for 3033 starts it's just not humanly possible they get them to have that attitude. That boasted it. But then on the flip side. How do you get Chris Sale to maybe dial it back a little bit sad that he has something left in the tape come late September into October where he faded a little bit down the stretch and historically hasn't elected a leader. Well what I saw in October. And in. What our hitters they're haters. The feat that was the stuff was there he was still going hard I think in that first game Houston. He was excited you know offers playoffs start. He was still throwing nice and mediate but he's fastball was alone please. Alison good hitters and make adjustments against are looking for something soft. In the middle played. Alex notices does it he did it that ultimately that cost you it's too pleased about making adjustments this stuff with you there. But going back to question. He starts playing. But his cell is not going to be. Throwing 9900. In the first art house we're going one itself to be ready. When that first series against the Tampa the race we don't want him to be ready for. You know if it. A game I'm just not those gains for march 1 against the Houston house. All though we got to bring the eight team yes we'll let him out has there right now and you can quote me. We agree in the AT&T it was all me it's because I have to win that game by you know what I mean like I like Italy and I had a silent and and I live now and other dealers now we get in Atlanta actually makes it would mean it is so we have stale. But we don't want herself to be ready for more tours we won we sell to be ready for the procedures of the season and scenes for winners last year. He was ready from the ones in print which is great you know you get traded you expect aces. Everybody you know was answers about who we game who is this guy he and. Stands he's. So I when asked about the astronauts so you can talk about last year's masters I think one of the reasons you're here with the Red Sox is it's so many young players. A lot of them took a little bit of a step back last year and they wanna get the most out of those guys Selassie you have we still have a young answers team you're springer is sitting 230 in late may. And it's the season's probably knock on the way you envisioned and from that point forward you're just the monster privacy right to the World Series so how did you and AJ approached him. As he's struggling to start to see. He struggle average wise movies. Yet like home runs yeah it's it's a matter of high you see the numbers you see the month. He was driving the ball and use force as a leadoff guy he would walk off homer on I think it was the second game and not the second game of the season against the Seattle Mariners. He he was putting good swing so you have to be patient you know you have to. You know if the swing itself off a little bit and he coaches to dump then but with George is very simple you know you have to keep it simple George is. 64230. Center fielder that. And it daily bases he's a better athlete that then where risen about. And we saw that once he goes 0444 strikeouts. And I was joking with estimates that about that while we doubt there is like a court for now I'm going up hands up if you file home France's. It just the way you talk to the players you have to connect prayers and they have to. You know feel confident that they gonna listen to you. One thing that believe in you have to reach in went with them you know even if they're good or bad but at the end date you can you can. Talk to them and that's what we do we tortured in the in the season. He had a great season you it was not the. Oh really got wanna go back to something you said earlier you said that you saw things. During that those last few weeks that that that's actually the masters that you want it to improve on. What do you wanna see this team improve on that they can get past the first round next year infield defense is one of them. I feel. And yes we athletic but. We can do is certain adjustments. Defensively putting guys. In two spots that the ball is going to be hit Smith who would stand there. Moon or on the other side of the base you know in this. Will be endeavors and in the hole put him in this situation that the ball is going to be hit to him and this is. Total organizational effort pat guys we have guys. You know in the office looking for information. And we will shift we will shift more than last year. I don't know if we're gonna shipped more than the Astros but we gonna do a better job. I feel personally putting guys in position. To make outs and that's gonna benefit. Everybody in this that. Maybe Chris might squeeze maybe might strike out 300 guys maybe but. Probably he doesn't have to because he might its contact there's a ground ball and there's a guy right there we do that we know what. About the golf out there to stand there homered they're the best out defense it. Outfield in the big expletive we improve our defense. And name feel then we might become one of the best in defense in the big leagues and that's. Lara offensively is this is last year that. You think you get your brother from the team that was hit the ball out of the park increase your rates. Yeah it's is about hunting strikes that's the most important thing has I'm mentioning it in November and December that we I want them to be more aggressive. I think people took the wrong way and same note predetermined so things first base announcement that. We can concentrate on good pitches in the strike zone and we can put good swings on I sit I said it a few months ago. If Chris archer is the guy in March 29 against. Against us or he's Pittsburgh Tampa. We'll keep Betsy and thank you move pieces of good pitch right down metal. He can go ahead and put it it's going on I think. That's the way you can't put pressure on the opposition. And that's where the tool counts on the 31 because. They're expecting if this guys to see good pitches and swing and then ask victories stagnant and you know why the change of down his own people want fastball up. Wolf suit and they get a good pitch. Over the hard to play you know well bargain. There's you. All right it's something that perfect for me out here is right now often there being yanked away where Italy ego gets outs were at Yankee game much for joining us thank you we will return to Red Sox winter weekend. I've at Foxboro. Thought I'd spot there and prosperous parts of the Erik the narrative that two more with 22 mossy clots which radio W. Back here foxwoods resort and casino game. Connecticut beat home you know Red Sox went through weekends. I think about 67000 people here guys that record attendance record attendance which is rates. So much against this team and shame stands not likable here is clearly would like that seems I think the weather go Steve yes yes it is a beautiful afternoon out there what was your takeaways I never. That Alex Cora in a managerial capacity at madame you always play and unified government as a player cover definitely when he was with ESPN giants like minimal interaction with the that's really impressive I was really impressed with his organization has enthusiasm. And just really being honest about the DC thinks this team. Half staff so you and I had differing opinions of the previous manager I thought Ferrell did a good job and I thought that Cora. Woods you know respectful trying to tow that line if you don't want to buy conveniences the last that it lousy job 193 games back wreck years now. And they finished last in the league in homers but still found a way to score runs and pitching wasn't that good. But they still found a way to get people out so I think Ferrell did a great job on the field the clubhouse is different. The clubhouse is problematic. And a lot of that falls on the manager as it should. I think you know communications issue you listen to core and you see. It's understandable how he is going to be able to better relate to a young team. He's coming from a young team and Houston. He's not that far removed from being a player himself and you can feel that there's that sort of palpable sense of energy and I think guys are gonna respond to that. And you know whether it was talking about how he wants them to hunt pitches. Or how he wants them to shift more he has some very concrete ideas. And he's speaking in very specific terms which if your Red Sox and you have to like. That's what you want that's you want a guy who is fully engaged in fully and this and is able to articulate. UP CCB I can say seems to me it likely to hide who has it planned I think. All too often. You know we ask coaches questions and answers questions it. Sort of a basis and now we're gonna and it you know we're great the way we are there's always room for improvement I like that he's not afraid to say. Our defense needs our infield defense to do that are we need to be a better position to do a better job I like. That he you know. Talks about how Chris dale Beatty gave too much early on. That he was there a name BA and its first spring training outing last. And for him to recognize its name it's not gonna happen again how can they prevent this part of it was not the control John Ferrell the rest of the staff because. You quite honestly didn't have the pitching depth it's not like you did give Chris Sale I keep off. And take this this start we're gonna give this Baxter rats and we're gonna bring episodes of the miners because Bryant Johnson and Henry Owens. And it. Is it that our government is who's the. I they just they rammed through so many pitchers last year you know about yes and the and the problem was like you didn't have Steven Wright. You didn't have you rot for the chunks of the seasons the right normally. And Farrell had always been a big believer in this they would give Lester and Beckett has sort of ten day off stretch around the all star break. They couldn't do that with sale last year and came back. And especially because I I think that David Price we forget it didn't I didn't price my god I mean thank you Nancy huge chunk of time obviously was able to come back to the post season and that'll be a relief role. That's what it's kind of extra pressure on Chris Hill I think was already trying to. Prove to everybody and say I was worth everything that you gave up yet I thought. Pedro was really get on that as well talking about how you need to learn how to save your bullets even within a star. We all think it's a virtue that sailed just gets the ball throws throws throws throws the papers saying there are times. It's particularly high stressed sense of things are going well you need to be able to slow down just a little bit intensive graphic conserve your energy with the game. So you hope you know that sale learns all these lessons I guess he talked to the other reporters earlier. The writers and it was explaining how they do you have a plan they're trying to implement a plan. To bet ease off his workload maybe not hit the ground running like he did you know march 1 week of march. Last year so we'll see how that unfolds the problem is your fighting a career long trip with him steadily declining numbers are nice it's. With that said I figure also. You know again it if all goes well. In the past for assailants we spent not guy on the staff that he's a team that maybe he was the only off. He's the only guy come out to see at night in night out at Chicago. Where is now with David Price. Does have a bounce back here either Alex or if you pop Koreans built office on plastic Rick resell bounces back from last year. He may not feel the pressure suit you don't have to roll out there because you've. Just you've other guys. You bother people that you can alliance have maybe that will help his career numbers. Are ever take another quick break out we are I talked to the president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski when we return we are live. Front foxwoods resort and casino at the Red Sox went to weekend.