TNT - Alex Cora - 1-20-18

Boston Baseball
Saturday, January 20th

New Red Sox manager Alex Cora joins Trenni and Tomase from Winter Weekend. The skipper talks about his transition to manager, his ideas for new strategies, as well as his feelings about his predecessor John Farrell.


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Casey did notice your foxwoods resort and casino napping Connecticut for Red Sox winter weekend at. Out of nowhere here's the brand new manager about. And it you're the first got to figure out that it goes over I mean he's got a little bit as many accidents murders in four years. TV. So out. Make it magic on TV and he's gonna that's what I did anything I gonna do you know how difficult it is you know the media is not an easy job on. Very easy. This never negative image so it's always positive and people love it plays well I mean this. It's an easy job you might know where it's more positive that Sports Radio in Boston yes. We have Sally sunshine all of the time. Yeah all of how has your recent we'll start with an easy one yeah will be really easy and how has the reception that your first winter weekend as a manager. It's awesome this is a great experience. I got to that plan on Tuesday and that was the first time in. Well since November 2 third whatever it was. Lou with him you you know Red Sox manager instance. And some men that I was looking forward to it I didn't know it was. Of this magnitude. And they have been great the players. You know been outstanding is the first time we've been together you know you know as a group and to be around them be around the fans. The whole thing is specials. Let's hear I'm bringing my found this. This is his I mean the weather obviously what we're inside so it doesn't matter I don't know how it affected exactly like a black. When 45 for a decency is reasons why it's 85. Nine can't grab it's all right it deaths are why did you feel it was so important not just to call that the players you'll be managing this year but to find a way to meet. Literally meet with that beat them where they are so that you can have a face to face conversation. It was part of the interview process they asked me. Why. What steps would it take. Get used to the group and that's something so. Out in public plan. And see them face to face is not the same name. Having the uniform on man be the bench coach of another team and then talk to them in batting practice now we took him families. What they think of you know their season last year and what they need to prove. What we can bring to. The table to make them better. Yes I've heard. Over the last month's home numbers Hollis you know. I just want to explain them what the numbers you know what the information. Is being great it's been great they. They help me to. To prepare the game plan going into spring training. We executed if we execute that game plan we have in place march 1 thing. This open. Or close. What was the biggest takeaways that you that you got those meetings would you say this is something we really need to address this is something all the guys. Com. There's certain things that I saw over the course of the last two weeks of their season. That I felt Dave we have to improve. And this is talking about before last four games of the regular season and the playoffs but. There's something about this group that. You know they they wanna go further and that I think everybody does my. Want things to say it you know for the media on one thing is to sit down with the manager and coaches them. To explain you why and men. Is that they have put with a chip in his shoulder and something else is gonna motivate you to play better or harder but this is a team that has unfinished business the last two seasons. They play outstanding in the regular season and they run into two teams that. There were pretty good pretty solid in the we're playing great baseball with the unions and the Astros and it and that happens on now the goal is for us to to find a way. To keep them fresh keep them healthy. State level you know he'd be consistent men and women to overcome sin we talk about winning eleven games in October. We can accomplish that would mean we them doing what they're supposed to do and Stephen named for. Information that we feel. He's gonna put them in a better position to win games when you talk about watching them because that was so really weird stretch you get to cigarettes hikes every day for public about two weeks to mean season playoffs. That they feel tight though you would lose it was there did you feel like maybe they were. Holding themselves back for whatever reason and that that wasn't that sort of lose this that you associate it. For instance last disastrous. Is some. The last four games of the regular season. It's we knew we were gonna play them. You know I think. You know this kid that's standing was a race that it was just a matter of they're them winning one game. And and finished in two seasons ago. Those four is at the end it was like we didn't do anything. Like women and it shows our hands you know it was like there's got announced it was cutting you guys and we just there you know like OK you know. And now we learn a little bit so that was a little bit weird you know and they claim it's. They know that we're gonna claim to it it wasn't like crazy celebration. Was just a matter of doing it and then in the playoffs. Well but Florida gets there and. Those guys at the auto ballpark early in the game and in the first two games in Houston. And seems like you know we punched him you know it was a a big punch on them and then they come here and they beat us in game three inning game four there were right there so it's not like. There was no alive for over there and in the and his side that there were playing it basically doesn't matter that the team that. Won the World Series at that time with the but it it is that was the ball. Though the one guy I think that we're all curious. How you're gonna approach to deal with David Price. David Price supremely talented we know that has the stuff to front your staff if needed. But at the same time there were some things in the clubhouse last year and you know them all we know to recast them let. How do you sort of make sure that the good prices starting with a clean slate this year. And just being the guy but he was Bryant last and my situation and everybody started with the clean slate. The news guy with the bench who took the Houston Astros and whenever they ask me about what happened last year with the Boston Red Sox reversible. I respect him Ferrell lot you know he was part of the 2007 World Series he would like pitching coach and I really like John and as unfair for me to. Safe out of I would and that what that ever happened last year if you ask me about 2070 that's never the answer because I know everything about it I think a lot of people know something about that team too you know. But is a guy that I went to Fort Myers talked to him the way he pitch in October. He almost beat the Houston Astros by itself honestly. There's a guy that he was thrown with conviction thrown with an attitude coming from the bullpen you could see that there was some fire. And I'm not gonna say that with 33 starts we gonna see that fire but we gonna see it they've reprise. The run always conviction he is being great with me so far so good you know so. I'm looking forward to work with them on a daily basis and help them out to. To perform and become a leader and help these guys out you know this is guys that. We saw in 2008 and I was like golly this guy's going to be outstanding and he he's outstanding and the way he threw the ball in October. You know make me you know I think about it like that you know Chris. I'm so alone pomerantz we can dominate but he starts you know. In Fort Myers. Bringing everybody together and he's a big part of what are we gonna try to come. Kind of a two part question that how you harness that conviction that he had in October. And again you're not gonna have it for 3033 starts it's just not humanly possible they get them to have that attitude. But most of it. But then on the flip side. How do you get for sale to maybe dial it back a little bit sad that he has something left in the tape come late September into October where he faded a little bit down the stretch and historically hasn't left in Lima. Well what I saw in October. And in. What our hitters they're haters. Defeat that was the stuff was there he was still going hard I think in that first game Houston. He was excited you know offers playoffs start. He was still throwing nice and mediate but he's fastball was alone please. Alison good hitters again make adjustments against are looking for something soft. In the middle play. Alex doses does it he hated I think ultimately that cost you it's too pleased about making adjustments this stuff with Hugh there. But going back to question. He starts playing. We sell is not going to be. Throwing 9900. In the first start of spring training one itself to be ready. When that first series against the Tampa Bay Rays we don't want him to be ready for. You know if it. Again I'm just not those gains for march 1 against the Houston house. All though we gonna bring the eight team yes we'll let it cloud has there right now and you can quote me. We agree in the AT&T it was all me it's because I have to win that game by you know what I mean like. Like Elliott and I had a silent and and I live now at an altitude now we get in Atlanta actually the next they would claim to there's so we've got stale or. But we don't want herself to be ready for more tours we want Kris will be ready for the first years of the season and scenes were winners last year. He was ready from the ones in print which is great you know you get traded the expectations. Everybody you know was answers about who we gave him who is this guy he and. Stands he's. So I when asked about the Astor says you can talk about last year's masters I think one of the reasons you're here with the Red Sox is it's so many young players. A lot of them took a little bit of a step back last year and they wanna get the most out of those guys Selassie you have we still have a young answers team you're springer is sitting 230 in late may. And the seasons probably knock on the way you envisioned and from that point forward you're just the monster privacy rights in the World Series so how did you and AJ approached him. As he's struggling to start a season. He struggle average wise quality. Yet like home runs is it's a matter of high you see the numbers and do you see the month. He was driving the ball and use of force as a leadoff guy he would walk off home run I think it was the second game and not the second game of the season against the Seattle Mariners he he was putting good swing so you have to be patient you know you have to. You know if the swing itself off a little bit then if hitting coaches to dump then but with George is very simple you know you have to keep it simple torch is. 64230. Center fielder that. And it daily bases he's a better athlete that then where risen about. And we saw that once he goes 0444 strikeouts. And I was joking with estimates that about that while we doubt there is like a court for now I'm going up hands up if you file home France's. It just the way you talk to the players you have to connect prayers and may have to. You know feel confident that they gonna listen to you. One thing that believe in you have to reach in went with them you know even if they're good or bad but at the end date you can you can. Talk to them and that's what we do we tortured in the in the season. He had a great season you it was a accident that. Oh really I wanna go back to something you said earlier you said that you saw things. During that those last two weeks that that that's actually the Astros that you want it to improve on. What do you wanna see this team improve on that they can get past the first round next year infield defense is one of them. I feel. And yes we athletic but. We can use certain adjustments. Defensively putting guys. In two spots that the ball is going to be hit special would stand there. Moon or on the other side of the of the bays you know in this ship will be endeavors in the in the hole put him in this situation that the ball is gonna be it. To examine this is. Total organizational effort out guys do we have guys. You know in the office looking for information look at we will shift we will shift more than last year. I don't know if we're gonna shipped more than the Astros but we gonna do a better job. I feel personally putting guys in position. To make outs and that's gonna benefit. Everybody in this that. Maybe Chris might. There is maybe might strike out 300 guys maybe but. Probably he doesn't have to because he might its contact there's a ground ball and there's a guy right there we do that we know what. About the golf out there our stands they're number they're the best out defense it. Outfield in the big leagues but he we improve our defense. And name feel then we might become one of the best in defense in the big leagues and that's. Lara offensively is this is last year that. You think you get your brother from the team that was hit the ball out of the park increase your rates. Yeah it's is about hunting strikes that's the most important thing has I'm mentioning it in November and December that we've I want them to be more aggressive. I think people took the wrong way and same note predetermined so things first base announcement that. We can concentrate on good pitches in the strike zone and we can put good swings on I sit I said it a few months ago. If Chris archer is the guy in March 29 against. Against us or he's Pittsburgh Tampa. We'll keep Betsy and thank you move pieces of good pitch right down metal. He can go ahead and put it it's going on and I think. That's the way you can't put pressure on the opposition and that's where the tool counts down the 31 because. They're expecting if this guys to see good pitches and swing and then S victories stagnant and you know why the change of down his own people want fast walk. Wolf suit and the get a good pitch out of over the hard to play you know well bargain. There's you. All right it's something that perfect for it is right now often they're being yanked away where Italy ego gets outs were at thank you very much for joining us thank you we will return to Red Sox winter weekend. Live at Foxboro. Thought I spot there and prosperous parts of their egg theory in practice.