Is their a top tier player you'd trade Rafeal Devers for?

Dale & Keefe
Monday, August 21st

Hour #3 and we're all caught up in the Rafeal Devers mania that has gripped the hub!


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Our number three dale and Holley with ski Sports Radio WEEI this are the program. Brought to buy AT&T riches off on vacation today to the back tomorrow. And I'm sure he people come back emboldened by the thought the Bill Belichick says he hopes rich has a good vacation time. He did say that. Said rich too. I know his name because he just seemed to via. I would talk to Bill Belichick act that happened just about 3 o'clock. For those of you who did not hear it and it was it was a fun conversation for us today. We'll bring it back in final drive about 540 somewhere in that vicinity with talk lot of baseball the last a little bit as well as. The Red Sox as I mentioned a moment ago now extended their lead in the American League east to five games in Cleveland for four against the Indians. And Raphael devers has taken the city by storm. It's either is he at that point I wouldn't say I wouldn't think so where is untreatable but. You know how we treat kids now we treat prospects is yet untreatable guy. And OK if you have an opt out short of like you said it if you decided you're gonna go take on the judge Carlos standardized contract which betrayed the average for a show. You would yet. They sit up your first thought was we need we need Stanton in there in your best. Minor league prospect there your number one prospect. Devers and and and that guy. Yes I do you dirt in a heartbeat sure argue that's rare because most important I got to know. Well I mean we're talking about you know the preeminent power hitter in baseball. And we had to forty last year I don't understand and is okay got it about sixty home runs this year yeah he has. And he's a little bit he he's got these injury prone. Yeah try to talk you out of it but knowing that allied so I mean like now it's one of the few people I would say that a match in terms of Machado you would do it now. Younger three years giant that Stanton and of things who can hit forty or fifty home runs at Fenway Park I'm good. Plays the same position I wouldn't trade rock field efforts for Patrick shown how would you do that. Patrick Chandler since they went to talk about at Wimbledon I would think Harkin about it. My goal of baseball players have a football player I'm late. I know what I'm doing good or Patrick Chung shows companies Red Sox hat in his New England Revolution shirt you got it all going on. There man to open local support if there are you baseball fan and don't. I mean a lot to the World Series and stuff for most. Two months. Just went. Like that another all of that and to what look at the eclipse at all. No man I saw some of the guys did some guys in the only item from a locker area routinely breaks Nazi group. We were just talking to bill little while ago about last week and now in West Virginia and the workouts. And he said it was it was good it was it was hard but it was clean. And he talked about the respect both organizations have for each other. And it led date you guys lineup and shaken hands after Wednesday's workout that's pretty cool. Yeah man I mean it's always good to go gets another another team and you know that teens are similar to us you know they're very. In a competitive have a great coaching staff a lot of good players so it was good to see you know where we were as team you know at that point and there was par there was there. In humane way in just brings thing you know reach a tough guy so those those good week. There are playing the game right now NFL network to get another break and I haven't seen enough plummeted head experiencing it wasn't enough for you. What do you think was a European what was the biggest challenge. Of the week whether it was the practice week of the game of the biggest challenge for you. Just go out we'll know how we honors go out there exists in this Limbaugh you know knock him out doing a bush and on nonsense and you know even though reluctant to do you know just kind of just buckling down staying focused and just you know just going against those guys man I mean those. I mean that's that's the biggest thing you know they have good players in New York. You know and it's your future baseline after you know I'll you know how did you or dollars in competitive you can be in. Now those thousand main thing is going somewhere and BM beat him to sort of relax and just in applicable. He made some additions to the secondary here like every team is gonna lose guys and bring guys in every single year. How do you think the secondary as a unit to start to gel now couple pre season games. I mean will be OK and we allow things to work on you know soliciting he's certainly second game and his pre season went. You know we have a good group of guys you know we always had a good good advertising. You know him I mean we're learning we're learning we're just trying to get better and but as of right now man we we have a good group may have got a lot of good guys and want to compete and learn. You know in view was he able to progress you know so. It's good so far but we knew we need to working get a little better. About conditioning at this point these guys are going through our training campus in the summer and I've had expected everybody's feeling pretty good but how much you. Who we feel like okay I'm ready for the season they are you there yet. Yeah I mean yours Gregory I mean these games do help you to get into. Real football auction and they thought they were you playing games you know you look it's a different kind of condition my. Just. Are still ready to go Bunyan who can't live in the future you know I've just got to keep planes working on the conditioning working on everything that's. You know in the room members called integrity ago he can't retire real football shape is that hit somebody. That part of it a little bit everything that quick and hated people people are hearing you you're trying to get off blocks is gonna make tackles on on those tackles her you know and in. If the get back up in school again you know longs are sometimes you know proxies to a breaks and sometimes that long drive in the game. You know and used to being conditioned you wouldn't you know stand there. Obviously in the game's its its the games and you do what you do. In the work outs do you tackle the way you do in games and are is every sort of back off. Not nice more disliked the letter to in touch but you know runs the ball and of course always harp on this one into the ball in that that develops conditioning also known practice and no practice sometimes should be part in the games you know he would be you know tackling you know doing that physical part of that like with you would in the gains compared practiced well. I mean it's it's a means to. You know Tom Brady talks a lot of bodies is training in this is nutrition and uncles did. If it's 930 or whatever it is. Yet that what else could you shaking your head of head you're probably not doing that but it is there anything conditioning wise it you do that we might look at NC. OK that's that's different that's little. Our usual. Now we have a we have we usually have pretty good and are so of course is as Purdue where he doesn't know gets guys in shape so. Just what ever seen all of the schedules that day for the conditions it's got to kind of just doing it too aggressive go to union retired Mosul give better like retired you know so we just don't eat steaks and hamburgers and other stuff like you know McGrady is not eaten any of the stuff. You have in moderation. The all you whatever bodily unhook the you know there. It heated you know little by little here yet Brady could put. Mean now and again that's too. Yeah after you glad you're still we're still looking for you have been at a outlast you told us you like to cook yeah and you were actually gonna bring. You've got to remind you here scattered rains over here I'll tell you now I'm I. We'll take it so it's a long season. Who will be here every Monday what what's your specialty. What are you best. How to say Jamaican food. Yeah I could everything you know to try to slap what's been like me and to me if Ruth takes the spicy little spicy. Flavor. Electorate so that's envious of us food out there. So afloat that of that and I like the patties. Chicken soup. Since its superior is great so go at that you make now have a friend who's always and did it. Don't tell me about a Jamaican restaurant unless they can make when scouting reports. Here you get down towards CN but I can't make my Brothers. They can make some good reports now I can't I've been struggling with the ports the port game that's as much as barometers like I am not a portrait automotive have a forget. Not real that's drew. So Wilson won't be here will be here for the food all year two other members. Patrick we appreciate the visit Atlanta in Detroit this week we'll talk to serve our that you take care for our YouTube that is patriots secondary man. Patrick Chung who lives except that is Red Sox had in his revolution shirt. He's got the whole thing going here today. As we continue on down here to let stadium on a patriots Monday 6177797937. This telephone number. A text to see if you prefer 37937. Always talks in football today will trot we're talking a lot of baseball as well. And and I I still wonder. Even after the second consecutive series in which the Red Sox. Take the series from the Yankees second straight to a three. Is Red Sox yankees back yet because I still don't feel the weight well it's never going to be wet ones. That's that's a cycle folks stuff. But now it's back. It is that you know I think we can oh I've no idea over brought it too much. You know why is back. Now does that battling for first place that's why is it's it's as simple as that. You know it's been a rough stretch here but if he is think about it. It's been rough stretch for the Red Sox since. 2010. As a 2010 it didn't make the playoffs. They get team but not good enough to make playoffs play eleven chicken and beer no place. Tony twelve Bobby Valentine. Last place no place else toll thirteen World Series that's great yeah. What are fortune back to last place Tony fifteen back the last place. Then last year to get swept out of the playoffs and how many. Just get your rundown of those seasons already big series. Have you had with the Yankees. In the last. Seven years. Not much a lot of them are not of any you know got to have that whole you know big series in July and August. Amidst its New York so you'll always. Have something against them. And you and you and you and your Yankee Stadium. And you see the pinstripes. And do the roll call on all the stuff they do and New York, New York after win some of that guy that gets under your skin but how many opportunities have you had. It just really get down and dirty with the Yankees but here we are August August 21. And you're paying attention to yankees Red Sox you not only do you wanna know what the with a date with the Red Sox did when it with the Yankees did this. Long time so I think he's back Blair and judge be a bust. A bus no applause he's going to be guy who's gonna hit home runs. His average is gonna be below 300 probably considerably considerably below he's gonna strike out as much as anybody in Major League Baseball okay. And the one thing he's gonna have as he's gonna have pro digit home run by students. Almost sort of 285 pounds. He's 67. To 85. Iced gigantic so. No I don't think he's got to be a possibility he can have. He can strike out a bunch and hit a lot of home run that's fine that's fine. I was on the books back to the call 6177797937. Eddie's on the cell phone hey Eddie. My goodness try to keep get a vacation spot last week. Not well known that don't love I don't given much Chinese that's tomorrow. Okay joked yeah I only got a couple days and. It is so good looks and decorated special I wouldn't get this get out eat and not done that. Almost not a lot nobody else's done. When Jennifer Stanton get a chance to get Stanton. Not a skinny Chinese hero I love them I'd love it lucky gala he's really really special you want to replace Archie. It may very well the GA you don't at full that. Ortiz replacement. Alexander. I'm the only one that noticed every cent David Price apologists. Dustin Pedroia stepped up to the plate these guys you know haven't been plane any baseball the chain back to decline about eight all BF. You think you're better without him. I'd do it if not better without them but they're playing better baseball diamond I think it might be a little bit of energy when you take young guys you bring him into the game they have a lot of energy to it it in I can't get any are there but it ain't. CIA I gotta be honest with the Eddie and I know that anecdotally you're correct. I think it's coincidence I think that you know their departure had as much to do with the arrival of Nunez endeavors. As as the departure of Pedroia and price those two guys arrived and and kind of took things. And and exploded with that now coincidentally you're missing Pedroia and price you'd be a better team with both those guys on your team right. Especially during. Went out went out while obviously if they're not healthy would be better but I am saying. You would be better off with Dustin Pedroia at second base you'd be a better team. I don't know right now I like the way this team I am all on and I'm looking at the guys if there appear. And I just Victoria block it or. So so you'd rather have Doug Fister pitch every fifth day than David Price on I can't. Can't fester while what do you think he's pitching for it looked and I need etiquette equate that these are Eddie who do you think he's pitching in place. Yeah but you know life. I I don't you know my chance and the yeah yeah I. Understand that people get frustrated and people say things when their when their emotional look at I don't care what he says. I don't care what paper prices. Right now. Say anything talk about Astro. Mention your mother large. You know save the Boston media they haven't gotten enough you as a person to perform and okay if if he. If he hates being here and he performs it's fine I gotta admit it doesn't sound good for him so what I don't know I mean coming back. You know on got sore again it can't backed him off again it doesn't sound. Like he's come about right now Pedroia right read it and saw it coming back. I it definitely sounds like. Get a tiger well there's a chance he could pitch again. A chance. Because if if fee if you start if the if he's had a setback and what are reset the clock now you're talking about September. Right for him to be on the field for real. And so. One month that the last real month of the season he's down the stretch and you don't know. What you gonna get them. It makes it tough to put him into a a real position. They have real significant position and doesn't get what you feel comfortable right now. You feel comfortable saying again discussed our playoff game for now. No idea what you're gonna do it now even on the other hand he'll be back yet but they did he comes back to Cleveland because he's gonna work out east and now he'll be read. Price I would be I would not be that surprised you didn't see him again this year. And if that's the case well as the puts the pressure on a lot of people one of them being torso alone. Who's pitched a lot better lately pitched well yesterday. Puts a lot of pressure on personal low and it puts some pressure on Eddie Rodriguez to. Because if you had. Yeah price available you're gonna go you have sale there he's got Palmer rants and half price. So now what are those guys either who either force LO. Or or Rodriguez got that step up. Two point where you can count on them and me in the playoff series. As a starter. They get to the playoffs you only need for starters so you're fine I mean you did meet with Fister out of the rotation but you're gonna need Fister to kind of hold down that fifth spot and get you there really only need four. Not enough for the regular season no you guys act and not say a playoff you only need four maybe yeah. May does that like you go to is like. Five game series. Only four guys. Seven game series in three. You know you have your ace theoretically. Now depends on the type of race I don't know if if Chris there was this guy or how you perform and some of those guys. Go three give give it three stars. Some good 23 some give you two. But. Yeah David Price is he's. He's trending as one of those. Number four. Maybe bullpen guys that shocking 270 million dollars. He's done it and you don't even know yet. No I don't know which say but let you almost Ali yeah all right out of their permanent position. You don't read much into the fact that sales went to against the Yankees right Oprah's last two. He owned them. You know as a member of the White Sox. Yeah looking over his last I do is. You know. God I thought the last game was out of character for him but he's pitched well against the Yankees. This year just look at his numbers forget about the wins and losses just. What what do they hit against him how many strikeouts he has against the Yankees and walks in. Yeah he's got he's got good numbers against him he just hasn't won those games. 6177797937. Johns up in Maine hey John. I darted at once dominant as the artillery fire I wouldn't trade dropped out Everett I mean how do you stand. Now I know about my job offer might drop now not allowed to trade for my picture of oh. Yeah. Yeah the guys would just I've got to the big leagues are usually. Coupled. He's not a lightweight himself these 210 pounds and he's six feet tall yeah or there are huge I mean you look like carry the weight of the world operational. That's your your trade but is it. Amid. And I love me some roster are ever here but there's all of those three guys yet drought yes to all those three guys I would trade import I wouldn't trade him for the job. But if you're asking me for standard Trout of course now obviously trotting available. Stanton is technically available if they had him on waivers but. It would be a lot bigger package than rough field devers. The best reason I can give you is because in my red outfit and I wouldn't wanna watch divers developed on the angels or on the Marlins got to watch as he is quite a market migrants out. You would wanna watch Mike Trout at Fenway. Every night c'mon that c'mon John think that think this through. You say where a couple of nights. Exact words by Mike throughout the united got got to get out we'll see that's what we do as a kid comes up and catches fire me I told and then it becomes I wouldn't trade him for I mean in this case he said not for my router. John Carlos then. I would trade rough field efforts for either of them effect the only guy in the steam I wouldn't trade for either of those two guys as Chris says. Well wait a mouse and I know. Who will vote on bookie. Yeah hold your checkbook for those actually I didn't yeah asks you to move to bet for that not not for Stan I would not for it now I am now. Move Kiefer Trout assured me got horse you bet he said. Yeah but him as did step is that the best player in baseball. I like throughout his trial is by far the best player they yup absolutely. Better harper. You know. And how to raise had a great you bettered and how to Dave knows how to these incredible. Over the last 34 years even longer. So yet Trout you'd you'd probably say it'd take anybody on my roster except set. Yet yet take any position player on the roster depth surprised that you would you would move debts. First. That's a little risky. I mean look in it would never happen because I don't think the Red Sox are stepping in front of that contract bus either but it's fun to think about. The minute he goes on waivers and clears waivers it's one thing cleared up they could trade him tomorrow if they want to hurt anybody wanting. 6177797937. Its telephone number dale and Holley live at Gillette on the patriots Monday Sports Radio W media talking Sox. Dale and Holley with which keeps. On Sports Radio WEEI. There's a drop. All. He can hit them out any place I mean it is an amazing thing to watch you talked about the overall this Chapman home run. I mean not only is it a 103 coming in. He hits it to the deepest part of Yankee Stadium now one of the ATP down the line. He hit them out to left field the hit that one off the center field just to the left of align center field in the triangle and bounce then he hit a one out in right field. He can hit them out in any place. He's twenty years old I I don't wanna be the bearer of bad tidy. The Red Sox fans is they collapsed. I like this. But he really really good so good that you wouldn't trade him for my throat. While I I would try to impart a drought yes. Color said he wouldn't trade devers for Mike Trout. 'cause. How they. Do you think devers is going to be that good. I know I didn't. Yeah I I guess the caller does feel that way but you know what it is it's it's that shiny Bobble. And the shiny ball looks really really good right now. I would trade enforced then to now wouldn't trade him from a job. Stanton is risky. Sure they get that's a risky trade because you're not talking about the best player based on talking about maybe the most powerful guy in baseball. As to understand how. You know just up and down. He's not trustworthy enough. There are times where he's. Just not available in me and and so that's a lot to be. Giving up devers for the guy just don't know what you're gonna get when he's out there he you do know what's gonna get but two home runs. But there are times he really struggled to make contact to. As a said Lester is 240. So that I heat when he's out there's not like he's across. It's a life time to 68 hitter yeah. He is a 162. Game average. It's as we said to 6843. Home runs 109 runs batted him. That sounds great in blocks a 188 strikeout what are we doing last year. Last year I he'd be played a 119 gainers I two games to provide a hundred twenties so far this year that 190 last year. He had 27 home runs 74 runs batted in hit 240. Well as our base was way. 326. Now he is if I'm not mean that look this before but that's when they sure have the right guy I'm not mistaken he's ever driven hunter. Saturn five back in 2014105. Yep his career high. And actually doesn't policy yes 162 game averages because he doesn't always play and didn't write a young player 162 pits for the most games he's played a season as a 150. Back when he was 21 years old. The rest of his seasons in the major leagues 10123116145. Seven before that's when he took the pitch in the face yeah. Last year 119 this year 120 so far. Yeah I'm gonna hold on to move keep it wouldn't trade will keep blacks. First day I rather have looking instead at. And you said you'd you would trade might be tempted I'd you know maybe not but I do attempted I think I Johns on the cellphone hate John I don't. Good guys how are you doing great. Good good this in my calendar you guys coming to gauge the direction we're essentially all of Shane. It's. How come on not like. Trout. Yes we will I don't argue with a busload of straight guys but who caught 60 well I mean that's ridiculous. And fairness standout this excitement of it. Now in when it conscious and what are your ship forty part almost yup so far on a pace for 62. You're right by you guys are right I would archery that's. No. Too much outside that will keep it. Then he played all right guys aren't yet and it looked like you don't predict at all of saying oh yeah. We will write down I guess probably like oh about twenty years from now will be in there. Twenty years from today. Hall of fame weekend. Rockville devers in Cooperstown but they were with Stanton. You get that one you get that one great skill with a bookie bet you he's having. He's having that outstanding. Isn't a good season but it hasn't been like last year. He's been good. Hasn't yet been unbelievable. But clearly not an MVP caliber like he was last little smoky gait speed. You keep defense. The ability to get home runs not like. That likes it when you get get 2530 home runs from Okie that's per season. Good base running. Aggressive. The way John Ferrell likes. He skipped a complete package with him. Do we know of Brock COLT went on his own Saturday night. Do we know. Do we know did you did he was given to steal sign or did legalism. He was given to steal sign them wanna cuffed John Farrell and Brian Butterfield are if he when I was on the don't wanna cup camera. Just a stupid place for. Yes. But they're aggressive. Yeah and now but you know it is. Is been more a more positive than negative for them with their aggressiveness. I want some games with the. We've seen it Alia. Friday night. Try to great you know great great game. Great. Great slide by by Jackie Bradley junior it appears that he would have been out. But he got it anyway so yeah they've they've victims some things with. Ericsson cellphone Eric well I think the cardinals game with a slide gap for for Jackie Bradley barricade on. Pay. I was ahead. Bloodier it was. Rotten and our. Ability. Not yet or at. It this it and having no workplace now. That third that it never for a bit and not being able to reach behind you that desperate for Stanton and not be Hillary backer sale. 325 million dollars. It's an area yet or use it and an all out and then your you either eating. Without all the act that. Or. Paying him 400 million dollars. Yeah you'd be lucky break up a valid point he signed a 325. Million dollar contract with the Miami Marlins. And it is when he signed it I felt it was like when the Pittsburgh Penguins signed Mario LeMieux. Can patriots but the Marlins campaign they don't want to. Obviously you don't want to put him on waivers particular period. And it sometimes waivers is just see whose interest that and who isn't yet but but nobody was interested. Even if you say if you have no if you don't wanna trade guy. At that yet but you just wanna see what the market is warm apparently the market says no thanks. Shocks me. I'm stuck one team would jump expected doctors to spend money like it's and they don't care they spend money all day long. The Yankees used to they're starting to now other Red Sox aren't shy about spending some money I'm just. I'm mildly surprising no one jumped in said okay. We'll see it probably won't they will probably can't come to a deal with the Marlins but we'll see. Let's see what they had to say. And it part of it too is you know you know he did not gonna let him. They're not gonna let Stanton go to you want to wait they might they won't there's no way they did because then they get nothing in return right what they'll do then it's then recall him. And and seek with what you're an advocate of op OK well then that's so so if you're sitting even when they scheduled Rouse you sent. Are why not put into a waiver claim you and I know you're not gonna let let me have a saltwater you about trade them so why not put a waiver well and that makes it even. I was I was trying to defense some of these teams like saying all you don't wanna get stuck with that huge contract maybe that's scary you walk but if you don't think it got eleven walk. Then you absolutely should claim them called up you don't know what's stupid thing they might say they might just be dumb they let the idiots. You at least take advantage of of a team that has got to do something silly I also wonder if current ownership can do anything. And then during the process of of Wheeling this team to the group that. Derek Jeter's a part of can they even can even trade John Carlos then today could they let him go on waivers that. Deal's not done. Well you wonder what's been signed him as a Georgia pass away a good way to manage got a feeling there's some there's some language in their outlook may be. Maybe Jeter and his group don't want it. Maybe they want him. But it could also be able to one that's part of what I'm import that one point two billion campaign and for the steam. No matches at this guy. Imagine. If you just don't know if he got them for free I know it's a lot of money but if you gotta for free just it is. Put. Stanton in the middle of your lineup. DH. He's your DH. He's a first baseman when you know you don't need him in the outfield sorry even the left field I'll keep Bennett and neither thank you very much. But you put skid at first or DH and just watch him do his thing. I I saw Hanley Ramirez the other night. Hit the wall. I mean his with the swing. And the ball it look like it was gonna go through it that's him there yet the very powerful swing cue magic. Stanton. At Fenway is taking aim at the wall. Boston's number one choice in afternoon. All insight as much as a percentage of better than for an older man's feet gala Hollywood G fox Sports Radio. PI. Yeah at 21 advantage. When he and a high fly. I'm okay. Yeah. Would that show. Run homers seventy. I don't imagine the Yankees. Back fired up bouncing off field efforts. He's playing great period but he played really great against the Yankees which by the way here's an even. A mortar Red Sox fans around. That's right signal picked up by the way. Tucker I devers and let you trade. And force them big time talent like Stanton. I would pursue it certainly what for Trout. Hardly ever everybody what you wanna Hewlett. The so talking about that and then also. The Yankees you asked me earlier is it back that yes it's back myself. Because for a while homes of that man is it is gone and then there's not really any Yankee. That LY eight. Yankees like. And and and I and I get fired up when I when I see them until now and in. The Red Sox beat him it means something so it's back you never lose everything don't July on the yankees' yeah those guys. And and I can't explain why I don't like I don't like the way Erin hicks always seems to do some to hurt the team that I and a and not unlike but I got a couple guys okay added that it's not necessarily. Logical. What hey let's not not if you guys the honesty there's thirteen equal glorious to out of all of want to know how did you know. To soak that up Donna back. Out. Can't stand. Number one on my list. DD. Glories. And sad to see what Jacoby Ellsbury has become is an pinch run out of my radar he's a pinch runner and that gives me. At a three game series at Fenway and what he gets to do is in China in different. But Eddie you tell me elaborate on your glorious and see if we can get this thing going. Like him it's a girl's. If the club element that's though that's Smart that's that's the start OK you know I I'm not really gonna jump on them for that. He is in himself right this is something and about his drumming since and his real name asthma reeks. In bother me either. It is coachlight I don't know. I don't know like lassie you Garrity and OJ is is there is a logical I don't Micah public Girardi you know I'm William. He's bothers me yeah this is why I don't why know. He's he he. It looks like a smug do she yet he always says he always acts superior. You know we sit there at that at the podium after the game or similarities desk. You know he's got that preening look about Adam. He says he's the only guy really dislike director glorious I don't. Dislike them and I don't I don't like any of the yanked out of that. Little too much movement at the plate to let you know that it could be kept off the plate too confident. As. Roger Clemens was at about Trot Nixon you know too comfortable at the plate you swing grew too much confidence. You much confidence gets back laugh a little bit. So he's on there. Frazier I don't care much about Frazier that's fine hit so okay judge. Oh Carter. Ever predict Gardner. You like Gardiner. Little guy little runny player little runt between two like you know. Oh yeah now hold down down and out like he's like I got an Alley those guys now. But Pedroia is it as a great player. Are running a guy who's a great player but out to be run to lie him a great player Allah. But those little. Slowly extracted together pieces together. Are you in terms of its alive and I'll need to slide. False possible. In acting like cal how rough field devers ran two weeks ago we Ernie does what he does are funny. He gets to speak up and I'm pretty it obeys its out of if something that's that's it that way since he got games and convention he does that game. A Larry's in Newport hey Larry you don't. I what's going on. I wonder ticket wish just one more time and trade. Quite over it. They've got the money that you would get through waivers and Darvish is down we can't trade him now anyway he's hurt. Well obviously off and good energy. The fifth you know how that that's gonna do Larry I current entry. You know I and yeah I mean I understand what saying but I don't think that's gonna make him better how about for next. It better then and we know more tomorrow. That's. I mean look you're alive nineteen being dumb earlier today maybe Larry I don't know. We are talking about David Price who's injured. We don't know if he passed through waivers you probably eight or if they even put him on waivers. So there are a lot of things just after the 31 so you have to do certain things that to trade him. And I don't think the Red Sox right now or interest to. I try to keep that position where you can track and and there are many and and LA wouldn't be interested because he's not gonna be ready to pitch by September 1. He FB on the roster by the and be playoff eligible. And oh by the way why would you add him for the playoffs and I don't think the Red Sox would be interest in and in moving them right now. I think they believe they can still get something out of an all. And I'm glad that I'm not sure know I you can't trade him this year I'm not sure that they wouldn't trade him. I I actually feel that they might it if if they could be if they could trade him and help their team in the offseason I think they might. I think it party kind of figured out that. This baby's gonna work here don't you feel that way. And we'll get enough of a book here. Yeah I don't know what it is that the one thing we don't know is how Dombrowski feels about. Because it seems like I'm out of that you think Ferrero likes them. No it only for our likes and hope I don't I I don't. I Lee Ferrell like the stuff he said I think Ferrell things until OK but affair wouldn't like it I don't think Terrell likes how he pitches necessarily. These are pretty well he's he's helped he's been pretty good pitcher has been since a pretty good. Since the start last year as have been shut diet or Chris they open he's been pretty good at the top rotation guy. But if if if heralded like what he was saying wider Ferrell. Kind of taken sides. If you have to they don't always know valued all you don't lie big liar take your eyes you have to. You've got to get some out of this guy he's not he's not Leven it if you're John Ferrell and you can't. Be seen publicly. Taking on David Price taking David price's side in an unpopular war. UK well we you can you don't have to take a money you also don't have to say Lott and apologize to act either. For example. So if you say well you know what I wish that it gone differently. I know I apologized to him in sorry it happened on our you know on our team plane would want Demps try to focus on winning games but among leave that to David. You know I I'm knock it in impose my will on another adult and tell him that he must apologize to another romance. Don't have any impact take aside but he did. ID keep it as he likes enough about a like an apple bottom two. For us for that perception would be that you know he's got on his side. I think John Carroll's frustrated by. Both on the field and off the field I think he's frustrating. And yeah I think he's a guy who they talked to. And he basically to scroll whatever in I don't care and cure which sand into what I wanted to my putter going. 6177. Is that why you guys I got a mess my Twitter and hit a 6177797937. Take or in my Shire. Pilot rather about car about 540 live head coach Bill Belichick down here to let. It dale in Hollywood keep Sports Radio WE.