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Saturday, February 3rd

In his second hour live from Erik the Red's in Minnesota, Mut is joined by Patriots legend Troy Brown, to talk about how Bill Belichick prepares a team for the Super Bowl as well as his thoughts on the matchup. Ryan Hannable also joins the program, and Mut provides some stats that tell him the Patriots will be taking home a 6th Lombardi Trophy. 


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Benz dealer. I. Yeah I super Saturday silver. Still sports station. WEEI. The crowd get. Here Eric the red bars downtown Minneapolis the shadow look. US bank stadium Super Bowl 52 it's like but if you view Monday night during the day. My super Saturday here that you we got a big big guys a couple of hours that people want war. Up next you'll love Radford in the Aussie hereof WEEI. We're talking patriots. We're talking. We're talking one of the greatly. The ball tonight Troy Brown is here it's like old times for late but we'll sit around talk football years ago where round now big TVs are nice enough. Over here and taught you won't hear me. I don't know every pre pre game post game out of your way you don't always work that man is looking wistfully. After the right behooves them. How you found it insulting your for the fans love you here you picked apart and that it's become an up baseball pictures everything. What you thought of the facility's first. Last couple days. I love the city is a beautiful city in. I would just love to come back here in the summertime. As someone slower so as I am used to treat your ideal. There is no end that lol I could be without a tough guys is this an absolutely beautiful city though lights that night. And you can see where it could be. A lot of fun if that was the that was the leaks and power after that you know with a most of it was if you know what to do it's been much government but he isn't that big boys now soon. They were talking about the same things looked a mechanism to. When you adore the place of you people we're nice whether it's a little bit cool people believe. Tell us about right now it's Sadr to Super Bowl what. What is it what the patriots doing now what that means you're now one of the X that they're so like before kickoff while there right now would have been just sleep in the stadium with mine with my family keys and move us one. Go over to the stadium and enjoy the moment with this and take some pitches they know Snoop Dogg and whatever the team but until we. They wanted to stop you and you list of some non. Not today before the game so. And just enjoy the moment and then go back now to go to you know with your family and then wait for the rest of the day to go flat you know enjoy it do something with them. You know because. These are the hours it takes forever to say let's go pretty slow knows by now it is so far. And being around family have actually helps it little by little business and good. Once. You know you close the door with him go back to your home please get good but the team did you meet in the minister of opinion by itself becomes a long line. No you're not able to sleep. Folks of all things going to happen in the game your assignments what's going to do on the game we'll play out how you want to play out. And the outlook for myself how to get a ton of sleep the night before the game so that he can before I was tops sleek. In the was look this clock in the morning from a subcontinent and the more government Tribune. You know. The news reports yup there was little boy I was I was and on the trip I was I wasn't I was just walk in those communities not nervous that are just services you and the minute we had breakfast and honestly couldn't meaning. And then that's my guess my problem this week like what maximum clock. You know that these. The statement that but he goes. Saturday that if something happens just don't care what time it is reciprocal as far as the you're you're the head coach Bill Belichick is known for the Saturday night. Hawks and yeah where they always insane is it emotional is it straight to the point what does he what does he get tonight. But Bill Belichick addressed that because the most famous one is actually get these people yeah. Where your buddy your Christian Fauria. Seasons nodding his head is filled talk about the Eagles parade route. He has played Eagles already had a great run also up what are these things like that Saturday part of. Yeah minutes is always the story you know it was a parade route with the Eagles you know what it used with the two years ago yeah. 2000. And how they and it went all out you know. As the importance of zero me who have let go and let you know the public and how is this team. We just didn't. Don't tell is that reason we just didn't publicize it the way that they did you lose they presented the stuff in his new book that you isn't this a million people. But what do you for the parade. On. You know that got there on it was more about. The unit that mr. buck who's an acoustic is in those big guys that we don't some with some way and they were talking a lot of smack. Visit the man like all the models of vehicles to me and one of the things that feel you know talk about. All week and then that night loses thought about it and you know you guys soon. Noted that in the week he was talking about this you know don't respond. You know hold it you know we don't practice that we do know him. I tell you when to turn loose you know and that night gave a speech. It's almost time to lose them. Yeah we got that next morning news that is. Is Pakistan so and that the gas attack them because they also built up because you listen to all the talk all week long and they have. Bills that does that weigh about. Controlling the cells and and and have that unity can. You know in just and he's like this ultimately like not to eat. So he goes the putts that you know people that it was not always the same home but he goes with certain books with the Pentagon suggest just gonna. To me that was fun Wimbledon mostly blown because it was thought to your attention right. Marissa sequel meeting those guys in the middle of the field gonna say it was a you know if you're sympathetic to him about the total and you know sit more likely to go because in the middle of the field. Myself you know it's like just go total so those that means big boys team. Lou good to. You know that that's that's what it means like millions of out of that that means. He waited for them so these students and gives them quickness and got the look at him. Is that type of let them. It means that the it was a speech that it would be that that's what we hear the outside so you hear that he's a postal. If he's great speeches and he has a great sense you were those who thinks he's not show two. A lot of people outside that law. There and he is is always is always in and he's he's he's great with one of the he has the commanding presence. Know with us and them and you can see him and in the media room well. You know and then he commands the respect of the me as well I found out this week team subtle but if but. You know. And he's able to get bitten and worried what he wants to wolves is pleased to hear. And you know allowed them to me that it sadden you guys but the institute that displays an illegal built up. What he wants to build up and they get a response displays of that's what you look for me either and as well as they do all these views. Even if it was ultimately the more. It's talking to take your great work around to it gets here because super Saturday party. Between now patriots and Eagles to all the support here Eric writes for more. I downtown Minneapolis. I don't think a lot of patriot fans were you surprised the patriots are here as the years he was not great this year as you know. My guess is you're not surprised the patriots and here it was Super Bowl beat. I'm guessing you're not surprised the patriots are here playing this game basically you're they had based on what it's leaflet. No I'm not surprised that it would they were by far the best team in the AFC all you and you know so they. Really played up today you not think this season to start out that way expressly defensively we were used to seeing patients give them points. You know and they were able to. Correct Donald plays a lot of equipment to visit you that you instinctively beats them. Those like we always the system you that they they would Vista. For a UCS and down really BBC leads them. And but we know we got there they used and statistics of who think Clinton spoke. Different script right there at home that it's worked touchdowns of one quarter they had that the ticket that that bag of tricks you can deal with but he fumbled. Yet just one of those plays. And it showed you the get go that that that mental toughness ads that that are referenced earlier this seems insane to me. But since the beginning in 2014 2003 consecutive dynastic run Troy they played at ease in the fourth morals playoff games about we're the opposite. 931. In the fourth quarter home. That doesn't seem to make sense how is Bill Belichick palaces coaching staff right able to make sure your patriots need this patriots team. Are playing their best football in the fourth quarter and he beat it over time if you tell me what you got a lot of its. Which is that it happened at football but if you look at the game a lot of it to loosen them up in the fourth quarter. Altitude which has come up just before to have its yet you live. And there's no other team will prepare for them patent you know what why and what what is that but how does it. It's gonna Holler kills golf is golf practice rehearsal is what they do not mean maybe it's just pull stuff out that if they had ever happened. But they rehearse. You know I was like what an apartment and got the fire department just applaud them. The city was that they never ever happen in the person's career as a friend but they have trained for. You know it and that's what these guys you see people who situations. Could be some crazy but Republicans and columns to. And those of a fun week to apply to the system. Angola and have his coaches. Taught estimates it to loosen and he will he or when the situation. In the middle practices the situation room is what you get the order on the clock coaches you've got it is again. You know and an eight testicles responsibility of going through that in the meetings. Before you out of the we can model of the is there report it's their party was eight for the first night we wanna be where your dog on the team you want a team until presents this McGill I like we do this for. And that happens at a game and they all. Is that sort through this do you buy into what you're looking up there's a lot of good reasons that you write them down humanist. Have you admin for one like the the fake field all of these two proposals to. Man and think Louis in 2004. Game that went right there against ought to win seasons that any. Well I'm obviously obviously that they were looking at which point. So who often think that won't. Likely to run except that that was on the thing yeah if you and I really hadn't even played a practice that much at that position until that. That we because I get hurt this for the week before. And then something that they assumed it. Look at a few lips and on defense that mark Poulter so it wasn't. That was mumbled. So that it remembers them. They got beat pretty was gonna close community you couldn't get enough enthusiasm and helps. And witness but the you know we were and a police commitment is it about you just move him play. So it and he left he tells them to consistently in the nation. Just let you practice it you don't even think perfectly well as the numbers won't back as he goes. Go look at the risk retention first moments ago that no you know I. I am going exact numbers you know so but you see me yeah. And and while that didn't put the ball well equivalent to New Orleans and it was almost like I was like those that the play it was so I had a really good in the players box like what we need to be and political openness that. Tired of this temple to field enough for the in the CD but the real slow down their. You got what would've been packages that use. To get out 4 nothing in this evening to his attention. And you know which you didn't hurt yet running I didn't do it capacity numbers and then go back out but yet to see that. Legal procedures and penalties to those good guys an opportunity to port the port you know basically. What obstacles substitution. It didn't coming when he subsequently slipped into the game. So you just can't local to the field not a for the receipt of this yet not accompany you got to come in so for. With just as they can ask them mr. room. And the economic not to use them myself and custom build and got to come inside the Muslims them. We're talking to Troy Brown here get set for this game let's talk about this you bought up a public delving. I I can come back to the same sort of thing. The patriots have Tom Brady. They have it fools the patriots have Bill Belichick they have Doug Peterson is as simple as the patriots are two good quarterback coach. The Eagles to win this game I can't ask those that. Don't they created because of that is that the pitches that he wins the ethical play well we know these types of games news. Couple things go wrong here and it contains the outcome. In favor of the Philadelphia Eagles so. So. I think the Kinect games that way you went off the ideals that other I I've ups you put up numbers lights yeah basically I go you know I see it. Bulls beat the patriots. Well Witten in the unfocused you know like any any particular thing can machine just. The city now or me give you some of those guys partisan with a outnumbering those residences. We kind of discipline is the good. No I think this game brings a lot of things in. Sometimes you have to the number of things doing the regular season works off. We wanted to work out because of the numbers but in these types of games and I kind of just take those moments at the moment. Really you know. Look at the diplomats have seen them like they can exploit it and implement our what it get a couple back to that as patriots can't drive around today. The batch of patient exploit you look at this game where that we're that good back to the patriots good met just for the patriots about an expert news. The who was doing why I think vs. Grant them. Then my about a group you know that is is. After that it Gore's talented as the intensity tonight text within a heck of a double to go about complete yet he. Couple weeks ago news to execute some. They would lose you guys know that this movement is that. I think if these outcomes that. Man particularly one county which I think it will probably do you support team you know it cost you an idea to continues as we Kooks. The contents of provoking those guys so. Even with them until you lose you something about him all those announce that eagle it doubles down on the news that a third downs which you can do. He specifically that there are long situations the coach to open. You've got to win those battles on the outside and they don't. These guys don't have that in and win season and abilities they have model darkly at dusk Darby who's you know also read and edit with Taylor built the other guy I was up again I was at all week throughout what you. I think the patriots beat the Eagles on the outside it was that hope you got your big shots. They got to be with a little Nelson could still be wound covered with a discovered the re whatever is that the scope one. They've got a ticket into the commences in the Vatican won't be for the patriots. On not sad that that's that we want to please take wounds. And see those guys beat this you know really those guys. Make better known outside coverage because of the answers to use you look at them that there's a ton of them innocent of the peninsula and certainly we'll take you know. Said evidently hasn't we'll have a password things Africans that's what I make veterans expect and that's that's the hospitals schools it was a good look. I think in my opinion about you know they really they don't take women that they don't know which a lot of quick passes to the Kentucky and it's. Because I don't tackle very well that you would take poor angles. And their what are you Heidi like this that's our equipment is pointing at the passage got a great. Those are past that and the preakness decent signal but overall the defense then Bruno you. But that's disappointment is that that there's some things you can take you minutes I wouldn't waste my doubts on the one entity that he's and so you have Tom Brady there's nothing wrong with the on the football they're supposed to use him. In the third or fourth person this week you said. Grady fifty growth in the scheme for round is joining us a couple of minutes here. Back to read it looks like there's a crappy bucks fan base success that I I thought Brady hooked I expected. Number one pick return and I thought he was very good. But that last stretch there at the end of the year for the final clout with the team he was it is equally applicable catches on 39 targets double speak he could. He forgot about it during games I was surprised by that what did you think of bread that's your issue. Well I thought it came out of the box thinking about. It delivers locally picked them and he was starting with Sieckmann cooks who thought they saw. And he was making the title please for the football team in tackles that it does hello cliff. Well whatever reason was that the teams started you know into his system to his body. Where he wasn't there that we will waver where it was a very strong so the four game series from him soon. Video all of a sudden it just bounces back but he just acts of Jacksonville then it hit its face at all where they added to wish it was it was a quick check yards off once the supply hasn't hit me because I thought they would come up and and welcome alive you know. So that got them governments crimson with him. Maybe it's something that's really song that we can't let go of the ultimately an awful lot to that a very comfortable. In the post announcements. So. They we believe that would take it meant is that you run and wants to get even with those guys he was that would make those please go on the field so and and as talented as the days of you guys worried do some fitness and interference calls over the place. Did you know what that at the end of the half there where. Is this school system so. I think that kind of turned the game. Back into the trees for Jerusalem. So I thought he had a who's up and down season form so between now he's back home base amount would be playing well in the post season. And that's about decades and now the time to do so this is the last game of the season suggest that we'll beat these desperately all. Not so there's a lot you run and I've got a feeling that he's gonna be together when we. One on one allotments football team in the gut the defense. Is it a big game you're playing Detroit where you he's the only BP tech team. I set eyes he's like I think ray if he has the game but it's Brady has a good game yes that might defer to the quarterback you put up with you edit in the price that prop bets. With more critic hooks. Did you prefer that you like the guy physical with you or did you like the guy that your soft line was we're proud veteran you know. One of the wherever you know. A you know that I really thrived on Batman really welcome face. That was always felt like I want to end your thought I was there with my hands I was few feet. And then. I wasn't lost on them what they thought it was so that's what that award you the types of these. Look comfortable first moment assume means. I would note that how will they help me you know that this guy anyway there's. The shirt you Wear down and lectured now several book and then when we don't know we've been working so yeah. Which picket escapee pick the patriots have guessed it that's how much the pitchers in this game in most of other close both of them a double digit gap me you know. And we'll take them from hat that would be disclosed that. So what do they do tomorrow gonna watch the gonna watch TV tomorrow I get it yet at peace and also get a government that it deceased was Boston beyond there. The if you went to. The people right at these employees here hanging out with little boys men. But as time. I asked them anywhere else like that unlike her sick on what your guys. These are players got a lot of well many sons of what what what what what's your name. Alcoholic Samoa. Your your your dad as saying that when he was playing like he's got to get up and abuse physical would get by defensive back. It's strong he's still that is unused. I voiced let what's what we do it widow of the football. Really yeah excellent when we don't usually it's. Yeah you have to be tough but if is that whole lot of I have to ask though is is that saying we don't want to the with footballers is that their choice that you wanna be real. Support what have you beaten. Them the ability is that you write this. I ask because we thought that that four players this week Kyle turley. We talked about which you let your kids place it yet but I would politically still afford it Peter fifty I don't want them. Yeah that contact or. Well it was well what I know now yes they would they would be 1415 like you know who was deeply even Clinton's fortunes so that would be kind of commitment to the all of them do you want them. For instance why don't they wanna do speak it would look at that you are the sorts of food let's go we Troy we'll see on TV alternate airports Boston thanks taking a few minutes that you can't go. Troy Brown here brought by. I'll come back get your pool balls at 6177797. Not 837 choice because the pats double digits withheld figures all. We'll get right hand Apple's take its relic of the past for WE got dot com you'll join us wash your phones here it's we get set for Super Bowl 52. WEP guys super Saturday rolls on. Continues went. Barring many. Area Mercedes-Benz. U. Leonard and doctor Matthew Lowe. The craziness has continued courtesy of led. That was CE. They're saying now to wait for the open book for what putts and I guess that is CD which says Tom Brady had to Eduardo or his quad. Brady was hit by thought after practice. Some military members using patriots facilities and Brady happen to race is on homestead which cute one of their the hawks to go at him. They handle or grab the dog but still it got his leg so this then the week so far today. Miss the week this week for Brady and the craziness has. Yep that was the craziness of the week of the day for Tom Brady reported. The bit by dog according to WEP guys. But at night program. And stop it by dog that data it by the dog previously. John Clayton got this or wrong the next day or it's got to make sure we can pull back it up no excuse though there was no dog bite it like Hannibal was no WEEI dot com he's here. In Minneapolis he joined me last night he did not Sox who brought back on today appreciate. It's easy to cut the subsidies for a moment now. Wow so. It's right okay. These crowded today is pretty big crowd Erica reds this part we talked last night lack applause applause here August come downtown. Well the buzz this year. I'm concerned though that these people here that are more of the game. Are gonna be lying completely. Outnumbered and felt like the last the couple days here in Minneapolis specifically. Like Wednesday Thursday Friday it today. Philadelphia has made this city and it's going to be two and a half three to one. Eagles fans on Sunday I would say that I mean I think they'll be more more Eagles fans but I think that also louder. Their latter rocker who are angry or their dollar embarrassing yes I'm not a very good work yes though. I think the patriots fans the bulk of reluctant I think that maybe eight Fannie report directly to arriving crowd. And I think the Tokyo full force tomorrow. Anything surprise you all well this week and I say that because I feel it's been a very point we have been reporting standpoint you crawl. A case to the plate with nobody thought he was gonna play. Brady get hit by all that was not true. Who report on the shoulder that. Shall not good to get hit by cobra snake left shoulder we'll see if ago. In the game on Sunday. It just seems like up from reporting standpoint somebody like fumes on the beat there wasn't a lot that the syncing it with this game it's. Now there was earlier that I could set the biggest or it was Rob Gronkowski at one news don't play that really wasn't much the story. That there was a thought that maybe that the you know yes the end of the ship if he's not that that never really happen. It was just a lot of Tom Brady's faintly Tom vs times all. The two bills every week it was a lot of stuff off the field that nothing do with the game right that comes down to there it is not like let's Eagles are getting worked up boat nick folds. Doug Peterson. It's it's you were downtown last night you suggested such precautions now he has. The we see the TV insight into a store. That we try to. Gets information about resources were really makes no inside information that sorry my lines are I tried I tried isn't now. Maybe it's hideous the end drop a file with sessions were tomorrow. Possible Sunday morning and I think that would probably actor weeks are at this point. What is the scenario. With the Eagles when it's you and I hope like the patriots stuck what was left nipple like probably. Probably what's the Eagles Q with the games there. They have the fuss streets operating practices act and fives you know five times reports of turnover like we say all the time but I mean I'm shaking my head like that. Brady he is not some super athlete. The ball out so quickly. That it's possible Philadelphia get that much pressure wrong. More budget hawks past Clinton yeah apparently they beat you know beat the standard Jack bass a battle you know it's possible possible life. But instead I feel like the patriots I think they've by the way I like Danny Amendola in this game I don't. Yeah I think it's an outside game for them just the Eagles. We have that Doug Peterson that Mike Walker. Wanna play that here to give people an idea. Popped up here I do nothing advice that I. You've seen off. Read a couple stories what he really know. We have Mike Holmgren on the show earlier in the week he coached. Peterson's backup for Brett Favre and he told that during the interview actually try to get Peterson before retired from the Seattle. But it went to Seattle and back up there you wanna do it. He talked about Peterson's coaching in about the gambler. We do this early week yes we have Michael I need to gulf war thought that Peterson tell us about this guys that you coach and Eagles here on Sunday afternoon. Like talk to Doug today for a spot on my very proud of you know he was a player for me Green Bay. Brett at Brett Favre and then that was our backup quarterback that your first met him. And it really early on really early on he had the presence of bottom days he's very Smart. The perfect in the situation he was in because farms and their quarterback. And have a a solid calming guy who could play he could really play. Behind him was perfect now and I try to get him to come to Seattle when it left me beta goes you know like try to get him to go with me there. He would have been the starting quarterback needs now but as a coach you know his his rise is remarkable second year he's in the soup yeah. And he really had a coordinated very long. But he also worked under and he reached for a long time and so he knew kind of I think the right way to do things put it that way. And beat the price I will be used in former quarterback. And has a little bit but gamblers instinct. You know it was kind of the perfect the perfect fit and I think last year he learned a lot they started off quickly. Then tailed off at the end if you remember. That's almost. The fans don't wanna hear but that's almost as a good thing for a coach to learn and feel. It's it's not doesn't want to come easy so what mistakes I've made will have to correct those types of things and I think he's done that this year. And so he's he's he's really had a great year. That was Michael Gordon on his former guy Doug Peterson obviously going to be pro university coach you like the guy that part of content to stick with the gambler part. Because I think against the patriots. You're in this weird spot right Palestinian it was in the spot last week last year. You know they're coming you know we're gonna play well the second half ago that well the fourth quarter numbers dictate that. It's so you're left to the side of a good example here I get a trying to pass on first and third down like how champion dated back Favre threw. Coming up run the football knowing if I don't get it. I'll give the ball back anyway and make you have to have that it was mentality right even if doesn't pay off for Doug Peterson. I agree. I agree with its fourth and one at the fifty yard line in the first quarter maybe go for its fourth and goal from the from the two yard line eighty got a Gulfport if you know what you're gonna get back there so you definitely gambler. They doubt the biggest thing that jaguars game in the fourth quarter the jaguars thought around. Payables they play too defensive. They didn't they were almost like trying to win that game with without giving the ball that's a great point they three straight plays three straight drives and was down. They ran the same exact play my indoor cat out of shotgun. Handoff inside right in the second down he. The path CPP. Third on topics that don't see it if that's the thing that the benefit Bill Belichick is that these first few games and I don't think that won't have facilities that I love. The ducks were rolled start to that team they're running these little street plunge plays against the patriots out of sorts he reverted back to. Generic Doug Peterson there is that Doug wrote the second half but the week before. That the titans won the pole for second now with their Henry. Nothing innovative boring game plan they had the benefit now that the first two games the post season I'll be terrible just overall he played by Tennessee. A terrible second half eaten by Jacksonville. I think Peterson does represent an upgrade from those two guys at least face the people that I've talked to a fresher than you have the run pass option would think that he. A little bit threatening for the future but on the flip side if two weeks and therefore I think anytime you get aperture and Bill Belichick to prepare for something. That partly. Offensively from Philadelphia mentioned that the run pass option. Is this. I can't get high Zach hurts and he got Belichick wants to take out we taught them. Why mention the Eagles double team me rocker count on the flip side. Don't don't just double team is accurate statements they UBS angle relative to that'll be what this guy. My nightly need to be there packet come in one capacity he's in the NFL but don't wanna best players in the NFL according to Bill Belichick. Arrests so it is. That's not. That's Belichick right well I don't really want the best players yet I think he's maybe one of the most under rated players. That's there. It because he's his ratings come again. It was sexy excellent came back so Belichick admitted last week that in the state with Patrick on the first time around when you off that that he'd ever done. Consulates that hurts and after that I guess it'll be here. Offensively much of what Philadelphia house if you if you if you believe the guilt or Butler are gonna play politically recently that you can. You see all shot Jeffrey Nelson had a large deal with the loop today. Sort of be taken out of the game that you left with the checked out stuff articles by can be a lot of checkout stuff but I think your I think both quarterbacks apple will play well. You know take away as the pass that was not institute game yet so by the a lot of dumb down the front pass and maybe get. After all that I don't see is accurate that made it seem like he says I think Belichick finds that one that'd take away. And that guys you are so what in the Bill Maher you've met in the gold Libyan BP. Are you telling everybody on radio rubble good and a gold can play. What it does Peterson's stupid of me so what it did these first couple games go they make every effort to. If Patrick opposite thought it was a pretty you know it's locked or try to. Shut him down was even in big Brady become all the time now I think they cover Robert tells you what though the field with two guys and that opens upgrade and off. I think game though it's gonna have a huge game tomorrow what's the over under for the half catches Florida half pound you over. Now you might just want sixty fives Italy wants 65 to a hundred still pound. An aggressive stance. There that's I don't like. You know eleventh and you look at the behind you people W are you find you want to what are they gonna ration we have yet but it. That's fine this is a did you hear Troy Brown sat down and write I've not talked all week. I asked who thought about that stand out. Britney cooks crystal. What I try to tell you last night outside receivers when have they thrown on the outside this year when you don't nothing you what you watched the bills my pocket did you watch it. So is that documentary. This is a wanna play night against Detroit ourselves lapses that once played manhunt for nuggets don't want him arsenal's last. They do things on making plant based whenever the other team does or we may want to attack. They don't do a great job on the outside it when he passed he thinks they're gonna try to take away Belichick knows this bill will feel that's why post the outside to play. Your you're don't you look at past performance Belichick to navigate. In a dole is watch this explains hitting it down the line who who dethroned. It was time off. If not be double JY. Audio Lewis applicable to you watching white last year it got pretty good people sorted out which bottles were predictions. Point fours seventy patriots might he went out last night with the media any good patriots beat writers threatening with Iowa on a little bit too much that's the Britney right now it's. You can you confirm or deny its okay. I heard a story last night. The Boston Globe contingent. Was taken these hires out of Zaire out to dinner at the outback this is once this is when I heard this last night walking home from radio right. Then youthful. Doesn't like Yelp that it's a poll Joseph Sullivan that school staff I don't like the outback of not having that be corrupted is that confirmed tonight that right now. I heard that I heard that there it is and how ridiculous is that I don't like the outback so we'll go to dinner on hold your better your better. We gotta get a break patriots. 31 point. White horse that won it again MVP. You Danny and they'll read books that's right handedly covers all things are patriots WEEI dot com to check him out. At WEEI dot com will come back and wrap up here it hit you off you. Folds books. Rob Bradford back here. Podshow the other night life is a juicy lie I don't as I heard I heard what and he is now looking better than ever worked at Myron thank that guy. Because the heart issues he had I heard your report it's not ours yet. Was it true that opted we took a back exit for. Bradford into bossy next. Boston area Mercedes-Benz. Dealer. Are doctors of raw. Back here beside a Super Bowl fifty GO Eric the red to Betty apple less. The final time. All we we are live here at the side of the Super Bowl it is well that night during the day Sports Radio WE yeah week's ice you know what. This is symmetry. We started on Monday night recapping all things Brady press conference that he deals on and off the year there obviously. And away we go we've wrapped up here today from Eric the red sports bars thank you it's coming up rob Bradford coming up. But I wanna say that to I'll guy Erica he these waiting patiently. With that leave us behind no problems the callers here today Eric tell you who saw. Hey how you do on my blog at X there with somebody that you figured they'd just wanna give you props and a great show with you for a long time and not. You know definitely yeah I really appreciate your work what you've done this week. Eric what you think of the week quotas to what stood out few months the coverage here on W we yachtsman. I got to play on the that 29. The gate where America you know basically. Put it in the in the and that you know where I was driving home from my daughter's indoor track meet got Richard Lewis center and I got. Pulled in the driveway she took the bus home. She got home she can drive and literally have stomach Ireland and it was just done a phenomenal show. But my when my favorite sport that was when you were out. Called Saudia former host that you run with that night on social my favorite but man Monday night on the neck of the cracked. Eric Berry icy to say it let you listen to all week thank you for your call to the Super Bowl tomorrow it was that what they was crazy. We had the all the pretty stuff we had all the right now with a live press conference. At everything that we we took people through it hopefully our people enjoy the coverage this week. They see years. The pool report is out for the patriots practice today. At their support Hillary euphoric out of your the families go through so much according to Bill Belichick. They sacrificed so much for all of us the time that you spent away from the strain the season puts on them that coach Bobo checked. As for the poor work to date. Final they won't get this of patriots Eagles. It's great to have that here. But what the big team photo greatly give them an opportunity their son their daughters husbands or their family on. Take pictures all the field just kind of enjoyed the day it's nice that for everyone Belichick said players for being with the picture. There with the kids everyone looks back on this. Went to the middle the Eagles ends though with the latter camera screen while I want players coaches wheels team president Jonathan Kraft chairman CEO Robert crap. Filter on the bleachers waiting direction the photographer standing there getting ready for the picture want it to three. And we went patriots logo flashing on the screen. In the big group picture take it. It has been a really fun week here in Minneapolis I am very proud to part of the W we yak he looked up from. I'm 6 AM until 10 PM hopefully brought to you guys covered that you enjoyed you laugh robbery that it might ought. It made you think about this game and entertain you hear that week from but Dennis and Callahan Kirk excuse me. To the big day guys the after he showed us at night can't think beyond their guys and now the producers he wants that Dudley Josep model. I'm Chris Curtis really everybody committee dimension here. At this point but we're not done we got one more show to go we are not from here in Minnesota up. Five more hours to all live action packed hours begins at 9 AM myself Ricky. And a cast of thousands the final NFL Sunday of the season. Getting ready for the super ball hope you'll join us there and hope that what rob Brad Johnson mossy they are coming up next year on WE yeah I. Thank doctor Robert letter doctor Matthew Presley sponsored be all week here from radio row. One thanks Eric the red scraped up bar near downtown Minneapolis where the shadow by US bank stadium. As we get to sit here with a hundred. What are we are patriots fans. This WEEI super Saturday party it are sponsored today. Your Boston area Mercedes-Benz. Dealers put this whole thing together here from Minnesota up. It too late Bradford at the Aussie join us tomorrow organized NFL Sunday I'll let's get out. With the week that was courtesy of her aunt cal played here from radio row site of Super Bowl 52. How's Guerrero won by this I believe this year. Took the picture should get along great but Belichick when what patients were broke and should Belichick because of the whole villages and we made new I fight real. I know he'll do well at all there's a fight like that I. I'm jealous I. It's been unbelievable they're two guys used to fight ratings were cut off. So I think what what guys. It was a day we'll talk radio that we grandma but you have nothing compared to your it was a radio Boston said that so how are the only people movie I had about sports are really good. And you should know possible for you is a resource and it's been to figure out you're right rob. You've got I think he's innocent enough but he's actually you have not listened to at all Jerry that's not fair he has to carry should not be out here. Or shut up Howard it cuts you hear what we Tom Brady I always nice guy pretty cheap and do what it is really deflated put. Did you read the wealth report like that so I thought we get great effort. What shall we could have been nicer. Embassy what did the but it's I was going to be yelled at for not being able to time but I saw the corporate audience which I did everything we ever struck credit or. Enough things like it never struck it nobody helped me. Don't know all the what do you say I had. You out of it and I did was in it. Once again or not work on he talked about. This Tom Brady had these are obviously want to repeat bid by the law after. Yes please do it. That idiot is that's so this did the week. So part that I had a moron or he. Every hour that I've gotten or people who Marty I guess you want one that you personal file of it with you guys. I don't sure I got a little else jive guy here because it's the first Friday that the only show. My stuff so much that you come that we thought our I appreciate that you guys aren't allowed me on to talk to defend my position and you overtime but Mike's daughter and off a couple of times there is a lot of the eight ball absolutely hated it negate what Jerry what it hurt. Fargo's my last thing Obama do you note board. Who got sent lips yeah. Well that is what. You grabbed.