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Saturday, February 3rd

In his first hour broadcasting live from Erik the Red's in Minnesota, Mut recaps the week of storylines leading up to Super Bowl 52. He talks about the latest rediculous controversy surrounding Tom Brady and kissing his kids, as well as other stories that have been surrouding the station and the two teams from this past week.


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Mercedes-Benz. Dealers here. We ice super Saturdays so we're. Boston sports station. WEEI. It. I'll live here Eric the red bar in Minneapolis this is the date time this year. About it night Sports Radio WE yacht with a bang play fans are out in our favorite. Hello patriots aspects of thoughts here this afternoon. There's a great crowd here at Eric the red while we are just the shadow of what US bank stadium gets it for patriots and Eagles tomorrow will take up until. 4 o'clock with a much different thing. Had a million phone calls all they look for some reason. I did not want to call tool to call this afternoon at 6177797937. Here from the side as typical 52. Where it is cold it is snowing. And the people are also give you aid to state feel for what was this week. Here in Minnesota for the Super Bowl. That really was the story the people are excellent and the weather is holed it from a patriots standpoint. People do not like patriot fans at least Nash at the feel that I got the last couple days here being. Problem. Boston College here to the game itself. The anti patriot feels your patriots may have you looking up for some sort of motivation in this game the patriots looking for any sort of motivation we know that. Bill Belichick does these pre game. Our press conferences or pre game. Beatings the night before with this team. It explains to his team a different things about the game that night before we see that video. Workers euphoria is nodding his head when Bill Belichick is telling them back to 2004 iiroc against the Philadelphia team. With the Eagles had a parade routes set up for once they want the Super Bowl. If they're looking for that motivation. That motivation exists again here this week. It'd a couple of different ways to see manifested itself. In the last couple days for sure this anti patriot field that is there in the super what's thought the betting line. This gave opened it it patriots five and a half if it is an absolutely. Hammered. Out all week long I got a text your buddy. Who is a follow this stuff from Vegas and Texas this morning saying there was a fourth one billion dollar bet. On the Philadelphia Eagles this morning. Not so there is all sorts of crazy money coming in the line is we started five and a half got a port up in some places bored up back to thwart half. But it is all the place but let it be known. The money is a bit audit Philadelphia this week they're betting Philadelphia and part of that. In my body's people wanting the patriots do lose because the numbers would tell you. That all of last few years. You don't wanna bet against the patriots I've got to get the spread out but is there anywhere anyplace anytime against the spread that's the last few seasons. Have a better record. At 26 of nine. Than any other team in football outright. They're what six about a gets the upper last two years thanks corporate carry bird the next best record is 17 had that straight up. The patriots at least 757. Winning percentage against them over the last few years that's better than any team straight up. It hit the money is pouring in. All of the little be in this game it started today at five and a half it is down you've worn out someplace this war. It is pretty crazy out of money coming in on Philadelphia activity as they ate pretty strong sign of disrespect national people are doing now because. They do it that it with their right to go there bring to that spot. That ends up being gave that all of the patriots. That is a bet with their hearts and not the hearts of these fans are saying they want this to go to Philadelphia eagles' way they want. This to be Philadelphia in the polls and Fletcher Cox and Doug Peterson of all people. There is an awfully. Awfully good field we'll cross country betting on a Philadelphia. Couple the CBS news story. They came out last couple of days. Yet we get that's not yet people heard it I understand that but just to remind people so Brady. With that yet. As we have it OK Mick sure our little loud here at the great Eric the red bar in downtown Minneapolis. So. To give you the idea of how it I patriot. The country is an alien type they treat the fans are what this game. Tom Brady had this documentary in the top for time not vs Todd. And episode three at this scene where Tom is having liability worked on plays guy Alex Guerrero. And his kids' lives on it and it turns into not a local story Boston. Eight national story wary CBS affiliate. Ends up doing it it higher story on is what Tom Brady doing OK Zeke is a great example. Of it Taipei repealed hot and it's up in New York last couple days jail lets you that some smokers with the problem. I think at certain ages like OK you can kissing on the cheeky to give him a hug you downplay it wouldn't that in the mouth enough for that long too little. Yeah tools like romantic belongs easily and then they give him a massage through the that makes it weird. I just muscle in my lips I had since they want to you know I would have no problem must like this to me like that. Police spoke to no one question Tom Brady's intentions towards his child. But they did seem to question the message he's sending with his actions I don't think affection should ever be tied in with a fever or Caroline Meyer mortals as a licensed clinical social worker and parenting expert she says when it comes to physical touch the message we send our children should be clear you don't do anything with your body because someone else. He is. Insisting that she do it in order for you to get which you watch even if the person insisting his mom or dad. Think about that if that's any other quarterback nothing pretty about a patriot nobody cares about that. But because the world become so anti Brady anti patriot and they're working that story line to our goal against the patriots that became a major story. What the Boston Globe had rated editorial about it yesterday were people talking about it all that down radio row why the Super Bowl that was a discussion. Because of Brady and because of the patriots. In any chart today the New York Daily News headlines for edit Grossman a god we effort today to get on the air. Evan Grossman did not want to wanna talk about a story he wrote today that the page of the New York Daily News. Right vs left the headline wolf Eagles slump loving patriots. Brought opposite sides of the political spectrum. And I'm not get a read the entire thing but basically. I ever Grossman writes the heat the Eagles are good. Because they have players and their teams. That get a lot of notoriety. Locally and nationally in a lot of public for the good that they view the community. And the patriots are evil. Because they support trump. And they don't to a lot for the community this is exactly exactly. What I thought we get this week we did run at him Grossman. I'll read you two paragraphs he could unite an idea. And this is what you are getting across the country is pretty getting from the anti patriot yield for this game on Sunday. Written by Evan Grossman today contrast to win moves the trump ties. The Eagles. Have emerged as one up if not the most socially active team with the NFL. If referred to as well. The whole world games and quote. He is believed. Paragraph two more strike. The difference between the two teams are striking. While Kraft is a close call friend and supporter. Eagles owner Jeffrey Laurie earned a doctorate in a social the social policy. From Brandeis. Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins helped to found the players coalition. It took its shot to find it them demonstrations well beyond the field to work with cops politicians and complex on criminal justice reforms. Think about that. No mention it till the end this story about the work yet but forty is done for the work that you that Bob Kraft has done or Jonathan Kraft has done. This is strictly a good vs evil good. Is anybody who gets PR. He gets people of Philadelphia to report all the great things they did not mention that it Chris Long and his teammates went on Twitter. And try to make sure they vote. No mention that yet but according on the patriots side or the Kraft family the patriots in general what they're doing things like Tom Brady's doing things. Feel for charity. And for different causes they're not booking. For promotion. They're not going socially they're not taking to their Twitter accounts and go to the NFL think hey watch it all the money. From these nut dog Bassett talked T shirts the way they did last couple weeks the way we gave our salaries. You don't get that from the patriots beat the patriots don't sell promote. Because the patriots don't tell people what the great things they're doing with the community even around Boston because the patriots. Don't book this recognition. Their bat. Because the patriots so some patriots from that that pot certainly. In crafted Belichick and Brady because they're allowing the patriot it's I'm the president Donald Trump their bad. Because Chris Long and Malcolm Jenkins Eackles. You want to things and get promoted forward. In our anti the president they're good. Think about that we're second how lazy. And how. Basically buys that tickets are Evan Grossman today. No word here is to say what talk to every player on the roster and national political logic the ones. No way to easy break down the different charities these duties support he takes the ones that are publicly available. The ones that are promoted over and over again. Which again good progress ball good from Malcolm Jenkins. Is dead according looking for that's the recognition. Our other patriots were doing things that are are trying to help the community locally looking for that is getting the same sort of credit. That long and others do because they're not drop I would argue that a lot of what goes the anti trump supporters. The motion they get is not because he wrote a great thing and they are it's because they're anti trump. And still Chris Long goes on podcasts and says of course I would go to the White House. There is a media that's looking to promote that. There is the media looking to tell people about that but because the patriots. Have a neutral leaning organization. At least up the ownership of the coach and the quarterback. They don't get the same sort of coverage the Eagles do. And that turns into Gooden vs evil folks. I do is to come at some point this week. I'm surprised it took until Saturday to get this story Andrew Grossman. Who goes on to talk about Malcolm Jenkins work with the players coldly should. Chris Long is an outspoken activist eagles' locker room what he has done this year. Jermaine hated Jenkins along Portsmouth travel to Harrisburg. To talk about state lawmakers. On criminal justice. Talked about the Philadelphia players. And the issue with me build a rapper there Philadelphia. It is just this is basically press release but the Philadelphia Eagles. It here is the one little spot and it to the patriots. Every team in the league there's a lot of work in the community. This after paragraph to promote and Philadelphia for doing it. The patriots are no different. Satan get according he's been active in the players' coalition does not work with graphs on the president Jonathan to gain a better understanding of important social issues. But for all the work the patriots the rest of the NFL arguing the Eagles at Jacobs especially stand out from the crowd. You would stand out because they're anti trump. Because they're culprit is intact that's what they stand out in this spot and still have a gross writes the story. It turns and it too good vs evil. If it were not the patriots. If you were not great if it were not up Belichick if it were not. Craft. If right from high into this would not be written today by the New York Daily News. And it just speaks to your patriots main driving around New England today. If you're planning your big party for tomorrow. If you're shopping that big party. If he gotten super ovals where he played drafting and that's it and be ready to go. Nikki you know what if the patriots fan. Is the big favorite this game they operated at Belichick who's against us it was against him. The rest of the freaking country. And it's evidenced by the CBS news or yesterday saying Tom Brady participants on. It's evidenced by Evan Grossman's story today which spent 80% of it. Making Eagles all the great work they do what ignoring. It the last couple paragraphs yet according Jonathan Kraft and the patriots were paid you as one team is woke and they're anti trump. And the other hasn't owner and a coach and quarterback who like the present that's a bad thing. That gets you less promotion of what you do with a New York Daily News that a course for football standpoint the betting line in this game. Which for every indication should go patriots. Should be patriots that we and the copper. Face the last couple years. But instead of four different billion dollar bets on Philadelphia it is past three or four days. Capped off by a billion dollar bet yesterday. All of the Philadelphia Eagles. Those are people that don't want the patriots to win. And it's a path man you should love it. What's the bar schoolteacher they hate us because they hate us and that is the deal here Minnesota try to give guys an idea what this week he's been like. If the anti patriot. It it's an us against the world mentality. We'll speak to it nobody wants the pats to win tomorrow nobody except for patriot fans that jet fuel you. As a patriots man to head against the wall and my guess what Bill Belichick. Has that team meetings. Night at the hotel. At the JW Mary not that that's gonna be referenced at some a level and up the way I referenced are the show today. But the anti patriot field. That is across the country right now. 617779793. Said that if your opponent what your thoughts on this game. It in Boston is that he is that nationwide anti patriot. The only. Then I certainly get today read through some of the stuff last couple of days at least. Is that feeling the same. If you get that same five heading into football tomorrow it just over six days after 63617779. 7937. Default over on Twitter at bought and UT WEEI. I'll we'll start there gets heavier ball Caldwell talked radiant ballot check. Throughout the course of the show here today other New York Times writing about the moral dilemma. There were basing its football fans watching football wide Campbell's gonna join us at some point WEEI compatriot beat writer. We'll get his take on this team but really about your calls this afternoon gladly call full time you're not wanna take a I've got to take what you guys 617779. Seven ID 37 live at Eric the red barber downtown Minneapolis WEP guys super Saturday party it's bought at night. During the day Sports Radio that you eat yeah. If referred to as well though Wilkins and quote team in the league. Boston area Mercedes-Benz. Dealer. Are doctors of Ron. Carolyn my airport. And parenting expert she says when it comes to physical touch the message we send our children should be clear you don't do anything with your body because someone else. He is. Insisting to do it in order for you to get what you want to even if the person insisting his mom or dad. Well liked guys. What an oxy moron there think just what. You gonna screw up as a parent your kid's gonna screw up. Caroline fireworks spells trouble getting to second video Bob Brady is it. Try to decide what's right what's wrong that is the anti Patriot League folks they patriots and the chip is on the shoulder Pedro Martinez. Was the greatest right here picture I've ever seen. He walked around this huge shipment until I've written on those sort. The pats fans have that you can get the national media will sort of thought eight was never gonna make it small. The national media the national command base doesn't want the patriots to win. That's the feeling I get heading into kick off tomorrow we'll talk up matrix you guys all day 617779. 7937. On Twitter at look at UTW Wii yeah I look at how it sounds here it is while. And Eric the red crowd shown up your last half hour so it's loud they're ready to go let us know how it sounds on Twitter. At buck and UT. WEEI. What's not to like it was completely soft here on Monday night during the day. Super Saturday from Minnesota like what's going on. Well what second might that's on me I think now no no try this. Have an issue you guys come pot like up back accurate I'd like. Camilla what's up buddy. Hey I'd want it to anyone in my out there guys on here you got a rough week but if you baseball anyone else I think you forget that. Why they had a rough week what will likely have a great week here in his own. Yeah you at all. Airwaves like you had a rough week some some wrong information about but your. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Did did you know Tom Brady got hit by dog. Yeah a year ago at this and it happened two years ago I happened a couple years ago. And it's on the bus may have read it's we it's not that bullet. Tweeted out that maybe just maybe. It was an issue and I got that overall I admit that but I had a great week the side. That's where you are greatly if you really caps on carbon. Almost anything and I'll put it in Massachusetts and kids. In I could have a quick stories now in third grade we entered the day. Well. If we make fun of me for where they have been more sincerity. Of the school. And that's. That's like Clint Nichols because this thing's called street sneaks. Right now. On. The balls yet you don't you go ahead yet you you tell me who's up and just go are you one another one. Yes a couple calls there were huge game from the good news in laws idea what's going up. Like a youth you can tell the ride has no championing the through earth while he. That you just talked about health XP and the Russians felt that spending. And that's you it's formed as a self expanding when you give of yourself. With not no expectation of anything in return their farm guys that'll. Donate a building and make sure that the media is bad as the patriots. Quiet an eagle and their leaders. And they don't expect anything in the current and perhaps that guy should really. But he would do little bit more so he understands that. Well dates it's not at the end it's not that thank you for your call. It's. I can't speak to the religion part of what I can't speak with the writer who does not want to acknowledge that the patriots are doing really good things in the community. We had someone tweeted it's a great one out they'll mention whatsoever Matthew Slater it's not translators but up for every single big. NFL band of the year community service award over and over again. You if you don't let you Matthew Slater in a story. About what the Eagles are doing the community what the patriots during the community that you were looking for an ankle. And the angle ever Grossman is looking for is good for sea Eagles are good. Because they don't support trump the patriots are evil because they do. That's at this clown showed it Yasser a couple of here today to talk about a story he would not do what. It maybe doesn't see is diversity as. And how the patriots on. It is a pro it might not distort that makes any sense he's tried to roll back equals or it might drop and somehow they are better. For that which makes no sense. Anyone else. Yet the heat in Florida beach shepherd they. Hello to game. Who is this ERG. On the compete called while Florida and I just I wanted to emphasize. How much the page you're really needed a problem but when did you read my. I'm I don't think you can get that point crosses Christ's. Good enough they are low everywhere you go home and not always getting into arguments I will avoid bury my. Sometimes because I just don't wanna get an argument with somebody. My cheat will come home from school. Today getting made fun of because there be a big room on a bunch of Cheney's so there's a whole generation being brought out. That the patriots I just the worst thing that ever happened export. What's funny and necks of the call that he beat that that was the beginning part of Wii was the GD thing. Right there were these national stories. A former players coming out. It's because the patriots cheating these that goal coming out beat backed off on our station. About the patriots cheating. And this. This feeling that everyone wants if the patriots. Success. Koppel asked his other statement you know what is because the G. That hasn't changed in the last couple days you can't type rating because the sun. Anti patriots because they have players on the team. An ownership any coach and the team that support hobbled Tom. And instead of looking at that story. I've its level and try to keep an actual honest view of what these two teams do you. All off the field it is it completes. Throw eagle. That job by Evan Grossman who did not want to come on the air. And did not wanna talk about the story but it's tweeting how dumb things like. Super Bowl is two words any other way is wrong. So he has plenty of time too weak data out he can't wanna talk about a story. Asked with a daily news shows today of all days to. What a story in their paper. That is not completely biased. I towards the Eagles at anti patriot. Because the patriots have players on their team and ownership while their team and coach of their team that support the president. That's whites were the ways. That the anti teacher Veoh was. 6177797937. Your older I have three separate staffs. As to why the patriots win the game tomorrow. A beauty goes a accomplish your calls on pats and Eagles do next year but at night during the day here Eric the red sports bar. We are downtown Minneapolis gets after the big game Sports Radio that you yet. From the Erica win. Mercedes-Benz. Dealer. Robert Leonard and doctor. I'm yourself raw. WEEI. The craziness has continued courtesy of nor out. We're not see him saying that right from the Boston Globe for what putts that I can't patio. Who says Tom Brady had a scar on his squad. From being bitten by dogs after practice. Some military members receive patriots facilities and Brady happen to raise his arms homestead which cute one there the hawks to go at him. The hand or grab the dog but still got his leg so this has been the week so far today. Miss of the week this week for Brady. All want a moron. On here with you guys that that Eric the red bar. Downtown Minneapolis present a black treatment doctor that would present doctor Robert Leonard at 1800 get here they spots that show. All week long here because you guys sappy here with NASDAQ but the man. Here because that's of a good read ducked the press the doctor Leonard yes I got that story wrong I've admitting that there's no excuses. Curtis I. Nor out. And I see. That the ID. You idiots. If you feel better might that it was the app the island of all who's to welcome this week in the so that is our. The voice that the voice of jet our producers factor studio jet did an excellent job getting sound. Over the course of the week out I makes me feel better Jack you know what I create content. I shall but it events or a broadcaster who were show I create that now I'd like you proven it yet. Exit the store wrong. What we got a full day of sad that it also mention it on it's going to be years and years of that things eroded. It really is and for those who heard it live. If you saw what I thought he saw a Twitter that or it's got to. And then bowl rolled the story that I've bought into it and it was a bad job by the your journalism major and it's firing radio guy it's firing. Newspaper relate if you don't do what I did. By the second third fourth source and a bad poll you're second source. You don't want to use that as a second source on the NY got it right. Two people were running in the studio isn't much to say that. Is out happen really. I was in here with that patio and Lucy. And then suddenly Paul came careening down a long way in the team riding in a couple other like on blitzer sixteen hit it easy it was quite the scene here. It's. Here the three stats that using at the patriots. And my pillars the patriots win today is that now might say. Thirty want to bloody. Patriots win tomorrow on the first number is nine to 34 that's the patriots scoring differential in their favor. In the fourth quarter and overtime games. In this ten game playoff stretching back 20142015. This dynasty run number two they've outscored their opponents. 9334. In the fourth quarter over at the big 283 comeback at the plant up that's the way to get Jacksonville last week that fourth quarter against Seattle. At the end of these games Connie Karr wrote about other people were about this week they are prepared to win the other teams are not 9234. Scoring differential the fourth quarter overtime games last ten postseason games that the future of our favorite people that in the ninety points offensively. Is a good number. 34 points defensively. During that time this outrageous. For the patriots. On second number obviously is patriots witness 131 when he is it even though. As the patriots record against an opponent to face in the postseason for the first time Nazis they had some losses. Up Baltimore the jets in particular what they played in the regular season and lost the post season when they play team for the first time under ballots yet. Here in the post season. The fifteen you know. Because they're impossible. To prepare for and they know how to prepare for you. Belichick knows that mcdaniels knows patrician nose. What things you look things not to view heading up to a game. Until fifteen knows the second now Burke the port numbers by the most powerful at least for me at 35 point four. That's never once the patriots escort out of Brady Belichick in the high winds. Against you Schwartz the defense what in Philadelphia. Head coach defense coordinator of overall. I he's created his career against the path the a few wins against the patriots. Those who wins the way back at 2002. And 2014. Maliki were pretty only played half. The other five games Brady's played against you Schwartz. 38174045. And 37 points respectively. That's after 35 points per game against Jim Schwartz they have all this guy. And I think they're going to. Lean that way again. Here in this game at the most three numbers 35 point four bodies of 34 feet even though patriots went 31 what are your thoughts as well. At 617779790%. Of its war coming on now guys went to top of the hour. Will kick it's 49 we kept right now. Who paid off and well that we had calls to welcome my 21 more problem to be here at 2 o'clock like it's like an old but Maloney show. Who's not here but we're rounds here. Up Peterson JP once talked about yet Tom Brady gets this on you plot up Peter JP jet back studio Peter. Yeah anyone who lives about. Person I'm. Didn't see anything but it Tom Brady. You know love and it's heated. He views these community however. I. Yeah whoever made this decision to release this tape. Now was not taken the documentary. Document whatever during Super Bowl week yeah they issued in the zone and they're gonna get this over. Patient enough room. Yet but it the blocked a lot in this case the blowback unit that Peter is ridiculous that the New York CBS affiliate is gonna do a story with some. You know lunatic. Moron parent coach whatever that means. If they're gonna do that has made. That's not bad but this eight billion views the first episode because they didn't they're example we is that good at hiding for the video itself. Earmark OK so it was good it was very. Promotional tease her for Tom Brady it is yes they knew that this is an app needs someone had to bow. And you know. I'm a big sale Brady in the world a lot lies. Peter Peter I. I've only. Peter thank you for your call I thought they would I have in what I thought it would often operating from this about that they would take it to pieces of this Tom Brady today. He's doing too much liability to close the Guerrero where they would find something to. To pick all when it came to. The quarterback. Him kissing his son absolutely not it's. This should not been something that antibody focused on the fact that they are. Is more about Brady's popularity. And or Bob Brady as a lightning rod. For controversy clicks it use it off than anything else if this was an. Alex Smith documentary. This is a Philip Rivers documentary about the Stafford documentary. This should not be eight blip on the radar. Where's Chris mad dog Russo says a typical all behind me of sports talk across the country it's because it's great. We got RD Winthrop audio next up my night in the daytime but here at the up beautiful Eric the red bar Minneapolis but he got Marty. Then the go it go well. Gopac's body what he actually. 8200 Donnelly can who has your will McDonough deputy yeah. And we were sent in the it was chaired in the room next to a gym and on the yeah it was you know it and Stewart strategies for Boston and that's just the work that we hear from. Two of them from Houston. An enemy your beer. They'll absolutely. A lot I did get offensive. Glass and the pace it's we're hearing used in your privacy. Root zone growth of group of networker. Like the story so far look at what kind of cookies were that the advance. I get old sore right yeah you put the tidbits in the freezer is what you do those that's the way I view Marty go that. Absolutely. So put up there. That the work that out there outside the locker zone stroke of cookies yet Bill Belichick he's. Has the whole team. Promote wide throw for you from a you know that was horrific the Carolina player if she goes I told him I told cookies are Brady. I went over until my brother of a picture fearful life. You Brady eat the cookies that seems against the TV twelve died we know we. I doubt it. Well. You're right now vitamin debris that might have been briefed the B twelve excellent points. Yeah. So what is that what it what's the that is the tells story patriot fans outside New England. Outside of New England the thing that never get put out the patriots do for charity. Think it's grown vision that I organizations like foundation that would look what he had a tradition. Yeah it's great it's crazy aunt Becky for the call Marty appreciate called it today that it just we didn't set up a pats fan and I bought and fan thank him. But the call we'll talk what the pulpit at New York Daily News that calls the patriots evil. And the the Eagles good. Because they're the wolf this team been this far I did it. He writes is it. Whose call was fair it's getting like that you can actually read article twice today because I want to make sure that I wasn't getting the wrong impression based on. In my reading up. And base the way it was position. It was anti patriot pro legal. Based in part because. The patriots have dropped shots. And it action Malcolm Jenkins that it Jeffery Laurie where we're at the school. A liberal school. They that you Chris Long. And a little little paragraph at the end according little paragraph no Matthew Slater no life foundation note Jonathan Kraft now that stuff which is great. We had taken Dover jedi Cecil that are close is close enough to get what he got you. Want to mark are you got it eventually. I. Can't compromise. I. Want you look at. It would be. Yes and and it. I didn't quite. Like the it. And I. And if it. Jake next year call I'll pick of the patriots do for budgeted for reasons those three stats and said earlier I think Brady's gonna have a huge huge game and I get it. Everybody's pushing people towards. Running backs and tight ends this game. Randy cooks crystal. Against Darby and the other quarterback there that'll be named JJ Lynn forgetting his last name right now bad job by me. Attack those guys the outside that is going to be the place. I toward Robin series could draw become up what it is take on this game we are Erica reds in that downtown Minneapolis in the shadow. A US bank stadium patriots Eagles tomorrow. Or your calls next hour 617779793. Simple talk to guys played these games it is take a patriots Eagles Troy Brown joins us next. On a super Saturday Sports Radio WB yeah. Wade Martin moaning and 45 for radio robot hairs and talking smack was Freddie Mitchell we'll. Itself a celebrated Seattle yeah because it thank you straight talk express one's Super Bowl run I remember those comments it was like now that I'm talking trash you talk address what you say you don't know any members of the secondary you're talking trash OK you're very disrespectful you've been a Smart Alec in we paid the price because I he catches in the Fort Wayne Loney and 48. Ten days to make gains fox Sports Radio W. EI and WEEI dot com.