Steelers fans aren't handling the loss to the Jaguars well, and how exciting will Patriots-Jaguars week be?

Mut at Night
Monday, January 15th

Hour 1. Mut and Keefe are talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers losing to the Jaguars to get knocked out of the playoffs, and their fans reacting in some unbelievable ways, Tony Romo's divisional weekend, and what can we expect from Patriots-Jaguars talk.


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Please please Monday night. And that will do it that. Jacksonville Jaguars the surprise team in the National Football League pat on the Pittsburgh and it's not the steelers' line of Apple's board. 45 to 42 car. Ali's shadow on Jerry it's not like post in the bottom line could profit due to Barcelona but like what Jerry and lives now here's my. Talk Sports Radio W we. I'm here let's. Make it very clear Monday night's Sports Radio WEP guys here in studio which keep down there actually let me tell you. I'm good month or you don't all of sale a lot of clout here tonight screw. The Pittsburgh Steelers screw Mike Tomlin school Ben Roethlisberger screw time. Haley screw their fan base. They deprived us civil would have been an exit poll week of a ramp up to patriots and Steelers AFC title game the deprived us of lots of different talking points I hear of this match of the deprived us of what could have been potentially. It pretty interest thing AFC title game Sunday afternoon at Gillette Stadium but they came out the peed their pants they crap that guys are wanna say. And they lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars at home. Now we have a week of jag off for the Jacksonville Jaguars tried to convince ourselves or pretended. In some cases rich that the Jacksonville team the concert is to let Sunday. Poses any threat to the patriots which. I'm an a hard time due over the next six days the one thing that they did though is they gave me a whole whole lot of support in the might hobbled they could have a coach. Are they definitely did get worse before you'd like all the records would go to the source of all elected but I still there's still something about that I don't like I don't think it's good coach Solis now you go back if you can point to. Divisional rug and gets the jaguars. In our 2018 but you're right. That would I'll read though it would and so it's easier to. Hyper stuff up for that the Pittsburgh they have base is one of the most annoying fan base is the worst hire contrary are everywhere. There's a long history between the two teams and it's. All in favor of the patriots. Authority of what it's a rivalry that or the other it's not because Pittsburgh. Has not won any these big games but dope it's that you get a week of late portals how good is the is he good enough you know the run game. The integrity they had a fifth top. Dollar and seventy what are your thoughts on call only since he went there. Apology Howard called that eight most under rated people in the NFL what are we have Tom Coughlin on crop and that being the reason why the patriots are going to lose to Jacksonville. And beak it's because these dummies in Pittsburg. Where either too worried about the patriots this week where I guess that's it but anyway once they're more ready. Then they they lost to a remedial offense in Jacksonville and you mentioned the coaching part of it. To not have that team ready to fall down 21 nothing to a quarterback and Blake portals. Who is essentially running a high school offense he's throwing to Tommy Bohannon. And Matt Shaughnessy and a bunch of scrubs James Christopher James a show on C sorry. He's he is it it is well who's who took one or two shots beat the entire game was a critical the ball you do they're gonna run over and over and over again. You're running for down pitch plays against them offensively thanks Todd Haley. And edit in the biggest spot the game late. Over two minutes ago a couple of timeouts in the two minute warning. You decide on side kick and wanted Judy to love you much at all of the decisions over the weekend you wanna go after Matt Ryan we were on the air for that call. Yeah when they they rolled out right and and and get let himself really very out other good options besides going to Julio Jones he fell down. Whether it was Payton Payton and Zimmer late it was ever advances for the vikings but. If he had his moments and he admitted so today that he had some questionable coaching decisions Mike Malarkey the group. Thankfully got fire we'll get all these things of course the next four hours here. At the top of the list for me was Mike Tomlin onside kick in that spot there was. I would say. Less then 5% chance. The really get that that thing back on what the percentage was it they kicked off and stop them on two's three straight runs and got the ball back go to sport that was much much much higher. Then whatever they call the onside kick opportunity was there and it just. It was scared it was dumb coaching by guy you called a dumb coach for a long time. Yeah and then finally there's the the great off implement it now one and more to eighteen with a couple timeouts left and it minute warning to write to her warning any like a flower for an onside kick I believe balls balls the same guy. That provided us we've just a year or two ago one of the ugly as onside kicks this history of the week. Re try to kick it but behind his leg you know without arguably Haslett did they back. Kicked it. Somewhat buried another one of these instead it is their shoes at about five your heart's ability that never had a chance there's zero chance. And now. Their first down away and they're there and origin or of ridiculous. Decision to go or kick off there. Here's what they're gonna do we we've realized now in two different playoff games there are afraid to turn portals loose they claimed it was all win the last week when he wasn't very good in the win this week they just they kept them in bubble wrap Olympic that one shot deep. But they are worried adding portals as word to an extent about losing the game pristine Zahir is gonna happen you know kick off deep to get the ball the 25 yard line. Ron timeout Rhonda timeout. Ron a two minute warning you get the ball back at like one let's say 149 to go yet at let's year old black. 20/20 530 yard line. That that duke it was so he even better gonna like be sitting at home saw that coming and yet Tomlin. Whether it is running on the field after a player. Whether it is now this he does these things the right you question whether Isaac coach you know the problem is he looks he looks like a good coach he looks like us all and all. All of our could play him tomorrow. In a movie about an NFL coach he looks the part he wears the glasses he says. You're coaching things. And in that spot though Mike Tom like a scared. He coached scared there and it was so freaking obvious that he has he had no clue there at the end of that game he had no faith that is. It's all fun and answer some of click onto them Todd Haley who I don't know how much longer he can have that job just keep refreshing Twitter and he may be out but he should be based on saw the play calls yesterday all my god that's what the and they get the ball there are a lot of time left the need to score twice at their light. Don't put it down to a two yard completions to salute clock and keep running on what you do when. They get to a point where Roethlisberger. Just throw the end zone quicker gonna have to either get a touchdown or stop a clock. And he's like he Antonio Brown crawl over the middle I strongly backwards to lay beyond bell this little girls they just what they lost their minds and I think certainly the beginning of the game. A lot of their attention was probably on the patriots in the you do yourself a big hole through a team like that and that it was too lately you can't overcome a deficit. And you should be able to because an even even that they would all that being said they still put up forty points they still had a big opportunity late. To try to win that game and Mike Tomlin. Took whatever chance the they had out of their hands by going for ridiculous on the Kiki not gonna lose his job you right Todd Haley eventually. I'll lose his job. And it's it's what the patriots yelled at they've done a couple different times you're right they they got beat by. Baltimore in a wild card weekend they got beat by eight the jets in 2010. But you look back and say boy the coaching staff let them down in play well in those games that Ray Rice had a big. You know home run touchdown out of the gate in that O of the ravens game the jets and Rex planet a better game plan that game Brady wasn't good. But it wasn't a situation like that Regis. You squarely put it on the coach as far as like. Don't know that's left on the definitely I seem to start you've had games where afterwards belts after that loss they say we got a coach we that I played all that stuff but the reality is if not one of these where. Some of these coaches and guys that we assumed were. Good coaches or at least on the top ten in the league Tomlin and Sean Payton. And some of the decisions that they made it like I like Belichick is infinitely of his own more so than maybe we ever thought what's weird now because and heard you and and and holly talking about this you're right the gap between. Brady and the second best quarterback is typically small in the gap between Belichick and the second best coach mag it's pretty clear you there's two or three guys you'd say right now. The second best quarterback. And you read it cubic yard for your guy. And somebody else they'll guy I get an argument. When it comes to the coaches. I don't know we would say second give you ten different answers I'd probably question your answer. And feels like now to be good coach. Just don't have those mistakes don't be Andy Reid don't be like college those gains as competent and you know the clock rules and you put your team and a good spot. You're ahead of the game comes the coach in this league right now. It appeal Lawrence with the als is your time outs or. You know when to go for too wet and on side one to do some of these things that's a clock management and that's why in view read. Can only be so good as a coach there's a certain feeling that he hits it is there at all if you have no idea what to do in the final two minutes you can't cross the slide you can't beat. Considered one of the five best quarterbacks are up by the coaches. In the league sorry you're gonna be just good enough the in the playoffs but that's it and there are so many more coaches like him. Then on very obviously built out. So the the heat only cap via the only silver lining in that the Pittsburgh Steelers losing in the Steelers would have been a and much more interest to match or for the patriots any much bigger challenge I will take those phone calls all week for people wanna explain to me why you folks in Jacksonville. Presented bigger challenge than the Pittsburg Steelers you're wrong and I know get those calls all week from the Jacksonville people as we get him. Even yesterday retreated a budget calls people's abject fools gonna win this game they pose a bigger threat that defense aren't you folks are not so we'll explain all week it's 617779. 793 cents silver lining is lunatic. Pittsburgh steeler fans and you're right they are the worst. When they're winning the cold in the station they're talking about the patriots being cheaters. They date back on ballot check spy gate and Tom Brady and ignore the Ronan. On steroid issues and other issues there in Pittsburgh but we get the other side of the reaction was an absolutely. Losing their minds this is a snap Chad video. That was all over the place yesterday. A big guy is one Pittsburgh steel and present of a much the fan base here today. Yeah was asked to do that the issues after the Steelers lost in Canada and that was there he is not happy about his wife and or girlfriend now again I honey don't mom at Oakmont that good caught patio can be very while mom why. Yeah it was not happy that moms to do list. The aftermath of Pittsburgh losing to Jacksonville yesterday. Bob. Oh. Luckily I rolled this way. Promises cannot take the trash out. And to be when you're that he's this helps ease it is this is a stocky. But he Pittsburgh fan right out of in central casting our. He's where he is a situation mutt and not that you could speak to this part of the bar on where your ball the head and perhaps have some financials and ball. Can I don't know if I get that or I'll I love the people of all Boston teams but I don't know I ever did that. That hyped up about it like America ever threaten to kill myself however. If I thought the game with such a slim down and I eat may have play. Like. Monthly payment at a red column order so maybe I'll mortgage payment on the on the gave them a lot with that become combination thereof. Maybe admitted free got a little public I don't think you do you panic I think that is. Pretty select steeler fans we've been you know you can take either conflict no right what the day and age of the fail at low caught this fan on and on video reacting to his team's game. You can sniff out the ones that are like a setup and they're just hoping that big a lot of read tweets or whatever this guy. This guy did this this is the genuine article. I. Yeah. All right that's a bad person laughing about and I I know pat this is. Now I don't know if suicides no joking matter it was ansari. I had I. This guy's out of his mind patio you watching video coupled Yang he looked a little bit late world warcraft guy from South Park. He did he did look a little bit I had a long pony tail is so like it's got its real thick greatly Annika heard a word he's a ID Antonio Brown Jersey on Wheeler Brothers Brad helix six meatball subs we should probably have a good Villa nueva Jersey me now. Nine Antonio for a presidential support of the vet. He gets in the sidebar. It's taught all three hole and I about five gigahertz or via Jim Hackett always gonna be out this game. The game that he somehow that that touchdown pass. Weary at was aged boy it was just drag race the art and he still made the catch absolutely ridiculous and at work. Were robbed of that were robbed of those. Ridiculous fans calling WEEI were robbed of Colin Dunlap that moron. He's got his own show there'd Pittsburg. Were coming out with us this week here at night. Helping our ratings are as he got last time around. Coming out of our call all the pig bird people are Paul my people and Shaq and Al Paul's nice that alluded to Collie roommate yet food and they all would it would it patriots cheated would have been caught we all week of oh look at that but the New York Post story patriot officials. I helped the patriots to win they cheated this is the year and you can't stop Alan brown Wii and Antonio Brown the nobody looked in this game and they didn't show up against the freaking. Gil and mustard orange or mustard yellow. Of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Blake. Freaking portals yet now they screw you Pittsburgh now we need to call off vetoes the Leno and he's really he's the only Jackson little guy column up. Clearly things about the game mu. You know veto Celine don't I don't know anybody Jack is so you think it's extraordinary that aid to Jacksonville down I don't think he would veto also Lido. Diesel Faber looked give him love being so he did he go. And it's the Leno. Is he's recover the jaguars a bit I guess that a Super Bowl team but the entire time he is V guide other Jacksonville. And all old or older than dirt this guy and he had years ago. He accidentally Swedish Dow. A link. Who. Let's say like an adult. Website its report not getting the ball by the port name I forget what was that is something like kind of game. It was like hot blonde backstage or something and he liked weeded out with a a lit is supposed to be a link to a story. But it ended up being a link to. Some porno and that's. DD own did he do the get Horry do the Pete Abraham Alice actor that you didn't happen. Like to PA did a bet and by the way I as a side sidebar. Eventually do what I will eventually probably send a link out of something questionable. On my Twitter account of some sort of social media I hope I have the the good humor. The joke about it and just be you know at that is what it is the year ago quarter bella checkers something funny instead of pretending its someone a James Brown hacked my Twitter to crowd. That I pictured is son there is no it's not a larger backside to another you know I don't effort beyond that but this those. Surge that edit the late. And it was to have its bid good story by Jim Steve on rebirth of USF fell and the need for a minor league in pro football. They'll let what is it that's all looked at a lake in secret and only now it's a 101 that is a bunch of letters pretty big highlight it. And you click on it and it was legally hot blonde backstage early felt the market but if they say we you try to guess The Beatles the lean on the show this week. I would yeah pretty much all I I think you did at the huge fit in well I've talked this gentleman before. He he might be like seventy but he sounds like he's ninety that you're a bigger gonna Wal-Mart good lets out patio let's put a monolith that wasn't surely guided OPEC. I can't reach out to Pete or she Mandel I I can tilt guys sort of fall off limits at say a corking Callahan production which is good date they've they've or that. All said in a hoot to talk to log in Jacksonville on nationally it's gonna be easy because we're already in bull horn seen headlines. We shall be rooting for America's team the Jacksonville Jaguars rob Parker's guardian on Jack's bubble would go to the nation is rooting against the patriots a nationally. Or finance stop I need that good. Local flavor right you go to you travel somewhere and you want you don't wanna go to a TGI Friday's or voters who wanna go to. What's a good local spots he takes a New York slice of the lost a bit of a favorite my favorite to place a ceasing Beatles Toledo will be a local flavorful he's he's the first shared the only guy you'd wanna talk we try to find audio of him on YouTube potentially patio is a preview good patio is tacky looking at something right now so thank you rich keep you turn it on to this. Here on the ship 6177797937. The phone number say it loud it's a proud screw. The Pittsburg Steelers screw Mike Tomlin and screw that team that was worried about their sit a match of the patriots this week and it couldn't be too freaking. Jacksonville Jaguars 617779. 7937. The phone of your thoughts on that game yesterday and looking ahead are you want these people's gonna try to explain to me tonight. How it's org would not have been a tougher matchup this is as some Alley tougher action now. For the patriots and Jacksonville you people are not we love talking idea at all do that wanted to talk while the national spin which is already were for Jacksonville. On the Brady haters are already have and to on move the goalposts a little bit the patriots are to lose both coordinators. There's a lot to get through here tonight with your phone's 6177797937. It is hopefully Jacksonville week. What a night Sports Radio WB yeah. It was Florida times union writers vetoes Toledo the 1989. To McCann award winner of the writers hopeful. Football hall of fame. Feels good to have you thanks for coming on for stuff unsolved. Always revenue estimate for me okay first time to do Rio we've sat on the practice field a lot of a few weeks ago we talked about. I asked how long it's been in the league for fifty years as a. Yes this just a star's 51. Started 63 in Detroit. Spent a couple years and our ratings of 66 through today. And they are Pittsburgh vulnerable enough here compatible Durham. You know out on leave no area is well. And no I believe. Now following veto on Twitter you know I follow this action go big theory looks like it's nice had shot. Yes the young handsome Fella yeah. He I believe. Patriot hater maybe a little strong but it's definitely. I think he'll throw out the cheating accusations. A little bit here and there. We gonna get on the show here at some point we're gonna get him on the show we are GNU was asked -- you know bodies tweeting out that link CB was not found now after I don't know if I would lead with that haven't been the last thing we talked via the B is it he's an army veteran NEC sport is in the hole famous war also sports writer we gotta talk this cohesive team which can cover the end of a L Jackson is it easier for its one year. Little bit of the NFL's have been around so long you've of these literally covered Super Bowl one of them. Championship game Super Bowls. All these kids got to cover you guys it was on the history of the game and moving to market for market the markets not a red flag at home no. Listen we got to get through this week's about a veto is going to be because there is their answer this week's excellence and a expect a statement. 7937. At the recently pleasantly. Click it nursing home missteps when there was. Ought. It was hot blogs. Golden girl on it or not call it what it was hot girl. Believed backstage backstage I'll get backstage at bands I like the backstage at a nursing hallway behind the curtain goes on well. There are they 33 minute long video on something called acts camps there so he's instantly the whole fantasy scenario there must be. Like not knock it on good I mean whatever gets it doesn't get there and party once the story behind. Let Gillick backstage. Who would imply some sort of the audition in in this this day that it's Elisa Hahn and I can assure you talent a little early casting couch their all would o's I don't let ET situation. US though alleged baffled about stuff of that mix of phone calls and tonight 6177797937. With the owner Matt in Portland on Mike Tomlin and. This August and a of the first early show. So I had a problem when these. Definitive nature with which you're saying. That have date you know not to be onside kick and they should have kicked the ball down and they're totally would have been you know. Jacksonville plots 42 points yesterday they rushed for over a 150 yards and averaged more than four yards a carry. Sometimes the right place just doesn't work out if you take Bill Belichick out of the equation which on the weekend but it you do. Mike Tomlin is definitely one of the better coaches in the league and wobbled strategic city of Pittsburgh screw their. Now what's got me out of his grotesque this last week for the game what are the examples when you say is a good coach what would be your. At 32 elevator speech here's why Mike Collins good coach. Look at his record compared to the rest of the league over an entire time that I just want to Super Bowl that thank. What about all the help that he's had them hasn't had a lot more comfortable and they're both series ago. No I mean it's it's yes well every team has talent that all matter of putting it together at the browns have some talent but they haven't had a coach that they'd be. Knocking on the door in and followed. Artist do you think are so they can go say kick off didn't want to get the ball employees he does the Ben's been at a market researcher durable car. He's got the one Super Bowl he's been it's who he's got everyone Super Bowl championship to you don't you think it's. Hard to imagine they kicked all all the 25 yard line. Jacksonville. Just running the ball three times and punting and saying we believe in our defense did what four on fourth down from the one yard line early in the gate either didn't believe. Opel what I think it is just it's. The way that you're saying. Oh what bishop Richard and operate totally wooded dispensary and I'll let president doesn't what field saying the best the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. And as part of that game that Don they could not start Jack built this goes back to a fortune to the game years ago for the patriots and everybody wanted to go port important too because we came predicted that they should have done that go. They held onto a field goal right there executives even played that out and that is total funds if you're able if you're able to do what exactly what you did on the file series. That their punting from there instead of kicking. A field goal and so. You're right there's no way to know that it would have forced the three and out right away. But I can definitely say they should have onside there while matters like there's no doubt in my mind goes the wrong call maps phone just plummeted on itself so we can't ask about as electrical it's OK so let's play his game for second. It's not a sure thing they get a three and out and they got the the through timeout the two minute warning in the Steelers get the ball back. With the a minute 49 to go to chance you gonna win the game. What had a better percentage of happening you wanna go onside kick. Forty wanna go try for the three and out use of timeouts to get the ball back I I'd I'm sure. Somebody who studies this that the sits at statistics economy of football yet. Would be able to tell me what the percentage is but I bu they the onside kick. Feels like a much much much lower percentage play. Not yet whenever the timeouts if you had no time outs then fire a little bit of a different story but with two time outs in the two minute warning you you'd absolutely. Have to kick it off even go there it at once in Jacksonville. Is going to run that you you're. They thought they may well earlier in the game OK fine but I was weather at least there was always a threat of a pass I don't portals are not all of a threat but he still threw the ball 46 times in the game. Where is that that's that point it. Eleven guys in the box. Stop water for that three times may be a third down yet to see our they get take a chance and throw probably not because they're guys that are gonna wanna. You know leave the Blake portals to win the game so it's gonna hand the ball off to four at three times you should be able to stuff they really really trust their defense when they went for that fourth down early Gupta for a touchdown to start the thing. That and I'm pretty it was sponsored or. I neagle mentioned this is the kind of face the as a defense and don't get it no big deal he got Pittsburgh pinned back and you've got them. You really appended with the Jacksonville defense ready to pounce. Same situation here right they're not going to trust late portals they're going to trust there defense and so. They are more likely to worry about making sure Pittsburg burns there two timeouts than they would be having Blake oral get a first down. My back and that's it's to me it's it's not even close and I would also were port we're not giving them quite enough crap war. The fourth and one call when they ran a pitch in a week that would aid did on Saturday night. You might Malarkey that dumb fort down call ran the ball left with our camping for five yard loss there this was as bad against a blazing fast defense. Which has athletes all over the freaking field and in the stats back it up how good they are. He hit a pitch left. A pitch right tell Levy on bail and nobody gets it. Less than we do our doubts there's less than a yard next week are actually or you're a lot to him that that Balaguer let me get a little. Build up an alum you know smash to the line two of those jump over the at the goal wandered one of those but no just pitch it back five yards and duty in this. I'm Josh in a car on the Jacksonville Jaguars at 6177797937. Hi Josh. They got great show thanks. Think bill Tomlinson club. If you want to be executed here were here as Jackson. Wrote a note to. Go. Warren economic expert twice and beat panel. So the thing that they are the second there's team. I think it's the preakness purse continues in the Pittsburgh. A key player. Moves. On twelve what did you do it sure meaning big acting. Which is a problem pro projections defense to think all those other. Well Bigelow I'll I'll let you get to two but big back Ron what does that that a problem for them this year. Although Brandon Jacobs a majority. OK about how a well well well well comedy was that a decade ago at this point Brandon Jacobs Derrick Derrick Henry just came in here for twelve carries a 28 yards. That's a few back. An offense that's. It that you think Jacksonville and double tight it's a different kind of adopt and so what it tight. They've got checked and they'll work is not as good on his. Actually it's mark. The patriots excel okay. I didn't go that track I'm telling you this year that that does not the evidence is back you up and Derrick Henry and the big back theory. Just on Saturday night was this for results on what's number two. So on defense okay they can get after the quarterback the Ralston when it switches to get a great store. True the linebackers can walk on egg copper. What just what is going to be put it football which is a problem for. Us again with. Each well. I only can go without doubt. Effective at the sector have verses the patriots outside. So they match up to preaching that all level defensively. And they got good leadership which. Maroney kind of went I don't think it's a thing to overcome that genes probably but this global and I had to get our dog and. Josh I appreciate the breakdown and and look that second half is going to be the part that people. Have to hang their hat on that first part about Cornet in a big back is a bunch today it's a bunch of crap they did patriots. Devoured Derrick Henry they don't allow hundred yard rusher is my guess is they will probably limit landed four letter format and if you ask me. Which won the backs and be more concerned about it be TJ gelding catching the ball on the back field. Against the patriots and forums or the better player but the patriots will handle that and make him go to other thinks that the second part. The defense. I hear what you saying. But it's Brady and I just watched Ben Roethlisberger who I know rich is not as good as Brady. Light up that defense and efforts they won the game we give up forty. And Roethlisberger had played that well at times and tumbling coach that well so hot how how good can they be. Giving up of the just give up Pittsburgh I was really bizarre seemed to give a five showed up passes what it was those guys that they have that. The personnel is scary go to the front guys the linebackers the quarters as the best quarter tandem in the league and I think anybody in the weekend talk myself into the end nervous about via text I'm not gonna do it unlike the gut the gut says patriots big mama I'm Eric unless something. Change this week we pushed that. Throughout the course of the week will find out those 61777979837. Is the phone number we are starting yesterday's sell football we should come back mention. A little bit on saints and vikings which of the excellent game that. Surprisingly. Didn't help out the NFL ratings which were. Not what people thought that would be for as good as the games were yesterday back in your phone calls lock and key Sports Radio interview we yeah. For me again tomorrow. I think that it's in the in the BA. One way or another. All these commit deliveries. Play had to be brought in but rolled got a right. That's by three reach 4542. Now do what we have tomorrow he did say the next game. Let and in the posting it's a Pittsburgh by two the other lesson one of the teased by three that he said afterward that spurred by 23 point game. Yeah role all along. He was yet again. If he was knock will pick trying to bounce back in regard I'm predicting this week I'll always out of cubic announcers had bad about vikings he gonna talk less or replace economic got a much. I've I've predicted last week could be about back in form and now I am a doubling down on this week is wildly overrated will pick the romo's adventures weekends rather announces up later on. Are in the show our body gains yesterday. There really only done a week it was patriots and titans and Saturday night. Get a good game McCain battle finals the role an early game Saturday able to exist here really good. It did not matter in the ratings sports business daily today said the ratings for all four gains fell to the lowest level in nearly a decade. With each came dropping to Paris into compare bull. Rating a year ago leaving slot was a little bit lower. In the 21 point nine for Steele was chief last Saturday Milliken was played prime time the bad news. The apples to apples comparison. The late afternoon Sunday game two Packers and cowboys. Got a 28 to. Jack Steelers had a twenty point four the lowest overnight rating in that went on fifteen years. Saturday ratings the Eagles falcons was down. 183. A year ago seventeen Ford this year. Saturday night the 166 overnight was lowest since cardinals the Panthers back in 2009. It did seventeen a year ago. I fully understand that ratings in general are down for for everything rich people of different options now right. You don't like something on TV it is so easy. And I'm sure we all do this now. Netflix. That'll show you party scene or show you wondering watcher series or documentary. And it takes 22 general cannot be not paying for just sitting there and there are million options like get out but is go to the football was yesterday. How the hell with the ratings down from a year ago those two cups what if you're a sports fan or were you watching football for seven hours just. Of course that's what I would have assumed I wonder if it does go back to star power remaining and the good quarterbacks and ended up being only one good great quarterback moved on. In the game you know yeah eight teams playing. You could make a case that yet for really good quarterbacks. Right and improper burger Brady. Ryan in the that would be a bit of us regulars MVP last year not to have a group yeah I guess that they want they want those sporting events I don't know what order you want it yes and so but in none of morehead heads so there wasn't the oh it's it's Ryan vs brief in this game get excited or short Brady vs Roethlisberger orally in years past Brady Manning or. That's the ultimate quantity and after that he can you could've Rodgers Brees he could have. Something along those lines the to get you excited but across the border evidence in the polls or yeah but then at ski ski lesson in Wellesley it'll do the NFL's into the starting quarterbacks of polls Mary notably morals go down this weekend three of them winning order an issue. Dumbed down again this weekend but in my production down as far as ego. Across the country. Compared to other conference championships and he saw the knowing the number or the boss the number for the game in the one blowout. This weekend in the number was off the charts. Because the patriots and general David Meister is it bigger they're gonna wash they. Done locally still pretty well here even and it's that Rima wrote about this today on the website they've it's done pretty well locally when the national numbers have been down so locally. I guess they've basically been immune to it but but nationally you're right. Indict wrote that normally the conference championship week in the Super Bowl had been immune to. The ratings drop but I would view unlock any surprise next Monday night in the similar spot. We're saying boy. Down from last year lowest numbers in a decade. And it's the current climate of of television and the availability of the different they should do and it's also the quarterbacks may bring the two holes is not gonna rate well across the country even ball like he's made fun but I wonder if popular culture when he else I what are Brady though because at the commerce into sympathy and you know that Jordan territory where. Even if he's playing. A crap team on the other side you still wanna see you know the greatest of all time play. I guess so but I also think that there. If that came his point 13 at the half the weight you panacea your me OK wait a count on I'm not watching the second half the of the board is led. Jags can't go back to win this game. And I guess sultan back in for you know vikings Eagles and even then. I can see some people saying all that the good game at halftime Alton I don't have to see every two seconds a casual thing and I don't feel like you have to see every second of case here and make fools. Out that's the case in a who whether we are Manning. You know as other big NFC title games worth of big quarterback matchup this doesn't do it and in the media markets are a pretty good. But you'd. A witty they're going to be down again next year next week and we'll see if it ends up being and I am not predicting this but if it was. Jaguars. You know vikings' Super Bowl will spread and are forget about I mean that that would do that bad Super Bowl rating right yeah compared to what other ratings. Absolutely it would. Is that it it's that pretty simple to the NFL. I think you I think it's free you up patriots vikings right now I think you're on the Eagles. Philadelphia compared to Minnesota really. Everybody gets Minnesota you get Minnesota as a whole the home team yeah Baghdad that the people tuning in for I think what all of you like of just that the bigger market but he my guests but all of it obviously patriots an immediate one tough it's also thankful that's it's also fifteen of Christ all right get out here will undermine efforts keep that they'll holing keep program. I Greg's in San Antonio is next up on Monday night's Sports Radio WEEI Greg thanks for your patience with the demise. I don't know probably gotten good how are you. I'm good at the little warm down there weaker Q would you open I'll rub all rob grant that Robin. The magical night though it and so they're decent. The gains this week in Pittsburgh on windows is typical. Pittsburgh just talk smack the whole week. Parliament is the citizens of patriotism go vote it is right the ship no discipline but he came back button. And and and I don't focus new focus on the Internet boom. Today they came out flat whether it was dating take Jacksonville seriously or Greg whatever what else is saying that they overlooked. The opponent in general and looking at the patriots. Come on at home in a divisional round game we had the bye week. And he should have been supremely motivated considering this team came in beat you during the regular season right that should add that costs added a a snuck up on you and all they beat you in your building this year were big bad through five picks in that game. And they came out flat and some coaching moves there you're right date they did not take the Jacksonville jaguar seriously it's still almost on a way to win that game master. Yeah it can do and then on the Jacksonville this. The defense and listen the national guys today in note that this defense you know they can stop the anchor leg of that debris. Well in the pro caveat though clearly. It was. Which which long. I wish there was I think it was a dark element. While we got Max here Max next hour promise. Yet. If you know pretty certain you know approach to have a great wrote exit. Well you can actually go look at Jacksonville's season. Maybe topic the quarterback on at least one or. And that includes three weeks ago on Jimmy Key report on you indefinitely when they got what. 42. They've benefited Greg from the division they played in and we we Bible to the deep dive tonight. Some of the sucked back quarterbacks they got to play but we will do it at some point here this week because as good as they are defensively they're not born a passing yards per game they give up. Under a 170 yard pass is hotter and Seve passing yards per game that's been. Deflator a little bit based on what Pittsburg did yesterday. Best quarterback oppose an opponent quarterback great they have cute quarterback 170. Operating for the year they benefited from playing some bad. Quarterback and they are really really good. The realities that this year Brady. Has been better against the better defense is that he's been against the bad defense as you would think that oh boy these these top defense is Brady's struggle with. His numbers are better and significantly better. In some categories against the better defense is the issue that is is that will pick through. At some point tonight on the show that people just assume will be pretty struggles that the defense is in the realities this year. The stats have not. Shall matter at all. 6177797937. The phone number here's the deal we keep for our. Rather bring somebody in here are just have a talk with someone who's I. Were we scrap any in steel guest tonight so it just us between now and 10 o'clock so real good opportunity to. Talk to you guys about Jacksonville in a bunch of the stoppage between now and ten. Plenty of phone calls at 6177797937. In addition to your calls when you come back the first of many headlines like this this week. We should all be rooting for America's team the Jacksonville Jaguars people are rooting against the patriots in droves we'll talk about that with your phones our too much at night.