SoccerCast - The Revs Need A Rebuild, Where Do You Start?

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Saturday, August 26th

Ben, Russ and Alex try to figure out who must stay during a New England Revolution rebuild. Who goes? Who stays?


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Welcome him to WEEI soccer cast your on WTI dot com and of course you could always find us on iTunes or stitcher. Just that good soccer yes it's really daddy's. And please leave us the rating and review of that helps us. Bring they showed you three every week or as it happens sometimes rhetoric. All I can say good about the New England Revolution right now is this. At least they're not DC united. As they release. The reds just suck it DC united really really stocks. I mean it's a huge difference that it and the goal differential. It's early by the wind and indeed united mine at point four yeah exactly. It's insane. What does that tell you only game minus one it doesn't that there mediocre. Yeah they're meteoric mediocre pointing toward terrible. Now I wouldn't say they're mediocre the bat. Their vet granted they would be if they're in the Western Conference they'd be in eighth place instead of ten. Right when you're minus what we are almost even there is something raw under that there's. There's potential there but there's not I wouldn't cause terrible but that's why call the mediocre. Is there any consistency about this team. Can you find one thing that's consistent about the same. Yes but during consistent but. Why you don't need to act. Up a lot about answer button right. Well I mean no there's no consistency no. There actually is there as. Well. The consistency is is they're dreadful on the road. And they'd they'd do a decent enough job. You know at home put on the road they're consistently awful. I mean they are this is an open. And the most frustrating part is and you could once again call it consistent and that the the kind of the ironic way to route that is. You can count on the lineup and formation. And the players in the starting line that you'd never be good thing. I think you know that the game against New York City at the was ridiculous and barrel at left back and that of course the newcomer. Black sheep I was quite impressive quite a very overwhelmed by the life I grew out. But you know now all the sudden there's a new battery with a better back with Evan Baylor made and now all the betting coup that right back. And you know we went out and out thought that you're being up with a one change. But what was that. Or was compliant. We went yes. Yeah Abbott our budget that is because of injury be I don't he was available on the bench but according deduct LeMieux on Twitter I think he's got a dealing with something so. I don't know that state keeps growing a pair and just not playing him or have leeway and it did and a 100% so I I'm not ready to throw operated gates group there. Listen I don't ever trust a someone who's covering the team that works for the team. There ever gonna do and that's not a knock on Jeff LeMieux he does a fine job but anyone who's quote covering the team but actually works for the team. I don't trust them completely I don't trust that the information they're giving us isn't. I trust that they're gathering the information I don't trust that it's. Necessarily the right for reasons exactly what they want to be put out there more so than ever with someone who covers a team from with inside the organization. Yeah it's a good point I mean. And that's the problem is the revolution right now that are garnering any attention outside of people would do cover the team though. It's really hard to get objective analysis on them and it'll. The objective analysis that Billick is coming from us that we're just saying it doc though you know. You know overall I will I'm gonna try to throw that one bulb or at least golf clap the two players they acquired debt payment and we decided in an odd for young ideal. David and deal how. Decent background not doubted via background if you think those are even honestly they've here glossy background but they played elsewhere. DL what he played for. If so what is that they keep Sheffield Wednesday one of the best names in all of world football. And you know at least that's not another crappy on the left side where he didn't play but honestly my biggest probably it is. The almost 49 and maybe it has 48 so not only are you not acquiring young players with potential. When you acquired 2829. Year old I want that to be did you think oh org you know a little younger data via an article. O'Brien's. The problem is your bring your upbringing and has been. You're bringing in an effort wise but it report I like these guys are game changes in valuation to perform. And if you're not a game changer in the analysts keys. You don't belong. So. It's questionable move after questionable move why bring in you know guys that need they can help our depth. That's not your problem right now your problem is you don't have any top end talent none zero not a single player on that team is top end talent. Well end up played itself bother at the end of this game because honestly. The New England Revolution I thought for the majority of the match played very well. But top end talent one. Talk endowed player. Made a huge difference in now was dubbed it via and they don't have that they don't have these. He's been out for very. Small room. It's basically the margins are very tiny bit down where did the upside for the out. Alexia it is fired because they have that high end talent. And he got the job he got the equalizer and then unfortunately for the revolution they got the natural order a little bit later but. Yeah I grew TI I become doctors to a talent issue when you're just out averaged out. Yeah and the big big recchi pointed out data via I mean the revolution don't have anybody close to that number at all. But I Camara is just the biggest embarrassment and a revolution can't because. I would sort. But yeah I'll admit. Who scored dot com I'd probably live by a little bit too much especially since I do watch these games in the iPad is really valuable as well of course never I never wanna beat somebody that only great players based on the rating. Think at the end of the game but. Let's let's just because you made. You can't do that especially in soccer because it really is it's very subjective. It is but overall. Davida via an eight point five the other goal and hit the woodwork like Maher had a five point eight. Not just absolutely nothing and I Camara played the full might be I'd force shot. None of them were on target. 61% about the accuracy doubted he would 80% passing I mean it's not even close it's not even close spike mark had been embarrassed. Out why why you looking at the raised what was the ratings for DO. Are at six point that a direct it's really hard for senator Barack that would honestly that's not bad first that are back especially when the other side scores Google's. I'll admit I'm very. I got to pick continued who I wanna gain a lot off of the at bat but with better back it's really popped in my opinion but I thought it was good he looked athletic and other related. That brought along the prom with a rating percent Ambac is used there's no accounting for positioning really. That's part of your problem trying to give them a similar or -- rate him in the same way you're gonna re. Forward. So don't really I don't think it works out well I think those type of ratings are great for offensive players not for defense hours. Because it doesn't it's never gonna take into account like. Hey this guy got in the right position. To prevent that next passed next test never came because he got the right positions and it doesn't account for. Grade them just as much done you know about the Packers he has other you know positions offensive players. And you know that you want your daughter back be accurate I think that there's obviously more important than their hands so overall I just think physically he looks like people law. It's up in his early fracturing you talked about the two moves steal mine and I Nana. And I give funk. Yeah and Saddam. Is it's at a point now where you look at these moves ago. Or he just making moves for the sake of making moves because we put the pressure as fans. And media covering the team or just doing moves just to kind of placate people. Because that's never what you should be doing I look at both of these whose especially the name is moving going. Why. You have guys that have proven themselves to a certain level in the MLS that you're not even utilizing real. How rarely does heal by amber actually play I know we started but he doesn't seem to playoff that. Well this is the frustrating part is. I think I hate that a few weeks ago that I really liked guilt but very good result and all the sun until but various starting in May be yet because of injuries or whatever or because member rusty mentioned that he was bitching about not starting to wise. Yet though I mean god let let spy lived edited it in the revolution out. And there does you know a few players go down and he just he literally once again dozens mr. potato head with a starting eleven. He put the player that random position porn and who barreled played every position on the dot but anyway I. He should. Exactly feel bad. Bennett Bennett being copied left to right because now Ferrell has done everything with everything about what that that's got to feel that. What exactly quit honestly at that point it's like he wants an everywhere but in the you know in the central part of the pitch which is articulate. But they're getting back until one very it would I don't. Not like the player I think he does eighty useful player to have on the team whether the role player you don't placate someone because they complain Alec. And because I had a good match you do what's best for your team. And Tutu have done mr. potato head starting eleven this is getting ridiculous. It really is and Odyssey if you just take a step back repeated watch revolution game through like you know they a month and you got somebody built who'd been you know one of their better players that of late. If the answer is still but Marie I just promised you the team's not playing well I promise you that it's not a good time. Nancy had a question. If you're blowing up the revolution starting from scratch. And obviously need to figure out your roster. Who on this team right now. Would you carry over to a new roster. The ego but in this is that yeah. You put your does that ever bought one other player of course are callable but I would I would if I'm them. I would ought until there's one other point four time Roland that's not. I would actually think about the goodness look at that would be secondary I would build the Ross or around calendar. Whoa wait I thought you're gonna split rollover idea I'd still rate and just barrel well I mean I don't know. No I would totally I think hell Monroe is ready to be the leader of that team I issues started within dollars and my mistake a mistake and was my heart because I want people to be the player that I thought he would be but I can the player on the rise is kill and rob. I think you can build Iran's own route. I think that. Personally I think that this stretch I think he's important he's only 25 he can play a lot of different position I I I do carry over. But if your building around Kelyn Rowe. I'm sorry you're not gonna be a great team I think and I think injured belt same age has showed potential versatility just like row. But honestly if you just make him but that are back or right back or CD out yet that. I think that's really important because he has talent obviously former tech I can be overrated. I've still taken Ferrell did I I I like it experienced a lake is promised that like it build. I've taken Ferrell. I've taken a good bit unlucky not to build around. Any group out to. No but this but I think without going to go around I think what Alex is saying is that the pillar you know build a groundout but it's a solid foundation. So yeah I I keep for people. I keep the good and as I keep roe. I keep Farrell and I actually keep Cody crop. So those are four people and keeping everyone else can go to hell throw it there. So those are the guys now again in that group I don't have a star. I don't have youth. And I have guys that came to go so. But event yeah. I do agree that all of those injured barrel by the way and age can be overrated or underrated depending how you look at it but Andrew Farrell 45. Calvin rode point five I think lagoon dead is 22. Rock and the other and Cody cropper to 24. And the other one about keeping it dead. It might be Dele may have put 25. So look out that there are players that at some point that these and have impressed me. And they're all 25 or younger. Well my point guard college you know estimates had no. I mean listen we can reevaluate after so that the rest of the Rouse up a but I don't think he's got work. He's not a guy that I necessary that I look at that guy and I like your mind join him as a player but he's a guy that I view as a sub. Non starter. Yellow I think that a guy. Needed our our. I'm really into baseball analogy called back to these with a Red Sox you need to do stable and. Well I I view him more as a normal exactly. Other out that recent oracle has been terrible but oh my god he's kinda how to throw game boy he's kind of the utility man you can plug him in a couple of immediately see. Utility guy that you complained several positions that they could die what that's why I'm not saying to bill Iran's Garko all I think he should be part of your. Core as someone to come off the bench and start every once the law have been brought what he's not a die out there keep. No but he's got caught the guy that you know in the NBA when a power out NBA team that trade deadline approaches BI he's black guy. It they acquire play like player like Scotty called will Iraq really deepen their spot even though he's only one player. And he would look at New York City FC who lobbied the revolution to state. That's the type of player that. If New York City at the acquired as Scotty called well they get a lot better because they already can fill out the other needs. And it's like you know the revolution that that's the last thing they need it eleven's Scott Caldwell. No they don't need weapons go to cobble what they needed to find their David Villa that's what they need to do. Brought deleted data deleted added to our actions adopted soaring right now though I I've I did actually literally just saying. That did so without that. I UBS not without pronunciation. But. The one thing I'm Bob I mean I don't like people are now about pronunciation soccer but the one thing against Bennett later David believe it or David Villa okay. While I usually say dotted via I screwed up so there's a golden boy. He has stopped being a pitch Goldberg. I. You're welcome Russ I got your back don't let him bully around like that talk about you column David Villa. Can I ask you guys one day you'll have taught him to deep. Now I'm at a big stink about this I don't know hi you guys feel about this obviously. And white CFCs scores their goal when vehicle for good that comes off bit that they were down to ten men. I do not like this and I have now been a few times I don't like. Products out there and pouring into the flight and I've got this stay and they were bullying. Diego put Brenda. And I'm gonna defend the fans but continue. Okay he's actually he had to go yet to be taken off. For precautionary reasons I believe our it's been reported that deals with a concussion. Potential concussion he's come thought they obviously score the ball but he's stumped for a cause serious. Period of time it's not he's trying to true took they can injury here it's legitimate and that pulling in the Yankee Stadium. Obviously I expect up from from from bad there but I just don't like it in general when someone is actually entity cube pool and that. I will allow me to retort. Yeah what what report here. If players and now we're only talking soccer here. If players don't wanna get treated like that stop (%expletive) diving everywhere. Because you know I agree with the problem is is now you guys have become the boy who cried wolf. And if you're gonna get butt hurt if the fans boo you when you actually hurt. Most times is the fans don't know because players generally. Dive all over the field and. Not that ballot it's a valid argument back and it actually it actually is I just you know what I think it's obvious. In this case what it's obvious. I just I don't agree to that but I understand where you're coming from audit it comes from a place so unfortunately. I didn't. It's a place of frustration for fans they don't like it anymore. Are they don't like it at all. They can't stand diving especially the American fans and our international fans and have different feel about it because it's an ingrained in them for so long that is strategy and it is a tactic. American fans especially ones that are. Have been introduced of the sport last couple years can't stand and if they feel like a players is milking diving around. I I have no problem with them booing even when the guys hurt because they don't really know he's hurt and the players have put themselves in a position to be booed. For their own behavior on the field and has their own tactic that they've come up with now part of that is. The refs are horrible. You should have another raft on the field. You'll only have three Jeff for. However many it is yet to sideline in the and the few of these have for you two guys on the field you guys on the sideline figured out. And I was watching over the weekend in the English premiere league guy gets who was actually it was on Monday. I can't remember Hu got red carded. We had a mortgage Ireland got a I think it was his second yellow. On and where it gets started the game and Guerrero fly applicable pitch. I I would have so much trouble playing this game is I want a punch him in the (%expletive) face. Because it's (%expletive) it's a (%expletive) tactic is that I horrible way to play the sport and you guys. You wonder why we think soccer players or policies that's why that's boring right there they're great athletes but their policies when it comes to that and that is a (%expletive) tactic. And if you put that tactic you can have to deal with the wrath of the fans. I OK would everything it said that antibody exit production title and I Wear a good I was gonna mention it was just yesterday. Ed you'd do look where oil. Whether he'd just dial it was behind him or he just knew that he could get a yellow out of that see us not it would reacted to actually Wear. And attic where I was just like a broken I didn't do its title and had a legitimate beef like on the way you get you know. I actually bet I was gonna say is I completely understand your frustration there and any doubt like he had it may be taken that was one of the problem I act getting into the sport was you know I would that the stereotypical United States kid and that was one of the things that I got c'mon they're they're flop but everywhere. But guys don't actually think though it's gotten better and now people get more outrage like bend it stayed or band do and that certain player because it. Now in my opinion we're seeing left the bit about what we do he had. We're like oh c'mon this is ridiculous can we get over that and I've been and it's getting better I don't know like you I agree I agree that's important but guys have been. To pool player. Is legitimately injured I mean I understand where you're coming from Ben that account from a place of frustration. It since then daddy he's trying to waste time that you state he got word comes from I I get. Well when he stumbled on appeared time I need or oral book like that there's something wrong there and you still bowl and I have an issue that it. 90 that's not very cool I get that and figure she's valid however like I said. You make your bag you line. Yeah and I think. Bend I mean I think B level at referees are still really bad about it but I think the Premier League referees. Our get involved the and handed out yellow they are hurt stimulation a lot they are getting its. It was inevitable I would mention is healthy by itself he's been burned by it. Recently a lot and but I have had no gripe I mean to promote that the in the FA cup final heat. Flop than they thought it was they you know any any got to read part eventually so I actually do applaud the refereed or. Really I mean normally I'd rather the referee just laid it up you know wave their arms together like they've they've blown baseball and it will be no call. But if you really think the players trying to deceive you give them yellow I mean honestly and I think he's a winner about what what brought the view on and now that Bennett has explained it well. His point is valid it comes from a place. Really is a Bol died saying it is about taking things and that's where adapter efficient for the fans come. I just wish that it it's so important that we can separate. That type of stopped from legitimate injuries which has swollen to put good debt Turco. Honestly though the un says. To a certain extent needs to always play that style and god I can't without mention of an infected by it. You know go go visit people or import export port man named mark in terms of the style of play. And if they've already take away is the extent you know eccentricity and he does a lot. He would not be named market I'd Robin stop flopping to a certain degree he would not BI and Robin I mean it's frustrating but some players make it. Almost the deal though yeah they're the. You're right Ari Rabin has made this deal here's my problem though with that. Tactic is that I've seen I've watched so many games I've seen this happen so many times where a guy who goes down. And forgets about the rest of the play and could continue on with the play and make something happen. Is now if you if a guy comes and it's like tackles and barely touch is complete. He goes down okay that bulging get very far away for meal you could continued the play. And not so you've got a man that's got to catch up behind you a defender that's got to catch up. So that I I think a lot of the times a tactic is still ass backwards. That they've taken something that kind of made sense in the beginning for diving in the box. To get a penalty shot into something far greater. And guys who was the master of this in the late eighties and author of the ninety's who is the master yergin Klinsmann. The master of whopper. I've seen it just too many times are guy dives looking for yellow card when he could continue to play it's happened so much. It's the line. Every player might Eric Larry and about art we don't it doesn't fought good it doesn't work or the path we can't read these ups and release a little. Up and people who lied upon our part one think is the one bad did say about the whole program to think the boy happened at. The beginning it didn't happen once. What became evidence so what Dolan will be slam him too much on meet at white DS defense today that it did say it was going on but it wasn't that's been beginning. And then maybe after a period of time people realize that this is serious but. I in all watching the Olympic why you brought in but. Again it goes back to something that says you know Ben kitchen right again very important way to bring it up or come from. Outlook of the upper the other thing rested whether it's justified or not bill I don't I want it. Just I want rocket in the amoled I want every day and date to be passionate and plug it only got. As well out of a lot of critics worry about it. You know like I'm paraphrasing but it it's going on the same lines as you look that they want that action against. Well and that's the thing about the quality is so inconsistent inconsistent in their band aid did you have some band aid is like in Seattle important. They're great the other almost just like European fit being 30 game they're standing up but there's fires and there's drums and you know that the game is boring it's fun to watch the overall game that you feel the atmosphere are still. I really can't even debate whether the ad like the FD Stanford just or not whatever. I just like the fact that there's passion there you know you watch some of these alleged if you qualification games here and aired they need now believe it. You know the heat crowd in Spain but let you know what you what's championship football felt he owed it to the crowds are in the amateurs or popcorn overall they compared to outweigh the amoled one so they'll want to gamble that. Indy is just feel more like other football fan bases and they don't. So I'm just applauding the fact that there wasn't doing you're hearing I took up more confused him out so passion thank. I and a bit I mean I mean if they're okay there's a line don't you know if if it's like in Italy where they're trying banana peel that pod that ballot tally that out of line but anything. That is you know. We didn't resent our action I'm all for. Or are laboring up a couple of things before I get out your record our mom. And his right again Wayne Rooney still good. Great thank you. Yeah start tomorrow appropriate ever want to forgo of course I was gonna get there she wore a starting on the the blue side of commerce site and I'll work my way to the red. Folks up there so. I am really enjoying watching queen Marie play right now. I'm enjoying watching him and I don't liberals and I should really like Everton but I don't. I'm not from their so I don't have that same kind of passion for that rivalry as I do the Liverpool Manchester United bribery. But I'm really enjoying watching Wayne Murti lead Everton right now it is so much fun to watch he looks. Five years younger grades and he doesn't have the same wind as he might have had ten years ago. But he looks great right now acrid but he looks really good and it's really fun to watch an older player kind of reinvent himself. Back home I am enjoying this story very much. It's a good I'm glad that story it's a good story he's been very good the first two games I've you know we all its forget he's. We don't forget but it don't much mileage on him he'd only 31 but really and it will ball apparently a lot older than. And yeah it's a good story and he's playing up front where they're young English player Calbert Berlin and it's kind of fun to watch like. A very young English player with a very old one I think that dynamic at school at any time you returned home in you know you do decently well. That's great obviously they need to fill the void of the cup do in the fact that Rudy I mean 200 severely goal that is. You know I was I think we've all talked about the one thing that it would Rooney that is great and you days with Qaeda presence. He would put up the statistics but he didn't really have the president necessarily but you can not need at two under from illegals and that's quite the accomplishment. Are working our way to the red side of history here. Liverpool it's not been pretty. So far grind it out a result on Saturday morning. It was kind of brutally they of their much better in the second half against Russia last third of that game. But the real big Soria obviously coming out of lyrical is really Cuttino. Yeah. So normally what happens at this time of the year is I get to. Spent like three or four minutes would John Henry and just time Assam a couple questions and talked about what's going on I didn't get an opportunity to see him this year. At the Jimmy Fund radio tell company did see Tom Warner and I did talk to him very briefly you know he never wants to give me anything. Didn't want him talking to them I'm beneath him. Are important nuns that term a much bigger man minions. Number of pressing note advantage it has it. It nobody Dublin. You're you're so lucky as I had a million jokes to respond right there Alex and your to your to your right now. Your ardent you right. So oh. Yes he should though. But he made it clear to me that the intention is not to. Even though he said I don't have much to do it Liverpool right now but we really wanna keep this. So that was good for media here as Liverpool fan. But I found them the very interesting over the last it is obvious the reports had gotten as high as like 120 million pounds or whatever their nonsensical ones. And then just yesterday comes out ol'. It looks like they're really offered him 86 guarantee he sought out Lincoln there are 36 and add ons in case they were in the champions league and if he gets the and DR. That's not happening they're not gonna win the champions league. So again. I reiterate my rant from a couple of weeks ago. The international soccer media. Coming out of Spain and coming out of England is he or she. There are awful with the (%expletive) that they spread around they get one source on something that's probably the (%expletive) jock sniffer of the team. I don't him to effort 120 million well clearly that (%expletive) didn't. Because when you see that report saying really there operative eighty it was either 8286. Guarantee a camera the top head. And that's very very different from a hundred to one meter. But then this whole thing here and I understand your outrage with the English media of the Spanish media I'm there with you because it drives me crazy would get back to the fact. The outlook report stood their ground did not buckle to be international pressure to use cell could he go to Barcelona because I'm telling you. Everyone wanted this to happen from Barcelona because that's what happens in Europe. Barcelona and Real Madrid get whoever they want that's debt that's good. The way it's supposed to happen and it didn't happen now way at Liverpool that they want to be one of the best. Clubs in the rule protecting that they still. Can be hit that same level they needed to do as they needed to show that we're not going to sell our best player or. Are we one of the best players. To Barcelona just to make it possible to better. Okay here here's the funny thing is I like to Tina. Is it a 120 million power player not even close the 86 million pound player though he isn't that either. Because he's very good player it's ultimately more. Important money man and hold on Roland but worst we're talking them. As a player how much would I pay for him I wouldn't pay a dime over 64. And I'll explain why. He's a very good lawyer he is not a great player he's very good player. He did not stay on the field. So by Liverpool and I got that offer. Week one week to week three of the transfer window and I'm running their transfer department have taken the money and running. I completely understand them at this point the transfer window especially when it first came out late weaker two before the season started. Them holding strong and making a statement saying. Now. Barcelona you you think you can push everyone around you can think you'd spent on the cash into is now we're not giving up one of our best players. At this point in the season because we can't fill that void. That's right end and on top of that Liverpool had so many problems throughout this transfer window whether it was with Southampton or whether it is we've. Red Bull like sicker they're not Red Bull RB Leipzig over the real RB stance or no date it's supposedly Red Bull but it's now. Whatever the (%expletive) is I don't care. Take couldn't get the players they want either. So I found something very interesting for at this time or transfer window is as the money is being inflated to an astronomical. Way. Teams are actually grown a bigger set of balls. Into turning down that money. I mean the timbers Dortmund you know not with about being in the you know the belly is being a little while it might not showing that the train would see. Thought Trent through rumor about what part that was willing to pay forum. But don't bet your point teams aren't standing pat Liverpool on them. And you know. It's frustrating that. Barcelona I think they can judge you know aren't will be just got all the cuts for Kmart and that they'll be debated is that there's there's so many thought they feel entitled. Will that's exactly right exactly you'll have put all this is that Real Madrid and Barcelona appeal that. They can take him and get whoever they want they actually put it that line on this. Yeah line on this is the money will leave it with the pic of laughable. That don't wanna look at poll. Barcelona really I don't know turned into the biggest laughingstock right now. I'll play a clear about that yes. Yet so I agree and I really hope bark to get burned by that because not only Israel Madrid did. Such a well oiled machine right now they're Real Madrid I met Barcelona and sort. Note that this vital part to get burned by the entitlement rut because it. That I don't think they're going to be Real Madrid did these and because the dog by the way is the greatest thing since sliced bread. But you know even if they do get in spite of the LA or accompanying note the villains her name arc. Eight those players are not named mark and you know I'd break the belly that very much but there's still not going to be Real Madrid and I really hope they get nobody to replace name are. An app and that Gerardo what they you guide being named mark because they have an entitlement. Nobody that I plead yeah they're they're taking the fact that they are at the Barcelona and I are just assuming we thought they vote got a lot of castle just get. Do you know to hop name Mars or. You know once recorded name are adequate it's ridiculous and I do hope they get burned by it because. I would actually. Without a doubt we're fourteen year old boy the edited doctored up wit but I've been talking. And get that don't make it helped it to stay out all right I'd get Scott. Now on MRI I I don't give a (%expletive) I'm reading some of the south right now. I'm reading my road today. Good ticket during the doctor and he said he definitely there was in my opinion incorrectly said you know I hate when these good teams get really good players because they need to know that again. And I thought it felt like not true at all Manchester United with a power out for a long time and then I'll let that may not the last few years of course that's probably because they're out loud but. Still I hope that happens the Barcelona they're not going to be bored it's on the table. But I want to be low Leo finally out like all right. He's very talkative Real Madrid and dominates but I was starting to wonder Barcelona would ever had a pit ball and I really want that that albeit right now. Well. Interest thing. I'm I didn't listen anything you guys had the last like permanence. Yet. It has to look I rarely leaves the Celtics beat it out. I tried I tried it announcing that aptly. Valencia. Will now and I got a text it shows me tomorrow and those late. What the (%expletive) happened up and I just happened while we start to record I considered backward out of what they'd like to. Here's the (%expletive) up part let me give you get them into radio. So I did like twenty minutes with Keefe after the show before Red Sox as that there's a chance is happening it's it it just doesn't happen was all these BS trade rumors. So I look like it did come out on. Obviously this one this one book what happened before and actually it's happening. And made especially when loads tweet that you know it's legit yup so. At that point oh right Barnaby didn't do that podcast that better not debate the. All right Akira though some sorry. I don't know what happened last five minutes I blacked out I. Did grasp that it said Alex real quick and I don't carries. Did rusty was the woman and already. I have. Unfortunately. Since I was Russ you're Dick I was asking how to direct question I asked this is an AB conversation. Yeah yeah it is not yet all right. Three. Who won go rose. Okay well former actually lost today in the caribou Cobb. To Bristol rovers so they're out of back competition. We started this season for all we played fourteen they'll probably going to be in the top eight and have three points to show for three draws and a lot and do a little bit of panic set on me and among told supporters I'm not picked because they keep signing. Very good player that I picked up by the time this season really starts to get going. Only going to be fine and I'd still predict that they have a chance for automatic promotion. Even though it doesn't look like it at this point that's. My thought I'd thank you Russ appreciate it. Real quick before I get out of here I I. I wanna bring up. What we talked about earlier I wanna see what people think on Twitter so respond to us on Twitter and let us know. If you're taking over for Mike Burns here and you of the new GM of the revolution. Creates he. Who do you build around who's got a got a we wanted to know what you think who who is the pillars of this team that needs to stay so. Follow me on Twitter at young men W the guy at Russ underscored Goldman at. Is that underscore Alex Goldberger out over underscore. Out Kohlberg underscored and guided add that the really quickly yeah stood at nothing to do would tell their promise I just want to apologize that it listeners that. Rough and I are both on the phone today I know can be annoying when. Well stepping on each other's toes our goal as bad and our leader has said is. To all be in the big studio together which is a much smoother lesser Witten so that is our goal and we will make it happen. All right thank you guys were listening in the show as always find us on WEEI dot com or iTunes.