SNE Sports Saturday - "Tom vs Time" and "The Two Bills"

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Saturday, February 3rd

Scott Cordischi and abc 6 Nick Coit (@NickCoit) take your calls, texts and tweets on the "Tom vs Time" docuseries and ESPN's 30 for 30 episode "The Two Bills", the perfect distraction for the week of madness and drama surrounding Super Bowl 52.


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You're listening to southern new England sports Saturday to be heard by calling 4017371287. Sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Phone blueberries. And EDS. We'll meet. Corporate user are fast rich who live. Soto who lived through which please. Through he did. We thought. I do all the things that you guys if you actually incorporate. Living wage because I have to stay strong. Because I have to. There's keep your rooms you're trying to get checked out to be made comments he's so strong influence arm really arm. We're gonna miss that that's. Ruzedzki. If you. Which muscles. You. Well I think. Two months there were rumors is what we're trying to do to maintain home values we threw her. Rudy Giuliani just wanna play another couple of years yet faster ones. That don't want to exercise that yesterday it was a bench press he. I've been hearing the food over the years that I was proven in our industry here. The match like comedians and everything in your life. Why do any flexibility you have to. I always. I think weights with the voter optimal. Well they have a little give and take between Tom Brady and Julian element out of Montana would Alex Guerrero Chiming in as well saying he's not against awaits him. All of the crack from Brady and in in if you watched that segment of Tom vs time. You remember that just before that they showed jokingly that picture of Julian element naked on the cover of ESPN the magazine. And so operated saying you know kind of teasing Uga Uga waits because you just wanna be naked on the cover of you know magazine so welcome back everybody southern New England support Saturday and WB that Scott and nick review. Which they gotten a. Well you know I mean I'm adopt by the opera BO Italy or cellular or he. Your granny gear you know clad photos bell and surely he's run I am not my guy. What are us eat it but that's not the other part I love about this to it's it it's just it's it's them being themselves soft field I mean it's guys hanging guys in the you know you you've heard is this where some Brady this wares from Gisele that are beeped out in this stuff. I love it I love it it's it's real as what it is. On W Gary gray you know it's not just Tom Brady standing at the podium on a Wednesday giving you the stock answers. That the patriots give when they see a microphone and camera in front of their face. It's Tom Brady with his guard down the heating being himself. Off the field and that's what I love about this documentary. Absolutely yeah you just don't do that and and I think a lot of people underwent but you know joke about Tom Brady in to a lot of men. Romance there then cooked and I were being the thought it would be like that with our first time that it's really. It it really M impressive it is something we don't get the it's very real and yeah that that's what this document are aliens has provided for all pot deeper. The patriot band is at Yankee you get the realism the relationship and it as it pretty neat it is pretty funny. All right let's go to the calls for a 17371287. The phone number. And income reaches via text as well at 37937. We'll kick it off this morning with a Mike and a westerly good morning Mike your first up on southern Oregon sports Saturday and WEEI. He's got I don't they have like art and get aid that it. You know I not vote number I'm very little I'm not a bit they are but all the Barak wants it. I think it's good being in there well. Romney. It's an episode I think that I didn't that the build the global it be way and we paid a bite at what he ever. President Billy outspent personnel. Is mom that people already. And it's actually not. Is being like it be when it could be. Good bite it elude and I think your date a little longer and he's not gonna got wanna beat Ireland. Opel bought I really think it's the media and but I Brady and it is eight really get theory you know we got outmanned but it's an Shaw. Now. Well Mike I never thought about it in those terms but now that when you put it that way I you know that's very interesting nick did you ever consider it that way that. In all want at this is Tom Brady saying hey this is the end in and they just want you to kinda take a look behind the curtain before I get out of here whoa what are your thoughts on that. You know what eight it's been interesting but an interesting perspective but. For me this documentary. I think does the opposite I think it reinforced the back east that are out. I just I think that that it when you call open jumpers time and your and your voting your their physical abilities and you know keeping yourself in shape like that I eat I think and try to go to so as long as he ended up. I think he's I think 45 at the number that keeps getting thrown out there and ID. Why not wait his soul. We'll walk in imagine him. Yeah at this point he given a topic it just. I actually think that you'd you'd there. You know percentage chance or whatever I think the higher percentage. A somebody walking away between the 30 look you know crap breed though a check I I think it would bella. Because when used DM bitten port side during Super Bowl week with lived. Watch and he will mean. You know and then we I guess we are at this sort of impression that like Bill Belichick bit in the dark it all the time but what film and that's what he does split. You know him being a little bit looser like that during Super Bowl week that the meat that boom the interest in you. As not that you know you know and into and so little bit more and what I I and it out of I think very eat it you don't. You don't like I I I you're your other point I think is is a very interesting one because I like you win into this thinking the same thing that you did and that is that. This just going to be an infomercial for you know the TB twelve message in an all that stuff that he's trying to sell liability and all this stuff. But it has been way more than that to me it is not always that. Are exactly you know like and you know but he what is mom I think and it not ballads like really eight. They're good response you know I don't buy it yet Ike is it is not outlet. On top pick is out there on the back and bite it cites another thing I Alex screamer I think the debt dump it. Do that I needed red light young. Recommending and created debt situation in any though I know lobby audience. Alec beep yeah I'd that you had not been paid WB yeah I got killed already. But he'd be as were just about wrap on our lightweight battle operate it and it gated. Idiot mitigate IP I got killed not beta have been built you won't be on the radio and a walk I don't write read or is that good oh. He had been L iron about what they want and I think that our Brady meet at eight BL like speaker barely got killed they packed. Our. I thought I also think I also think Mike just it to catch up there I'm sorry for a moment I I think that Tom Brady did a nice job by. The next day realizing the fallout of him. Being upset at WEEI and Roemer for this. He saw that this thing really started take on a life of its owner Roemer was getting crushed him in he came on set at the super bully got there look. I don't want this guy to lose his job. Over this so I say I up I applaud him for that I thought it was very nice of him to come out and see that. Tiger handled their work Eddie eye on what. All eight people Grady a lot skirt and in it but I agreement by via. And he pretty much does it iteration of the bell brought it up like Cramer I really like and you know albeit one. Has some work to do but he wanted to battle OW. EEI. You know right at the great station you know and battery and I'd get beat up a couple. You know they got to wait naral or bought bought bought. Got it I thought you manage it what you do maybe you are. Did go a little bit mall but I know he had been duplicate I would doubt well thank you are are they might well. Mike thanks appreciated throw line. 7371287. The phone number X minus 37937. But we see a loaded cannon Cranston good morning Dan you're next on so I went it. Sports Saturday is they're gonna be me out Jimmy vs Tom documentary that we can look forward to. Billy Billy government really goes up a they really quick is this ya what I did flight on Monday. Who I dropped one you know went there quite. Bad because they mean I've this 6000 Monday. That the outcome that it really you know what. He had what I was trying to book the return flight it was the one they were Carty completely light up just yet to argue it is a team. The hotel that at the plate and everything like that it you're gonna. It has been a crunch is he getting year. You know if he accommodations does it it's there's. As a bad but there is good but let's not act the planet at around repaid to go to weed out the door that you'll. You know I get in the quickly he met we should proud of the way. They. Which we did that. I do okay I'm gonna have a commitment. I'll let. But the bat. An all time that crude up loan burden type. Even bring it up but then I've ever heard. Do you see on our friend like in west will be there where he had not to look I didn't. I I think if you watch the numbers this time documentary in Marlboro to dull Wiki or addressing me well. And that's and I was gonna Britain all the other night Tyson and and I I thought the same thing going and I said on a two bills and I liked it. A lot. I'm telling you right now I did not love it like I do this numbers time document you you need to take it down despite your love for Jamaica Rob Lowe and their four year. I don't wanna say hatred that's a strong word but your last week to untraded because he was holding Jimmy G down. You need to watch the numbers this time documentary and I think you'll really enjoy it and I really do. When it took about him we would loaded grow up ought are all watch got. Let it go let it. I about the game. Are our only hope we'll spend a little bit with six point two weeks ago let you better let. And that's all I feel that. And it's easy is it down since some one thing and one thing only old England practiced tents and if he'd played eight good game. That won't be it is would be better team and I just feel that the TP have gotten away it was a bit like Jack Jack will add them. And then they took it one bit wrote. Finally got around to a team that's not gonna travel needs to look anxious. And we're not the quarterback or actually like to do want to keep your mind don't get your aren't yet. I truly feel that it's going to be like 31. No wonder if there are up. Basically. I distant people in their one game and I a key and I can't get my mind the wait my right. Every Galloway caught the ball like this ability to be thing so bad thank people who. And we are in the data that's already called goes nowhere related to it just want it just that intangible type a bank or put them happen. But like 3128. And somewhere or come back and look at the new 31 when he went. When you guys are. You know well I'm gonna save my prediction to the end of the show but I'm gonna tell you that I disagree with you and how big goal back and forth myself on this. All week long and then the API I think the last couple of days have kind of made up my mind and how I think this game is going to play out on Sunday in now I'll get to that at the end of the program I would say this. I understand what you're saying about Philadelphia particularly in Carson once was healthy I think they were the best team football better than the patriots they were winning games and they were beating teams. Quite soundly. But you know I I. On I'm gonna hold my prediction to the end but as I that you can tell I'm leaning toward the portraits and and I am leaning toward the patriots in a bigger way than I thought it would. Because up with a guy that says take the points and and the patriots opponent and every Super Bowl because history tells you that they play close games occurred around the wire. I'm not so sure this is going to be that way I I agree with you I think Philadelphia may be the more well rounded football team. Put ideas I really appreciate the way this patriots team has played and how will I think they are being coached. And and I think that they could. Win this game and and when maybe when their first Super Bowl by double digits on Sunday. Well they're outdated. On. I think that. But Peterson has been preparing his team the right way and I I think that's gonna make or break well all game. The defect that I ever bump it along the line of their practice beast they took a thirty minute rate. During one of the Eagles practices and that tells me that. Peterson is airing them wore a long all of the football game you know because Super Bowl longer than anything else we got to play in. And he's probably looking back at maybe a little less that the out pinch where last year. About the gaffe by the or order in where in my up and that it self. So I think it could make for great theater in football game that I beat Eagles are preparing the right way. And the other being QLO. Line is. I think it depends upon it all is so deep they're so pretty they get it out that. You know IP it's going to help prepare you know imminent intern in and just. They have appealed Spain correction and and if the patriots a run their money. I think your right to there I I think that nick beat Ole that it is the real reelect actor like. You know only if he plays well and Eagles have a real shot it doesn't. Who knows what's gonna. The thing I think that terrible built well and Jack will Philadelphia Pittsburgh. Wanted it be true. There all fifty or whatever and there there are more talented than the patriots and patriots have been advantage with the quarterback and the coach if retired. So I entirely new team where the quarterback can you know at least. Play you know punch for punch and a coach who can actually not. Himself and make the right molded total in all that Alipay you don't win these game. Where to see it it if you eat so you think the Eagles have the coach and quarterback that can do that and yet that that's why I'm I'm leaning toward the patriot and a big way because. I think Bill Belichick that Patricia two weeks to prepare for nick foals. I think that's a big advantage and I are thinking and I quote what you don't believe that. You know I think it's an all cliche because the main talent and work hard work against Atlanta last year you know two weeks blah blah blah. I mean it's let it get there with Seattle legally bound bit interacting and came back. I get scared the hell out of me much more than I don't stunts and all due respect to Nicole's Matt Ryan to me is on another level now not sink full hasn't had a real good stretch here. But he has not accomplished in the National Football League nearly what Matt Ryan indeed going to last year's super. I think he's the better quarterback than Blake or open would be dropped it and I think short they allowed him if it if they while M. Now they get down to touch down we actually early in there and crap but. Put in what is it you say you know you see that and I agree with you he is a better quarterback complete portals. Late portals in the jaguars to their credit cave with the Patriots defense was giving to go to quit the Patriots defense was giving to them. The Patriots defense can't take everything away. They'll give you something and if you take advantage of it. And you're good enough that I like portals was a couple police on the EC championship game you can do some decent stuff so I agree with you and I'm sure the patriots gonna do something. It I think what they're gonna try to do with with polls is. I think they're gonna try to blitz him and and had a court is Clement coverage is seeking you beat us and make some big plays if we put pressure on an and we'll see on Sunday. Very well Arnold or wrong but are evident guys and I wrote about it. Yeah thanks to an art for a 17371287. Opponent protects minors 37937. Josep Pataki good morning Joseph you're next on southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI. Hey Joseph. 32 run. I'd be armed in the eighth seed. Currently he did against capital in the book but in the look whose blood but take it I'd be bad precedent that that blows. I think the other side that when McGee and running yet thought about that. Nick what did you know Brady addressed this earlier in the week Agassi took a little offense to defect to the patriots have not scored in the first quarter for Super Bowl under he and Belichick but he said. A little that's deceiving because in the giant one of the two giants Super Bowls. They scored their first drive but that score came at the beginning of the second quarter. But outside of that I think it patriots are more David I don't know why these dark and morbid feeling out process. As opposed to being on that the attack I would look to see them come out on Sunday in I don't know if they will. And get Brady endure them early and then go hurry up and no huddle in the first quarter of the game what would you think. All neck. Well I think we lost neck Rocco thank you. For the phone call appreciated 4017371287. The phone number. Text size 37937. While we take a quick timeout and we come back. We're gonna find out who Steve from a cell likes tomorrow in Super Bowl 52 he'll make his Super Bowl pick and we continue with southern new England sports Saturday on WB yeah.