SNE Sports Saturday - Success Breeds Contempt

WEEI Providence
Saturday, February 3rd

Scott Cordischi and abc 6 Nick Coit (@NickCoit) continue the conversation on the Patriots success and the haters who want to find reasons that they shouldn't be successful.


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Instead of back to that we're right here today this what the patriots trying to get it back to sports. Talk sports Radio One two point seven. Welcome back our number two southern a wave of support Saturday WEP guys got pretty cheap here in New Jersey. And make quite out in Minneapolis Minnesota Super Bowl 52 tomorrow patriots. And the Philadelphia Eagles never gets old going and fans does that I mean this is just amazing the run that this franchise has been on nick can. You know. You know you said something earlier to about you know Belichick being at the timberwolves. I don't know pitches because they've been here so many times before or as maybe you suggested earlier. Maybe Belichick is it you know seize the light at the end of the tunnel and he knows retirements not too far around the corner. I just feel like I don't know what it is I just feel like parent. Fairly relaxed this week you know been there done that comfortable with this whole week in the build up to the Super Bowl what are your thoughts on that. What do you know what I think it but the kind of art art if this Super Bowl in this betting because. You know I remember being in Phoenix and they've ever you'd Coke. I hope or a player out among the people in order you know out of public a collector on. Well walk down especially in edict ever recorded at duke. You know what team have been media availability with the patriots that they were at a hotel of the middle the desert like. Bill Belichick had a isolated. In all their spot where it entered the football but the environment in Minneapolis is dead. Different because. You know this is a cold weather played typical for the Super Bowl host and seems there are staying at the mall America and that's pretty much been the hope this week. Although the Super Bowl activity in the immediate better than where pre Yoko weird is that where the team urged Spain and the you know is the art at Ali going up to set up what lies at the buy out there have been. You know I've ever I would walk it up for 11 o'clock newscast. Equipment and all that they are a bit without but it look around and at that according and I don't let Hillary would have a drug arbiter coupled together the that the players that. It's like I can't remember ever in the later the cell. Out you're in public during bowl week but I guess that distribute by bit there have been. The fact that they're connected them all their hotel is great there at it in order. It read that in and you know being coach Belichick out of public I think they're just all. You're right relaxed and baby when he struck the players wore this park around the ought to better dies. You know that that appeared to him. I think it's good that it be in court sided at all in it that tells me that. You think preparation is going quality at a bell who would the cracked or sport a bit. You know he has it that we try to get that it is different kind of environments you're that you. We'll get to the dole build to build documentary in just a moment put. Again the phone lines are open at 4017371287. That's 4017371287. You can also send as you Tex and thank you bill text line is open as well and that number is 37. 93 cent tax on open. Let's go back to the phone calls and we say hello to leave North American morning earlier next on southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI. I wish they don't need to shown actually to look like old Super Bowl next week we have a show every Saturday morning it doesn't change. Okay calm. Well and I watch oh look that's notorious. Local group leaky boat chart check it not political fumble charts and look at them. Because this is significant and the other fellow have to investigate how wanna know if you if you know this last week you brought this up well. Can promise you know I'm not going to look this up I'm not good Garnett you look at I tell me what the numbers are. Minus nine I tell you right now by his mind probable in 2001 to 2006. The patriots averaged 44 are multi year the league average up 24. From 2006 to 201515. An. Fumbles EU minus nine league and the FL lap which was eight or nine years okay that's significant aspect. Ninety almost last 128 change and the NFL average. Okay and then 2016. When they go to court. A 27. Just check it 2001 of sex and didn't fight that's our own don't take my word for. But they sat right at it in the US balls in court and we gave little less than the NFL lap average. Other hurdles he has just you know that's as significant a little totally in the book. Competitive then they wanna ask. So holy let me edit it quite a bit of credit actually deflate gate was three years ago right it happened in the last three years ago before they beat the Seahawks in a Super Bowl case so. But just read let's revisit history since that time. Since the patriots were allegedly ten or not it just waiting for balls. The patriots have been to three Super Bowls and the one to them and they have a chance to winning their third tomorrow so I would tell a little soft footballs have made an impact and allow the patriots to beat this wildly successful organization and on telephone that the results posted deflate gate. Would argue otherwise. Hate to guess what. Do you explain how in honor of average of fifteen holes and eight years you find another team that averaged fifteen probable and nine. An. Now and then you wait guess what I wouldn't tell that. Because some major major. Competitive advantages and our 2.5 PP twelve EZCORP. Okay fine Lee thanks the phone call let's move on large because it and let's he has something new to bring to the table. We've been over this first Obama taking his numbers as gospel media will look them up to to probably disprove him maybe he's right. It doesn't matter what they've done it in now I don't know if you agree or disagree now. You know what went when they you know took those balls or play at halftime of that game against the Indianapolis Colts from that point to now. Tom Brady the patriots have pretty much been on here. You know they won the Super Bowl employer and one of the best defense is in the National Football League. Then they want a Super Bowl last year and here they are playing in another one so if if Lee is going to suggest that. Softer footballs or less inflated football's. Have been a huge advantage for the patriots over the years I'm here to tell you that it doesn't matter because they continue to win and win big with fully inflated football's so. Well Scott like. You don't ever expect organization for what eighteen years because of because of something like that this is just you know. I totally appropriate list up on our you know another Super Bowl week it's like come on like he can. Well remember want it what you are waiting BenJarvus green Ellis. It different this that he just was good with with the football and at that could well all security I'd never dropped the ball in war you're a period. Like a debit. Could open on what. Like that that I can't yet here's yeah I would say people were always the arc but all of that once the ball it. I just think you have a head coach that is so detail oriented and and and emphasizes. That you cannot turn the ball over and we've seen it over the years look at how Belichick handles guys that turn the ball over. Policy frequently but may be more than usual. They find themselves on the bench OK they get taken out of action. He teaches them a lesson they no one no uncertain terms that turnovers are a killer. To what they're trying to accomplish which is winning games each week so I just think that Belichick and the patriots. Like most things like most categories to a better job of emphasizing it. And pounding and into their players' heads that. You know this is unacceptable and and when I say this in this case fumbling the ball putting him on the ground is unacceptable you can't win if you turn it over. And I think patriots players know that. And I think you know it's one of the things that they live by so I'm I'm I'm not surprised at the fumble numbers are less than other teams because I just think it's. You know with every single category. It's no stone unturned with this coaching staff and disorganization. At. The quote you know you want all the other you know competitive advantages you might out. When you're successful like it's preteen years and you have a chair with a Burke of the all in or your respect in straight decade. Then there's something bigger going on there and I. I'm pretty sure because you run at gospel. Organization. And I think that that people ought to try to is that because that's what people do these days it is you know. It's except comes along that people would try to figure out well though they've been successful doing all the right way and by. The these guys have been doing a whole long time like I think it's work. Right so that the two bills documentary and no you haven't had a chance to see it and if you have some down time in your hotel today or tonight you might wanna just call it up. On on your iPad on the watch ESPN app or you can go to. You know or watch ESPN on your laptop which I did late Thursday night in in Philadelphia right. I drove from Providence to look coney in New Hampshire in the Makoni in New Hampshire down to Philly and I got in late. I get it around midnight in in my hotel room. I had to watching it it aired live at 9 o'clock that night and said you know what I'm gonna see if I can find it on the web and I did. And I watched it it was about an hour and twenty minutes. And I really enjoyed it because I I love Belichick and Parcells they are absolutely two of my all time favorites in in any sport. It was very good it was. Very very good I thought the interaction between the two of them that really give a good history of the relationship between the two of them and you know the whole you know Belichick coming to the patriots and being a part of that Super Bowl run in 96 and then. Of course leaving would Parcells and jets and then resigning as HC the NY GA ain't coming back to New England. It was really really good and you could tell you could tell that you know their relationship was fractured it was splintered. When Belichick came back to the patriots it mean it was very very evident. And I I think now in age you know the old league yet. You'll look back on those times together and you appreciate them more so I think they've been able to bury the hatchet so to speak and say you know what that was just part of you know eat it it's clear that it is drove a little bit of a wedge between them because Parcells understandably so. Did not like Bob Kraft he did not like craft for the way they craft handled things before he left New England. You know meddling in in the personal side of things. And I do think there was one part and in the whole document you were I thought Parcells was a little bit disingenuous because. I that Scott Pioli was great date is in shedding light on this. When the Bob Kraft fired Pete Carroll. Who was you know that was after the 1990. EU's at 98 season of 19901999. Regard these are great so he fight so as soon as he fired Pete Carroll he. He decided he wanted to use Steve he could talk to Bill Belichick so he sent a fax. To the New York Jets requesting. That he talked to Bill Belichick about the head coaching vacancy. While Scott Pioli at the time was working for his now father in law Bill Parcells. And he grabbed the facts and he walked it down all hall. Any gave it to Bill Parcells. And Parcells was. His thought. Absolutely pissed off. And that's when Parcells immediately. Turn the wheels in motion. And he said I am retiring or resigning as head coach. Because that was going to trigger the clause in bill Belichick's contest at contract as his successor to take over. As head coach. Oh the New York Jets so that all happened very very quickly. Belichick wasn't happy about it because he wanted to talk to. Craft about the job and the jets of course who their ownership situation was in flocks because Leon has. A few Dieter he sold the team but the bottom line is Leon Hess was no longer the owner so telecheck. He was you didn't know who would be working force that there was that on uneasiness. And so he really wanted to talk to the patriots about the job because he knew Bob Kraft and you like Bob Kraft. And during that whole thing. Like Parcells. Like claimed ignorance in an attack Parcells he considered a duck many well. I just wanted to make sure you know talking about craft that he wanted. You know Bill Belichick said he wasn't his distant wanna talk to that he wanted to hire him. And then once I knew that in all I let that happen worked out compensation with a and so bill could go up to New England. And that was so far from the truth because Parcells. Wanted no part of him going to New England. Because the jets claimed ignorance when Parcells stepped down they said that they never got the fax from the patriots request and it talked to Bill Belichick they lied to the league about it. And Scott Pioli saying no not. I handed him the tracks and he was pissed off and was soon resilient in the fact he says that's it on stepping down to Belichick and take over as head coach so. Ourselves trying to pull a fast one on craft there it just didn't work out the way that he wanted to. That's so interesting is looking back at how it all went down here that that though are preparing and it it obviously it let it they are now. You know the history of these franchises in a oh well all because. Here's Nobel objecting myriad try to build respect titled head coach the patriots the yeah I can't wait a lot that might now you know I don't want our guy out being with away area's water. Articulate our school that that quote it is the PLO by the director at all. Bill they wanna do you know if they go to the locker what a bit lower spec what the art so that. Walk on the part though I don't want to go there and do well. At all what they did that they should act with vitriol is great yet. It was it was really good my what are my favorite part is they're they're standing looking at the giants for a Lombardi trophies. And there is saying now remember you know they they they won two of them obviously together as head coach defensive coordinator and then they look at the other two and and and in Belichick says yeah we gave them those two. I am Parcells said Parcells said yet you should've won that game with a Tyreke helmet catch you know. Great epic Art Bell breakthrough there. I know they it was so illusory it was well I I enjoyed it I think it was more. Probably something that giant fans would enjoy. Even more so than patriot fans quite frankly. A doctor but it was good it was really good any you know it reinforced my belief too that Bill Parcells belong to the patriots hall of fame and he's not getting any younger now he's in his mid seventies. I hope the Bob Kraft is Smart enough to. To go to it to Bryan Morry the director of all the patriot place and say look we have to find a way to put parts Bill Parcells. In the hall at patriot place he he's an NFL hall of Famer he turn the fortunes of this franchise around. He gave it a direction. And like I said I've said all along this guy belong to all the patriot place but there's too many patriots fans. And maybe still Bob Kraft has some resentment towards Bill Parcells for the way that that divorce took place but. Outlook deceit Parcells honored by the patriots out of all that accepted maybe it's eight to hell with you and I'm not gonna accept to put. I think he deserves. Maybe that would look back a report in the paper or. It at this that's a good one highlight that let's go back to the phone calls when we take a break here for a one. 7371287. The phone number let's say a little rich in Providence good morning Richard next on southern new England sports Saturday. Gordon the guys are you today. Good with that direct of well I think about the Super Bowl and I was saying to myself is that it will help would be open. If this year to quibble or sort of facsimile. Of last year it's. Where the patriots. Get off to a slow start. In the first half and come roaring back. And send the F that we can't or don't want play Corning could go off the great. That would be enjoyable after spending in all of the last 36 hours in philadelphians in and being around a noxious Eagles fans TI I could I could deal with that. You know. I would be surprised that Philadelphia get off to sort of that started it seemed as though the patriot. Seem beat duke parent to cripple the second half would you agree with that are a 100% no question. Yup you know. The guy who you know. Perhaps just the best coach. In terms of being able to strategize during the second half to make adjustments. I don't think it's really anyone better in the wake. That bill and it and his staff. So I mean people think or say you know across the country that oh well you know. People have this in like a cup so quick here it's like you know falcons got the same period last year. So. The other thing I wanted to point out with the the Celtics. This guy they just got this senate from Phoenix almost like twelve points a game but you know a decent amount rebounds. For for part time player beat it we had to give anyone up for this guy here. Well now they had an injury exception that they could use. It dharma and Greg Monroe they did an injury exception they could use for the injury to Gordon Hayward so they're essentially spending five million to bring him man. Elwood what what do you think of the acquisition you know. I like it I'm out like a lot I think it you know it fills the void they could there's an area where the Celtics are maybe a little deficient. It would be down low in inside in all the respect to a guy like beans. You know I just think that it's an area that they could use of shoring up so like I think it's. It's a lower risk potential high reward proposition for the Celtics and if it doesn't work out I don't think it's a big deal I don't think it can really mess up what they've got going on right now. Eric well and look at you look at too rich the fact that you know every time they way they ought to repeat candidate and it better they'd be just. They get eaten alive I mean look at him what country trump and yet at the art what are the belt. Without like what 23 rebound be a pretty even being being dull an and I people keeping like that but I think. I think a big and they put out there and help me help. A world record game. He picked eleventh. He's picked eleventh yet so that that it'll help people that were NBA no more guys in navigating ever what seven and a half rebound game. Guys who have you'd out of the can only help especially up there. So we're pretty using them pretty much like called full time at Phoenix or what he just like part timer. I don't know that I don't know but you know it. He's a veteran players that you're probably in any sport down most of that you know. If ever a guy like this that the veteran that's been around. You know the more help you get the better I expect all solo in terms of being able to have someone who could recount it. You know almost twelve point game has nothing to aid. No but he right now. So daunting battle like about it is on the Syracuse guy he's from Georgetown so I. Are there is. That we got to. Pick. And rich. Appreciate our what do we take a quick time out for a 17371287. The phone number he's nick com's got its southern new England sports Saturday on WB yeah.