SNE Sports Saturday - Steve, In House Handicapper - Final Game, Last Picks

WEEI Providence
Saturday, February 3rd

He's our favorite "numbers guy" calling in for Super Bowl 52, with his predictions and prop "bets" for bragging rights only, of course! Scott Cordischi and abc 6 Nick Coit (@NickCoit) listen as Steve provides his insight to the NE Patriots and Philidelphia Eagles line and are stunned when he drops the bomb that he's retiring!...wait, what? 


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We've got something you wanna share call 40173712. Weeks avid sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Are welcome back to southern England sports Saturday and WEEI Scott critic she here in the New Jersey. And nick Kuwait out in Minneapolis site of tomorrow's Super Bowl 52. And you hear the music so it's time to bring in our resident handicap or one final time this NFL season. Our friend Steve from us on it is with this good morning Steve. The wind is not well it should anybody out who don't Princeton University. If not bad at all not bad. All right is necklace from Minneapolis. I'm back. There are right you get. The depth give glory the what happened. Method that's the only guy that would be pretty good. There's a lot of other guys. I'm weren't doing we diamond up the party when you are trying to boost. Its that the repair. Bill O'Reilly go though let's go all the high notes the absolute well. You know Ali and the first way to do that may. It on the proposition that there were well under proposition that we don't have that bought it will who won't let it won't let them the most bang for the and that whoever the proposition doing what he's Cuban. Didn't like the running back but the group is an Indian government. We opened up prudent and I'm just 400. I know. And plug 300 on yet it has now been bet always down to. 330. Odd that no end to sixty on the F. We have done that yet agreed on a caller good Ol recruit and prop. Google couldn't do it in order. And we are gonna say yes. The plot to sixty would do much. I believe that didn't wait gonna get it too early and Oppenheim has been. My suitable are all fifteen times before the game I was local so that's an excellent chance to get them but you don't. That would be the prop bet he'd let on didn't wait finding the end zone to get. I don't know a lot of trend in this game of the game goes I'd do it without the involvement. I'm so cool school and we normal school. Could open this you can we will go to Lebanon wouldn't score minimum bit overlooked or water. But c'mon Brady what I never move will come back and look out over around thirty years we have been the wind. Very but the trend in the game. One M I really like both programs student go one trend that I really like what the patriot. In the playoff where it means that they've not played in the regular beat them that they commit output that. New and old were repeat that. At noon and Ole. Good does open biggest number that's one track. We haven't done are pretty obvious. Our thirteen and a lot that seems to Boca who wearing the white Jersey okay. They're out have you ever get well and one. I guess according Vegas number one guy that the Bennett but knowing that my summit at the women will be wearing the white. On day two of them are over or under. The last joked I'm a patriot who played well yeah. They got ten and who read. The quote in Vegas number. Another advantage for going on the score a point in the book org. There are those matchups are more in that game I think the biggest matchup squatting in the game. Is that to have Philadelphia beat tackle. But a co opted to return to. Good to have go right don't truly for the patriots and the let that Shaq makes it. This that huge advantage of Philadelphia. Then number one in order that pressures 271. On the season that has won seven more pressures. That any evidence in the game and let it let it but we haven't purchased book that another banner of Philadelphia. I believe the running back for the bowl games the running back scores. Are. James White. Well beyond what they're gonna hit the ball out of the backfield and slow is only climate. And did guy. Only that it will be isolated on the on the crap are outside linebacker Matt you blow them out them annoys. Isn't that huge should huge matchup the old German a long way in who's gonna win this football game. The eagle from rubble one. Against. Almost rushing out as much point who got pregame out of a lower them in a well. Our. But this game between in attract me I don't mean to rush defense that this football game had all I need touchdowns all over the place. Special thing. Because of scores you being in front of the I don't feel. He's being political that he Joba. And the broader all brought out all the so I looked right boring game and as well all game. I'm gonna say well worn out point and at almost 48. So my special election will be Philadelphia. By the court up all the war happens to me and Gordon over the total of 48. All right while so so you'll like the Eagles are the points and the over. Bomb I you know I I kind of agree with you Steve the over. Is far as the total four and a half I it I know you know we see your line move like dad you a lot of people say well that did the Smart money's on on this team. I guess can have this this hunch about the patriots is putting it together in this one. And in May be finally covering the spread and how they cover the spread last year and a Super Bowl with a touchdown in overtime but I feel like. I don't know I just feel like that they're gonna that they're gonna get this done that they're gonna. Forced Nicole's and some turnovers. I I don't know I just I feel like Brady Belichick the patriots are gonna put it together tomorrow I don't know why I have that feeling. Other than to say I it's just a hunch and you know field saint got a hunch that a bunch. That should not fighting it it has been though on the patriots. Are average margin of victory in the 52 Bobo went bid against. Let well are the biggest differential was six point connect it last year and over Iraq. Everything I know in the fight to ballwind was three point oh. That was let go they're not rolling out these teams in the big game. Well that was another reason why I I didn't win the point I think this if you opened and a fixed wing New England. And 47. It has been that all the way down from New England or and a half point favorite the vote and the 48. So why didn't happen this week if we're winning I don't know we'll have money to come out not all across two weeks adamantly. Resume a normal money that didn't Kamal literally. Under the making substantial doubt lower outlook outlook better. That money on at all today or tomorrow on New England but don't be surprised if that's where it goes. Fight fight I really expect that. Yeah you know I'm still looking at the up to date line and it still says for an apple would get a text to that just accidents at the line is moved to five and a half so. I would not find that on the web site that I'm on right now but I've heard the same thing Steve debt. People are expecting that wise guys that favored New England again put their chips on the table at the last second and try to get the best value they can which might move it back up. Absolutely that would be apprised of the game like it a little upset by the I really would not be surprised at all to rebuild it. Well Steve looks thank you so much for joining us all season long and and for joining me over the years be it on the score and here on EI and I really really appreciated it more more so Steve and I appreciate your friendship and I know that always continue. Absolutely now I got links thank you or your overall perspective. The crew thank you at WE. Mail them. Well 3 point 7 am FM dial I want to thank them for having me on the short would you want to thank mayor Cory. ABC six news. Not would mean a whole year and I want to thank Largo produced a lot of them Gucci. I wanna thank Kurt has been a wonderful wonderful time is that how long were would mean new Scottish but the pro and I want to thank most. Is the director of football operations at Brown University one of the awkward this year. I always yup ram no matter what I do in retirement. And you can always call me anytime you walk the doors open. Thanks quality. Thank you Steve really appreciated thanks well. Great Britain would be a great game. Steve from a sonnet one final time with us here in WEEI senior Curtis takes he likes to prop bed genes to light of the patriots to find the end zone tomorrow. He likes the over in the game and he's gonna take the points with the underdog Philadelphia Eagles. 4017371287. The phone number the text line is 37937. I think I hear music so Laura probably want to to go to a break and come back with a calls on the other side. When we do that we'll take a quick timeout will come back and I do nick wanna talk about the two bills did you have a chance to see that neck. No I haven't but I wanna I wanna hear your thoughts on it but there are a lot of the news but yeah that are right. We'll do that all we come back on southern new England sports Saturday on WB yeah.