SNE Sports Saturday - Steve, In House Handicapper - AFC-NFC Championships - Week Twenty

WEEI Providence
Saturday, January 20th

He's our favorite "numbers guy" calling in for week twenty in the NFL, AFC - NFC championships. Scott Cordischi and abc 6 Nick Coit (@NickCoit) congratulate Steve on last weekends winning record, an extra point shy of four for four! He's provides his picks for this week's best bets...for red gloves only, of course!


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Not something you wanna share call 4017371. To wait seven. Sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. I welcome back to southern new England sports Saturday on WHE I Scott cretaceous nick court review with. And yes it is that time we should bring in our resident handicap or who had a fantastic. Week and in fact. Got absolutely screwed from going out for now we went 3011. If the Minnesota Vikings don't take any and now on an avatar steeper masonic. Would have been a perfect. For a no in the divisional round good morning Steve wow. Our own bowl Illinois exactly joke I Steve and bought it and who don't work and points. Wow can you believe the vikings took a needy preventing you from a perfect for a week. I believe it yeah I can believe that watched it that I was growing up to beat two times in the bathroom. I could import but all of you all relevant quote the decision right this study be perfectly the point. But each no. They didn't need it over to kick that you're not going out on the field. I don't wanna rub it in the game goes oh what technically is over. So. That it ought to run I'm gonna come to or no and the vision will. Still real ones the guys that are in good that's a good job on. It will all weekend. Well it will quickly recap what happened. The moto Q the first game we had put three that will do that they would not only come where they would win the game out. The final score was little is that. And Eleanor and the next game was doing what I'm is that you know and we have New England. I have school who on the Levin struggling at the point and look out Britain's got in the game because in the it was going to be a landslide in New England than that and would be thirty what about school. And yet another winning it on ending the third game Pittsburgh in debt of O'Malley a yeah ago what element. But I'm not understand here and tell you that I thought that debt that we're gonna put audit I spot what what I've wanted to outrage the but I didn't I didn't feel that Wanda. And Bordeaux who don't do enough with debt combined with a deepened. The coveted him let. And then as you just mentioned in my role game. About seventeen and up and at that. By the way there will be more. They know. Minnesota. I thought that there are applauding I'm out local which made it onto them and that your right but that won't do the work that it Scotty. Let you lead back to book club Drew Brees get hot bird what are. Then I either does is there. There's certainly he'll want my Obama. Why would like to meet Sunday I really really good like Rambo have appealed the oh exactly what I can do. And it ended on the number. Final score in mind when oil and kept them real world. Located rate is a championship ground that we get them all of it gonna give you not only the winning. Guys we're gonna give you the one in total all. We will have what elections this week. The first game. At a racer who England. Opened a nine point favorite quote ought to let them. The game and right now seven and a half doing more say there are no doubt what about it. You know I'm here and are no good storyline this game is pretty well and everything but another injury that. On the other side of the and that when it went right ankle. And why isn't there it may not we have the impact that he did twelve injury. But it as a debt to impact in their football game and I'm in a while you're why. Format again could you wrote last week. And maybe god don't quote error before he got her new look just like them that they should. Use. You don't compete. And end up there and he had been put at the end of let it quarterly or half hour. We now know what it now. And touch the ball in English bull they're applying. For a grand total of one urban yeah. There. Two I carry out but the injury. He has not practiced one I hold up all week about what went good they are they never. You weren't. At the dead then go there are no. AM what they don't walk around. You don't have to go back as they've put up. I'm concerned about a hundred nobody's talking about the entry would allow him. Under portal one dimensional football again. And Bordeaux. It was not that guy I didn't want to be one dimensional not a statue in the pocket it and they're bigger and build a sixty mortal. You mean like Tutu announced that it. Delegate at the top then went boom you're wide open any morale and whatnot but green grass around in the remote. But eagle on her and beat it makes them a while he won't have ability reader we can against the required them a straight flour and they are evident that yeah. Mary 08 iron last week nobody talking about the to a world discredited by the way. But that is a dangerous dangerous. If you weren't brought on the big gotten no respect because Jack ability enlightened and in the ring. But are they know what I woman who reportedly is in there. If you're into the room no movement and neurology a lot of them were terms and I tip amount. Obama. Norman who. It is the last seven games learning that combined. Idiotic over a hundred yards a robot. There patriot and as he made Europe currently seven and well late portal on the other hand. When he does not in 04. Whole game no no dropped balls old squabbles law. He knew. The corporate Lebanon well. Whoever thought of that number that we could then use that lasts 79. And India are the well on the travel and raise. In order hitters. Earl and set them up or their own boat. And just being that Henry there. When you added all up I think Dion Lewis. As a lot earns it he does those read right around. Eight point. 78 and a minimum and maximum dirty. So I'm more rate New England. An album to date the old book. Forty I'm sorry I'm at the end of what do size this game under forty. Unity to patriots in the under. Right okay. That demand that we go out and let ending the game I had a lot of problems that. They've opened up the sort reelect. 38. And now look at 338. Back out. I can negate a study pretty who wanted to be seen what only dogs but they're putting. Com law come out graver. And so everybody but them that make that Super Bowl that speak to be the first. He Lebanon called in. Mean that. You know I settled I only had a total of one you know like finally settled on Minnesota minus the street and here's why. Question. What local ball well or badly he's Nicole pressuring. Up over quarterback rating on the question. OP seat that was sort of number one in the league and a lot are pressuring open one of their. Put out a number orderly. But a big step the put us over in the Minnesota are not in their column was. Didn't keep them quarterback read under pressure. Is that the B eight point art. Are there needs an abrupt wary. I think only about a lot goes bought the program and now. That hold on the other hand are not like Russia. And yes great quarterback rating of one and three point eight. There wouldn't use that were under the gun is going to be true Arnold would have missed it and it will return all the Pro Bowl away. When the dust settled however. I lighten the voters wide receiving corps well. You aren't big. Great. Am but I didn't rule where Abu Abdullah read them or the Eagles. Want wanna take. Minnesota. Mark a three point animal over eighteen almost thirty feet past in the game like that that. The sort of legal quad. They have been all of all year but they have a group that you look the big play. I think they did little heat waves over audit well yeah out at not a good recipe again. The Minnesota but in the temperature in one little or but the total 38 and a and the Sotomayor. All right so it's the patriots and the under and the vikings and the over your four and it just went. And you're gonna make sure you're gonna get a whole lot of money go to your little overweight. All right Steve deadlock thanks Steve. Saying they thought oh great that the great weekend that utility. Right. Steve from a sonnet there you get his picks coming off unbeaten week last week 3011 can he continue that. The conference championship weekend we'll find out. We'll take a break when we come back our number two is southern new England sports Saturday marked Daniels patriots beat writer for the Providence journal joins us next hour we continue on WEEI. Urine and I don't know what doomed neurology a lot of veteran terms that I can't amount it. But on the seventh.