SNE Sports Saturday - NFL Drama Queen for a Week

WEEI Providence
Saturday, January 20th

Scott Cordischi and abc 6 Nick Coit (@NickCoit) close the discussion on what's going on at Gillette with Tom Brady and "ThumbGate". While everyone's distracted with "Tom Thumb", Bill Belichick has his Patriots focused on the Jaguars, drowning out the lack of concern over the projected easy path to Super Bowl 52 (LII) in Minnesota.


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Got something you wanna share call 4017371287. Sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Tom Coughlin is the GM there now you've got guys like you got away Fowler. Inside his family Jackson collate Campbell those type of guy. Different names same formula Coughlin knows this so. This is no walk in the park this is a very tough football team in Jacksonville but. You know they just have a similar formula with the New York Giants had so no I'm not 100% confident in this game is about. Former. Patriot Tedy Bruschi giving his opinion on tomorrow's AFC championship game patriots jags 305 kickoff you'll hear that game right here. On WEEI the pregame coverage begins at two on Sunday. Text and a 401. Referring to GCs conversation points allowed doesn't matter hot cop why. Single most important stat in football is great point scored points allowed yeah I agree I mean how could you actually say it's more important. You yards given up. It it well like assets they won a Super Bowl last year I know the NFL post total defense of numbers and it's based on yards given up or total offense it's yards you you know produce offensively. What are you gonna sit here and try to convince me that's more important points scored points allowed and a 'cause I'm here to tell it's not now no way. Not sought aid they won a Super Bowl during last year they did you know that's why. And you know hit them do get to play. You get fired over DC goes to you know is that it is why it is I love here's why I'm gonna tell you why the jaguar I think the job was gonna win because you hate the patriots and we start with that fit NL games it. As good let's go back to the phone calls say hello to Lian work a morning Lee and Akron summit earlier on sports Saturday and WEEI. Her arms circus. Who quoted she'd be called Google is that no source screens. So let's just talk the air you know really under the law are right well look swayed under collegiate if you really. And Mary know. Media out of integrity you're simply because they're good. Where accept at least drama queens campus. Indeed. Oh. I'm an avenue slam originally. An inoperable rumor and music it's the original here. Is out. You know eye opener from William allowed him Ever-Glory years ago we used to call us he's angry little well. We alpha one more time. Yeah. I was gonna I was gonna get some hits and hatred that victory all but let the heat. Mitt. There would have been nice he's no that that's where you could hear from again it's been years and really I've heard from when he walked out absolutely pay by the way I. I heard. A frame of mind was listening to us God's elect on the radio this week in and apparently you dropped your name oh yeah he says. He says apparently he said he was doing an interview with maybe it was like to recruit and they interviewed him you know couple times weaker something like that. And he said he asked the long question. Territory crude distant. That's our area I I could DC that. Last encore our guy apparently and things aren't they there that long but I guess that's what yet that was what I was solid year myself but. As a dog at tell Scott dancing he says it's kind of funny thanks for the shout out zone so. Whatever Toledo it so got his medicine does though started a playoff game against the jaguars. And they were actually played some of the audio when you know to Santos was making the call and you know they play the audio of it's up it's elect football's football. Like so why did you do that. Suppose that it just couldn't hold on before and it's a that's a shame so sorry by mark Daniels on the Providence journal wait force on the other sides it will take another quick break when we come back we'll talk about the patriots with mark Daniels who covers the pats beat for the Providence journal on southern new England sports Saturday on WB EI.