SNE Sports Saturday - NE Patriot Jarvis Green- Super Bowl Champion, Shrimp Entrepreneur

WEEI Providence
Saturday, February 3rd

Jarvis Green, two time Super Bowl Champion with the New England Patriots, and owner of "Oceans 97", a Louisiana wholesaler of shrimp joins Scott Cordischi and abc 6 Nick Coit (@NickCoit) ahead of tomorrow's Super Bowl 52. It's seems like a little deja vu with the Patriots meeting the Philadelphia Eagles again, when Jarvis was there for Super Bowl 39. He entertains with his recollection of the locker room mood as Coach Belichick disclosed the Eagles planned parade route prior to the game, in addition to the other distractions and mania. He also provides his thoughts on a Patriots game plan for Eagles QB Nick Foles and joins the guys in predicting the Super Bowl 52 Champion and score.


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We're back to southern new wind when sports Saturday on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. And welcome back to southern new England sports Saturday on WEEI Scott gritty sheet here and New Jersey nick played out in Minneapolis. Are getting ready for Super Bowl 52 tomorrow patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles and joining us on the line right now to talk a little bit about the Super Bowl and the patriots he's been a part of two. Super Bowl championship teams with New England Super Bowls 38. And 39 former defensive end Jarvis green is with a star Chris Scott Nikki or good morning how aria. Eight. Good judge are as well first call it. Before we even get into the old football talking your thoughts on the patriots in the Super Bowl. All what does this oceans nine. Old this is what went on. Are that are so when do lines of an idea who aren't you up. That Great Britain so I have Orman Nevada corporate radio apartment story. Coconut curry and I have a loan barbecue. Dispute out appointment Mon my. While night moan they all. That's OK so how's the business going to. Good. Would have to campaign in launch in orbit the problem vote shall. Our Barbara march. This week where are you stop it shop. Are real well I know that many companies with more but we better off. On Washington. That's great well good luck with your business terrorists. A jar which you were part of two Super Bowl championship teams Super Bowl 38 and 39. Against Carolina and and Philadelphia ironically enough. But when I wanna askew was yes. You know we hear so much about that the patriot way but we look at the success this franchise's. Enjoyed for. Now almost twenty years. What is it a bowel. The way that Bill Belichick and the patriots do things that lends itself to this great success because I know you you spent some brief time at the end your career in Denver and Houston. But what's done differently here in New England that can explain for this unbelievable run the franchises on. And it went all the deal. Oilers. Look at all Venus too good gains. Audience. Where it down you know individually and have seen. That America's days where we have to gain. On Sunday you know we had guys. Open importantly he. That but it home Lugo but right at the game so we are watching. The Mets need to audit and generate a bit of a lot of irons. That's Monday practice as more apt if they watch it'll. All of you oh no you mistakes on Google on the week before today are pretty you have to pay now. You need a unity and and bills are where the ball where it wearable really. Important we need some terrible or they're very. Herbert great note and I'll applaud what there aren't my Monday. Or mark. They all look partner. All of you who have they are two putted well more the group of Britain barrel build. Whatever then boom is always our audience. I know what are. What we did know it would be great. You know we all acquire global war and the boat and then there's. We look at 8 o'clock team meeting no one else that Denver. And Houston. Have been coach so they comment on refused to close to being calm and we don't need. We will never really couldn't talk to a slow ought to look in the morning my cynical key position. You bet huge opposition political culture that equality here. Think we'd we have to be there Lisa and I need to remind our sort of a car every morning into a little bit equal all all. You better expression chain notably different tepid in the community. Could he it would be sort of any sort of newspaper there was going to be the most they cost him. Martin trouble in kernel or intention was what I. Politically and let that your own bone. Samples remarkable world all terrestrial and all know what all of it. So double route between Arabs to live at the time. There are outcome could Super Bowl week it felt an old crew it has the player. What's the most difficult part. Is getting root all the high deepened their and the week it'll be edit it. They did it. It is so. No active open it in terms of Barbara and why a court order. Oh. People who rip retention period you would experience. This week you know they declare that there. Who would be all the opportunity. That the goal. Activity if you're coming with everything overuse seed. Order Google cold we're cold we're not go. Practice schedules. Court held. You from the family will be also I don't sort cracked sort of tickets. Are politicians it is so barks. The European. And it from met most immediate future is all. In your mind and running going crazy. People calling and damage to treated well. Maybe two and though it is just it is quite a while ago. Org or to gain. And it only talk of our family wanna go to game. You'll notice. A change is that who you want you know. Or did this I need to get some tickets because decree that phone call so I have a player in the league have crippled pocketed. Noticeable hope you have all the distractions. Off the coast what are. And then he's got the crack we. Practically any part in England. We do that as complicit at all collections. Really competitive bid. Do we get the Kevin Beebe you know we have a little know cheer in the wake of the plane vehicle to a detonation worked so all so. And so we've stark. Where are they were actually not sleep at all during the week. You talk to return. You have to practice coached a new vistas the disputed grant amnesty or rapidly or. I mean is sort of as a small business stressful and very so. Took the process. On everything they do not common cold could touch on your turf. Volume locker room and everything victory excesses very easy at this hour and a well. Are you going to replace the practice. Ripping it up that which we don't go to optical aware. Mentally drained a reputed two weeks Margaret Kirk or help me I have a lot of our government higher. No matter of minutes ago and I mean I save a little regroup and there could produce a global. No amount in everything you've done you know. Or carbon which apparently because that would put people back in particular at the end of the last aren't. No and aren't diplomat you know we're the rebel port game you know gore put the right to promote girl. All of note disclose so as the same blanket over a book on a car both these. People there are armed and quite do it has so much at school who we principal owed you openly recruit team. Now in your part of Wheaton. Terrorist my last question view is. I know traditionally a Bill Belichick defense if it did they say they use the outage I don't break keep the play in front of you an all time to get beaten over the top and eventually. Will get off the field on third down or are portal will make a mistake. Do you can you envision. Then do when a little something different tomorrow. With the two with a a guy that's never been on this big stage before nick polls could could could Bill Belichick and aperture you say maybe you will. Will the San pressure and in blitz him a little bit more reliant our corners to play a little bit more man coverage. Do you think it do something like that if you think it's still going to be a let's keep everything in front of us. And eventually will get off the field on third down. I agree I think you'll do something different view on a compression only polls. They're gonna. Our thanks to game plan mapped dark metaphorical wall a game. Put the ball in his hand makes him screw up. Russian quarterback. Arm. To clear the comet tune in to receive a little bit here and there. Would make him leave the decisions. Have been little when the game amount. That's what happened. Nick anything else. Well I I get into doubt you vote that that beavers both Bert Jarvis well we're all thirty which equals where. Bill Belichick started reading the great broad than that of Eagles that they were way over hundreds and beat you gotta be directed that fighter died. That ankle and active. We were pitched. He really wrote it and move client want elect who let alone alone. Because I'm not done yet. People do this there are commercial Barack. Rocky world Iraqi statue in some other being being. You know I don't know soldiers on the would go on Mon a little bitter about that didn't have agreed yet. They have a parade route in the newspaper. Industry. So will argue Derrick put on it or you just don't. Because video is so so it disrespect our dream noble or porous. Oca. We can be taken to relive the career road already planned out movement is going up and we're gonna happen. Actual media are welcome and good luck all. But definitely look at respectable on the table. And don't put it whatever it was a proposal to depress order a native didn't have been there was. Goran well or don't really exploded it. Even though also written immunity. Is not completely. Jarvis well great stuff thanks so much for the time really appreciated to India and good luck with the shrimp business really appreciate it. Morning. You two days Jarvis Green rapid enough forest and that my prediction on an essay patriots 34 Eagles 24 bit knowing when and by ten. I heard I want it. But he got probably go up there about quality. All right good wit close Jarvis. I hit 31 what he wondered what it sales that like that. That's it that'll do it for us thanks to Jarvis Green for joining us. For Laura Politico GR producer and nick wideout in Minneapolis my name is Cochran did she have a great weekend everybody. The ice he is southern new England sports Saturday on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEE.