SNE Sports Saturday - The Ghost of Tom Coughlin

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Saturday, January 20th

Scott Cordischi and abc 6 Nick Coit (@NickCoit) take your calls texts and tweets on the AFC Championship in Foxboro. The Patriots and Tom Brady have to contend with Tom Coughlin's Jaguars with a defense sack ranking second in the NFL, however QB Blake Bortles has just three games under his belt and Matt Patricia's defense is eager to test the rookie.


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You were listening to southern new England sports Saturday be heard by calling 4017371287. Sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. You say you know power broker credit for the. Thomas actually every day one of the best of the people. I don't know I. When you look at I mean that facial it's hardly anything else so I really sauce base. Talking about a classic that's what I'm talking about a maturity on his team hello Tom Brady. Plug that told me to light whatever happens. The team itself. It is not concerned. The it at least the players the players just know who Tom Brady is. How tough he's been through his career and whatever he still went. By Sunday they'll be out there will be fine and you'll be doing as best as to how the football. 4017371287. The phone number two by to join us text line is open a 37. 937. Talking about Tom Brady his injured dom the patriots and jaguars AFC championship game tomorrow which you'll here right here. On WEEI. Let's kick off the phone calls this morning with Joseph want to talk a good morning Joseph your first up on southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI. Yet it and it seemed that Ali good what's happening Jo-Jo. And I don't. What what a ground game that night but you. But it EO that might all work is. I'm not I'm one by one point it out there. And I have been bred Ivy League opener and what it yet but but it is in. Mark if they have to do ought act is that Brady's arm injury. And that happened on the bullet is that right so what happens in the you to rub him out in an invasion be okay not yet well. All right John thank you yes exciting round basketball game last night the payers a one by Glendale eighty eighty terrific terrific game in and good crowd good atmosphere at the parents. As for the patriots to Mariano has pretty much what I said I think ideally in a perfect world pages can establish a running game that would be awesome. Given Brady's thumb injury at the very least. I think they like him to get rid of the football quickly series and on and oppression doesn't have on those big defensive linemen coming back to that summary gets sacked and you know you put him down and testing to break your fall course I can only re aggravated so. Look I've always been a fan of the big the quick game anyway and I'd love the dink and dunk it acts as an extension of the running game. I think did the did the further you throw it down the field at a lower percentage of passes you know and let's be honest how many times have we seen miss connections between Brady and Brandon cooks this year. Some of which have been bad throws library others quite frankly I think cook has been dog Nader hasn't really made the effort to. I about reached out and make some of those grabs. Probably not so much dog and hit it it's just hot dog and now he's he's. You know there's certain things that he does he doesn't keep running on certain place you know when he should be made stops for what second and that that obviously messes up is Rhode get the ball. In or come back fighting for the boy he's. If if you know if you remember. Of Tom Brady plane with rainy months. Re Indy. He would be able even if Brady. You know under under threw the ball or something like their Randy was just so hall that he could you know cut back come back. And he'll fight through what 23 defenders and still catch the ball make these are made it. Nobody will ever be like that you'll never ever ever have a talent like that again. And so unless it's it's on on point or something like that. You know they were they really have to connect appropriate if it's burning cooks for the home run pass I don't so. In this certain times I think too that that cooks is either run and run. You know cut you know cut around one way when he should be cut the other set something like that you know and he's still way. He's still young receiver he's only been in the league what 34 years he's only 2.3 24. He's still young receiver we forget that really was a nets a good seasons complete season's New Orleans but. So I I think I think the future is bright with Beckett you worried all audit. I'm Coughlin factor the factor Coughlin coached the giants did you have huge Super Bowl wins over the patriots so he's a guy that isn't necessarily intimidated by bill Belichick's patriots and maybe has a formula on how to go about beating them or limiting their. Success I'll tell you who's not thinking about it is hoped that if I was in his press coverage Wednesday and it was just. He was getting questions in my part green steely NASA vote Tom Coughlin in the effective. Earlier. Yeah. Yeah. You're Aaron you have to ask I don't know what his role as soon. I'm 42. Okay thanks Phil peers that I would say that there is a common denominator between those giants teams to beat the patriots in his jaguar does a good point beyond Tom Coughlin. And that is that they've got a front four that can really bring the pressure without having to blitz. So if you get a stud front for you get two good defensive ends too good defensive tackles. Beckham put pressure on the quarterback and allow you to drop seven and coverage. That is the best form real ball to try to compete with and beat the New England Patriots you know get pressure from Brady particularly up the middle get a mile from his spot. And be able to drop seven and coverage and in this Jacksonville defense has proven that they have the ability to do that and some experienced they're too young Darius. And Campbell and Jackson those those guys yeah you're right it and and that's where the Tom Coughlin effect comes in is. For me it's it's not the x.s and no it's not coaching is not the coach. It's the way teen has built especially the defense you totally righty it's a reflection of those those giants teams. And that giants team in 07 that that gave the patriots such such issues because. You're right they don't have to bring extra guys. And they have good young players in the secondary jailed Ramsey was a very confident play he. He just screams to meet a guy that if you put him in the Seattle secondary. He would be a perfect guy to Lisa bloom because. He likes to chatter a little bit. He also combat get up he's pretty good player right now do I think he's gonna back up the talk Corey says to. He had Rob Gronkowski never seen a player like me worm though that that's doctor Jill McKee who blew the he's seen players like you elect him chancellor is a guy that. He's seen before that's one of the only guys have ever seen that could go one on one with grown so hate it what channel it's good for him and I appreciate the confidence on the kid. Uneven AG boy as to who. I thought it was really funny this week after. The Celtics game. Jalen brown. Was asked about it the game and I guess steel and Brown's cousin is a cheap way. And so I you know I don't I didn't know that and he said I yeah I hope I hope good luck for the patriots but I know boy picks off Brady three times a we were in my jaguars Jersey herself as pretty Coolio. But it's a good it's a good young secondary and so. This defense I've been saying all week because there's been some people before the hole before hand so we hand ammonium they had no radio came up. Talking about the matchup geared. Is their daily brief first voice the quarterback was to put portals. We portal through. But I think jaguars defense is you know ethnic. Come in and give you a lot of this year on LPH I go back and forth on Jacksonville's defense because I DC some impressive talent there on the outside of the football yet I also want to team give up 42 points to the Pittsburgh Steelers last week that's sure yet on the other hand they were the second best scoring defense in the national football again. I am a firm believer I don't care what you argue up defensively it's about how many points you give up when they with a second best scoring defense in the National Football League. For the sixteen game regular season so that's. Worth noting but getting back to those giant teams that beat the patriots in the Super Bowl. They held the patriots in those two games to fourteen and seventeen points that is what in my opinion Jacksonville is going to half do you do tomorrow to win that football game if they can hold the patriots under twenty points. You bet they have a chance to win that game. And go to soup. Bowl 52 absolutely and I think that would be enough. For Blake portals in the offense and lender for nets' best player in that offense. I think that's what the patriots defensive game plan will be is a similar to what they were trying to do with the titans witches. Don't would Derrick Henry red all over you I think they're going to try to do their best to try to contain Leonard for net because he's. I think you know their best player you know it's it's funny say that because. When I think back in all the years during this great patriots run. There way to beat the patriots generally speaking is not to run the football right you have to pass it you have to be aggressive you have to take it to Kenya to score a lot of points. The warm except gym that I can remembered that. Would be when Ray Rice and the Baltimore Ravens team here Paul lead the patriots dramatic game Claudia are better that day so as I stopped watching it after yet another that would be the one exception to the rule where they give us. Pounded it down the patriots throat rice ran all over Iran and the ravens game of Foxborough on one but generally speaking over the years running the football. Is not a way to beat the New England Patriots. And that brings me back to you well they have plea portals quarterbacks there was much as I'm concerned about Tom Brady in this calmed. His plate portals again it's gonna beat the patriots in Foxboro in an AFC championship game. I don't know I'm not sure he's capable of that I think it's gonna be on the defense it really does if that Jacksonville defense can. Just step up and do what we just talked about all the patriots to Weston twenty. They've got a shot well that's what you dare Blake portals to try to teach you offensively in what does he have to throw to it's it's there's no big being mercy marquee sleeve is. Probably his favorite target or Alan burns. This is don't know sixteen names out there are no guys you're like oh we go itself that even with the titans Sidwell. You know Marriott is gonna try to get the Delanie Walker if he's trying to group possible ball. It's in blender Fernandez is not a guy on this on this offense so. If on the patriots defense and try to take him away and I'm Darren Blake portals to it to throw the football and try to rely on my quarters in Butler and and Gilmore for a 17371287. The phone number text on history 79837. Davids and a card and David good morning you're next in southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI. You know I. I got a couple of points I have my first one is that. Obviously we lost twice due to the giants. So I can't get a lot of concern even though comic got to decide on Tom gobbling up on on the boat doesn't GM. He can still call a lot of shots so I would hate I have for one believe this and sugar coating on this injury okay basic goal off. The land you played for a game. Now that that's how I feel about that. Now the other one Jimmy the problem not being here 401 AM glad I'm not here is the reason why imagine if this guy it was here. It's Amish in PAP that decision is made we all know what happens when but Jack makes a decision 2001. So let's just say let's put this scenario the go go rubble here. It's not where I am very well where behind. Belichick makes a decision what Jim Jim Angle up what is got open alpha. You know and they went and the patriots Weytman that's laid out an aerial so now what do we do what Super Bowl Sunday it was going to be a spot. Go raw apple came back from behind it was the play page it would down he came in second reported third quarter whatever the case. Brought back from from being behind they want it C championship. Okay. And we all know and pass what apple way and so did that in Pittsburgh. It was gonna stock ratings started and I think that's sitting scenario what is happening. I disagree David I disagree because I you have the greatest quarterback of all time and even if grapple was to lead them back you'd be going into the Super Bowl. With the greatest quarterback of all time what I think it might Alter. Or maybe week would be how the off season would have played out if we're play in the if the play in the what if game. It would say OK well we did see this kid help you in the AFC championship game but going into the Super Bowl if Tom Brady was healthy you're start Tom Brady right. I one out like a JWK. We know bill Bala checked is not one afraid to make moves. If I am glad that everything I am glad that. You know I am glad he's not yet. I still think Brady will play some good tomorrow I think go where I think one of the things that I'm gonna be Balkan oil was operating on dot beyond the allotment. The running back where which side the Steelers began following up on. If you lined up at it and Iran plays more to the right. Running a place that he's probably going to be handing off the ball is left in charge you feel about that he's avoiding muted is right in as much as possible. Sure to point yet good point and I I greeted praise him via their brisk and yet there's complaint. It up like that sits like a had to keep coming back to Malcolm Butler is my favorite bit from the weight problem. Remember 2001 and thank you for the phone call at exhibit number 2001. The patriots on that historical under the Super Bowl that year there for a Super Bowl win. You member Tom Brady got her. Who and what's about to come and yet Steelers in the hell does. It come on up dubbed mansion and there was controversy is going to be starting quarterback and Super Bowl there was no question. Now to go back to bring in this before Brady was a star he was a game manager at that point in his career by the way your honorary captain for the New England Patriots tomorrow. It's true but so is there really had triplets of going to be in the house here T get that feeling of Blanco who even said he sit like ordered two more inmates -- outlets Jersey I'll get back out there aren't that marketer of we're only gonna save a sister of you know it's not being talked about much is the Patriots defense he talks among about Jacksonville's defense Jacksonville's defense well. Jackson though the second best scoring defense in the league the patriots are forced to move a point behind Philadelphia for third so. You know the Patriots defense wasn't bad this year either well after that week before that stat has been skewed to these people go out and they all they give up all these yards everything. After week for. I think they were the top scoring defense in the league grow up like fourteen points gave it hit the eight turn things around in that first four weeks really hurt them. But since then yeah. Pretty get. From the tax line from the for a one don't overeat the jaguars defense a lot of their stature against weak opponents in their division. Against better teams and Rob Lowe they weren't so good they grapple put a pulse Kia put up 44 points against defense so. It's a good point but then the talent there. And again the reflection of the Tom Coughlin and that the build their of this this you know media these days big front. Front four front seven. That again after Tom Brady that that's what scares you. About about the deep and ENN is good is as young corners are I think the Patriots offense will play well against them it's just. If they get after Brady and eight Dayton and they've. You know the call themselves Jacksonville it that's kind of a scary dank cell. 4017371287. The phone number dance in Cranston the morning Dan you're next in southern wing onto. We're Saturday and W yeah. Previous coldest game Niguel in chicken in my hand. At the what got the idea. Indiscernible. Thought height or expanded. Bomb ready yet. Not I don't I'm not a kind of paper and it need that part of that factor into gushing blood and it is. Well I I I don't know that those are necessarily accurate reports. Well a little oriental. Might be elegant if you learned glove do you over these I don't you know I mean that Bigelow could get a paper extended. On. McNeil swamp people would have to work while the cover up he's got something going on it'd Albert is any doubt and our our ticket if David stich is there anything to chance I can almost reentering or cutting it open again. It is almost like a 100%. So maybe he's super. The cut before now and what. Are. On and I'll tell you are adamant that no serious he hit a bad cut in super glue. Okay I'm series in. I expect candles and all but. I kennel and all you get on my on the ball in his book called nude skin you put it on over the the only mean we are gonna earlier in the office. I simply don't obvious game thing yet that that I've seen the super glue that's. You know I know I. I really like Jacksonville in the game point where it no matter what my man and a couple meant by. Even before the end he just because they play the recipes that you would give the patriots trouble you know only rushing what people buy. Couple that all right he would all he is he got to be able take. What is it Yardeni. That's like what it beat out the game and it's gonna be so much pressure on that and maybe it'll kick it might be able to roll. Well you might be able to take it shotguns now we don't even know yet. Yeah I mean. It's already in debt can go wrong and L it outside the F and all. I've felt all year at like eight they'd been kept in kept and eight you know they've gotten. Between the Madden cover it. You know that the very Jenkins called the jet gained call I write it seemed like comedy you know what. And then come back on the accused not go away and Islam that reek like this it's. I don't have to know about the game at all. Yeah so are you are you picking the jaguars with the points are you taking the jaguars to upset the patriots tomorrow. A 100% with the point then you'll be probably know within like. Different series to series it down operating going to be hampered and not so. That student we can't I would welcome at the point irregardless. One. I yet read it but I right right in Iraqi would be saved report it was quarterback went on them that might influence. Didn't like you know what we'll. Have a good day. Ten YouTube levity it did hint hint hint around here it's not karma it's the patriots who work with pat. It's an. I love it by the way Jacksonville. During the regular season second in the league in total sacks 55. In the leak so that that right they're concerned you both about the front seven and turn that. Yeah. It's got to be I thought it was going to be good game before they and they I I thought it was going to be good game because of the defense and ultimately I thought the Patriots offense. Would pull away at some point because a put up. Points but we got. When he's out there tomorrow and in your ripe for the first couple series house step in the house Republican who we were gonna know that we don't know to threw five more well according to. ESPN's. Michael Reese he threw the ball and threw it pretty well yesterday. According to Mike Reese a couple of his teammates spoke cornerback Malcolm Butler said of Brady yesterday quote he looked pretty good to me. Dallas receiver Danny Amendola added on Friday he looked good at they're always good throws from him. Why did dating was funny press coverage. Everything is football. They believe he did to. We come on. Oh uh huh it is amazing though how Bill Belichick has them all on the same page that in oh that is why it's a big part of their success. You can kiss me football coach didn't believe I did yeah. We've been girls. Always yeah throw isn't euros or is it through you know I I I I just you know it didn't get the point is nobody's going off on their own direction and that patriots locker room. They're all going in the center Alia absolutely and any team sport like football that is so important it is and and that's why I it was obvious when even starting Thursday were all these questions are coming out that that obviously bill had said something about like OK this is what we're gonna sank. Are this is how you and and elect or you're not going to say. Even David Andrews on Thursday I got to pick as his was my favor Prescott Arizona where he was hilarious. Because he's the guy that's the ball Tom Brady is just no evidence that it's. This capital quarterbacks who did. It. On odd look. Like. Whose hands were touching your rack. Yeah. Lives 4017371287. As the phone number architects line is 379837. Years listening to southern new England sports Saturday on WB yeah now this may be super. The cut before they'll probably. I. And I'll tell you their dynamic no serious he get a bad cut super okay. I'm series and I can't make all dot dot.